DTS win ICSC season 9

DTS has won the ninth season of Intel Challenge Super Cup after defeating the Poles of AGAiN in a marathon match of four maps 4-0 due to coming from the lower bracket.

The match started off on de_train where both teams had surprisingly strong Terrorist sides, scoring eight a piece before heading into overtime where DTS stepped up their CT game and got four rounds which was enough to secure a 21-17 win in the next half.

Second map was de_dust2 where once again the commonly weaker CT side was dominant as DTS had a whopping 14 rounds at half time. They wasted no time in the second half and secured an easy 16-1 win to win the first best-of-three series 2-0.

In the second series the first map ended up being extremely close once again as both teams kept trading rounds throughout the entire match on de_nuke which eventually ended with the Ukrainians taking a 16-14 win.

Last map of the series ended up being de_dust2 once again and although the starting sides were swapped this time around it made no difference with DTS claiming 13 rounds as the attackers. AGAiN tried to come back in the second half despite a pistol round loss but it wasn't enough as they ended up losing 5-16 on the map and 0-2 in the series.

ICSC 9Best of 0
9th November 2011

Broken tag

ICSC 9 Final Standings

1. Ukraine DTS - $1,500
2. Poland AGAiN - $1,000
3. Sweden Lions - $500
4. Sweden ESC Gaming

This concludes the ninth season of Intel Challenge Super Cup which was held online. As of right now no plans have been published for a tenth season, but any announcement will be published right here on HLTV.org.

pretty unexpected =\
2011-11-09 23:51
pretty c00l... DTS played amazing!
2011-11-10 05:56
gg DTS!!!
2011-11-10 05:59
Hahahahaha Polish Fail AGAiN hahahahahah GG DTS!!!
2011-11-10 11:21
Whats funny there? GG DTS
2011-11-10 14:25
you jizzed on monitor?
2011-11-10 20:51
You jizzed on monitor when u are wathing AGAiN playng stupid polish.
2011-11-14 12:28
2011-11-09 23:51
haha i wonder how many people got owned on dreamteam
2011-11-09 23:52
I got owned in my bet. :-/
2011-11-09 23:57
this cup was stupid. teams dropping left and right. made it impossible to build value. :S
2011-11-09 23:59
more stupid that lineups allowed to get changed often and matches postponed last second and others played without warning and no chance to change dreamteam. So yearh max luck for the ppl in top of this :) Ranked 35atm myself and I missed a lot of matches
2011-11-10 00:07
2011-11-09 23:52
dts power
2011-11-09 23:53
AGAiN is gone?
2011-11-09 23:54
For sure!
2011-11-09 23:57
Brazil lsz1 
after frag eXecutors dispensed them they are just LOST on the game,they lose every match
2011-11-10 00:01
every match ? Samsung Euro Championship 2011 1.AGAiN Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 4.AGAiN
2011-11-10 00:08
Oh, they just lost few last matches, don't be stupid.
2011-11-10 00:12
Argentina ivanpb 
not every match, just a few, don't be like a polish fanboy when sk loses one single bo3, guy xD
2011-11-10 00:22
Really, really good job!
2011-11-09 23:54
the one with good registry wins online
2011-11-09 23:55
Morocco skamz 
amazing skills & teamplay they showed tonight, they trully deserve it ! congratz, and prepare well for WCG !
2011-11-09 23:55
congratulations dts
2011-11-09 23:55
FIRSTone: bad day. SECONDone: Online.
2011-11-09 23:55
so lucky ! all time DTS's players got all the time red hp ;)
2011-11-10 00:58
2011-11-10 03:34
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
and agains players had 0 hp so that makes DTS the better team in that match
2011-11-10 04:04
and about that i said it ... yesterday DTS >>> all so good day all shoots = heads
2011-11-10 09:30
Denmark Houlden 
2011-11-10 05:53
more excuses... they beta your again 4:0 by maps...
2011-11-10 06:00
ohh cmon fanboy! go kill yourself!
2011-11-10 09:40
go fuk urself
2011-11-10 10:49
2011-11-10 16:29
2011-11-12 12:46
Netherlands jen5on 
I think DTS is just better, and they might be even better than na'vi now :)
2011-11-10 16:07
Not even 1 map win for AGAiN?! I wonder what is happening with them..
2011-11-09 23:55
Portugal nsz 
online they arent that good
2011-11-09 23:56
I've noticed that, but still.. anyway, DTS played perfectly :)
2011-11-10 00:00
Is the network problem or sth. ?
2011-11-10 00:00
Finland Baas 
No, from what I know it's just that they are just unable to play so well on iNet as they play on LAN.
2011-11-10 05:25
2011-11-10 06:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
They lost their motivation! You think it's easy to gain some dignity and play strong after being cheated over and over. I understand them believe me, and I BET it's the only reason they play bad :)
2011-11-10 01:30
I didn't said that and I didn't even thought about it, I understand them that maybe they lost their motivation, but at least if they managed to with ICSC they could attract some sponsors to regain their motivation. Who knows maybe they will become the new mTw :) this is the first thought that it came through my mind when the danish team broke up with the organisation.
2011-11-10 02:05
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Haha, win ICSC? You think they give a damn for ICSC? Man they won WCG and ESWC 2x. Any sponsor that is normal will take them, with or without ICSC. That's a fact. And yes, mtw won't take any cs team anymore :)
2011-11-10 11:37
As far as i know they weren't cheated. Fx didn't have enough money to pay the salaries and contracts were gone anyway.
2011-11-10 13:53
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA! Nice to see them as champions, but kinda funny that AGAiN didn't took one fucken map :/
2011-11-09 23:57
Don't know what's so funny. Nuke and train were close games, DTS are very good on dust2, we saw it yesterday.
2011-11-10 13:45
wp dts
2011-11-09 23:57
still unbelievable lol :P 4 maps in a row and owned. Congratulations !
2011-11-09 23:57
nice job guys!
2011-11-09 23:58
because ONLINE
2011-11-10 00:02
they antistrat them very well it was not shoot and run so, stfu.
2011-11-10 00:15
Take it easy, thank you.
2011-11-10 00:21
real forest?
2011-11-10 08:22
Dont think so..
2011-11-10 08:49
Sweden Snipatore 
2011-11-10 11:42
Ukraine DREv 
like pppls who only can say (if hes top team lose a match) ONLINE. tard.
2011-11-10 03:41
Defend your poor UA team DEFEND!!!!!!!!
2011-11-10 09:51
and who are u?
2011-11-10 10:41
2011-11-10 13:10
2011-11-10 09:01
2011-11-10 13:29
AGAiN is wierd team, sometimes they are able to beat everyteam and sometimes they can lose to unknown team (not saying about DTS) Anyways good job DTS :)
2011-11-10 00:03
That's why I love polish people, you guys are WIERD.
2011-11-10 00:07
Cause i wrote wierd and not weird?
2011-11-10 00:08
2011-11-10 00:16
Yes, thats my point! hahahahaa.
2011-11-10 00:22
I don;t care, you know what I thought:)
2011-11-10 15:20
I agree
2011-11-10 00:11
damn! i was 2nd on DT and bought kucher, neo, pasha and taz :D hope didnt drop :D
2011-11-10 00:12
Canada pokz 
waaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuupppppp TaZ??
2011-11-10 00:15
Online lol
2011-11-10 00:16
online again 0:2 dts lan again 2:0 dts
2011-11-10 00:17
Ukraine DREv 
or not.
2011-11-10 03:41
Finland Baas 
plausible, but after they beat na'vi so badly I might reconsider 2-1 scoreline
2011-11-10 05:28
Denmark Houlden 
All players from DTS are lan players. So stfu please. Maybe polish guys have bad internet, but it doesn't matter.
2011-11-10 05:52
nak | 
Brazil hAGGRAZ! 
DTS team praccin' in ukrainian ARENA. They attend all LANS. How can u say that sh1t?
2011-11-10 05:55
nothing hard to play clean at lan and use cheats on internet. not saying that dts do but i wanna see them winning with again on lan. or just winning one map. or one half of map
2011-11-10 06:47
rofl??? DTS player playing since 2003 year. I saw them a lot of times, but in different teams. They beat Na`Vi at lan. Beat Lions and a lot of great teams.
2011-11-10 07:49
stop being a fanboy dude. DTS were much better on that match. and they're all LAN players. They always play from Lan, watch some streams that ukrainians put in HLTV threads. DTS beat Na`Vi at lan, beat M5, beat Lions, ESC... And they always playing at all lans. SO YOU EVEN DON'T KNOW WHAT "SHIT" are you said...
2011-11-10 07:51
lol that is not the point men, the point is AGAiN players werent playing at lan :) its not about the dts players they are talking about, but AGAiN's
2011-11-10 21:31
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
polish troll.. "CHEATS" dts??!? you really think that level players like ANGE1, craft1k, xaoc, pops or kUcheR, who played at ALL LAN events 5-10 years can play with cheats? retard...
2011-11-10 07:52
ignore him, he is blind fanboy.
2011-11-10 07:56
i said dts cheated? no so stfu. i said i only wanna see dts winning on lan vs again. i dont care if they won with navi or sk or whoever you want just wanna see the match on lan dts vs again. can u understand what i wrote or u r just another hater ?
2011-11-10 09:43
you're stupid or must be THE BEST fanboy of golden five if you say cheats about players like in DTS. they all are very experienced and oldschool.
2011-11-10 07:55
and how old r u ? 13?im am not fanboy and ever a fan of some cs team.
2011-11-10 09:44
all lans ? Weird, i didn't seen them in: -e-Stars -GameGune -IEM GC New York -IEM GC Guanzghou -SEC -IEM5 World Championship finals -IEM5 European Championship finals -Copenhagen Games That is almost all major tournaments. This year they only attended ESWC and DreamHack Summer, where they failed in BYOC tournament, not qualifing to main tournament.
2011-11-10 13:51
failed BYOC vs ESC 16:14 ESC was top5 team at that moment
2011-11-10 15:45
Portugal Cyborgy 
and its their fault that they dont attend every lan tounrmanet?xD,not everyone is so lucky bro,but i tell you this,fx or again or wtv attended millions of events and cant even put more than 6 rounds in d2 agains them?gg
2011-11-10 22:36
Do you saw to who i was replying ? Read #77 comment: "DTS team praccin' in ukrainian ARENA. They attend all LANS..." I want to tell him that they almost didn't participated in any major tournament this year ^^
2011-11-11 09:32
again 0:4 dts lol
2011-11-10 07:27
World ba$e 
it was an online tournament so we shouldn't be dissapointed with AGAiN's perfomance as we all know that they suck online
2011-11-10 00:17
They just lost 500$ nothing special and expected
2011-11-10 00:18
nak | 
Brazil hAGGRAZ! 
4:0 for DTS by maps is nothing special? okay fanboy
2011-11-10 05:55
im not fanboy of again btw they just lost those 2 bo3 against dts, maybe we have to wait till they get an organization :)
2011-11-10 09:24
World WestSideDude 
"they just lost those 2 bo3" oh yeah, JUST LOST 2 OF BO3.. is so JUST. noth spec. for sure... not, you tr0ll.
2011-11-10 20:20
normal for polish five on online
2011-11-10 00:23
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
i'm disapoited :/
2011-11-10 00:24
yay I bet on DTS)))
2011-11-10 00:36
AGAiN are sooooo bad on internet, always has been.
2011-11-10 00:37
Norway kakkopp 
4 maps vs AGAIN is strong gj DTS
2011-11-10 00:45
Argentina ccritical 
DTS deserved it, hope they can show their potential also on LAN events
2011-11-10 00:54
Poland p 7k 
top4 all tournaments! ASUS, ESWC, all! no crisis, weak day? 0:4 maybe..
2011-11-10 01:03
online!, they lose ugly in lan
2011-11-10 01:15
gr8 job by DTS, nice.. ...But we all know what the polish giants are capable of @ Lan. They can match the best any day any time @ lan..We lost because it is online...is not a proper reason @ their level. but we cant underestimate them because they lose online..anyways.. GJ DTS!!
2011-11-10 01:46
more excuses (C) when Na`Vi lost nuke online you guys said that. so i say to you "more excuses please"
2011-11-10 06:04
Sweden Traitorz0r 
+1 true words
2011-11-10 06:10
hmmmm... :P :D
2011-11-11 08:51
they need a fkn org!!!
2011-11-10 02:06
2011-11-10 02:19
the end of again. OLE!
2011-11-10 02:55
lol wut o_O
2011-11-10 09:21
congatulations DTS :)
2011-11-10 03:25
Ukraine DREv 
guys guys ! u think when professional players like again players plays for money, the aren't shows their best skills? or what? "online match" its not the reason i think, why they are loose this match anyway...
2011-11-10 03:43
its not a reason at all. They played like they could, the best, in my opinion, DTS was way stronger, more solid, smarter, thats why they won. Thats it.
2011-11-10 08:31
2011-11-10 09:20
Sunde | 
Kazakhstan sn/ 
2011-11-10 04:16
500$ more..... bigdeal......
2011-11-10 04:42
Ukraine DREv 
yeah it is '
2011-11-10 04:55
its doesn't matter...
2011-11-10 09:20
Denmark Houlden 
DTS > again Amazing team!!!!
2011-11-10 05:52
2011-11-10 08:13
2011-11-10 05:53
Germany grimmtz 
Dts is amazing team!!! ANGE1 is great aimer + IGL!
2011-11-10 05:54
2011-11-13 06:10
nak | 
Brazil hAGGRAZ! 
gg DTS!!!
2011-11-10 05:54
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Awesome performance DTS! Congratz guys!
2011-11-10 05:56
Kazakhstan Trapptrapp 
DTS >>>> Again good job guys!
2011-11-10 05:56
DTS players are amazing skilled. So its EXPECTED! gg
2011-11-10 05:57
FlipiN | 
Spain rastleh 
DTS are powerful. DTS 4:0 again \m/
2011-11-10 05:57
Sweden ShageN 
DTS > again, lions, ESC...
2011-11-10 05:57
2011-11-10 08:13
lions esc again > dts (fo sho)
2011-11-10 15:11
Brazil arunino 
So skill'd players in DTS and sick strats/anti-strats by ANGE1. Also ANGE1 is one of the best aimer in the World I think. GJ Dts team.
2011-11-10 05:58
DTS were just much better then Again.
2011-11-10 06:00
DTS is next SUPER grand like Na`Vi from Ukraine? :]
2011-11-10 06:01
its all possible. they have sick line-up.
2011-11-10 06:01
2011-11-10 08:29
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
DTS GG!!!!!
2011-11-10 06:02
Hahahaha, GJ bros!!!! =D
2011-11-10 06:03
DTS > again
2011-11-10 06:04
DTS #1 :) FX #2 :)
2011-11-10 06:05
TaZ | 
Poland Dzangow 
gg DTS. AGAiN was owned hard... :/
2011-11-10 06:05
Gratz DTS!
2011-11-10 06:06
Sweden Traitorz0r 
DTS > again gg!
2011-11-10 06:10
2011-11-10 06:20
That was 2 easy 4 DTS. n1!
2011-11-10 06:20
Ukraine eonsql 
dts > navi
2011-11-10 06:23
not, but DTS > again
2011-11-10 06:24
For me dd2 AGAiN too strong...DTS 16 - 1 AGAiN on DD2 wtf...I'm gonna shoot my head....AGAiN lose 4map in a row and get onwed
2011-11-10 06:23
2011-11-10 06:24
Shit happens, its DTS, just remember the names.
2011-11-10 08:29
AGAiN was FUCKiN' lame on all 4 maps. DTS > again gg
2011-11-10 06:24
cool! congratz guys! went to sleep after 2:0, didn`t expect such result
2011-11-10 06:30
4:0, not 2:0.
2011-11-10 07:10
chuvak :D I went sleep after 2:0, I know better when I went to bed :D
2011-11-10 07:11
my bad english is BAD. xD
2011-11-10 07:16
DTS played very, very well. In fact, on D2 they played vs Again like Again played vs Na'Vi. Very aggressive CT sides, etc. One of the best games that I've seen in a while.
2011-11-10 06:56
2011-11-10 08:27
2011-11-10 09:19
gg DTS, 4:0 vs AGAiN. Great!
2011-11-10 07:48
AGAiN had at one point 7-1 (14-9) on the 1st map and they just blew it. Only one team can play good and then for i don't know for what reason play bad as hell and that's AGAiN. GG DTS!
2011-11-10 07:54
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
gg DTS, 2easy.
2011-11-10 07:54
To all guys from Poland: Please stop make a shame on Poland... DTS players are very known, so stop say about LAN or CHEATS... ITS STUPID!
2011-11-10 07:59
nice comrades!
2011-11-10 08:10
so happy for dts, makes me wanna cry '(
2011-11-10 08:13
World WestSideDude 
destroyed by DTS
2011-11-10 08:19
Best Congrats for DTS!
2011-11-10 08:26
gjj dts
2011-11-10 08:26
2011-11-10 08:45
DTS played amazingly. GJ
2011-11-10 08:58
Bulgaria Molen 
kuchien is as good as markeloff with awp or maybe is better? :)
2011-11-10 09:08
nak | 
Brazil hAGGRAZ! 
haha, no way. but he is amazing.
2011-11-10 09:15
I didn't think that DTS can win ICSC for one reason - it was 2xbo3 very long and tired path. They played great, whish them such great performance at Lan events.
2011-11-10 09:10
Happy 4 DTS. good game.
2011-11-10 09:17
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
gratz DTS!
2011-11-10 09:17
amazing game by Dnepro Tech Service aka DTS.
2011-11-10 09:18
tootal fail Again ;x
2011-11-10 09:41
AGAiN RIP ((((
2011-11-10 10:11
unexpected, but pretty cool =)
2011-11-10 10:14
They got totally crushed but I still think that AGAiN sucks online and are much better at LAN. Still want to see DTS at LAN and how they will perform there in big tournaments.
2011-11-10 10:49
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
AGAiN (and other top team) has a lan playstyle and not an online one like "amateur team". that's why amateur team can win on internet.
2011-11-10 14:20
2011-11-10 14:28
pls explain me what is a "lan playstyle", genius
2011-11-10 17:32
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
When you ONLY play lan like pro team (but internet matches sometimes) you play like on lan. lan playstyle : 1) fade2black 2) a lot of noise arround then it's easier to rush or duck without spotted. 3) troll other team Online playstyle : 1)dead guy : "he's going to banana with 2 other guys and i see the bomber who's waiting you." 2) 16 bits 3) easy2cheat br0 nice try to troll with your "genius", but only onliner like you can't understand what i mean. soz dude =)
2011-11-10 20:50
oh yeah those 3 points you get for the online playstyle are quite smart 1)they can talk on lan too, and how do you know the game was not played with f2b ? 2) playing with anticheat, no 16 bits 3) 2) as for lan playstyle 1)you got a point 2)no noise at all with a proper headset, but maybe you never went to LAN... 3)troll is much worse online than @LAN, but well
2011-11-10 20:57
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
we see that ved1mak vs AGAiN, dude i don't cheat i'm just a superhero. you fail.
2011-11-10 21:00
Germany grimmtz 
you call DTS amateur team? they have amazing experience, sponsors, named players, good results at lans, always pracc at LAN.
2011-11-10 21:43
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
sorry if i offense you =)
2011-11-10 22:03
gg DTS
2011-11-10 10:53
2011-11-10 11:11
to bad there is no chance for dts on lan tournaments against teams from top5.
2011-11-10 11:31
there is no chance ? ofc they have a real chance ;)
2011-11-10 11:50
ur nick = u
2011-11-10 13:30
beat Na`Vi, Lions, M5 and ESC at lan...
2011-11-10 16:52
suck to M5 in the most important for them match @ESWC , sorry
2011-11-10 21:52
unexpected win by dts..but congratz,gg
2011-11-10 11:32
4:0. What a shame...
2011-11-10 11:34
eX gg DTS-_-
2011-11-10 11:46
gj DTS :)
2011-11-10 11:57
Uruguay ShubertoN 
deserved win for DTS, they played just great
2011-11-10 11:59
AGAiN fatal fail xD
2011-11-10 12:04
Thailand Wr3cker 
DTS Power! Good luck Again, I hope that new sponsors will help you
2011-11-10 12:04
when started ten ICSC ???
2011-11-10 13:03
2011-11-10 13:06
sad kurwa :/
2011-11-10 13:10
DTS best team on internet
2011-11-10 13:13
so you never saw others matches on internet yesterday it was first
2011-11-10 17:54
GG again as always bad ONLINE
2011-11-10 13:46
IMO again didn't really care about this match. DTS practiced hard (they had bootcamp i think) and they played their best. I dont understand ppl writing dts>again because of 1 match, still 4 maps but its online. Afterwards gg
2011-11-10 14:00
2011-11-10 16:16
2011-11-10 17:03
he's agreing with you
2011-11-10 21:27
2011-11-10 23:20
amazing match!!!
2011-11-10 14:00
nice DTS
2011-11-10 14:48
amazin dts gg! <3
2011-11-10 15:03
i thinkso match fixing is started in counter strike :S
2011-11-10 15:39
internet..and that's all :) lan again>>> dts net again<<<<all
2011-11-10 15:47
ye but seriously, they won 4 maps in a row.... again must be really bad on the internet, they were in the final ffs.
2011-11-10 16:29
don't be so confident. DTS beat a lot of top1-5 World teams at lan.
2011-11-10 19:16
Portugal Cyborgy 
shut up retarded pole
2011-11-10 22:39
easy... in WCG AGAIN > DTS ;)
2011-11-10 16:12
don't be so sure dude. at Lan DTS are amazing too. they beat AT LAN so big grand like Na`Vi, also they beat before teams like Lions, M5, ESC...
2011-11-10 21:35
O_o DTS nice
2011-11-10 16:33
dts HE kontpitca xD
2011-11-10 16:34
I can't understand shitty retards, who said that INTERNET. DTS beat AT LAN teams like NA`VI, LIONS, ESC, M5... THIS IS BAD?
2011-11-10 16:53
nice for DTS not nice 4 my bets :/
2011-11-10 17:04
2011-11-10 17:20
gj dts
2011-11-10 17:23
trace | 
France Reo_O 
Nice DTS! Love this team.
2011-11-10 17:50
guys stop saying it's INET game, you can't loose 4 maps in a row, even if it was online
2011-11-10 19:17
again fucking lows
2011-11-10 19:25
do ten situps
2011-11-10 19:39
nice, DTS getting near top teams
2011-11-10 20:24
Sweden ShageN 
top7-10 for sure
2011-11-10 20:33
Yes ofc, I mean getting near top 3 SK AGAiN Na'Vi
2011-11-10 20:36
dts just homeboys
2011-11-10 20:50
Sweden ShageN 
you're retard if you think so...
2011-11-10 21:28
mTw just homeboys...
2011-11-10 21:29
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
Who?! DTS? hahahaha You saw them? they're big strong MEN. and who are you? they played at lan in 99% of events. they beat at lan M5, Lions, ESC, even Na`Vi! and you say that SHIT? you must be mad polish fanboy then. no excuses for you for post like that!
2011-11-10 21:31
if u lame, better check the photos of DTS on HLTV.org homeboy is all about you, but not about them. All players from DTS are respected and experienced. All of them are known. and you said homeboys about guys, who attend all lans that possible and show great game. Well, OK!
2011-11-10 21:33
homeboys???? DTS?! get lost, f*ckin' troll. you don't know anything about CS if you said that.
2011-11-10 21:33
Denmark Houlden 
boys? what a retard... then Na`Vi, SK, AGAiN, mTw, mouz, Winfakt - ALL are homeboys too.
2011-11-10 21:36
Kazakhstan Trapptrapp 
you wrote that shit about DTS? hahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... maybe manne and CO are homeboys, but DTS... you must be ill or mad to say that.
2011-11-10 21:37
Germany grimmtz 
Oh my God. You're mad, my dear. Say that about team, who crush a lot of named opponents at LAN!
2011-11-10 21:40
what a n3rd... :<
2011-11-10 21:47
loled at replies to you 8 scumbags up there ^ DTS online > DTS lan - fact
2011-11-10 21:49
Portugal Cyborgy 
clueless whiteboy
2011-11-10 22:39
Germany grimmtz 
HLTV.org is full of trolls. thats so weird, especially for me. I always thought that HLTV.org is most positive site of all CS times. But OK, times have changed.
2011-11-10 21:41
Sweden Traitorz0r 
SKATERSTAR, Stamina and etc. polish trolls should be banned. I can't understand what admins are doing, they are on vacation or it is normal thing to troll in top threads at main page?
2011-11-10 21:46
+1 hltv getting badly
2011-11-10 21:47
agreed, start to be annoying!
2011-11-10 21:49
For example SKATERSTAR. What did he say to be banned? Get a life dumb
2011-11-10 21:50
he said idiotic stuff about team, who play at lan even better then online. enough?
2011-11-10 21:51
DTS online - easy win against AGAIN DA MIGHTY POLES DTS @ lan - no chance against SK and M5 to pass the groupstage with some long bootcamp before event. cheers anyway,he wrote his opinion,you must be pretty retarded to think he should be banned
2011-11-10 21:54
Sweden Traitorz0r 
I saw that ASUS, when DTS beat M5, also I saw when DTS beat at lan Lions and ESC, and also, especially for "SLOW" guys like you I saw some event(don't remember of name) when DTS beat Na`Vi at lan. There was a big stream etc.
2011-11-10 21:55
How can you compare asus to eswc. If you look at their group at eswc (SK,DTS,M5),you will understand that match against M5 was the most important for them,i bet they would threw away 3-4 asus titles just to pass this group!
2011-11-10 21:57
Sweden Traitorz0r 
your opinion, but call them "homeboys" it is very stupid and pathetic... you know.
2011-11-10 22:05
And why the f*ck you dude saying about ESWC? Just watch games before! They beat even Na`Vi! Is it enough to say that they're good at lan?
2011-11-10 21:56
Here is some food for your thoughts before you go to bed. Compare Navi's motivation on ASUS with DTS motivation on ESWC.
2011-11-10 21:59
Oh stop saying about motivation... It is so funny to heard about it. Lets say about result, not about MYSTERIOUS THINGS like motivation.
2011-11-10 22:04
motivation is 1/3 part of game Navi beat all the world championships, CIS - lose the homeboys DTS :/ FACT
2011-11-11 06:07
2011-11-11 14:40
SKATERSTAR... hate trolls like him. gg DTS, you were amazing!
2011-11-10 21:49
2011-11-10 22:15
2011-11-10 22:39
DTS are like the other top teams they can have good days and bad days at lan they recently won WCG Ukraine when kerchnet and Na`Vi was there ..so stop being naive and saying they're not the same at lan
2011-11-11 00:21
2011-11-11 04:02
eh What is that? dts online - beat AGAIN,Navi and other teams dts lan - not qualified for the play-off on ESWC They lan? I dont think so ..
2011-11-11 06:01
and ofc they are top1 ukraine because they win navi online and qualifed for wcg
2011-11-11 06:51
top1 online Ukraine!!!
2011-11-11 12:42
Portugal Cyborgy 
theyve won navi at lan in some tournament i cant recall right now
2011-11-11 15:07
WCG Ukraine was LAN
2011-11-12 13:14
yes i know , just that guy doesnt know that thing
2011-11-12 18:47
DTS suck at lan. AGAiN doesn't care about inet.
2011-11-11 10:50
Netherlands jen5on 
most ignorent comment ever! AGAiN dont care about money either?
2011-11-11 13:36
AGAiN suck online also lan , there is no excuse of losing :)
2011-11-11 13:19
it wasn't about lan or online , but FX(AGAiN) , doesen't play with their heart anymore , they just don't give about cs 1.6 anymore , since theyr #1 team in world and they can't find a organisation thats the biggest shame ever :) hope for better AGAiN :))
2011-11-11 13:26
Portugal Cyborgy 
when were they #1?did i miss something this year?or maybe last year?
2011-11-11 15:06
dude stop hating , im fan of SK , but we all need to be honest they stopped SK which win 50games in a row and didn't loose like 30matches but when they orga left them they aren't the same
2011-11-12 11:28
nice troll... very nice and talanted. but a little bit stupid.
2011-11-13 07:30
like someone asked u , i think the reply button should be deleted for u.
2011-11-13 11:43
Norway yII 
update dreamteam :D
2011-11-11 13:44
gg DTS
2011-11-11 16:04
2011-11-11 19:09
DTS looks better on paper than NaVi
2011-11-13 06:04
2011-11-13 08:29
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