ESWC 2011: Top players

One of the most competitive tournaments of the year took place near the end of October and even though somewhat later than usual, we will now look back to see who the top players of ESWC 2011 were, as well as pick the MVP and the All-Star lineup of the tournament.

The last and the biggest event in the action-packed October month was ESWC 2011, which took place in Paris, France. Almost every world's top team was in attendance which, as expected, provided us with one of the most interesting tournaments of the year.

SK Gaming came out on top of it, taking the victory and the $12,000 cheque in front of Natus Vincere, in the opposite turn of events compared to last year. This was the Swedes' first ESWC title ever and the biggest one this year so far, although they already won a quite competitive DreamHack Summer, as well as GameGune and IEM6 GC New York.

100 players from 20 teams had a chance to display their skills at this event during 60 maps played and we will now point out the very best. Fifteen players from teams that made it into the playoffs stood out in particular, along with two who had to end their participation in group stage, so let's inspect what their strengths were and then pick the MVP and All-Star lineup together.

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Best rated players

15) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland AGAiN
0.73 0.64 1.07

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.55 vs Belgium Antwerp Aces (Group stage, nuke)

Three-time MVP this year, Filip "Neo" Kubski didn't have one of his best tournaments this time, but neither did his team AGAiN as they finished fourth. However, the Polish superstar did leave his mark as the team's second best and one of the best players during the first part of the tournament.

Kubski was top rated in 3 matches, all of them in the group stage, including victories that secured them the top spot in the group over ESC Gaming and Lions, finishing with an excellent 1.48 group stage rating (4th best). After that, he somehwat underperformed with a 0.90 playoff-rating.

14) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Ukraine Sergey 'starix' Ischuk Ukraine Na´Vi
0.74 0.68 1.07

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.86 vs Finland WinFakt (Group stage, train)

Natus Vincere's Sergey "starix" Ischuk has been on a good run of form lately, with All-Star nominations at his last two tournaments, e-Stars and SEC. Although in France he wasn't the team's primary AWPer as he was in Poland, Ischuk was their second most influential player on the road to another second place.

He made a solid contribution in every stage of the tournament, particularly impressing in two important victories. The first one is the last group stage match, a 16-5 win over WinFakt, which secured his team's passage to the playoffs (1.86 rating, 25:10 individual score), while the other one is the semi-final clash versus AGAiN, when Ischuk was the second best rated over the two maps (1.31 rating, 49:34 score).

13) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Finland Jirka 'jigetus' Ryhti Finland WinFakt
0.81 0.75 1.10

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.72 vs Portugal Defining Stars (Group stage, nuke)

After top 3 placements at IEM6 GC Guangzhou, SEC 2011 and IEM6 GC New York, the best Finnish team WinFakt exited ESWC 2011 earlier than they grew accustomed to, due to a quarter-final loss to SK Gaming. Their latest addition, Jirka "jigetus" Ryhti has apparently settled in quite well, as he finds himself among an event's top players for the third time in a row, this time as the only representative from his team.

He was the team's best in both group stage and their only playoff match, particularly shining in a 16-9 win over Anexis which promised them the group's first place at that time. Ryhti was by far the best participant of that match with a 30:16 score (1.69 rating), while he also put up the most fight in their losses that followed, against Natus Vincere and SK Gaming.

12) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Germany Tobias 'Troubley' Tabbert Germany Alternate
0.74 0.61 1.13

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.72 vs Poland AGAiN (Quarter-final, inferno)

Without showing any signs of their old glory this entire year, the German team Alternate was expected to exit the tournament early. However, they became the revelation of the event thanks to reaching the quarter-final in front of fnatic, and even giving AGAiN a run for their money in the playoff clash. The best player of their campaign was 19-year-old Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert, who showed great promise in his first major international event ever.

It was exactly in those two big matches that Tabbert excelled the most, as he was shared-best rated in the 16-8 group stage win over fnatic (23:13 score, 1.56 rating) and after that was the team's best in the quarter-final clash versus AGAiN (1.07 rating in 3 maps). His performance in the second map against the Poles was particularly admirable as he was the most responsible for equalizing the score to 1-1 in maps with a 27:13 score (1.72 rating, 49% above team average).

Additionally, he was the 5th best in pistol rounds, while another notable moment of his was a highlight in the first map against the Poles.

11) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Germany Roman 'roman' Ausserdorfer Germany mousesports
0.76 0.59 1.16

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.87 vs Reunion Our Game (Group stage, inferno)

As his team mousesports reached their biggest success this year by placing third at ESWC, Roman "roman" Ausserdorfer was naturally one of the most responsible, once more as the team's second best rated, just like during their second place campaign at IEM6 GC Guangzhou.

He didn't put up many amazing scores, apart from a 32:16 performance in the second map of the quarter-final against Lions (where he also recorded a pistol-round ace), but he did play well throughout the entire tournament. That is best demonstrated by the fact that he had the 4th most total kills (241) and the 5th best kill-death difference (+52). Additionally, he was one of the players who had the most entry kills at the event (43).

10) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Johan 'face' Klasson Sweden SK Gaming
0.75 0.57 1.17

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.73 vs Germany mousesports (Semi-final, dust2)

Johan "face" Klasson displayed his worth to SK Gaming during another title-winning campaign where he was only their 4th best rated, but managed to be among an event's top players for the 6th time so far in 2011.

Klasson was as usual the team's backup player at most of the matches, but there was one clash where he stepped up largely and had one of the best individual performances among all players at the event. In the last map of the semi-final against mousesports on de_dust2, he carried his team with a 20:3 score in the first half along with several amazing rounds (31:17 overall in the match, 1.73 rating, 64% above team). Earlier in the tournament, he had another highlight-worthy round against DTS.

Furthermore, Klasson was one of the hardest to kill with only 0.57 deaths per round (3rd best).

9) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson Sweden SK Gaming
0.78 0.62 1.18

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.53 vs Finland WinFakt (Quarter-final, inferno)

After a poor performance at SEC 2011, SK's latest addition Marcus "Delpan" Larsson returned to his usual good form, which reflected in the team's success.

He had a very consistent display in France, recording a rating above 1.00 in 9 of 11 maps, while also being his team's most dominant player, recording 21 rounds with 3+ kills. He particularly performed great in a 16-13 group stage win against Moscow Five (28:20 score, 1.36 rating, 34% above team) and in the quarter-final versus WinFakt where he was also the best overall (44:26 score, 1.48 rating). Larsson did well in their most important match too, the final against Natus Vincere, where he had a very good 1.22 rating over the two maps.

His main assignment was of course handling the big green weapon, at which he excelled by recording the 2nd most total AWP kills of the tournament (83) and 2nd best awpKPR (0.30). His standout performance in that regard was 19 AWP kills in the group's first-place-decider against Moscow Five on de_forge.

8) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Niklas 'niko' Johansson Sweden Lions
0.82 0.63 1.18

0 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.46 vs Germany mousesports (Quarter-final, tuscan)

We haven't seen any Lions' players among a major event's best in a long time, while Niklas "niko" Johansson in particular was last noticed in January for his performance at IEM5 European Finals. He is finally back, thanks to his display during their quarter-final campaign at ESWC 2011.

Although Johansson didn't impress much in any match, he had a rating above 1.00 in 5 of his 6 maps. Aside from overall solid play, he stood out due to being the only player at the event to have a better rating in the playoffs, 1.31, compared to 1.12 in the group stage. He managed that despite suffering a heavy defeat to mousesports in Lions' only playoff encounter, as he had a 47:34 score while his team won only 17 rounds in two maps.

In addition to that, Johansson also did quite well with the AWP, having the event's 4th best 0.26 awpKPR, an example of which is his highlight round against Antwerp Aces.

7) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov Russia Moscow Five
0.85 0.67 1.19

0 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.49 vs Israel eSrael (Group stage, nuke)

Moscow Five probably left the best impression of all teams that didn't make it past the quarter-final, as they barely lost their group's first place decider to SK and then were defeated by Natus Vincere in a close 3-map encounter. One of their two star players at this event was Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov, who recently had a great showing at SEC 2011.

Stolyarov was once more one of the best fraggers of an event, having the 3rd best KPR (0.85). He managed that thanks to playing well in almost every match, with a rating above 1.00 in 6 of his 7 maps.

Moreover, Stolyarov was the best entry killer of the event (1.40 EK-rating) and shared-5th best in pistol rounds. Pistols actually seem to be a specialty of his, as he was previously the best in first rounds at SEC 2011, while at both of his last tournaments he had the most pistol frags per round among all players.

6) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Ukraine Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov Ukraine Na´Vi
0.78 0.63 1.19

5 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.82 vs Algeria viva Algeria (Group stage, dust2)

After being his team's fourth best rated at SEC 2011, Yegor "markeloff" Markelov is back as Natus Vincere's main star with an impressive individual performance which helped them to another 2nd place finish.

The Ukrainian superstar was top rated in 5 maps, more than any other player, while four of those were in the playoffs (4th best playoff rating of 1.19). His most impressive display was in the quarter-final against Moscow Five when he was top rated in each of the three maps (71:48 overall score, 1.39 rating). After that, he was also the best overall performer of the semi-final versus AGAiN (51:33 score, 1.40 rating), meaning he was by far the most responsible for Natus Vincere reaching the final.

After SEC 2011 where he surprisingly wasn't the team's primary AWPer, he reclaimed that role with 81 total kills (3rd most at the event) and 0.29 awpKPR (3rd best).

5) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas Poland AGAiN
0.84 0.65 1.22

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.80 vs Germany Alternate (Quarter-final, dust2)

MVP of SEC 2011, Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, continued with amazing form at another major tournament, although this time his team AGAiN failed to reach the podium, finishing in 4th place.

Wojtas once again showed amazing consistency, playing well practically in every match, with his lowest rating just below average - 0.92. He was his team's best rated in each of their 3 playoff encounters – vs Alternate (1.27 rating in 2-1 quarter-final victory), vs Natus Vincere (1.23 rating in 0-2 semi-final loss) and vs mousesports (1.06 rating, 1-2 loss in 3rd place decider).

His overall performance was quite similar to the one at SEC 2011, as he was once more one of the best fraggers overall (3rd most total kills – 253), the second best entry killer (1.35 EK-rating) and was the best rifler again (0.75 kills with rifles per round).

4) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Eduard 'ed1k' Ivanov Russia Moscow Five
0.84 0.59 1.25

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.08 vs Israel eSrael (Group stage, nuke)

The best rated player outside of the top four teams is Moscow Five's Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov, whom we haven't seen as one of an event's stars since the early parts of the year, when he was nominated for All-Star lineups of IEM5 European Finals, IEM5 World Championship and Xperia PLAY.

Ivanov was rated higher than his teammate Stolyarov thanks to highly impressive man-of-the-match performances in their first two matches, against eSrael (28:7, 2.08 rating) and 3DMAX (24:8, 1.87 rating), while in the rest of the tournament they played quite similar. He played above team average in almost every map, while also being the team's best in their only map-win of the quarter-final clash with Natus Vincere (24:14, 1.36 rating).

On average, he was one of the best fraggers of the tournament (0.84 KPR, 4th best) and one of the hardest to kill (0.59 DPR, 4th).

3) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden SK Gaming
0.83 0.55 1.28

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.30 vs Israel eSrael (Group stage, dust2)

MVP of GameGune 2011, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, had another great tournament as the second best rated from the winners SK Gaming. His consistent good play along with some exceptional moments was one of the key factors in winning the first ever ESWC title for SK Gaming and himself.

In his first match at the tournament, Lindberg opened up with a bang, demolishing eSrael during a 16-2 victory with a 25:5 score and a 2.30 rating, which turned out to be the highest match rating by any player at the event. He continued playing well throughout the group stage, ending up as the best rated player of the first part of the tournament (1.52 group-stage-rating). He didn't disappoint later on either with a solid 1.16 playoff-rating, capping it off by being the best rated of the final against Natus Vincere (1.30 rating, 51:32 score).

Overall, he had at least a 1.00 rating in 9 of 11 maps, while he was the best in 3 of them. He had the third best kill-death difference of +77 and was the hardest to kill of all players (0.55 DPR).

2) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden SK Gaming
0.92 0.55 1.36

4 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.89 vs Germany mousesports (Semi-final, mirage)

The best rated player from the winning team SK Gaming was Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, who has been in truly impressive shape lately with two impeccable tournaments behind him. At SEC 2011 and IEM6 GC New York, Alesund had a rating above 1.00 in every map, a record he further improved at ESWC, which is now totaling 24 maps in a row with above average ratings at international LANs.

The world's best fragger according to our statistics didn't just play well in every match, but was even top rated in 4 maps. The most notable of those are the first two maps of the semi-final match against mousesports, of which he was the best performer overall (70:46 score, 1.36 rating). He also did great as the second best rated in his other two playoff matches, the quarter-final against WinFakt (41:22, 1.41 rating), and the final against Natus Vincere (54:37, 1.23 rating). Thanks to that, he was overall the 2nd best rated player in the playoffs, with an impressive 1.33 rating against tougher opponents.

On average, he was the best fragger of the tournament, with an amazing 0.92 kills per round, while also being the hardest to kill with only 0.55 deaths per round. In total, he had the 2nd most kills (254) and the best kill-death difference (+101).

Additionally, Alesund was the best in pistol-rounds, as well as the second most successful in clutch situations (won the round 6 times in a 1vsX).

1) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen Germany mousesports
0.91 0.60 1.38

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.02 vs Sweden Lions (Quarter-final, dust2)

Despite of being a familiar name, and even recently being nominated for MVP of IEM6 GC Guangzhou, mousesports' star player Finn "karrigan" Andersen played on such a high level throughout the three days in Paris, that we could easily name him the revelation of the tournament.

Andersen was the player who carried his team the most, as his 1.38 rating was an incredible 27% above his team's average. Also, having a rating above 1.00 in 11 of his 12 maps made him one of the most consistent performers at ESWC.

What's even more impressive, even though he was the team's best rated in the group stage, is that he didn't boost his statistics against easier opponents at all, as he was the best rated player in the playoffs with a 1.38 playoff-rating, same as his overall. His performance against Lions in the quarter-final was particularly impressive, as he had an incredible 1.85 rating in the two maps (55:27 score) and recorded several highlight rounds (clip #1, clip #2). He was also the team's best in the semi-final defeat to SK Gaming (58:51, 1.11 rating), as well as in the 3rd place decider that mousesports won over AGAiN (79:51 score, 1.35 rating).

In total, he had by far the most kills at the event (290), although on average he was the 2nd best fragger (0.91 KPR), while he also had the 2nd best K-D difference (+99). He was the most dominant player at the tournament in regard to rounds with 3 or more kills (28) and he also excelled at pistol-rounds (4th best) and entry kills (5th best).

However, that's not all we saw from Andersen, as the aspect he excelled the most in was AWPing. The big green was never wasted in his hands before either, but now he brought it to a higher level and cemented himself as one of the game's greats. His 125 AWP kills and 0.39 awpKPR were by far the best at the event, recording at least 3 AWP kills in every map, while going into double digits in 7 of his 12 maps. His best performance with that gun was in the Lions match, where 33 of his 55 total kills were made with the AWP, while apart from several highlight rounds with it in that match, he also had one 4-kill round against fnatic in the group stage.

Note: This ranking is based on Rating (read about it here). It doesn't necessarily represent an ordered list of the best players at the event, but instead singles out the ones who played well in their matches using the formula described in the page linked above.

Top Awpers

# Player Team awp Kills awpKPR % of kills
1. Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen  Germany mouz 125 0.39 43%
2. Sweden Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson Sweden SK 83 0.30 38%
3. Ukraine Yegor 'markeloff' Markelov Ukraine Na´Vi 81 0.29 37%
4. Sweden Niklas 'niko' Johansson Sweden Lions 37 0.26 32%
5. Finland Timi 'aslak' Verkkoperä Finland WinFakt 34 0.25 34%

Top Pistol Round players

# Player Team PR KPR PR DPR PR Rating
1. Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden SK 1.36 0.64 1.81
2. Finland Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen Finland WinFakt 0.92 0.33 1.73
3. Sweden Jim 'zneel' Andersson Sweden Lions 1.00 0.67 1.67
4. Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen Germany mouz 1.08 0.63 1.64
5. Germany Tobias 'Troubley' Tabbert Germany Alternate 0.93 0.50 1.49
5. Russia Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov Russia M5 1.07 0.71 1.49

Top Entry-kill players

# Player Team EKpR EDpR EK-Rating Won%
1. Russia Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov Russia M5 0.16 0.09 1.40 64%
2. Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas Poland AGAiN
0.14 0.08 1.35 65%
3. Ukraine Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev Ukraine Na´Vi 0.13 0.06 1.35 69%
4. Germany Roman 'Roman R.' Reinhardt Germany Alternate 0.12 0.05 1.32 70%
5. Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen Germany mouz
0.13 0.08 1.31 64%
  • 26 of 27 entry kills by Kapio led to a round win for Alternate
  • unsurprisingly, mousesports in-game leader gob b's entry deaths led to most rounds lost of all players, 31

Top Riflers

# Player Team rif Kills rifKPR % of kills
1. Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas Poland AGAiN 225 0.75 89%
2. Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden SK 199 0.72 78%
3. Finland Jirka 'jigetus' Ryhti Finland WinFakt 93 0.68 85%
4. Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden SK 186 0.67 81%
5. Sweden Johan 'face' Klasson Sweden SK 174 0.63 83%

Additional stats leaders

Best Fragger:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (0.92 kills per round)

Hardest to kill:
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg (0.55 deaths per round)
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (0.55 deaths per round)

Best pistoleer:
Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov (0.19 pistol frags per round)

Most kills:
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen (290 total kills) 

Best kill-death difference:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (+101)

Most dominant:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen  (28 rounds with 3+ kills)

Most frequent fragger:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (59% of rounds with at least 1 kill)

Best clutcher:
Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko (8 times won 1vsX)
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund  (6 times won 1vsX)

Most consistent:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (96% of matches above 1.00 rating and above team average)

Top individual match performances:
Sweden face vs Germany mouz on de_dust2 - 31:17 (+14), 1.73 rating (+64%)
Denmark karrigan vs Sweden Lions on de_dust2 - 27:11 (+
16), 2.02 rating (+50%)
Germany roman vs Sweden Lions on de_tuscan - 32:16 (+16), 1.74 rating (+53%)
Sweden GeT_RiGhT vs Germany mouz on de_mirage - 23:10 (+13), 1.89 rating (+47%)
Germany Troubley vs Poland AGAiN on de_inferno - 27:13 (+14) 1.72 rating (+49%)

Honorable mentions

Along with these 15 players who helped their teams at least reach the playoffs, two members of teams who didn't make it through the group stage managed to leave quite an impression.

The home team Virus Gaming didn't have much to be happy about after their group stage exit, winning only one map against a team from Reunion, while losing to mousesports, fnatic and Alternate. However, the performance of their star player Mickael "mSx" Cassisi reminded us of his emuLate days and their WCG 2007 glory, as he displayed dominance despite the defeats he faced. In each of their four matches, Cassisi had a rating above 1.00 and played above team's average, while he also managed to record a couple of highlight rounds in the clash versus fnatic (clip #1, clip #2).

Danish side Anexis provided two big surprises in their group stage adventure, initially losing an already won match to Defining Stars 14-16, but later rising from the ashes to beat eventual finalists Natus Vincere 16-4. In the end, they didn't make it to the playoffs, but their main star at this tournament, Nicolaj "Nuggi" Larsen, had an amazing display which has to be praised. Not only was he the team's best in each of their four maps, but he was top rated in 3 of them. His AWP was impeccable, recording 50 total kills and 0.50 awpKPR with it, while also having an amazing 0.99 kills per round, which earned him the highest rating of all players at the event (1.49).

MVP and All-Star lineup vote

MVP nominations were pretty straight forward this time, as we had four players from the top three teams stand out from the rest.

Finn "karrigan" Andersen carried mousesports to a third place finish as the highest rated player of the event and the best AWPer, in what was probably the most impressive performance of his career so far.

The main star of second placed Natus Vincere was without a doubt once again, Yegor "markeloff" Markelov, who was already nominated for MVP three times this year.

ESWC champions SK Gaming had two players excel more than others, the impactful Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and the most consistent player of the tournament, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund.


We will also be choosing the All-Star lineup, so go ahead and select the 5 best players of this tournament in your opinion. Whether you want it to be a realistic squad where each player would have a role or simply the 5 best performers is up to you.


Just like during our previous votes, we will be having a separate poll for "experts" only, which will later together with the public poll decide the outcome of the vote. The experts will consist of players who took part in this tournament, as well as journalists from other websites.

For more statistics from this tournament you can go here, HLTV demos can be found here and all the POV demos that we managed to gather are here. We will be announcing the results after we've gathered enough votes, so stay tuned to to see who will be the MVP and who will make it into the All-Star lineup.

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Better awper indeed.
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watch his demos from eswc and u will see, that when he used rifles, he hit almost everything.
2011-11-18 20:34
:O karrigan is good player
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watch his demo vs lagunak and you'll see that he's good with every rifle
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I would have 3kd vs those guys, so yeah, impressive.
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pure fanboys :)
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sad to see this again ;/ but i like how honest you are :) karrigan MVP! he becomes better and better every tournament!
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i know that he's great but another players played better than him in ESWC so what's the reason to vote for him again and again without looking at statistics?
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why when karrigan was the best ? makes no sense
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why? BEST FRAGGER HARDEST TO KILL BEST KILL-DEATH DIFFERENCE MOST FREQUENT FRAGGER BEST CLUTCHER MOST CONSISTANT PLAYER and he has one of the best individual performance(against mouz btw) plus his team won while karrigan's was 3rd
2011-11-18 21:01
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The reason why I voted for karrigan is not only because he's ranked first in this ranking but because he really carried mouz to the 3rd place and it was an unexpected result from them (just like Uruguay and Forlan in 2010 WC) while 4 out of 5 SK players are in top 10 which makes get right tournament less impressive compared to SK as a whole. This being said, get right did an MVP performance again of course.
2011-11-18 21:11
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Karrigan didn't carry mouz, he got some huge scores mut gob b and roman made as huge a difference in their game. If you want to give points to mouz gob b deserves them as much as Karrigan does. There's no doubt GTR was the MVP of the tournament.
2011-11-18 21:17
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Indeed gob b and roman played good too, but imo saying gob b deserves as much as karrigan is like saying face deserves as much as get right.
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And how is that? Gob b called some insane strats for mouz and face is not even a caller? What you said makes no sense at all
2011-11-18 22:38
2 replies
Ok it may not have been the best comparison ever, but there's noone to compare to gob b on this tournament... Let's say I've never seen carn or zeus nominated as MVP, didn't they call awesome strats when their team dominated the scene ?
2011-11-18 22:52
1 reply
I'm not following you at all here.. I said GTR was the MVP. And he was, without a doubt. I included Gob to the dreamteam cause he deserves it.
2011-11-18 23:07
agree with 65#
2011-11-18 21:22
agree with #65
2011-11-18 21:51
So true
2011-11-18 21:26
fanboy, get_right is a re*ard.. no one likes him. karrigan all the way, he deserves it.
2011-11-19 12:24
2 replies
i don't give a shit about his personality. i just know that he should be MVP
2011-11-19 12:25
i like him,and im pretty sure that thousands of people like him to : )
2011-11-19 19:18
2011-11-18 20:41
mSx (y)
2011-11-18 20:43
Whoever wins, Dosia and ED1K always in top :)
2011-11-18 20:44
6 replies
certainly NOT!
2011-11-18 21:30
5 replies
Nearly every time some of M5 players got in top. Just for reference ;d SEC, Dosia 2nd DH Summer, Dosia 8th. Romjke 3rd Xperia, Dosia 5th, ED1K 2nd IEM5 European Finals, Ed1k 13th
2011-11-18 22:01
4 replies
So Dosia being 8th at DH and ed1k being 13th at IEM and M5 never winning anything means they are always on top? Seriously?
2011-11-18 23:14
3 replies
Oh come on... I am not saying they are best CS players and M5 is No1. I am just stating that their names almost every time appear in top list what is a nice fact. Article name is "Top Players", so I can consider them as top players.
2011-11-18 23:40
2 replies
just like f0rest and get_right and Delpan.
2011-11-19 12:29
1 reply
Haha ;)))
2011-11-19 15:22
2011-11-18 20:45
1 reply
For Sure!
2011-11-19 12:29
nice karrigan!!! da best player. mvp of course
2011-11-18 20:45
MVP : GeT_RiGhT or karrigan dreamteam : GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, TaZ, Neo, karrigan :)
2011-11-18 20:45
14 replies
why should neo be in the dreamteam?
2011-11-18 20:47
1 reply
very simple just look at his flag
2011-11-19 10:34
+1 how pathetic. admit, that neo played rly bad.
2011-11-18 20:49
Neo ? hahahaa
2011-11-18 20:52
-Neo +face
2011-11-18 21:21
2 replies
wrong post :oooo
2011-11-18 23:15
1 reply
2011-11-19 03:27
taz neo? please get ur head out off your a** :)
2011-11-18 22:18
5 replies
Taz did one of his best tournaments tbh
2011-11-18 22:22
2 replies
best tournaments? u mean that month right? crushing every single semi-pro team is standard for AGAiN
2011-11-18 23:23
1 reply
Im refering to taz as an individual player , not as part of AGAiN. He was amazing , unluckly Neo and CO dindt play so well
2011-11-19 00:12
TaZ very good play !!!, yes neo bad event ...
2011-11-18 23:07
1 reply
what i mean is: when AGAiN needed their best players, they just didnt delivered! not only taz, the whole team. bad bad tournament for them, not even the 3rd place they could secure..
2011-11-18 23:24
-Neo +markeloff
2011-11-19 11:24
KARRiGAN best in ESWC, MVP TaZ easrlier MVP, now fifth. Good.
2011-11-18 20:48
MVP: karrigan DT: gtr, roman, karrigan, taz, face neo doenst deserve to be in DT. he played his worst event so far
2011-11-18 20:48
43% neo? stupid fanboys
2011-11-18 20:49
3 replies
dreamteam means: 5 players whom u want to see in a team... MVP karrigan DT: jigetus, karrigan, get_right, nuggi & roman
2011-11-18 23:08
2 replies
Allstar lineup means the best 5 from the tournament for a lineup. Neo has 40% and he is nowhere near the allstar lineup of the tournament. So Chaez was on the spot; stupid fanbois
2011-11-18 23:20
1 reply
oh sry, my mistake :) all one write dreamteam and i don't read the full article, just the matter &#728;&#728;
2011-11-18 23:28
good job get_right and karringan
2011-11-18 20:49
First time it's really hard for me to choose an MVP but I voted for GeT_RiGhT. IMO he deserved it more than karrigan. I also picked him with markeloff, f0rest, karrigan and taz in my dreamteam. I think it's a good choice. By the way, last tournament showed how much fanboys f0rest has, this shows how much NEO has. Guys, you are soo blind or just stupid.
2011-11-18 20:50
I'm so glad that this list of players have a russians too.
2011-11-18 20:50
#30 stfu it's not ur problem IN INTERNET U CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT !! REMEMBER and ye gtr deserve more for MVP because win tournament
2011-11-18 20:51
MVP: karrigan All-Star lineup: karrigan, TaZ, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, face
2011-11-18 20:51
35% markeloff and 40% neo? lol
2011-11-18 20:51
karrigan,markeloff,jigetus <3
2011-11-18 20:52
MVP:gtr DT:forest,gtr,karrigan,delpan,markeloff
2011-11-18 20:53
MVP :karrigan All-stars lineup:GeT_RiGhT, f0rest,markeloff karrigan,Neo.
2011-11-18 20:54
MVP:f0rest DT:f0rest,gtr,delpan,neo,taz
2011-11-18 20:55
nice MVP GTR!!!!
2011-11-18 20:55
karrigan outstanding.
2011-11-18 20:56
congratulations karrigan !
2011-11-18 21:03
2011-11-18 21:07
definitely not f0rest, GTR or karrigan
2011-11-18 21:07
seems to me like MVP should be GTR. 1st place finish. best fragger. most consistent player. hardest to kill. best k/d. best pistoleer. 2nd most frags (kinda silly stat, since its more based on games played) best rated player vs the #2 place team best rated player vs the #3 place team im not even sure why karrigan has the #1 top player hltv statistic. GTR raped every1 this tourney and has the 1st place to prove he did it vs better competition.
2011-11-18 21:07
2 replies
+1 karrigan played more maps than gtr that's why
2011-11-18 21:10
so true, there is no doubt gtr is the mvp of ESWC.
2011-11-18 21:12
GTR is MVP by far...people get fooled by stats, ofc that karrigan will have most kills, he played more maps than GTR ffs
2011-11-18 21:10
MVP GTr without a doubt
2011-11-18 21:10
GTR was easily the MVP there
2011-11-18 21:12
hands down Karrigan is by the far the MVP of ESWC'11 :)
2011-11-18 21:14
Karrigan as a MVP, and best lineup SK (-RobbaN, +Karrigan) is my choice =)
2011-11-18 21:15
2 replies
ye remove the IGL smart move...
2011-11-18 22:12
1 reply
HAHAHHA; I knew that someone will wrote this. I didn't said that SK need to replace Delpan, I just said that I picked this team coz Zeus and RobbaN were not been at the list of players to choose =)
2011-11-18 23:38
markeloff GTR f0rest TaZ karrigan - dream team
2011-11-18 21:16
Fucking joke, GeT_RiGhT should be the first one as always. Karrigan is bullshit, without an awp he can't do shit. Worthless Player.
2011-11-18 21:16
3 replies
smoke a joint and it will make your day much better ;)
2011-11-18 21:27
1 reply
I just did and it did!
2011-11-18 21:42
2011-11-18 22:18
Karrigan, by little, the MVP Really close GTR then Roman, and the others
2011-11-18 21:18
Gtr was the best, im sure karrigan would agree.
2011-11-18 21:18
Imo the dream team should be: Gob b, Karrigan, f0rest, GTR and TaZ
2011-11-18 21:19
2 replies
markeloff > f0rest
2011-11-18 21:20
1 reply
Well imo f0rest is a player for any dreamteam. I chose those 5 because: Gob b: a fantastic caller who can also frag and clutch Karrigan: The awper, he also does well with rifles f0rest/GTR: the vertebrae of executing any strat, they are both amazing in both fragging and clutching, they are a plus for any team. TaZ: insane aimer who also used to be a caller, with him Gob b would get not only a mad fragger but someone with irreplaceable skills in communication stratwise.
2011-11-18 21:33
MVP : GeT_RiGhT Allstar Line-Up : GeT_RiGhT f0rest markeloff karrigan taz
2011-11-18 21:20
1 reply
I couldn't agree more. This is exactly my vote too... =D
2011-11-19 17:28
markeloff Edward starix karrigan TaZ
2011-11-18 21:21
Anyone can give me the download link of the ESWC 2k11 movie? thanks.
2011-11-18 21:21
markeloff starix f0rest taz karrigan
2011-11-18 21:21
2011-11-18 21:21
2 replies
Germany grimmtz
not... markeloff/karrigan/taz
2011-11-18 21:22
1 reply
haha, right
2011-11-18 21:23
Germany grimmtz
markeloff Edward TaZ Zeus Get_right
2011-11-18 21:23
gj karrigan!
2011-11-18 21:23
Spain chuggo
markeloff starix GTR karrigan ZEUS!
2011-11-18 21:23
Get Right impressive.
2011-11-18 21:24
Finland PAA 4L.
DREAMTEAM: markeloff (100% in Dreamteam) starix (as best World aimer) karrigan (as good perform at ESWC) Zeus (as best IGL) Get_RiGhT (as good perform, like karri)
2011-11-18 21:25
jR | 
Ukraine zergggg
markeloff as always MASTER OF CONSISTENCE. GJ!
2011-11-18 21:25
4 replies
Delpan > markeloff -CLOSE-
2011-11-18 21:33
3 replies
markeloff > delpan watch stats, poor fanboy.
2011-11-18 21:49
2 replies
i say the same shit, watch some stats plz.
2011-11-18 21:53
1 reply
Delpan isn't near markeloff.
2011-11-19 11:26
karrigan ofc , amazing performace
2011-11-18 21:27
The best IGL of event is Zeus for sure. He was amazing as strat caller, anti-strat caller and as player. Zeus - IGL. markeloff - fragger/aimer/monster of AWP. Edward - fragger/aimer/pistol king. GeT_RighT - fragger/aimer (ECO KILLER xD) karrigan - i don't know how, but he was good according by the stats.
2011-11-18 21:28
neo 40% markeloff 36% <mother of god>
2011-11-18 21:28
1 reply
haha :D
2011-11-18 21:44
kRRiGAN is mvp ofc
2011-11-18 21:31
2011-11-18 21:32
In my opinion MVP = karrigan All-star LU: f0rest GeT_RiGhT face roman karrigan
2011-11-18 21:38
4 replies
No caller? :D And GTR was the MVP easily
2011-11-18 21:42
3 replies
2011-11-18 22:20
2 replies
Solid reply there :D As weak as kick
2011-11-18 22:45
1 reply
I think that in All-star LU it does not mind if you choose IGL or not
2011-11-19 11:29
neo 40% ;o fanboys detected
2011-11-18 21:39
Lol , do u remember? 2 mounth ago , aslak was the 1st in top15 and not in the list..... MVP of ESWC 2011? markeloff All-Star lineup of ESWC 2011? Get_RiGhT -A- TaZ Dosia markeloff f0rest
2011-11-18 21:44
1 reply
+1 markeloff was amazin'
2011-11-18 21:49
guys do you even know what MVP means? Most Valuable Player, not best player imo GT was the best player of the tournament but karrigan was definitely the most valuable player as he pmuch carried mouz
2011-11-18 21:44
21 replies
MVP = the best player of a specific event. You got that wrong. gtr was: best fragger. most consistent player. hardest to kill. best k/d. best pistoleer. of course he is the MVP, no doubt. karrigan had more frags because he played more maps. Worth to mention is also that SK played versus harder teams than mouz
2011-11-18 21:55
20 replies
no sir, YOU got that wrong. svampjuice is absolutely right. mvp has nothing to do with being the best player. you can be mvp if you manage to pull your low team into the top4 f.e.
2011-11-19 01:08
19 replies
lol dont make a fool out of yourself, MVP and best player are almost one and the same. The fact that you admit gtr was the best player, in essence shows that he was the most valuable player in the tournament. Also placing has a great deal to do with that vote, since GTR got 1st, and outperformed karrigan head to head makes him the most valuable player of the TOURNAMENT. while karrigan was the MVP for mouz. Simple as that.
2011-11-19 06:29
4 replies
that's wrong and that's why messi always is the mvp-.- he has a damn strong team which supports him like gtr has with f0rest, face etc. on the other side there is karrigan (my personal diego forlan ;)). forlan was the guy who made athletico madrid a good team. without him this team sucks. he had just one star player to support him (agüero), while the rest was just average. karrigan has roman who did not play his a-game at eswc so it was just karrigan who showed an amazing performance. without karrigan mousesports would not have placed third - and that is what makes him so valuable. you could replace gtr with roman, karrigan, neo (with his eswc performance) or some other good player and sk would still have won this tournament. replace karrigan and mouz would have lost much earlier. some stupid comparisons but you know what i mean^^ my top5 btw: gtr, forest, face, karrigan, taz mvp: karrigan
2011-11-19 08:28
3 replies
dont bother... some people are intellectually not in the shape to understand a sh*t. just a waste of time.
2011-11-19 10:00
1 reply
You have some nerve to call someone intellectually lacking. Just because you have a clear misunderstanding of the term MVP, doesn't mean the person whom has taken the time to point out your ignorance and stupidity is intellectually lacking. It just means your wrong, and you need to accept your mistake. I forgive you however, no reason to hold a grudge against an illiterate padawan such as yourself.
2011-11-19 18:57
I can just as easily say without GTR SK wouldnt have placed 1st. I can also make the argument that GTR's teammates are all incredible players whom put up lots of frags and great stats, and even still GTR managed to have the best fpr in the tournament. Secondly just because roman didnt have incredible games every single match does not mean he played bad. In fact, in every single match that mouz won he had great stats.
2011-11-19 18:51
Here is the definition of MVP: "In sports, a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is an honor typically bestowed upon the best performing player or players on a specific team, in an entire league, or for a particular contest or series of contests" - Which clearly says the best player of the tournament, not the most valuable player for a team. According to your logic, putting f0rest with 4 noobs in every tournament would grant him permanent access to the MVP trophy, since he by far would be the most valuable player for his team.
2011-11-19 11:54
13 replies
yeah wiki definition.. ever thought of why its called "MVP" and not just "best player" get it now?
2011-11-19 11:59
1 reply
If you have your own, personal, definition of MVP then we have nothing to debate. And apparently you are unable to see the obvious flaws in your argumentation
2011-11-19 12:21
no. f0rest would just become the mvp if he manages to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd with his noob team. ofc he would be the mvp of his team but without an outstanding final result he would never become the tournament's mvp... "the best performing player or players on a specific team" -> specific team: 3rd place mousesports and the best performing player in this team was karrigan. without his performance mouz would have probably not placed 3rd and accoring to the rating karrigan was the best player in this tournament ;)) #216 !!!
2011-11-19 12:04
10 replies
Ok back to the facts now. Gtr was the best performing player: best fragger. most consistent player. hardest to kill. best k/d. best pistoleer. On top of that his team placed first. Karrigan's rating was boosted by him playing more maps than gtr. But this is not what we are debating here. It's whether the MVP should go to the best performing player of an event or not. According to LeJaedong the MVP has nothing to do with the best player and apparently you agree
2011-11-19 12:31
9 replies
Do you know why Derrick Rose became the MVP of the last NBA Season? When he placed seond or third with the Bulls every expert said it was his (Rose) merit that Chicago was that good. He was the player who made Chicago a top team bla bla... In the end Chicago placed first in the Eastern Division but they called him MVP before(!) that... So why should we make a difference in esports? According to your opinion the MVP will be always be a gold medal winner...
2011-11-19 18:27
1 reply
No, according to me the MVP is "the best performing player of an event"
2011-11-19 22:01
karrigan got the most kills, because he played more maps than gtr, but his rating did not get boosted by playing more maps. it is even more difficult to keep up a good rating while playing more maps. according to the stats karrigan would be mvp for me easily, just because of the fact that he played 27 % about the team's average, but after the watching all mouz games, I have to admit that karrigan was not that essential as the stats suggest.
2011-11-19 20:49
6 replies
"karrigan got the most kills, because he played more maps than gtr, but his rating did not get boosted by playing more maps. it is even more difficult to keep up a good rating while playing more maps." Its much more difficult to play and get a higher ratio against NAVI at the final then playing against AGAIN (with Neo playing bad, and i cant understand why poles say otherwise) for the 3rd or 4th place. GTR played better vrsus better teams.
2011-11-19 22:46
5 replies
whatevaaa :D karrigan will be the mvp ;D 50% now haha
2011-11-19 22:59
1 reply
I believe i failed hard trying to change peoples mind... ehheheheheh... peace!
2011-11-19 23:18
the statement, that the rating gets boosted by playing more maps, is simply wrong from a statistical point of view. it will be smoothed to an more average value. sure you can argue about if it is more or less diffcult to play against navi or again, to play with Delpan and f0rest or roman and gob b to your left and right, you can argue about different playstyles, different roles on the teams, different positions on the maps, motivation or the physical and mental condition of the player and a whole bunch of other factors. I am not saying that GTR did not deserve to be named MVP, I even pointed out that karrigans stats are drawing a better picture of his performance than I personally think. Imo it is a very close desicion here, because they are head to head statswise, so it is personal preference (which player you like more, or which factors/stats are more important to you) at the end.
2011-11-20 01:21
2 replies
About both performances can we say its a tie or u think karrigan played better?I didnt get that. Good point you got there :D
2011-11-21 02:21
1 reply
Imo their performances were fairly equal statswise, but I decided to give my vote to karrigan, because he was overall better in the categories which are more important to me + I like to see new faces on top of the stats. But as I said, both voting decisions would be reasonable.
2011-11-21 15:22
H2K.f0rest haha
2011-11-18 21:45
Yes i know , in my opinion must be Gtr MVP but he was MVP in ESWC 2011 France so is difficult to be 2 times MVP of 2 major tournaments and...if i'm not wrong...Gtr was MVP of New York tournament too :)...
2011-11-18 21:47
STUPID FANBOYS vote! markeloff and starix should be in DT 100%!
2011-11-18 21:48
f0rest win
2011-11-18 21:49
markeloff Edward TaZ karrigan gtr
2011-11-18 22:02
Dosia and ED1K ftw
2011-11-18 22:02
fett najs finn :)
2011-11-18 22:07
GeT_RiGhT f0rest karrigan Nuggi mSx in the dream-team. I voted karrigan for MVP since he was so amazingly good through out the tournament. Clearly competes with Delpan, markeloff, Friis and FalleN about having world's best AWP.
2011-11-18 22:10
Maybe pasha should be mentioned also for one of the best awps..
2011-11-18 22:11
if you change the nickname "GeT_RiGhT" For "NEO" karringan have no chance to be the mvp
2011-11-18 22:12
ez w1,
2011-11-18 22:15
neo's fanboys -> wake up to reality, he doesn't play well but he propably will be in DT hahaha :D you made my day dudes
2011-11-18 22:17
sick sick sick karrigan!
2011-11-18 22:16
karrigan taz f0rest face gtr
2011-11-18 22:17
yeah i know that karrigan would be top player of this tournament,THE MOUZ IS BACK) sad that Fox not in top awpers(
2011-11-18 22:21
Nice Karrigan
2011-11-18 22:24
people here are so dumb how can dosia only have 17%? ...
2011-11-18 22:25
2 replies
2011-11-18 22:28
How can Neo have 40%? That's WAY more stupid than Dosia getting 17
2011-11-18 23:23
I can't believe that face isn't in MVP vote ... He deserve it ,and look this , they voting for NEO in top5 , he played bad ... And face 23 % , one of the best players in tournament .. This is not fair ... F**KING FANBOYS VOTING ! My top 5 : face get_right f0rest karrigan taz MVP : I didn't vote, but think that Johan 'face' Klasson deserve it ;]
2011-11-18 22:27
2011-11-18 22:36
Neo 40 % Roman and face 22% / 23 % I can't believe , that's sad ! Roman and face played better 10 times then neo , but here fanboys voting , so this is stupid :(
2011-11-18 22:38
India h8or
2011-11-18 22:59
3 replies
Trollpan sucks.
2011-11-18 23:22
Russia goodjob
Delpan > karrigan 4 sure
2011-11-19 00:29
1 reply
yep, Karrigan is surely good player, but I don't like his awp style, I don't know why. I'd rather to see Delpan with his awp than him.
2011-11-19 10:18
2011-11-18 23:00
Neo 40 % Roman and face 22% / 23 % I can't believe , that's sad ! Roman and face played better 10 times then neo , but here fanboys voting , so this is stupid :(
2011-11-18 23:02
1 reply
2011-11-18 23:21
my line up: KARRiGAN - the best awp GeT_RiGhT - fragger/aimer TAZ - fragger/aimer jigetus - fragger/aimer Zeus - IGL/best clutcher
2011-11-18 23:15
2011-11-18 23:19
Russia goodjob
MVP: GeT_RiGhT, cuz he is a WINNER ALL-STAR: GeT_RiGhT,f0rest,roman,karrigan,TaZ
2011-11-18 23:36
Brazil hugoooo should stop with this "MVP and All-Star lineup vote" It just show how dumb people here are, and wich players have more fanboys (at least this time the one that deserves the MVP is winning, karrigan)
2011-11-18 23:36
3 replies
2011-11-19 01:23
it was always like that STFU
2011-11-19 11:53
lol how the fuck you define the best player of this tournament?by your logic i consider you a fanboy because uve voted for karrigan and ive voted for gtr and im saying he deserved it a cat is taking a melon out of a lake,your argument is invalid
2011-11-20 04:18
once again MVP is decided by stats. We could get 100 danish players and make them get the best stats in the team, just by giving them the positions where you don't die for the team ingame. With that being said, Nuggi played so freaking good this tournament, and i'm pretty sure karrigan did too. What people forget, is players like gob b and berry who made it possible for them, to get that many frags :).
2011-11-19 00:04
3 replies
too much politics involved if they start ranking players any other way least arguments with stats
2011-11-19 01:41
India h8or
+1. But thats why CS is a team game. :)
2011-11-19 06:18
indeed but to be sucessful they need to KILL and doing that constantly like gtr does ..very few people can
2011-11-20 04:17
amazing performance by karrigan, and get_right is just dominating
2011-11-19 00:12
wahaha neo! with this polls is once again showing what a low class clueless community it is. plz just shut this embarrasing votes down! 95% on here is pure 14years old fanboy wars.
2011-11-19 01:12
2 replies
2011-11-19 02:26
dont worry,a other part of the vote will be from expert oppinions so no prboelmeeezz
2011-11-20 04:16
Filip 'Neo' Kubski (40%) Really? -.-'
2011-11-19 01:25
MVP - karrigan and easy imo DreamTeam - karrigan, gtr, Dosia, TaZ, f0rest Dosia has been playing so great lately,playing by himself has usual
2011-11-19 02:02
GeT_RiGhT, Dosia, Karrigan, face and Roman
2011-11-19 02:23
mouz had arguably the easiest group stage, followed by a win vs lions in the bracket. i don't think karrigan is the mvp of the tournament.
2011-11-19 04:09
face was awesome :DDDDD
2011-11-19 04:17
MVP : GeT_RiGhT Lineup : dnOrest, GeT_RiGhT, markeloff, TaZ, karrigan
2011-11-19 07:01
MVP: GeT_RiGhT Allstar: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, karrigan, mSx, markeloff
2011-11-19 07:49
msx was awesome
2011-11-19 08:22
M5 best!
2011-11-19 08:24
karrigan no doubt
2011-11-19 09:17
MVP: GeT_RiGhT All-Star lineup: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, face, Delpan, Dosia
2011-11-19 09:20
1 reply
<3 SK Gaming now i understand your post:D
2011-11-19 19:53
no face no ace face is the best mvp: gtr all star: gtr, f0rest, face, zues, karrigan
2011-11-19 09:33
GG TAZ ! you are amazing
2011-11-19 09:43
2011-11-19 10:20
MARKELOFF! this time not. Get_Right is the best player at the moment. Maybe Karrigan was a bit better, but the winning team always gets the best player, which is normal in my opinion.
2011-11-19 11:12
mSx :)
2011-11-19 11:16
GTR f0rest karrigan dosia taz
2011-11-19 11:25
MVP karrigan DT: karrigan Taz f0rest gtr ed1k
2011-11-19 11:48
gj karri :)
2011-11-19 12:55
Philippines kretsim
f0rest neo get_right taz karrigan
2011-11-19 12:56
MVP:karrigan Dreamteam: f0rest GeT_RiGhT markeloff karrigan TaZ
2011-11-19 13:04
1 reply
2011-11-19 15:03
MVP:karrigan starix GeT_RiGhT niko TaZ ed1k
2011-11-19 13:13
karrigan yahhoooo
2011-11-19 13:21
meh... i saw whole ESWC2011 but now i don't know who to choose cause it was so long ago
2011-11-19 13:32
nice forest wow rating :D
2011-11-19 14:54
People voting for karrigan as MVP have not a fucking clue how this game works. I cant believe why people just hate GTR for no reason and cant accept that hes been by far the best player. Gtr was the best player because he played fucking impressive versus top teams and got FIRST PLACE, he was cleary the reason why SK gaming won their first ESWC. He was the best at clutch situations. imagine SK without that 1vs4 against NAVI at the final??? karrigan carried Mouz.. yes... but he didnt make his team FIRST. I can cleary say that GTR beeing best clutcher is much more impressive then the fewest more kills that karrigan have playing agaisnt lower teams. Btw he played more rounds and maps, that i believe, explain his most kills but not, the best fragger of the tournm.
2011-11-19 15:55
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That makes sense. Oh wait, no.
2011-11-19 16:07
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I would love to know what doenst make sense in my post.
2011-11-19 21:59
rlx Se fosse o nick do neo era todo mundo falando que ele foi o mvp! :D Yep this is why he deserves mvp, GTR is simply awesome against everyteam
2011-11-19 20:06
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Vlw Brow (Thx m8)!
2011-11-19 22:12
+1,dunno why ppl gtr either,maybe because hes confident and hes not a emotionless robot with pre automatic answers to the interviews and during the games,he was the reason why fnatic won so much..look at fnatic now,bunch of spastic guys who dont give a shit if they lose a round or they win it
2011-11-20 04:15
over and over again.... k/d = mvp? i thought that mvp=most valuable player,but for most people here it probably means player with best k/d.gtr was awesome,no doubt about that but forest was insane,face played like god,delpan war rly good too and robban aswell.but karrigan was the main reason,why mous was 3rd.he was the best awper and best frager.he was good in pistol rounds,he was good in entry kills,he was the most dominant player. so for me MVP:karrigan allstar lineup:karrigan,gtr,forest,face and taz
2011-11-19 17:52
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Theres not the k/d ratio that makes GTR MVP imo. Cant u guys see that cause of GTR SK won ESWC? Is there anything more valuable then making his team win a tournment? Karrigan was unbelievable awesome but he didnt lead Mouz 1st, he made then 3rd. PS: f0rest played great, face and delpan, sadly, not that good.
2011-11-19 22:11
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gtr was awesome no doubt...but 10. face 9. delpan(2nd best awper) 3. forest 2. gtr sk have 4 of 5 players in top10 and they would win without gtrs awesome performance aswell.i mean...karrigan just made differences this tourney.mouse were 3rd but it isnt reason that gtr should be MVP for me.but its only my opinion:)
2011-11-19 22:38
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Roman and gob b did awesome too, but m8, for real, saying that they would have won without GTR awesome performance, i dont think that way. Of course i respect ur oppinion, beeing different doesnt mean ur wrong but we have an impass here,hehe, peace out!
2011-11-19 23:04
without face playing good vs mouz @ d2 probably sk would have lost that map : /
2011-11-20 04:13
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Im not saying face played bad, im just comparing him to f0rest. I agree he was really important in that match :D
2011-11-21 01:54
nice karrigan lol taz again top 1 rifles wtf
2011-11-19 17:51
gtr is by far the best player in the world atm. consistency is what separates the great from the good. clutch performances is what separates thee legendary from the great. gtr succeeds on all these levels. only negative thing I can say is i believe he's at his peak. let's see how long it lasts.
2011-11-20 04:52
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Since 2009 and counting. Is it fair start comparing him to f0rest and Neo now? 3 years in a row... really... its fucking impressive.
2011-11-21 02:58
karrigan dA best
2011-11-21 12:57
Marik go:)
2011-11-23 18:19
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