ceh9: "It's not like CS 1.6"

We managed to get a hold of Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko before the show match between Natus Vincere and fnatic for a few words on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

When approached by HLTV.org, Trynozhenko and his teammates were playing against each other in the upcoming Counter-Strike sequel Global Offensive. They have granted access to play the game before the beta as they will cross swords with fnatic in a show match at DreamHack Winter in the new game later today.

With this in mind, we questioned Trynozhenko a bit about how the game feels now that they have gotten their hands on it. He explained they had been playing it for an hour, quickly drawing similarities to Counter-Strike: Source and that "they do not like it."

Seeing as it is only a show match, the two teams' level of seriousness should be taken with a grain of salt. But as we all know, Trynozhenko is a very competitive player, so we asked him if they were just in it for fun, or if they really wanted to win.

"We would like to win this match, but I don't know how to make it, because the game is like Battlefield or Call of Duty; it's not Counter-Strike 1.6, so everyone in the world can actually stand a chance against fnatic."

But can it become the next, new game? Trynozhenko did not shrug too much, stating it will depend on prize money, future tournaments and how the product will turn out after concluding its test periods. However, he thinks – or hopes – it will see changes over time.

"In the future, half a year from now, they will work more on it and it will start to resemble Counter-Strike 1.6 more, in physics and so on."

The current physics in Global Offensive does not seem to impress Trynozhenko. "It is not like that of Counter-Strike 1.6," he said.

Concludingly, he said that he expects the clash against fnatic to be a lot of fun. Who will walk out victorious, though? "Natus Vincere," Trynozhenko said with a smiling grin on his face. The show match is scheduled for 20:30 , and will be streamed by rakaka and fragbite.

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2011-11-24 19:42
NOT, if they don't fix this game it will go like CS - Source, still less players that CS 1.6 store.steampowered.com/stats/ Because that game is total mistake. And CS:GO will be too if they don't make it be good as 1.6 is.
2011-11-25 00:42
its CS:GO .
2011-11-24 19:42
Ukraine kalitajke
2011-11-24 19:54
he said "it's not CS"
2011-11-24 20:22
2011-11-24 19:43
knew it!
2011-11-24 19:43
obviously its not like 1.6 :O
2011-11-24 19:43
Why is that so obviously? They are trying to make it feel like 1.6.
2011-11-24 19:46
2011-11-24 19:50
expectations - 1.6 reality - cOd
2011-11-24 19:51
2011-11-24 19:59
expectations - cod reality - cod wish - 1.6
2011-11-24 21:17
United Kingdom sl1ps
No. They're not.
2011-11-24 19:53
+1 I don't understand why everyone doesn't realize this. Valve has the code for 1.6, so it'd be easy for them to create a new version of 1.6, or something that feels exactly like 1.6 but with those molotov nades, etc. It is clear from everything shown about the game that this is not what they want to do. They want to make a NEW game, and that means it will not be like 1.6. It will be further away from 1.6 than CSS is. Anyone looking for 1.6 gameplay should play 1.6--end of story.
2011-11-24 20:07
Just because Valve has the ability to make everything in CS:GO exactly like it is in 1.6 doesn't mean they will, or that they should. They're changing things around and bringing in new content because they are a COMPANY, and they survive by making games that people want to buy. Believe it or not, the majority of the consumer market is not made up of hardcore gamers who grew up playing 1.6 with trackball mice and CRT monitors. That being said, I believe this game has the potential to be a major esports title, if the players and leagues are willing to learn and deal with the inevitable speed bumps along the way. If everyone says molotovs and decoy nades or any number of the weapons aren't fair for competitive play, then leagues will ban them. It will not feel like 1.6 because it's on a different engine and is being built with entirely different goals in mind than what the creators of 1.6 had at the time. That's something people need to get over. Like you said, people who don't like it should stick to their respective games -- but they should at least give it a fair chance and bear in mind that Valve is listening to us now. Also, stop this "Valve ignored 1.6" bullshit. It's petty and it gets us nowhere.
2011-11-24 20:56
see post 96 of mine, i agree with pretty much everything you say
2011-11-24 21:03
if you use source engine you cant make different game than a css is. we need new engine and new cs for that.
2011-11-24 21:22
So a new updated source engine isnt enough ?
2011-11-24 21:33
United Kingdom sl1ps
Because L4D, Portal2, HL2, CSS, TF2 are all exactly the same games... obviously.
2011-11-24 22:49
I bet, that its just a commercial, to get more people and money from it
2011-11-24 20:00
why is that so obvious?
2011-11-24 20:01
Brazil hugoooo
lol they are not
2011-11-24 23:33
Expectations - Shit Reality - Shit Wish - Cs 1.6 just graphic changes
2011-11-24 22:17
Europe chespiZ
2011-11-24 19:44
cs 1.6 forever :)
2011-11-24 19:45
at least I am agree in one thing with this guy...
2011-11-24 19:45
totaly agree. People like cs 1.6, not this cheat that they calls cs global offensive
2011-11-24 19:46
you mean shit?
2011-11-24 19:56
2011-11-24 20:08
agree with esenin : p
2011-11-24 19:46
Europe chespiZ
ceh9 say: tetris is much better than this sh1t
2011-11-24 19:46
4SURE it is not
2011-11-24 19:47
cs 1.6 only.
2011-11-24 19:47
It's not like CS 1.6. Like we didn´t knew that :D
2011-11-24 19:48
2011-11-24 23:59
Agree !
2011-11-24 19:50
2011-11-24 19:50
1.6 4ever!
2011-11-24 19:53
I'm sure removing Defuse Kit from the game is a good effort on making it feel like 1.6
2011-11-24 19:53
wait! what? they've removed defuse kits?
2011-11-25 11:41
ofcourse GO is not like 1.6 and this doesen't mean is worse
2011-11-24 19:55
Captain Obvious has spoken!
2011-11-24 19:54
2011-11-24 19:55
2011-11-24 19:55
Its like CoD or BF. So true ^^
2011-11-24 19:56
CS:GO = shit -.-
2011-11-24 19:56
I started playing COD MW 3 recently online.... Guess wat.... ITS COOL!!!! lets all give CS:GO a chance, no use complaining before the release itslf
2011-11-24 19:57
lol i dont care about cod or battlefield or whatever! cod might be a good game in its own way, but we want a CS game like CS 1.6, not like cod and not like battlefield.
2011-11-24 20:06
When you say "we" you speak for about 60 to 70 thousand people. We don't need a new 1.6, we need a new game that will bring in a new audience. Why would Valve make a new Counter-Strike that caters to such a small demographic and alienates everyone else from playing? Get over it. If you want to keep playing 1.6 then keep playing 1.6. There isn't any future for this game. Old players like dsn and teams like mTw quit yet new players don't pick up the game.
2011-11-24 20:59
are u kidding me? i like cs 1.6 but i know it wont last forever and i totally support those who want to make a new cs game!! now, why would any1 make a cs game that is an exact fucking replica of cod or battlefield? those games already have their own players, nobody will switch from cod or battlefield to CS:GO! what we, CS Community (both 1.6 and source) is a game that combines the best from both cs's! not some game that looks like cod! i've played cod, its a good game but imo it doesnt even hold a candle to CS! so, right now, cspromod>cs:go! period
2011-11-24 21:31
totally agree!
2011-11-24 23:02
I hear that its like CoD or Battlefield all the time yet nobody seems to actually bring up valid points. Even ceh9 fails in this regard. What makes it an exact replica of Battlefield or CoD? Are there perks? Are we aiming down the sights when we hit right click for every gun? Is Valve charging us for monthly map packs? Is Valve making a CS:GO 2 that will come out a year after CS:GO? Is Valve ignoring the community about the development of the game? Is it being developed primarily as a console game? Its quite the fucking contrary actually, isn't it? Valve is TELLING us they want to keep a dialogue going and they want us to help them make it better. Instead the ignorant bunch would rather give them the finger and tell them to fuck off unless they make the game like 1.6 which is the most retarded request you could make in a situation like this. I'm beginning to think that a lot of people have never played CoD or Battlefield and they are calling CS:GO the same because their experience is nothing more than looking at pictures and videos. You may as well start writing for FOX News if that's the length at which you chose to do your research.
2011-11-24 23:38
2011-11-25 07:13
+1 But man graphics developing so they can't still making games like 1.6
2011-11-24 22:14
call of battlefied : global offensive
2011-11-24 19:57
India h8or
made me lol
2011-11-24 20:18
2011-11-24 20:47
2011-11-24 20:53
2011-11-24 22:18
2011-11-24 23:02
Malta WATSKy
i think this game will be like the source. in the beginning everybody will bought it and play it, pas 5 or 6 months nobody will more play it...
2011-11-24 19:58
So you are saying no one plays source?
2011-11-24 21:34
plsss don't play this game again after match vs fnatic
2011-11-24 19:59
It never meant to be like 1.6.
2011-11-24 20:00
"Ghosting" comments below my message will result in IP bans lasting throughout DreamHack Winter. That shit is not what this is about.
2011-11-24 20:03
oh i was wondering where those were lol nice job erasing those :)
2011-11-24 20:02
Question : is using word "ghosting" prohibited in this thread or is applicable to all?
2011-11-24 20:11
If you use it to imply to a recent case, it's prohibited.
2011-11-24 20:27
so when i post something about ghosting above ur message i wont get ip ban ?
2011-11-24 21:45
You can try!
2011-11-24 21:45
+1 they are tr011$!
2011-11-24 22:15
h4te tr011$
2011-11-24 22:16
2011-11-25 07:53
obvious man is obvious!
2011-11-24 20:01
You should say: "Thanks, cap!".
2011-11-24 20:04
hahahaha, I'll try next time.
2011-11-24 20:07
ceh9 so smart!
2011-11-24 20:03
oh rly?
2011-11-24 20:03
That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2. Chet Falizsek. and you're still thinking cs:go can replace 1.6 or not.
2011-11-24 20:06
They speak seriously I like Them :D
2011-11-24 20:06
mr. obvious
2011-11-24 20:07
As you know many people here is hating him not because of his behavior, but also of his so called "in-game skill"... Huh, so it will be funny if ceh9 will be mvp (gho.. :D) of this match and others will not be able frag. He should quit 1.6 and start over a new carrier :D.
2011-11-24 20:10
CS 1.6 forever!
2011-11-24 20:11
that leaves more than clear, because it has a game so bad: D
2011-11-24 20:13
Yeah I said the same thing when I saw the game for the first time, it looks like the call of duty series. (Which is TERRIBLE btw) Hate that way of playing its for trashy public people.
2011-11-24 20:14
there was a showcase match with #1/#2 css teams last week at a lan, they like the 1.6 teams at IEM NY said it was crap and it was nothing like counterstrike (source or 1.6 for that matter) if anyone is interested: fr.twitch.tv/multiplay/b/300500716
2011-11-24 20:25
I'm glad we've got that figured out now. Thank you, ceh9.
2011-11-24 20:25
For real. . .
2011-11-24 20:38
If you want a game that plays like 1.6, then play 1.6. CSGO will share the name, nothing more. Do not evaluate it based on how close it is in feel to 1.6. Instead, evaluate it on its own merits.... What is the learning curve? Is there only so much to learn before further experience is close to meaningless? One reason 1.6 is better than Source is the learning curve is much greater, which means it takes more intelligence, practice, and sometimes natural skill to become great at it. What will the learning curve of CSGO be? Is it competitive? There are two parts to a game being competitive, the skill required to win and the prizes for tournaments. Most likely the latter will be large right away, like it was for CSS. The latter is part of why 1.6 is faultering. If the former is good for CSGO, even if it's not like 1.6 in game play, it can be a very good competitive game. And as 1.6 players/fans, isn't that what we should want? Now, it's possible CSGO will have no merits, that it will be a failure in every regard. But, if you determine how good a game it is based solely on how close of a recreation of 1.6 it is, you will have no chance of liking it, and you might as well stop paying attention to it now because Valve isn't in the business of re-making games; they're in the business of making new games. They seem to be putting a lot of effort into making this a good game competitively; that is why they invited 1.6 pro players to give feedback (to make it more competitive, NOT to make it more like 1.6), so don't you think it's worth at least giving it a chance? To conclude this rambling rant, no one likes playing CS just because it is CS. One likes playing it because it is fun and competitive. So, do not evaluate CSGO by how much like CS it is. Evaluate it by how fun and competitive it is. Or just keep playing 1.6 :D
2011-11-24 20:26
I think CS:GO will replace CS:Source And Source will die ! Problem Source? trololo :D
2011-11-25 11:45
ofc it doesnt feel like 1.6, they're not trying to make some god damn copy of 1.6
2011-11-24 20:29
they wanted to kill 1.6 but: cz failed source failed global offensive failing (?)
2011-11-24 20:31
Nobody wants to kill 1.6. Its so funny how paranoid the 1.6 community is and how they think everyone is out for their heads. Valve explicitly said they aren't trying to make a new 1.6 and they've said that they know even after CS:GO releases a lot of people wont switch and that its fine. The 1.6 community is so retarded that they think everyone is out to get them even when people are trying to help them, case in point: CS Pro Mod. A group of modders try to replicate and give us our beloved 1.6 in the Source engine and they do a fantastic job but this volatile and ignorant community does nothing but push them away and immaturely call it failmod instead of having the foresight to see that 1.6 is falling apart and we need a new place to go.
2011-11-24 21:04
2011-11-24 21:40
so everyone in the cs 1.6 community is retarded based on some hltv.org comments?
2011-11-24 23:10
the majority most likely is and i'm sure that what he means. At least the majority of the community who actually posts and gives their opinion on websites
2011-11-25 04:01
the game is like Battlefield or Call of Duty. The only thing I needed to hear before I officially start hating on this game.
2011-11-24 20:33
TRUE STORY!!!!!!!! CS:GO IS FUCKING SHIT promod last chance
2011-11-24 20:34
hahaha the 1.6 losers will love it!
2011-11-24 20:34
haha like source in 2005
2011-11-24 20:36
2011-11-24 20:38
CS:GO not looking good so far, lots of pros saying its a weird game. 1.6 4 FUCKING LIVE!
2011-11-24 20:47
I remember being like you in 2007-2008 when CS was still interesting here in the states. Only a few later did I realize this notion was downright retarded. Because you're a Euro its obvious why you have this mentality but take it from us Americans. When more and more people quit this game and more pros stop playing and more pro teams break up and there are only about 1 or 2 events a year and the results of the events and leagues are pretty much predetermined because the skill gap is so big between 1st and 2nd then you will realize that this game is terribly boring and that we desperately need something new. CS:GO wont ever by 1.6 and right now it looks like a pretty meh shooter. The important thing to note about CS:GO is that Valve wants to make it better and they are looking at us to help them do it. The 1.6 community(this includes the likes of ceh9 and any other pro) needs to stop being so angsty towards a new game that can still be made better and they need to start making helpful suggestions instead of putting Valve on blast. Nobody is going to listen to the guy who wants CS:GO to play like 1.6 but they will listen to the guy who is trying to help them make a better competitive FPS.
2011-11-24 21:12
US flag with terrible english. TROLL LOT? Because of global intrest and wide sponsor-intrest 1.6 remains among the biggest games so far. Too bad "you" americans (quotations because you clearly are not american) don't succeed in 1.6 does not devaluate the game. The US scene sucks in every major game there is. So why would you base your statement there? Just go home kiddo and cry for a new PC or console from your parents cause you suck with the current one.
2011-11-24 21:26
I can't figure out what is more retarded. The irony that you're calling me a troll or the irony that you insult my English when you can't even spell "interest" correctly. As for the American scene and the state of Counter-Strike, you're clearly oblivious. The North American scene died because of the CGS, not because we couldn't keep up. Almost any team worth a damn(3D/coL/JMC/ect.) jumped at the chance to participate in the CGS because at the time it promissed to revolutionize competitive gaming and provide players and teams with steady salaries. If it happened in Europe, you could bet your ass SK/Fnatic/mousesports/Again would jump at the chance too and it would be complete role reversal. The Euro teams would be the ones a year behind the rest of the world and some would keep playing while others would quit because the task of playing catch up while the rest of the world is getting better is hard if not impossible to overcome. A team like coL went from placing 1st or 2nd at world events to not even getting out of the group stage. At the end of the documentary "e-@thletes" Jason Lake even goes so far as to say that if the CGS fails then Counter-Strike in North America will die. American pro teams made the switch to CS:Source in about 2007 and stopped playing 1.6 After the CGS went under, a few came back to 1.6 but they were a year behind other teams and the others that never returned knew that it would be a lot of work to play catch up after not playing 1.6 for a year or so. A guy like fr0d went from being one of the best AWPers in the world to an OK player, even by todays standards he hasn't quite caught up. Ksharp and Volcano, who were legendary players even before the CGS straight up stuck to Source. Rambo pretty much quit and started shoutcasting more and doing more coverage of CS and less playing. method seemed to lose the drive to play and he's been playing in ESEA-Main with a few teams but he mostly just roster rides and shows up as a ringer. moto went into the business side of competitive gaming. The CGS didn't claim just American players too. Players from the Canadian Evil Geniuses made the switch to Source when the CGS came around and they never returned to 1.6 after it either. Don't forget Korean players like tK who participated in the CGS and quit after the CGS went under because, despite being one of the best players to ever touch this game, even he must've realized that a year worth of catching up is quite the burden. Its easy to look at the CGS as this volatile situation that killed competitive Counter-Strike in North American but the blessing in disguise is that it gave us a look at what Counter-Strike would be like in the future. This is the case with any competitive game. All competitive games are on a ticking time bomb. Some last longer while others need a successor. History repeats itself. Starcraft is alive around the world because of Starcraft 2. Street Fighter is alive because of Street Fighter 4. Marvel Vs Capcom is alive because of Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Quake is dead because Quake 4 was awful. Counter-Strike 1.6 will be dead if we don't help make CS:GO into a better game.
2011-11-24 23:08
Excuse my poor english Perhaps competitive CS1.6 will die in europe, one day... But not now. Not till pro european players keep playing 1.6 and dont do the HUGE mistake switching to source... like american did. So... lets talk about CS:GO futur improvments. First of all, valve, plz, just stop dropping useless stuff everywhere in the maps!!! car, shitty barrels, rocks... The most important thing in doing a competitiv game is to make simple things, with not too much artifices! We dont care about realisism
2011-11-25 12:02
just saw 16 minutes video Markeloff playing cs:go. he rofled!
2011-11-24 20:50
yeah, they were loling all the time, as if CS:GO was some kinda joke of a game... not looking good so far.
2011-11-24 20:52
omg ceh9 is genius
2011-11-24 20:55
cs:go = shit source = shit 1.6 = the only good competitive CS ever released Looks like it will stay like that for a while. Maybe promod can come quicker...
2011-11-24 20:55
Hilariously bad written news. You guys really need MIRAA, eventho he's done pretty bad at goal.com so far but I mean, camoon guys.
2011-11-24 21:06
2011-11-24 21:10
Just because it would take you the 30 years to be good at cs doesn't mean there's no room for other games. So far SC, dota, SC2, LoL, HoN and dota2 are all bigger games than cs so why not deal with that? I understand the nostalgia, I still play the original UT with my friends :) Quake is by far the greatest fps-game ever and it got burried with dignity
2011-11-24 21:19
People are ready to switch to a SUPERIOR game. No on in their right mind will leave a perfect good game like 1.6, for a broken game like sAuce for example... makes no sense. And CS:GO is looking like shit ATM. If they release a superior game, we may switch. If they release HORRID BROKEN versions of CS (like sAuce for example), we won't switch because it makes no sense. Got it?
2011-11-24 21:29
There already are several superior games. The issue is how long does the highend 1.6 scene is gonna go on and ow much support does it get. Sponsors and money make the game. 1.6 is nowhere near as good a game as quake was, it's just popular. Got it?
2011-11-24 21:59
Wrong. The REAL competitive side of Quake was 1 on 1. CS is a team game, they don't even fall in the same category. Name a single team FPS game better and larger than 1.6? There isn't any. Got it?
2011-11-24 22:04
They don't fall in the same category cause quake was before online gaming. What comes to FPS-games, I prefer the old '99 UT, but both in popularity and level of quality Battlefield, Halo and Call of duty are all _by far_ better games. There are several. Got it?
2011-11-24 22:15
still, they are fps games, but not the same category of cs
2011-11-24 23:22
wait are you calling Battlefield, Halo and CoD better competitive FPS games than 1.6? Sorry, but those are not facts, those are just opinions, your opinions, and you are clearly dumb. As I said, 1.6 remains the best competitive TEAM FPS game arround. You fail, and you are lost. Got it?
2011-11-24 23:41
How do I fail when all those games are better, have bigger audience and more money around them?
2011-11-25 13:16
LMAO! First off all, lets make it clear that we are talking about TEAM FPS games. All right, Battefield, CoD, etc, do fall in that category, so yes, we can compare them to 1.6. All right, now you are saying those games are bigger and have more money arround them? First of all, steam stats is EVIDENCE you are wrong. store.steampowered.com/stats/ It shows that 1.6 is bigger, has a larger community of players, and that doesn't even count non-steam players. Second of all, 1.6 has WCG 2011 (~$30K ???), e-stars 2011 ($55K), ESWC 2011 ($~30K), several IEM 2011 events with (~$50K), GameGune 2011 ($ ???), DreamHack MSI BEAT IT (~$33K) and much more. Tell me me the numbers of such games as BattleField or CoD, and unless you can shwow evidence of them being higher than 1.6, you JUST GOT OWNED IN THE ASS! The you have it my friend, you just took a big one in the ass :) Tried to be a smart ass and ended up being humiliated. Have a nice day loser!
2011-11-25 13:37
LMAO, you just killed him. Well done :)
2011-11-25 13:39
How did he kill me :D He's wrong
2011-11-25 13:45
well, he has evidence supporting his argument, and you have nothing. Looks like he nailed you if you ask me. And I also believe he is right.
2011-11-25 13:49
He is right, you are just having a hard time to accept the fact he owned you :}
2011-11-25 13:53
he is right you are just trolling right now
2011-11-25 14:24
He is 100% right. You are just retarded
2011-11-25 14:28
nice! 1.6 the best!
2011-11-25 13:42
Haha mauro going apeshit :D Relax dude Steam proves nothing when the _better_ games are mostly on console. Halo, Battlefield and CoD all have way bigger audience and sponsor support. When talking about oppinions, my oppinion is that CS is the best. It has by far the best engine and physics but it's just an oppinion. Gimme sum stats on BF, Halo or CoD with consoles included
2011-11-25 13:43
I don't have to give you any shit stats, you were the one telling Halo, Battlefield, etc had more money and was larger. So YOU need to show evidence for that. Can't do it? Then you lose, because you are bullshiting. In your ass my friend, in your ass :)
2011-11-25 13:48
"Steam proves nothing when the _better_ games are mostly on console." Stop reading there. You are obviously clueless. And btw, Mauro2 raped you, just saying...
2011-11-25 13:51
on console........ TROLL confirmed!
2011-11-25 14:27
He is just a retard. Mauro himiliated him, he must be so MAD I can`t even imagine.
2011-11-25 14:29
true! hahaha well done mauro
2011-11-25 14:37
ckN | 
Estonia ckN
after quake1 there was a lot of similar games which were not worse than origenal quake - q2, q3, ut and so on
2011-11-24 21:30
2011-11-24 22:00
ckN | 
Estonia ckN
2011-11-25 10:53
q2 or UT are nowhere near q1. Q1 was a brilliant game with mapdesign out of this world. But Q3 was a pretty good comeback. And Quake live now following. I love UT, CTFi, but Quake was/is by far better than UT
2011-11-25 13:14
seriously why make a game based on one of the worst engine that ever made. SOURCE engine. they will never get the hitbox work or any other thing like movement. why they just dont giveup about source engine and get new engine and im talking about any other engine than source engine can be better.
2011-11-24 21:27
Worst engine ever made? You must be dumb.
2011-11-24 21:48
why? plz guys, tell us something else than "dumb" "stfu" and all those kind of words making you feel more confortable with yourself without thinking.
2011-11-25 14:31
Most stupid shit I've read for a while
2011-11-24 23:07
why? explain to us? I dont like source engine too...
2011-11-25 14:28
Source engine games Half-Life 2 · Half-Life 2: Deathmatch · Half-Life Deathmatch: Source · Half-Life: Source · Half-Life 2: Lost Coast · Half-Life 2: Episode One · Half-Life 2: Episode Two · Half-Life 2: Episode Three Other Alien Swarm · Counter-Strike: Global Offensive · Counter-Strike: Source · Day of Defeat: Source · Dota 2 · Left 4 Dead · Left 4 Dead 2 · Portal · Portal 2 · Team Fortress 2 Other Bloody Good Time · E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy · The Crossing · Dark Messiah of Might and Magic · Dear Esther · Garry's Mod · Hybrid · Kuma Reality Games (Kuma\War 2, others) · Nuclear Dawn · Postal III · SiN Episodes · Sting: The Secret Operations · Tactical Intervention · The Ship · Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines · Vindictus · VR Worlds 2 · Zeno Clash Nothing else needs to be said
2011-11-25 14:31
yeah sure. Quantity is not a proof of quality right? How many of those source engine games are used in big tournaments (FPS games only)? ho... wait...
2011-11-25 14:44
Why fps games only ? Source engine is not for fps games only, are you fucking dumb ? Dota 2 is being used in tournaments (It had a 1 million grand prize for the winner on it's revealing tournament) and it's still in a friggin closed beta. Also, gamerankings.com/browse.html?site=pc&cat.. See how source engine games occupy the top3? Crappy engine my ass
2011-11-25 14:49
Why FPS GAME? WHY FPS GAME? WTF dude! I said FPS game only cause we are talking about making a good FPS game to replace CS1.6! And you are on HLTV.ORG! Read the fuc...g title of this website! Got it?
2011-11-25 15:06
No, I don't. The guy above said Source engine is shit, you said you don't like it, and I proved that it's good. "cause we are talking about making a good FPS game to replace CS1.6" No, 'we' are not. We are talking about the source engine. Now you're just talking nonsense. Have a nice day
2011-11-25 15:12
no problem forgot it :) so, source engine is shit for competitive TEAM FPS games.
2011-11-25 15:31
1.6 4everrrr LIKEEEEEEE! no CS;GO EpicFAIL
2011-11-24 21:30
ceh9 is just some gay cheater anyway. Get a player who's not a cheating asshole.
2011-11-24 21:31
Does anyone even like CeH999999 ??
2011-11-24 21:32
I do
2011-11-25 21:11
2011-11-24 21:35
CS:GO NO,THANKS this is fail(
2011-11-24 21:35
I like how all says go is shit and it sucks and doesnt feel like 1.6... Unless they have been in one of the show matches how would they know ??? xD
2011-11-24 21:36
bad CS:GO FUUUUUU new versoin CallofDuty
2011-11-24 21:43
1.6 will be dead in 5 years, face it and embrace change.
2011-11-24 21:43
Germany M1n1M3
lol i play cs since 2001 every year people telling me the same like you but here we are...with cs
2011-11-24 21:47
it's not gonna last forever and you know that
2011-11-24 21:48
5? More like 2
2011-11-25 16:53
i said in 5 years :)
2011-11-25 17:04
"We would like to win this match, but I don't know how to make it, because the game is like Battlefield or Call of Duty; it's not Counter-Strike 1.6, so everyone in the world can actually stand a chance against fnatic." 2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZAQhEw5Vmvc/ThwRiYf3B..
2011-11-24 21:45
Germany M1n1M3
new games are made, that even low skilled people can play and win, because they want that many people buy the game sad but true
2011-11-24 21:50
fuck cs go
2011-11-24 21:58
One thought: If they want to take all this community to a game that requires better pc gear to call bigger sponsorship etc why dont they do everything with the help of old pro gamers on the background without releases. Then they could release it and make us all go "omggg its like 1.6 and its beautifullllll". Surprise element to something PERFECT will make us change in a heart beat. Otherwise Ill just play 1.6 no matter how many showmatches they do. And yes, I like cArn, but after testing CS:GO his opinion that it can be the future of CS is just as important as Justin Bieber's thoughts. P.S: Reply +1 if you dream of going "cocktail molotoffing" in a valve office.
2011-11-24 22:14
CS just on PC any other game, try PlayStation 3 :D:D
2011-11-24 22:14
+1 for ceh9
2011-11-24 22:52
Obviously. ceh9 wins. trash > ................ > CS:GO.
2011-11-24 23:16
Its impossible to make another counter-strike that has the same feeling as 1.6, it simply cannot be done, the closest to 1.6 is promod and still it looks more like a new CZ and a little of CSS.
2011-11-24 23:20
Brazil hugoooo
HLTV.org should stop to cover this garbage stay with 1.6 only, let CS:GO for console related websites
2011-11-24 23:35
2011-11-24 23:42
If the re-released CS 1.6 with no change and called it 1.7 strictly to make the community larger; I and many others would buy it.
2011-11-25 00:18
ceh9: "It's not like CS 1.6" Captain Obvious.
2011-11-25 00:28
"We would like to win this match, but I don't know how to make it, because the game is like Battlefield or Call of Duty; it's not Counter-Strike 1.6, so everyone in the world can actually stand a chance against fnatic." YEEAAAH RIGHT..... stupid
2011-11-25 00:29
1.6 > GO.. That'll suck so much..
2011-11-25 00:32
promod actually got a better chanse than cs:go. 1.6> promod> source> go.
2011-11-25 00:38
2011-11-25 01:54
2011-11-25 03:57
any link to the vod?
2011-11-25 04:11
Who won?
2011-11-25 04:45
the only way CS:GO could end being a decent game is if WE, the CS community make efforts on helping Valve get its head out of its arse by suggesting changes in the beta stage. btw, Valve is rushing the exposure on that game because they want us to improve it. theres not another explanation on why they are attending the big 1.6 events and giving beta keys away.
2011-11-25 05:17
only CS1.6 - and no more
2011-11-25 05:36
i dont see why everyone is mad, we all know in business its money before anything else, and kids will buy the stupidest shit like cod, so why not make more money and piss a few fans off, than please a fans while making less money..
2011-11-25 06:57
CS GO shit ...
2011-11-25 08:02
FACEBOOK : Patrik "cArn" Sättermon Beat NaVi 16-11 on dust2 in CS:GO. Now the fun is over, back to the real CS tomorrow where group C awaits with strong teams.
2011-11-25 08:25
Who cares about your comments like cs go is shit or nobody will play it...? Who cares about what pro players are thinking about GO? No body. It's simply money. If velve and sponsors put serious money on it and on tournaments automaticly leaving 1.6 everybody will play it...
2011-11-25 10:04
In reality, I mean not in your head, it doesn't work like that. If people don't play your game, you cannot get money. Once your have a big community, it's easier for tournaments to get sponsors... see? this is not valve dependent.
2011-11-25 14:35
"who cares about what pro players are thinking of GO" dumb question, pretty much everyone who posted in this thread cares about what he had to say. if you don't care, stop wasting our time by posting in these threads
2011-11-25 21:02
Its not like CS1.6 because it's not CS1.6 , Its CS:GO :| Ceha Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
2011-11-25 14:04
VOD? pls
2011-11-25 16:42
it sucks nthn will take cs1.6 place i dont think cs1.6 players will play it | so Na`Vi go play it :P
2011-11-25 21:09
Ceh9 is such a cool guy. I like him
2011-11-25 21:12
LooooooooL # 249 AHAHAHAHAHAH
2011-11-25 21:29
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