CS:GO map list revealed

December 4th, 2011 22:09

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive closed beta went live on November 30 and it seems that some avid fans has discovered the map list for the game.

The information started flowing around on the official Steam forums as the key holders analyzed in-game functionalities and game files, having found what seems to be the complete map list for the game itself. The list, located in the game's "maplist.txt" file lists 16 maps.

Valve's Chet Faliszek had already stated earlier this year that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would feature 16 maps on three different platforms (PC, PS3 and XBOX 360) – eight classic maps and eight Gun Game maps. The Arsenal mode has two different approaches, demolition and arms race .

The maps listed in the file can be divided into two sections:

Classic maps


Arsenal mode maps


The "ar" maps stand for "arms race", traditionally known as gungame, while the "de" maps are a fusion between normal demoliton mode with the setup of a gungame match.

There will also be a bonus training map named "training1" which should be part of the "Training Course" tab in the game's menu. According with the information displayed in the console this local play mode will be a time trial practise course, similiar to the one featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Relatively to other possible maps, there was also some speculation around a few console logs that pointed out some unknown map names such as:


A campaign mode was also the target of speculation as a file named "missioncycle.txt" was found containing only 4 words inside: "airport, farm, hospital, smalltown" which could be a sign of things to come.

Stay tuned to HLTV.org as we will bring more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive news about the game's evolution.

coldzera | 
Brazil akak1 
great :D
2011-12-04 22:10
2011-12-04 22:10
Estonia TehkarN 
wtfs arsenal
2011-12-04 22:10
football team
2011-12-04 22:56
Estonia TehkarN 
i really laughed at ur joke.
2011-12-04 23:26
Finland Baas 
2011-12-05 08:01
Estonia TehkarN 
srsly guys you laughed? im surrounded by retards..
2011-12-08 00:00
or maybe your sense of humor is non-existing
2011-12-08 04:04
Estonia TehkarN 
nope, when i was posting it, i already noticed its also the football team, i was sure there will be a "extremly funny football joke post" and i didn't find it funny at all.
2011-12-08 10:10
2011-12-05 18:46
:D:D:D::D:D:D +1
2011-12-05 22:47
tons of guns i assume
2011-12-05 00:44
"The "ar" maps stand for "arms race", traditionally known as gungame, while the "de" maps are a fusion between normal demoliton mode with the setup of a gungame match." read
2011-12-05 01:16
gungame like the mod in 1.6 ?
2011-12-04 22:10
2011-12-05 04:00
okay :(
2011-12-04 22:11
2011-12-04 22:12
I hope that de_mill will be very similar with (tuscan / cpl_mill)
2011-12-04 22:13
gg_vietnam = ar_shoots i think
2011-12-04 22:13
Vietnam xauSo 
nice gg_vietnam =)
2011-12-04 22:14
Vietnam BBu 
2011-12-04 22:22
lol some console logs pointed at them? wtf does that mean?
2011-12-05 11:17
Gungame_vietnam ..
2011-12-05 13:29
+ 1
2011-12-05 00:28
Europe eler 
cool story CoD
2011-12-04 22:16
Europe jUN^ 
wE'll see :)
2011-12-04 22:17
Chile Ganb^ 
2011-12-04 22:18
I wonder when HLTV.org will stop covering this game...
2011-12-04 22:18
+ :D
2011-12-04 22:19
- D:
2011-12-04 22:23
Romania tr$ 
They wont.
2011-12-04 22:32
Why would they?
2011-12-04 23:35
For the same reason that they don't cover CZ and CSS maybe?
2011-12-05 00:10
What do you know about GO really? It's a game with a lot of potential
2011-12-05 00:17
Basically I didn't like any aspect of the game... even the graphics aren't good for a 2011 game. The sounds are terrible, the skins, the models, the maps are covered with a lot of objects, boxes, retarded things (pretty much like CSS), maybe it's a good game for PS3/X360 (like CoD series), but for PC it will be a huge fail... if you're talking about 5v5 professional tournaments
2011-12-05 00:29
What exactly do you imagine new CS should look like? Blocky low-poly maps and player models, primitive sound and so on? Guess that won't be a fail.
2011-12-05 06:10
United States criimson 
Agreed 100%
2011-12-05 09:33
It should look like a game made for e-sports, for professional 5v5 matches... not a game for 12 yo kids that play 10h per day on their PS3/X360 The 1.6 graphics are obviously shit, but the sounds are almost flawless, I can't find a fps with better sounds (the weapons sounds, the nades explosion sounds, it's very good imo, just compare it to CSS as an example)
2011-12-05 13:01
CS:GO made for e-sports? Therefore they're saying this requirement doesn't exist when asked them. Also, they're saying CS:GO isn't a game of skill? + They're updating CS:S, which means they're not trying to make CS:GO 1st place. It's more like CZ(both of them in old engines), and we know there'll be a CS2, so we can see CS2 in 1 year. and i think hltv.org will cover CS:GO until its release.
2011-12-05 15:01
"It should look like a game made for e-sports, for professional 5v5 matches... not a game for 12 yo kids that play 10h per day on their PS3/X360" Yeah, whatever. "The 1.6 graphics are obviously shit, but the sounds are almost flawless, I can't find a fps with better sounds (the weapons sounds, the nades explosion sounds, it's very good imo, just compare it to CSS as an example)" It serves it's purpose, but it isn't good. Not for a modern game anyway.
2011-12-05 18:11
While you're talking about a game made for esports, just wanted to remind you that CS1.6 isn't the perfect example and there are several games that are suited better for esports, and with you playing CS1.6 you make no point. What do maps "covered with lots of objects, boxes and retarded things" have to do with professional 5v5 tournaments? Wouldn't that actually force the players to use them and indirectly add more variety to the game with the players getting more options? Won't comment the sounds, but the graphics are good enough. If a game doesn't have ridiculously high resolution textures it doesn't mean that it has bad graphics. You should be happy about that since half of the CS1.6 community won't have to buy new PCs if they plan to switch. Instead of whining like a little kid because you don't like changes, you should be happy that the scene gets a brand new game whose developers actually care and work with the community in order to make it as good as possible.
2011-12-13 23:41
they are going to change the gameplay, THAT'S A FACT with that fact in mind, it's easy to say it's a worse game than 1.6, coz 1.6 gameplay is flawless, perfect... so why I would change to a worst game? because it's new? because it has 10x better graphics? I don't care about graphics, if so I would play a game with REAL good graphics, like BF3 and MW3... for me it's all about: G-A-M-E-P-L-A-Y since the perfect 1.6 gameplay is gone in the new game, this game won't be good for me
2011-12-14 01:31
Define "perfect" gameplay?.... As I expected, you can't, because it's all matter of personal tastes. Competitively, Quake / Tribes are lot closer to perfect than 1.6, and your argument fails. And with that gameplay with no innovations in almost 10 years the game will slowly start to die. This is not football. You won't get almost any new players (since they're not really interested in starting the game casually), sponsors will slowly lose interest and the scene will last as long as the pro players play (although half of them will retire in the next several years I guess). At the end of the day, not lots of people care about these pro players. Remember, CS1.6 isn't the only game with pro players.
2011-12-21 14:05
Perfect gameplay is: well defined pattern of sprays for each weapon, smooth movements and shooting, and the skills needed to shoot that makes CS fun to play, like strafe-shooting, quick-shoots with AWP, etc... that's what make CS unique and fun to play even after 10 or 11 years. The game isn't dying because of the lack of innovations, it's dying because of the newer games, that offer 100x better graphics and more realistic feeling than CS... and the new kids (10~15 years old) only care abouth graphics, no matter how shitty it's gameplay is. That's why sponsors lose interest on the game, because it's old and ugly, why would they want to spend $60.000 in a game like this (that can be played on super low-end computers) when they can spend $60.000 in a 'mainstream', modern game, like Battlefield 3, that actually needs high-end hardware (wich is what makes the thing VERY interesting for them, since most of the sponsors are hardware related, like Intel, Nvidia, etc).
2011-12-21 17:19
United States koth 
graphics arnt good yet u are complaining about how there is objects on the map...
2011-12-05 06:23
" a lot of potential " yes, play alone my friend
2011-12-05 14:56
Some people just cant accept change
2011-12-05 15:09
Who pro - players want to play this shit, tell me.
2011-12-05 15:15
Look, 1.6 is dying. In about 3 years tops it wont be profitable to play. The pro's only hope is to make sure this game is done properly, and the devs are listening. They already patched the beta It's not a shit game, you obviously haven't tried it.
2011-12-05 15:45
i tell u, play alone kid.
2011-12-08 14:17
Funny how it's always people from poor countries whining. Just because your computers can't play games made this century.
2011-12-05 16:11
poor country?, what a ignorant kid. i bet my pc is 10 times better than u PC
2011-12-08 14:16
Probably from drug dealing. Or did you shoot a man because you wanted his computer?
2011-12-08 23:39
man, STFU plz
2011-12-15 15:35
Or what? Are you going to shoot me?
2011-12-15 23:15
not if it's a change for a worse thing
2011-12-05 18:43
lol if they dont change to cs:go, their business will be over man :)
2011-12-05 00:46
2011-12-04 22:19
Those maps were made by the community, not by valve.
2011-12-04 22:43
Well, they could acquire rights to remake these maps for their new game. They should do that for tuscan at least. It was played for years by both 1.6 and CSS communities.
2011-12-05 06:14
gg_vietnam FTW :D
2011-12-04 22:19
Vietnam BBu 
lol :D
2011-12-04 22:23
Haaha BBu u rock man :D are u really from Vietnam?
2011-12-04 23:06
we are vietnameses, man :)
2011-12-05 09:05
2011-12-05 03:39
2011-12-04 22:21
tuscan is from community, not from valve...
2011-12-05 13:25
forge mirage tuscan :O
2011-12-04 22:24
tuscan, mirage and forge ? :S
2011-12-04 22:26
2011-12-05 02:01
no forge pls, fucked up map ever. seriously the worse map ever made in history of counter-strike :S cant believe it
2011-12-04 22:27
Forge is good, its a hell of a lot better than cbble. Just because its new doesnt automatically mean it sucks
2011-12-04 22:32
"New = automatically sucks" when it comes to CS 1.6 fans. They refuse to accept anything new. There's a reason we're still stuck playing the same maps, over and over and over. There are thousands of maps out there, and at least 20 competitive ones
2011-12-05 16:10
the mapmakers will make tuscan, mirage and forge after
2011-12-04 22:27
what! no cbble, piranesi or 747 they must be MaaaAAaaaAAaaaDDdddd.
2011-12-04 22:37
tuscan, piranesi, prodigy, mirage, forge, lite, survivor xD
2011-12-04 22:42
that sucks!
2011-12-04 22:44
add tuscan forge mirage
2011-12-04 22:46
who cares?
2011-12-04 22:50
Needs Tuscan
2011-12-04 22:51
Not sure why everyone is getting angry because valve are making new maps. This is exactly what we needed. All the recent maps have been no-where near the standard of the traditional war maps made by valve. (not counting remakes), but more like the contest maps like Hell, or the random ones in some of ESEA's.
2011-12-04 22:52
um... up to this moment (at least in this post), nobody 'got angry' at valve making new maps GoMeZ :P
2011-12-04 23:06
tuscan, mirage are great maps that are not made by Valve. forge is nice too.
2011-12-04 23:12
2011-12-05 02:10
tuscan remake? lmao
2011-12-05 04:54
2011-12-05 12:16
no its not?
2011-12-05 12:42
de_Tuscan - de_cpl_mill de_mirage - de_cpl_strike de_forge - de_cbble. On CPL maps is LINCENSE --> it's prohibition on this maps. But maps is very favorite in comunity -------> comunity remake this maps
2011-12-05 13:28
De tuscan is almost identic to cpl_mill, except for banana
2011-12-05 13:55
+1 infinite
2011-12-05 09:14
2011-12-04 23:06
gg_vietnam well played
2011-12-04 23:11
you know cs is wrong when its on console..
2011-12-04 23:24
OMG where is cs_assault?!?!?
2011-12-04 23:33
2011-12-05 08:15
great new's like that can kill cs 1.6 scene.... i heate it.. 7 day's just 1 or 2 news from cs 1.6 scene and 3 news from cs : go .... sory but it's true. :P
2011-12-04 23:40
well, 2 weeks ago there must've been 50 news from cs 1.6 and 1-2 from CS:GO, so Im not sure what youre complaining about
2011-12-05 00:11
Q: BETA key holders will have to buy the game when it comes out? Or will they just "own" the game since they got the beta keys?
2011-12-04 23:42
same question
2011-12-04 23:59
Generally speaking beta keys only serve to play the beta, but who knows, since they have not excluded the possibility of turning the game into free to play.
2011-12-05 00:42
By free to play do you mean for the beta key holders or generally? If for the beta key holders then maybe, I doubt it. However if you mean generally then I definitely doubt it =/.
2011-12-05 01:09
Peru dbie 
they said that they will take the same path as the DotA 2 Beta, so probably the beta keys will get really easy to find. at least thats how it seems to be the idea, cuz now playdota.com is randomly giving away 120 dota 2 beta keys every single day.
2011-12-05 02:10
By free to play I mean when the game releases it will be free to download for everyone, but if you want special perks (No idea how they would implement this in CS) you'll have to pay for them, like in TF2 (hats, weapons etc).
2011-12-05 10:01
I believe they would probably sell it for 20-30 dollars at first for a while then implement this system later, and if you bought CS you would have things that f2p players do not. Sort of like tf2 or HoN or other games. Besides, CS was not fit to have the same system like tf2. It never did in the first place and honestly who wants to see their characters with bunny ears or some weird hats lol. Just my opinion, but I'm not sure what is your level of intel at this point nor what Valve are thinking so we'll see I guess.
2011-12-05 10:08
The bunny ears sound cool indeed lol
2011-12-05 15:53
I meant in CS:GO :P
2011-12-05 21:56
Yea, but since most of TF2's hats and things like work on Portal 2, CS:GO wouldn't be an exception :D
2011-12-05 21:58
I feel sorry for Max lol, he was always so cool especially in Poker Night at the Inventory.
2011-12-05 22:50
gg_vietnam ^^
2011-12-05 00:28
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
I played cs:go and after 10 minutes i was like OWWWW YEAAA cs 1.6 WILL NEVER DIE MUHAHAHA
2011-12-05 00:34
Nice one, Mr. FunnyGuy :)
2011-12-05 00:48
he's right. Mr. StrangeGuy
2011-12-05 04:54
Back in the day there were people who played CS and were all like "Oh yeah, Quake will never die". Guess where they are now.
2011-12-05 06:20
but now... Quakelive is similar to quake and this game is growing much so.. i don't think so.
2011-12-06 07:06
you cant compare quake with cs 1.6 once its just with one person where he has to relay on hisaim and the other is a five person mode where you have to relay on teamplay and aiming as well.
2011-12-06 12:25
lol you already said this in the other article you little troll.
2011-12-05 09:47
Maybe it won't die in shitty, corrupt, third world countries. But in modern civilization, it will.
2011-12-05 16:04
It already has in many ways(western Europe and NA).
2011-12-05 19:15
if u didnt like it can I play it?:D
2011-12-06 17:42
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
No. not my steamid.
2011-12-06 18:06
come on let me try it out :( lol
2011-12-06 18:39
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
2011-12-06 20:46
ok son ask me for sleds in summer you wont get'em!
2011-12-07 16:06
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
got snowboard megusta.jpg
2011-12-07 18:29
cbble, prodigy You may want to include some more classic maps.
2011-12-05 00:37
Source came out without train, nuke or inferno. They might as well add some other maps after the game is out.
2011-12-05 06:22
how to do to get a beta key?
2011-12-05 01:47
Russia p0lt 
2011-12-05 02:09
Peru dbie 
just give valve the feedback they need to make it a nice non-easy mode "Counter-strike" game. Cmon key holders, its up to you now. PD: please complain about that radar... CS is not meant to be that easy...
2011-12-05 02:13
Heard that de_train consists of only one bombsite!?
2011-12-05 02:53
FalleN | 
United States Shrikky 
Haahah GG VIETNAM xD fuck i cant wait for CS:GO
2011-12-05 03:30
oh yeah....can't wait this shit game too, to put the CD into the rubbish bin
2011-12-05 05:10
cs go is a massive fail, its not CS and it never will be. Why oh why they could not have tweaked 1.6 with all the match making etc, improve the graphics a little bit. Why change everything. Massive massive fail in my eyes. Bye CS.
2011-12-05 04:33
CS:CZ was basically 1.6 with somewhat improved visuals. It even sold well. And who's playing it nowadays?
2011-12-05 06:26
I dont think CS CZ was 1.6 with improved visuals at all. Alot of the game was changed, thats why nobody is playing it.
2011-12-05 17:19
What is there to think about? The game used pretty much the same code. Nades behaved a little differently, but aside from that CZ was exactly the same as 1.6.
2011-12-05 18:03
Yeah, everything was the same, only the skins were different(uglier).
2011-12-05 23:00
I'll tell you exactly why they couldn't have tweaked 1.6, Because all of the original coders and developers (excluding Jesse Cliffe who just does some sound stuff) don't actually work for Valve anymore. That's why CS1.6 WILL NEVER EVER BE UPDATED.
2011-12-05 11:52
Firstly, itsnot FAIL! Did you read their interviews? Did you understand what they're trying to do? They'renot trying to replace 1.6 or source with new game. "That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2." CS:GO is CZ 2. They're making cs2 and after CS:GO they can announce it.
2011-12-05 15:39
2011-12-05 05:43
yes. Where is tuscan? ;/
2011-12-05 08:18
2011-12-05 09:57
cs_assult :(
2011-12-05 05:58
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
good choices from the classic maps
2011-12-05 06:37
Good stuff! Now let's wait for tuscan/mirage/forge to get added to the pool.
2011-12-05 06:47
a remake of de_prodigy would be awesome! i used to enjoy this map, i'm sure this map could enter the map pool with some little changes.
2011-12-05 09:14
i wonder if the guy who made de_tuscan is gonna remake it
2011-12-05 09:46
Hungary sprayK1NG 
We need Tuscan, mirage, forge, lite, assault, season, and all maps what had used to play, and still! I wanna play this game, but it needs 2B good!
2011-12-05 09:54
2011-12-05 10:54
2011-12-05 13:31
key key key pls !
2011-12-05 14:39
as far i know, valve have stated that the community will be able to design their own maps, if that's right, people shouldn't complain about the maps that valve creates. Just go and create the standard maps we know from 1.6, without all the garbage etc. And we can play again :)
2011-12-05 14:52
tuscan & mirage pls :(
2011-12-05 16:07
no tuscan? lool
2011-12-05 16:13
Poland kRAMERO 
this game suck. after 10 years will be played always the same maps
2011-12-05 16:22
2011-12-05 16:49
2011-12-05 18:16
AS_OILRIG? :55555555555555555
2011-12-05 20:39
de_sugarcane? lmao
2011-12-05 21:47
after watching fnatic vs navi youtube.com/watch?v=qchwk4uE1Wo cs:go = 99% cs:source 1% new weapons new modifications but the game is source it's another game as ceh9 said its like call of dutty or another game it's not cs cs 1.6 is the best game competitive for me !
2011-12-05 21:51
CS:GO = 99% CS:SOURCE ... ;/ CS 1.6 & CS PROMOD 4EVER
2011-12-05 22:41
nope... its closer to 1.6..
2011-12-06 15:48
hopefully... the project PROMOD, not stop... I think this is a very serious project. But i don't know now..
2011-12-06 07:09
CSPromod is not going to 'stop' :)
2011-12-07 00:31
I hope :)))
2011-12-07 19:40
tuscan forge mirage ?
2011-12-06 11:13
2011-12-06 14:31
de_dust is now DUSTIER ©
2011-12-06 17:26
inferno, aztec, dust/dust2 looks well... train is terrible and nuke :D WTF?
2011-12-06 19:48
We hope for mirage,forge & Tuscan/
2011-12-08 12:43
Garbage game, I would never waste my money for such a shit
2011-12-13 23:41
Do new maps to be played in tournaments, it will bring new motivation to play the game and to live more 12 years :D
2011-12-21 14:07
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