WCG 2011: Top players

Two weeks after the World Cyber Games 2011 had finished, we take a closer look at the top individual performers. Most of the big names that attended the tournament justified the expectations, while several new or often overlooked players also made a name for themselves. Read on to see how it all turned out and vote for the MVP and the All-Star lineup at the end of the article.

The last major Counter-Strike tournament of the year took place during the World Cyber Games in Busan, South Korea. The attendance list was lacking a lot of the world's best, as it featured only SK Gaming, ESC Gaming and Moscow Five out of the teams who had some international success throughout 2011, while on the other hand many less known teams had a chance to show what they know.

Although the tournament wasn't very competitive, since the expected three teams came out on top without facing much trouble, we still saw many good matches. In the end, ESC Gaming took the gold medals in the name of Poland for the third time in the history of the competition. The Poles also got hold of the $25,000 cheque in front of SK Gaming, while Moscow Five fought off the representative of Kazakhstan, NEXT, for the bronze.

With 125 players from 24 different countries, this was the tournament with the most nationalities represented in 2011. 64 maps were played during the four days in Korea and many different players stood out in them, including a few new names. Even though it was a difficult task to discard some of the players, in the end 19 were chosen as the most impressive and important for their teams.

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Best rated players

18) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Johan 'face' Klasson Sweden SK Gaming
0.73 0.58 1.09

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.66 vs Ukraine DTS (Quarter-final, inferno)

Johan "face" Klasson has a specific role in the SK Gaming squad, one that makes him less noticeable than his mad-fragging teammates. That perhaps resulted in him never being picked for the All-Star lineup this year despite six nominations so far, but it never affected his performance.

Although SK failed to reach first place this time, Klasson has been, just like in every other successful campaign of theirs in 2011, an important figure throughout the tournament, even though once again as their 4th best rated.

With the exception of the TyLoo encounter in the first round of playoffs, he had his moments in every other match, recording a very solid 1.10 rating in the last three stages of the tournament. His biggest influence came in the semi-final against Moscow Five, where he was top rated of the clash with a 49:33 score overall (1.26 rating).

17) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski Poland ESC Gaming
0.71 0.58 1.09

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.80 vs France eSahara (Quarter-final, dust2)

After two medal-less campaigns at ESWC and DreamHack Winter under the name AGAiN, the Golden Five found a home in ESC Gaming and returned to winning ways in what seems to be their favorite tournament, taking their third gold at WCG.

The team's in-game leader, Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski wasn't the most instrumental part of their machinery, but his stable play contributed significantly.  In 8 of 11 maps he was rated above 1.00, while the one that made him stand out above the rest was his performance in the quarter-final against Electronic Sahara.

As ESC defeated the Frenchmen 16-9 on de_dust2 and 16-4 on de_nuke, Gurczynski was with no doubt the man-of-the-match, recording a 44:21 score (1.61 rating), as well as a highlight round in the first map.

16) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski Poland ESC Gaming
0.75 0.59 1.13

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.93 vs Portugal Defining Stars (1/8 final, dust2)

In each of the Poles' previous title-winning campaigns, Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski was their 2nd best rated player and was even nominated for MVP of e-Stars and SEC. This time he was the team's 3rd best rated with a somewhat inconsistent performance, but he stepped up when it mattered most, in the final.

In the earlier stage of the tournament, Jarząbkowski had an excellent performance in the first round of playoffs when they met the Portuguese representative Defining Stars. He impressed during the first map 16-4 win on de_dust2, having a 23:7 score (1.93 rating), later ending up second best rated of the clash overall. A couple of mediocre performances in the quarter and semi-final followed, but then in the most important match he was back.

In both map-wins for ESC in the final clash against SK Gaming, Jarząbkowski played excellent, particularly in the decider 16-14 win on de_tuscan. In that last map he was the best of all players with a 27:18 score (1.29 rating, 31% above team average), and he ended up best rated overall in the grand final (62:48 score, 1.14 rating).

Finally, even though he didn't use the AWP too often, he was one of the best at the event with it. His 55 AWP kills and 0.20 awpKPR were 5th best at the event, while 15 of those kills came in the first map of the grand final.

15) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson Sweden SK Gaming
0.74 0.61 1.14

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.87 vs Ukraine DTS (Quarter-final, dust2)

SK Gaming's main AWPer Marcus "Delpan" Larsson was naturally a big factor on their way to 2nd place. Although he was generally inconsistent, he was the team's most dominant player and primary entry fragger.

His only stand-out match was in the quarter-final when SK annihilated DTS, with him as the best rated of the short clash (38:15 score, 1.71 rating). He also recorded two highlight rounds against the Ukrainians, one on de_dust2 and one on de_inferno.

His AWP was excellent per usual, having the event's highest 96 total kills and the 2nd best awpKPR of 0.32. Additionally, he was great in entry fragging, collecting 42 first kills (2nd most) and was one of the most dominant players in regard to rounds with 3 or more kills, having 18 of them.

14) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Romania Paul-Constantin 'Wicked' Dordea Romania IGG
0.79 0.70 1.15

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.82 vs Georgia FRAGGED BY (Group stage, dust2)

Romanian representatives IGG were one of the surprises of the tournament due to reaching the quarter-final, although they did do it through the easiest part of the bracket. Their best player throughout the campaign was Paul-Constantin "Wicked" Dordea, in what was his and the rest of the team's first major tournament in their careers.

Dordea started off with an excellent performance against Georgian team FRAGGED BY despite losing the match 13-17, as he had a 36:19 score (1.82 rating). After that he led IGG to a somewhat fortunate first place of the group after a 21-9 win over N38-26F from Belarus (30:18 score, 1.51 rating). Those two man-of-the-match performances made him the best rated of all players in the group stage with a 1.67 rating.

He was also the man-of-the-match during their first obstacle in the playoffs, against FiRENATION, as team's best in both map wins (66:60 score overall in 3 maps, 1.10 rating). Although after that he underperformed in their loss to NEXT, he ended up with a rating 18% higher than team's average throughout the tournament, making him the player who carried his team 2nd most. Additionally, he was one of the best riflers of the event with 0.70 rifle-kills on average.

13) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden SK Gaming
0.76 0.57 1.16

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.82 vs Ukraine DTS (Quarter-final, dust2)

The more experienced member of SK's mad-fragging super-pair, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, had another noteworthy display, making it his 8th appearance among an event's top players this year.

Lindberg was not the team's primary striking force on their road to 2nd place, but his quality displays against every opponent were more than helpful (overall had 3rd most total kills, 231). He had a rating above 1.00 in 9 of 12 maps, or more importantly in every best-of-three match overall, including the final. He was even top rated in the second map of that ESC clash (20:10 score, 1.50 rating), when SK evened the result with a 16-5 win on de_train.

Otherwise, he was per usual great in pistol-rounds, having the most kills in them among all players (24:14 score) and the 4th best rating.

12) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo Brazil mandic
0.76 0.58 1.17

0 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.49 vs Azerbaijan FiRENATION (Group stage, inferno)

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo finally attended another major tournament this year after the IEM5 World Championship back in March. At that previous occasion, when his team also only reached the quarter-final same as now at WCG, he had an impressive performance as the 3rd best rated of the event.

As expected, he was again the Brazilian team's best performer with a rating 14% above their average. Although he didn't particularly excel in any match, and while their only notable opponent was Moscow Five in the quarter-final, Toledo did well during every clash with a rating above 1.00 in 5 of 6 maps. Additionally, in the close loss to the Russian team, he recorded an excellent round-winning highlight with a famas.

The most notable aspect of his performance was of course AWPing as he averaged over 10 kills per map, ending up with an impressive 0.42 awpKPR (best at the event) and 3rd most total AWP kills (72). He also did well in entry killing, as the 5th best at the event, adding to his title of best entry killer of IEM5 World Championship earlier in the year.

11) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Alexander 'xek' Zobkov Russia Moscow Five
0.77 0.55 1.20

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.98 vs Kazakhstan NEXT (3rd place decider, train)

Russian representatives Moscow Five finally brought back some medals to their country from WCG, as their teams have been returning empty handed since 2002 when M19 won the event. There were a couple of 4th place campaigns in 2005 and 2009, but this time, unlike their predecessors, Moscow Five managed to win the 3rd place decider and take home the bronze.

They achieved that thanks to great play from all of their members, with four of them having ratings above 1.20. First on the list is Alexander "xek" Zobkov who was rarely leading the charge, but he always put up a solid performance. He did end up top rated in the 16-1 trashing of NEXT on de_train in the 3rd place decider (19:2 score, 1.98 rating), and after that he also had a highlight round in the second map.

Additionally, he was the 2nd hardest to kill of all players at the event, or even first if we only look at the top four teams, with 0.55 deaths per round.

10) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow Ukraine DTS
0.79 0.62 1.20

0 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.50 vs Russia Virtus.pro (1/8 final, dust2)

DTS came into the event as Ukrainian champions to defend the trophy that Natus Vincere won last year for this Eastern European country. With high expectations in mind and a great start, especially in the first round of the playoffs where they completely overran Virtus.pro, they found themselves facing a horrible defeat to SK Gaming in the quarter-final.

Despite the sour taste at the end of the campaign, three of their players left a good overall impression thanks to the early matches. The player who is usually  considered their best, Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, is the first member of that trio, thanks to very good consistent play, with a rating above team's average in 5 out of 6 maps. Additionally, he was voted man-of-the-match by the fans in the Virtus.pro clash and later had a highlight round against SK Gaming.

9) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
France Engin 'MAJ3R' Kupeli France Electronic Sahara
0.83 0.68 1.20

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.09 vs Indonesia Executioners (1/8 final, inferno)

Electronic Sahara decided to attend the tournament with the lineup that won the qualifier before their recent changes in personnel. Moreover, they had to find a stand-in for their star player Christophe "SIXER" Xia, who was unable to attend. Despite all that, they still managed to reach the quarter-final where they were stopped by the eventual champions ESC Gaming.

Their best player in this adventure was the only standard team member among the players that traveled to Korea, Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli. He was actually the player who carried his team the most at this tournament, as his 1.20 rating was 19% above his team's average. Also, he was not only his team's best fragger, but shared-3rd best among all players with a 0.83 KPR.

He started with a good performance in the important group stage 16-14 win over TyLoo (26:17 score, 1.31 rating), but it was in the first round of the playoffs that he left his biggest mark. Their opponents were Executioners from Indonesia and Kupeli displayed probably the best individual performance of the tournament, being top rated in both maps, ending up with a 55:27 overall score (1.73 rating).

Furthermore, he was one of the best entry killers (3rd) and pistol-round players (5th) of the event.

8) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov Russia Moscow Five
0.79 0.56 1.21

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.69 vs Peru Blood (Group stage, inferno)

The next member of Moscow Five's impressive quartet is Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov, who made his name in the 2009 edition of WCG when he led his previous team to a then surprising fourth place.

Although he was only the team's 3rd best rated on this occasion, he was their most consistent performer with ratings above 1.00 in 9 of 10 maps. Stolyarov was voted man-of-the-match by the viewers in their first two playoff clashes, against project_kr (46:27 score, 1.42 rating) and then in a tough quarter-final win over mandic (41:33 score, 1.11 rating). He also put up a solid fight in the semi-final loss to SK Gaming, including an almost-1vs5 pistol-round highlight.

7) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Ukraine Taras 'craft1k' Voitenko Ukraine DTS
0.89 0.72 1.21

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.84 vs Russia Virtus.pro (1/8 final, inferno)

Another DTS member that had a good overall display despite their quarter-final exit is Taras "craft1k" Voitenko. He was actually the most stable fragger of the tournament, with at least one frag in 58% of his rounds and shared-best 0.89 kills per round.

He was top rated in 2 maps, had ratings above team's average in 5 of 6 maps and was the one who put up the most fight in their disappointing loss to SK Gaming. Moreover, his most notable influence was as an entry killer, as he was by far the most successful at the event in that role (on average) with 0.19 first kills per rounds played and only 0.07 first deaths.

6) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas Poland ESC Gaming
0.80 0.61 1.22

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.75 vs Kazakhstan NEXT (Semi-final, nuke)

The second best player from the winning team ESC Gaming was Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, who has been in incredible form in the second half of the year, culminating in being named the MVP of SEC.

Unlike then, he ended up not being so influential in the grand final this time, but up until that match, he played brilliantly with ratings above 1.10 in all 8 of his maps. His most impressive performance came in the last obstacle before the SK Gaming encounter, when he was top rated in both semi-final maps against NEXT (50:27 score, 1.62 rating). He also had a couple of highlight rounds against the Kazakhstan representative in the first map.

Thanks to his display in that match and a very solid quarter-final performance against eSahara (where he also had a highlight round), he ended up being the third best rated in the final stages of the tournament (1.17 rating from the quarter-final onwards). Also, as usual and as demonstrated in his highlight rounds, he was one of the best riflers of the event.

5) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Eduard 'ed1k' Ivanov Russia Moscow Five
0.82 0.61 1.22

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.67 vs Kazakhstan NEXT (3rd place decider, train)

A couple of months ago, Moscow Five's leader Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov was the 4th best rated at ESWC, and this time, although second best of his team, he is again in the top5 rating-wise.

Although he didn't have any spectacular performances, he really did have a great tournament, playing well against every opponent the Russians faced with ratings above 1.00 in each best-of-three clash, including the loss to SK Gaming in the semi-final. Thanks to that he ended up with a 1.14 rating from the quarter-final onwards making him one of the best in the playoffs (6th).

4) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Ukraine Alexey 'xaoc' Kucherov Ukraine DTS
0.81 0.54 1.25

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.69 vs Russia Virtus.pro (1/8 final, dust2)

The best rated player outside of the top three teams was surprisingly Alexey "xaoc" Kucherov from DTS. He was, just like his two already mentioned teammates, consistently useful to the team with ratings above their average in 5 of 6 maps.

In two of them he was top rated, the group opener against Defining Stars and in the second map against Virtus.pro. He was also overall best rated in that win over the Russians with an impressive 43:19 score (1.62 rating). Although he had a good fragging performance overall with 0.81 kills per round, his rating was largely increased thanks to his amazing survival skills as he was the hardest to kill of all players with 0.54 deaths per round.

3) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden SK Gaming
0.83 0.57 1.27

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.09 vs Ukraine DTS (Quarter-final, inferno)

One of the most impressive players in 2011, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund finished of the year with another great display at World Cyber Games. He was by far best rated in 2nd place finishers SK Gaming with rating 11% above team's average. He also had the most total kills of all players at the event (252) and the best kill-death difference (+81).

Alesund was as usual the team's most consistent performer and one of event's best in that regard, with 9 out of his 12 ratings above 1.00. He was named man-of-the-match by the fans in all three playoff victories, over TyLoo, DTS and Moscow Five. He particularly impressed in both map-wins against the Chinese representative (overall 61:47 score, 1.30 rating) and in the second map against the Ukrainians (22:5 score, 2.09 rating). He was also the team's best in the grand final despite the loss to ESC with a 64:53 score (1.11 rating), resulting in an excellent 1.20 playoff-rating overall.

Finally, he stood out as the best clutcher of the tournament with 7 rounds won when left alone and in addition to that, he was as always one of the best riflers.

2) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov Russia Moscow Five
0.83 0.56 1.28

4 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.73 vs Peru Blood (Group stage, inferno)

One of the revelations of the tournament is certainly Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov, who was surprisingly the best rated from Moscow Five. He didn't actually carry the team since they all played well, but this was definitely his career-best performance in major tournaments so far.

What made him stand out was being top rated on 4 occasions, and although he was the second best rated of the group stage (1.62 rating), three of those four maps were in the playoffs. Most importantly, he was the team's best rated in a difficult quarter-final test against Brazilians mandic (45:35, 1.18 rating) and in the match that brought them the bronze medals, against NEXT (47:24 score, 1.52 rating).

He had a couple of impressive highlight-worthy rounds with the AWP during the tournament, firstly in the group stage against Blood and then in his last map of the tournament where he had three 4-kill rounds on de_dust2 against NEXT. Overall, he was one of the best AWPers of the event recording 2nd most kills with the big green (83) and 3rd best awpKPR (0.31).

Furthermore, he was one of the best overall fraggers with 0.83 kills per round (3rd) and also had the 3rd highest kill-death difference of +75.

1) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland ESC Gaming
0.89 0.62 1.33

4 x MotM, Highest rating: 2.03 vs Russia Virtus.pro (Group stage, dust2)

ESC Gaming's Filip "Neo" Kubski ended the year the same way as he started it, as top rated at a major event. Back in January, he led then-Frag eXecutors to a 3rd place of IEM5 European Finals with a 1.33 rating, while the MVP title slipped from his hands by a mere few percentages. Almost 11 months and 3 MVP titles later, he led ESC Gaming to WCG gold with another 1.33 rating that was an event's best, which made him only the second player this year to be top rated in two majors.

Kubski was the most consistent player of the tournament, being rated above 1.00 in 10 of 11 maps. In 4 of those he was top rated, starting with an impressive performance in the group stage opener against Virtus.pro (41:16 score, 2.03 rating). Then he was named man-of-the-match in ESC's first playoff test, versus Defining Stars (47:26 score, 1.55 rating in two maps) and had a great performance against eSahara in the quarter-final (42:25, 1.44 rating).

Most importantly, he was named man-of-the-match of the grand final against SK Gaming for playing great in both of their map-wins, overall getting a 62:58 score and a 1.12 rating. With all those great displays to show for, it is no surprise that he ended up as the best rated player in the knockout stage (1.25 playoff-rating).

Also, among the players from top3 teams he was the one who carried his team the most in the sense that his rating was 14% above ESC's average. He was also the best fragger of the tournament with 0.89 kills per round (very close 2nd in total kills, 249) and had the second best kill-death difference (+76).

Additionally, Kubski was by far the most dominant player of the tournament in regard to rounds with 3+ kills, having 23 of them, and was a tremendous entry killer with the best entry difference of +18 and second most first kills overall (42).

Note: This ranking is based on Rating (read about it here). It doesn't necessarily represent an ordered list of the best players at the event, but instead singles out the ones who played well in their matches using the formula described in the page linked above.

Top Awpers

# Player Team awp Kills awpKPR % of kills
1. Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo  Brazil mandic 72 0.42 55%
2. Sweden Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson Sweden SK 96 0.32 43%
3. Russia Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov Russia M5  83 0.31 37%
4. Ukraine Emil 'kucher' Akhundov Ukraine DTS 35 0.25 43%
5. Kazakhstan Rustem 'mou' Tlepov Kazakhstan NEXT 62 0.20 32%
5. Poland Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski Poland ESC 55 0.20 26%

Top Pistol Round players

# Player Team PR KPR PR DPR PR Rating
1. Russia Roman 'ROMJkE' Makarov Russia M5 1.20 0.55 1.77
2. France Guillaume 'Geno' Ntep France eSahara 1.08 0.67 1.55
3. Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow Ukraine DTS 1.17 0.58 1.51
4. Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden SK 1.00 0.58 1.49
5. France Engin 'MAJ3R' Kupeli France eSahara 1.00 0.67 1.49

Top Entry-kill players

# Player Team EKpR EDpR EK-Rating Won%
1. Ukraine Taras 'craft1k' Voitenko Ukraine DTS 0.19 0.07 1.66 74%
2. Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau Brazil mandic
0.16 0.06 1.49 71%
3. France Engin 'MAJ3R' Kupeli France eSahara  0.18 0.13 1.37 58%
4. Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland ESC 0.15 0.09 1.35 64%
5. Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo Brazil mandic
0.15 0.10 1.31 60%
  • NEXT's best player AdreN had 2nd most entry kills (42), but also had by far the most entry deaths (48) which led to his team losing 43 rounds
  • RobbaN, SK Gaming's in-game leader, was the player with the most entry kills at the tournament (44:33 entry score)

Top Riflers

# Player Team rif Kills rifKPR % of kills
1. Romania Paul-Constantin 'Wicked' Dordea Romania IGG 155 0.70 88%
1. Ukraine Alexey 'xaoc' Kucherov
Ukraine DTS 96 0.70 86%
1. Ukraine Taras 'craft1k' Voitenko Ukraine DTS 96 0.70 78%
4. Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas Poland ESC 192 0.68 85%
4. Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden SK 205 0.68 81%
4. Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland ESC 192 0.68 77%

Additional stats leaders

Best Fragger:
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski (0.89 kills per round)
Ukraine Taras 'craft1k' Voitenko (0.89 kills per round)

Hardest to kill:
Ukraine Alexey 'xaoc' Kucherov (0.54 deaths per round)

Best pistoleer:
Ukraine Emil 'kucher' Akhundov
  (0.18 pistol frags per round)

Most kills:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
(252 total kills) 

Best kill-death difference:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (+81)

Most dominant:
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski (23 rounds with 3+ kills)

Most frequent fragger:
Ukraine Taras 'craft1k' Voitenko (59% of rounds with at least 1 kill)

Best clutcher:
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (7 times won 1vsX - 4x 1vs1, 2x 1vs2, 1x 1vs3)

Most consistent:
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski (77% of matches above 1.00 rating and above team average)

Top individual match performances:
France MAJ3R vs Indonesia Executioners on de_inferno - 32:14 (+18), 2.09 rating (+61%)
Poland Neo vs Russia Virtus.pro on de_dust2 - 41:16 (+
25), 2.03 rating (+55%)
France Geno vs China TyLoo on de_dust2 - 32:15 (+17), 1.63 rating (+57%)
Australia benoR vs Korea project_kr on de_inferno - 35:18 (+17), 1.62 rating (+55%)
Poland kuben vs France eSahara on de_dust2 - 28:12 (+16), 1.80 rating (+37%)
Sweden GeT_RiGhT vs Ukraine DTS on de_inferno - 22:5 (+17), 2.09 rating (+38%)
Romania Wicked vs Georgia FRAGGED BY on de_dust2 - 36:19 (+17), 1.82 rating (+92%)

Honorable mention

Several players whose teams didn't make it to quarter-finals left quite an impression, but the one who really stood out among them is Kamal "Archiello" Abdukadirov from Azerbaijan's representative FiRENATION, putting up a strong claim for the revelation of the tournament with a great 1.25 rating.

Even though he attended WCG in previous years as well, his teams were never able to put up much of a fight so he was never noticed, but now FiRENATION made it to the first round of playoffs and even took the lead against IGG, eventually losing in three maps. The team ended up with 3 lost maps out of 5 played, but Abdukadirov played well on every occasion, above team's average and with more kills than deaths in every map, making him the most consistent player of the tournament.

He particularly shined in the IGG clash, as top rated in the first and third map, and also overall top rated of the match with a 73:53 score (1.25 rating).

MVP and All-Star lineup vote

In the last MVP vote of the year, we will have three candidates, one from each of the top three teams who are incidentally the three best rated players of the event.

From 3rd place finishers Moscow Five Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov was their best rated player, and while he didn't particularly carry the team since four of them had ratings above 1.20, he was one of the revelations of the tournament.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund earned his fifth MVP nomination this year, as he was by far SK Gaming's best during their second place campaign, while getting the most total kills of the tournament and being the best clutcher.

And finally, from the winning team ESC Gaming, the obvious choice is their main star Filip "Neo" Kubski, the best rated, the most consistent and the most dominant player of the event.


We will also be choosing the All-Star lineup, so go ahead and select the 5 best players of this tournament in your opinion. Whether you want it to be a realistic squad where each player would have a role or simply the 5 best performers is up to you.


Just like during our previous votes, we will be having a separate poll for "experts" only, which will later together with the public poll decide the outcome of the vote. The experts will consist of players who took part in this tournament, as well as journalists from other websites.

For more statistics from this tournament you can go here, HLTV demos can be found here. Stay tuned to HLTV.org to see who will be the MVP and who will end up in the All-Star lineup.

Neo mvp ofc
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Get_right mvp -.-
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you got to count the fact in that ESC had alot easier way to the finals thats why I think Its really even between neo and gtr...
2011-12-27 15:45
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the way he play was impressive, so who cares about opponents?
2011-12-30 13:27
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well Its like a fragmovie vs lows isnt really that nice, so even if they played really good they didnt get a chanse to prove it in the same way. Im not saying that he's bad cause he played vs easier opponets Im saying that its really hard to judge in cases like this :)
2011-12-30 22:53
how many times sk got easy way to final?
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That got nothing to do with what we are talking about, right but many times prob Im not a sk fan so I dont know...
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i talk about how many times sk got easy way to final and nobody say about it.
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I dont really get what youre saying but sure, alot of times sk is the team with an easy group or a easy way to the finals but that got nothing to do with what I was trying to say :) since ESC had a really easy way to the finals in this tournament I personally think its really hard to tell whos the mvp thats all Im saying :)
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neo >> alll
2011-12-26 16:15
Norway billson
So impressive statistics by NEO, well deserved.
2011-12-26 16:16
NEO n1
2011-12-26 16:17
NEO mvp ;)
2011-12-26 16:17
wow craft1k
2011-12-26 16:18
2011-12-26 16:18
nice Fox
2011-12-26 16:20
Neo always on top! what's his secret for his insane play??
2011-12-26 16:20
4 replies
calm and compose player...
2011-12-26 16:21
1 reply
I think he has born skilled, Talent doesn't increase from being calm only. In Adittion, he is very confident in crucial moments so...
2011-12-26 16:35
fanboys votes. like that.
2011-12-26 16:28
1 reply
actually he asked why he plays so good, not why he's got 70% for mvp
2011-12-26 16:49
gj neo. get_right n1 player 2011 :)
2011-12-26 16:20
8 replies
neo mvp 2011, most mvp in this year :)
2011-12-26 19:24
7 replies
lol i dont doubt about that but LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL get_right is better :)
2011-12-26 20:28
6 replies
Your opinion. I think NEO MVP 2011 :)
2011-12-26 20:52
5 replies
get_right is better and we all know it
2011-12-27 05:50
4 replies
no all :)
2011-12-27 12:23
Algeria DeyMed
all means just you
2011-12-27 17:40
2 replies
and me
2011-12-28 00:01
1 reply
+1 :)
2011-12-30 14:01
craftic imo
2011-12-26 16:21
DTS players were sick.
2011-12-26 16:21
4 replies
yeah thats why they got raped by SK 16-4
2011-12-26 16:23
2 replies
Oh rofl. So what? Na`Vi raped fnatics on dust2 16:1. So fnatic are noobs?
2011-12-26 16:28
1 reply
well said. even tough they lost. they proved themselves in end of this year.
2011-12-26 16:32
They would have been sick if they hadn't lose against SK. They were good, but not great or "sick".
2011-12-26 16:34
gj NEO
2011-12-26 16:23
Lol, xaoc got placed so high because he killed it in the groupstage. M.V.P: Neo All*: Neo, GTR, Dosia, Fox, ed1k I think we can all agree that this wasn't the best tournament this year and that this years WCG wasn't as good as last years or the years before but at least we got the result of which team was the best this year. Congrats to ESC, they had an amazing year AND tournament! Congrats to SK also!
2011-12-26 16:25
2 replies
2011-12-26 20:10
2011-12-27 16:19
Fallen the best !
2011-12-26 16:25
1 reply
fallen >>>>>>>> all
2011-12-30 23:51
voted kuben
2011-12-26 16:27
Chile GanbETA
2011-12-26 16:28
ns fox, xek ,xaos
2011-12-26 16:28
Neo :O
2011-12-26 16:29
mvp neo all star neo, get, fallen, dosia, f0rest
2011-12-26 16:29
NEO and company gogogo
2011-12-26 16:30
f0rest in all-star lineup??? Not on this event...
2011-12-26 16:32
Sweden ShageN
So many DTS players were on top and still fanboys voting for f0rest.. I glad to see that, but it is not fair.
2011-12-26 16:33
2 replies
SK > DTS, in this WCG. I see your logic.
2011-12-26 16:35
1 reply
Sweden ShageN
Anyway f0rest was low this event. And I'd say that not only this event.
2011-12-26 16:45
i don't understand why Dosia rank became 8th? just by counting?
2011-12-26 16:33
NEO mvp :D
2011-12-26 16:34
DTS nice!
2011-12-26 16:38
look the top awp! haha I knew it!
2011-12-26 16:40
2 replies
just becouse pasha didnt play alot of awp :)
2011-12-30 23:52
1 reply
hmm.... ok ok
2012-01-02 00:06
<3 NEO 4 ever
2011-12-26 16:40
Turkey Jarrod
neo is the legend!
2011-12-26 16:42
12 replies
2011-12-26 16:45
Sweden ShageN
-1 but he is oldschool player.
2011-12-26 16:45
4 replies
swedish fanboy
2011-12-26 16:50
1 reply
Haha :D If somebody says something negative from your favourite player (God) Neo, you say he is fanboy? what you are? omg. Look at the mirror dude.. <3 Neo..
2011-12-27 14:23
2011-12-26 16:51
swedes as always, make my all days, one of the most stupid comments ever, hating all except swede
2011-12-26 17:58
what he did? kill alot against poor teams and make +4 k/d diference in the final? edit: oh sry, a forgot it hltv.org/?pageid=252
2011-12-26 16:54
5 replies
India h8or
yeah top1 should be FalleN.
2011-12-26 17:06
4 replies
no, the best player of 2009-2011 should be top1. But he don't have fanboys enough
2011-12-26 17:26
1 reply
he has you, guy who will spam every comment he doesn't like
2011-12-26 17:28
Who should be top1 ? i dont know anybody of ur country. =/
2011-12-27 01:15
1 reply
very nice ESC !!!!! NEO AS ALWAYS
2011-12-26 16:43
gg, NEO :D
2011-12-26 16:46
its so sad thats mvp votes.
2011-12-26 16:47
MVP NEO !!! ALLSTAR LINE : NEO, FalleN, forest, GeT_RiGhT, MAJ3R.
2011-12-26 16:47
so best player 2011 is Getr CoOl x)
2011-12-26 16:48
4 replies
? no it's neo
2011-12-26 16:54
3 replies
? no it's GTR, just open your eyes
2011-12-26 20:01
2 replies
2011-12-26 20:06
Does Gtr have as many tournaments MVP as neo? Nope.
2011-12-27 16:38
why not Fox...?
2011-12-26 16:49
Wicked over delpan :-j
2011-12-26 16:49
NEO > Chuck Norris easy :)
2011-12-26 16:49
2011-12-26 16:49
2011-12-26 16:50
he deserve NEO........ <3
2011-12-26 16:51
MVP : Neo Allstar Team : Neo TaZ pasha f0rest GeT_RiGhT
2011-12-26 16:54
ALLSTAR LINE : Neo, Fox, GeT_RiGhT, Taz, Dosia or craft1k;
2011-12-26 16:54
Dosia! ED1K!
2011-12-26 16:54
just type next to #1 position "as usual" rotfl
2011-12-26 16:56
India h8or
2011-12-26 16:56
11 replies
Hmm. Even though i want to say -NEO + f0rest, honestly i agree to your point. IF CS IS A RELIGION, NEO IS THE GOD for sure. :) Good luck NEO for 2012.
2011-12-26 17:01
9 replies
India h8or
2011-12-26 17:05
would you worship to a human? sad...
2011-12-26 17:12
7 replies
India h8or
IF CS is a relegion -.-
2011-12-26 17:35
6 replies
doesn't matter... still worship to a human, do not respect your own personality :/
2011-12-26 18:06
5 replies
India h8or
Jesus was also a human, Buddha also a human and many more examples.
2011-12-26 18:21
3 replies
Jesus was son of god , and he is not GOD, Do not know about buddhism...wil find out in an hour, and tell you^
2011-12-26 20:52
2 replies
India h8or
Okay. (>._.)>
2011-12-26 23:03
I really wouldn't get into that if I were you, the whole "he's the son of God" then another person comes up and claims he's just a prophet and then it becomes a religious rant. You see enough of that on every other viral Youtube video.
2011-12-27 09:35
2011-12-26 18:33
jk HeatoN would be the god neo could be the prophet
2011-12-26 20:33
NEO ! ^^
2011-12-26 16:56
Neo! =)
2011-12-26 16:57
2011-12-26 16:58
2011-12-26 16:59
What has happened to f0rest ever since he joined SK? He isnt the same anymore. f0rest bro u need to step up. GTR great as always. Delpan - disappointing performance. face and Robban good job. ANd last but not the least, great performance by NEO. He delivers when required. My respect to the legend.
2011-12-26 16:59
f0rest no so good :x
2011-12-26 17:00
neo f0rest <3
2011-12-26 17:05
neo f0rest wicked :D:D
2011-12-26 17:07
2011-12-26 17:07
Fox ED1K Dosia xek ROMJKE the best!!!
2011-12-26 17:08
1 reply
2011-12-27 04:45
Neo without any doubt MVP allstar lineup: Neo,TaZ,GeT_RiGhT,Fox,ed1k
2011-12-26 17:10
NEO the legend !!
2011-12-26 17:11
neo king!
2011-12-26 17:11
GeT_RiGhT markeloff Neo top3 2011
2011-12-26 17:13
FalleN the best awp O_o
2011-12-26 17:16
nice Neo!
2011-12-26 17:16
2011-12-26 17:18
good wicked
2011-12-26 17:19
neo, but cs 1.6 is going to death... its sad. I think 2012 is last year of CS 1.6
2011-12-26 17:20
8 replies
every year we say that, CS will never die!
2011-12-26 17:27
6 replies
nah, he is right, we can clearly see that cs is finishing. It's not words put in the air, it's a fact. Prizemoney is like 2 or 3 or even 4 times lower than it was in its best years. Tournaments and sponsors give support for any other games, adding cs too but with minimum amount of $. it's not nice for us, but it will happen soon.
2011-12-26 17:38
5 replies
25k $? Wut?
2011-12-26 18:54
4 replies
WCG 2006 had 60000$ for the first place. I don0t relly get this kind of answers, really, don't you see that the prize money are being lower and lower in each tournament? It's not that hard to get, I think...
2011-12-26 20:02
3 replies
Yeah, call the esport which get/got 60k per winner. You can even say esport is dying. Just wake up.
2011-12-26 20:41
2 replies
who said esport is dying?! clear your ideas mate... everyone know that counstr strike is not what it used to be in the last years, sponsors prefer other games, cs is just surviveing its last year probably. It's not my words, many professional players said that, but you don't need their opinion to get your clue, just open your eyes and look at the prizemoney, and the spot to the cs game. Before it was like nº 1 always, now there are many game much more important for sponsors and organizers.
2011-12-26 21:21
1 reply
I don't want to argue with you, but this is certainly not the worst year of counter strike. There are not the highest prizes as it used to be, thats true. But I see too many tournaments to call it dying and I think we will see more than the last year of counter strike. PS: I hope so :)
2011-12-27 05:34
this sound familiar
2011-12-26 17:27
2011-12-26 17:25
Wow 4 ESC players in top18, gj. Neo like a boss. Really nice tournament by ESC.
2011-12-26 17:27
GJ Tgwri1s for making this :)
2011-12-26 17:27
2 replies
+1 we should put him in the middle of attention not Neo :]. GJ man
2011-12-26 17:35
1 reply
2011-12-26 18:21
NEO super MVP !! the best player
2011-12-26 17:29
Brazil hugoooo
neo the best as usual and FalleN played bad compared to his past majors, but was enough to achieve the highest awpKPR by far... quite impressive
2011-12-26 17:31
lol I think there were only 2 or 3 torunaments where neo didn't took the MVP this year. He is the man. Without any doubt he is the best 2011 player.
2011-12-26 17:35
2011-12-26 17:36
IEM5 euro - 2nd Xperia - MVP IEM5 world - MVP e-stars - MVP WCG - MVP SEC - 3rd
2011-12-26 17:40
1 reply
wow, good to know :) MVP 2011 :)
2011-12-30 14:10
2011-12-26 17:41
2011-12-26 17:42
Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg (50%) - LOL fanboys detected. btw. the most of rankings should be counted with "weighted average" (for example with rating - +maps)
2011-12-26 17:44
fallen, f0rest, GTR, Neo'nd Kuben =D
2011-12-26 17:44
neo is god but gtr is a unstoppable ;]
2011-12-26 17:45
1 reply
sk losed, so i think he is stoppable...
2011-12-30 13:37
neo sick play
2011-12-26 17:48
4me MVP pasha!
2011-12-26 17:55
why GET_RIGHT good on any time any map vs any team? : /
2011-12-26 17:55
1 reply
because he's the best fucking "fragger" in CS 1.6 nowadays and one of the best ever
2011-12-26 19:11
NEO Neo,TaZ,GTR,Fox and Dosia
2011-12-26 17:56
1 reply
+1 -TaZ +ED1K!
2011-12-26 17:59
its really not impressive being the best rated if u see the teams he played
2011-12-26 18:00
NEO NEO NEO NEO xD but he really great playing, GJ Filik !
2011-12-26 18:01
NEO GOD OF CS for sure
2011-12-26 18:00
2 replies
2011-12-26 18:52
1 reply
India h8or
No Way. NEO all the way! -_^
2011-12-26 23:06
best of NEO[t]
2011-12-26 18:01
MVP : NeO Allstar lineUp: pasha neO Taz Get Right Fox !
2011-12-26 18:02
amazing neo! ...best player this year for sure...he deserved this.
2011-12-26 18:04
lol Neo is getting the god comments for owning all those little teams
2011-12-26 18:04
1 reply
in other tournaments, where there were top teams, neo was the MVP too. ...well, it's not worth to talk to you reading the bullshit you have wrote.
2011-12-26 18:32
f0rest,gtr, neo, delpan, wicked !
2011-12-26 18:05
hhaha 50% of HLTV users voted for f0rest in all-star lineup, because his name is f0rest....stupid fanboys =(
2011-12-26 18:07
5 replies
forp always good playing, but neo beating all of the tournament :)
2011-12-26 18:09
3 replies
Sweden ShageN
tbh, f0rp sucks 2010-2011...
2011-12-26 18:24
1 reply
f0rest is always good. He isn't suck. You just want him to be the best player in the world. He is one of the best, but not the best one.
2011-12-26 18:41
I'm talking now about WCG 2011 Grand Finals tournament, he did nothing at this tournament and he god more votes than guys who really deserve it, that's sad.
2011-12-26 18:38
ofc he's playing in high-lvl for many years. Will not be one tournament that he cant play awesome that will make him a bad player. Ofc in wcg 2011 dosia > f0rest. But only in wcg 2011, cause dosia was in a rly great days.
2011-12-26 22:11
He deserve this...
2011-12-26 18:07
2011-12-26 18:13
1 reply
+11111111 NEO FOR MVP OF 2011
2011-12-26 22:06
always NEO THE BEST !!!
2011-12-26 18:18
mpv neo allstars neo taz forest get right fallen
2011-12-26 18:18
GG wicked!
2011-12-26 18:22
Neo, GTR, FalleN, Fox ANGE1
2011-12-26 18:26
gj wicked :D
2011-12-26 18:29
allstars: neo f0rest GeT_RiGhT fox (awper) Taz (igl)
2011-12-26 18:30
5 replies
f0rest??? TaZ??? OMG!
2011-12-26 18:38
3 replies
what's the problem? It's a allstar team, only considering their skill, not their problems/barriers/language etc
2011-12-26 18:51
2 replies
i think he means that f0rest was not so good like edik, maj3r, craftik, dosya, for example. And you don't need to pick only one IGL or sniper, it is not dreamteam, it is just players, who played well on all event. you can choose 5 snipers, if they played well:) sry fot my bad eng:S
2011-12-26 23:00
1 reply
I know that, but usually I like to pick like If it was a team :P
2011-12-26 23:20
and why taz as igl? xD you don't know how he would do it now, since from long time kuben is the igl and not taz. cheers
2011-12-27 10:44
MOSCOW FIVE GOOD JOB.And people who vote for Delpan,Get Right and etc stupid.They vote for them because know them names...
2011-12-26 18:32
4 replies
2011-12-26 18:33
voting for delpan is stupid indeed, voting for get_right is not
2011-12-26 19:08
1 reply
India h8or
+1. -trollpan + XEK for WCG.
2011-12-26 23:07
agree on this tournament Fox,Dosia > Delpan/f0rest but not GTR - he was really good
2011-12-26 19:16
Brazil hugoooo
f0rest 49% LOL HLTV.org should stop with this, it just show how dumb and immature their users are, they can't use their brain and vote on the best players of the tournament, they only choice their favorite players and vote, they ignore 100% their performances on the tournament itself!
2011-12-26 18:33
2 replies
Yup, fortunately we have expert.
2011-12-26 20:05
Totally agree. Its like neo, i'm not saying this tour, he was amazing in WCG, but in others he doesnt perform so well, like f0rest in WCG, and he got always 50% or more.
2011-12-27 01:51
gj Wicked :D
2011-12-26 18:35
Neo MVP WCG and 2011.
2011-12-26 18:40
7 replies
Neo fanboys :\ so.. if he play good EVERYBODY jump, if he play bad EVERYBODY jump ANYWAY LOL if someone beat him, they change :|
2011-12-26 18:51
6 replies
you mad ? He is just great and play amazing this year. Open your eyes bro.
2011-12-26 19:17
Neo's hater? Neo got 4MVP in 2011 and u still telling shits?
2011-12-26 19:59
4 replies
neo got them only because fanboys like you vote for him. and vote with fake accounts.
2011-12-26 20:30
3 replies
2011-12-26 20:32
yea ! neo is worse player ever yes ?! fake is your brain in your head ! sucker gona suck
2011-12-26 22:04
neo got them because he always performs great.
2011-12-28 11:11
when can we expect some new pov demoes from DH and WCG?
2011-12-26 18:53
2 replies
no demos from WCG
2011-12-26 20:07
1 reply
now that sucks :/
2011-12-27 04:12
top awp 1-FalleN great !
2011-12-26 18:54
1 reply
2011-12-26 19:00
Yeahh! all stars team atm: taz, f0rest, gtr, fallen and taz :D
2011-12-26 18:59
MVP : NEO NEO,TaZ,GeT_RiGhT,Fox,Wicked
2011-12-26 19:09
2011-12-26 19:11
amazing neo, gj
2011-12-26 19:17
NEO currently 67% vote (MVP) nice :) MVP : NEO NEO, TaZ, GTR, FOX, XAOC Loord key/important murder, gj!
2011-12-26 19:25
1 reply
+1 me too
2011-12-26 20:08
fox <3
2011-12-26 19:23
neo <3 no f0rest :O
2011-12-26 19:26
Fox the best
2011-12-26 19:28
Lol TaZ > f0rest this event, but f0rp - 48% TaZ - 45% :D, crazy...
2011-12-26 19:42
MVP NEO[t] NEO FalleN TaZ f0rest GeT_RiGhT
2011-12-26 20:01
mvp : neo Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (16%) Filip 'Neo' Kubski (68%) Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov (16%) You already voted! Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund (16%) Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov (16%) GeT_RiGhT > Fox this event.
2011-12-26 20:06
gtr neo taz fox xaoc
2011-12-26 20:08
fox neo romjkee get_right taz
2011-12-26 20:12
fox dno ofc
2011-12-26 20:27
1 reply
he is just DAUN, not dno. DAUNENOK obichniy.
2011-12-26 20:29
neo taz pasha forest get_right
2011-12-26 20:30
2011-12-26 20:33
MVP:GeT_RiGhT AllStar LineUp:f0rest,GeT_RiGhT,Delpan,face,ANGE1.
2011-12-26 20:39
16 replies
haters gonna hate
2011-12-26 20:45
10 replies
its he's opinion where do you see the hate?
2011-12-26 21:22
9 replies
he's just a blind fanboy, face that.
2011-12-26 21:59
4 replies
and you arent a fanboy "<3 Neo"?
2011-12-26 22:05
3 replies
im a big fan of neo, but i can be realistic, some other people dont
2011-12-26 22:31
2 replies
so am I but that just he's opinion there is no hate in it :)
2011-12-26 22:34
1 reply
yea, i guess u right, he isnt hating.. but hes totally blind
2011-12-26 22:57
AllStar LineUp without Neo = Hater like trollpan said: "haters gonna hate"
2011-12-26 22:03
3 replies
why are you so stupid, just because someone said neo isnt in allstar lineup is hater? damn i wonder what you brazilins would do if some brazil team won ESWC
2011-12-26 22:09
2 replies
LOL... how long years do you follow the cs scene? Mibr already won a ESWC and more 3 world tournaments with top teams like: pentagram, nip, sk, fnatic, EG, mtw... btw thats not the question... the question is: Why the hell someone wouldnt put neo in a AllStar lineup of wcg 2011?
2011-12-26 22:23
1 reply
Well dont ask me, i just answered to Matanza and said there is no hate in what Arlind said, its just he's opinion :)
2011-12-26 22:36
India h8or
Too much marijuana bro?
2011-12-26 23:08
4 replies
Thats my opinion bye.
2011-12-27 08:25
3 replies
India h8or
face and ANGE1 and no NEO. U gotta be kidding right?
2011-12-27 10:28
2 replies
Yes I'm kidding. NOT.
2011-12-27 22:27
1 reply
he's not kidding, he's just stupid... dude, whole DTS, M5 and ESC was beter then face and delpan, so what the fuck..?
2011-12-30 13:48
for me SK is better than ESC anyway
2011-12-26 20:39
3 replies
for me I am better than neo, gtr and forest.
2011-12-26 20:53
1 reply
India h8or
2011-12-26 23:09
cuz you re fan :) if was better .. why lose vs esc on tuscan ? ESC worse map evere !? hmm ?
2011-12-26 22:02
2)Fox 5)ed1k 8)Dosia 11)xek VERY GOOD JOB M5!!!
2011-12-26 20:42
neo sucks
2011-12-26 20:43
2 replies
India h8or
So does your mom. xD
2011-12-26 23:09
fanboy detected
2011-12-30 13:49
guys, do you have GUI from WCG'11 ?
2011-12-26 20:55
Dreamteam: Neo TaZ GeT_RiGhT ed1k fox
2011-12-26 20:59
1 reply
2011-12-27 03:36
Neo is always the best player, of every tournament, even when ESC loses with 16-0 in the group stage :D. But this time he did absolutely deserve it unlike last tournament when he was like the 20th best player and 50% voted him for all star lineup before everyone else in the list, same thing that happened to forest this time. forest and neo have more fanboys than all other players have together.
2011-12-26 21:03
where is Romjke ;(
2011-12-26 21:12
neo ps
2011-12-26 21:26
TaZ xaoc Neo Dosia Fox
2011-12-26 21:26
Neo mvp :)
2011-12-26 21:30
2011-12-26 21:39
neo :D +7-10 % to got best player of the year :] good :] keep it go
2011-12-26 21:52
gj wicked
2011-12-26 21:53
forest neo craftik taz delpan
2011-12-26 21:53
funny how no player from next is in top 18 despite their 4th place finish...
2011-12-26 21:58
1 reply
India h8or
Actually, thats a great point ! @_@
2011-12-26 23:10
2011-12-26 22:00
Neo top1 player and fallen top1 awper... expected. All-Star lineup: Neo, f0rest, Get_Right, Fallen, Face/dosia
2011-12-26 22:02
2011-12-26 22:05
NEO MVP 100% The best player !!! <3
2011-12-26 22:06
this calculation is good otherwise I like all good players!
2011-12-26 22:08
MVP > Neo All-star 1)Neo 2)GeT_RiGhT 3)craft1k 4)fox 5)PASHA
2011-12-26 22:09
NEO !!!
2011-12-26 22:11
GeT_RiGhT MVP! GeT_RiGhT Best Player Of 2011
2011-12-26 22:17
1 reply
2011-12-30 13:50
FOX gj, Neo is MVP. All-star: Neo, GTR, ed1k, fox, dosia
2011-12-26 22:24
Congrats Wicked! :)
2011-12-26 22:28
NEO | 
Spain Dawbar
What is entry-kill?
2011-12-26 22:42
2 replies
1st kill ? i think
2011-12-26 22:46
man , who had a fisrt kill in round.
2011-12-26 22:47
49& f0rest :/ please swedes - be realistic. in wcg was a lot of better players than f0rest. neo gtr fox dosia xaoc mvp neo
2011-12-26 22:49
No player from NEXT?
2011-12-26 22:58
2 replies
NEXT easy enemy.
2011-12-27 04:46
1 reply
there were 4th...
2011-12-30 13:50
NEO 100% player of the year MUST BE
2011-12-26 23:05
1 reply
Yea, I think it's safe to say that Neo was the best player of 2011!
2011-12-27 06:16
wickedddddddd bine tigane!!! :X
2011-12-26 23:05
my vote goes to get_right, but neo will win again
2011-12-26 23:24
MVP: NEO All-star line-up: NEO TaZ kuben pasha FalleN
2011-12-27 01:29
2011-12-27 01:54
2011-12-27 02:02
GTR top 1 2011 neo top 2 2011 f0rest top 3 2011
2011-12-27 02:17
3 replies
swede detected
2011-12-27 02:23
fanboy.. where are Na`Vi player, mTw players?
2011-12-27 08:23
1 reply
navi sucks in this year... but yeah, he is fanboy.
2011-12-30 13:51
neo GeT_RiGhT Ed1k Taz fox
2011-12-27 03:33
MVP > Fox All-star 1)Neo 2)GeT_RiGhT 3)Taz 4)Fox 5)Dosia
2011-12-27 04:42
2 replies
ahahaha MVP fox? :DDDDDD
2011-12-27 08:23
1 reply
Yes, Fox forever!!!1 :D
2011-12-28 09:21
neo mvp this event. all star neo getr dosia fox and fallen or xaoc
2011-12-27 04:47
fallen best awper of wcg 2011 and he played so under of your lvl... imagine if he played what he rly can...
2011-12-27 05:27
5 replies
fox best awper
2011-12-27 06:42
1 reply
its not what the numbers are saying...
2011-12-27 18:18
neo plaing only lol > fallen awp
2011-12-27 12:01
2 replies
your opinion, ok i respect =]
2011-12-27 18:19
1 reply
nah just joke
2011-12-28 15:51
and AdreN for dt ? damnn
2011-12-27 05:42
mvp fox All stars line up fox neo gtr craftik dosia
2011-12-27 05:54
Lol at f0rest fanboys, hes nowhere near top5, yet they are voting for him. ridiculous community
2011-12-27 06:15
neo number 1 !
2011-12-27 06:32
king of king = NEO[t]
2011-12-27 07:59
2 replies
I'm king of king of king...
2011-12-27 08:22
1 reply
India h8or
kingception -_-
2011-12-27 10:28
2011-12-27 10:59
Filip 'Neo' Kubski (66%) neo>all
2011-12-27 11:47
neo f0rest gtr fox fallen :D
2011-12-27 11:48
fox mvp
2011-12-27 11:50
2011-12-27 12:02
MVP- Neo All-star- Neo,Taz,f0rest,gtr,fox
2011-12-27 12:05
5 replies
taz forest? lol
2011-12-27 12:12
4 replies
why not taz ? taz was realy good :>
2011-12-27 12:14
3 replies
but not this event
2011-12-27 12:49
2 replies
he was preety good in wcg 2k11 man ;/
2011-12-27 12:54
dude, taz was top5 imo this tour.
2011-12-30 13:53
My Dreamteam, in order: Neo, Get_Right, Fallen, Fox and Craftik. I think Fallen and Craftik were crucial for his teams' performances. The best AWP and the best ASSAULT of the tournament. Fox had almost all his teammates in good shape to supporting him, so he doesn't deserve the top 3, despite his good rating. Get_Right once again surpassed your comrades during most part of tournament and this is impressive when we talking about SK Gaming. Neo almost has carried his team by himself, because his teammates didn't play as well as usual, and because of that I think he is the renponsable for the conquest of the WCG.
2011-12-27 12:24
Good Job HLTV!
2011-12-27 12:58
mvp: NEO all stars: NEO, GeT_RiGhT, Fox, craft1k and MAJ3R
2011-12-27 13:28
Ofc Mr. Anderson mvp
2011-12-27 15:12
Poland milioner
Easy Medium Hard Hell NEO
2011-12-27 15:26
4 replies
2011-12-27 15:56
gtr Easy Medium Hard Hell Neo :D
2011-12-27 18:15
Easy Medium Hard Hell NEO Fanboys God
2011-12-30 09:24
hehe, ofc :)
2011-12-30 14:11
Keep it up NEO!
2011-12-27 15:42
too much plague here
2011-12-27 16:03
Neo, obviously. And then quite a mix for me for the team. :)
2011-12-27 16:55
fox mvp
2011-12-27 17:34
mvp neo all stars: fox, neo, gtr, ed1k, taz
2011-12-27 18:10
FOX n1 :3
2011-12-27 18:12
neo > mvp's
2011-12-27 18:24
If SK had ESC's bracket, GTR would be the MVP, this is shit.
2011-12-27 20:02
2 replies
ESC's bracket wasn't anything easier than SK's if you look objectively, but since you are his fan..
2011-12-27 20:11
1 reply
Wow, take a look at it again then.
2011-12-28 01:38
neo ofc n1 !
2011-12-27 22:03
Neo is a best polland player
2011-12-27 23:00
Neo is a best world player !!!
2011-12-27 23:13
2011-12-28 01:05
very nice for DTS it's cool team
2011-12-28 08:39
World temuuj1n
FalleN for top5 :)
2011-12-28 10:19
Mr. Anderson
2011-12-28 10:51
2011-12-28 12:35
Forest in top5 and Fox out. Guys, seriously...
2011-12-28 12:46
1 reply
+1 its rly sad :(
2011-12-28 15:42
TaZ top1! not Neo
2011-12-28 14:10
Archiello the beSt!
2011-12-28 14:27
2011-12-28 17:16
any info about english stream from final ? (train & tuscan) ?
2011-12-28 17:33
fox mvp
2011-12-28 21:58
gtr mvp dreamteam: neo, gtr, fox, ed1k, fallen
2011-12-28 23:20
MVP: Fox Lineup: Neo, MAJ3R, Dosia, Fox, GeT_RiGhT m5 gj, gratz to Neo&Co
2011-12-29 09:52
2011-12-29 11:28
1 reply
lol, rly...
2011-12-30 13:57
MVP: Neo Lineup : GeT_RiGhT, Neo, TaZ, Fallen, Dosia
2011-12-29 14:12
3 replies
2011-12-29 14:32
-get_right +f0rest -fallen +markeloff -Dosia +starix
2011-12-30 09:23
1 reply
2011-12-30 12:30
NEO MVP OF 2011 )
2011-12-30 13:31
i'm love m5 <3
2011-12-30 17:08
f0rest Get_right delpan Neo & Wicked !!! tyyyyyyt =DDD
2011-12-30 17:21
MVP of WCG 2011 : NEO All-Star lineup of WCG 2011 : NEO GTR Fox MAJ3R TaZ
2011-12-30 22:33
Fox Ed1k Romjke Dosia Xek
2012-01-01 03:48
2012-01-03 08:38
gj wicked
2012-01-03 16:37
when will MVP be announced?
2012-01-03 16:47
nice Neo
2012-01-06 05:28
when will MVP wcg ?
2012-01-07 19:19
neo still the best :D !
2012-04-20 08:07
Neo mvp !
2012-05-28 19:48
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