Top 20 players of 2011: Xizt (13)

January 7th, 2012 22:46

In his first appearance as a fnatic member, Richard "Xizt" Landström was named the MVP of a tournament, which promised a successful 2011 for him. Even though he wasn't able to repeat that performance later on, he was still a very important part of the team thus earning the 13th place in our Top 20.

Basic information

Player: Sweden Richard "Xizt" Landström
Team: Sweden fnatic
Age: 20

Team achievements in 2011:

1st - IEM5 European Championship Finals, DreamHack Winter, IEM6 GC Guangzhou, fnatic PLAY #2
2nd - MSI BEAT IT Russia, HadeLAN, Adepto BH Open, IOL FINAL4
3rd - /

Stats from major LAN tournaments in 2011:

Kills per round: 0.75
Deaths per round: 0.61
Rating: 1.13 (?)
Maps played: 72
MoM: 11 times top rated in a match
Best tournament: Ukraine IEM5 European Championship Finals
Best map: de_train
Most notable stats: 3rd best M4A1 (0.29 kills per round), one of the best clutchers (41 times won 1vsX)

It wasn't until February 2010 that Richard "Xizt" Landström got his first big chance by joining the ranks of H2k. It would turn out to be a great stepping stone for him, as after some lineup changes that team became the new squad of Lions and their form culminated at the end of the year with a 3rd place at DreamHack Winter.

Throughout 2010 Landström proved himself as one of the brightest upcoming talents, which resulted in getting the 18th spot on our Top 20 players of 2010. More importantly, it resulted in getting a call from fnatic to join the team, which the young Swede didn't have to think twice about.

A dream start in the fnatic shirt

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Ukraine IEM5 European Championship Finals (1st place) 1.19 (1st)
MVP of the tournament
Best rating in playoffs (1.29)
Most clutch rounds won (9)
Best pistol-round player

Apart from Landström, fnatic added Marcus "Delpan" Larsson and Faruk "pita" Pita for their upcoming adventures in 2011, and the first occasion we saw them in action was IEM5 European Championship Finals. They took everyone by surprise and won the event, defeating favorized Natus Vincere and mTw on the way, while Landström became the main star of the tournament, earning the title of Most Valuable Player.

Apart from being the best player from the winning team, the best clutcher and the best pistol-round player of the event, Landström proved himself in the most important matches, being shared-best rated in the playoffs. That was the case thanks to a very good display against Natus Vincere in the semi-final (64:44 score, 1.30 rating) and especially in the final against mTw, of which he was clearly the best player (86:62 score, 1.28 rating). All that earned him an MVP nomination, and in the voting process he was chosen as the winner in front of two other players.

After the event we made a short movie showcasing all of his highlights from Kiev:

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Germany IEM5 World Championship (Quarter-final) 1.01 (3rd)

Expectations were high from both Landström and fnatic at IEM5 World Championship in March, but they couldn't repeat the Kiev performance. The Swedish team did make it to playoffs despite losing to SK and Natus Vincere in the group stage, but Frag eXecutors were too strong for them in the quarter-final. Landström wasn't impressive as before, now being 3rd best in his team with an average 1.01 rating.

Xizt's 4-kill round against Evil Geniuses at IEM5 WC

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Denmark Xperia PLAY 2011 (Quarter-final)
1.04 (4th)

Similar fate awaited them at Xperia PLAY, losing to their arch-rivals SK Gaming in the group stage and then being sent home after the quarter-final, this time courtesy of mTw. Landström had another average performance with a 1.04 rating, only the team's 4th best.

winning a 1vs5 pistol-round against face!

A few weeks later, fnatic organization hosted an online tournament named fnatic PLAY 2011 #2 and came out victorious ahead of TCM-Gaming. Landström was back in shape as one of three impressive performers from his team with a 1.31 rating.

Ace by Xizt during a glock-eco vs dakarma

deagle ace against

Soon after that, Marcus "Delpan" Larsson decided to leave the team and join SK Gaming, while fnatic was forced to look for a new addition. They actually welcomed two new players, as Faruk "pita" Pita was shown the door to make room for ex-fnatic member Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl and young talent Manne "manne" Nordqvist.

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Sweden DreamHack Summer 2011 (Quarter-final)
0.99 (2nd)

After the previous time fnatic made changes to their lineup, they won IEM5 European Championship Finals and similar was expected this time. But the new squad didn't work that well in their first tournament DreamHack Summer, as fnatic finished the competition with another quarter-final campaign, losing again to SK Gaming in the group stage and then to Natus Vincere in their only playoff match.

In this bad performance by the team, Landström wasn't able to stand out, recording his worst rating of the year (0.99), although above team's average as their 2nd best. He did manage to record his highest match-rating of the year though, having a 30:9 score (2.23 rating) against Brazilians playArt in the group stage.

A few days after that, the team was set to travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina for Adepto BH Open. In the short time between DreamHack Summer and this event, they made another lineup change bringing back Pita instead of Nordqvist.

They reached the final easily as expected, but there they met Natus Vincere and lost to them again, with a shamefull 0-16 score in the second map. Landström was the third best in the team with an excellent 1.34 rating and he will remember this tournament by the highlight round he made in the first map of the final, which was surely one of the best of the year:

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Spain GameGune 2011 (4th place)
1.39 (3rd)
All-Star nomination
Most clutch rounds won (7)
Hardest to kill (0.45 DPR)
2nd best K-D difference (+98)
4th best in pistol-rounds

The first real test for the latest fnatic lineup came a month later at GameGune, where another somewhat disappointing campaign took place. SK Gaming stood in their way in the upper bracket, while after that they surprisingly lost to ESC Gaming and finished in 4th place. Landström had a good tournament overall, with his year-highest 1.39 rating, although he mostly shined in the group stage.

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Korea e-Stars Seoul 2011 (7-8th place)
1.18 (1st)
Most clutch rounds won (6)

The team recorded another unsuccessful campaign at e-Stars Seoul in August, as they lost to SK Gaming as usual and then to WinFakt, ending up in 7-8th place. Despite the team's failure, Landström had one of his better shows in Korea, being the team's best with a 1.18 rating and playing well in each of their four matches.

After this tournament, team's longest standing member Harley "dsn" Örwall decided to retire and another lineup change followed for fnatic, as they added Danish AWPer Michael "Friis" Jørgensen.

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
China IEM6 GC Guangzhou (1st place)
1.03 (4th)
All-Star nomination

In their first test with Jørgensen in the lineup, fnatic came out victorious in China where they won IEM6 Global Challenge Guangzhou over mousesports. Landström wasn't spectacular overall, but he was the best individual of the semi-final against WinFakt which earned him another All-Star nomination.

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
France ESWC 2011 (Group stage)
1.19 (2nd)

It seemed that fnatic had finally found the formula for success, but they followed up the first place from Guangzhou with failing to pass the group stage at ESWC, due to losing to Alternate. Landström wasn't to blame once more, as he put in a very good display with a 1.19 rating as the team's second best.

The Swedish-Danish squad was back in shape at MSI BEAT IT Russia where they reached the final over Natus Vincere, but lost to Moscow Five at the last step. Landström was the team's 3rd best with a solid 1.15 rating and playing above average in 10 of his 11 maps.

Tournament (team result) Rating
Avg% +/-
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2011 (1st place)
1.08 (2nd)
All-Star nomination
4th most kills (235)

The last tournament of the year for fnatic, DreamHack Winter ended up the same way as their first, with winning a major title. They defeated Anexis, mousesports and Lions in the playoffs while Landström was their second best player overall. He was the team's best rated in the quarter-final against Anexis and played above average in each map of the semi-final against mousesports, which earned him another All-Star nomination.

Didn't turn out to be the star of the team

Even though he didn't become a new world's superstar as it was expected after his first tournament in 2011, Richard "Xizt" Landström was a valuable asset in the fnatic squad throughout the year.

His MVP performance at IEM5 European Championship Finals where he led fnatic to their first title was of course his highlight of the year, but he had solid influence in their other two title-winning campaigns too, at IEM6 GC Guangzhou and DreamHack Winter where he was nominated for All-Star lineups. He also played well in two other major tournaments where his team didn't achieve anything, e-Stars Seoul and ESWC.

Additionally, Landström was one of the best clutchers of the year, winning 41 rounds when left alone (25x 1vs1, 12x 1vs2, 3x 1vs3 and 1x1vs5). Also, as witnessed in several of his highlights, he was one of the best players with the M4A1 rifle, having 3rd best average of 0.29 kills per round with it.

All that made him a worthy candidate for this top 20 ranking, and his very solid rating of 1.13 helped place him at the 13th position.

Recommended demos of Richard "Xizt" Landström in 2011:

Opponent Map Event Score Demo
Sweden Lions
nuke IEM5 Eu Finals (Group stage)
23:20 POV
Ukraine Na´Vi inferno IEM5 Eu Finals (Semi-final, map 1)
27:15 HLTV
Denmark mTw inferno IEM5 Eu Finals (Grand final, map 3)
25:12 HLTV
Norway alchemists tuscan HadeLAN (Upper final, map 1)
32:21 HLTV
Denmark dakarma inferno fnatic PLAY #2
29:8 HLTV
Ukraine selectah inferno ICSC8
24:7 HLTV
Brazil playArt
train DH Summer (Group stage)
30:9 HLTV
Poland DELTA inferno GameGune (Group stage)
33:11 HLTV
France eSahara nuke GameGune (Group stage)
24:5 HLTV
Spain x6tence tuscan e-Stars (Lower round 2)
18:13 HLTV
Ukraine DTS dust2 ESWC qual
27:19 HLTV
Finland WinFakt train IEM6 GC Guangzhou (Semi-final, map 2)
23:17 HLTV
Denmark Anexis inferno DH Winter (Quarter-final, map 2)
23:13 HLTV

At only 20 years of age, Landström is one of the youngest members of this ranking, so he still has chances to become an even bigger star than he's been in the past two years. Do you think he will become one of the world's very best in 2012 and is the 13th position the right one for him? 

If you want to check out the entire ranking, go to our Introduction article as it will be updated daily until we complete the list. Stay tuned to as tomorrow we will bring you our number 12.

n1 :D
2012-01-07 22:47
World RS111 
2012-01-07 22:47
ns Xizt=DD
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nice shot again ? -.-
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World WestSideDude 
ns - nice shot. not NICE as you thought.
2012-01-07 23:45
He's just retarded...
2012-01-08 10:00
you mean non-steam?
2012-01-09 16:01
Cool Article His 5 kills @ adepto vs NaVi was maybe one of the best actions in 2011. :))
2012-01-07 22:48
Agree that AIMBOT turn's me oN!
2012-01-08 13:19
xizt <3
2012-01-07 22:48
richie *_*
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ton | 
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nice xizt :D
2012-01-07 22:49
amazing .. vs dakarma
2012-01-07 22:51
epic year for this guy
2012-01-07 22:51
my opinion, so ...
2012-01-08 00:46
nice player, deserved because he only played outstanding in the first event of the year, IEM5 European Championship.
2012-01-07 22:51
Serbia posS 
2012-01-07 22:52
imo good place for xizt
2012-01-07 22:52
Adepto ace (vs Na`Vi) is the best from him :D
2012-01-07 22:53
World WestSideDude 
Na`Vi 16:0 fnatic @ de_dust2 the was the best. not ace. xD
2012-01-07 23:44
Wasnt it tuscan?
2012-01-08 01:03
was in tuscan
2012-01-08 01:15
tuscan :P
2012-01-08 11:46
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
ahahahahahahahahahahahha fail troll :D
2012-01-08 15:53
2012-01-09 16:34
gj :)
2012-01-07 22:53
Deserved :D
2012-01-07 22:53
he deserves better.
2012-01-07 22:53
World WestSideDude 
what? this is like a PRESENT @ NEW YEAR for him to be in top20...
2012-01-07 23:44
say what ??
2012-01-08 00:05
and who should be there instead of Xizt then?!
2012-01-08 00:52
2012-01-08 02:37
2012-01-08 18:26
such a good player
2012-01-07 22:53
Norway duffz00r 
gj, expected :)
2012-01-07 22:54
2012-01-07 22:54
Sorry for pita,he does not appear in Top20
2012-01-07 22:54
wierd guy, but good player
2012-01-07 22:55
Nice One GJ :)
2012-01-07 22:55
I thougt he won;t be in top20 :D good job Xizt
2012-01-07 22:56
SK will have 2 player on top10
2012-01-07 22:56
I think 3 Delp,f0rest,Gtr
2012-01-07 23:02
sorry should be fnatic
2012-01-07 23:44
Sweden TLY 
delp is not top 10
2012-01-08 00:12
lol ofc he is..seriously THINK
2012-01-08 03:44
Sweden TLY 
ofc he is some tournaments one of the best but he is not as balanced performance as Get_Right who is always in top of every tournment just like NEO
2012-01-08 16:12
but if face is top 14 delp will be ahead of him..its not needed to make big thinking
2012-01-08 21:10
we will see :)
2012-01-08 14:13
yeah, i think he should be 11-14
2012-01-08 15:41
xizt over pasha aslak moddiii ? ^^^ nice ranking guys
2012-01-07 22:57
+1 HAHAHHAHAHA one ranking with starix 20th, edward 15th, Xizt > psh/aslak, face >edward/starix/aslak, trolololol, good ranking :D
2012-01-07 22:59
he deserves even more he was just sick this year, he joined a big team and he played rly well
2012-01-07 23:04
Statistic = math & math don't lie :D
2012-01-07 23:07
if math dont lie than pita should be in the list because he was better than xizt last year
2012-01-08 10:46
So he will be higher than xizt in this ranking. Simply. I still dont get how the hell you guys cannot understand its all about statistics. Its not like some dudes gathered and started picking numbers and names just for lulz.
2012-01-08 11:58
ok if its only about statistic,why is xizt(1.13) before moddii(1.17)? and do you rly think that kalle will be the best player of the year only because of rating? i dont think so...and i rly doubt that pita will be in the top 12 now
2012-01-08 12:17
blaq | 
Denmark Enk3lt 
"Taken from admin comment in Aslak thread" Well, since you are so insistent with comments everywhere attacking the ranking, let me try explaining a bit. Despite having a lower rating, pasha is in front of Dosia due to being so influential in his team's wins (and some big matches), while Dosia as a member of a top5-8 team, wasn't even M5's best player and didn't even get into any All-Star lineups at any event. So, even though Dosia showed higher quality displays over time (better rating), pasha is in front with 2 MVP nominations and 3 All-Star selections. Even with those reasons, pasha couldn't be in front of aslak or anyone else, as his rating was too low compared to the rest, and also he was the least dominant player. On the other hand, aslak actually has the same rating as two players who will be in top6, so he is significantly lowered down the list due to not playing many events. Also, apart from having better rating, aslak is in front of Dosia due to being the best in his team, while Dosia was second best. Also, aslak had an MVP nomination at a major tournament and was the best rated at another. starix, as the lowest rated among the top20 and no All-Star selections, was always set for the 20th position. Although there were many others who didn't make the top20 who were considered for that last spot too. I hope you (and others with similar concerns) at least get now that this wasn't done half-heartedly, even though you might not agree with the end result.
2012-01-08 12:35
2012-01-07 23:21
pasha = bot.
2012-01-08 00:50
fanboy he is the best clutcher, won 41 clutchrounds Xizt > starix , moddii and pasha pasha is bot
2012-01-08 13:48
why fanboy ? i don like pasha starix and especially moddii but they are better than xizt
2012-01-08 22:25
Brazil ptn7 
2012-01-07 22:57
OMGOMGOMG xizt just 13 ? i think he deserves top 10
2012-01-07 22:59
ok so no pita :/ deserved xizt :D.. but i dont think that kalle > xizt , but for what im seeing they are going to put kalle in the ranking :S
2012-01-07 23:00
That's because you probably haven't spectated kalle at all, along with the other ignorant people.
2012-01-07 23:09
+1 but you know what they say haters gonna hate :)
2012-01-08 04:04
Kinda' disappointed by him after what he did in the start of 2011. But he is ofc a player to watch out for in 2012 since fnatic has been on a roll. IMO a top 3 aimer today and but he is not consistent at all. If he can play like he did in the start of 2011, woooow, watch out for Xizt then..
2012-01-07 23:00
Top3 aimer? ahaha gtr, moddii, gux - they`re top3 aimers, xizt may be top10 or smth like that
2012-01-08 03:54
if we talk about aim, pure aim, not considering play-style, the number of kills and stuff, top 3 aimers would be starix, f0rest and dosia
2012-01-08 04:06
trace must be there
2012-01-08 12:16
maybe...starix and f0rest are the best two aimers for sure, I mean shoot2head aim not spray stuff, positioning, the players that pull of the most amazing headshots....maybe trace instead of dosia
2012-01-08 15:08
Xizt is definitely in the top 3 spot. IMO he's better than Gux and GTR if we talk about headshot kills(aim).
2012-01-08 11:57
Finland FRGVN 
where the fuck did you get gux on that top3? :DD
2012-01-08 13:21
Richie <3
2012-01-07 23:01
2012-01-07 23:01
top10 for this kid lol
2012-01-07 23:03
nice year for him :)
2012-01-07 23:04
nice aimer
2012-01-07 23:04
Good read, great player, deserved spot.
2012-01-07 23:05
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
2012-01-07 23:05
2012-01-08 03:44
Face > Xizt. Both kinda calm players with stable performances, but Face seems way more experienced to me.... Maybe its just me thinking so.
2012-01-07 23:05
xizt and stable performances? loled
2012-01-08 10:47
Finland FRGVN 
stable and everytime-awesome are not the same thing... xizt and face make solid 1-2 kills a round usually and have their shining moments at times too.
2012-01-08 13:23
Yea, thats what I meant. :)
2012-01-08 13:42
I'm surprised :) Good job Xizt !
2012-01-07 23:07
Hahhaa this is a joke right? Xizt > Face? HAHAHAHAHAH nice one.
2012-01-07 23:08
2012-01-07 23:09
United States mah9 
it actually isn't just rating. as you can see Dosia had a 1.17 rating, its just a weighted ranking with ratings playing a high role.
2012-01-07 23:10
Yeah. I don't know how exactly they advice which player will take which place, but yep, it something like you said.
2012-01-07 23:13
MVP nominations, team winnings and allstar nominations
2012-01-08 00:08
Mhm, I see. Btw today is my B-day xD
2012-01-08 00:27
happy bday bro
2012-01-08 10:26
2012-01-08 12:04
but his team won pretty much nothing compare as xizt w/ fnatic
2012-01-08 05:37
+1 face >> Xizt this year
2012-01-08 00:54
sure. +1
2012-01-08 09:47
Why, face is not good like xizt xizt > face
2012-01-08 13:52
Deserved! :)) Awesome player, one of my favorites.
2012-01-07 23:08
Deserved :P Next pita <3 xD
2012-01-07 23:11
Deserved in my opinion. If he'd continued the level he had at IEM Europe, he'd be top 1-3. Although there may have been more consistent players below him on the list, no one can beat what he did in the IEM Europe playoff. Best individual performance of the year.
2012-01-07 23:16
2012-01-07 23:15
roman' da woman :DD just kidding ;]]
2012-01-07 23:16
Stop trolling my name, thx.
2012-01-08 02:59
His ace against Na`Vi was just amazing.
2012-01-07 23:11
He came to the 13th place, from nowhere. Seriously, this guy deserves respect.
2012-01-07 23:12
He made his big impact in 2010 and he continues to impress us :)
2012-01-07 23:15
2012-01-08 00:54
he was in top20 last year too :P at 18 i think
2012-01-08 00:08
I mean the whole history of this guy. You need to have an amazing power of will, to come those from those times to top. It's hard now to become a known player, cause the one and the only quality being a KNOWN player is to be a good player. I don't know if I explained well, I am just amazed by him.
2012-01-08 00:13
Argentina sebaxinho 
I understand, he came from nowhere in 2009 with Coldfrag, I think it was a dreamhack, they played really good, or maybe it was 2010, I don't remember, I think he was playing with manne, hyvlarn, etc?
2012-01-08 05:47
don't really remember, but BARBARR was there for sure. maybe dennis too.
2012-01-08 11:41
Argentina sebaxinho 
BARBARR, lidde, pronax, Xizt & Zyppe
2012-01-09 02:36
Well desverd....:) Gl xzit in cumin daz
2012-01-07 23:12
Delpan next
2012-01-07 23:16
fuck...not deserve top 20
2012-01-07 23:26
yeah n0thing deserve top20 in your opinion. stfu he is a great player and in 2011 he played so well, stop commenting shit
2012-01-07 23:30
+1 not deserved even to be in top25 imo
2012-01-07 23:46
f0rest, neo, get_right, taz, markeloff, zeus, gux, delpan, trace, karrigan, kalle and zonic? are these the guys left?
2012-01-07 23:28
i don't think for delpan,kalle,trace delpan doesn't play so good in 2011 imo, kalle doesn't play much tournaments and trace is without team... btw i don't know i am supponing
2012-01-07 23:31
ed1k and friis instead of zonic and zeus
2012-01-07 23:39
or fox instead of ed1k no?
2012-01-07 23:49
+1 top12: Neo,GeT_RiGhT,markeloff,f0rest,Friis kARRiGAN,TaZ,Delpan trace,Gux,kalle,ed1k
2012-01-07 23:53
World WestSideDude 
no ed1k in this top at all... i doubt that he can be better than starix,dosia,moddii,edward,face...
2012-01-07 23:53
if you read the article about dosia you would've noticed that it was literally said that dosia was the 2nd best M5 player in 2011, implying that there's one M5 player getting a better ranking than him, namely EDIK!
2012-01-08 04:10
he was better than this players at this year he was a leader of m5 always
2012-01-08 05:25
as after some lineup changes that team became the new squad of Lions and their form culminated at the end of the year with a 3rd place at DreamHack Winter. 3rd or 2nd? :S
2012-01-07 23:32
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
i think its DH winter 2010 :)
2012-01-07 23:41
2012-01-08 01:45
Romania 7R 
nice Xizt
2012-01-07 23:32
Mexico tim7 
kidding me? he is top 10 world players.
2012-01-07 23:38
World WestSideDude 
you're mad or what? he is top30, hardly even top30.
2012-01-07 23:42
2012-01-08 00:54
2012-01-08 01:09
2012-01-07 23:41
nice xizt, definitely top 10 in the world, always love to watch you play
2012-01-07 23:41
World WestSideDude 
he was good only at IEM Europe... rest events he was so average. I can't understand that top at all..................................... *F*CK*
2012-01-07 23:42
troll, look at his ratings, he was better than his teams average at most events
2012-01-08 00:12
no he wasnt...rofl look at stats.pita,gux,friis>xizt
2012-01-08 11:44
Xizt > pita gux and carn
2012-01-08 13:55
Guys, seriously shut up. BELIEVE ME, thi stats is 100%right. Why? Because tgwri1s wrote it. And know what? He has the biggest knowledge of the overall game. He watched more dems than A N Y of you guys, and he knows what to do, he is best and he is working for for a reason. So just enjoy and read news, that's all.
2012-01-07 23:43
2012-01-07 23:50
omfg get mad? xizt in top20?????? :/ starix 20? Edward 15? MODDII 16? and Xizt 13???? stoooooooop that shitty ranks! please! :]
2012-01-07 23:46
2011, 2000000000000000000000000011. deserved (:
2012-01-08 03:32
shit happens.. how Xizt? in top20?
2012-01-07 23:48
Not deserved imo :\
2012-01-07 23:52
41 times won 1vsX ? :O
2012-01-07 23:54
Russia goodjob 
for example, GTR won 69 times 1vsX and face won 70) most 1vsX this year
2012-01-08 00:17
2012-01-08 00:08
whats up with all the haters? So far this top20 ranking is very fair in my opinion it's based on a fair rating system. You cannot see every match and every performance made by a players but statistics will always show how he played when you didn't watch. Shut up and accept he was the 13th this year. :))
2012-01-08 00:09
2012-01-08 00:09
2012-01-08 00:16
2012-01-08 00:32
Russia goodjob 
maybe, but if he 13th, face must be above
2012-01-08 00:38
just because face won more tournaments duznt mean he performed better than xizt individually. this is individual ranking, not team wise. if people were to take into account the importance of support players, im sure ceh9/loord/kuben and a few others would find their way in the top 20
2012-01-08 02:24
Russia goodjob 
he individually performed better than Xizt
2012-01-08 03:16
in your opinion SK are supposed to have 4 players in top10 and in the end they didn't manage to become "the team of the year" weird huh?
2012-01-08 04:13
Russia goodjob 
if they played with the current lineup from the beginning of the year, they would become team of the year
2012-01-08 05:15
That's a point I'd agree on, and I've said it myself a lot of time, but still in no fucking universe will 4 players from any team be in top10, it has to absolute dominance by that team
2012-01-08 05:31
Russia goodjob 
Delpan deserved it more for playing for fnatic
2012-01-08 05:38
Russia goodjob 
and man) i'm not saying that face should be in top10, but he must be above xizt
2012-01-08 05:40
Russia goodjob 
lol face 4 sure waaaaaaaay better than ceh9,kuben,loord
2012-01-08 03:17
i never said they were better than face. i was just pointing out that support players always get shunted to one side. face is good enuff to be considered amongst the top players.
2012-01-08 06:52
2012-01-08 02:22
+1 dude..
2012-01-08 03:43
more than expected
2012-01-08 00:09
Xizt?!?!?! above face????
2012-01-08 00:12
Xizt = smart, good aim, good prefire ... Don't cry newbies
2012-01-08 00:16
this top is the best joke f the year :D
2012-01-08 00:20
Very expected, said it here before :)
2012-01-08 00:32
Deserved. Mainly due to sick stuff he showed in IEM Euro.
2012-01-08 00:32
for me would have been neo
2012-01-08 00:44
:D:Dhahaa Ok seriously
2012-01-08 01:08
imo he should be on 17-20 place.. not so high as he is.. face>him may be double times..
2012-01-08 00:47
i think that he will in top 10 ehhh, unlucky thirteen :/
2012-01-08 00:54
deserved, MODDI top 10!
2012-01-08 00:59
He was amazing, but his performances werent so stable, thats why just 13, imo
2012-01-08 01:05
how can he be placed above face , starix and pasha ?
2012-01-08 01:11
because he played better? stats never lie
2012-01-08 02:25
top12 - taz,neo,gtr,f0rest,gux,friis,karrigan,basic,ed1k, delpan,zneel/roman ?
2012-01-08 01:30
Russia goodjob 
omg basic? zneel? and where is trace and markeloff?:D
2012-01-08 01:49
On 1st video, how can I made this yellow-black bars for text, and animations on it in Vegas please, anyone to explain ? OT: He's great player, and he helped his team so much in previous year so this place is maybe bad "grade", and I think he should made it in top10, but I'm sure that Friis is gonna be there ^^
2012-01-08 01:34
Ask that in the 'Movies' forum please. Thank you.
2012-01-08 01:48
HLTV so ignorant
2012-01-08 02:11
How come?
2012-01-08 11:07
Neo TaZ GTR f0rest delpan markeloff ed1k karrigan Friis surely will be on the lefe list
2012-01-08 03:13
2012-01-08 03:32
AGE: 21
2012-01-08 03:20
gz to Xizt been great this year well deserved
2012-01-08 03:59
Not much of a POV recording player
2012-01-08 04:02
2011 was a great year for CS, uh?
2012-01-08 05:00
for me f before x but respect hltv
2012-01-08 05:21
one tournament man i remember he became the star after european championship but he was mid-level player at next tournaments i think he must be nearly top16-17
2012-01-08 05:29
I think he is out of top20 or top20 at least.
2012-01-08 13:14
He has a good config.You should check it out on
2012-01-08 06:17
If markelov will be in top 5 that will be a total fail
2012-01-08 06:21
He will be in top3. top1-3 I guess.
2012-01-08 13:13
one of the most talent young players!
2012-01-08 06:21
i just wonder : why do you take some middle tournaments like iem guanzhou and new york into consideration and at the same time forget about msi beat it russia when it had 4 top teams (navi, fnatic, m5, again) and few middle teams likes winfact, anexis, dts. and esl tournaments i mentioned above had 2 top teams each.
2012-01-08 07:46
amazing player!!!
2012-01-08 08:31
Best player <3
2012-01-08 09:38
that ace vs Na'Vi made him a legend ._.
2012-01-08 10:15
nice aimer :D !
2012-01-08 10:16
top 1 aim
2012-01-08 11:30
em what?!
2012-01-08 13:13
The best marksman
2012-01-11 17:58
nice :)
2012-01-08 11:38
12th place goes to... kalle..
2012-01-08 11:39
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
trace markeloff, kalle, karrigan and friis are the only non swedes left in this list ;p
2012-01-08 11:47
deserved. i think this ranking is fair. what else u want? starix better then xizt? starix's individual skill may be better but tbh fnatic won more matches than navi so stfu.
2012-01-08 11:47 FNATIC VS IRANIAN PLAYERS (Nirvana) fnatic lineup: Xizt and cArn Nirvana lineup : 1.MaJeStY QuAke 2.Xenon Static enJoy !!! :D
2012-01-08 12:03
his ace against NAVI is one of the bests aces for me :)
2012-01-08 12:32
2012-01-08 15:25
2012-01-08 12:34
not worth to be in top20
2012-01-08 13:04
that noob? in top 20?????? where is all players from FX, Navi, SK? top 15 is all players from dat teams. whoever but this..... Dosia, Edik >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> xizt
2012-01-08 13:12
2012-01-08 13:11
you're right... this kid was good only at
2012-01-08 13:12
calm down brah
2012-01-08 13:16
Finland FRGVN 
actually in top12 will be atleast these players: GTR Karrigan, Friis, f0rest, Neo, markeloff, roman, Edward, Delpan, TaZ, (maybe SIXER & trace).. but in what order? no clue..
2012-01-08 13:34
roman no in top20, and edward top15 the remaining top 12 will be, gtr markeloff neo f0rest karrigan taz trace delpan friis kalle gux ed1k
2012-01-08 14:52
completely agree with top12
2012-01-08 16:05
Edward is 15 but rest i think i can agree with you
2012-01-08 15:25
deagle first round owns!!!
2012-01-08 13:35
(25x 1vs1, 12x 1vs2, 3x 1vs3 and 1x1vs5) highlight vs na'vi 1vs4
2012-01-08 14:49
Adepto BH Open wasn't counted in the stats that were used for the ranking.
2012-01-08 15:53
#228 this one ? :D
2012-01-08 16:14
nice mini Xizt ^^
2012-01-08 14:50
device | 
Netherlands fiwish 
Xizt good job with that m4a1.
2012-01-08 16:16
2012-01-08 16:22
So can GuX be in this top ?
2012-01-08 16:48
2012-01-08 17:07
Skilled boy.
2012-01-08 17:07
If face is better than Xizt. why he was not mwp of some tournaments? and face can not do it xizt did vs navi in dust2 for sure Xizt > face
2012-01-08 17:14
did face say to you in his bed that he can't do it?
2012-01-08 18:06
OK, when de did it? xizt used just 5 second for top 5 players in 2010. it was edward, starix and markeloff. face can never do it. Ok, face can say: i can do it to, but he can not.
2012-01-08 19:15
Xizt did it once. He cant do it every match. It was just luck, if he could do it every match than he do what face cant. And face has 1000000000x better CT sides than Xizt.
2012-01-08 19:50
Russia goodjob 
and 4 sure t sides too) face's AK - 127481675759 times better than Xizt's
2012-01-08 20:35
xizt is just skilled and nothing more.
2012-01-08 17:32
great year for this individual even though there were ups and downs for fnatic. gj :]
2012-01-08 17:55
coldzera | 
Brazil mrLL 
xizt plays very nice! cool!
2012-01-08 18:10
f0rest's successor :) isn't it?
2012-01-08 20:07
Damn i Predicted :p
2012-01-08 20:40
his colt aim is one of the craziest I've ever seen. true story.
2012-01-08 20:52
amazing,gl xizt
2012-01-09 04:44
haha on the photo, Xizt seems an addict! :D i like it
2012-01-09 06:38
is a monster, when he wants! ~
2012-01-09 06:40
one of my favorite players to watch, this guy will be a monster in the coming years.
2012-01-09 08:26
ecxellent player !!
2012-01-09 11:56
Awesome! Merry Christmas guys
2012-01-10 15:51
Awesome player, though he gonna be in top 10. :/
2012-01-20 13:31
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