SGC wins GIGABYTE league

January 31st, 2012 03:16

Finals of GIGABYTE league were held on the past weekend and in the end it was SGC who emerged victorious at on Saturday.

GIGABYTE league started off with an online phase with the top four teams qualifying for LAN finals held this past Saturday at Cyber Cafe Spalicek in Brno, Czech Republic.

The event started off with a best-of-one group stage where everyone played against everyone with the winner of the group advancing directly to the grand final, second and third placer playing a semi-final match to determine the other finals team and the last place finisher dropping down to the third place match.

myRevenge went 3-0 in the group stage and therefore qualified directly for the finals, eSuba advanced second with two wins and SGC recorded a single win over eEriness who placed last with a 0-3 record.

In the semi-final match SGC faced eSuba on de_inferno where they climbed up to a 15-13 lead before letting eSuba get back into the game and push the game into overtime. It seemed like they ran out of steam at that point though, as eSuba were unable to score another round and lost 0-4 in overtime.

eSuba beat eEriness easily 16-5 on de_train for third place and it was time for grand final. SGC won de_mirage 16-12 and myRevenge tied it up on de_inferno with the same score. It was all decided on de_train where myRevenge won the first half 9-6 and went up 13-8, only to lose eight consecutive rounds as SGC escaped with a 16-13 win.

GIGABYTE league final standings:

1. Slovakia SGC - 5x GIGABYTE X58A-OC
2. Slovakia myRevenge - 5x SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gold
3. Czech Republic eSuba
4. Slovakia eEriness

Storm Games Clan is the official team of Storm Games Club which is the biggest LAN Center in Slovakia. The team most recently won MSR 2011 as BEASTS over eSuba and myRevenge back in November.

Storm Games Clan:

Slovakia Tomáš "benq1" Masaryk
Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs
Slovakia Jakub "kap1" Halás
Slovakia Peter "uno" Lipowski
Slovakia Tomáš "X-RaY" Ostrožlík

GIGABYTE league marks another event where eSuba fails to claim the top spot following Tomáš "Oskar" Šťastný's retirement a couple of months ago. With this event, SGC has now won the last two tournaments held in the region and solidify their spot as the number one team.

Well done boiz ;)
2012-01-31 03:18
pretty much the cb lineup?amirite?
2012-01-31 03:19
Slovakia ABzV 
-benq1 and yes
2012-01-31 07:51
GuardiaN, we wanna see you vs great teams (SK, NAVI, etv) keep up the good work m8!
2012-01-31 03:20
Finland z44z 
He is just like Fallen in Brazil -_-
2012-01-31 03:27
so he will be the best awper at next big event? :)
2012-01-31 03:34
Finland z44z 
Use your brain and you will get it!
2012-01-31 03:48
fallen barely played against top teams, and you probably never saw guardian playing as well, then use your fucking brain before posting shit
2012-01-31 03:58
u never saw guardian against top teams? They was top1 in css with reason gaming
2012-01-31 13:33
he's trying to say that GuardiaN is the only good player there, nothing about awp lol...
2012-01-31 04:12
hes good but I would never compare him to FalleN ._.
2012-01-31 12:26
2012-01-31 03:23
X-RaY from phantoms? OMG HE'S BACK!
2012-01-31 03:29
2012-01-31 03:34
3. eSuba - 20 free hours in net cafe !
2012-01-31 03:33
Finland z44z 
haha interesting price !!
2012-01-31 03:47
2012-01-31 10:48
on Uzbekiston Storm
2012-01-31 03:42
Serbia Lzrk 
Well done, gratz! :)
2012-01-31 03:57
Slovakia EvErisT 
nice boys
2012-01-31 05:42
GuardiaN from cs:source? He was the best in source.
2012-01-31 07:46
Slovakia ABzV 
Yes yes...good morning
2012-01-31 07:52
Slovakia ten chester 
2012-01-31 14:29
Slovakia pljr 
2012-01-31 08:46
GuardiaN play for Reason gaming 1 year ago?
2012-01-31 09:06
yes...the best css awper
2012-01-31 09:22
France syy. 
not the best but one of the best ;)
2012-01-31 09:28
no he was the best...noone was better with awp when he played in reason gaming
2012-01-31 09:32
France syy. 
in cadreds Top 10 Greatest European AWPers he was ranked on 4th position and above him were players like orga , crZ and RattlesnK ;)
2012-01-31 09:43
cadreds ranks were fail...with players even with teams:)
2012-01-31 09:55
no oskar! no fun...bye esuba:D
2012-01-31 09:22
Not really. Semifinals were BO1 and eSuba lost to SGC in overtime. Btw in group stage eSuba won over SGC 16-5.
2012-01-31 12:51
i know that it was bo1(fail imo) and i think that noone care about group stage...all teams advanced(i know that the first went to final but rest went to play off)
2012-01-31 13:38
thats right :) anyway @MSR it was 16 5 16 6 for us in the final and eSuba played with oskar :)
2012-01-31 13:38
16 3 16 5
2012-01-31 14:03
i know im from cz:D and i rly dont want to adulterate your achievs,you deserved to win:)
2012-01-31 14:51
good job guys
2012-01-31 10:38
nice work sgc
2012-01-31 10:49
Portugal DKKK 
GuardiaN is so sick with awp in hands!
2012-01-31 11:06
thanks guys :)
2012-01-31 11:47
good job. gl further
2012-01-31 12:28
2012-01-31 12:43
2012-01-31 13:16
ns boys :)
2012-01-31 13:55
line up of myRevenge ?:D
2012-01-31 14:03
ppk enorm j0sse StaN gioTive
2012-01-31 14:09
thanks :P
2012-01-31 14:10
2012-01-31 14:33
2012-01-31 14:07
Slovakia uno1 
Hello, sorry for disturbing you, we are looking for some idlers into our mIRC channel #SGC.svk to expand our identity and our name in Europe. Thanks a lot for your willingness and have a nice day.
2012-01-31 14:27
2012-01-31 14:28
Slovakia zen' 
nice SGC and myR, unhappy 4 eSuba
2012-01-31 14:31
nice SGC seems a promising team, gl in future :) benq1 best xDD
2012-01-31 15:40
-benq1, cuz he rly sucks.. + baf0/uNreaL
2012-01-31 15:58
if you say :DDDDD
2012-01-31 16:31
Slovakia uno1 
of couse! Picking inactive players can be awesome for every team, especialy when they want improve
2012-01-31 16:33
didnt know they are inactive.. I saw baf0 had good performance @ NC.. So just saying.. Btw love you guys for making our scene better than it was. :)
2012-01-31 20:08
Slovakia uno1 
They stop active playing some years ago. Bafo playing for fun mixes with some friends. I wanted someone with lot of experiences to team, thats why i called him for NC :)
2012-01-31 20:29
co tak rovno zvozickovat skreka? :D
2012-02-01 11:43
2012-01-31 23:33
wish they had something going on in the u.s. (even though i am not active atm:)
2012-02-01 00:18
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