CS:GO beta review & gallery

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is expanding its beta phase and has seen numerous updates included recently, so we decided to take a look at how the game seems to be doing right now.

Early on there has been a lot of criticism towards the early beta of CS:GO as players have deemed it too much like Counter-Strike: Source, a game made only for consoles and so on. The game has now seen its first few updates and while still in early beta, we're taking a look at it to see how it is doing.

Overall feel

If I said the game resembles CS 1.6 more than CS:S as it is right now I would be lying, and quite frankly even CS:S feels smoother. It is however worth noting that the game is still in early beta and just about everything is still up to be tweaked, modified and changed. Right now the overall feel of the game is fairly sluggish and you don't feel like you're in control of your character fully, not the same way you feel while playing Counter-Strike 1.6 anyways.

Granted, I played some CS:S for comparison's sake as well, and I do feel like it has been changed a lot and it seems a lot more like 1.6 in comparison to CS:GO right now and even the movement and guns feel more accurate. However, that is not to say this game could not develop into something that could take over competitively, as we have to remember it is still in very early beta stages in its development.


The in-game menu for settings up your game, changing binds, crosshair or volume is really hard and complicated to go through right now and you can tell it's clearly been made with console players in mind. There is no quickly going to the options and changing your name or crosshair from there (and you have to change your name in STEAM Friends to change it, exactly like in CS:S), as it simply takes too much time.

Same goes for the buying menu as well which has seen new numbers for each type of equipment and made buying things much slower, as at least for me after some time playing the easiest way to buy was still clicking on icons with my mouse. The buying menu takes over your entire screen, instead of being small text on the side like the menu you can choose in CS 1.6.

Very consoleish buy menu

Money system

Valve has finally seeminly just copied the CS 1.6 money system over to CS:GO's competitive mode, although the money system, oddly enough, is still ridiculous low in terms of being able to buy weapons in the casual mode. This means you still get $1,400 for losing your first round, and if you lose multiple rounds in a row, you keep getting $500 each time up until you reach $3,300. Something that definitely needs to be changed is how much money you get for a kill, as currently killing someone with an SMG nets you $900 while getting an AWP frag will only get you $50. Average weapons give you $300. Winning a round nets you $3,250, unless it's with a bomb explosion, in which case the number is $3,500.

On top of that, one thing that I feel like should be changed in the competitive mode, is penalizing a player $3,300 for killing a teammate, as in the competitive setting losing a teammate is bad enough, there is no need to take money away from them too. It also still features some odd awards, such as a $300 personal bonus for the defuser/planter (on top of the $800 bonus for Terrorists when planting the bomb but losing the round), which could also make defusing the bomb a part of the strategy in order to give the team's sniper more money.

You also do not have to purchase bullets in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as in CS: Source style fashion any gun you purchase automatically comes with full amount of bullets for it. Also, you can pick up all types of nades from the ground from your fallen teammates or opponents, so only a certain team mate having a flash for a setup and him dying won't actually ruin the round entirely, as another player can simply pick it up and use it instead of him.


Fans of the CS 1.6 style movement will be disappointed to hear that both crouch hopping and bunny hopping have been disabled in CS:GO which slows down the pace of the game quite a bit. The newest update finally makes it possible to make small and precise movements, as opposed to the earlier versions where it felt like the smallest amount you could move was just a chunk, now it feels possible to move precisely. However, the penalty for jumping or crouching is still a lot and even running seems a tiny bit slow to me, so overall CS:GO simply doesn't offer the same kind of fluid movement that exists in CS 1.6.


Generally it is hard to tell where sounds are coming from, especially foot step sounds. They are hard to notice and unreliable, even more so than CS:S. This is one part of the game that needs to be improved on greatly should CS:GO ever become a big competitive title, as right now it seems like sounds add little to nothing to the game. Most of the time you can only hear an echo, making it harder to tell which direction any sound is actually originating from.


The recoil is still way too strong for practically all weapons and it feels like controling a spray is simply impossible. Although it has slowly improved over the updates that have so far been released, currently the recoil is still too hard to control and gets out of control really easily even within short distances. Right now it seems like tapping is almost as hard as well, and the only fully precise way of shooting down your opponents is simply tapping single bullets very slowly, which obviously can not stay that way for a version suitable for competition.

Tracers are also visible in CS:GO, meaning you can literally see your bullets flying as you're shooting your opponents, which I'm personally not a fan of. I've seen the same feature in various single player games and I'm sure it's yet another feature that has been made with console players in mind. Hopefully it will be possible to turn it off in the future with a simple console command, but right now it just seems like another pointless feature.


[4:25:28] João Mendonça: works on doors at close range
[4:25:35] João Mendonça: and boxes
[4:25:51] João Mendonça: (made of wood or metal)
[4:25:57] João Mendonça: walls = no
Wallbanging works sort of like in CS:S in CS:GO, as you can spam doors and boxes (both wooden and metal) from close range. It is also possible to spam the very corners of walls which makes the game a lot better as you can no longer simply take one step to the side and save yourself from getting killed, so while not perfect to most of CS 1.6 fans, it's a step in the right direction. Personally, regardless of how realistic people think it may or may not be, I think spamming is a great feature in CS and should not simply be cut out just like that. It adds a ton of strategy, and let's be real - shooting someone in their upper torso ten times and them not dying, or inbetween the eyes once isn't realistic either. And honestly, games do not need to be realistic.

Equipment and weapons

The game already features a wide variety of guns and more will be added as the beta gets closer to completion and the actual game rolls out. Currently featured for pistols are Glock-18, Desert Eagle, Tec-9 (for Ts) and P2000 (CTs) and for heavy, the Nova shotgun and an M249 (Para). for SMGs available are PP-Bizon, MP7 and UMP-45. In rifles we have AK-47 (for Ts), M4A4 (Colt, for CTs), AUG (for CTs), SG 553 (SIG for Ts), SSG 08 (Scout) and an AWP. Finally, under gear you can purchase a Defuse kit (CTs only) HE grenade, Flashbang, Smoke grenade, Decoy grenade and a Molotov cocktail (for Terrorists) or an Incendiary grenade (for Counter-Terrorists).

The newest update to the game finally added Defuse kits as items that can be purchased (though for the hefty price of $400) as opposed to randomly given to two team members at the beginning of the round. It also finally separated kevlar vest and kevlar + helmet from each other as two separate items, so you can purchase just a kevlar for $650 now.

Radar is very similar to CS:S in the sense that you can see your opponent's last known location on it, the bomb, defuse kits and your teammates. If you do get blind, there is no radartype command to make the radar stay visible. It also looks more like a small map than a pure 1.6 type radar, as you can see the elements of a map on it graphically as opposed to just a big green area with dots. Also, the scoreboard currently covers your entire HUD, so it's impossible to see anything at all while looking at the new decked out scoreboard that even shows your and your teammate's money.

The HE grenade is clearly overpowered right now, as a single grenade can take out a player with 100hp, therefore making nades must buys on pistol rounds as you can easily score frags without even touching your opponents with a weapon, thus making HE stacks on save rounds extremely powerful even against terrorists with armor. There is a chance this is just a temporary glitch however as they were not as powerful in the alpha version of the game, but that remains to be seen.

Flashbang is very similar with the one in CS:S, meaning it makes you deaf, blinds your entire screen (including radar and crosshair) and once it's finally wearing off, it'll still be next to impossible to tell what is going on as your last vision (flashback) before getting blind is sort of stuck in the eyes of the player, overlapping with the real image of what you see. You can at least dodge the flashes slightly better than in CS:S, but they still seem a little too powerful for competitive play as flash executions should almost guarantee round wins in CS:GO.

Decoy grenade is a new addition to Counter-Strike and it basically fakes the sound of whatever weapon you have at the time. For example, as you hear Terrorists coming out long A on de_dust2, if you're behind the corner of long, you could throw a decoy grenade in the pit and it would sound as if you were shooting there, thus likely to fool an opponent. This also now works two ways, as once people get used to Decoy grenades, it might also work to throw one right under you, and making the other team think that is not where you are.

Smoke grenades are like the ones in CS:S as well, so they're very powerful, much more so than in CS 1.6. A single smoke grenade will cover a large area of the map and completely block a player's vision. Much like every other grenade in CS:GO, the physics are exactly like in CS:S, as far as throwing them goes. It also explodes instantly just like in CS:S and in CS 1.6, so you can quickly block out entire areas of a map with just one Smoke grenade.

Molotov cocktail/Incendiary grenade are the same exact thing, just named differently as the Counter-Terrorists in real life would not be using a Molotov cocktail to stop Terrorists. It seems very powerful as you simply can not run through one if another player throws one into any specific spot, and is priced at $850. The problem I see with either one, is that it seems like a grenade that will only make the winning team win more, as a team that is losing would not spend their money on it, but it would give an even bigger advantage to the team that is already up in score, and money.

P-2000 (USP-like but with a 13 bullet magazine) and Glock-18 resemble the guns they originated from and seem to function quite well. Desert Eagle might be a little too strong as of right now just like in CS:S, but it's still at least reasonable. However, I do think the newest addition, Tec-9 for the Terrorists, is way too overpowered especially for its $400 price tag. It features a 32 bullet clip, semi automatic rate of fire and it seems to do quite a bit of damage as well.

AWP and Scout have a really annoying feature when zoomed in and walking, as the motion blur makes it nearly impossitble to see anything that is going on in your screen, so clearing areas while zoomed in is extremely hard in CS:GO. This makes both weapons much more stationary in comparison to CS 1.6 where you can easily walk into areas zoomed in and clear spots while going for picks as a Terrorist. Overall both guns act fairly similar to their earlier counter parts.

AK-47 and M4A4 are also similar to their CS:S versions, although the Colt does not feature a silencer just yet in the beta. Recoil patterns for both are still too high, but at least tapping feels better now and if you can single bullet tap the other team, you're guaranteed to get kills.

Same goes for SG-553 and AUG (which were added in the latest update), both seem fairly similar to their earlier versions and luckily their zoom feature (which is the same as GALIL's will be once introduced) has not been tarnished by the motion blur that is sure to appear when moving with a Scout or an AWP. Recoil patterns feels sligthly worse than with an AK or a Colt just like in CS 1.6.

M249 or Para was also added in the newest update to the game and seems to have the same features as it always has; 100 bullet magazines, being able to buy 200 bullets on the side and slightly slower rate of fire than other rifles. The Nova shotgun seems a bit too powerful from close range as you can simply shoot a guy in their torso once to score a kill. Although it's surely just Valve's way to try to make the gun more useful, I don't think it's really necessary for the competitive side of things.

In SMGs we have MP7 (MP5, for CTs), a PP-Bizon (for Ts) and the UMP-45 for both teams. All SMGs seem to do fairly little damage but the one that definitely sticks out is PP-Bizon which comes with a magazine size of 64 bullets, clearly superior to its counter part or the UMP-45. Precision wise none of the guns are great; they're SMGs after all, but offer some cheaper options to teams low on money.

In the earlier version of the game played in the all stars match held at IEM6 Global Challenge New York and DreamHack Winter the game featured a wider variety of weapons including GALIL (which now has an AUG-like zoom function) as well as FAMAS. Most of the old weapons will be added to the game later on, but simply do not exist yet. This also is the case for Taser.


The maps seem to be modified versions of the CS:S maps overall, with de_inferno and de_dust2 being practically just ported over with very small modifications, while de_nuke and de_train have seen some changes made. The original de_dust has also seem some changes, but probably still won't see much play time in the competitive scene. The annoying fog that was present in CS:S makes its reappearance in CS:GO as well, making it impossible to see far away and ruining your FPS in the process.

Dust has seen some changes as they have included a new tunnel from the underpass going up on the Terrorist side of the sniper deck, but the map still heavily favors the Counter-Terrorists and will undoubtedly be forgotten just as quickly as it was years ago in CS 1.6. To make matters worse, the best spawn from the defending team can always push into the tunnels and get a free pick on the Terrorists trying to enter the area, or throw an early Incendiary grenade in to slow the map down even more than before. There is also a helicopter in the CT spawn which takes off at the beginning of every round, leaving the area full of dust as a result.

Dust2 seems almost like an exact port of its CS:S version including the B doors that are turned around. Although I haven't played CS:S much, I can't think of a single difference in the map in comparison to its Source counter part. It is no longer possible to flash over giant areas of the map however which is a pleasant update, but other than that the map still features the cars in the B bomb site, crossing of long, lots of small objects on top of the A bomb site and in B tunnels, et cetera.

Inferno would be hard to describe for anyone who has not seen the CS:S version of it, as the CS:GO map resembles its CS:S version quite a bit. Banana has seen some changes and you can no longer AWP all the way down from the B entrance as you'll now have to push towards the old headbox area to see far down. Small pit no longer exists, the same quick way towards B from CT spawn arch has been included that is in CS:S and makes splitting into the B site much easier.

Nuke has seen the backstairs area from outside to the lower bombsite removed completely, thus rendering outside al ot less useful for Terrorists which gives the Counter-Terrorists a chance to focus on the upper bomb site and ramp area that much more. On top of that, the lower bomb site no longer has the back room nor the short hall way linking the two areas. Apart from the giant barrels added in the middle of the site (and the forklift from CS:S), the upper bomb site resembles its CS 1.6 version fairly well. Both the glass door in lower and the squeeky door can be blasted open with a HE grenade as well. Up until the newest update vents were exactly like in CS:S where you could simply run through them,but Valve has changed that now to more 1.6 like where you have to crouch.

Train's newest version has seen a lot of the trains removed on both bombsites (thus making the sites a lot more open), a secondary tower added on the Counter-Terrorist side of yard as well the bomb train moved to the area previously known as between five trains. On top of that, it's no longer possible to go under any of the trains on the map, which removes a lot of the lurking aspect of the map. Ladders are still on the sides of the trains as opposed to their ends just like in CS:S, and overall it doesn't seem like de_train even resembles it's CS 1.6 counter part anymore, but is rather just a large aim map with small objects here and there blocking the way.


Visually the game is pleasing to the eye on 1920x1080 resolution, although the graphics are not up to date with today's newest game releases. However, on top of requiring much better hardware to run than CS 1.6 or even CS:S, it is sometimes extremely hard to notice things around the map. This makes me wonder if players would eventually simply config their games out in Quake style fashion in order to make the maps better playable, as Valve has added a lot of unnecessary little things around the maps to make them better looking with tiny details.

The game has a neat feature in the freezetime (which is completely useless though) where your game has almost all of its saturation taken away which then comes back as the round actually begins. Although this offers much more contrast to the colors than normal, it still feels like CS:GO is a little black and white to me, and doesn't offer as many different color schemes as CS 1.6. Personally I'm a big fan of Inferno's and Tuscan's color schemes, and although Tuscan doesn't exist yet in CS:GO and I can't comment on it, overall CS:GO lacks saturation.

Motion blur is another annoying addition although I would hope you can turn it off fully (or rather, you're allowed to) once/if the game hits real competition. To me it feels like I'm playing the Need for Speed -series rather than CS, and it seems like a truly worthless feature for a computer game. For a console game however, it definitely makes sense.


With both ESEA and ESL already hosting online tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it seems clear that tournament organizers hope for players to switch over and it begs the question; Will CS:GO take over CS 1.6 as the dominant FPS title in today's eSports? As of right now, even though Valve has so far denied plans of hosting a tournament such as "The International" for DotA2, it seems that event organizers are very much interested in the game.

On the flip side of the coin, World Cyber Games recently announced voting for its games for the 2012 event to be held in China, and while CS 1.6 has been listed as a potential candidate, both CS:S and CS:GO are missing from the list. It's definitely too early to say for sure, but if CS:GO managess to get in a lot of new players as expected, chances are high that tournament organizers will at least try to have it take over CS 1.6 just like with CS:S back in the days, but whether or not it will be successful remains to be seen.

For over 130 screenshots of CS:GO, visit our gallery here. Do you have more requests for CS:GO related content on HLTV.org or an opinion on the game? Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel!

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sorry for replying to your post but I want ppl to see this. When you talk about this game stop thinking about it like it a final version ready to go on sale. Stop saying it's shit just because u don't like the screenshots, or just because another person said so. I've been playing it since 1 week, before playing it i was thinking that it looks like shit. well after i played it first time i changed my mind. it looks quite good actually. It's true it has problems(it's BETA wtf!?) but the good part is that valve are working on it and in 1 week they made 2 updates that changed the game a lot. "the recoil is shit", every person that plays csgo agrees, valve agreed aswell, but they already did a few updates on it and it's starting to get better. I personally dislike only 2 things. 1) i hate that the he does 100+dmg when it explodes next to you. 2) sometimes the fog gets a bit annoying, but it's kinda ok. I have submitted some bugs and they were solved. so the devs are actually listening to the testers which is a good sing. wait until the game is released, or at least until you get a key and you play more than 1 map in the game before giving your negative feedback
2012-02-26 09:18
feedback are useful to let know to valve/developers what they need to change
2012-02-26 22:11
no one says that the game looks shit. The game feels like shit. It plays nothing like cs, more like COD.
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Key for me :=) Just kidding. I really want to test GO =)
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low game.
2012-02-25 15:26
+1. CS:GO=CS:S 2.0 I have spent lots of hours in CS:S (shame on me) and by reading this review, which I think is the best we can read by now, I can say that it will be the same shit CS:S is: a good game to have fun but a shitty game to make it competitive.
2012-02-26 13:40
A lot more text than I ever wrote in my blog haha :P Will read it now :) EDIT: Do you know whether they will modify the recoil any time soon? As you seem agree with me on that matter.
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+ 100000000000000000!!!! CS 1.6 ROCKS!
2012-02-25 19:01
Should have just put this at the top of the article.
2012-02-26 08:14
really shit game to be honest.. inferno - fucked, train - fucked. Only de_dust and de_dust2 is playable..
2012-02-25 15:28
h8 it how can think that it's good?
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valve dont care about are thoughts. cs promod ftw. global offence sucks. HLTV.org please no more gloabl offensive crap.
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my friend got a beta key and i tried it, and i can say it SUCKS ASSHOLE. one of the worst games i've seen in some time. aiming sucks, the graphics are kinda ok, but still 4/10. overall i wouldnt buy it for 5€, 1/10
2012-02-25 15:36
You wouldn't buy a beta game idiot.
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2012-02-25 15:44
first sentence of the review is a bit odd. Breaking it down: "It would be lying to not say" = the following will be true what's left: "the game doesn't resemble CS:S way more than CS 1.6" I assume you wanted to say it's quite a bit more like cs:s than 1.6. In this case you are not saying that. correction would be "It would be lying to not say the game resembles" as always, i could be wrong. tricky triple negatives
2012-02-25 15:52
"It would be lying not to say the game resembles..."
2012-02-26 13:04
They fixed it shortly after I posted.
2012-02-26 13:08
It would be lying to not say the game resembles what u wrote "It would be lying not to say the game resembles..."
2012-02-26 13:10
That's what i wrote because that's what they wrote. I don't see the problem.
2012-02-26 13:14
Great review, i would like to add that Nova shotgun cost only 1500$ for that amount of power , and DGL is too accurate.I hope that they will fix it soon :D, game is very funny and after all updates i think that it will be very playable both for cs:s and 1.6 players.
2012-02-25 15:45
Obviously it's a game for 10-12 year old kids, who will appreciate the fancy graphics more than the in-game feeling...GG Valve you apparently have not learned anything !
2012-02-25 15:46
apparently you are not understanding anything, how you people can expect to be even half close to 1.6, if its a console game... the real cs should come out soon if they realy will work on that
2012-02-25 19:25
What was Source if it wasn't CS 2?
2012-02-25 19:43
I'm not expecting it to be like 1.6, I'm just expecting that they make something competitive, which CS:GO isn't....oh and stop with that CS 2 bullshit, it's a fucking lame marketing trick
2012-02-25 19:49
I still have faith in Valve, Gabe said this isn't CS 2.0 (that would require a lot of research into the pro scene to make the game decent and competitive just like 1.6), so it'd be quite a blasphemy to name it like that. He also said that the 2.0 version of the game will feature another engine (source v2?) and it will probably be released alongside Half Life 3 or HL2: Episode Three or stuff like that. So basically Valve just made a Counter Strike game for console kiddies to enjoy. PS: Gabe also said that CS 2.0 WILL BE REALLY REALLY DIFFERENT as it won't resemble CS:S or CS:GO and will be rather CS:1.6-ish :D. So let's just hope.
2012-02-25 20:03
+1 we can only hope, but its realy for real to have a cs 2.0, because they see how STILL competitive is a 11years old game so i think they will should or are motivated enough to replace it and make a realy realy good game
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Your in denial
2012-02-26 16:00
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the skins of weapons are very bads.. I think... 1.6 4ever <3
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"And honestly, games do not need to be realistic." Couldn't agree more! Great review!
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jea, but this is not cool if players are jumping like some kind of a superheros and basically walking like their flying. Also if your jumping you can actually touch a edge of a roof with your head.. where's the logic... There are also no places to cover behind. De_train has soooo few trains that basically your walking in the field where are some 10cm*10cm rocks to cover behind. Same problem is with de_inferno. And atm all the playable weapons are deagle, awp, knife and molotov and i'm bretty sure that molotov will be banned like shield in cs 1.6
2012-02-25 16:02
Even though its in early beta i think we can all agree that its not even going to become remotely close to 1.6, the best 1.6ers can hope for is it will be slightly better than source.
2012-02-25 15:50
i want to try it :(
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ugly maps
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for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it seems clear that tournament organizers hope for players to switch over and it Nobody can make people to switch game. WCG dropped CS 1.6 but people didn't watch the other CS's. But Sponsors care viewers not graphics or other things. And they didn't dropped their money to empty game again. CS:GO's like a CS:CZ. Same engine but modified gameplay and new game modes. We saw CS:S after CS:CZ and we're sure 'there will be a CS2' so we can see CS 2 soon. All of this community is loving same things. Recoil, skill.. We can switch if they make a game that we can like.
2012-02-25 16:13
Make the spray and recoil better.Like 1.6 Unable bunnyhop Make some little changes and all will start playing CS-GO
2012-02-25 16:06
junk... cs 1.6 way better
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2012-02-25 16:31
one key for me pls!
2012-02-25 16:32
2012-02-25 16:38
stop begging for a key :S it's not like they are going to give it to you :S anyway, nothing good about this game for now
2012-02-25 16:38
shittiest cs version
2012-02-25 16:44
Brazil th3W 
I want a damn key
2012-02-25 16:44
2012-02-25 16:44
Bulgaria ADR` 
even source looks better, wtf is that shit? it's like cod and css in one, sucks . I doubt any pro players to change 1.6 with this..
2012-02-25 16:52
coolstory bro <31.6
2012-02-25 16:52
make the game fast... plz just do that.. a game with fast 1.6 like movement... i care about nothing else... just the movement...
2012-02-25 16:54
"On top of that, one thing that I feel like should be changed in the competitive mode, is penalizing a player $3,300 for killing a teammate, as in the competitive setting losing a teammate is bad enough, there is no need to take money away from them too. It also still features some odd awards, such as a $300 personal bonus for the defuser/planter (on top of the $800 bonus for Terrorists when planting the bomb but losing the round), which could also make defusing the bomb a part of the strategy in order to give the team's sniper more money." best part of this article :D !!
2012-02-25 16:54
This is so 'sourcy'.
2012-02-25 16:55
its like source/call of duty...CRAP
2012-02-25 16:59
that money system sounds so retarded i cant even believe what ive just read .... but lets give it a shot when its finished
2012-02-25 17:00
1.6 the best cs 4ever
2012-02-25 17:05
give me a keyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
2012-02-25 17:16
2012-02-25 17:18
gimme a key!!! I WANT IT !
2012-02-25 17:18
If you dislike CSS then you dislike also CS GO, then stop to speak about that shit thanks.
2012-02-25 17:25
I don't like talking shit but : Condition Zero failed. Source failed. Why wouldn't Global Offensive fail ? It will indeed fail as much as the others.
2012-02-25 17:29
in what way source fails? people play it. theres updates coming in, they have a community of people who love the game.
2012-02-25 17:46
Yeah, we can see the community. (REALLY HUGE) And you're saying updates are good . those updates made source worse!
2012-02-25 17:48
well better have a small community of people who actually know what they're are talking about, rather than a HUGE community (hltv.org for example) who have no sense about what they're talking about. (your example)
2012-02-25 17:53
Your viewers numbers are amazing. We saw the how CS:S is big.
2012-02-25 18:26
you do realize that more people prefer watching 1.6 streams and so? I'm not saying that css is better than 1.6, if your trying to make an argument.
2012-02-25 20:17
source community cant know much about anything at all since they are playing that awful game
2012-02-25 20:18
css is awful, cs 1.6 is 10 years old. who cares.
2012-02-25 20:20
oh woaw ! there are so many leagues for source. so many tournaments. SO MANY GOOD TEAMS ! OH MY GAD !
2012-02-25 17:53
there tons of teams, google it if you want. also there is leagues, google again. and well tournaments yes, not so much, but because of 1.6 wouldn't you think?
2012-02-25 17:55
put 1.000€ and start a tournament or league. f0rest has more viewers right now than your ESWC 2011 final viewers.
2012-02-25 18:28
why should I? didn't watch eswc final, don't care.
2012-02-25 20:19
thanks for confirming my point, "because of 1.6". because 1.6 > source, 1.6 > condition zero and 1.6 > CS:GO. basically, Valve is wasting their time on a broken game that won't succeed.
2012-02-26 17:38
if you actually read anything related to cs:go its not supposed to replace 1.6, its a console game, so who cares again? and saying 1.6 > cs:go when you haven't even play it ant being only beta stage is stupid. this is only till CS2 comes out.
2012-02-26 17:59
I played the beta and it blows. and seeing how bad the beta is, there is no way it could ever meet my "1.6" expectations.
2012-02-26 20:59
2012-02-27 07:20
they ll need 10 yrs to make this beta become good. therefore, beta or no beta, it ain't a valid argument.
2012-02-28 20:24
they don't because this is a console game till CS 2.0 comes out
2012-02-29 16:43
We have loads of lans in DK. 2 weeks ago HKLAN gathered 55 css teams only from DK
2012-02-26 16:28
fuck valve they should make beta for all -.-
2012-02-25 17:36
Key key key
2012-02-25 17:36
Mexico tim7 
i hate that m4a1 and ak models
2012-02-25 17:41
that buy menu says it all: We don't give a shit about simplify things.
2012-02-25 17:41
1.6 forever <3
2012-02-25 17:50
bull shit preview preview all shit!!!!!!! its just for kids this game valve trying to make its market not its game play or recoil or weapons anything compares with cs 1.6!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-25 17:52
good read
2012-02-25 17:53
Nice to see comments retard people who didn't play CS:GO and they're talking something like: shit, sucks or 1.6>all. It's hard to change something in your nerd grey life and give GO a chance?
2012-02-25 17:55
no videos? cmon...
2012-02-25 17:56
2012-02-25 17:58
a key please . ;)
2012-02-25 18:00
cl_stop_begging 0 imo sux :] 1.6 4 life :]
2012-02-25 18:01
World dik 
What the hell is up with all of these people spamming the comment section asking for a key?? Anyways, I can agree that some of these changes and additions can be frustrating that valve/hidden path have created. However, I totally get why they have done things the way they have thus far. I seems like everyone is raging because it's different then 1.6 or source. Our society as a whole does not embrace change so I understand why most people are complaining but you need to at least attempt to see the positive in what they have done. I seem to see a lot more rage from 1.6 fan boys that refuse to give up their extremely aged game to play anything "different". That is the key word. It's not what you are used to so it's bad in your eyes. It's so far from being a bad game. That's such an insult to the development/design community who pour their hearts into these games and work day and night to provide these changes for you to find a few things that are different and tell the world the game is shit. I'm not saying we should let valve/hidden path shove these changes down our throats but I just think we should be a bit more open instead of comparing this game to 1.6 or source and writing off the change if it is different.
2012-02-25 18:04
Definitely. People are being narrow-minded and stubborn. The 1.6 community has been given an opportunity to make this game better and offer their own constructive criticism. Instead of just making another CS the way they wanted to, VALVE reached out to us to tell them what we think. Instead, we have insulted them with comments like "shit game" and "CS 1.6 forever" before even trying the game. We have to judge the game only once we have exhausted all available means to make it better. P.S. BETA KEY PLOX!!!?!
2012-02-25 20:32
Dont really care about online gaming except CS1.6: You notice that the T/CTS are on different teams straight away (even if u havent seen CS before) and the maps are simple and theres not that much useless shit (makes the game easier to spectate)... CSS/CSGO's player models are all very dark and full of details, i dont know if im just stupid, but u just cant tell the difference between the models straight away. (Otherwise pretty same thoughts as Martin..) (TY for the key HLTV.org)
2012-02-25 18:07
Did anyone notice that the "enemies" are always shown with red font? It confuses me.
2012-02-25 18:44
2012-02-25 20:08
damnit, no 1.6 recoil & no 1.6 movements. The game is fucked up
2012-02-25 18:09
What annoys me the most, without having actually tried the game yet, is that Valve seems to have no idea what makes a game work in a competitive way. It's honestly like none of the Valve guys have even spent a lot of time playing 1.6 and Source. In the end this is what I fear will be the thing that stops CS:GO from becoming what we want. Valve simply doesn't care if the game turns out to be a success as an e-sport. They just want to sell a lot of games to kids, they don't realize there is a damn goldmine waiting to be opened if they just turn to the professional scene. Well, luckily I suppose there is a long way to go before the game is finally released. Unluckily, the road to make the game a success as an e-sport is even longer, and until proven wrong I seriously doubt Valve will actually make it all the way.
2012-02-25 18:09
You're wrong. Golden words from Valve to understand CS:GO and stop shouting them ; That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2.
2012-02-25 18:33
Yes, I just hope they realease this CS:GO for the casual gamers and kids, and after that they release something like CS2 for the competitive scene, a game with 1.6 gameplay and good graphics would dominate the FPS competitive scene for much more years.
2012-02-25 18:42
give me key ;)
2012-02-25 18:15
Sweden taM 
A good wright-up Martin! Several changes seem to slow the pase of the game down, which i really think is the wrong way to go. I would, if anything, want to see the pase of 1.6 increase instead somewhat. I think it makes it more fun for spectators, and - assuming it's done correctly - could increase the level of individual skill of the game. The changes might make it slightly more realistic, but realism shouldn't take priority over gameplay and spectator enjoyment.
2012-02-25 18:18
just scrolled to comments
2012-02-25 18:32
i can't believe that more than 3800 guys wanted key for this game, they can whine how cs is dying, well they are killin it
2012-02-25 18:34
Thanks for the article. Now i hate cs:go even more than before ^^
2012-02-25 18:34
very well said :D:D
2012-02-25 19:07
I read only part of text but looks like its long way to complete game ;(
2012-02-25 18:40
csgo - suxx
2012-02-25 18:57
That was pretty nice to read this preview, Martin. Thanks! This game reminds me TF2, CS:S and CoD - these games isn't for those who loves to improve skill in aiming, movement, etc. CS:GO is for fun. All those Molotov cocktails, incendiary grenades is too much just like in TF2. This game would like to 9-12 years old kids because of those fancy graphics and equipments. Meaby when it will be able to download this game for free, I'ill download it just because I want to try it. But I'ill not switch cs 1.6 to CS:GO.
2012-02-25 18:59
2012-02-26 07:25
shit game. 1.6 <3!!!
2012-02-25 19:14
I think you can put all your cs 1.6 skill in to your ass while you'd be playing this game. Absolutely shittered game for COD lovers or Battlefield lovers, but not for cs 1.6 lovers
2012-02-25 19:20
ammm its still in early beta, and once launches you can expect some new version from valve in the upcoming years. i think its going to be a really hard start (keeping in mind its competing against 1.6) but eventually it will surpass 1.6
2012-02-25 19:26
give me key pls
2012-02-25 19:44
Italy </3 
Shit can't imagine someone on his PS3 or Xbox 360 playing this. lol
2012-02-25 19:48
key pls!nc game!
2012-02-25 19:49
And honestly, games do not need to be realistic. definetely.
2012-02-25 19:55
Denmark JtS 
Started playing yesterday, and it definitely needs a lot of work.
2012-02-25 19:58
fantastic review! I hope valve read this.
2012-02-25 20:01
CS:GO big shit 4-ever cs 1.6
2012-02-25 20:05
fucking shit ~_~
2012-02-25 20:06
they should make the hud scalable, imo its too small.... and place the clock where it used to be.... its WAY too small to notice and some how i cant get my binds from 1.6 or even source to work in go...
2012-02-25 20:07
Lol, they added PP-90, what other SMGs have been added?
2012-02-25 20:08
2012-02-25 20:13
CS 1.6 > CS GO
2012-02-25 20:13
Hmmm.... key! we need key! :) More enthusiasm, 1.6 not going to live forever. We need "new blood", will be good, see :)
2012-02-25 20:15
2012-02-25 20:18
Lol man i was worried about them slowing down the game and they really did make it noobish... :/ i really wanted to try go but now it seems that they just want to make some childish CoD replica for the sponsors sake... Valve should give us som freaking fastpaced game ,clear and visible maps, managable recoil... Quake 4 was also some fancy graphics slowed down game and what happend it faild competetivly and cs:go will too if you want realism go and make some conosle game and name it swat or smthing and dont try ro sell a shitty game just cuz millions are attached to the Counter strike franchise. It's pathetice to give ppl expectations which you can't meet. Calling cs pro players was also just for marketing... I really wanted to play the new cs, like every from the beginning of cs but after all the videos and reviews this is just a dissapointment... Rally miss the old days when the main point of games was fun and gameplay and now graphics,marketing,money ,even games lost their meaning and purpose... Sheeeet -_-
2012-02-25 20:31
Extremely biased review of someone who doesn't like change. Good work on the content I guess.
2012-02-25 20:35
seriously that game hasnt got much to do with counter strike (except the name and they copied some weapons and money system, maps etc). it looks more like call of duty and if i had to choose which game to play (this or CS:S) i would choose CS:S which is just sad. they want you to shift to their 'new CS', thats all. If they really had intention of making a game quite similar to 1.6 (lets say 1.6 with better graphic) that wouldnt be too hard for them but apparently thats not their goal. they want to join communities of few games and that just sucks. Also disabling bunny hopping which is one of the coolest things in CS is just a proof they dont want to make a new game like 1.6. and yeah its still in 'early beta'...wtf is with them, a game in early beta should only have minor bugs to fix but they instead (if they would want to get huge community) would need at least a year to fix things and yeah it would be better to just start creating a new game. sad but true. gl with the game though
2012-02-25 20:48
i want key)
2012-02-25 21:02
maybe cs 1.6 is dying but cs:go will attrack sponsors. it's good.
2012-02-25 21:14
thanks for the pictures. What happened with CS pro mod ?:(
2012-02-25 21:18
2012-02-26 14:22
dislake it,just dislake! I think 1.6 more better then this shit
2012-02-25 21:23
Im suposed to be getting a key tomorrow, but from what i heard so far it dosn't sound like the game can be played on a profesional level. I think that it might attract new costumers, people who never played 1.6 or source, but i doubt it will take over 1.6 and if it does then it will be that 1.6 isn't played anymore but GO won't be played on a profesinall competitve level also, just more 4fun like COD and so on. And btw very nice article, almost feels like ive played it :)
2012-02-25 21:24
give me key xD
2012-02-25 21:29
Great write-up!
2012-02-25 21:29
I want a key!
2012-02-25 21:30
Give me key p:
2012-02-25 21:35
only cs1.6
2012-02-25 21:44
Great game :) Yeeaha :)
2012-02-25 21:54
i wanna key! game is great
2012-02-25 22:15
wanna test CS:GO xD
2012-02-25 22:16
Very nice gallery! Amazing looking game...
2012-02-25 22:19
Look how simple they made de_train, it really shows what direction they want to go with this game :( REALLY sad... CS 1.6 fTW!
2012-02-25 22:21
CS 1.6 only
2012-02-25 22:25
boys and tenemios in mind that no game is going to replace CS 1.6, you can say you have an original style of play. In my opinion CS: GO has a long way to match the CS 1.6, as movements, wallbangs, strategies, making bunny hopping, duck (duck) and so on. What I want to carry out it's a passionate game =) CS 1.6 forever <333. youtube.com/watch?v=t-_sbGYTwsU&feature=..
2012-02-25 22:29
2012-02-25 22:47
after reading all this i dont think i will need csgo key at all, game sounds so broken.
2012-02-25 23:01
sad to call it CS2,not even close to CS1.6. Low game.
2012-02-25 23:15
Where is real Counter-Strike?! I want to play real cs, not source or another shits like call of duty! People will you play in this?
2012-02-25 23:19
good graphics nothing more 4 me :)
2012-02-25 23:24
give meeeee!!!
2012-02-25 23:30
HLTV.ORG Give me KEY pls !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
2012-02-25 23:55
2012-02-26 00:02
nééd key
2012-02-26 00:12
Romania 511 
in my country we have a saying "the custumer is our boss" because without them you don't make any money and valve already released 3 games since 1.6 (3 with cs:go) without listening to us and all of them sucked (some say they didn't but I think they did because none of them have got the performance of 1.6) so if they would have listened to our ideas that would have not happened ...I remember when the players were complaining about the silent run and how many leagues tried to block it and after 2 years valve finally payed attention to block it (with 2 big fails at the beginning) so I couldn't care any less on supporting them by buying their game that doesn't give anything from cs1.6 or what I want it to have and when I can always play superior games of the cs:go with better and more graphics, players, maps, gametypes and single player ( mw3 or btf3 ).. so they should start to listen on what the community wants if they really want to sell any copy of the game
2012-02-26 00:26
Cod 4 > CS:GO
2012-02-26 00:22
CSS seems much better in terms of gameplay
2012-02-26 00:40
Infamous game.
2012-02-26 01:21
I dont even want to test this shit, looks like Source - 1.6 forever
2012-02-26 01:54
looks horrible imo :/
2012-02-26 01:54
2012-02-26 02:26
Seems CS:GO is a update on CS:S -.- Doesnt seems so good right now... Long live 1.6<3
2012-02-26 02:38
another shitty american copy of cod cant they keep 1.6 gameplay and add graphics? or its just to hard to understand that if i want a realistic game i go play cod of bf3
2012-02-26 02:38
Just terrible. The things they did with de_train is horrendous. The guns sound like complete crap, you can't really tell where people are coming from, and the guns look like plastic toy guns. I have no clue why they're making it more-like Source when that's a crappy game, even after the updates/improvements, and just keep the map/guns like 1.6, and movement; with an upgraded graphical design for the maps. In real life you don't suddenly slow down while jumping in front of you, unless you're falling down onto a roof/etc, you don't lose any momentum. As well as looking through a scope, you don't suddenly get blurry vision while moving and looking through a scope. They need to stop making it more eye-candy and actually make it into a competitive game, I get that 1.6 is old, but the movement/gameplay/guns/maps are all better, hands down. And like others have said, making it more realistic is killing the franchise known as "Counter-Strike" because in the end it's a game; you don't respawn IRL, or you can't "restart the round(situation)" IRL. Also, it's obvious and I completely understand it's in early beta, but still it's a terrible beta at that. I'd rather play Source than GO, and I think Source is an awful game, just like Moto said. "It plays terribly, I think it looks fantastic, but it drives like crap."
2012-02-26 03:22
Brazil hne 
Amazing game Give me one Key :D
2012-02-26 03:30
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
Reading this review makes me think of one thing. That it is just another attempt to use the CS name to sell some copies but have it just almost like CoD or other console games. The reason 1.6 players love the game is just the pureness of it, I don't care if it's realistic or not, hell any FPS game isn't as getting shot like in the games would kill or injure everybody to a point they could at least not run. I really would like to see Valve just make a game that would fixate on the gameplay, all these new games think of graphics to much, sorry but I don't think there will ever be a game like 1.6 Hell, 12 years and the game is still going pretty hard, no game will do that - and I think we shouldn't be having high hopes for CS:GO to replace it, the only game to replace 1.6 would be a game made solely by the 1.6 pro's. just my 0.02 $
2012-02-26 03:36
Very good and encompassing article :) I think HLTV.org should make an effort as a community to create articles that demonstrate our opinions of how the game should be improved, and re-post them on steam forums. forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisp.. We need the 1.6 players to voice their opinions, otherwise the game will end up as CSS 2.0
2012-02-26 03:54
i hate games like that 1.6 one love :D
2012-02-26 03:57
the name "counterstrike" has been raped for the second time =[
2012-02-26 03:59
2012-02-26 04:09
This is like CS:S,its low...
2012-02-26 04:15
like it, give me key please
2012-02-26 04:31
Key ? No thanks, give me a gun, I'll shoot this game
2012-02-26 05:44
Latvia bsA 
1.6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-26 06:15
2012-02-26 06:27
key plz =(
2012-02-26 06:45
Japan mameloff 
I neeeeed beta key!!
2012-02-26 07:43
<3 CS need a key
2012-02-26 08:06
need kay :D
2012-02-26 08:38
cs 1.6 > cs:go
2012-02-26 08:40
Need key. ;[[
2012-02-26 08:41
CS 1.6 > CS GO
2012-02-26 09:10
Starix is selling private CS:GO keys for $35 -.-
2012-02-26 09:24
key anyone?
2012-02-26 09:31
cs 1.6 > cs:promod > cs:s > cs:go
2012-02-26 09:58
Key pls :D
2012-02-26 10:10
TL;DR. from pics it looks so gay. i think f0rest will love this game.
2012-02-26 10:29
I just lost all faith in CSGO. All hail cspromod, the true heir to the CS throne.
2012-02-26 10:34
CS 1.6 will never die
2012-02-26 11:36
Like it :)
2012-02-26 11:41
i just game ) give me invite kEY PLEASE! :*
2012-02-26 11:48
1.6 forever ! but i need key ! :D
2012-02-26 12:19
Is that so hard to make copy from cs1.6 with better graphic ? Lol
2012-02-26 12:21
Well, when you hire a company which has produced only a turrent-defense game to make you another CS...
2012-02-26 14:26
Awful. If it's more like CSS than 1.6, it's not a step in the right direction is it.. We'll still be playing 1.6 in another 10 years I reckon, with its gack graphics.
2012-02-26 12:29
Why would any1 care about cs:go if we can play the best fps ever created and nothing will ever come close to cs 1.6 in competetivenes. We c an only hope that cs:go fails the same way source did and that 1.6 reigns supreme forever
2012-02-26 12:46
Cuz everyone is anxious to play some new ,improved cs with maybe more in game relevant factors but then valve comes to give us hope just so we can have a major dissapointment. It is a fact that cs is less played just because it stayed the same for so many years, same maps all over again... For cs to rise again we need new simple structured but dynamic maps with new starts... I don't know what is the point in those css and go maps with those flying barrels and other shit... They should hire some better designer cuz go looks like a cartoon... Cs need some breath taking weapon models, better textures but nor with unnecessary stuff on the map and some fastpaced gameplay. But no valve wants to attract some new console kids with fancy caryoonish graphics and the so populare cs name. Which means Valve cares nothing for the community but just for $$$. If go stays like this then valve lied bout everything regarding about their care 4 the community...
2012-02-26 13:38
who wants to play a game which is much slower and has outta this world recoil!! and they say its improved ?! hw ?
2012-02-26 13:09
This people dont get it? Counter Strike isn't about graphics, it's a classic.
2012-02-26 13:19
omg not BH ! BIG DRAMA
2012-02-26 13:39
So many hateful comments but still almost 4000 desperate people wanting to win a free key, how sad is that?
2012-02-26 14:02
4000 many man :DD is the cs dead ? HElPPP
2012-02-26 14:14
People waiting for a key holds absolutely nothing in terms of value. They just want to play it and try it out, most of the people won't give any type of meaningful feedback to better the game, they just wanna shoot (or get shot by) people.
2012-02-26 20:00
Looks intereseting and nice :D
2012-02-26 14:21
my impression, they are need to listen the pros of 1.6 or this game will die soon
2012-02-26 14:52
this was so well written in details, still this news is about "gimme key plz" :/, well done Martin =)
2012-02-26 14:55
yo) give me invite) key
2012-02-26 15:02
2012-02-26 15:23
KEY please )
2012-02-26 15:28
Would love to test this game already. I really think valve is killing the hype with lack of open beta.
2012-02-26 15:30
hi can i get a key please
2012-02-26 15:59
give me a key, i really want it
2012-02-26 17:37
CSS:GO it's like CS:CZ so... :\
2012-02-26 18:39
Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!!
2012-02-26 18:40
Argentina btkger 
Don't like it, instead of this shit console port i prefer bf3.
2012-02-26 18:50
World MJS 
so Valve fails yet again...good job on article btw.
2012-02-26 19:27
Russia wh1te! 
takoe govno,fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-26 19:51
all i can say is that watching CS:GO match isn't so exciting as watching CS1.6, actually it's quite boring.
2012-02-26 20:20
Close this beta shit and launch the game please :@ I want to buy this game :@
2012-02-26 20:22
I played CSS many times and really want to get beta CSGO
2012-02-26 20:25
I play CS 1.6, i play CSS , and many Valve games. And i really need this beta key. REALLY REALLY BAD :\
2012-02-26 21:08
2012-02-26 23:34
horrible and boring... cs 1.6 all the way
2012-02-26 23:59
As CS:GO is still on the Source engine, it gives me a hope, that the CSP dudes can do something to make CS:GO - promod, so that we can have a competitive 3rd party PRO mod, as it seems that Valve has approached this with the idea, that everything they did with CS:S was perfect, and only needs a bit of tweaking and adding new random annoying features will make it a better competitive game. Still hope to get a beta key, and i'd loooooove to influence the CS:GO Developer Team into making CS:GO a worthy Competitive game WHILE still being attractive to Casual Gamers. This is possible for SCII and so many other games, so i don't see why Valve can't make it possible in their game. Last thing i really need to get of my back, is something you mentioned in the review. This is a GAME it doesn't need to be realistic, it needs to work in the gaming environment everything else is secondary. Gaming has evolved a lot since 1999-2000 when 1.0 was born and counter strike needs to be about it's roots as that's what makes this game so great for competitive gaming and that certainly isn't realism. Apply realism as long as it doesn't destroy the competitive gameplay. So please remove all the dust-smoke, remove the blur on sniperscope. even out the reward for killing people! get the movement back to a more "advanced/arcade" style movement as in CS 1.6 where you can move casually wasd style or duckjump/strafejump/bunnyjump around like a wildman. and for heavens sake, get some map makers from brutemaps to re-create the old maps, they know how it should be done.
2012-02-27 00:56
GUYS STOP COMPARING CS GO WITH CS 1.6 its not the game which will be replace cs 1.6 ..... after cs go last updates released . in the 2nd half of the year or may be 1st of the next year valve will releas counter strike 2 !!! new engine. more cs 1.6 than source. cs go is a console game (just can play on PC ...). sry for my bad eng.
2012-02-27 02:06
dsn | 
India sRik 
I got your point
2012-02-28 18:32
2012-02-29 03:22
keeeeeeeey plz =\
2012-02-27 16:51
im annoyed by the buy menu :P
2012-02-27 18:50
Mexico tim7 
i want a keyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(
2012-02-27 21:42
1.6 4 ever key plz
2012-02-27 22:48
i need one key :(
2012-02-28 00:59
key pls
2012-02-28 01:50
flame flame.... I got into the beta and yeah I have around 2k playtime @ cs 1.6 and have been playing since 1.3. CSGO: Its not finish and u can feel that in the beta but still if u ask me the game is fun it will NOT be next 1.6 (no game will) it will be a stand alone game that could be really good if valve give it (MANY) fixes. So, CSGO will NOT be NEXT CS 1.6 but still it will probbs be a good game with a new communtity and more new players. If u are around 14 and u seeing 1.6 u probbs will not think it look funny and thats why 1.6 is failing atm, there arent any new players whos gonna buy it. 1.6 , csgo <3
2012-02-29 00:26
give me a key pls !
2012-02-29 01:59
i wanna try it my self!give me key so is could.
2012-03-01 11:55
i want this key :)
2012-03-01 18:40
2012-03-02 10:22
2012-03-02 12:06
CS 1.6 > CS:GO > CS:S
2012-03-03 11:13
the graphic its nice , but cs 1.6 has more dynamic , its like quake , more spectacular
2012-03-03 11:29
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