Defining Stars with a new team

Portuguese Defining Stars has finalized its new team following disbandment a month ago due to Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira's departure to k1ck and João "DARKY" Ribeiro's retirement.

Following Oliveira's decision to move over to the supposedly greener pastures of k1ck, Ribeiro decided to call it quits rather than try to rebuild the roster after another roster change that saw a player leave defs for the nation's flagship team.

The team was effectively shut down a month ago, as André "keznitt" Morais also faced problems with motivation, but after a few weeks off they have decided to bring the team back.

dzt playing for defs at ESWC where they surprised by taking down Anexis 

To fill the void left by the two members leaving, defs has recruited Carlos "xAims" Marques formerly of Equlibirium and Diogo "Ririo" Aguiar from PTO-Gaming. This move leaves defs with the following roster:

Defining Stars:

Portugal Tiago "dzt" Gonçalves
Portugal João "ehz" Monteiro
André "keznitt" Morais
Portugal Carlos "xAims" Marques
Portugal Diogo "Ririo" Aguiar

Defs was last seen in action at World Cyber Games grand finals back in December where they placed 9-16th after a loss against ESC Gaming. Their next tournaments include XL Party and EPT v4, but dates for both are yet to be announced.

good luck boys!
2012-02-23 00:00
hf people :D
2012-02-23 00:01
sick team :)
2012-02-23 00:02
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
Nice team I suppose, only know dzt and ehz though. Good luck and have fun!
2012-02-23 00:03
Ririo very good aimmer and xAims too not better than rmn but they are good too
2012-02-23 00:16
and again no good awper...dzt igl and awp...sad,its so bad 4 team..he cant concentrate :(
2012-02-23 01:04
he is using aw very well i think, friends told me that he is getting better in d2, for eg wallbangs in double doors etc i rly tought bife (portuguese awp) was invited to defs cuz he leaved his team but not
2012-02-23 16:06
Its not Diogo "Rioro" Aguiar... Diogo "Ririo" Aguiar
2012-02-23 00:04
Yeah, was about to notice that xD
2012-02-23 00:05
im faster xbbb
2012-02-23 00:05
lets see what they can do :D gl
2012-02-23 00:04
8 comments and 7 of them are portugese :D
2012-02-23 00:06
wow, really strange that the majority of the comments in a portuguese thread are portuguese. OMG the world is mad!!!
2012-02-23 12:02
ahahhahaha :D
2012-02-23 14:39
Trolling level below zero.
2012-02-23 18:12
Intelligence level bewlow zero. U know I was defending portuguese people right? And you know that ain't trolling???
2012-02-23 18:24
Yes I know you were defending portuguese people, and I also know that it wasn't trolling. I was just having fun.
2012-02-23 18:36
yea and I'm the Pope.
2012-02-23 20:24
Can I be the Archbishop?
2012-02-23 21:11
Sure, but Archbishop usually clean the balls.
2012-02-23 22:11
failed and such an idiot
2012-02-23 22:38
9 comments and only one of them is not related to the topic :D
2012-02-23 14:52
2012-02-23 16:25
I hope they can perform better than what they have done before, GL! :)
2012-02-23 00:06
gl defs!!
2012-02-23 00:14
NICE!!! Defs joins the game again!
2012-02-23 00:16
go defs!!!
2012-02-23 00:17
Gl guys.
2012-02-23 00:28
GL guys.
2012-02-23 00:32
Good lineup but I think that cannot beat K1ck's lineup... With rmn in K1ck I think that K1ck will be the top team in Portugal...
2012-02-23 00:34
i think the problem isnt rmn is fox, in my opinion a team with fox is top1 in pt
2012-02-23 00:43
2012-02-23 02:23
But rmn helps a lot
2012-02-23 16:26
No... A team with 2007 fox is a top1 in pt, right now I think fox is not so motivated to play... He's still one of the best but I'd like to see him go back to his old performance!
2012-02-23 20:18
Looks like strong lineup keep it working whit it gl!
2012-02-23 00:45
Europe KuNN'
GL Defs
2012-02-23 00:48
gl guys
2012-02-23 00:49
welcome and gl :)
2012-02-23 01:03
Pretty cool lineup ! GL
2012-02-23 01:12
gL defs
2012-02-23 01:17
yeah nice total regeneration of team :)
2012-02-23 01:18
Great! Defining Stars come back! :D What about the new players?, I don't know them.. They are good?
2012-02-23 01:35
Ririo good aimer and xAims is a player to think for the future he is very young...
2012-02-23 01:39
Cool, ty for the info bro :)
2012-02-23 01:41
go xAims
2012-02-23 01:37
GL defs <3
2012-02-23 01:39
wow keznitt+dzt=very nice
2012-02-23 01:55
gl portugas <3
2012-02-23 02:01
GL defs
2012-02-23 02:27
Sorry to say, but Fox isn't a good player :)
2012-02-23 02:39
sorry to say, but you're a f*cking jealous guy :) anyway, gl defs!
2012-02-23 03:26
The drugs from your country are killing your brain dude
2012-02-23 15:14
I think fox is top5 awp :D
2012-02-23 15:58
Nevermind, sure he was high
2012-02-23 16:26
whats your top5?
2012-02-23 16:53
2012-02-23 22:06
your point? he clearly stated that fox wasnt top5, so hwo can that be your top5
2012-02-23 22:12
i don´t say top5 but yeah, he is really good with awp
2012-02-23 17:39
there are a lot great awpers out there, mark karrigan friis fallen pasha russian fox sixer aslak i think both foxes are 6-8
2012-02-23 20:10
GL !
2012-02-23 03:37
Norway M0LTEN
I don't know who Rioro and xAims is but I hope they are good :D Hope they will perform better than earlier. Good luck!
2012-02-23 03:41
nice. dzt a nice capitain :) good luck, defs.
2012-02-23 04:44
as i can see this lineup don't can do any damage to the top teams, even k1ck can smash this lineup
2012-02-23 04:47
it can to the top teams in pt. and don't forget last defs beat anexis, and last k1ck beat mouz so... k1ck is too strong atm, they will damage top teams soon
2012-02-23 06:02
and last phasmatis beat navi so what lmao
2012-02-23 09:19
i hope you're joking dude, otherwise - get a life.
2012-02-23 11:13
k1ck beat mouz like 2 years ago when mouz was missin their 2 most important players.
2012-02-23 16:54
gl dzt gl Defs!!!!!
2012-02-23 06:37
2012-02-23 08:08
Portugal cunhanik
gl defs, nice linneup.
2012-02-23 09:01
good luck guys! from Israel :P
2012-02-23 09:01
GL Guys
2012-02-23 10:54
GL Defs! Let's see what it will do. still miss a awper for dzt be a 100% IGL I think if Darky return and Bife as awp, the team could be more cohesive. but...hope the best!
2012-02-23 11:18
GL defs! I want to see K1CK vs defs :D
2012-02-23 11:34
who are? Carlos "xAims" Marques Diogo "Ririo" Aguiar
2012-02-23 11:34
New talents.
2012-02-23 11:54
i see...
2012-02-23 12:49
xAims is a very young player, and very talented, with some practicing, he can do some good damage. Ririo is a very good player, his aim is very nice. Though I never saw them on international scene, so I am a bit insecure because due to there youth, they could get a bit nervous, so let's see what they do!
2012-02-23 16:29
xAims attended GameGune 2010 and 2011 with xfunction
2012-02-23 18:50
So, experienced player ? --.
2012-02-23 18:51
defs wouldn't recruit them if they werent exp. or do you mean lan exp? just domestic, hardly international (except some gamgegune action).
2012-02-23 19:08
I know that defs would recruit them, but what I said is that they aren't as experienced as the other ones
2012-02-23 20:33
oh I thought you were asking how exp. they were :P or did you mean that there were more exp. possible replacements? :P
2012-02-24 16:02
xD. The question I ask to "ronno" (the guy who replied me) was sarcastic, because attending 2 GG it's not experience at all, comparing to what defs can attend (WCG, ESWC, ...). About the replacements, I think that defs could have recruited a good AWPer (bife), that could have replaced dzt's AWP (though is playing good with the AWP nowadays), for him to concentrate more on the tactics and stuff. But let's see what they do! =D
2012-02-24 18:22
Ah yeah couldve been a good option :p but i think.this can become a great team
2012-02-25 12:25
Agreed! :D
2012-02-25 13:17
2012-02-23 12:04
2012-02-23 12:58
GL defs
2012-02-23 13:15
2012-02-23 13:50
2012-02-23 13:53
2012-02-23 14:32
dzt is the best and he NOSE it
2012-02-23 14:32
glhf. :)
2012-02-23 14:42
HF Defining Stars!
2012-02-23 14:51
again gamad ! :)
2012-02-23 15:14
Instead of xAims i would put Bife, but GL... top 3 in pt atm: 1- k1ck 2- defs 3- NG
2012-02-23 15:17
GL defs!!
2012-02-23 15:24
2012-02-23 15:43
2012-02-23 16:20
gl for Defs this is nice for the portuguese CS scene
2012-02-23 16:29
Good luck.
2012-02-23 17:22
2012-02-23 17:32
2012-02-23 17:35
+1 Good job dzt. But with this lineUP is difficult 2 win k1ck. :] dzt is a great igl,but nice awp and aimer. 2be awp u need to have many concentration,so is best u be only igl and aimer.:]
2012-02-23 18:18
Subscrive =)
2012-02-23 19:10
GL for New team
2012-02-23 19:58
2012-02-23 20:49
Gl defs :D tugas on fire muhahahha
2012-02-23 21:00
gl brothers.!
2012-02-23 21:40
2012-02-23 22:03
At least top 2 ;) , gl defs
2012-02-23 22:06
top 2 from portugal
2012-02-23 23:09
best of luck !
2012-02-23 23:29
But i think abalou one thing : why Portugal dont do a team with da best players of Portugal,like a navi
2012-02-24 00:22
and, you have the best portuguese players are in k1ck coachi-best igl fox-best awp rmn-best aimer (in these days) axoN, mUt and SHOUW(inactive) are the best madfraggers in portugal!
2012-02-24 01:14
fox - best awp and best overall player too :D
2012-02-24 16:43
sorry :D
2012-02-25 00:53
gl boys !
2012-02-24 00:33
2012-02-24 01:19
2012-02-25 23:51
defs closed doors go for and u will se the text :s
2012-02-27 00:55
2012-02-27 00:58
2012-02-27 01:05
RIP defs!
2012-02-27 00:58
After 16 years defining stars close doors
2012-02-27 01:08
in defs we trust! rip
2012-02-27 01:11
so sad for portugues community. Anyway congratz for everything they archived. rip defs
2012-02-27 01:12
Portugal rsmash
moscainz your not sleeping? hahahaha
2012-02-27 01:16
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