Changes in semXorah for IEM6 WC

Brazilian semXorah will be attending the Intel Extreme Masters 6 World Championship with four of the former Mandic members in their lineup.

The Brazilians received a backup spot at the IEM6 World Championship despite of losing all of their matches IEM6 Global Challenge New York. Most recently, semXorah failed to qualify for DreamHack Winter via the BYOC tournament, after a 3-16 loss against hGh.

They are however not traveling to Hannover with their regular lineup, as ESL has allowed them to swap out four of their players and only keep one who earned the spot with them in the Big Apple.

Fans will be happy to see Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo & co in action once more 

After weak showings in the past, the Brazilian organization has secured the services of four former Mandic members, with only Bruno "bruno" Ono missing from the lineup that placed 5-8th at World Cyber Games in December.

semXorah at IEM6 WC:

Brazil Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
Brazil Lincoln "fnx" Lau
Brazil Bruno "bit" Lima
Brazil Felippe "felippe" Martins
Brazil Renato "nak" Nakano

semXorah has been placed in group B along with fnatic, Moscow Five, WinFakt, eSAHARA and Lions. Their campaign in Germany will begin on March 7. will be on-site at CeBIT to bring you live coverage from the first major event of 2012.

NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
holy hell O.O
2012-02-24 02:56
16 replies
Go sX!!!! Without bruno they can get something, hHAHAHA I wish it's not too late for conquering some big tournament, cause unfortunatelly CS is dying :-/
2012-02-24 03:06
15 replies
cs will not die if ppl dont make it die ... so dont say "dead" around here and all will be good :D
2012-02-24 03:17
8 replies
HAHAHHA Yes! Let's hope for the best! The best fps game of all times
2012-02-24 03:27
1 reply
yea :)
2012-02-24 05:24
2012-02-24 07:06
1 reply
haahha ty :D
2012-02-24 12:05
do you believe that cs is dying ?
2012-02-24 09:52
1 reply
nope :D
2012-02-24 12:05
well said sir :D
2012-02-24 10:48
1 reply
ofc :D
2012-02-24 18:03
without NAK and with BRUNO they can really get something. btw felippe1 is not a good player.
2012-02-24 15:12
Well hes unfortunately right. Do you think there is a 15 year old kid out there thats screaming mommy mommy I want counter-strike. no. We don't have that many newcomers to the community compared to say BF3 Every time someone "retires" cs dies just a little more.
2012-02-24 17:14
4 replies
thats cuz there is no new players and teams to get in the game :) lets hope we see some :) cheers from MACEDONIA :D
2012-02-24 18:04
3 replies
wow your really right it is exactly for this reason! cheers from GREECE :D the economic crysis won't make us stop CS ! CS FOREVER!
2012-02-24 19:02
cs 1.6 won't die ... in one condition ... that we mustn't broke the new players with calling them newbie or noob ..that's why they left the game and we won't see new pro players because of that . Every one was noob in his beggining so we have to be less cruel with new comers :) cheers from Algeria
2012-02-24 23:03
1 reply
cheers from Macedonia mate , we hope cs lives 100 years more :D
2012-02-25 00:30
Brazil fzZ
2012-02-24 02:56
15 replies
go mibr -felippe +btt pls.
2012-02-24 04:07
14 replies
felippe is best player of brazil btt is no longer the same
2012-02-24 04:54
13 replies
best player of brazil, hahahahaha its so funny
2012-02-24 05:24
10 replies
2012-02-24 10:05
9 replies
hey Brazil boys.where is urubuzinho? -felippe +kNg
2012-02-24 10:42
5 replies
Netherlands jen5on
i want to see kNg at an international event!
2012-02-24 13:36
2 replies
you will see kNg in gamegune
2012-02-24 14:36
-bit or -nak +kNg
2012-02-24 14:43
UrUbUzInHo is without team as FIREGAMERS dropped their line-up to make mandic. FG was: bruno,nak,FalleN,urubuzinho,shemp Shemp went to GameCrashers and Urubuzinho is just helping with GamersAcademy. that is a project used to teach gamers how to play professionally.
2012-02-24 16:31
1 reply
thx for information :) urb nice aiming )
2012-02-24 17:35
i am fucking playing with felippe1 everyday. i can say. he is not that good.
2012-02-24 16:28
2 replies
Maybe because he plays with low players like yourself? Just for the record, there are no good players here in Brazil. ;)
2012-02-24 22:23
1 reply
so because i am not good. when he goes to play outside his aim and skills will be 900% better? obviously not. he will play the same as he plays with me.
2012-02-26 03:41
2012-02-24 15:15
He's far from it
2012-02-24 20:20
gl :D
2012-02-24 02:57
ahahha lol
2012-02-24 02:57
2012-02-24 02:59
1 reply
dsn | 
India sRik
fnx>>>felippe But FalleN>>>>ALL Brazil STrONG!!
2012-02-24 16:22
2012-02-24 02:59
looooooooooooool hfhfhfhfhfhf glglglglglglgl vqv sX.
2012-02-24 02:59
2012-02-24 02:59
it won't change anything
2012-02-24 02:59
4 replies
Sweden cnzTT
2012-02-24 03:00
Belgium FnX^
2012-02-24 08:29
at least we'll be well represented but brun0 should be there =/ still, always nice to see those guys playing
2012-02-24 11:57
+1. last time they took 16:03 all the matches. SK Na`Vi CheckSix now they're going to take 16:06 ... something like this. they can't make a brazilian all star line-up if they don't know WHO are the stars. the best lineup for this was' BTT,FalleN,fnx,shemp,+1 maybe bit or mch
2012-02-24 16:33
shit just got interesting !
2012-02-24 03:00
Mexico tim7
who is felippe? :D
2012-02-24 03:00
17 replies
an young player who plays/played in semXorah, a top7 team in Brazil but he is a great player (I mean, the best in his team and a good friend of fnx and fallen. They always play together).. really OVERRATED in Brazil but still a nice guy and a nice player =] cheering for them although I'm sure they won't do a big damage against euro top teams :(
2012-02-24 03:05
9 replies
a top 7 team in brazil is like a top 50 team in the world...
2012-02-24 04:19
5 replies
I wouldnt say that. I might say a top7 Swedish team MIGHT be top50 in the world. A top7 Brazilian team id say would be top200
2012-02-24 05:15
4 replies
2012-02-24 05:46
lol you're right, but you got my point. Top7 aint that good!
2012-02-24 09:49
2 replies
but with this lineup they are, at least, top2 in br. Correct me if i'm wrong brazilians brothers..
2012-02-24 14:44
1 reply
yeah, with this line-up, GamerHouse is the only team able to beat them
2012-02-24 16:06
and probably the one, who has a rich daddy ?
2012-02-24 10:26
2 replies
They must keep one player of the original team to be able to play, they just kept the best.
2012-02-24 12:53
check ur inbox :)
2012-02-24 16:05
the young talent in brazil
2012-02-24 03:06
6 replies
Mexico tim7
is he better that uru or shemp?
2012-02-24 03:09
5 replies
urb is better than felippe, no doubt. but felippe is a good player.
2012-02-24 03:13
1 reply
Mexico tim7
got it, thanks man ;)
2012-02-24 03:14
2012-02-24 03:14
imo felippe is better than urb, but he isn't better than shemp
2012-02-24 03:28
1 reply
shemp > urb>>>>>felppe
2012-02-24 04:24
holly molly brasilians happy! nice lineup will be cheering for them!
2012-02-24 03:00
looking forward to seeing them play!
2012-02-24 03:02
Group B is more fun now :D !
2012-02-24 03:02
Brazil LIPE1
HOLLY shit
2012-02-24 03:02
whata fuck?!
2012-02-24 03:02
gl :d
2012-02-24 03:03
2012-02-24 03:03
go fln and fnx.
2012-02-24 03:03
Brazil akak1
2012-02-24 03:05
Argentina ccritical
OMG, like a bosssssssssssss
2012-02-24 03:06
"After weak showings in the past, the Brazilian organization has secured the services of four former Mandic members" Does that mean the org Semxorah wanted 4 different players? Or does anyone know more details about the switch?
2012-02-24 03:06
2 replies
The other lineup was just a fail. They didn't want to fail IEM so they kept the best of the lineup and picked the best 4 ex-mandic guys.
2012-02-24 12:56
1 reply
ah gotcha thx
2012-02-24 17:50
2012-02-24 03:06
that's why i love this game, what a nice surprise for us, this team can be do some damage to top teams Good luck guys !
2012-02-24 03:06
semxorah top 1 u will see.
2012-02-24 03:06
1 reply
2012-02-24 05:25
2012-02-24 03:06
cant wait group b just got more intresting =)
2012-02-24 03:07
2012-02-24 03:07
loooool, sick line up, gl :D
2012-02-24 03:07
2012-02-24 03:07
nice VQV xDDDDDD gl
2012-02-24 03:12
Very good line up .. I believe in top 5
2012-02-24 03:14
omg, nicee
2012-02-24 03:14
Felippe > ell @skill Ell > felippe @xp but Felippe > ell @afterall Sick line
2012-02-24 03:15
13 replies
cawl story brah
2012-02-24 03:31
11 replies
Brazil hugoooo
actually, he's right
2012-02-24 04:32
10 replies
No, bit is the worst player in this team
2012-02-24 06:57
2 replies
It was said many times before and I'll say it long as fallen, fnx, nak and prd are joined in one same line-up Brazil does not have much to do on the international CS scene
2012-02-24 09:21
what the hell did he said about bit?
2012-02-24 19:24
felippe > ell overall? are you fuckin kiddin' me? Dude, this guy, felippe, has a good aim, ok. on the other side ell has a good aim too and has experience. who is better overall? ofcourse felippe, nice logic bro
2012-02-24 15:04
6 replies
Brazil hugoooo
you are thinking about 2006 and 2007... it's 2012! and right now (and since the last year), felippe is much more motivated, he's young, he plays so much hours every day, he lives the game, of course bruno has a huge experience, but it's not all when you talk about CS it's like to say that aslask > natu... it's true, but natu has 10x more experience
2012-02-24 15:12
5 replies
so are you saying that bruno has a terrible aim right now? It's not the truth, and u know that :D btw ur comparision is like no sense, natu is a inactive player..
2012-02-24 15:23
4 replies
Brazil hugoooo
no, he aim still good, but... did you know that, by stats, he was the 2nd best player of CPL 2005 (just behind zet on his prime), and the one that most killed on ESWC 2006, I mean, he was a beast, a sick aimer... but since 2008 his skills aren't that good compared to the best players of the world, he still able to clutch and kill 3 or 4 in a row, but he's far from his best shape, very far *lol natu was playing on winfakt a few months ago dude, get a clue
2012-02-24 15:30
3 replies
no, he wasnt. naSu was playing on winfakt, get a clue :) natu is inactive. ur point is fail, he's still good, better than felippe imo (aim wise). say that felippe > ell is incredible senseless. enuff said, mb in the future felippe will be better than bruno, but by now he isnt.
2012-02-24 15:38
2 replies
Brazil hugoooo
lol, I won't reply you again, ever... you don't have any point, you just disagree
2012-02-24 15:38
1 reply
what? My point is, how can u guys say that felippe is better than bruno? It's not the truth. I just feel bad when some nab come and say " LOLOLOLO NICE FELIPE >>>>>> BRUNO" ... for god's sake get a clue.
2012-02-24 15:53
Denmark nebpyhita
cawl story brah
2012-02-24 03:36
good choice... now we can make trouble
2012-02-24 03:15
3 replies
to esahara?
2012-02-24 09:50
2 replies
hahaha so true
2012-02-24 12:58
2012-02-24 19:25
well... I did want them to change ell eventually, but this wasn't what I had in mind :P (I know its just for this event because its felippe that owns the spot, etc etc) Anyways, good luck to them
2012-02-24 03:18
2012-02-24 03:19
Very good line up... but i love you ell <3
2012-02-24 03:20
Big change, now it will be more interesting. Good luck brazil!
2012-02-24 03:21
really, really nice! i hope they show to us a good play, at least
2012-02-24 03:22
2012-02-24 03:27
1 reply
2012-02-24 16:12
sick sick sick.. top 6 !
2012-02-24 03:27
6 replies
Denmark nebpyhita
top 6 in group stage! heheheh
2012-02-24 03:35
5 replies
u made me laugh so hard
2012-02-24 03:44
4 replies
Denmark nebpyhita
maybe, maybe not
2012-02-24 03:52
3 replies
he just said you made a good joke
2012-02-24 13:02
2012-02-24 17:30
what that fuck
2012-02-24 18:17
what about bruno its only for IEM?
2012-02-24 03:39
3 replies
Denmark nebpyhita
maybe they are trainning with felippe to kick bruno, maybe not, or felippe is there only to say "it is sX, not ex-mandic" :) bad english :s
2012-02-24 04:04
felippe give the money, ex-mandic (without bruno) give bullets, maybe.
2012-02-24 04:20
They need at least one player from sX that won the spot in IEM6 - NY
2012-02-24 09:42
2012-02-24 03:44
2012-02-24 03:48
nice line up
2012-02-24 03:48
nice lineup!
2012-02-24 03:54
rofl, gl guys
2012-02-24 04:00
gl,FalleN sick awp
2012-02-24 04:01
thats how you have to do it and they signed up for copenhagen games as well!
2012-02-24 04:03
they cant do shit in the group they are in......
2012-02-24 04:16
1 reply
2012-02-24 04:43
It is one team to participate in the IEM, nothing definite!
2012-02-24 04:19
2012-02-24 04:21
2012-02-24 04:23
2012-02-24 04:32
falleN fnx shemp77 kNg BTT* this.
2012-02-24 04:32
5 replies
-fnx +prd D:
2012-02-24 05:23
maybe prd over btt and there you have it, a line-up without an igl but skillwise a team that will not get raped by world's top teams
2012-02-24 09:23
1 reply
falleN was the igl in mandic and yes, maybe prd or mch instead of fnx is better
2012-02-24 18:21
Denmark nebpyhita
FalleN and kNg? 2 awpers in same team, not not not not not it is good only in de_train :)
2012-02-24 13:43
1 reply
kNg & falleN are better with ak/m4 than 99% of the players from brasil...
2012-02-24 18:20
Brazil hugoooo
now I will watch it... they surely won't pass, but at least this team has skills on par with the other teams of the group
2012-02-24 04:33
felippe let's go mlkzika! bs sX, bs meu BRASIL!!
2012-02-24 04:41
Genuinely hoping for this team to win some serious matches and maybe the event :)
2012-02-24 04:57
1 reply
hehehe i love indians
2012-02-24 18:25
2012-02-24 05:04
1 reply
he is good aimer ;)
2012-02-24 17:08
interesting, gonna be amazing watcing em in this group
2012-02-24 05:05
Brazil Akaerri
2012-02-24 05:24
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2012-02-24 05:25
Hope they can bring back their former glory! Even without cogu playing.
2012-02-24 05:58
Is prd still playing?
2012-02-24 06:05
2 replies
Not that much, i haven't seen he playing since a long time ago.
2012-02-24 08:59
Yeah Just spacca quit.
2012-02-24 09:05
semxorah dont stand a chance in this tournament against fnatic and m5 in their group they will kick off...!!!
2012-02-24 06:06
wow nice move. gl sX
2012-02-24 06:15
i know that people from brezil dont like us (canada and usa) but for me i really like this team GO sX GO
2012-02-24 06:21
4 replies
like yeah heehe
2012-02-24 07:02
I dont know where did you get this info from, obviously there are people that dont like you guys but most of us like.
2012-02-24 08:41
lol Lies I love Canada and USA. And the people from there :D
2012-02-24 09:39
Dude, I haven't met a brazilian that doens't like Canada.
2012-02-24 18:09
Finally FalleN back <3 me happy
2012-02-24 06:29
GL semXorah
2012-02-24 06:53
happy to see fnx playing again =D
2012-02-24 06:58
They can win eSAHARA and lose the all other games, i hope they will beat everyone :D
2012-02-24 06:59
1 reply
eSahara is pretty much in the same position, gonna be an interesting match.
2012-02-24 13:06
2012-02-24 07:03
gl sX! sick players ,felippe nice
2012-02-24 07:08
MODDII vs liN aslak vs FalleN Friis vs FalleN Nice to see
2012-02-24 08:26
12 replies
Russia goodjob
aslak>fallen friis>fallen :)
2012-02-24 08:35
9 replies
2012-02-24 08:37
6 replies
dude get real aslak and friis are among the best 5 awpers atm
2012-02-24 09:24
5 replies
+ fallen .
2012-02-24 09:53
2 replies
did you actually get what I wanted to say? I said that aslak and friis and better than fallen....and fallen is far from being a top5 awper atm, you have a bunch of other awpers that have actually achieved something, not saying that fallen is bad just he's not that good
2012-02-24 13:32
1 reply
ok =D
2012-02-24 20:18
the sad story is that aslak doesn't awp anymore
2012-02-24 13:07
1 reply
well he started awping again recently so I'm assuming that he's back to that role and H^N has taken the allu's passive rifler role, while allu will take aslak's rifling role. hopes :D
2012-02-24 13:35
I think Fallen have most skill then aslak and friis but fallen NOW is worst than friis and aslak
2012-02-24 09:54
are you high?
2012-02-24 11:53
FalleN > aslak > Friis
2012-02-24 11:59
1 reply
No way, not right now. But we'll see.
2012-02-24 18:13
Nice !
2012-02-24 08:31
sX gl :DDD
2012-02-24 08:37
2012-02-24 08:41
lol today i was saying the semxorah need ex-mandic lineup and what? We've got ex-mandi c :D
2012-02-24 08:50
-bit +prd XD
2012-02-24 09:08
6 replies
bit igl...
2012-02-24 09:53
3 replies
I don't care
2012-02-24 13:54
Denmark nebpyhita
fallen igl
2012-02-24 21:38
no longer
2012-02-25 04:48
i would rather seeing shemp instead of bit
2012-02-25 04:48
1 reply
Hes also a good choice
2012-02-25 07:03
Holy shit! Fallen!!!! OH MY GOD !! YESSS !!! My second favourite team is back on track !!! YESS !! Fallen pull to pieces the LAN !!! :D:D
2012-02-24 09:12
I still wouldn't give them the edge over other teams to advance in the playoffs but they should be able to put up some great performances. GL
2012-02-24 09:27
this is an amazing team :) GL
2012-02-24 09:32
GL Fallen and company)))
2012-02-24 09:38
1 reply
company > Fallen
2012-02-24 13:08
fnx BEAST! :)
2012-02-24 10:01
nice lineup, probably still hard for them to pass group but still
2012-02-24 10:02
2012-02-24 10:20
wow, now probably all top12 world teams are here (if you consider semXorah as ex-mandic team). Can't wait to see this tournament in action :) *By the way, can someone say what is this arcticle about ?
2012-02-24 10:29
3 replies
TyLoo isn't in Top12 team of the world,they should do some damage to show themself in IEM6 WC.
2012-02-24 11:18
Sbg(Seleção Brasileira de Games) will be sponsoring their trip to germany, letting them only worry about the game and stuff. That's why they are going to germany 1 week before to train in Icybox
2012-02-24 13:20
they are receiving support from AMD. sorry 4 my english.
2012-02-24 16:02
gl brazilians ;)
2012-02-24 10:25
BIT CAN HE NEVER STOP PLAYING he was good for 5 yrs ago he sucks right now,................
2012-02-24 10:33
hahahaha nice! :)
2012-02-24 10:35
fnx (Y)
2012-02-24 10:44
ell x; bs felipe..... go sX
2012-02-24 10:56
2012-02-24 10:57
Whoever is saying bit is the igl is totally wrong, Fallen has been igl since they split up in the old coL.
2012-02-24 11:26
2 replies
When does semXorah arrive at Germany to practice with Europe teams?
2012-02-24 11:33
1 reply
Aparentally they will be travelling on February 29th
2012-02-24 11:45
nice and gl sX!!!
2012-02-24 11:33
2012-02-24 11:36
:OMG sick tournament +bruno -felippe :)
2012-02-24 11:59
gl sX, Brazil try again and again and again and again.........
2012-02-24 12:00
gl <3
2012-02-24 12:04
2012-02-24 12:06
felippe < all :/
2012-02-24 12:10
gl brazil. i hope they will train hard and not just attend.
2012-02-24 12:12
felippe is from FAMILIAREIS (fln,fnx cia) felippe is new tanlent from brazil He is better than old schools
2012-02-24 12:29
Ukraine generalUA
fnx + fallen POWAH
2012-02-24 12:43
felippe is only sX player, that's why he still there. But, good line, hope we can see good matches. :) And by the way, listen russian troll, i have to say aslak, FRIIS and Fox > FalleN, but we can see a nice battle between awp players.
2012-02-24 12:49
nice line-up, gogo brasil
2012-02-24 12:49
Always the same. Always lose. but good luck.
2012-02-24 12:53
3 replies
2012-02-24 14:55
Brazil hugoooo
Same situation of eSahara, Winfakt, mouz, TyLoo, Anexis, etc, etc... they all always lose. Only ESC, SK, fnatic and Na'Vi win tournaments
2012-02-24 15:14
1 reply
2012-02-25 03:11
felipe good?
2012-02-24 13:05
1 reply
2012-02-24 13:18
go fallen :D:D
2012-02-24 13:33
gl br
2012-02-24 13:48
They need to add kNg instead of bit and then they have some new blood and ability to be on top again.
2012-02-24 14:10
Morocco Zaprax
2012-02-24 14:11
Brazil mykeshox
2012-02-24 14:16
SBG and AMD trolled by lurppis HAHAHAHHA
2012-02-24 14:20
3 replies
2012-02-24 14:42
2 replies
Explain yourselfes please!
2012-02-24 14:51
1 reply
Brazil R4D14710N
SBG(Brasilian Team of Games or something like that) and AMD wanted to divulgate the news in a live STREAM, but lurppis got to now it and posted here earlier bad english :s
2012-02-24 15:30
won't get far with shitty bit
2012-02-24 14:41
1 reply
Brazil hugoooo
at least he will improve a lot from his last tournament... since ins't possible to play worse than that
2012-02-24 15:20
nice lurppis
2012-02-24 15:07
- bit + kng PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
2012-02-24 15:10
2012-02-24 15:11
Why German flag ?
2012-02-24 15:15
1 reply
France jaimez
2012-02-24 15:22
Wow, great news! Gl guys!
2012-02-24 15:16
great news
2012-02-24 15:17
2012-02-24 15:20
Brazil lullaby1
- bit + bruno
2012-02-24 15:41
Brazil R4D14710N
It's good to know that we'll have a more competitive lineup for IEM, but the problem is: ex-mandic team was going out of brazil many times in the last years and aways failing. For me yes, it's good to have players with international experience playing this champ, but if sX does not put their original players to go to this kind of champ, they'll never get the experience they need to face the european teams. For me only felippe and fallen(on this lineup) have a future going foward, the others already had their gold time and are just becoming worse on each champ they play. Experience is important, but sometimes skill > exp. And please bit, get retired. bad english :s
2012-02-24 15:47
It won't do difference but, if they dont play internationals championship, they will never beat any european top team. Mibr did it before cause they trained in Sweden and played every international championship they could.
2012-02-24 15:50
BIT? LOL bit so slow now, have more guys to put on the place of bit, like kng, btt, prd
2012-02-24 15:55
-bit +bruno or +prd
2012-02-24 15:59
who is felippe?
2012-02-24 16:08
1 reply
old former of sX, the best player of it, if you ask me. although his team went up pretty bad, he mad some nice frags when needed
2012-02-24 17:13
i cant believe on this... omfg gl semxorah
2012-02-24 16:41
Argentina amirh
really nice! :D
2012-02-24 17:03
definitely some great players, but I really doubt theyre going to win any matches at IEM WC.
2012-02-24 17:25
2 replies
not going to get better without some international lans under their belt though, so however it goes it will be good for them
2012-02-24 17:52
1 reply
well only felippe is lacking experience, but yeah I kinda agree though, although I think the biggest issue will be them not really attending enough events
2012-02-24 17:56
the best event this year. WHOOOAA
2012-02-24 17:35
2012-02-24 17:45
go SemXorah, gl you guys will need it
2012-02-24 18:18
semXorah has been placed in group B along with fnatic, Moscow Five, WinFakt, eSAHARA and Lions. i think they dont have a chance BUT GL AND HF guys!
2012-02-24 18:28
2012-02-24 18:31
good luck, <3 brazilian cs
2012-02-24 18:32
Brazil is always the same team, and will lose as always .. but good luck!
2012-02-24 18:52
go semxorah!
2012-02-24 19:20
Portugal wakens
LOLOLOLOL, sick lineup
2012-02-24 19:34
what about urb? he was overrated? :Ppp
2012-02-24 19:53
1 reply
no, he was really good, but after he got kicked from firegamers with shemp77 , he stop with CS
2012-02-25 04:44
FalleN fnx prd BTT cky FTW
2012-02-24 20:25
2 replies
cky ? u mad bro ? bruno, bit >cky
2012-02-25 00:43
1 reply
yes, and shemp, urb >>>>>>>>>>>>> bruno, bit, cky
2012-02-25 06:10
very great news
2012-02-24 20:27
Group A: 1.SK 2.Na`Vi 3.ESC 4.mouz 5.TyLoo 6.Anexis Group B: 1.fnatic 2.WinFakt 3.Moscow Five 4.semXorah 5.Lions 6.eSahara
2012-02-24 20:33
3 replies
same but 1.fnatic 2. LIONS 3.m5
2012-02-24 21:47
1 reply
Lions?? hmmm. Group B is very aligned, and hard to bet, each team can be in Top3 in this group
2012-02-24 21:55
i bet on sk out in group stage without anywin !
2012-02-25 01:33
sX n1 !!!
2012-02-24 21:14 they wanted to stream like they did at mandic's annoucement, but lurppis got the information and spoiled us :P
2012-02-25 04:54
go go FalleN
2012-02-25 07:05
1 reply
Keep up your crazy awp snap.
2012-02-25 07:06
don`t know know why but Fallen means to me OPTIMUS
2012-02-25 07:59
go FalleN
2012-02-25 12:46
felippe lixo
2012-02-25 19:58
dude, no metter what u say! we, Brazilians .. has to help them and trust them, cause they are representing our contry! Unfortunately or Fortunately, they'll be there to represent our contry, so .. lets trust n' believe guys!
2012-02-25 21:21
GO FalleN :)
2012-02-25 23:39
imo they can find better player as fifth
2012-02-26 11:03
2012-02-26 15:33
3 replies
felippe actualy > btt actually felippe in FREIS witch fln and fnx is topfragger
2012-02-26 16:09
2 replies
lol felipe never did shit in international events and wont do in this one either,you just cant compare btt with f3l1p3,total different leagues. yes hes a good player he can shoot and probably even give the ex-mandic a run for their money ..but only in brazil,outside its just a whole new level that its hard to play and to understand
2012-02-29 03:55
1 reply
agree, but fallen done lots of damage at his first major.
2012-02-29 04:52
they need KNG he is really good
2012-02-26 17:04
2 replies
2012-02-26 21:41
2012-02-29 02:47
This lineup is just for IEM, thats a convocation of SBG (Brazilian Selection of Games). SBG is something like CBF in football. So SBG will convoke 5 players before a important tournament and send them with all costs paid.
2012-02-29 02:53
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