ESEA season 11 features 1.6 & CS:GO

Although ESEA season 10 playoffs are yet to take place, the plan for season 11 has been announced with ESEA hosting a league in both CS 1.6 and CS:GO.

ESEA has been known to host various different leagues over the years, starting with Counter-Strike 1.6 but adding more games as the seasons went on and featuring both 1.6 and CS:S as well as Team Fortress 2 for multiple seasons now.

In the season which is scheduled to begin on April 2, they have also decided to add a 32 team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta division, therefore quickly jumping on ESL's bandwagon of organizing CS:GO tournaments online.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive key, we will be handing out keys to you guys at a later stage

ESEA offers a chance to get a CS:GO beta key for the fastest teams 

LAN finals will be held for the invite division of each game, although based on the news post on ESEA's website, it would seem like CS:GO would only feature a single division and therefore not have an invite division, and as a result, would be finished entirely online.

Among other changes for the upcoming season, the total prize money that is split between the featured titles has increased from $80,000 to $85,000. Possibly interested users will also be happy to know that the 32 first fully registered and paid teams will receive CS:GO beta keys.

ESEA allows you to compete in multiple games and it will be interesting to see if any of the North America's best 1.6 teams opt to make the switch early in order to get an advantage of the Europeans who are likely to stick to 1.6.

2012-02-24 17:40
Nice, but CS 1.6 > CS:GO!
2012-02-24 17:40
+1 cs 1.6 it's better than cs:go, CS 1.6 > CHUCK NORRIS > ALL !!!
2012-02-24 17:53
2012-02-25 12:07
2012-02-24 20:31
2012-02-24 20:43
But you guys do not understand! CS 1.6 in America IS DEAD! NO SCENE NO NOTHING! YOU LACK TO KNOW THAT! Last night I scrimmed 2 people posted east! 5 people posted for west! ZIP! Nothing! nahda! It's dead over here! If GO is somewhat successful in the US then I'd be glad to play it! Just 1.6 there is nothing esea ruined it all!
2012-02-24 21:26
United States lurppis
actually you clearly don't understand it at all, esea IS north american cs. if you're looking for scrims on irc of course it's dead, but that just means irc is dead, not cs. esea is the only reason a north american cs scene still exists.
2012-02-24 21:42
2012-02-24 21:51
before esea there was caleague and there was never a shortage of finding scrims or ringers on irc. i'm not saying esea killed cs because it's not dead but i know alot of people dropped cs and stopped giving two shits about it because caleague died and esea and cevo didn't have any credibility at the time. meh...who pays? who does that :o
2012-02-25 01:28
2012-02-25 10:26
United States lurppis
and how much prize money exactly did cal pay? ...exactly, it was a terrible league for anyone playing competitively because so little was at stake (forget about lan finals too). cevo was already far superior to cal when cal died, so you're wrong on that as well - the entire reason cal died, was teams switched over to cevo who ran good events with prize money.
2012-02-25 15:18
i'm not talking about prize money. 90 percent of the community didn't care about money for like 8 years or however long it lasted and the teams/players that did wen't to LAN. and you're a joke if you think cevo was ever more superior then cal
2012-02-26 00:35
United States lurppis
i guess that's the difference between the "pro" players perspective and the amateur players perspective. i've played with and against the best NA players and talked to them about it for years even before i joined EG, and CEVO >>>>>>>>> CAL by miles.
2012-02-26 02:27
you see here lurppro. it's the amateurs that keep this game alive
2012-02-28 03:29
United States lurppis
the viewers (most of whom are amateurs) keep the game alive, but they aren't needed in the lower levels of competition by any means (unless the business format is esea in which case they fund higher levels with that money)
2012-02-28 04:44
esea is a joke. capitalism at it's best. i'm saying capitalism ruined counter-strike. when "most" peeps play a "game", it's for fun not money. imagine how many users they have that pay into annual subscription and the payout for what %1 of the users who happen to win 1 of the four divisions divided by 5 members of a team...rofl. i feel like some mcdonalds
2012-02-28 05:22
still can't believe you think cevo is better then cal... do you're sponsor's tell you to say this? sellout.
2012-02-28 05:38
United States lurppis
the users pay monthly for the pugs, scrims etc and don't have to pay for stuff like servers etc, plus esea makes life easier in general. it's a great system imo, way better than anything we have in europe. prize money is different; you always have to be among the best to win anything. however, they still give out a reasonable amount of money to lower divisions as well
2012-02-28 06:19
you don't want esea. what you want is a free league with credit/stats... and that will never happen ever again. everyone took caleague for advantage and that it sad dude
2012-02-28 07:12
remember teh days when tagging 1g, ss, st and db actually ment something? or do you?
2012-02-28 07:29
United States lurppis
it never meant anything. lol.
2012-02-28 17:30
You do bring up a very good point on winnings but see everyone went off to college there is no more new players coming in. My teammates cannot afford esea they are poor as h311 for one. Today I played esea 3 servers were full and the rest were empty... sadly... :/ and that was at 7 pm at night. The east coast is dead too all i see is the west coasters hittin the esea scrims as well. I GET 150 PING THERE.... :/
2012-03-07 04:57
Not all of us want to play for money I for fact play just to play! I really do not care if I win money I would like a free league where everyone is active.
2012-03-07 04:32
capitalism dude. just like oil, phone and internet companies.
2012-03-28 06:05
look at using streams instead of "hltv" what a joke
2012-03-28 06:07
you're all a bunch of m0nkeys tbh
2012-03-28 06:11
For sure ;)
2012-02-25 01:18
1.6 za best
2012-02-25 15:28
awesome can't wait!
2012-02-24 17:41
awesome can wait
2012-02-24 17:41
it's funny cuz both your ideas and flags are inverse :) #3 :P
2012-02-24 18:41
2012-02-24 18:51
nice discovery :D
2012-02-24 23:44
2012-02-25 02:00
2012-02-25 03:26
2012-02-25 10:59
2012-02-25 11:34
Wait awesome can.
2012-03-28 08:00
2012-02-24 17:42
what about CEVO?
2012-02-24 17:43
2012-02-24 17:43
Mexico tim7
wow, stop.
2012-02-24 17:50
2012-02-24 18:37
awesome cs 1.6 is still holding <3
2012-02-24 17:45
omg never i dont think that cs:go replace css o-o
2012-02-24 17:46
Because CS:GO is the same shit as Cs source just a little bit different.
2012-02-24 17:50
Nice cs 1.6 :)
2012-02-24 17:49
They will understand that that's a mistake. CSS > CS:GO anyway. Because CS:GO is a mainly console game therefore it's isn't a competive game. No skill required. Valve said this also. It's for casual gamers and valve's only goal is to get more people to CS. This's why it'snot CS 2. very sad. Everybody gonna see this when CS:GO release with his final version.
2012-02-24 17:51
"Because CS:GO is a mainly console game" didnt read after that.
2012-02-24 17:53
Valve said this. and JoeMiller ( who's one of the first visitors to Seattle) has been said this too. They tried to join console gaming many years ago but they failed. Now console gaming is huge and valve trying to get there with their best fps game. Because there are many players that who used to PLAY CS. They changed to console but there's no cs there. Valve's trying to reach them. And don't worry, CS:GO won't have huge update. Watch Chet Falizsek's PAX 2011 interview :)
2012-02-24 17:57
They also said they wont make it easier for console players, also they can input keyboards and mouse on PS3
2012-02-24 20:48
nobody can accept a 'easy game' but their normal level for consoles is too easy for esports:)
2012-02-24 21:02
it is
2012-02-24 18:09
Cool :)
2012-02-24 17:50
2012-02-24 17:52
2012-02-24 17:54
oh no, those american leagues
2012-02-24 17:57
that's where CPL came from? If it becomes big, it can be like in the old days.
2012-02-24 20:50
Nice for CS 1.6 community on USA
2012-02-24 17:58
So, CSS is really deaded now. --------- -WCG picked 1.6 in 2012 -ESEA kicked CSS in 2012 -ESWC was a disaster for CSS in 2011, horrible numbers, very low audience. They will probably stick to 1.6 this year, and kick CSS. -IEM is all for 1.6, because of its huge audience, and IEM6 WC will be a huge success. -IGC 2012 replaced CSS with 1.6 ---------- Facts > source trolls.
2012-02-24 18:19
Troll detected
2012-02-24 18:16
CSGO will have more players than 1.6 Sourcers + Newcomers
2012-02-24 20:37
British flag while writing "deaded" "css is deading" da fuq
2012-02-24 21:39
not da fuq, just da troll
2012-06-20 22:06
why are they putting a beta game into a league format already XD
2012-02-24 18:12
I don't understand why ESL/ESEA wants to put money into such a bugged and not complete game. I understand putting money into Dota 2, but this?
2012-02-24 18:17
And why they are putting money to dota2, LoL, HoN if all this game is about same thing, just different characters, spells, but the point of the game is the same.
2012-02-24 18:43
Not really, as you can see a lot of players play each of those games (mainly dota2 and LoL), that's why it pays off. The original question might be - why did they even make these games. LoL and HoN was made cos DotA had bad graphics etc. and they just tried to do something better looking.
2012-02-24 19:04
Don't talk if you don't have any idea about the game. ARTS (Action Real Time Strategy) games are incredibly hard at pro level. Just cause you know the items/heroes doesn't make you good at all.
2012-02-25 12:01
I didnt mean that they are easy games, dont understand me wrong. I just tried to say that the point is the same in my opinion...
2012-02-25 12:15
Promotion tournaments ;) It's isn't a lot of money for those two leagues. They wanna see how it goes, that's all. IEM already said, there is a chance to maybe see CS GO in IEM 7.
2012-02-24 22:23
Well, that's confusing since there's no Go4CS (though there is Go4LoL etc.)
2012-02-24 22:56
CS:GO is B U L L S H I T ! ! !
2012-02-24 18:27
Great for the US 1.6-scene!
2012-02-24 18:31
GG USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-24 18:36
wtf how valve can he be so stupid ? Please forget source and CS:GO and another shit just Go 1.7 may be, thats all !
2012-02-24 18:37
they want to sell games and make money, can you blame them?
2012-02-24 20:38
Yes, but with CSGO they will win 0€ :]
2012-02-24 21:12
They got more money from source than the original, that's a fact.
2012-02-25 11:20
countes stirike 1.6 kiev club arena ? Opions ? download the oraenge box settings ? cs 1.6
2012-02-24 18:41
i see they make everything to moove on cs:go
2012-02-24 18:46
Yeah, because CS 1.0 and 1.6 are exactly the same, right? You might wanna start support CS:GO with constructive criticism instead of trolling or stating the obvious. CS 1.6 is so damn good today because it sufered a number of iterations. Maybe CS:GO v0.1 or something will be much better, who knows. What I know is that its success relies on the community and the developers and this unfriendly environment is not healthy.
2012-02-24 18:47
CS is the most popular FPS shooter till this day, because gooseman got it right the first time. He understood what it took to make a fun, easy to learn, consistent version of a 5v5 FPS team based shooter that no one else could. It didn't happen overnight though, but he got the fundamentals right to allow it to evolve over the next 5 years into what we now know as 1.6. ShaGuar and friends changed the money system to allow for a better version of competitive play to arise. But again, this took years. Nowadays with social media, streams, everyones access to a computer; The events, sponsors, and competitive community will be what brings people to GO. But valve HAS to do the right things that gooseman did in 1999. We have 13 years of knowledge at our disposal. It shouldn't take 5 years to make a competitive ready version of GO. I say summer of 2013 we will start seeing very big tournaments if valve gets it right. TLDR; It shouldn't take 4+ years to make an updated version of competitive 5v5 shooters when we have 13 years of knowledge and experimenting. It's all about what valve wants in the end, so lets hope they have the right people working on it now. All we can do is put our best players forward to give input, and hope they listen. No one will invest years at getting better at a game if it doesn't have what original CS had.
2012-02-24 18:52
2012-02-24 20:44
How do you know they'renot working for new CS? Valve has a top-secret project. They're saying this years will be like stone ages. Valve said that they dropped episodic model(that means there will be no HL2:EP3). Probably it's HL3 and according to a valve employee ; 'CS2 will come before HL3 is.'
2012-02-24 21:41
Stop pulling out information from your ass. Sincerly, community
2012-02-25 01:45
STFU pls. Everybody know that. you should stop pulling out from your ass.
2012-02-25 07:10
India h8or
+1 I am tired of this brainless guy posting the same shit over and over again all over the forums.
2012-02-25 11:13
2012-02-25 18:32
India h8or
Ur talking as if Schypher is the guy developing CS2 for u. Its just a guess and not facts retarded guy with negative IQ. Get over that article.
2012-02-25 20:10
I'mnot talking about him I'm talking about Valve employee. Valve said 'THIS IS NOT COUNTER-STRIKE 2'. Even this is a evidence that there will be a CS2. you brainless.
2012-02-25 20:15
India h8or
Wow, how does that mean there will be CS2? If they say CS:GO is not Battlefield 5, does that mean they are developing Battlefield 5? lol logic.
2012-02-25 20:33
how to get the key?
2012-02-24 18:55
Hi there, go here: and take the survey with your steam and the PC you're gonna play CS:GO on. (It's much like the DOTA2 survey)
2012-02-25 11:01
Why do you guys think CSS is being replaced? Nowhere has ESEA said that. CSS league is still pretty popular, so it's not going anywhere soon.
2012-02-24 18:59
love this part Europeans who are likely to stick to 1.6.
2012-02-24 18:59
Competitive CS is only played in Europe, not that great tho
2012-02-24 20:40
Counter-Suck GO
2012-02-24 19:04
I'll take cspromod over CSGO any day.
2012-02-24 19:05
pretty cool but still cs > css > global offensive
2012-02-24 19:11
suck at the most popular game? -let's make a new one! alien guy meme *americans*
2012-02-24 19:14
>old game outdated and dying? >let's make a new one *reasonable logic*
2012-02-24 20:04
>american mentality of new accessories >rush it into stores >really stupid community of console gamers, noobs, and kids with too much free time >mfw ... PROFIT!?! I'm sorry lad, I'll be over here reading my Dante, listening to my Schubert, drinking my tea, and playing 1.6 like a true sir.
2012-02-24 22:06
We in North America... can afford it.
2012-02-24 22:18
actually many can afford a game that will probably be worth 50euros considering that the majority pays like at least 200e for their gear headsets,mice,mousepads,keyboards...
2012-02-24 22:22
Maybe you can afford it... what about Pera, Mika, Zika and the others?
2012-03-28 06:25
not a sir... Like a BauzZ
2012-02-24 22:20
if we dont play new games, they wont have to make new graphic cards, processors etc Sooo they need new games to take more money from us... Dont be fooled to think that they care about community or CS 1.6 or CS;GO. It's all about the money
2012-02-24 23:40
cs:go for xbox
2012-02-24 19:37
Oh. Please, no.
2012-02-25 11:02
This is how it should be, CSS gets replaced by CS:GO and 1.6 will stay :P
2012-02-24 19:38
1.6 is getting steamrolled then GO will have more tournaments and more players than 1.6
2012-02-24 20:42
ProMod > CS:GO
2012-02-24 20:02
YOU CAN NEVER SAY CS:GO > CSPROMOD OR CSP > CS:GO. BOTH GAMES'S GOALS AREN'T SAME. CSP IS " 1.6 with Source graphics " CS:GO IS " Console(Casual) game with modified source gameplay" CSP IS trying to refresh 1.6 with source graphics CS:GO is trying to get more players to CS.
2012-02-24 20:19
"CS:GO is trying to get more players to CS"
2012-02-24 20:28
Quote ; "That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2." Stfu now kid.
2012-02-24 21:05
Is that an answer to what I was wondering? Of course _CS:GO_ want more _CS PLAYERS_ O_O Seriously... why am I living on this planet. 1.6 isn't dead, they just try to get the fucking console fags to play Counter-Strike. They are going to destroy the passion of Counter-Strike my friends. CS on console = RIP CS
2012-02-24 21:26
No you're getting it wrong. Check old events. WCG,ESWC.. 100k for CS, 160k for CS.. Now 30-40k for CS. People getting older and you can't play video games all your life. CS community needs new players to get bigger like old times. What would you prefer? Battlefield 3, Mw3 or 1.6? New players can give a try to CS:GO. Actually it can help to get more players to CS. Because this is CS:GO's goal. If valve wanted to kill CS why they started to talk 'This'snot CS2' after CS:GO's announcement? We know there will be a cs2 and probably will come before HL3. We can move on with 1.6 for now.(It's still huge) But CS2 is for future.
2012-02-24 21:37
completely agree you.
2012-02-25 03:53
Wise words, wise words.
2012-02-25 11:04
thats nice!
2012-02-24 20:03
only 1.6))
2012-02-24 20:29
2012-02-24 21:23
2012-02-24 21:40
Brazil hugoooo
americans always try to help these shitty versions to succeed... same with CZ on WCG 2004, with CSS on CPL 05 and 07, now CS:GO on ESEA
2012-02-24 21:44
2012-02-25 00:42
yup, casualtards will be casual.
2012-02-25 04:14
2012-02-26 18:43
nice <3 1.6
2012-02-24 22:53
If we dont play new games, they wont have to make new graphic cards, processors etc Sooo they need new games to take more money from us... Dont be fooled to think that they care about community or CS 1.6 or CS;GO. It's all about the money.
2012-02-24 23:43
We know, but they should stick to our ideas and propositions : ) We've always said that the gameplay must be the same as in 1.6 or somewhat similar ;> We're open to better graphics :)
2012-02-24 23:47
Don't kid yourself. The current cs 1.6 community is open to nothing. Organizers try to keep the gmae fresh by adding a new map to the pool, and 3,000 threads instantly appear with children nearly killing themselves over it... just because they can't throw the same flashes and hold the same lines they have for the past 10 years. Idiots.
2012-02-24 23:58
becouse all these tricks and flashes make this game so amazing :)
2012-02-25 00:11
Retard, de_forge and de_mirage have been succesfully added and accepted by the masses to the mappool. Especially mirage, which is a map that is preferred in the gathers that I play :)
2012-02-25 04:16
That you play. What about the other 99.9% of players?
2012-02-25 07:47
India h8or
mirage is a very popular map.
2012-02-25 11:20
intel is the best example that they care more about the community than the actual hardware(intel extreme masters)
2012-02-25 04:04
To elaborate, we have an open, intermediate, main, and invite division for CS 1.6 and CSS, with each of the invite playoffs being played on LAN for Season 11 and we are just doing an open division with CSGO. We don't expect (and don't want) 1.6 or CSS to go anywhere. We'll continue to support each community and everyone can choose which version of CS, including CSGO they want to play on ESEA :)
2012-02-25 01:08
CS 1.6 <3333.
2012-02-25 01:23
CS 1.6 forever <3
2012-02-25 01:47
ESEA came up with one article saying that the tava old cs 1.6, game of the last century, everyone already knew it was marketing ploy, and now comes the proof
2012-02-25 02:09
cs go? dafuq
2012-02-25 07:13
so it begins...
2012-02-25 09:27
cs 1.6 is a very competetive hard and very skill full game not just everyone can form a clan or play easily even they are also it'll take time to be pros or play...not like COD 1 2 3 etc...or like CS:GO
2012-02-25 09:34
No worries there sho players move source is matched it is to continue this game and not 1.6 gl 1.6
2012-02-25 10:51
2012-02-25 11:18
first learn cs 1.6 > CS:GO
2012-02-25 12:06
yea right, think again csgo
2012-02-25 12:20
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
CS > CSS > CS:GO Cs 1.6 is not just a game. Cs is a game for skill, css & Global Offansive are games for fun.
2012-02-25 13:36
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
Like Counter Strike Source, And CS:GO Will be like that..
2012-02-25 13:38
2012-02-25 15:34
Hltv got money 4 csgo promotion
2012-02-25 22:15
Cs-GO <3<3
2012-02-26 15:17
Lurpis always has to comment about something he doesn't really know about. The NA scene was the closest thing to Australia and we use to tune into "CAL" league games every Friday Arvo to watch the games. We also enjoyed watching competetive gaming for no "$" as we were just the same. I don't think you understand how powerful CALEAGUE was being associated with CPL you fucking pasty gronk. You talk as if you were winning CPLS when the only noticeable accomplishment you've done was goto WEG.
2012-06-10 06:56
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