EPS Germany Spring 2012 prizes

March 2nd, 2012 04:09

As just over half the season has been completed, the prize purse for EPS Pro Series Germany Spring Season 2012.

The last season featured a prize purse of 12,000€ with the winners taking home half of it and the rest being spread out among the top four finishers. This season sees a little cut in money, dropping down to 10,500€.

mousesports looking to defend their title once again 

That is now the second season in a row that sees a cut although not as massive as between the summer and winter 2011 seasons when the prize purse was taken down by 8,000€.

The current season is already in its sixth match week out of eleven with ALTERNATE currently ranked number one with a 6-0 record after scoring a victory over its rivals, mousesports, this week on de_forge. mousesports is now in second place with a 4-2 record, having also dropped a match to myRevenge on de_mirage.

Prize distribution:

1. 5,000€
2. 2,500€
3. 1,300€
4. 650€
5-6. 300€
5-6. 300€ 

Last season saw mousesports defeat ESC Gaming, which then featured the likes of Markus "pronax" Wallsten and Andreas "MODDII" Fridh, in the finals 2-0. mousesports has won a total of eight consecutive seasons.

Netherlands :'( 
mouse gonna win it
2012-03-02 04:10
only eight in a row ? haha nice mouz
2012-03-02 04:11
Sweden Frodo Baggins 
Can someone as interesting as mouz join this season as ex-ESC did last year..
2012-03-02 04:24
Finland coswell 
Well Alternate did win against mouz already once.. They do have a good lineup, but i think Mousesports will step up a notch soon. Otherwise its a very boring season.
2012-03-02 08:28
United States mah9 
the statement "a total of eight consecutive seasons" doesn't really make sense. Just slightly redundant. So they've actually won 8 in a row?
2012-03-02 04:31
2012-03-02 07:46
i don't get it: why doesn't it make sense?
2012-03-02 11:33
Other ohai 
Well, it's like two facts split up and spliced together. It does make sense but the efficiency in this case seems a bit awkward. To be direct, the two statements combined are "a total of eight seasons" and "eight consecutive seasons". They can be taken as contradictory statements because one would specify the total separate from the number of times won in a row in order to differentiate them. In other words, the total and the number in a row are phrases meant to distinguish one from the other. Hence, putting them together seems awkward. That out of the way, assuming lurppy means both that they've won 8 total seasons and that they were in a row, then it makes sense and really isn't redundant, although one could argue that the "total" is unnecessary if you write "8 consecutive seasons" because the total is implied to be the same if it isn't specified, but a possible argument against that is the author wanted to be explicit.
2012-03-02 17:36
the only thing here is the world "total": yes, it's a little redundant (or at least unnecessary), but lurppis meant to be redundant to detach such an impressive record :)
2012-03-02 18:53
alternate ??
2012-03-02 04:33
you also should write that there are now 3 seasons in 1 year :)
2012-03-02 04:37
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
why mouz are so weak :( whats happened to them
2012-03-02 05:33
poor prize
2012-03-02 05:41
alternate because mouz going down :(
2012-03-02 05:50
Easy for mouz =.-
2012-03-02 06:47
i don't think so...
2012-03-02 09:13
easy for alternate u mean
2012-03-02 09:31
currently alternate is playing a better EPS than mouz does.
2012-03-02 12:01
2012-03-02 13:01
alternate won mouz ;)
2012-03-02 15:48
Like they care. They are focusing on IEM which has 50k not this 5k tournament which for sure they will win if they play seriously
2012-03-02 16:43
I watched that game and it wasnt like they were saving their tactics or something, their aim was just not as good as alternates. Im not saying that alternate is better but mouz already lost two of their games despite they are training like hell ;)
2012-03-02 17:28
like all teams they always play seriously :D if a team said that they didnt played seriously after a lost match in a tournament, its just a bad excuse. its not clear that alternate will win the eps, just wanted to say that it will not be easy for mouz to win that, because currently alternate plays a better eps than mouz does. and it would mean a lot for mouz to win it cause they want to be the "german masters" like they always were these days ;)
2012-03-02 23:34
wtf does lol mean? alternate beats mouz and leads the board :P did you not follow your own countries EPS this year? xD
2012-03-02 16:48
gl ninja :]
2012-03-02 07:40
wuuuuuuut ?
2012-03-02 11:59
Denmark crZy 
the prices was announced a long time ago - prior season beginning - but they chose to remove the winning pr match so its all prizemoney to the top6 now . :)
2012-03-02 09:47
Poland p 7k 
2012-03-02 11:01
United States Kyte 
what a shitty prize pot. I expect a lot more from ESL
2012-03-02 11:19
I don't think, it's not an international tournament, and CS sponsors don't support CS like before
2012-03-02 12:01
hltv.org/news/6164-eps-summer-2011-with-.. That was last year.. CS isn't the same anymore.
2012-03-02 14:29
Alternate go !
2012-03-02 12:02
cheering for loomit's team!
2012-03-02 12:22
Romania 7R 
2012-03-02 13:31
mouz is gonna win!
2012-03-02 14:01
EPS even pay prizes? But saying that it is German EPS. There are people still waiting on season 3 prizes. However good luck in the tournament. Prize or no prize.
2012-03-02 14:15
why are the prizes getting lower every year?
2012-03-02 14:21
Me looking to get bored, once again
2012-03-02 14:45
It's probably the last german EPS season for 1.6 like they said on ESL TV, i hope they gonna change their opinion after this season. Would be sad...
2012-03-02 16:57
pretty sad that this one time when mousesports actually seem weak, there is no other team to take the crown from them. maybe Alternate but doubt it...
2012-03-02 17:06
lol... all saying attax vs mouz final but maybe myR.de will gonna win eps? Think...
2012-03-04 20:28
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