xek leaves Moscow Five

March 11th, 2012 20:17

Alexander "xek" Zobkov has via a blog on the Moscow Five website announced that he has left the team.

After elimination at the IEM6 World Championship, which came in a quarter-final loss against ESC Gaming, rumors started flying that Moscow Five had seen Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov left the team, supposedly after reading hateful comments aimed at the team on the team's own website and in the blog of the team owner.

Today the team lost a member, with Alexander "xek" Zobkov announcing his departure via a blog on the team's website. The reason behind Zobkov's move is allegedly due to the chemistry in the team, as well as the desire to reach his full potential as an individual.

xek has left Moscow Five

This is the second time Zobkov exits the team. Last year, after the IEM5 World Championship, the team cut Zobkov from the team, later on bringing in Alexandr "Twist" Sharipov. Zobkov later returned to Moscow Five, replacing Sharipov in May.  

Since May, there has been no change in the team, but the possibility of changes has been there quite a few times. Smelyi, the Moscow Five owner, has on several occasions expressed his dissatisfaction with the team, which also came to show on March 8, when the Russian team got eliminated in the IEM6 World Championship.

Once again Smelyi expressed his dissatisfaction, this time touching on the team's unwillingness to practice at the organization's training facilities, supposedly only agreeing to do so when Smelyi said he would reduce their February salary. He furthermore states that the motivation of the team is on a low and that the team plays more DotA than CS, but also claiming that the only thing the players are interested in is money.

Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov went on to post a reply to the blog, stating there's no motivation problem. In regards of not being willing to practice, Ivanov stated their salary is miserable for Moscow standards, where the average salary is 50,000 rubles, while the team receives 20,000 rubles per month.

With Zobkov out of Moscow Five, the team is left with the following four:

Russia Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov
Russia Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov
Russia Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov
Russia Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov

Whether Makarov has left the team or not is still not clear. The future of Moscow Five could be to find a new fifth and get a fresh start, but with the recent intrigues in the team, getting cut or folding could certainly be an option too.

2012-03-11 20:17
not bad, it is good that the IGL stayed in. MNR, delm1k JOIN M5
2012-03-11 21:34
They need a really maaadfragger, ROMjKE and Edik really need to on the level they always used to play because tbh I didnt see ED1K bein really good nor did ROMjKE. They need to play a lot harder or they might be next to get kicked out..
2012-03-11 22:13
They need a really maaadfragger, ROMjKE and Edik really need to on the level they always used to play because tbh I didnt see ED1K bein really good nor did ROMjKE. They need to play a lot harder or they might be next to get kicked out..
2012-03-11 23:02
How about getting a Ukrainian to play for them?! Shara?
2012-03-12 01:07
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
2012-03-12 06:01
he's at k23 right?
2012-03-12 06:54
he in NEXT.kz
2012-03-12 10:44
2012-03-12 19:00
Is next still alive ? Btw why k23 goes down ?
2012-03-12 19:57
Yep NEXT.kz is alive and kicking! I mistook the team as k23! My bad!
2012-03-13 11:03
2012-03-13 14:32
Now they are MOSCOW 4 :D
2012-03-12 02:17
no funny. miss u xek
2012-03-12 09:33
yeah i know! just trolling a litle bit xD
2012-03-12 16:24
okay :D
2012-03-12 16:48
no, +hacker. agaim M5))
2012-03-12 16:04
2012-03-14 02:00
2012-03-16 05:58
2012-03-11 20:17
2012-03-11 20:17
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
Damn, so sad... -1 team
2012-03-11 20:17
romjke leave too. edik dosia fox back
2012-03-11 20:17
Sucks. I've begun to fancy this team very much lately.
2012-03-11 20:40
Me too! It was such a pleasure to watch them.
2012-03-11 21:25
Brazil joaowns 
Yeah, I enjoy so much their games... It's a pitty it ended up this way =,(
2012-03-11 22:30
romjke isn't leave! infa 100%
2012-03-11 22:51
Brazil joaowns 
really? Well that's good news!!!
2012-03-12 00:47
Smelyi has commented Zobkov's blog recently. From his words, "it was just joke with Romjke, but with xek it's serious, so i 'd like to say goodbye to him" etc.
2012-03-12 06:02
yeap. my words confirmed by romjke now :)
2012-03-13 09:29
very sad !
2012-03-11 20:18
2012-03-11 20:18
2012-03-11 20:18
next is ROMKje :)
2012-03-11 20:19
my fav player, sad
2012-03-11 20:19
so sad :(
2012-03-11 20:20
+hooch and hacker
2012-03-11 20:20
not really. as hooch is on virtus.pro with NOW KUCHER. ex-DTS
2012-03-11 20:48
I believe that hacker stopped cs
2012-03-11 22:37
Hacker is in Virtus.dno roster.
2012-03-12 06:03
ah ok
2012-03-12 14:24
Russia fuRy^ 
moscowfive.ru crashed :D
2012-03-11 20:20
2012-03-11 20:43
you happy? o_0
2012-03-11 20:56
Trollwars between m5 fans and vp fans.
2012-03-12 06:03
2012-03-12 09:56
well, actually there are real war between those two groups. Like it was on some lan (like wcg ru quali) where fans tried to outshout each other... It is war between them on gaming news sites etc
2012-03-12 12:24
fanboy virtus.pro detected :)
2012-03-11 21:52
xek and Dosia were 2 best players in their team during IEM6
2012-03-11 20:20
sad :|
2012-03-11 20:21
So sad, so sad. I think M5 had a very unique playstyle and at some times they even bought 3 AWPs(ed1K, Fox and xek). I really liked how xek played and he really stepped up after being kicked in the first place. He will be missed for sure and I hope he will continue to play CS.. Hope LeX replaces him if anybody is going to..
2012-03-11 20:21
I like their playstyle too, especially deco rounds...
2012-03-11 21:10
I remeber last year the manger said that 1 player was gonna get kicked in the new year, maybe this was it :P And AdreN would be an exelent choice. I know he is playing for NEXT, but it would be a good oppertunity for him and the team.
2012-03-12 01:55
2012-03-11 20:21
+1 :DDD
2012-03-11 20:22
this is what nixon probably wanted said in is twitter ...
2012-03-11 20:22
2012-03-11 20:32
alright then atleast give a hint.
2012-03-11 20:35
It could be something, it could be nothing. But several teams and players had conversations at the Twitch.tv party.
2012-03-11 20:37
2012-03-11 20:45
so we have to w8
2012-03-11 21:16
Do you have any information about when is the new player in fnatic gonna be announced Nixon? Cause ive searched in fnatic.com and on facebook and i couldnt find anything..
2012-03-11 21:40
I do not.
2012-03-11 21:41
A | 
Russia alonsen 
so sad, unique player
2012-03-11 20:22
Poland p 7k 
2012-03-11 20:22
2012-03-11 20:22
2012-03-11 20:22
Norway Mrck 
hes was the weakest link anyways
2012-03-11 20:22
So they were given the opportunity to be pro and didn't take it? Nice.
2012-03-11 20:23
Ukraine C4RL 
2012-03-11 20:23
angel, fox, dosia, z1, ed1k
2012-03-11 20:23
heaton, spawn, walle, cyx, carn
2012-03-11 20:48
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
well, cyx havent know sweden, angel and z1 know russian, but angel is retired =\
2012-03-11 21:11
Denmark fyhn 
So the fact that cyx is german and not swedish is the problem you see in that team? Not the fact that he passed away? :/
2012-03-11 23:31
cyx was macedonian dude .... Antonio Daniloski R.I.P TONI !
2012-03-12 01:02
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
well, i should notice "hadnt know sweden"
2012-03-12 13:44
sad for xek, maybe he is not the best player but I liked him
2012-03-11 20:23
Russia 3R1C 
glory, glory moscow five :(
2012-03-11 20:24
he was playing badly, MNR will be a good substitute
2012-03-11 20:24
2012-03-11 20:24
2012-03-11 20:24
2012-03-11 20:24
no more top5
2012-03-11 20:25
its true :(( all was going so well :(((
2012-03-11 21:48
2012-03-11 20:25
if its true that they didnt practice and didnt care about the game, its pefect that they bring a new player with motivation
2012-03-11 20:25
AdreN would fit perfect
2012-03-12 01:56
Smelyi has so retarted brain
2012-03-11 20:26
such a retart
2012-03-11 20:32
2012-03-11 21:03
2012-03-12 15:25
Lithuania pgz 
who cares ? myfacewhen.com/36/
2012-03-11 20:27
fu** hooch so sad
2012-03-11 20:26
2012-03-11 20:27
Sally !
2012-03-11 20:27
2012-03-11 20:27
+ Krutoi
2012-03-11 20:28
2012-03-11 20:28
2012-03-11 20:29
Hey mate, make a video from IEM6 WC please =D
2012-03-11 21:07
He was so mad when ESC won Na`Vi so I guess he'll make video of IEM WC for sure but without ESC players :D
2012-03-11 21:37
HAHAHAHAHAHA Really ? I didn't know that raz0r is a fanboy of Na'Vi btw, is really hard make a videofrag without actions from ESC players
2012-03-11 23:56
Yes he was :D but admin already deleted his comment, if you click on his profile and scroll down to 'Forum Activity' u can see his comment 'ofcourse i am, i'm always mad when navi lose' and earlier was 'polish nerds won' :D I doubt his movie will feature ESC guys :D
2012-03-12 00:04
Edward, Zeus and Raz0r friends at real life, so nothing special being a fan)
2012-03-13 06:52
but he is so retarded, no respect for other team..he is like a kid
2012-03-13 11:40
Sweden TLY 
2012-03-11 20:29
+LeX hes oldschool but he can give dmg
2012-03-11 20:30
noobs. shitty management.
2012-03-11 20:30
2012-03-11 20:30
2012-03-11 20:40
Wrong guess =)
2012-03-11 20:45
wtf :X
2012-03-11 20:30
2012-03-11 20:31
Slovakia EvErisT 
M5 my favorite team.. haters ruins this team
2012-03-11 20:31
Romania dRVi 
2012-03-11 20:32
no cheater thanks
2012-03-11 20:34
Romania dRVi 
+400kg and thats all:))
2012-03-11 20:39
LeX is not 400kg. 400kg is an another guy so when you dont have brain what you said better to make your head closed.
2012-03-11 21:51
Show a little respect, dude. He wasn't trying to say that LeX is 400kg.
2012-03-12 06:05
so sad :( MOSCOW FOUR
2012-03-11 20:33
Hungary sprayK1NG 
He could join my team, we are searching a last member to our first LAN in this year :) anyway its sad he plays great!
2012-03-11 20:33
2012-03-11 20:33
they will not win anything without him.
2012-03-11 20:33
nor with him
2012-03-11 23:10
trace | 
France Reo_O 
Sad, really good player. =/
2012-03-11 20:33
+hooch/LeX gl
2012-03-11 20:34
Well it looks like a pretty good thing. Een though they improved last year, there was still something missing so they could reach the very top. We've seen a lot of young russian talents coming out lately such as MNR, h4ck3r, delm1k or even hally. That might be the thing they need to step up a little bit but it looksthey really have problems with their behaviour... I remember this problem between overdrive and dosia ages ago... That might be something like this. Dunno...
2012-03-11 20:34
I've watched some videos where they just yell at eachother after some rounds they loose. That's not an attitude you can have in a professional team.
2012-03-11 20:36
yesterday u will see that zonic and kalle join fnatic xizt gux friis kalle zonic
2012-03-11 20:34
-MODDII? Are you fucking kidding me?
2012-03-11 20:36
zonic is shocking
2012-03-11 20:36
yesterday XD
2012-03-11 21:10
Ukraine Nnm 
+1 xD fail
2012-03-11 21:29
yesterday :DDDD
2012-03-11 21:32
Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away (с) :D
2012-03-11 21:50
It's twelve march already, and it's better to be truth or my pokemon would kick your ass. :o)
2012-03-12 06:06
why xek ,he was one of the best in m5 :S.i hope hoochR will stand in m5
2012-03-11 20:35
VoFkiN, F1_N, foont, kioken I hope this will not be overdrive, redman or twist or will dober return? :D
2012-03-11 20:36
Ukraine generalUA 
gde Dober?
2012-03-11 21:05
na B blyad !!!
2012-03-12 10:44
Took | 
Romania Took 
-ceh9 +xek for na'vi
2012-03-11 20:36
haha funny
2012-03-11 21:32
ceh9 > xek
2012-03-11 21:37
no way, xek >>>>>>> ceh9
2012-03-12 03:28
lol no,ceh9>xek anyday
2012-03-12 05:21
no xek > ceh9 but ceh9 best player for navi ( trolling and moral' :3 ) ;))
2012-03-12 06:50
i think angel will replace of ceh9
2012-03-11 22:51
2012-03-11 20:36
Argentina edzf 
2012-03-11 20:37
+1 :D
2012-03-11 20:38
Pakistan MrHassan 
Come On M5 lost against ESC Gaming. Clearly ESC is better than M5. If he left or got kicked due to Quarter Final lose against ESC than i think M5 organization is probably idiot.
2012-03-11 20:37
Russia B!F 
The desicion made by himself and not on team results.
2012-03-12 06:19
xek :( really good player
2012-03-11 20:38
Argentina aspi 
2012-03-11 20:38
Europe midi 
if xek won't return to m5 or romjke will leave, the team is lost, there are simply no more uber-players in russia, only hooch
2012-03-11 20:39
Argentina aspi 
or lex
2012-03-11 20:39
Europe midi 
no, lex was good @ 2005 and in iron will, now he is only a ballast to virtus.pro, he can talk too much but has no skill.
2012-03-11 20:43
my friend lex is still good and sick player!! dont forget he is a legend
2012-03-11 20:48
Europe midi 
he is, but it doesnt cancel the fact that he is a bad player now
2012-03-11 20:54
no doubt, he is not the player he was 6-7 years ago, but if he join to top team now and practice enough i think he gonna be awesome! =DD
2012-03-11 20:59
+1 aspi
2012-03-11 21:07
oh noes, please. Every squad with LeX just narrowly goes down...
2012-03-12 06:07
hacker and mnr would be nice replace
2012-03-11 20:49
Europe midi 
as cs 1.6 scene is dying, there is no time to train cs players, hacker and mnr simply have not enough experience to fit in m5 which is playing among top 6 world teams, IMHO
2012-03-11 21:25
i think not OR, but AND: if xek AND romjke leave, team is lost, +1 smelyi will search
2012-03-11 21:10
good luck xek
2012-03-11 20:39
:( gl xek
2012-03-11 20:42
LeX's still the best
2012-03-11 20:42
The top team of Russia breaks ( I am very disappointed :(
2012-03-11 20:42
can someone link to the managers blog, where he was talking shit?
2012-03-11 20:42
2012-03-11 20:49
argh! ty tho
2012-03-11 20:54
Brazil hugoooo 
2012-03-11 20:42
Poland kRAMERO 
xenitron flatra ex xek hooch, that was amazing lineup
2012-03-11 20:44
they will disband. :) 100%
2012-03-11 20:44
and by the way: why the hell every EVERY every and each one posting "+LeX +hooch"?
2012-03-11 20:44
because the people want to see lex and hoock in m5 =D
2012-03-11 20:51
GG Moscow Five, without XEK they are nothing.
2012-03-11 20:45
u mad bro?
2012-03-11 20:50
no, i'm being realistic. he was the teams backbone. Without him, Moscow Five are just Four and Not Moscow at all.
2012-03-11 23:04
LEEEXXX /dream off
2012-03-11 20:48
Thank you xek, great frags, great times
2012-03-11 20:49
Hey russian brother can you translate his complete blogs and comments and reply me in a jist.
2012-03-11 20:59
hah...idk, I must kill 1 day to do it. Try google translate, it won't be clear but you'll understand general meaning of his blog.
2012-03-11 21:05
A | 
Russia alonsen 
2012-03-12 00:51
RMN | 
Brazil flainzz 
dosia and fox are brothers ?
2012-03-11 20:50
yes Mihail"Dosia"Stolyarov Sergey"Fox"Stolyarov
2012-03-11 20:50
RMN | 
Brazil flainzz 
thanks for answer :)
2012-03-11 21:08
yea they`re
2012-03-11 20:51
My favourite player,so sad to hear that =(((((
2012-03-11 20:50
Hey russian brother can you translate his complete blogs and comments and reply me in a jist.
2012-03-11 20:53
Sorry,but my english bad,ask someone more And it's pretty hard to enter on MoscowFive site
2012-03-11 20:55
I can try if there would be no one to do it in few days. But his complete blogs are too much to translate, just latest. There is xek's blog too, though.
2012-03-12 06:10
It would be so kind of you. Though i never asked to translate all the blogs in this matter word by word. I just asked to translate every important aspect.
2012-03-12 06:12
No problems, I will be in touch. By the way, look at #268 (translation of xek's blog)
2012-03-12 06:15
ty bro :)
2012-03-12 06:23
sorry, I use online translator The story about wheeltwister All greetings. I write here last time, I write as my oral speech much more poorly written and time I especially didn't differ game for this command, I will cause a stir a writing of any hogwash here. Initially when me in a command senseless my finding in it - one more sniper when two and so already is, and presence of two and more snipers in game on many cards leads to decrease in mobility of a command and economy took seemed to much. I and itself from a part thought that to me hard will find the place in a command, simply it would be desirable something to achieve and it was main motiv. As a whole my attempts to play without awp with simple guns were not super successful, some times changed mice, (on mx518 to shoot from the simple weapon a bit more difficult than on other mice) probably that that I too long played the mouse hasn't allowed to me to get used to one of them. Few times we tried that I was in a main thing role awp, but special changes in our game weren't, is visible because of that that we wanted result, and as soon as possible, and time to get used was a little, or is simple among my instability. Anyhow it only one of problems of our command, to be exact basically mine personally - that almost for a year of game I and couldn't find up to the end to myself an optimum role in this command, and whether it was not known this ideal role in general and as all it influenced game as a whole. I know just never was also to me it was not pleasant to play a type role "carry", from the exit category on the center under one flash card and attempts to kill all enemies in a head, I always was something more like a support and tried to play more tactically. It too most likely one of the reasons why I as a result didn't approach a command... I consider that in activity any kind it is necessary to work and work to reach results, it at us turned out probably least... The people at us such lazy Can, can aren't present... All and happens at once only in miracles... Stupid game in CS, with boats, csdm or simple "no ideas" pcw is that is obvious any more that is necessary for players with 10-year-old experience of game and desire to be on world top. When you play with the world best teams where everyone plays level, you need something more than simply standard game and beautiful headshots, it is necessary to surprise with something the contender besides shooting situations after exchange (rounds, pomegranates, positions, etc. trifles) I for all our career moscowfive can remember 2-3 rounds or situations where the contender could tell really "WOW" playing against us. Observing and playing against other commands of these things I noticed in times more. . The Same command NaVi, like having the five of super players and experience zeus and edward from a heap of the international tournaments has done the big work to start to win. As to be to us without having the super five and without having such experience? Becomes ripe a question why I haven't worked itself or didn't force others? Probably any time I tried and even something turned out, but the desire because of that then disappeared that it wasn't at others and many considered that in this game it is possible to benefit and so... From here in the core and the majority of disagreements and misunderstanding in game, plus from a part it was from for my non-standard game in some situations... As an example it is possible to take Poles FX/ESC which on stretch already probably 5-6 years one of the world best teams. As now I remember in club PvP sat played a command iTs/Begrip against them (Pentagram) to year in 2004 or 2005 when they only have gathered, it was about one year or less, they seemed a normal average command. It is possible to be surprised only as abruptly they began to play after a year or two especially without changing composition. In some things in their game it is possible to note almost ideal literacy. Before wcg11 I have tried to change completely the style of game, but it is more than on pair pcw I haven't sufficed, I never can play on frags or camping, I will always go the first, I will be take part in all fights on a card, droping the first AK, to die if it is necessary or it is not necessary also to me not intresting if then all write that I the worst or on stats at me 1-10 is worse than at all I have got used to think any more of the personal game, and about that that we can make together to take a round. Also I do not trust that the smaller amount of my death would make our game much better. I trust that really good players of type Dosia or ED1K instead of me and probably the romjke would make game M5 much better, but besides it is necessary to do huge work to find the game and to start to benefit the best teams. Where only to take these players which it is objectively better? About emotions. A heap of experts speak that they don't suffice us for a victory. From what you it took? I can result tens and hundreds examples, not only in cybersports where great sportsmen without uniform emotion became the best. Emotions is only output the negative or positive energy, it is necessary for some people for a discharge, some do it for a facade, on result which happens at the expense of accurate actions in game, they don't influence. And so it has turned out that in a command M5 unemotional people are collected. About experts. The heap of people likes to argue: "and here play it so" - the round is it is taken". And if the colt shoots cartridges from awp? Such people even are in my command. I don't speak about obvious and clear errors but when you have played definitely and at you it has not turned out, much for some reason the pattern at once sees it "has as though turned out". Such seers all at once, all in accuracy see an advantageous pattern. Whence you can know? It is game, it depends not only on your actions, but also from action of the opponent and all it is impossible to foresee. For Dima Smeliy. Unfortunately I do not remember generally that I told words "we have made all that could". Not similar on me also that I generally of what that such thought, I can something another meant, I do not remember. If such was, excuse. In subject WCG11, about "if" it is possible to esteem above, I can tell too that if, you though knew about what trifles to me speak a little, you wouldn't write it, well and that that in 90 % defeats on tournaments I am guilty, I have already got used and have transferred to a command of thanks for trust of such responsibility. I have got used to defend the point of view if I am assured that I am right and I do not put on all around if I am not right, I will agree. Affairs with understanding each other in a command and game vision as a whole very heavily are, all people are picked up very difficult, I am not necessary to a command any more, therefore I leave. Here you name yourself the fan, but as soon as possible when we suffer failure, you who first among "fans" will water us from a bucket. It is already closer to the simple employer or normal spectator. The Real fan is faster trolled a command of the contender, instead of the. Nevertheless thanks you for support, without you CS'a in Russia plainly wouldn't be. I was one of the worst in this command though there was a potential to play better, I haven't developed it, not destiny. To what this text? In the core of media a content for popularity of a site. And so the purposes to justify or to make wasn't worse to someone, simply if the composition better the past suddenly gathers, something from the aforesaid can will help somehow to something. Only it seems that doesn't suffice absolutely hardly hardly, actually to the first place doesn't suffice decently. Good composition from the correct people and operation over game - a key to a victory. To release me it is not necessary, I not a small fish, will consult itself, obligations like any don't remain already. Good luck to a command, in particular Doske as to the most abrupt player and the ROMJKE as to very simple and kind person, you won't important leave or will remain. All g-o-o-d b-u-y!
2012-03-12 10:49
ty bro :) though i got this from #268. I was looking forward to owner's and edik comments or blogs.
2012-03-12 10:54
OMG xek :(
2012-03-11 20:54
Any gossip who might replace xek?
2012-03-11 20:54
i think craft1k might be replace M5
2012-03-16 09:26
REALLY STUPID DECISION HE WOULD KICK FACE IF HE WAS SK'S OWNER. EVERY TEAM HAS PLAYERS LIKE XEK. He's like face. defensive style and really good at awp. Now i can't wait to see what they're gonna do without xek.
2012-03-11 20:58
face awp? oO
2012-03-11 21:01
no, just defensive style :)
2012-03-11 21:12
Russia B!F 
His T-playstyle is far from defensive. Always opened rounds with a kill or death.
2012-03-12 06:23
The end team m5.cs .
2012-03-11 20:58
Nope:P Because ROMJkE and XEK will not go away!
2012-03-11 21:03
z1 and krutoi/kutcher
2012-03-11 20:59
sad. will miss u sashok
2012-03-11 21:00
go lex>>>>xek
2012-03-11 21:00
-xek -ed1k rip m5 :(
2012-03-11 21:00
hooch back's¿?
2012-03-11 21:00
M5 have a another player - twist
2012-03-11 21:01
go for fnatic ahhahahahah . it would be awesome :D
2012-03-11 21:01
overdrive is the 5
2012-03-11 21:04
pff never
2012-03-11 22:28
"Ivanov stated their salary is miserable for Moscow standards, where the average salary is 50,000 rubles, while the team receives 20,000 rubles per month." well, i dont know much about russian currency but if i understand this correctly he is expecting to receive a normal working man salary as a CS player? that's just plain naive and ignorant. barely anyone in todays esport scene got that. teams like ESC and SK have been doing pretty good even with a low salary (i think ESC didnt even have a salary at one point) compared to their respective countries standards...
2012-03-11 21:04
20k roubles is about 670 dollars.
2012-03-12 06:12
50 000 rub in Moscow ha ha ha=)))))))
2012-03-11 21:05
Too much, I know.
2012-03-11 21:15
Where are you from? City
2012-03-11 21:24
it's normal. even in ekb 40-50k is a normal salary for specialist in any sphere. my friend is a doctor, he got 35-40 per month.
2012-03-11 22:31
That´s not very much for a doctor
2012-03-11 23:10
in russia doctor get salaries from goverment so everybody can get free medicine. not big money ofcourse but we working on it :) dentist in non-government clinic for example gets 100-200k per month. how much money gets plactic surgery i don't know :)
2012-03-12 00:14
So you mean like a family-doctor for example? Not a surgent. How much does a constructor, barmen, phone-line customer support, programmers/sysadmins get for example ? :) I´m really interested in comparisasion with Estonia.
2012-03-13 00:56
well as i said i live far away from moscow so we got less money here. barmen takes about 1k$ per month i think. programers 1-2k$, phone-line support - 500$, maybe more but i don't think so. constructor don't know. if you want to know more you can easily use any russian job site via google translate
2012-03-13 03:05
and my city is far far far away from capital
2012-03-12 00:15
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that edik and his team receive 20k for all of them, which means 4k for each. So I think that's really low salary.
2012-03-12 04:04
Nope, everyone in the team get 20k.
2012-03-12 06:12
For Moscow - no.
2012-03-12 07:08
how much money you get tell me plz. what is your job?
2012-03-12 13:37
19 000 The assistant to the network engineer. Anymore?
2012-03-12 16:54
when u'll start getting 50k let's talk about "enough or not enough" again.
2012-03-12 19:35
=) I think you are not in theme.
2012-03-12 20:05
for sure my young friend. for sure
2012-03-12 21:14
Hm...maybe i understand you wrong, but in your opinion salary of 50 000 is enough for life?
2012-03-12 21:28
for x7 not enough but for life enough. for non working wife and two kids is not enough but you still can and a lot of people do it every year.
2012-03-12 23:57
for x7?? what are you talking about?
2012-03-13 18:55
bmw :)
2012-03-14 01:18
Ukraine generalUA 
hooch dosia fox edik hacker/MNR wOw~
2012-03-11 21:07
Slovakia radeoNko 
2012-03-11 21:08
go in Navi hahahaha :P
2012-03-11 21:09
-xek +LeX -Romjkeee + Hooch
2012-03-11 21:10
sad story
2012-03-11 21:12
how much are 50,000 rubles in euro? but 20.000?
2012-03-11 21:12
20 000 Russian rubles = 679.44 U.S. dollars
2012-03-11 21:13
20.000 for player? (while the team receives 20,000 rubles per month.) or 20.000 : 5 ? :)))) 4000 rubles/player?
2012-03-11 21:15
for 5 players.
2012-03-11 21:16
AdreN and m5 Win
2012-03-11 21:13
2012-03-11 21:14
bad. we see how fast cs 1.6 dies :(.
2012-03-11 21:15
looser . -1 player and cs dies?
2012-03-11 21:32
kids are not welcome here ;). grow up and u wanna understand what i mean
2012-03-11 22:14
3 years in a row ? Cs is dies?
2012-03-11 22:28
in last 3-4 month: -mtw,-carn-dts,-eg,-spanish team,-portuguese teams. look at year 2010-2011 and now :)
2012-03-11 23:10
The only team that was actually competing at the top level there was mtw, so thats basically 1 team. Saying cs is dying because 1 team closes is just silly. Carn is 27 now so he probably has other reasons to stop playing.
2012-03-11 23:32
SAD :(
2012-03-11 21:15
where is 400kg?
2012-03-11 21:18
in live )
2012-03-11 21:51
hooch could probably be a good replacement, but not sure...it's sometimes better to get a fresh blood than an old schooler...
2012-03-11 21:20
R.I.P. M5 :(((
2012-03-11 21:24
2012-03-11 21:24
Estonia rYm 
2012-03-11 21:30
that's really bad. last year for cs anyway. gg.
2012-03-11 21:31
I liked MNR, though I don't know much about him, plus I am interested where is F_1N, he would be a good addition or some Ukrainian guys from ex-DTS maybe suit the team, for instance : kucher or angel
2012-03-11 21:34
2012-03-11 21:35
sad ;/ gl xek
2012-03-11 21:36
i am happy for him, i think that he can achieve much more if he is permited to play in his style. m5 used him more as a backup player. he is very skilled aimwise too bad m5 couldn't see this.
2012-03-11 21:43
whyyy (
2012-03-11 21:44
They need to add z1 and ANGE1
2012-03-11 21:44
O M G :O
2012-03-11 21:47
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
2012-03-11 21:49
Belarus SLB 
delm1k maybe?
2012-03-11 21:52
Ukraine kalitajke 
+ved1mak +colon
2012-03-11 21:55
wtf :\ +delm1k hooch or delpan :D which is not quite possible due to communication problem...M5 one of best team...GL
2012-03-11 21:57
Russia AR4ER 
one of the best russian player....very sad ;( gL Sasha
2012-03-11 21:58
bad news =( I do like xek's playing style, but he is an unstable player, unfortunately..
2012-03-11 22:04
Brazil fzZ 
2012-03-11 22:16
plus MNR
2012-03-11 22:16
20.000 rubles = euros ?
2012-03-11 22:20
2012-03-11 22:23
1 euro ~ 40 rubles :D
2012-03-11 22:29
what the hell! WHY XEK ? no xek = no M5
2012-03-11 22:21
ROMjKE AdreN xek LeX h4cker
2012-03-11 22:24
they need madfragger not awper!
2012-03-11 22:27
2012-03-11 22:36
+Ange1 +craft1k(if Romjke leave?)
2012-03-11 22:37
+hacker pleaseeeeeeee
2012-03-11 22:39
Dosia ( madfragger ) ED1K ( fragger/awp ) Fox ( awp ) romjke ( backup/clutch ) ange1 ( madfragger, igl )
2012-03-11 22:52
h4cker, vofkin or little
2012-03-11 22:52
i hope they'll bring in kibaken.
2012-03-11 22:53
MNR/hacker mb even delm1k/ kibaken/ vofkin
2012-03-11 22:58
delm1k, ange1, hacker or kibaken
2012-03-11 22:59
bb m5
2012-03-11 23:09
bb Sashok, double duck ._.
2012-03-11 23:09
realy sad...
2012-03-11 23:09
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
lol........m5 is a great team :)
2012-03-11 23:13
-romjke +hooch -xek +lex :3
2012-03-11 23:13
+VofkiN +liTTle or +hooch +LeX
2012-03-11 23:18
little vofkin = meat Lex died as player since 2008 Hooch in a bad form now he is like a shadow of old mighty hooch from old times.
2012-03-12 09:41
haha they play so random that they don't need so much practice, only playing.I hope they will leave m5 organization and hopefully found new one keeping this roster
2012-03-11 23:18
:((((((((((( omg
2012-03-11 23:19
are they gonna bring the russian get_right back or what?
2012-03-11 23:41
omg what ?
2012-03-11 23:44
he's great player , dt know what happend excactly , but i wish so that xek gona back again to the team n if he dnt want , let DELPANN to join them : )
2012-03-11 23:44
they need a real IGL, tactics and ECOS !!! no problem skillwise. iam rly hope 4 LeX !
2012-03-11 23:45
lex is washed up he used to be a fantastic player but i don't think he can compete on that level anymore
2012-03-12 00:05
true. Looking like he playing for fun now. Sad, he was such a beast like f0rest on 2005
2012-03-12 09:42
+seized infa 100%
2012-03-11 23:45
no, Smeliy said that its gonna be experienced player from Moscow
2012-03-12 09:42
20,000 rubles = ? USD please
2012-03-11 23:49
2012-03-12 00:04
Hooch in right NOW!
2012-03-12 00:09
Russia wh1te! 
+ LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX ! + LeX !
2012-03-12 00:17
M5 pick ANGE1!!!!
2012-03-12 00:22
They really don't need LeX. They already have a better awper / rifler in Fox. They need a pure rifler. I don't even think LeX could play that fast super aggressive style than M5 plays.
2012-03-12 00:39
M5 too weak for xek
2012-03-12 00:48
A | 
Russia alonsen 
Sorry for my crappy translate, i've finished a school 5 years ago, and didn't practice eng since that time. I've tried to translate "word-to-word". Enjoy Hello everybody. I'm writing here last time, because my colloquial speech is much poorer, then written speech. It was strange, that i was taken to the team, where already were two snipers, because i'm sniper too, so it could cause bad mobility and economy in rounds. I knew, that it will be hard to find my place in team, but I really wanted to achieve something. I had tried to play with ak-47 and m4a1, but my game wasn't be good enough, so I've changed mouses several times, but have returned to mx518 in the end. I was trying to play as main awp in team, but it didn't really chanched our game. So, this is one of problems of us, or more exactly, mine problem, that i coundn't find optimal role in team. I only know, that my role isn't "carry", i don't want to rush after mate's flash and kill everybody with headshots, i prefer to be an "support" and play more tactic. And this is one of reasons, why we have problems. I think, that you should work hard, if you wanna reach some results (not only in counter-strike), but we have some problems with it. Maybe our people are lazy, maybe another reason... You can't reach anything in one moment. Playing every day with bots, csdm, useless pcw's - It's not, that need players with 10 years experience. When you are playing against best teams in the world, you need something more, than standart game with nice headshots, you should surprise your enemy. I can remember only 2-3 rounds, where our opponent could say "Woah" after the round, since we start to play under tag "MoscowFive". But i noticed, that other teams have much more such rounds. You wanna ask me, why I didn't try to do something, or force to do something others mates? Probably, I' ve tried, and we have some results, but other guys didn't want to continie the work, because they thought, that we can win without it. So, this situation and, somethimes, my non-standart style of playing caused difficulties in our game. For example, look at the FX/ESC guys. They are one of best teams for an 5-6 years. I remember, when our team Begrip played against Pentagram, which just formed. They looked like simple middle-skilled team. But after year or two, they have a great perfomance and perfect teamplay, so I can only wonder. I was trying to change my playing style before wcg'11, but could do that only on several pcw's. I cant play for frags or "rat" style, i always going first, always take a participation on every fight on map, die, than it need or don't need, i don't care, if everybody will write, that i'm worst player, or i have the worst k/d statistics. I believe, that really good players, like Dosia or Edik, can do our game much better instead me, and, maybe romjke, but where we can find such good players in Russia? And, if we find such players, we should make a huge work to find our style and win best teams. Now about emotions. Where are many "experts" saying, that we don't have it enough for the victory. What are you talking about? I can find hundreds examples (not only in e-sport) of sportsmans, who have become the best without any emotion. Emotions - it just splash of negative of positive energy, it don't need for win. And where are only non-emotion people in MoscowFive, I can do nothing with it. About inet "experts". Some people like to discuss about, how we should play in that round, how should play that guy, etc.. And, sadly, i have such guys in my team. I'm not talking about oblivious mistakes, but if I play in one way and failed, how can you see a right variant? This is a game, and it don't depend only on your decisions, it depends on opponets decisions too and you can't divine everything. To the Dmitry (owner of M5). I can't remember, that i speak word's like " We did everything we could". If it really was, i'm sorry for that. I'm accustomed, that team says I'm reason of losing 90% games. But also, I'm accustomed to defend my point of view. We have very big problems with understanding each other and common view of game, everybody in team is so complicated. Team don't need me anymore, so i'm leaving it. You called yourself a fan, but when we lose, you are first of all, who gonna throw shit to us. You more looks like an employer or spectator. Real fan will throw shit to another team, not to his. But, anyway, thank you for support, it woundn't be a CS in our country without you. I was one of the worst in team, maybe i could play better, but i didn't realise my potential. Why did I write this? It was for a popularity of site :( (joke). I don't have any target to acquit myself of make bad to somebody. Indeed, if suddenly m5 will have a better team, i hope, something of my thoughts help them. You think, that we have just one step to win, but where is the long way to first place. A good players and great work - that's a key to a victory. So, good luck to my team, especially to Dosia, the most skilled player and to ROMJKE, very kind and simple guy =) Goodbye everybody!
2012-03-12 00:50
Seems like forced. Anyway gl.
2012-03-12 03:51
Good translation, easy to understand. Thank you very much, sir :) Gl to xek, sad that he couldn't fit to the team :(
2012-03-12 04:11
Appreciate the translation! The only player he didn't mention was Fox ;c
2012-03-12 09:48
Dosia n0thing ed1k Savage FalleN
2012-03-12 00:57
cs is dead
2012-03-12 00:57
why? just this is time for young players)
2012-03-12 01:13
<3 RE-UNiTED ! <3
2012-03-12 01:42
yeaaaaa Dosia fox ed1k AdreN ROMJkE gg
2012-03-12 01:55
Mary Jane is my gf btw
2012-03-12 02:11
2012-03-12 11:08
2012-03-12 02:12
+adreeeeeeeeeeen :D
2012-03-12 03:46
India Godz. 
would've kept patience..it's not that you loose a championship and leave team i mean wtf :S
2012-03-12 04:37
So very bad...Russian Cs. die...
2012-03-12 04:43
According to Dima Smelyi, the new fifth member is Dima Smelyi. I think hltv.org shoud post this another bullshit from Dima. Like it was before.
2012-03-12 05:47
holy shit
2012-03-12 06:39
again goobye russian cs on 1-2 years.
2012-03-12 06:42
Sad true:(
2012-03-12 14:23
+tAnk! ofc
2012-03-12 06:54
2012-03-12 07:56
oh god, why ????
2012-03-12 07:58
finally. find a job guys and play for fun!
2012-03-12 08:29
nice, bye bye meat
2012-03-12 08:39
shut the fuck up troll
2012-03-12 11:51
2012-03-12 08:44
2012-03-12 08:52
Sweden SteAmeX 
CS 1.6 is going daooooown!
2012-03-12 09:07
ANGE1 should replace xek
2012-03-12 09:16
ANGE1 is streamer in Na`Vi and he doesn't play cs(professional), so maybe LeX will come...
2012-03-12 09:24
Ok i didnt know that :) hope for LeX then!
2012-03-12 09:27
Me too ;)
2012-03-12 11:08
2012-03-12 09:31
Dmitriy Smeliu, m5 owner said that new player will be experienced player from Moscow, who was in old cheat scandal. So it's Viktor.P <Sally> Mark my words.
2012-03-12 09:44
it can be Xenitron as well
2012-03-12 10:00
no way, he is week
2012-03-12 10:09
as i understood you wanted to say "weak" but surely sally is not in the top of his shape now
2012-03-12 10:36
it will be a very bad decision then as it is known that the oldschoolers are no longer able to compete on the same level as before which means getting Xentiron or Sally or F_1N or whoever will most probably drag M5 team down.... The only 2 oldschoolers I still have hope in are LeX and hooch, but they would really need to put too much effort in proving they can still be good once they joined M5.
2012-03-12 11:11
2012-03-12 17:52
2012-03-12 10:44
+xaoc/pops +MNR/delm1k/tAnk
2012-03-12 10:46
Get FalleN
2012-03-12 10:53
I love russian deagles rounds, only M5 did it so well even when all know they will do it, they manage to success. sad
2012-03-12 11:18
Xek leave , Romjke leave too 100% .. m5 crashed .. thanks to Dima Smelyi ...
2012-03-12 11:25
ahahaha :D
2012-03-12 11:44
subj: yeaaaa@@H@HH@H@H@H@HH@ grachus5....
2012-03-12 11:45
xek gl
2012-03-12 11:49
+ LeX
2012-03-12 12:07
2012-03-12 12:11
my fav player :( underrated player :) +1 hooch/delm1kk
2012-03-12 12:28
2012-03-12 12:32
+ redman
2012-03-12 12:44
Dosia ED1K Fox LeX/hooch delm1kk
2012-03-12 12:57
nice :)
2012-03-12 13:09
+1 seized
2012-03-12 13:29
I'm a fan of Virtus.pro is not very interesting! => => =>
2012-03-12 13:29
why M5 don't like LeX? he is a very talentet player...
2012-03-12 13:46
Insider info - Xenitron in
2012-03-12 14:00
2012-03-12 15:06
hope for VofkiN, no LeX no hooch no Sally no old guy plz!!
2012-03-12 14:19
please stop flood about Lex and Hooch. They have their own team, Virtus.pro Line-up: LeX Hooch Hacker Evil Kucher (ex-DTS) So they won't join m5.
2012-03-12 14:27
World oBo 
cool story, bro =)
2012-03-12 16:08
k0nfig | 
Hungary kruam 
im not good in english but he so retired?
2012-03-12 14:35
Now hacker in M5!
2012-03-12 14:43
yep, hacker joined M5 :P
2012-03-12 14:44
UPDATE: Roman "Hacker" Abramov is new Moscow 5 player. Line up of m5: ED1K Dosia fox ROMJke Hacker
2012-03-12 14:45
2012-03-12 14:48
Me. Worker of virtuspro.org
2012-03-12 15:13
sad news i think :((
2012-03-12 15:02
ED1K Dosia fox ROMJke ved1mak
2012-03-12 14:47
Literally 10 minutes ago Dmitry Smeliy vk.com wrote that the new player on the team instead of hake is novel «hacker» Abramov! I quote: "On behalf of the organization you represent Moscow Five fifth player in Division Counter-Strike 1.6: The novel «hacker» Abramov, welcome to the gang M5! "
2012-03-12 15:30
ed1k Dosia Fox ROMJkE hacker
2012-03-12 15:30
sad...but what abought -xek + evil?
2012-03-12 15:33
-xek + hacker but sad news..
2012-03-12 15:41
=/ GL xek..
2012-03-12 16:01
2012-03-12 16:27
-one vodka ok
2012-03-12 16:33
xek go in vp.
2012-03-12 16:40
hacker join
2012-03-12 16:43
Virtus.pro + MNR :D
2012-03-12 17:00
bb Zobkov hacker would be incredible
2012-03-12 17:15
hacker it is
2012-03-12 17:57
noooooooooo! =(
2012-03-12 17:53
M5 LeX~
2012-03-12 17:54
5. hacker.
2012-03-12 17:56
Virtus.pro xeq ?
2012-03-12 17:57
Norway duffz00r 
sad, yeye hacker is good too = )
2012-03-12 17:58
2012-03-12 18:03
and are troll
2012-03-12 18:34
Russia Vab 
idi pososi huicov mudila (bad joke, guy)
2012-03-13 00:49
2012-03-12 18:34
Guys, u all forgot he is 27y old. At that age earning 20kr a month living in Moscow... Right choice. He ain't that bad, just the chemistry didn't work out well. Sad for "forever5", wont be so easy to make it through with a young aimer.
2012-03-13 07:07
yda4u xek!!! Tbl poka3al o4eHb mnogoe! CIIaCu6o!
2012-03-13 12:04
VODKA5: -vodkek +vodker
2012-03-13 12:45
2012-03-13 12:46
xa-xa yaderku skinem nahui na vashu neshibrodskuu stranu pidar
2012-03-14 18:22
is 20,000 rubbles a low salary for russian standards...???
2012-03-13 18:02
Well, it depends. Living in Moscow - very low. Somewhere in Siberia it's ok.
2012-03-13 19:08
Romania zy- 
+ M N R ! ! !
2012-03-13 20:57
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