mibr close doors

March 14th, 2012 23:24

According to an announcement on Made in Brazil's website, the organization has decided to shut down indefinitely. 

Although mibr has not housed a team in over a year, the announcement of the organization closing its doors marks the end to a long and successful chapter of Counter-Strike in Brazil.

In March last year, mibr saw what would be their last squad leave to find greener pastures in the ranks of playArt, reportedly due to the players' dissatisfaction with the support they were given.

Throughout the years, mibr's various teams have featured the nation's most prominent players of all time, and even international stars such as Ola "elemeNt" Moum and Jonas "bsl" Alsaker.

mibr watching cogu

mibr watching cogu at shgOpen 2006

Originally founded as Arena, rebranded Made in Brazil in 2003, the organization's teams enjoyed favorable standings in the years that came, even winning Electronic Sports World Cup in 2006.

The following year was a big success for mibr, winning the national stops for KODE5, World Cyber Games and ESWC and international events – shgOpen, DreamHack Winter and WCG Pan America.

Still in 2007: Although not first-place finishes, mibr claimed second place at GameGune, third at WEG e-Stars and fourth at both the Electronic Sports World Cup and Extreme Masters LA.

That year was rough for mibr, who saw various roster changes. Despite the changes, the team still had a more than amazing run.

Made in Brazil winning DreamHack Winter 07, all happy and excited!

mibr winning DreamHack Winter 2007 

Over the span of one year Carlos "KIKOOOO" Segal left and returned; Rafael "pava" Pavanelli said his farewells; Bruno "bit" Lima joined up; Lincoln "fnx" Lau and Noberto "Lance" Lage went out; Alexandre "gAuLeS" Bochi and Olavo "cky" Napoleão linked up.

Any article about mibr's success would not be complete without giving praise to cornerstone and legend Raphael "cogu" Camargo, who helped mibr to two CPL trophies in 2005 and the Electronic Sports World Cup title in the following year.

With the organization now having closed its doors, the mibr name makes another entry in the history books.

Sweden Salcc 
sad, legendary team.
2012-03-14 23:25
legendary? lmao.
2012-03-15 00:10
in a way, yes.
2012-03-15 00:18
2012-03-15 20:01
in a way? in many ways. Try achieving what they did :)
2012-09-14 11:38
and your point is?
2012-03-15 00:28
i had replied here that his point is probably "polang strong, brazil wrong" i don't know why the hell admins delete this kind of comment that's really annoying
2012-03-15 18:23
Brazil zuC 
MIBR 2007 > ESC 2011/2012
2012-03-15 01:55
2012-03-15 02:04
2012-03-15 06:25
2012-03-15 10:10
PGS2005,2006,2007, MYM2008, AGAIN2009, FX2010 > MIBR
2012-03-15 10:35
2012-03-15 15:12
Na`Vi > ESC ,) xD
2012-03-15 16:22
2012-03-15 18:48
NAVI 2010 > MIBR 2007
2012-03-15 11:41
navi 2010 > all :D
2012-03-15 12:52
yeah, bra
2012-03-15 13:43
mtw 2008 over any team in the world.
2012-03-15 15:22
sry i don't know mtw 2008 :( because i'm not played. sry for my english.
2012-03-15 16:05
steam since 2011, you god of counter strike
2012-03-15 16:39
2010 and? :)
2012-03-15 19:44
Then you missed some really good stuff.
2012-03-16 14:08
2012-03-16 16:55
best team work ever
2012-03-15 17:59
Delpan > All
2012-03-15 17:16
2012-03-15 19:43
2012-03-15 19:50
2012-03-15 19:57
in yo dreams
2012-03-15 14:08
m5 2012 > mibr of all time
2012-03-15 15:07
hahahahaahahahaha nice joke
2012-03-15 15:21
its not joke dude, its a real
2012-03-15 15:27
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
no, its a joke. youre from their country, therefore you are biased, and flat out wrong. no one out of moscow 5 has ever revolutionized competitive counter strike the way that players like cogu have. in fact, nobody around at the time of mibr in its prime would be making brainless ramblings like you, so i would have to assume you weren't following the scene when it was actually flourishing.
2012-03-16 03:55
no.. cogu>>m5
2012-03-15 18:00
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
cogu with 1 finger > all m5 together
2012-03-15 20:33
dosia > cogu*5
2012-03-16 02:49
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
with rifles I think it too... but you cant compare an awper against a rifler. Cogu was good with rifles too, but not more than a rifler specialist. Its the same to compare f0rest against fox, or in football, messi against casillas. But if we look the titles and stats... cogu won big tournaments and he's taken as a legend of cs. So... cogu >>> dosia. Anyway, I was only joking... we cant compare teams of diferent ages, its hard.
2012-03-16 03:09
Poland Marcines 
2012-03-15 16:12
2012-03-15 18:19
Brazil hugoooo 
they have been a topteam from 2003 to 2008 rankings and high seeds), they weren't the representants of Brazil only, but the representants of a whole country... in the begining they were able to beat the best teams of the world training only in Brazil, with another brazilian teams, even with our crap internet and huge territory, and their main star, cogu, was one of the best players ever (not according to the brazilians only, according to all the experts, they always mention him everytime the 'best players' subject come on discussion) at its prime, mibr was the most richest organization, maybe the only able to send five or six guys from Brazil to all over the world 10 times per year (not even the europeans could pay such expensive bill) yes, it was a legendary... see your country as an example, none organization could keep neo and co for a long time, since 06 they are jumping from a organization to another to have a chance to still playing arround the world: PGS-MYM-Vitriolic-Wicked-FX-ESC (not in order) mibr won the largest european lan ever: shgOpen 2007 (125 teams attended), they won Dreamhack Winter unbeaten, winning SK in the finals, in their own hometown, they where the first non euro/north-american team to win a major (wNv only won tournaments on China) mibr beat NiP, SK, fnatic, mTw, NoA, Astralis, mouz, Alternate, PGS, *aAa* (the one from the epic movie), Catch-Gamer, 4Kings, 3D, TSG, zEx, United5, k1ck, x6tence, MYM.no, MYM.pl, EG.ca, EG.us, H2K, wings, Serious, Roccat, 69N28E, Begrip.ru, Begrip.se, emuLate, eSTRO, Hacker, GoodGame, SoA, SSV.Lehnitz, Virtus.Pro, forZe, and barely all teams you can imagine yes, it was a legendary team
2012-03-15 03:14
pls add in your last sentence " in brazil ". it should be "yes, it was a legendary team in brazil"
2012-03-15 05:18
pls edit your profile info from 26 to 16, thanks in advance.
2012-03-15 10:23
You're right. If he thinks that MIBR isn't legendary around the world, it's because he didn't know much about CS. MIBR it's a LEGENDARY team in the world, ask any pro player, that they will say that.
2012-03-15 12:24
Ofcourse they aren't legendary team, they have LEGENDARY PLAYERS but as team they aren't legendary. ESWC 06 1st place - that's it, and you calling this team legendary? Then who is ESC and Na`Vi? cogu, fnx, kikoooo, gaules and co are legendary players but mibr as a team - sucks. They showed good performance only at ESWC 06...
2012-03-15 13:07
shgOpen 2007, DreamHack Winter 2007 e GameGune 2008.Cogu has the best awp in history of south america ever. The second best awp in a decade(hltv.org); players like dsn says mibr 2006/2007 have the best line until today. And they not showed good performance in 2006, but THE BEST performance.
2012-03-15 13:43
Ok, shgOpen and ESWC. You want to see ESC and Na`Vi achievements like DreamHack, GameGune? 2006 best perfomance? Then tell me please, why they have won only ESWC in 2k06? MiBR is good team, well known and best ever team from Brazil.
2012-03-15 14:04
Mibr is a legendary team of 2006, with the best awp i ever seen and one the bests sprayers, cogu and fnx. Europe and sul america, gold vs iron. if you say mibe is not legendary team, you never saw they play. I play cs 9 years, and a can say that.
2012-03-15 16:59
2012-03-15 17:51
1st shgOpen 2007 . Copenhagen BR 1st ESWC Brazil 2007 . São Paulo MX 1st WCG Pan-American 2007 . Cancun FR 4th ESWC 2007 . Paris ES 2nd Gamegune 2007 . Bilbao BR 1st WCG Pre Qualify 2007 . São Paulo KR 3rd WEG e-Stars 2007 . Seoul BR 2nd WCG Qualify Brazil 2007 . São Paulo RU 5th Intel Challenger Cup 2007 . Moscow US 4th Extreme Masters LA 2007 . Los Angeles SE 1st DreamHack Winter 2007 . Jonkoping BR 1st Kode5 Brazil 2007 . São Paulo BR 1st LC Summer 2008 . São Paulo SE 2nd DreamHack Artic 2008 . Skelleftea RU 5th Kode5 Finals 2008 . Moscow BR 1st ESWC Brazil 2008 . São Paulo IC 1st GameGune 2008: Balboa US 2nd Extreme Masters III Global Challenge 2008. Los-Angeles CAN 3rd Extreme Masters III Global Challenge 2008. Montreal UAE 5-6th Extreme Masters III Global Challenge 2008. Dubay USA 1st Extreme Masters continental finals I think it team legend, best south American team
2012-03-15 22:28
in 2007 they won dreamhack winter in sweden ? LOL.
2012-03-16 03:51
Why lolling?
2012-03-16 09:48
because i didnt know that, u had great swedish teams back then ? just like now actualy xD
2012-03-16 16:12
But MiBR was a beast team.
2012-03-17 17:23
Wow, I did not know that alzheimer was possible to appear at the age of 26.
2012-03-15 15:30
people who dont know about cs cant talk about cs
2012-03-15 19:36
nice,BRASIL caralho:D
2012-03-15 17:17
you're obviously too new to remember cogu
2012-03-15 03:55
Not only cogu, but mibr in general, KIKOOOOO, gaules and others.
2012-03-15 12:29
I remember Pava, guy used to be a beast.
2012-03-15 21:47
most definitely a legendary team, im sad for the kids like you who started playing cs in 2008, bc u really dont know what ur talking about or what u missed.
2012-03-15 09:53
walle | 
Austria mexii 
2012-03-15 12:30
2012-03-15 15:08
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2012-03-15 20:36
2012-03-16 19:36
maybe cuz they win the eswc 2k6 beating easily severals topteams (exept of ALTERNATE aTTaX on semi) ? or the shg open 2k7 ? Yes it's a legendary team
2012-03-15 12:58
polish troll
2012-03-15 14:12
alternate attax suck.
2012-03-16 03:52
not then they didnt suck
2012-03-16 22:10
only for a year or 2 they didnt suck i guess. i never liked those teams who werent made by gamers, like verygames/mondialserver/alternate.
2012-03-17 02:20
mibr died when cogu left.
2012-03-15 09:25
2012-03-15 11:36
2012-03-15 19:37
shit ^^
2012-03-14 23:25
2012-03-14 23:25
mibr was already dead tbh.
2012-03-14 23:26
2012-03-14 23:26
Nope man, mibr hasn't a team in a year, wasn't making diference.
2012-03-15 01:25
OH SHIT!!!! i can believe
2012-03-14 23:27
Brazil jnn^b 
BAD =(
2012-03-14 23:27
cyx | 
United States NeZiX 
RIP to a legendary organization. They haven't had a strong team in a while... I suppose this was to be expected. Maybe someone else can pick up the organization?
2012-03-14 23:28
Brazil gatodbotas 
It's been a long journey. But it came to an end. 2003-2012
2012-03-14 23:28
True legends. Good thing that brazz have sX:-)
2012-03-14 23:29
Bad news :(
2012-03-14 23:29
bad news
2012-03-14 23:32
Man, what a history.
2012-03-14 23:33
2012-03-15 01:56
WOW what a shame. Another landmark organization shutting down :(
2012-03-14 23:34
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
are you jeallous usa fraggers? lol The best team of america retires... sad =/ USA guys never won a match against mibr, sad too =/
2012-03-15 01:13
Actually EG raped mibr in 2009
2012-03-15 01:19
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
one in thousands matchs... something like 15x3 to br teams... so...
2012-03-15 01:43
Why would I be jealous of a dying organization?...
2012-03-15 01:32
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Cause you guys was fraggers for this dead org. Team 3D, EG, coL... all fraggers.
2012-03-15 01:45
He probably doesn't understood you properly, that's why the attack..
2012-03-15 01:57
2012-03-15 05:19
do u understand that he said he feels bad that they are shutting down...also im pretty sure coL or 3d has beaten mibr more than once in history lol... youtube.com/watch?v=RFvKfYEsVmo gotfrag.com/cs/demos/18533/ gotfrag.com/cs/demos/10458/ esea.la/index.php?s=demos&d=view&id=1857.. lol there is 4 right there, so u cant even back up ur claims buddy...and thats just what i found in 30seconds...theres more
2012-03-15 10:06
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
still being our fraggers
2012-03-15 14:05
Romania tr$ 
You should learn better english..
2012-03-15 15:37
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
it was not an english problem properly... I just made a wrong interpretaion of the usa boy... anyway shit happens, sry all ;ppp
2012-03-15 15:43
An American says he's sad that the org died and you run your mouth making no sense, way to look like a fool vicTARD
2012-03-15 18:47
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
yeah my fault... PS: lol'd at vicTARD haha xD
2012-03-15 20:31
Brazil Lucasxp 
baaaaaaaad .. very bad
2012-03-14 23:34
Brazil Xen. 
Can you put that on the news? I'll be great to remember. youtube.com/watch?v=75sSQR8-h4A&feature=..!
2012-03-14 23:34
+999999999 please Pus
2012-03-15 00:07
FalleN | 
Brazil gu1d0 
2012-03-15 20:16
so sad :( love mibr.cogu
2012-03-14 23:34
2012-03-14 23:35
sad, mibr had some great teams in the past
2012-03-14 23:36
To those not aware, pvell (The owner and main investor of mibr) is one of the responsibles for SBG... (Now, kind of sponsoring sX...)
2012-03-14 23:37
omg nononnoonnoonnononono:E:E:EQ:EQ:QE:Q:Q:{{{{{{
2012-03-14 23:38
First defs, now mibr.. :(
2012-03-14 23:40
defs lol
2012-03-14 23:43
defs? LOL
2012-03-14 23:55
Your comment was the thing that made me lol, defs were and will always be, in my most honest opinion the best electronic sports organization in Portugal, as well as they were trying to make a change in the portuguese community to make things more competitive for us, and also to bring our name where It wasn't seen before inside the eSports community.
2012-03-14 23:55
it's like saying "first Porto Bottles Ltd, now ExxonMobil.. :("
2012-03-15 00:20
Romania tr$ 
You're comparing an organisation that was successful nationally to an organisation that was successful internationally...
2012-03-15 15:41
Even there, both were sucessfull, if one was more than the other it is their merit. But the one that was sucessfull in smaller terms must also get the deserved recognition.
2012-03-15 16:19
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
defs lol?
2012-03-15 21:20
So what? They have both closed doors, wtf? Dont care if mibr were bigger or not, the truth is defs had some internacional recognition as well and just because they were smaller it doesnt make you sad? They were one of the best or even the best we had here in portugal. You have no idea what they did for gaming in portugal..
2012-03-15 19:00
yes ?
2012-03-15 19:00
nooo, sad, we always will miss cogu
2012-03-14 23:42
CS in brazil is dead .
2012-03-14 23:44
CS in America is dead if we do nothing about it.
2012-03-14 23:51
2012-03-15 07:26
Now start with comments "CS IS DEAD", gogogo!
2012-03-14 23:46
Markoolio is dead
2012-03-15 00:31
chicken is overcooked
2012-03-15 01:38
The best team of the history of Brazil!!
2012-03-14 23:46
Imo of South America, mibr took cs escene of brazil to the top.
2012-03-14 23:53
of America, mibr > USA
2012-03-15 00:26
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2012-03-15 01:11
2012-03-15 01:32
I mean America Continent
2012-03-15 03:30
no...mibr was an amazing organization, but coL > mibr for sure
2012-03-15 09:59
I'm really not sure about this compLexity realistically was a great team and all but MiBR was better if you just simply look at results in international events alone. We've got ESWC 2005. Now scroll up and read some of their achievements. This is not meant to hate on coL because they were definitely one of my favorites and the best US team ever.
2012-03-15 12:29
but coL won more than just eswc 2005
2012-03-15 17:47
what ? mibr >> Team 3D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> coL
2012-03-15 18:01
brazilian fanboy is a brazilian fanboy
2012-03-15 19:12
titles are titles :/
2012-03-15 19:36
your an american fanboy...
2012-03-16 04:02
no im not, my favorite team is fnatic and my 2nd favorite team of all time is NoA, i just dont like when people talk shit about teams that were obviously amazing and need to be respected.
2012-03-16 16:56
yeah true
2012-03-16 17:36
Well of course they did. :) coL was the absolute best team in the world in 2005(according to the GotFrag rankings back then anyway). I believe they were always a team to be feared as well in those years. But over the years MiBR has won more international events throughout a time-line. Which makes them better in terms of results. Now if coL would've never went to CGS for the paycheck which after the debate lurrpis and I had I dont blame them for doing it. Maybe things would be different. But no one will ever know. All this talk about coL makes me want to watch the movie again, hah. Ah the old days. Nostalgia.
2012-03-15 22:10
mibr | COGU ;'(
2012-03-14 23:48
2012-03-14 23:49
It's really sad mibr was the best organization in South America and now close door, it's really sad bra
2012-03-14 23:49
i just loved 2006 team . KIKOOOO , fnx, cogu, bruno, nak . Legends ! u guys are my favourite team ever .
2012-03-14 23:51
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
All of us man, my favorite too
2012-03-15 00:50
2012-03-15 00:58
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
+1 sad :/
2012-03-15 01:07
2012-03-15 01:57
2012-03-14 23:54
legend goes to rest :)
2012-03-14 23:55
sad :\
2012-03-14 23:56
Portugal tkd 
2012-03-14 23:56
That's boring. I always liked them...
2012-03-15 00:01
I'm s sad about it, really really sad. When i was reading the last article of mibr site, almost a tear fell from my eyes. It was really painful. I don't know how express it, but that site was the last little piece of good cs that Brazil have ever had. I think i can stop playing cs now, and understand cs is dead in South America. GL to you guys, who lives in Europe. I hope you can do something to keep the cs live. Sincerely, A good generation of CS.
2012-03-15 00:02
Kind of expected after all that time of inactivity ... It's sad because it was a very exciting team to watch, especially the 2005-2007 lineup :) But maybe after all this is the right way to end the mibr legacy. Better this than letting bad players represent mibr :)
2012-03-15 00:01
sad :(
2012-03-15 00:03
2012-03-15 00:05
<3 mibr 2006=(
2012-03-15 00:07
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
It was expected, but keep being so sad. I dont have words to describe my feeling about mibr... I have following this team since my start in CS. Jesus I spend nights(with passion) seeing mibr in international events... I dont have words... What a such legends played in mibr! Cogu, elemeNt, Vesslan, bsl... I hope mibr back in the future... We are proud... mibr lead the brazilian CS to the top. Thankyou so much made in brazil, you are a legend, definilly a legendary CS team. MIBR we will miss you! We will never forget you.
2012-03-15 00:13
cogu kikooo eduzin
2012-03-15 00:09
sad :(
2012-03-15 00:10
they used to be a good org, back in the times of cogu
2012-03-15 00:12
Poland kRAMERO 
full of memories youtube.com/watch?v=hX7mzGvia8I movie form the CPL Brasil 2005. One of the best of mibr i think
2012-03-15 00:14
A sad end to an impressive story.
2012-03-15 00:16
2012-03-15 01:58
basically the team that made me follow CS scene :) and play in a more competitive mode
2012-03-15 00:18
too bad that the organisation didnt stick around and kept supporting players/teams. would have loved to see a team like gamecrashers get to travel to europe and bootcamp and play tournaments on a regular basis. or any of the top brazilian teams really.
2012-03-15 00:19
what a suprise!
2012-03-15 00:21
They had an amazing story! They were part of a great generation of players in Brazil! gl
2012-03-15 00:22
Korea xff 
2012-03-15 00:22
Thank mibr and all those who played on this team.
2012-03-15 00:23
didnt knew they still exist :O
2012-03-15 00:26
sad :(
2012-03-15 00:38
Brazil Fraaga[t] 
Today, CS has lost some of its luster
2012-03-15 00:45
2012-03-15 00:45
Brazil Fraaga[t] 
Photo # 1: FNX speaks to everyone: - Let's get to COGU, he solves; D
2012-03-15 00:51
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
mibr will stay 4ever in my memorie <3
2012-03-15 00:51
2012-03-15 02:12
United States deto 
Cogu :( My fav awper of all time :)
2012-03-15 00:53
2012-03-15 00:56
World M0vn 
2012-03-15 00:57
Argentina amirh 
:'( Bad news. I cant beliebe this :( The CS is dying.
2012-03-15 01:01
¿ since when CS is dying ? maybe since 2007 ? CS 1.6 never gonna die
2012-03-15 02:12
2012-03-15 02:48
sad :(
2012-03-15 01:00
oh sad :(
2012-03-15 01:05
:/// really sad! thank for all mibr <3
2012-03-15 01:11
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
best team of america
2012-03-15 01:15
dream's over
2012-03-15 01:17
2012-03-15 01:18
they were nice team. we will miss you cogu :/
2012-03-15 01:45
Another Good org goes away, nice move bbye
2012-03-15 02:04
OMG, what a sad story, this org was a legend for CS 1.6 community
2012-03-15 02:09
sad, but expected... MiBR leaves a beautiful story behind.
2012-03-15 02:15
come back tag mibr plz fnx fallen BTT nak shemp
2012-03-15 02:24
2012-03-15 04:18
imo Cogu was awesome player! One of the greatest in history.
2012-03-15 02:25
+1 top 5 awp ever
2012-03-15 02:46
Brazil lullaby1 
thanks mibr :)
2012-03-15 02:38
cogu legend !!
2012-03-15 02:45
2012-03-15 02:53
Brazil akak1 
2012-03-15 02:54
COGU <3 bye mibr ): s2
2012-03-15 02:58
They kept surviving as a news portal in Brazil all through they didn't had any team. They kept their quality until (and finally) people get into their personal lifes and need to leave their projects at mibr. Respect for their history, respect for their hard working in the latest months. An inspiration for those who want to work. Best of luck to those who kept the dream alive.
2012-03-15 03:10
Brazil tkz 
sad, very sad :/ maybe someday they'll be back..
2012-03-15 03:13
so SAD :*( mibr.com.br/
2012-03-15 03:22
Brazil hono 
"Originally founded as Areana," Actually, it was Arena.DBA. I miss the days mibr could beat any team in the world and watching its games at 3am was fun. RIP mibr
2012-03-15 03:50
Brazil FuRiouSzZ 
No, it was really Arena, then they got sponsored by pvell's business and turned into Arena.DBA, they got good results and decided to make a new organization for the team and that's where Made In BRasil was born...
2012-03-15 10:17
Brazil hono 
I know the whole history, I just pointed out that it's not "areana". Corassa suggested the name made in brazil.
2012-03-15 11:29
Legendary team. Cogu is legend and no team in the world,will have a line-up as good as this. Dream Team.
2012-03-15 04:39
One of the best teams cs (or maybe the best) that already existed.See you later?
2012-03-15 04:40
That - was an awesome team.
2012-03-15 04:43
2012-03-15 04:45
Me too. I'm sad.
2012-03-15 05:30
Will always remember how I was blown away when mibr first exploded onto the scene. One of my favourite teams of all time. Sad to see it end.
2012-03-15 05:23
Brazil fzZ 
Everything has an end, 2012 is here.
2012-03-15 05:43
bad, is best best best organization
2012-03-15 06:19
cogu and the hole team are definetely part of CS history
2012-03-15 07:13
johanna tukiainen > all
2012-03-15 07:17
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
rip mibr tag" legendary team in 2005-2008
2012-03-15 08:17
sad :( big name, big players...
2012-03-15 08:19
Maybe Comando Vermelho can be sponsors of new mibr ?
2012-03-15 08:26
wasn't just any old team. MIBR was truly one of the elite. They pushed the boundaries of esports from an organizational point of view, not just 5 good players in a team. Infact you could say they were ahead of the times, with poaching international players, which seems to be the flavour of the month right now.
2012-03-15 08:44
2012-03-15 12:34
Macau ruklas! 
very sad
2012-03-15 09:12
sad( Legendary team((
2012-03-15 10:10
Romania JeeFo 
I remember how fnatic were often incapable of defeating them in 2006. And cogu, he was amazing.
2012-03-15 10:17
Sad. :(
2012-03-15 10:44
CIS straNzie 
MiBR cogu pava KIKOOOO pred eduzin corassa Legendary team
2012-03-15 10:52
Arg vs Bra trollbattles, round two. Fight.
2012-03-15 11:47
2012-03-15 11:52
yea i miss they too. many teams is copying their tag MADE IN and they contry name in 2 symbols , awesome tag ... MADE IN BRAZIL so fcking original tag
2012-03-15 12:23
I think I've never seen another "made in X" tag. Could you enlight me?
2012-03-15 16:16
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Not in cs, but in others games everytime I see: "Made in Germany", "Made in China"...
2012-03-15 20:43
I don't watch any other game, so it's irrelevant.
2012-03-15 21:41
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
haha You are a hater of brazil or anything related... I already saw you in others topic trying to depreciate anything related to br. Haters gonna hate. ;D
2012-03-15 23:37
Yes, I'm a hater. As you can see on comment #159. You failed.
2012-03-16 01:27
Yea, bad news, we'll deep down hoped for a come back, but now it's all over. too many kids writing over here? if u ever seen mibr playing over the years, stfu, so sry for u'll, mibr were a LEGEND team, no matter what, comparing em to teams from the present is just stupid
2012-03-15 12:26
You are correct in that MiBR is a legendary team. They certainly were. Not only arguably the best team the joined America's ever produced but a legendary orginization backing them up. The teams and some retiring players have already been missed now we will miss the org. Those of you who weren't around when MiBR was in it's prime cs was EXTREMELY competitive new hungry teams coming every week ready to take a seat at the top. I'll be damned if I don't tell you that MiBR was one of the few teams sitting at the throne among the others that teams feared very much. So pay your respect to the legendary team, retired former players, coaches, and the organization as a whole. R.I.P MiBR you are missed.
2012-03-15 12:45
ahh reminds me of the good ol' times of cs :(
2012-03-15 12:44
Really was already dead since 2008, was the best team of 2006 and 2007 no doubt, and the best of america! But Brazil can not stop there, we have conditions to assemble a team as strong as MiBR
2012-03-15 14:20
elemeNt has been everywhere lol anyway, sad news. I have to say that the Brazilians are lucky to have an organisation like semXorah though, sending their team to Europe/Asia multiple times during a year. Many countries don't have that.
2012-03-15 14:26
with a big main sponsor like AMD no wonder.
2012-03-15 15:19
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
too bad they have a shit line =/
2012-03-15 15:32
indeed, but the last one with FalleN was pretty decent though(IEM6).
2012-03-16 14:47
gg mibr
2012-03-15 14:30
sad mibr ;/
2012-03-15 14:34
sad but expected.
2012-03-15 14:36
Norway duffz00r 
Sad, thanks mibr for everything
2012-03-15 14:57
Slovakia oKoOOooOO 
gg mibr
2012-03-15 15:00
thx paulo velloso
2012-03-15 15:37
2012-03-15 15:44
2012-03-15 16:13
2012-03-15 16:15
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
ESC better than Navi but sad mibr, legendary team
2012-03-15 16:50
Everything was said in this article... KIKOOOO and Cogu are legends ! So as Mibr... They will be missed ! Let's hope they will come back soon...
2012-03-15 16:58
GG mibr
2012-03-15 17:58
mibr top5 ever =)
2012-03-15 18:01
cogu>markeloff, delpan, trace, fox, sixer
2012-03-15 18:02
ya right,... dream on.
2012-03-15 18:43
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
with 1 finger
2012-03-15 20:44
and playing only with the arrows :D
2012-03-15 23:13
CS is only alive in Europe...
2012-03-15 18:17
true, only in eastern europe... btw love me some south american fanboys! if you dont compete FREQUENTLY with the best, you cant have the status of a "legend". its like in football... neymar is not going to be even top100 players in the world as long as he doesnt play in europe.
2012-03-15 18:42
oh my fucking god...
2012-03-15 19:20
Still I receive 100 post a month from austrian users asking about cfg, sens or calling us legends! how does that work lol? go explain them your viewpoint, so many hordes of people must be wrong rigth ;)
2012-03-15 19:54
so many hordes of clueless fanboys, yep. i dont believe that 100 mails fromn austrian users, since cs is dead here mister fake.
2012-03-15 20:38
one of them was from you
2012-03-15 21:08
owned .
2012-03-15 23:02
ya,... fake kiddy really owned me hard there!
2012-03-15 23:11
that reply was nice tbh :D
2012-03-15 23:17
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Ok, now, mibr didnt compete frequently with top teams? Mibr was one of the top teams for YEARS, and was top1 team some years... mibr defeat ALL top teams of his age, and won big events of his age... so yes, mibr are a legendary team... swallow this boy. The same thing we can say about cogu... the awp legend. Swallow this. Seems like you have 15 years old never saw the old cs scene... kids on hltv.org... oh god why?
2012-03-15 23:43
Italy </3 
Shit, loved the name/tag mibr. Legendary indeed.
2012-03-15 20:00
lol, mibr was legendary in some way, cogu in his best was top AWP , owns every game.
2012-03-15 20:06
2012-03-15 20:06
FalleN | 
Brazil gu1d0 
2012-03-15 20:20
really sad :( well played mibr
2012-03-15 20:40
best team
2012-03-15 21:18
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
MiBR is dead since 2009, they only officialized.
2012-03-15 21:44
defs, mibr, what's next ? vp, fnatic, mtw ?
2012-03-15 23:00
well, they keep playing cuz it's easy money otherwise they would already have closed too...
2012-03-15 23:19
2012-03-15 23:49
Mibr is already dead as a team for over a year, they were just a media website for now.
2012-03-16 00:33
Just One Name: cogu. Thanks!
2012-03-16 01:41
:( cogu. miss u
2012-03-16 02:49
Only Brazilians comment "mibr is a world legend" what irony!!! maybe legend in brazil, is different. Im not from Ukrania, Sweden or Poland, but i can say SK is legend, Nip is a legend. Brazilians claiming Mibr(made in brazil's) is a world legend, please it needs the world to feel the same. Also want to turn his players into legends. I dont know.. I still think the world should decide, why? obviously...
2012-03-16 02:52
Only brazilians ? good joke bro
2012-03-16 03:46
hahahahahah, only brazilians?? read most of the comments on this page and take a look at the flags. then come back here and say what you saw.
2012-03-16 03:58
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
hahahahah.... are you jeallous? yehh, you are... You are only a BR hater... but sorry for you, you will have to swallow mibr as a legend... the world says it, not only br's. ;D HATER, SWALLOW US!!! hahahahahhahaha
2012-03-16 04:48
Peru KmuSzinho 
:( buuu una pena nt mibr muy reconosidos :( nt
2012-03-16 03:13
mibr , cogu +4
2012-03-16 03:59
Titles of the great team that was mibrGreat Times For cs brazilian.... 2010 1º – 4º Aldeia Cup 4º – ESWC Brasil 2010 5º – KODE5 Latin America Last Stance 5º – KODE5 Brasil Online 2009 9º – Intel Extreme Masters IV Global Challenge Chengdu 2º – WCG Brasil 2009 5º – KODE5 Global Finals 2009 1º – KODE5 Brasil 2009 11º – Intel Extreme Masters Finals III 2008 1º – Brasil Cup 2008 5º – DreamHack Winter 2008 1º – Intel Extreme Masters America 2008 16º – World Cyber Games 2008 5º – Intel Extreme Masters III Global Challenge Dubai 3º – Intel Extreme Masters III Global Challenge Montreal 2º – Intel Extreme Masters III Global Challenge Los Angeles 1º – WCG Brasil 2008 8º – ESWC Masters 2008 16º – Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 1º – GameGune 2008 1º – ESWC Brasil 2008 5º – KODE5 Global Finals 2008 2º – DreamHack Artic 2008 10º – Intel Extreme Masters Finals II 1º – LC Summer 2008 2007 1º – KODE5 Brasil 2007 5º – DreamHack Winter 2007 4º – Intel Extreme Masters II Global Challenge Los Angeles 5º – World Cyber Games 2007 5º – Intel Challenger Cup 2007 2º – WCG Brasil 2007 3º – eStars Seoul 2007 2º – GameGune 2007 4º – Electronic Sports World Cup 2007 1º – WCG Pan American 2007 1º – ESWC Brasil 2007 1º – shgOpen 2007 2006 9º – CPL Winter 2006 5º – CPL Nordic 2006 2º – CPL Brasil 2006 1º – WCG Pan American 2006 4º – KODE5 Global Finals 2006 1º – WSVG Invitation Brasil 1º – FCCS IV 1º – Electronic Sports World Cup 2006 1º – CPL World Tour Brazil 1º – ESWC Brasil 2006 1º – Bootcamp MIBR Shuttle 1º – Brasil Cup 2006 2005 3º – ESWC Brasil 2005 1º – CPL World Tour 2004 4º – WSVG DreamHack 2004 1º – digiLab 1º – CPL World Tour 1º – CPL Summer Qualify 2004 1º – ESWC Brasil 2004 1º – GC Cup/NEO 2º – LatinCup 2004 5º – Latincup 2004 Qualify 1º – Cyber Moema Cup 2003 5º – CPL Winter Dallas 2003 1º – e2cafe CXG Qualify 9º – World Cyber Games 2003 1º – WCG Brasil 2003 1º – Explosion League, Campos/RJ 13º – CPL Summer Dallas 2003 9º – Electronic Sports World Cup 2003 1º – ESWC Brasil 2003 1º – InterAdrenalines 1º – Cosmic Cup 1º – NetStation LA Cup 2º – VirtualSpace Cup 1º – Latin Cup 2003 1º – NetStation National Cup 2002 13º – CPL Winter Dallas 2002 1º – Hooligans Tourney 1º – 2play Tournament 1º – Langames Cup 1º – X-lan Cup
2012-03-16 10:55
2010 1º – 4º Aldeia Cup 4º – ESWC Brasil 2010 5º – KODE5 Latin America Last Stance 5º – KODE5 Brasil Online 19º – DreamHack Winter 2010 1º – FIRE Brasil 2º – Mega GamerHouse Acervus Cup 3º – WCG Pan American 2010 4º – WCG Brasil 2010 correct!
2012-03-16 19:17
and 2007 mibr wins DreamHack Winter
2012-03-16 23:07
exec cogu.cfg
2012-03-16 11:25
sad :(
2012-03-16 14:01
its very sad! mibr is the biggest past history of brazilian cs history very sad ;/ mibr brings me so much lan memories!! GOOD GOLD TIMES WHERE EVERYONE USED TO PLAY CS
2012-03-16 16:52
This question is quite simple: mibr was not from NA or Europe.Its unfair to compare their situation with any other north american or european team. Have you seen a team from Australia, South Africa, Asia... more succesful than mibr? Dont think so... Even comparing them with USA teams, i think only 3D had more achievements than mibr.
2012-03-16 17:09
mibr forever s2
2012-03-16 17:10
2012-03-16 19:29
mibr | cogu mibr | KIKOOO mibr | bit mibr | fnx mibr | gAuLeS always ! <3
2012-03-16 22:40
Whoever was active at the time mibr were created, has to admit that it was such a catchy tag!! :D What a great team they were throughout all those years! Thank you for making the game so much more interesting with your style and skill! Legends never die ;)
2012-03-17 04:05
Brazil lullaby1 
youtube.com/watch?v=iWVMd75-DDQ thanks for everything mibr!
2012-03-17 18:24
the best team of all time MADE IN BRAZIL FOREVER
2012-03-18 01:48
All players of mibr Alan Diego "adr" Riveros Lucas "banz" Breves Bruno "bit" Lima Bruno "bruno" Ono Jonas "bsl" Alsaker Vikan Fillipe "bt0" Moreno Thiago "BTT" Monteiro Olavo "chucky" Napoleão Raphael "cogu" Camargo Eduardo "Corassa" Corassa Tiago "dctr'" Rodrigues Bruno "drd" Spellanzon Eduardo "eduzin" Chagas Ola "elemeNt" Moum Lincoln "fnx" Lau Alexandre "Gaules" Bochi Jorge "Jorginho" Elias Carlos Henrique "KIKOOOO" Segal Norberto "Lance" Lage Lucas "Luc4s" Renato "nak" Nakano Camilo "m1llo" Serão Pedro "Maluk3" Campos Marcelo "marc" Carvalho Jean Michel "mch" D'Oliveira Rafael "pava" Pavanelli Arthur "prd" Resende Rafael "pred" Velloso Frederico "RedFox" Bernardes Rodrigo "ro" de Souza Thiago "Rumbel" Grotz Guilherme "skape" Mazie Renan "Small" Correa Guilherme "spacca" Spacca Welington "ton" Caruso Johan "vesslan" Ryman Carlos "viol" de Paula Marcus "xed" Pais
2012-03-18 21:43
Raphael "cogu" Camargo > all fnx nak kiko BTT 2006 :( CS IS DEAD :(
2012-09-14 11:06
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