CS:GO hitboxes explained

Following large amounts of criticism towards Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's recoil and weapon accuracy, Valve strikes back and explains the game's hitboxes.

Not much positive has been said about the game's recoil or weapon accuracy by the people who have been entered into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's beta phase.

Many have complained that it does not seem like bullet hits are being registered when they empty their clips at opponents. This might be due to the hitbox designs, Valve says.

In a recent update on the development blog, Valve explains that while the player models in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are bigger than its two predecessors, the hitboxes are smaller.

Hitboxes in CS: Source

Hitboxes in CS: Global Offensive 

The difference between player models in Counter-Strike 1.6 and big sister Counter-Strike: Source is that the latter's are larger, but the hitbox designs are pretty much the same.

All in all, this means that players have to be more accurate and put more effort into hitting their shots.

Moreover, Valve are interested in knowing whether this changes your opinion on the weapon accuracy and wish to hear your feedback on the Steam forums.

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CS 1.6 too strong
2012-03-21 21:55
Why admins deleted my blog about it? :<
2012-03-21 22:02
It's simple. Blogs are not so 'popular' as news.
2012-03-21 22:06
2012-03-22 09:54
Probably because HLTV staff wanted to write a news about it.
2012-03-21 22:07
Did they? If so, then I lost my respect to HLTVorg crew.
2012-03-21 22:30
they do that pretty often. except teams attending tournaments (which can be found on tournaments sites) and players retiring (which can be found on their twitter, facebook and org site) they dont do pretty much anything. several days ago it was the same problem with zonic. they deleted some topics and used ctrl+c / ctrl+v to make news on frontpage. and this thing with hitbox is on since 40 hours ago. and they call themselves "journalists". wtfyayo!
2012-03-21 22:34
First, Valve released the blog post 20 hours ago, not 40 hours ago or more, like you claim. That means for us, Europeans, that blog was released at 2/3 am. Second, these news aren't our priority, we give more importance to news about the competitive community, than some excuses by valve on why we suck at playing their game. (The recoil is bad, it has nothing to do with the hitboxes) Third, the news was already in the works, even before the user made the blog. Fourth and final point, this kind of material is not allowed in the blog section, the blog section is for users to post their own creations or thoughts, not to post copy/pasted things. Cheers.
2012-03-21 22:58
dude, 20 hours. it was on all the sites. and this shit: "Second, these news aren't our priority, we give more importance to news about the competitive community, than some excuses by valve on why we suck at playing their game." - dafuq did i just read? can you see what kind of news you have? except: retired player or org. / teams attending tournaments you have nothing. i can give you a simple idea: - prize for cs 1.6 in CPH games is 20k euros - fee for every player is 88 euros (it was 75 euros til 10 march or so - fee for staff + fee for audience has a price do the fkin math and make an article. thx.
2012-03-21 23:14
make ur own site : ]
2012-03-22 20:25
Can u please make News of the new updates in cs:go the bunnyhops which plays a real key role and the recoil so ppl can see it
2012-04-04 23:40
why? the same piece of news was published by hltv.org anyway, so the community is not at loss. except if the guy who posted the blog cares about his reputation or smth like that.
2012-03-21 22:34
its about self esteem. this news was posted on greatfrag 15 hours ago and it can be found on some sites sincer 40 hours ago. they finally got it after a hltv.org user made a blog about it and what did they do? they deleted his blog and made a news with copy paste. ffs, they are payed to bring such news faster! fucking robots. maybe they need some new laptops=)
2012-03-21 22:36
um mwhatever, peace :)
2012-03-21 22:38
You speak the truth. We rely completely on blogs and forum threads to get news posted. Cynically, we delete them and then post it as news to make it seem like we were the first ones to post it. Did you ever consider some of us actually have real-life jobs as well? You've probably heard of those. It's not like I can be on call 24/7. And copy paste? Please. Stop spewing nonsense.
2012-03-21 23:17
so find more people who can be on call 24/7...theres no excuse for being so late with news...especially since other sites arent late, and thats where u get ur info from, the sites that actually do their jobs...
2012-03-22 00:14
You're absolutely right. It's time we start working shifts....
2012-03-22 00:25
2012-03-22 00:33
yea ban me...im not that worried about it
2012-03-22 01:54
You seriously don't know what's "sarcasm" ?
2012-03-22 10:50
You have FREE: Povs Hltv matches Gallery News Coverage A community To name a few. All for free. You ungrateful piece of shit.
2012-03-23 00:20
LOL U MAD BRO? you know how many other sites give everything u just named for free? I dont have to be grateful for anything...how many other sites have done the same thing over the years...its not an excuse that u have a real job, and real life...if u run a website like this, you should be on top of things like other sites are. You narrowminded piece of shit.
2012-03-23 01:12
Well, if you are not happy, you are free to leave. Fucked up troll.
2012-03-23 02:17
you dont decide whether i leave or stay, i know i have the choice to do either. I dont need you to tell me. Also im not a troll and never have been. Get off my dick
2012-03-23 02:25
you are a troll and you are also obviously retarded
2012-03-23 15:41
what makes me obviously retarded? bc its not that obvious to me...btw you're a troll
2012-03-23 19:06
it was ironic :D
2012-03-21 22:38
i dont think it was :D
2012-03-21 22:39
they always did that. and i disagree with that attitude, they could just lock it.
2012-03-21 22:41
Blogs cannot be locked, only erased. The reason why that particular blog was deleted, can be found in my comment below.
2012-03-21 22:46
Because you basically posted the two photos and wrote a small paragraph about valve reducing the hitboxes, it wasn't blog smaterial. If you had posted as a thread, it wouldn't had been deleted :)
2012-03-21 22:46
would be locked instead.
2012-03-21 22:51
ofc it wouldn't
2012-03-22 20:29
As i remember, one guy posted a comment under my blog with more informations :) But okay, i understand.
2012-03-21 22:53
Next time some news comes out, post a thread, wait 24 hours until HLTV.org post the same news story and see what happens to your thread.
2012-03-22 08:19
Who cares if it was a small paragraph or disseration? He spent some time writing this, so why have you deleted his blog? I know you wrote about blog rules, but, does it hurt anyone if his blog remained undeleted? Is it really against the rules which has ANYTHING common with the common sense? It seems the only reason behind deleting it is the fact that you wanted the HLTV news to be the only article about it. And that is shameful.
2012-03-22 16:42
hltv.org/?pageid=134 Read what's inside the text box.
2012-03-22 16:56
they just do what they are supposed to do... Somebody has to keep everything in order
2012-03-22 20:33
2012-03-22 19:43
Easy stuff:P
2012-03-21 21:55
and what? o.O
2012-03-21 21:55
Love this.
2012-03-21 21:56
Poland zipel 
gosh CS 1.6 hitboxes > Any CS
2012-03-21 21:56
Slovakia eckonehehe 
CS 1.6 hitboxes > any fps game :)
2012-03-22 08:45
ex_interp 0.1, fucked up hitboxes :p
2012-03-23 16:35
At least this hitbox thing seems nicer than in css. Hope for great hitboxes as in 1.6
2012-03-21 21:56
who cares ? this is 1.6 site, go away with this game
2012-03-21 21:56
+1 bro
2012-03-21 22:00
United States sMB- 
Not taking sides . Im sure if everything happens to go cs:go so will the site. Im just assuming.
2012-03-21 22:04
ok, they directly can write about CS:S, it's the CS as well
2012-03-21 22:10
United States sMB- 
Im not sure what you said :x
2012-03-21 22:14
2012-03-21 22:09
2012-03-21 22:12
Czech Republic _GAsZ_ 
relax ;) :D
2012-03-22 13:27
2012-03-21 21:56
Nut shots should be red...not because you would get killed like a shot to the head...but because you'd rather be dead. /sarcasm :p
2012-03-21 21:56
cs:go dont killd 1.6!
2012-03-21 21:57
1.6 > ALL
2012-03-21 21:57
Man, this game is too terrible... really
2012-03-21 21:58
Bad spray, bad weapon control, small hitbox radius. Seems legit.
2012-03-21 22:00
2012-03-21 22:07
2012-03-21 22:13
Poland El Vis 
yeah right! and after that explanation everybody can control recoil and accuracy ROFL
2012-03-21 22:01
counter strike global:offensive sucks! that's all :)
2012-03-21 22:01
CS:S is not 1.6's big sister. It's 1.6's mentally retarded step brother.
2012-03-21 22:01
2012-03-22 00:38
Rofl :P
2012-03-22 03:23
2012-03-22 16:55
hahahahahha made me lol. seriously xD
2012-03-23 13:02
Norway Mickey Mouse 
never change a winning game!
2012-03-21 22:01
Brazil Xen. 
Finally! That's it. Here we go. We're waiting for it for years. Now I see future in CS:GO. As you can see now Valve is listening what players have to say. Now I'll play CS:GO for the rest of my life. PS: I'm Joke. Another irrelevant stuff. I mean. No. Definitely. Period.
2012-03-21 22:02
Lithuania zook 
just dooo cs 1.6 with new graphic like cs go and we will play... and cs 1.6 recoil , where is the proooblem?
2012-03-21 22:02
2012-03-21 23:18
i guess graphic engine is problem ... but im not sure .. source engine just cant handle 1.6 gameplay ... but maybe im completly wrong
2012-03-21 23:35
2012-03-22 02:44
i dont think so (yet) 1.08 its prrety nice but still far far away from 1.6
2012-03-22 18:36
i don't consider this differences as "far far away".
2012-04-04 23:27
"Many have complained that it does not seem like bullet hits are being registered when they empty their clips at opponents." Yeah, smaller hitboxes will sure as shit fix that!
2012-03-21 22:02
hahahaha yea pretty epic :D
2012-03-21 22:08
"This might be due to the hitbox designs, Valve says." learn to read - this is not a solution, this the cause.
2012-03-22 02:46
Brazil Xen. 
"Many have complained that it does not seem like bullet hits are being registered when they empty their clips at opponents." Yes fo sho'. All non-steam people that got a key has complained. Thanks a lot.
2012-03-21 22:04
nothing special
2012-03-21 22:04
csgo > cs1.6
2012-03-21 22:06
2012-03-21 22:07
I just don't understand why they make giant player models. Please make them smaller! And maybe keep the hitbox sizes as they are now
2012-03-21 22:07
Hmmmm good point with le nut shots , EVERYONE SIGN A PETITON TO VALVE FOR NUT SHOTS!!!!
2012-03-21 22:08
With animation of course!
2012-03-21 23:22
1.6 fanboys lol
2012-03-21 22:08
qp | 
France panic-D- 
2012-03-21 22:09
lol still sucks, why not just play cs 1.6
2012-03-21 22:10
Why are they comparing with CSS and fixing according to it? COMPARE TO 1.6, whores, and do it according to 1.6 community if you want the game to be accepted... -.-
2012-03-21 22:12
its based on the source engine :D
2012-03-21 22:16
yeh.. it sucks :)
2012-03-21 22:26
Brazil hugoooo 
I would rather stop playing, than change to CS:GO
2012-03-21 22:14
lol@css hitboxes
2012-03-21 22:15
CS 1.6 is the best ;)
2012-03-21 22:16
if cs:go will fail, and it seems it will, then it's over with cs1.6. you just have to open your eyes. And for those who are going to say that blabla in steam 1.6 is still the most popular game then dude u must live in a kindergarten, cuz every single educated person should know that statistics doesn't give u a complete picture over the situation. Just look how many big names are retiring and tbh there are only 3 top clans left: ESC,SK and Na'Vi others are semi-top so i dont think 1.6 will last another year full of success. AND I am a big fan on 1.6 and i DO hate css and cs:go as much as i have tryed it.
2012-03-21 22:16
Estonia 2026 
Sorry for telling this but your english F4!lS ! blabla?? kindergarten ?? cuz.. (noob), big names retiring cause of age.., tried. you haven't tried cs:go so shut up. I feel sorry for you.
2012-03-21 23:00
Check out carn's iview. He explains why is he retiring :)
2012-03-22 12:16
it is not problem in hitboxes its problem with shooting and spraycontroling.... how can you not get this VALVE ! shooting is not the same... make same game physics and just upgrade textures and woooallaaa !! here you go .. i just told you the BIG SECREAT !
2012-03-21 22:17
Estonia rYm 
cs:s 2 stop it
2012-03-21 22:19
whatever hitboxes are if the recoil stay the same nobody will play it
2012-03-21 22:22
Common lets someone remake hitbox picture to his opinion. Many players complain about it and no funny picture yet?
2012-03-21 22:23
Change hitbox 10cm to every corner and there you have it. BEST ex_interp 0.1 ;))
2012-03-22 00:31
Dat haturrsss. Just chill people, just because you like CS 1.6 doesn't mean you cant give some feedback on other game. Nobody is forcing to make the switch. Just help Valve out with this, maybe they can rush CS 2 and we get some good shit earlier than we expected. :p I think this brings the game closer to 1.6, but still feel from the videos that accuracy could be adjusted so people would require a better aim but still be kinda hard to spray down a guy.
2012-03-21 22:26
CS:GO has the worst recoil, compered to cs 1.6 and source. If the game stays without recoil change, the game will never be played... CheerZ
2012-03-21 22:25
So, they "give us" a bowlling ball to play football and are blaming the size of the goal? Seems legit.
2012-03-21 22:26
Serbia sALE 
so they are saying cs:go is the hardest game?hahahaha
2012-03-21 22:27
India br4t 
you need high accuracy :p hitboxes small = need high accuracy
2012-03-21 22:28
Serbia sALE 
yeah thats what i meant,but cmon this game is a joke :D
2012-03-21 22:37
i41.tinypic.com/33oqkxx.jpg Hitboxes in 1.6 If they were to sort out recoil etc, then yes it would naturally be a harder game.
2012-03-22 00:07
rofl...who made this? random cad-action xD
2012-03-22 07:42
The guy who works for Valve, and probably understands 1.6 & CS:S much better than 95% in the world currently.
2012-03-22 19:58
this drawing might be right basically....but you can bet your as the boxes are randomly drawn.... this looks so cheap, no way he has the correct proportions. /e: go check out yourself ...the leg hit boxes are NEVER that big
2012-03-23 00:51
Czech Republic _GAsZ_ 
Good work in "painting" :D
2012-03-22 13:28
India br4t 
hitboxes doesn't matter i will still keeel you :)
2012-03-21 22:28
Hopefully this is the future of CS.
2012-03-21 22:33
I posted this like yesterday lol
2012-03-21 22:34
100 meter lol, do you want a medal or wtf?
2012-03-21 22:39
I meant it's late news smarty pants.
2012-03-21 23:50
Not really, less than 24hrs old, at the time of posting it.
2012-03-22 12:13
who gives a rats ass?
2012-03-21 22:42
theres not much diffrence between recoil in 1.6 and cs go : F
2012-03-21 22:45
its so hard to control
2012-03-21 22:46
omg... cs 1.5, cs 1.6, cs source, cs promod, cs 2d >>> CS:GOWNO
2012-03-21 22:48
cs 2d xD hahaha
2012-03-21 23:02
thats awesome :)
2012-03-21 22:51
So... when you shoot at the model you may not hit? is this their understanding of competitive gaming? I think that the hitboxes should be exactly like the model.
2012-03-21 22:58
Estonia 2026 
And yet you shoot lil bit left from the head and BOOM HEADSHOT in cs 1.6.. am I right?
2012-03-21 23:01
yes you are... i don't remember saying it was ok... it should be corrected am I right?
2012-03-21 23:07
No! Fail :D
2012-03-22 00:26
Really good argument. There's nothing like a well-fouded opinion.
2012-03-22 02:19
Noone cares :o HLTV.org most forum is full of junk. After every 10th post you see opinion (sometimes)
2012-03-22 10:51
1.6 ... point
2012-03-21 23:01
2012-03-21 23:05
2012-03-21 23:12
2012-03-22 00:26
2012-03-22 00:35
why would you ... oh nvm WHY DID YOU REPLY ME?!?!?!
2012-03-22 00:38
From I have read so far I don't think the problem is due to the hitboxes being small but how to be able to accurately "guide" the bullets to them without abusing single shots.
2012-03-21 23:08
From what I've read is that when you spray and try to control the recoil you just can't control the recoil and therefore no hit! Did I understand you right?
2012-03-22 00:30
Besides the lack of control add the lack of an actual spray pattern according to some comments.
2012-03-22 00:46
I do not follow you :S You're a hltv.org mod you should have some power over valve as you play their game =D
2012-03-22 00:53
I don't play CS:GO :s
2012-03-22 01:03
But you play 1.6 -.-
2012-03-22 01:33
This news isn't about 1.6, right? ;)
2012-03-22 02:54
Who said it should?
2012-03-22 10:52
It doesn't matter if it should or not but what matters here is that it does not.
2012-03-22 21:40
Interesting. Thanks :)
2012-03-22 21:44
2012-03-21 23:09
Seriously , who the fuck cares about CS:S/CS:GO hitboxes? CS 1.6 rulz
2012-03-21 23:11
hltv, please just dont fuckin write anymore about CS: fuckin GO
2012-03-21 23:16
you wanna hear my feedback? quit this shit and invest in promod.
2012-03-21 23:40
2012-03-21 23:58
what a fail game, holy fuck
2012-03-22 01:06
the first video reminds me of tf2 the heavy character with his gun. it always goes somewhere else beside the middle :D its really a bad mix up from tf2 l4d2 and half life
2012-03-22 08:00
Something extra for you. Run + strafe + spray + shoot = headshoots :E youtube.com/watch?v=BYDYtl2_ZiQ&hd=1
2012-03-22 10:00
lol so much stupidity around cs:go and promod. just make a great game featuring some of 1.6 gameplay and some improvements, make it right at first attempt and release the f***** game. and call it cs 2 , it's a better name ;)
2012-03-22 00:06
You don't have a CS:GO beta key so stop whining. Most people who whine about CS:GO really doesn't have a key.. and those who have just whine about things that are already known. I'd like 1 beta key but unfortunately no luck.
2012-03-22 00:28
Simple answer for his comment, he is not blind :) I want to test it too btw, but I will don't buy it for sure.
2012-03-22 00:32
You're blind and why you replied me? Like I give a shit if you defend him..
2012-03-22 00:34
don't care about beta key loool just saying that it's is a complete nonsense to be wasting years in developing a game , envolved in controversy and 'whining' as you say, when Valve or whoever creates CS should just develop a new CS in partnership with Pro players to release a good, solid, atractive game for cs lovers... cs exists for more than 10 years, it shouldn't be that hard to improve it
2012-03-22 00:34
yes it's is right.. okay let's go to my point. if you want to copy paste a game like cs 1.6 then don't create a new game.. We want a game that has different gameplay/recoil etc. Stop hating valve stop worshiping them. cs 1.6 needs to be competitive as it is but if it won't stay as it then you need something like cs:go (not) but something like it :/ E-mail valve or w/e to contact them and tell them you want to help to develop the game as you are the "pro player"
2012-03-22 00:38
"We want a game that has different gameplay/recoil etc." We want a game that has better gameplay/recoil etc. and CS:GO has these things significantly worse.
2012-03-22 00:42
Tell me something that I don't know? You should contact with valve about it haha.
2012-03-22 00:51
Ehh, maybe it's waste of my time :)
2012-03-22 00:54
Then stop complaining about the game.. As I've not played it yet I can't say if I like or I do not.. but I sure can say is that from watching vids etc etc I DO NOT LIKE THAT SMOKE!
2012-03-22 00:56
I'm different person and I can, sorry. But of course I put some part of my optimism in this game.
2012-03-22 01:08
2012-03-22 01:33
"As I've not played it yet I can't say if I like or I do not..." I'm different person and I can, sorry. But of course I put some part of my optimism in this game.
2012-03-22 09:54
Still what... lmao. Yh sure.
2012-03-22 10:53
Who is "we"?
2012-03-22 01:50
Apparently BawSs and some other asshole.
2012-03-22 02:26
Oh sorry you don't want different game.. you just want to keep cs 1.6 and let it fuck it up...
2012-03-22 10:49
No, I don't want a 1:1 copy, I want the game to be improved. But I don't want to give up the things, that made Counter-Strike to one of the best games ever made. I don't see any reason for a new recoil-system; especially one without any feedback for the player.
2012-03-22 12:57
Is there any good point making the hitbox maller (or greater, than the player model actually? take any part of the body exceeding the hitbox on the terros model - wheres the competition, when i hit what i see and it does no damage at all??? Is the idea of making the hitbox EXACTLY the same as the player model really that much retarded? Was it exactly 1:1 only recoil/gun accuracy could be blamed (not mentioning network issuses ofc).
2012-03-22 01:40
this game doesnt make any sense, im start to believe its a sensational game to sell much and then die like many casual titles did. this is bad
2012-03-22 01:49
let me explain it to you, THIS GAME SUCKS
2012-03-22 01:57
Valve should just stop developing CS:GO. Since they already know CS 1.6 users wont buy it. CS GO just a joke waste of time and money for both users and developers
2012-03-22 03:38
Hey Valve, here's your problem: You're trying to make a Counter-Strike for the CoD community. And it will never work. The reason why 1.6 is so popular is.. Well, when you play a real match of 1.6, you don't really care what gun you're using. You don't care what the setting is, or what happens in the game, really. You are on the field, trying to get a goal. You're not playing a game about the police trying to stop a bunch of terrorists, you're on the field, trying to get a goal for your team. And that is why the graphics don't matter in CS. Green grass has always worked for football; why would 1.6 need a graphics update? Valve is trying to make people play football on blue grass, and on a half court. And while it might work for those who like blue better than green, it will never work for those who don't even notice the color of the grass when they play. So stop with the Source engine games already. It will never be a good engine for a competitie game, so just focus on making hat simulators and puzzle games for now.
2012-03-22 04:09
CS:GO should take cspromod team on board. Plz post this on steam forums.
2012-03-22 04:54
The way I see it is if they are going to make the hitboxes smaller then that should be all the more reason to have the first 2-3 shots be more accurate than they are right now so that getting a kill is more based on skill than luck.
2012-03-22 05:26
True. btw. they should do hitboxes a little bigger than actual models because on these from news we can't shoot in the butt, in the back, in the stomach from the side. blog.counter-strike.net/wp-content/uploa..
2012-03-22 10:08
they made bigger hitboxes in css because they knew they failed the game so they gave some hope at hitting, but now cs go took the same engine as css and made hitboxes smaller, so its impossible to hit. i think hitboxes are good thing but the movement lag makes hitting to head impossible, because when you shoot at head, in reality head is few inch forward from the actual moment.
2012-03-22 08:10
I dont see any problem in these hitboxes. Tbh. what make CS 1.6 so competitive and skill oriented is that you can't just start playing and be good at once. With these smaller hitboxes, it will give more incentive to practice the game. Imo what makes 1.6 great to watch is that it isn't just any noob that play at high level, its truly people that practice/have talent. Therefore I think it is a wise choice, by Valve, to have such small hitboxes.
2012-03-22 12:04
exactly, small hitboxes are good as long as they're accurate. definately a thing which could balance other dull aspects of the game.
2012-03-22 15:14
When i click , on hltv and see one comment about cs go , i just ignore ! Cs 1.6 !
2012-03-22 12:08
Romania 511 
change the crosshair to the old style
2012-03-22 14:01
You can change it in options.
2012-03-22 16:09
Slovakia agnd 
users, y u no say me where i can get beta key?
2012-03-22 18:08
I don't have CS:GO.
2012-03-22 18:29
CS:GO would go for a large improvement if they just put it with the same recoil and hitboxes as 1.6
2012-03-22 14:26
bitch please, even if they take cs 1.6 and name is cs:go they will do shit. because we dont forget what they did with source.
2012-03-22 14:55
if Valve wants the cs 1.6 pro players opinion, why dont they show the cs 1.6 hitboxs too ? ;) Lurppis is so fucking right
2012-03-22 15:10
CS 1.6 hitboxes original made by micronn: img201.imageshack.us/img201/9366/cs16hit.. CS 1.6 hitboxes original comparison to CS:Go made by micronn: img193.imageshack.us/img193/3083/cs16hit.. I think CS:GO developers should increase the size of butt, back and hand hitboxes because right now we can't shoot in these area from side.
2012-03-22 18:52
this is cs 1.6 site, move this shit out of here!
2012-03-22 18:56
best cs 1.6 ... low CSGO
2012-03-22 19:43
make the left arm bigger!
2012-03-22 20:10
LOL BIG SISTER? More like bottom bitch
2012-03-22 20:30
The thing is i cant tell whether the hit boxes are good or bad at the moment in CS GO because the RECOIL IS PATHETIC. Fix the damn recoil valve, no one likes it, No one. it should be your number 1 priority but yet you keep releasing new modes, maps etc. Fix the recoil, then fix the movement, and then you will please thousands and thousands of people and it may actually be on the right track.
2012-03-22 22:33
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
csgo is worse than source, just give up on making a new cs game without using 1.6 engine... so sad
2012-03-22 23:31
i just cant understand why wont they make new engine and in that new cs. source engine wont work in fps games. otherwise its good engine.
2012-03-23 00:06
from now enemy will never die..
2012-03-23 13:08
yea... that`s why when shooting below you, you headshot the guy above ... due to HITBOXES !
2012-03-23 15:43
CS 1.6 > CS:GO
2012-03-23 19:57
why no adjust the models to the hitboxes, or make hitboxes bigger, and the recoil is so random, the game cant differ from tapping and bursting
2013-09-29 21:57
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