Video: ArcadioN & coloN interview

April 7th, 2012 01:37

Xapso's Timm "ArcadioN" Henriksen and Morten "coloN" Johansen talk about the team's performance at the Danish event, Johansen's reputation, the Danish scene at its current state and more.

The Danish team Xapso recently topped the Danish Esport League, beating Anexis, who for a long time were considered as the second best team, after mTw. With mTw folding last year, the competition has gotten more fierce and Xapso now seem to sit on the throne. Or do they?

According to Morten "coloN" Johansen, they are, even goes on to state that Anexis suck. The interview also touches upon the matches so far at Copenhagen Games, the debate surrounding Johansen and other topics were dicussed too.

For more interviews and highlight clips from Copenhagen Games 2012, check out's YouTube channel here.

2012-04-07 01:40
gl vs SK.
2012-04-07 01:40
gl Xapso
2012-04-07 01:41
2012-04-07 01:42
true, his haters probably gone sad when they saw him
2012-04-07 01:42
is next rambo
2012-04-07 02:56
"Anexis suxx" hahaha trollers xD
2012-04-07 01:44
Haha, love that confidence. And damn Colon is cocky ^^
2012-04-07 01:45
coloN da marijuana :D
2012-04-07 01:46
omg you read my mind :D
2012-04-07 02:32
seems like he doesnt have money not only for train but for eye drops too :O
2012-04-07 12:22
eye drops can make you blind bro ;)
2012-04-12 04:48
oh yeah, vikingdom, helt sikkert!
2012-04-07 01:47
Anexis sucks hahahahahahahha
2012-04-07 01:47
ArcadioN, are u pothead?
2012-04-07 01:48
CS 14 hours straight yesterday :P
2012-04-07 10:31
really nice guy coloN, goodluck in the future :)
2012-04-07 01:48
colon with huge smile on his face lol
2012-04-07 01:49
he deserves it... he passed through a lot of shit imo :D
2012-04-07 02:37
those 2 guys are so cool :D great guys
2012-04-07 01:49
For people who think coloN is rude he isn't.. coloN always tryed to be "known on danish scene" but anexis always sayd he sucks hes onliner etc .. so he beat them offline now we wants respect xD gj coloN gl
2012-04-07 01:56
Where is the proof of this just wondering?
2012-04-07 02:01
He said it himself, that all of them except Nuggi and SFM think he cheats. I don't know if i read it on xplayn or in some random thread about coloN on this website
2012-04-07 02:18
yes, coloN himself told us that here.
2012-04-07 03:00
hahaha funny guy that colon :D didnt like the anexis thing though
2012-04-07 01:51
they always sayd to him you suck , you are a online kid etc now his coloN turn :)
2012-04-07 01:51
ohh well than i understand him but still, why going on their level :P
2012-04-07 01:52
colon cheater
2012-04-07 01:51
could he just stop having this trollface for a second LOL
2012-04-07 01:52
Colon seems so relieved :)...I am glad he has proved all the haters wrong Go colon! GL Xapso :)
2012-04-07 01:52
its funny how they trash talk about SK, i cant wait to see that match and see how the get crushed
2012-04-07 01:53
You realise thay are joking right?
2012-04-07 02:17
he beat SK on the internet..he will be raped tommorrow in few hours already)
2012-04-07 01:54
coloN fucking funny guy! :D I like him :D
2012-04-07 01:55
United States sMB- 
Awesome interviews =D Nix0n kicking ass!
2012-04-07 01:55
coLAN danish analog lolPAN
2012-04-07 01:56
great iview, I guess everybody was looking at coloN everytime :D even if ArcadioN was saying something, all eyes were on Johansen :D
2012-04-07 01:56
Poland Kuz. 
coloN is really great guy! :D
2012-04-07 01:57
he has a big mouth, we'll see if he has skills to back it up
2012-04-07 02:02
2012-04-07 09:54
why so confused? saying anexis sucks and being all cocky facing SK. now he should have learned his place.
2012-04-07 12:11
He got the skills. And he was sarcastic in that interview, Anexis and Xapso are mates :)
2012-04-07 12:13
indeed he's a very good player, oh well I guess I was ignorant, my apology :)
2012-04-07 12:15
No problem! :D
2012-04-07 12:26
Indonesia ibtJ 
+1 he is very talented player
2012-04-07 03:59
AHHHAHAHHAHH fuckin funny interview, colon saying they won't be a problem, as they weren't at the internet, arcadion calls them easily to lower bracket.. Anexis sucks! I LOVE HATERS, AHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK OFF COLON!
2012-04-07 01:57
u care too much lol
2012-04-07 02:02
Another one who doesn't understand sarcasm.
2012-04-07 02:09
I understand sarcasm, that's why I laughed.
2012-04-07 03:25
ugh..stupid kids with vip
2012-04-07 08:02
2012-04-07 02:14
I understand sarcasm, that's why I laughed.
2012-04-07 03:25
I love you too! I love Colon and Colon's Colon!
2012-04-07 01:57
Colon's colon very nice i like. Very big
2012-04-07 09:22
2012-04-07 01:58
i'm really looking forward for SK to crashing Xapso
2012-04-07 01:59
Not crash but they're going to win.
2012-04-07 02:01
what a confidence from them I would laught my ass of If they will be crushed by SK!
2012-04-07 02:03
coloN seems like a nice guy, smiling throughout the entire interview :))
2012-04-07 02:04
+1, nice guy or maybe an excellent troll :D
2012-04-07 04:34
Was thinking the same thing :D!
2012-04-07 04:38
actually he smiles all the time becouse he is shy
2012-04-07 09:23
easy 4 sk, 16-5/16-4
2012-04-07 02:04
Slovakia uno1 
cool guy this coloN! .. Wanna see your win against SK!
2012-04-07 02:05
Dream on colol, dream on.
2012-04-07 02:07
COLON will pwn SK heuheuhe <3
2012-04-07 02:09
coloN can't stop smiling :D
2012-04-07 02:12
really not the guy i expected behind this whole coloN hype, seems like a legit guy.
2012-04-07 02:12
2012-04-07 09:24
2012-04-07 02:13
anexis sucks hahahhahahahah :D he doesent seems so ugly in this interview as he do in pictures :DD
2012-04-07 02:14
2012-04-07 02:14
Colombia tim7 
colon says "anexis sucks" i hope sk rape on them for that stupid comment.
2012-04-07 02:14
I'm starting to like coloN, what's happening to me...
2012-04-07 02:15
hahaha :D can't wait for tomorrow!
2012-04-07 02:17
haha amazing trollface right from the start at 0:02
2012-04-07 02:17
coloN hah cool guy
2012-04-07 02:18
coloN is a kid! Why would he say Anexis sux...
2012-04-07 02:26
2012-04-07 03:23
because anexis are a bunch of cocksuckers
2012-04-07 04:17
2012-04-07 02:30
n1 ;)
2012-04-07 03:23
Norway billson 
How can you not love this guy. Colon da king.
2012-04-07 02:32
hahaha colon XD. everyone knows cs is competative and stuff, him saying anexis suck is minor. Hope for a good finish
2012-04-07 02:37
does he play tennis? his right arm is way bigger than his left
2012-04-07 02:39
yeah... tennis...
2012-04-07 02:53
2012-04-07 02:58
hhahaha :P
2012-04-07 03:00
2012-04-07 03:06
2012-04-07 03:30
haahhaha omg :D
2012-04-07 09:02
2012-04-09 01:51
2012-04-07 08:40
What was so funny?
2012-04-07 02:47
Poland MJP 
Danish guys the are always fantastic in interview. Like in previes intrv with MJE and KK. Nixon was smille a lot aswell suprise for me to:) !
2012-04-07 02:54
ColoN : i can't stop smiling XDDDDDD haha
2012-04-07 02:57
coloN you'r the kingg!!! crush SK!!!!!
2012-04-07 03:09
Lmao, Colon's cocky as hell. I like that though. Adds some spice to tomorrows game.
2012-04-07 03:14
Serbia Lzrk 
-sfm +suraNga, and they can't beat anexis. :)
2012-04-07 03:17
sfm > suranga lol
2012-04-07 04:11
2012-04-07 04:16
wow, this guy gives a whole new definition of being confident :)
2012-04-07 03:21
lol SK obviously not a problem @ net when you
2012-04-07 03:25
u dumb or what?
2012-04-07 04:16
we'll see who's dumb in a few hours? he's a cheater which is now a fact since every single round in that video is blatant and people said he really beat did SK in a pracc online. yes he was being sarcastic and its pathetic.
2012-04-07 08:23
Haha you are one of thoes guys who didn't see the POV. He isn't playing that well in that game. He played much better @ LAN
2012-04-16 09:24
how about this event be BYOC? he must have Bring Your Own Cheater
2012-04-07 03:32
I guess you meant cheat
2012-04-07 09:53
CIS 2011 
Colon bodybuilder
2012-04-07 03:39
2012-04-07 03:48
Australia bish 
anexis mad?
2012-04-07 04:03
zE- mad 4SHO
2012-04-07 04:11
lolol, ColoN face is funny ColoN: Anexis sucks
2012-04-07 04:10
so immature...
2012-04-07 04:13
ye so immature,like he has to act mature when making a iview for people who probably called him a cheater with absolutely no proof : P wTv
2012-04-07 04:16
2012-04-07 04:14
Romania tr$ 
lol @ the people that can't understand sarcasm
2012-04-07 04:18
cooloN has the trollface to troll with :DD
2012-04-07 04:32
Molten | 
Norway M0LTEN 
hahaha love the confident! :D
2012-04-07 05:03
2012-04-07 05:05
colon cool guy =) Respect!
2012-04-07 05:04
Go colon :D
2012-04-07 05:05
coloN in person looks cooler than his profile's photo.
2012-04-07 06:46
coloN great guy:)
2012-04-07 07:41
true, his haters probably gone sad when they saw him
2012-04-07 07:50
hhahaha fkin trolls
2012-04-07 08:00
We have to agree that this kind of interview is fking unteresting:)
2012-04-07 08:46
Well, he's right to say that Anexis sucks, they always said that he sucks etc, he's an onliner, but he just prooved that he's much better than them, so fuck off ?
2012-04-07 08:52
its a BYOC, he has his home computer with aimkey or whatever running in the background, he will continue to be top rated at the event and dont think he will have too much trouble with SK i wish i could afford him on dreamteam, im guessing at the next lan comp with tournament PCS he will suck again
2012-04-07 08:52
COLON will go 0-15 against SK
2012-04-07 08:56
His arrogant confidence makes the interview funny lol. Hope they put up a good fight against sk anyways.
2012-04-07 09:08
colon do not be nervous...
2012-04-07 09:09
2012-04-07 09:39
7 min of interview and no-one passed by the camera , ruined my 7mins :D nice interview though :D
2012-04-07 09:53
colon <3
2012-04-07 09:54
OMG why do people here think that they are so arrogant. Obviously they were just trolling and so glad that everything worked so good for them :)
2012-04-07 10:00
hahahahahahahahah that guy is so funny
2012-04-07 10:00
Moderator: Do you think, you can turn on WH at lan? Colon: Why not (TROLL FACE) :D
2012-04-07 10:22
2012-04-07 20:57
coloN im hateing you dont be si retards Anexis suck -.-'NOB
2012-04-07 10:27
hahahha colon ::D:DD:D:D:D
2012-04-07 10:28
2012-04-07 10:34
hahahaha coloN, I just love that guy, his laugh and smile during the interview made me laugh. "Anexis sux" hahahahahahahaha oh gosh.. that was funny
2012-04-07 11:30
but its true
2012-04-07 12:15
your mum sucks colon
2012-04-07 12:25
Did he smoke weed? Shiiiit.. What a stupid laugh on hes face :S
2012-04-07 12:26
Colon's right hand looks stronger, if you know what i mean, lol
2012-04-07 13:46
Fucking cheater ...
2012-04-07 15:38
Colon was a good guy good luck for him
2012-04-07 16:19
2012-04-07 19:28
colon energic :D
2012-04-07 20:55
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-04-07 21:00
2012-04-07 21:51
No he doesn't?
2012-04-10 01:50
2012-04-12 04:34
1. I meant he does not suck. 2. He was banned because the admins thought he cheated - there are different opinion about this, his ban was even removed in Denmark. 3. Stop writing with CAPS.
2012-04-12 19:17
3. Stop writing with CAPS. Ok. You fan of Colon, not? I think... but i dont know. And the admins banned colon because he was using a cheat, the admins know SO MUCH about this, and Colon recognized this. PLUS: there are a video about this moment, search in youtube.
2012-04-13 05:17
2012-04-07 22:30
ahahaha COLON smiling the whole time :D really looks like hes stoned but i guess hes just tired from gaming all day and just likes smiling and knew what questions would come :D
2012-04-07 22:39
LOVE COLON ASWELL ! XD Well said sir!
2012-04-07 22:43
weed is the key
2012-04-08 15:08
anexis sucks =))
2012-04-09 00:33
is he profesional?
2012-04-12 05:13
2012-06-12 12:39
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