M5 scammed, robbed in India

HLTV.org spoke to Moscow Five CEO Dima "ddd1ms" Smelyi about his team's displeasing trip to India Gaming Carnival.

How was Moscow Five's trip to India Gaming Carnival? Atrocious enough to make the Moscow Five boss fear for his players' safety and lives by the end of the event.

It was a clearly upset and shocked Smelyi HLTV.org spoke to when he was awaiting confirmation from the team's manager that the team had passed Delhi International airport's security gates.

Moscow Five, who were one of the two international teams in India, reached the tournament's semifinals. That was when the organizers decided to shut down the entire event.

The event itself was a disaster. It let people to believe it would be one of the year's biggest, spangled events, with well over $300,000 in the total prize pool for the featured games.

Photo: Moscow Five

Reports just days before the event was schedule to kick off even said the event had been cancelled, checks had bounced and later on, during the event, computer tournaments had been called off.

Smelyi confessed he should have listened to advice given by fnatic and Natus Vincere officials, who told him to drop the Indian event.

"fnatic and Natus Vincere managers told me: "Dima, it's fake! Dont visit ICG 2012. I should have listened to them," he wrote in his blog.

Despite all this, India Gaming Carnival did take place, at least to some degree, but failed to an enormous extent to meet any of the expectations set by its organizers, WTF Eventz.

Why did Moscow Five not go any further than the semifinals? According to Smelyi, the organizers decided to call off the entire event, shutting down the venue's electricity in the process.

Smelyi furthermore informed HLTV.org that event officials disappeared from the scene and refused to accept their calls.

All of this happened after the organizers supposedly tried to delay the tournament so that Moscow Five could not play an eventual final, seeing as they had to catch their flight on April 9.

Photo: Moscow Five 

Smelyi, however, saw through the organizers' scheme and booked tickets for April 10, attempting to assure that his team would be able to play the tournament's final, which they were sure to reach.

By the time the organizers shut down the event, the extended return tickets to Moscow purchased by Smelyi turned out to be nothing but an additional expenditure. (approximately $2,900) 

While all of this does not sound very life-threatening or the cause of fearing for someone's life, it was when the team returned to their hotel the situation became even more suspicious.

As the team and their manager were waiting for a taxi to take them to their hotel after the shutdown, they spotted four thug-like men who were paying attention to them, Smelyi said.

After getting in the taxi, the Moscow Five players saw the four men get in a car and followed them. The situation did not develop any further though, and the Russians eventually went to sleep.

However, Moscow Five's team manager stayed up and recorded this video, explaining some of what they had gone through.

Apparently, they were told that the organizers had nothing to do with the event abruptly shutting down and that it was out of their control, followed by several what seems to be empty promises.

Kushagra, who is the director of WTF Eventz, even told Moscow Five that they would compensate their expenses involved with traveling to India and a substantial amount of the first-place prize.

More specific, the organizers offered to cover Moscow Five $10,000 for their participation and reimburse $4,000 in travel expenses in return for not publishing footage of the venue being shut down.

The team had provided Kushagra with necessary contact information, such as hotel room numbers, e-mails and telephone numbers, and he promised to meet them later that day. He did not.

This is not the only recording Moscow Five made during their trip to India. They supposedly filmed a conversation with Kushagra himself, which is believed to be the reason for the thugs appearing.

Smelyi went on and said that when the team woke up, they realized that someone had broken into their rooms and robbed them for money and a 8GB memory stick with all the said footage on it.

The situation has taken a huge toll on Smelyi, who felt it was necessary to wait with telling this story before he knew his team and manager were in safety in the airport, en route Moscow.

The Moscow Five chief will, together with the team's manager, host a live stream this Friday about their experience, mainly in Russian, but with some questions and answers in English.

HLTV.org's coverage of India Gaming Carnival is not over as we have more breaking news to reveal. 

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Belarus unf1 
1 photo:DD
2012-04-10 01:51
Korea xtkjdtr01 
2017-03-28 16:34
These son of bitch kushagra, mukesh.... spoiled the whole country's reputation. Bloody dogs where the fk do they live? Such a$$holes ruined the future of E-Sports in India! Now every1 hates us just coz of those 2 mofo's :|
2012-04-10 07:05
Is it very likely to get robbed in India? Cause I always wanted to go there :c
2012-04-10 09:16
dude, its nt like that, u r always welcmd in india, its jus thr r plenty of bloaks around here who jus luv to fuck around wid the countries image, these sarcastic assholes dnt knw wat they are doing to the country soilin the image of e-sport industry nd the gamers frm india. asswipes!
2012-04-10 09:42
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
English motherfucker, do you speak it?
2012-04-10 13:57
PULP FICTION! +over9000
2012-04-10 14:15
No v dnt, so if u wanna tok wit us bettr learn our language ok? Bloody store of AIDS
2012-04-10 14:57
2012-04-10 23:14
2012-04-15 11:36
please visit mumbai its safe n u will have a gud time :)
2012-04-10 18:38
wtf? haha
2013-03-21 10:17
you wanna come INDIA ....BIG LOL :D :D ?? you will get RAPED haha
2012-04-10 09:57
anal sex? sounds awesome
2012-04-10 12:40
LOL what a statement! XDDD
2012-04-10 12:51
The poorer the people is, the higher the risk of getting robbed is
2012-04-10 10:43
so very true..
2012-04-10 11:05
no, that is not true, it has nothing to do with poverty, that is just a stupid stereotype! in Portugal, were arent rich and i can walk wherever i want, at any time i want (not in Porto or Lisbon though) and i do not get robbed! in my home town we can sleep with our doors opened that no one will ever gonna go in there, that is 100 % sure!
2012-04-10 12:16
GDP (at Purchasing Power Parity) per capita, in 2011 US dollars: Portugal: 23,204 India: 3,703 You clearly have no idea what poverty means.
2012-04-10 12:43
2012-04-10 13:14
You can still be poor in any European countries even though your country's GDP ih high Even if he were wrong, your argument is biased Just take into account the costs of living, taxes and so on which are way different in these two countries Conclusion: He may know poverty even though he's from Portugal
2012-04-10 14:08
The original comment was about systemic poverty, which is well-captured by per capita GDP. Also, note that the statistics I gave were adjusted for purchasing power parity, which means they take into account the cost of living (the nominal statistics are twice as bad). He may know poverty, but those who know poverty in India know a far worse type. Even aside from aggregate personal income, European countries have a working social safety net which most third-world countries lack.
2012-04-10 14:42
Still I can ensure you you will still find people in European countries living under the poverty line, don't know if it's called that way in English. And these people, when they're outside of the classical path of European social safety (which are way different from one country to another), have a pretty harsh time living a decent life. I wasn't agreeing with the pt guy at first, and I still don't.
2012-04-10 15:47
Of course, I don't disagree with anything you said here. Perhaps we misunderstood each other.
2012-04-10 16:34
Not perhaps, sure! Nice to see we can still talk without getting trolled on this site :)
2012-04-10 17:19
i wasnt trying to compare any european country to India or China or any african country... u think that number is accurate when it comes to Portugal? let me tell, it isnt! u think a normal/average portuguese person receives 23,204 A YEAR? MINIMUM WAGE IS ~450€ a month!! what i meant was, finances and economy arent the MAIN reason for thefts and unsafety in a Country. Brasil is the 6th biggest economy in the world, United States are the 1st, do u think those countrys are safer than Portugal for example?
2012-04-10 17:50
You seem to be confusing GDP per capita with GDP total. But yes, of course there are factors other than the economy that contribute to public safety. But in India's case, economic factors are likely to play a much larger role than in Europe because poverty is just so extreme.
2012-04-10 18:17
i dont think economy is the key factor there, but ofc i dont know their country that well, but a country that has almost has much people as China, with the perspective of surpassing China in that matter, cant provide social benefits for all of them, i mean its impossible in smaller countrys, much less in China or India.. sociologic factors are the key factors in those type of countrys i believe :)
2012-04-10 19:33
Try managing 125 crore people. The Fiscal Budget (whole country) you have that the earning of our Mukesh Ambani a single person.
2012-04-11 17:54
so ,you mean what M5‘s ddd1ms said is just a joke?
2012-04-10 17:08
no, by all means, i was just saying that poor countrys = thefts!!
2012-04-10 17:59
Dude the English ppl robbed us bcoz of that we became poor it means u English ppl are robbers the robbed all our gold diamonds and many precious ornaments That means that time this ENGLISH ppl were poor according to ur statement
2012-04-10 19:29
Yet you responded to a Swedish person :P
2012-04-10 22:44
Denmark dpy 
never go there,i have been cochin,tuticorin,mumbai,chennai and many more cities ; all is same man,most of people think they are cleverer than you and try to impale you.india is not like india where shown in the films :)
2012-04-10 11:11
dont stereotype places . i am 4m cochin , the place is awsome
2012-04-12 20:30
I've been to India. The worst that it ever got was little kids running around begging you for money. Probably the best holiday I've been on.
2012-04-10 13:17
Went to India for a 2-week vacation 2 years ago and had great fun, the food's amazing and restaurants are very cheap. The only thing I really disliked was the extremely stressing hassle in Mumbai airport.
2012-04-10 13:28
Avoid cities like Delhi... come to Goa. Some pretty awesome hash and get drunk really cheap plus great parties.
2012-04-10 18:05
If they know the 2 people who did this, can't they sue them?
2012-04-10 15:35
they can try lol
2012-04-10 18:03
Guys who scammed in the Commonwealth Games weren't sued for a year, what can you expect here? If you go to the police, first they see the amount involved in theft and fraud and then first ask a percentage of the amount as bribe. lol!
2012-04-10 18:09
Guys post this things on media like newspaper or news channels and all the organizers will be raped and fucked off
2012-04-10 19:33
+1.. He is really an asshole... Bastard
2012-04-10 23:19
Your shit country is hated anyways. None believed that event.
2013-03-21 10:17
Intel integrated graphic? LOL
2012-04-10 15:18
I think tht the "robbed" part is a total lie, dima in the video says tht "nw i shud end this video coz the memeory card is full" which proves tht their money and data wasnt stolen[or atleast the data], this was the whole made up story by him just to flame more the alrdy flammed IGC thing! But thts just my opinion! and sry fr replying u mate, i wanted every1 to see it!
2012-04-10 10:12
That video was recorded when the team were sleeping. The text say that the team realize when they woke up that someone stole their memory card.
2012-04-10 10:26
oh, but did the thief exactly knw in which bag the data was der and they didnt evn wake up whn the thugs tried to break the door lock? ... the Theifs nowadays Break into a 5star hotel eh?
2012-04-10 10:32
your not from canada, your INDIAN
2012-04-10 11:09
2012-04-10 23:09
true stories
2012-04-10 12:53
ahahahhhh.. best :D
2012-04-10 16:24
nice, excellent cut
2012-04-10 17:21
2012-04-12 03:45
2012-04-10 14:57
facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101509135301.. Indian gamers beat up this man. he was 1 of the organizers
2012-04-10 20:28
finally some action=D
2012-04-10 21:11
.JPG please
2014-05-11 02:02
Lol'd so hard
2012-04-10 01:50
this is not a reason to laugh ... im sure that you would feel bad if this happens to you ...
2012-04-10 02:06
I don't care. Rest of european teams were cautious, but m5 were greedy and wanted to earn money easily.
2012-04-10 10:37
I agree, they didnt heed the warning and just saw it as an opportunity for easy money because no other teams were attending. It was clearly a scam and they fell for it
2012-04-10 20:28
it was funny for me overall, but that's so fucking sad for M5... i mean, so many cs divisions shutting down, and they just lost 5~10k (?), and also the 28k they would get :|
2012-04-10 02:41
1.It is funny bcuz of this event 2.It is funny bcuz of these Indians here, who said b4 the event that It's gonna be huge and powerful...... 3.I'm not suprised 4.Funny
2012-04-10 08:39
I said it was gonna be utter shit from the start. i even emailed their"sponsors" Pepsi and benq and they said they never even got any requests for sponsorship.
2012-04-10 09:39
In India u troll on every step lol, even with sponsorhip ;o
2012-04-10 10:44
LOL driftwood tables
2012-04-10 01:50
I literally spat out my food whilst reading that. LOL, driftwood.
2012-04-10 02:09
2012-04-10 03:14
Expected but sad
2012-04-10 01:51
Poland bartt 
I knew that!
2012-04-10 01:51
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
HLTV.org's coverage of India Gaming Carnival is not over as we have more breaking news to reveal. LOL :P I'm not much of a countries guy, so i think this was a huge disgrace to esports in general. Last thing we need in the times like these. Edit : Also, nice twitter plug at the end, Pus :P
2012-04-10 01:57
I think you'll find our next piece quite entertaining! ;) And PRESS THE DAMN FOLLOW BUTTON ALREADY
2012-04-10 02:07
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
I'm sure i would. There's a lot i've been hearing from my steam friends already. xD And I do follow you. I'm @dishayu
2012-04-10 02:08
whats the next newssssssssssss? im curious!
2012-04-10 02:10
Follow @PusHLTVorg and @NixHLTVorg on Twitter and get all the exclusives!
2012-04-10 02:11
hahahha you are like the marketing guy from hltv.org? ok, but realease it fast pls hehehe
2012-04-10 02:13
Sweden cnzTT 
2012-04-10 01:52
same as other idiot some comments over this one ... this is not a reason to laugh ... im sure that you would feel bad if this happens to you ... :/
2012-04-10 02:08
Why do always project to people their values? PEOPLE DON'T CARE. PERIOD. What happens to other people, well, just empathetic ones care...
2012-04-10 02:48
cl_english grammar '0' ... maybe i would understand you better if you speak lituanian :]
2012-04-10 03:55
niceone :D:D:D
2012-04-10 04:49
SUCCESFULLY TROLLED i'm proud of you, son!
2012-04-10 23:23
Holy shit didn't know I mixed so many words. Well I can't edit that sentence now... What's done is done. Surely you know english grammar so much better! You people sometimes piss me off.
2012-04-11 19:25
fuck you, you hypocrite ps this story sounds like one of James Bond's adventuress
2012-04-12 14:51
oh dear...
2012-04-10 01:54
Who's surprised, really? Raise your hand.
2012-04-10 01:54
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
I am, actually. I was expecting the event to happen with no prize money being paid out. But this is wayy beyond what i could have imagined.
2012-04-10 01:57
Argentina sebaxinho 
Everyone except indians were expecting this... sorry bro. edit: and except 6 russians.
2012-04-10 03:35
lets see if the same shit happens in IGC 2013 D; :P seba sooo groso :D
2012-04-10 03:58
India SupremeV 
Dude even i was expecting the same and after being an Indian i posted this shit all over the internet and told people not to attend this event as i personally know that India is not ready for international event right now. People here are just scammers and greedy.They just look out for their own interest. Sorry on the behalf of all the gamers. Frm India :|
2012-04-10 05:31
2012-04-10 01:55
Poland Kuz. 
2012-04-10 01:56
well well, they went to india to forfill a new dream but came home with a new nightmare! that's how i'd summarize M5 to india!
2012-04-10 01:56
to fulfill a new dream ?
2012-04-10 07:53
they have allways dreamt of being raped by indians :]
2012-04-10 12:55
de_flowered :))
2012-04-10 13:20
Misspelling, but you knew what verb I'd use :D This is a perfect example of how much Indians like to troll, @IRL and URL. Way 2 Go!
2012-04-10 23:24
dude.. what trolling ?? FULFILL AND FORFILL <its not even a typo> :| i was jus thinkin what that new word meant.. and hence i asked if u meant the other one... i wasnt correcting your grammar or anything.. :|
2012-04-11 01:35
Norway duffz00r 
What a disaster
2012-04-10 01:56
Poor bastards.
2012-04-10 01:57
FalleN | 
Portugal proak 
oh my god...what is this...
2012-04-10 01:57
Oh man... what a shame!
2012-04-10 01:57
oh god i woke up my whole family when i started laughing thanks for that pus hahaha eventhough i feel sorry for m5...
2012-04-10 01:57
Denmark JKN-.- 
How does anyone find this funny?
2012-04-10 07:32
Canada habs 
I hate india .
2012-04-10 01:58
very ignorant statement...just cuz an event in india goes hell wrong doesnt mean you should blame a country...
2012-04-10 02:01
2012-04-10 06:17
yes he should,
2012-04-10 11:05
But because that country is shit culminates also to the people. People really are dishonest and try to fuck with you and steal or scam ur money. Espicially when they see instantly you are tourist.
2017-03-28 14:22
You should hate those who did hold IGC not the whole country!
2012-04-10 09:33
2012-04-12 20:40
Serbia chupe 
someone pissed beside chair
2012-04-10 01:59
it was ronald mc donald :)
2012-04-10 07:54
call Bear Grylls
2012-04-10 13:12
OMG!!! Can't believe
2012-04-10 01:59
damn sucks...
2012-04-10 02:00
Norway duffz00r 
thug' headshots
2012-04-10 02:00
"Follow HLTV.org's Pus on Twitter." :NO:
2012-04-10 02:01
Do it *wields banhammer*
2012-04-10 02:03
No i wont,**/summon pikatsu**
2012-04-10 02:06
Don't make me come down there, cover you in your country's delicious soft ice cream and feed you to the hungry!
2012-04-10 02:11
You can come "down here" whenever u want >)^.^)>
2012-04-10 02:09
2012-04-10 23:24
that sounds gay.
2012-04-10 05:58
NEO | 
Poland Antro 
2012-04-10 11:40
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-04-10 20:12
already following :'( I apologize Mr.Pus
2012-04-10 02:12
*puts down banhammer*
2012-04-10 02:13
like a Puss :D
2012-04-10 07:55
Pussay ;)
2012-04-10 09:34
pussay until he picks up the banhammer :P
2012-04-10 09:39
Yeah =D
2012-04-10 11:51
Shame on India
2012-04-10 02:01
because of some retards ppl you can't blame whole country
2012-04-10 06:49
wait... someone broke into their room, WHILE they were sleeping, and stole money and a memory stick? And Moscow5 didn't wake up? I simply don't believe this, lol.
2012-04-10 02:01
maybe he was in a double room? HU?
2012-04-10 02:21
+1 I didn't really get that part aswell haha
2012-04-10 02:21
India dNw 
Dude, All I can say is, none of us were aware that Indians had ninjas too. :P
2012-04-10 02:28
lol :P I just don't believe someone walked into their hotel room, stole their shit, and Moscow5 didn't wake up. I personally think it's a lie, although I'm not sure why they would lie about such a thing.
2012-04-10 02:37
India dNw 
Not just that, Obviously memory stick is attached to the camera. Who would steal a memory stick but NOT the camera. I mean if I was a thief, I would for sure not go through the trouble of taking out memory stick from camera while residents in the room are "sleeping", Instead I would steal the whole damn thing. So senseless.
2012-04-10 02:46
What if the THUG was Kushagara himself!! :P
2012-04-10 06:00
*Conspiracy guy*
2012-04-10 08:00
rofl they got their memery is easy to do that take the whole camera,cause you can find a camera eaisier than a memery.Besides if u want others not seen the record u can delate it,and even they find you got the memery they have nothign to prove wat u did. its' a country that has the same long history but i still fear to visit, poor corupted country.
2012-04-10 06:42
India dNw 
Thankfully,most of the people from poor corrupted country write better English on HLTV.org than you.
2012-04-10 16:48
2012-04-10 19:26
what actually is the correlation between english and development..
2012-04-10 21:02
India dNw 
Cause I really didn't understand what he wrote except for the last sentence. And btw, was just mocking him. XD
2012-04-10 21:18
funny, an indian making joke about other's people english skills.
2012-04-10 23:27
India dNw 
Says an Argentinian. Nuff said.
2012-04-11 06:15
¿? 95% of the indians in hltv.org don't know how to speak english. the argentinians here in hltv.org are way more easy to understand. I know mi english is not perfect, but I never got any complain about it.
2012-04-11 19:40
Then you can include me with those left out 5% (: And besides, I made a joke about his English, saying that our "poor corrupted country" people (which I found offensive)are better when it comes to writing English compared to HIM (Not the other people of his country). And then you reply saying, Its funny that an Indian is saying it and that shit doesnt fly by me. I got nothing against Argentina btw.
2012-04-11 19:59
I got nothing to India either! but i'm sick of those indians who write like this CUBErt* guy (his flag is Canadian, but we all know that he is Indian): tht part is a total lie, dima in the video says tht " nw i shud end this video coz the memeory card is full" which proves tht their money and data wasnt stolen, this was the whole made up story by him just to flame more the alrdy flammed IGC thing!
2012-04-11 23:12
tht part is a total lie, dima in the video says tht " nw i shud end this video coz the memeory card is full" which proves tht their money and data wasnt stolen, this was the whole made up story by him just to flame more the alrdy flammed IGC thing!
2012-04-10 10:10
and ... what if they had 2 memory cards ??? :]
2012-04-10 19:27
i'm pretty sure that CIA is helping indians to upset those russians!!!
2012-04-10 23:26
True.. but they probably woke up, guys was probably armed and m5 was scared as shit and they just dont wanna mention that... wich i would do aswell
2012-04-10 05:41
they clitch shift
2012-04-10 14:24
Man, i feel really bad for those guys :/ Totally sucks getting scammed and fearing for your life in a foreign country :(
2012-04-10 02:01
2012-04-10 02:03
Why are they doing this ???......
2012-04-10 02:03
Shame on you guys...
2012-04-10 02:03
india, it's india
2012-04-10 02:03
lol, what a poor room. so sad news....
2012-04-10 02:04
next news: Russia going nuclear on India
2012-04-10 02:04
2012-04-10 02:05
new world war because of stupid IGC :DDD
2012-04-10 02:07
it had begun!
2012-04-10 02:10
2012-04-10 02:08
hahahahahahhahaha omg!
2012-04-10 02:09
=)) + 1
2012-04-10 02:10
2012-04-10 02:20
2012-04-10 02:44
2012-04-10 03:18
2012-04-10 03:25
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2012-04-10 03:54
2012-04-10 04:16
I don't see a bad thing ... they are already to many ... 1-2-3-...-10 NUKEs can't hurt the country's economy !
2012-04-10 10:51
ahhhahahha +1
2012-04-10 11:23
Won't happen, because India have nuclear weapons themselves.
2012-04-10 20:05
2012-04-10 20:34
Dmitry brave shall push the secret red button 'for mother Russia'
2012-04-11 04:52
fuckin' bastards.
2012-04-10 02:06
Really sad for such an organisation. They spend alot of money to even get there. That money is all gone, hope they survive this.
2012-04-10 02:06
Thankfully, AlexIch and company can keep farming a couple of weeks and the money is magically back!
2012-04-10 03:16
TSM is too stronk now.
2012-04-10 04:31
Money, money everywhere!
2012-04-10 04:33
I presume is way more richer than TSM.
2012-04-10 04:38
TSM has a store with BAYLIFE t-shirts = WAAAY more money xD
2012-04-10 11:59
And fuckin' Dyrus promoting solomid.net = WAAAAAAAAAY more more moneys!
2012-04-10 14:56
You clearly don't know M5 :D
2012-04-10 16:49
M5 have mostly a russian fanbase :P whereas TSM has soooooo many supporters and followers its insane :P Yes I agree M5 won some big tourneys recently but TSM has been around longer and accomplished more
2012-04-11 18:40
Im talking about M5 globally (the organisation).
2012-04-11 18:50
2012-04-10 02:06
yeah? better than people from brazil stealing gaming gears LOL.
2012-04-10 16:38
lol, india is.... India \=
2012-04-10 02:07
Brazil Xen. 
That was so stupid. A lot of news before the "event" happen said that there is no event or that prizes wont be pay. What a stupid decision from a professional team like M5 to attend this event. So predictable.
2012-04-10 02:08
2012-04-10 02:09
For some odd reason I really dislike Indians now, it goes as far as hatred. Imagine that happening in Europe, America or Asia (China/Japan/Korea)? That's right it wouldn't happen we have decency.
2012-04-10 02:09
India dNw 
lol the whole world can hate Germany for Hitler. But do they? How Immature of you man.
2012-04-10 02:32
Hitler was Austrian.
2012-04-10 02:33
India dNw 
He was just Austrian born. So by generalizing it, People are supposed to hate Austria/Germany for 1 person?
2012-04-10 02:39
they do and have every right to do so if their families were affected by the Nazi Regime of the past. As much as you'd call it immature to draw the line between our world and India, it's a fact that you would never get screwed over like that in the western or industrialized eastern world. It's a poor showing and is downright disrespectful to E-sports and the teams attending as a whole, if you as people let something like that happen in your country without punishment which let's be honest in your disorganized country nobody will be capable to realize, you don't deserve any respect.
2012-04-10 02:50
India dNw 
You think the Indian gamers who attended the event werene't victims aswell? Dont you think they too want the organizers to be punished? Tell me more reasons apart from IGC, why would you call India to be disorganized?
2012-04-10 03:03
well they weren't screwed over thousands of dollars because of flights, so they don't have to claim back a lot of money. My mother visits your country on a yearly basis to hold conferences on healthcare and based on stories and pictures I get a very negative view of your country.
2012-04-10 03:17
India dNw 
people that visited spent their own money and weren't funded by any organization unlike M5. So you know why they have enough reason to be furious too like M5. Sure, The money is not as much as the amount M5 spent, But still its your own money which went in vain. Many Indians themselves were posting blogs against IGC, But M5 neglected the warning and took the risk. And about your views, I can understand. Since your mom holds conferences on healthcare, I bet she inspected places where the "health factor" is low like people that are in poverty or live in such poverty stricken places. So she basically speaks about that to you and not the better part of India.
2012-04-10 03:29
the event is holding in your country,even there are many indian gamers got fooled just like M5 did,IGC is still represent your country,if I did something in US ,they are not going to blame me,but my country for that,they're gonna use the name chinese instead of my name,thats why we blame indian for this event.
2012-04-10 06:58
but we did not do anything in US or any other country.. :| if u killed some1 in ur country they wont say "1ge zhong guo ren da si 1ge ren le" theyll say "Jung Cheng Dai zai 'province' da si 1 ge ren zai 'province'" got my point ?
2012-04-10 09:18
yes, there will be stereotyping and majority of the people will generalize. it sounds inevitable but does that mean we should condone their actions? there's a difference between right/wrong and majority/minority. what the majority think or do doesn't always mean it's right. get your logic straight.
2012-04-10 14:01
well said
2012-04-10 16:28
so generalizing by your logic everybody should hate the germans for the holocaust&ww2?
2012-04-10 20:28
u are strong and he is wrong
2012-04-10 03:03
Yes exactly you dumbass. People are supposed to hate India because of this 1 tournament or the fucking asshole kushagra?
2012-04-10 06:21
India dNw 
Sorry, didnt get you.
2012-04-10 16:38
you are talking about politics in here,he is talking about real life,please stop the flame,no 1 like that idea here, you need to learn to keep topic on gaming or life,not politic or hates. please stop now!!!
2012-04-10 06:47
India dNw 
Dude its a comparison and a justified example. You clearly misunderstood my statement.
2012-04-10 16:41
It happens everywhere in Europe. Or is Germany crimeless? There are bad people in every coutry.
2012-04-10 20:09
bad for m5 :(
2012-04-10 02:09
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
what a dissgrace, so unbelirvable high level failure
2012-04-10 02:10
Russian Mafia is too weak to take on 1 billion small indians.
2012-04-10 02:10
+1 10 Indians 1 Mafia, 100 Indians 10 mafia.
2012-04-10 02:12
so you need 100000000 mafiosos great... facepalm
2012-04-10 02:26
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
LOL'd hard!
2012-04-10 14:09
Glad that they are ok ...
2012-04-10 02:11
wow dangerous country
2012-04-10 02:11
any country is dangerous at some point...just depends on the corner you stick around...
2012-04-10 12:18
Nothing to say :) India poor country and 2nd century country , no offence to indian people but they are not civilized !
2012-04-10 02:12
India dNw 
Wait a minute, CIVILIZED? SERIOUSLY? do you even know what it means . And then you say no offence?
2012-04-10 02:33
sure :) not all are not civilized , but a lot of them are my bro :) sure , no offence :)
2012-04-10 04:12
India dNw 
Let me put it this way for you. We are not "Barbarous" alright? Get the meaning now? ..
2012-04-10 16:35
i didn't say that indian poeople are barbars lol ! i just said that India can't be compare with other countries as civilization and humans mentality ! But now stop , is just a fucking tournament , who care? But is sad what happened
2012-04-10 21:29
India dNw 
EXACTLY. It was just a fucking tournament which even I dont care about. But calling whole or the majority of nation uncivilized because of that fucking tournament which YOU dont care about, that does bother me. And you mean to say, We dont have humans mentality? :S Then what do we have Alien mentality? Duh! :/
2012-04-10 21:51
:)) nope , anyway stop , you don't want understand what i said , it's ok :) Sry and stop
2012-04-10 23:53
India dNw 
I got nothing to say, Just read #400. You proved that he is right.
2012-04-11 06:19
Ok , don't reply me again ! have a nice day
2012-04-11 14:10
there is a huge lot of u guys who never visited india.... some of u have but only for some days .....and the rest of u search bad india in google ...y dnt u try searching incredible or beautiful india ..........wat kind of losers r u that u r blaming a country because of 1 asshole
2012-04-10 07:38
nothing to say :) you are retarded and all Romanians are illiterate narrow minded ignorant ppl! no offense and a lot of them are my bro!
2012-04-10 08:42
India dNw 
Best reply ever. You trolled him. =)
2012-04-10 17:48
Somewhere in Moscow, 5 unsuspecting Indian tourists will feel the pain!
2012-04-10 02:13
brb robbing some indian dudes
2012-04-10 03:29
Lol :)
2012-04-10 07:35
2012-04-10 14:05
2012-04-10 16:30
Lol r u seriously connecting virtual world with real world, dont think Russians are that stupid
2012-04-10 04:35
Brazil 1kuNg 
what happened with m5 wasn't virtual
2012-04-10 05:41
yep u r right, but i didnt mean that, i meant gamign world is too small to call it reality bro cuz he said indian tourists will feel the pain in russia LOL:)
2012-04-10 05:44
Brazil 1kuNg 
2012-04-10 05:47
2012-04-10 20:13
The heck.....
2012-04-10 02:13
Sweden ejjz 
This really sucks.. :/ I feel for you m5.
2012-04-10 02:14
OMG.. What a mess.... : /
2012-04-10 02:14
This is a disgrace to whole Indians !
2012-04-10 02:14
2012-04-10 02:14
It was expected...
2012-04-10 02:17
don't believe you
2012-04-10 02:19
does anyone doubt that would happen?
2012-04-10 02:19
not all of that, i rather expected a very big and successfull event but then not paying out the check^^
2012-04-10 02:20
conversely, I thought that event will not happen at all, after reading tons of topics from indian gamers.
2012-04-10 02:24
yeah thought the same just like cpl and eswc
2012-04-10 02:33
Brazil hono 
and the last KODE5
2012-04-10 04:14
m5 doubt it :D
2012-04-10 02:33
feel this's gonna happened before M5 went there, they just dont know much of that country before they go.It's not a good place to hold event and tournaments.Sad to see this happened,but i think it's one time thing,IGC hurt the indian's name for such a event,i think from now on,no 1 will want to travel there for such a event. One rule they should learn:never lie or fool other country's ppls when they put trust on you.
2012-04-10 07:09
what a shocking story with that thugs :O what a shit event and big SHAME !
2012-04-10 02:20
What ashamed for indian guys here..
2012-04-10 02:20
Greece cNbt 
really sad newz :( , Putin DO SOMETHINg
2012-04-10 02:20
I think it's a bit stupid and careless to fly across the globe to participate to an unknown event like this.. They were advised not to fly there and even read some news that could lead them to think it wasn't a trustworthy event.. It's the same as throwing yourself to a cage full of lions.
2012-04-10 02:20
in the end you can always say that :D
2012-04-10 02:23
i would like to fight vs lions, cuz iam a gladiator
2012-04-10 02:34
sad for m5 :/
2012-04-10 02:22
Icredible India... WHAT A SHAME :/
2012-04-10 02:24
aah these fools if they dont pay the money, watch what happens
2012-04-10 03:08
that is sooo wrong :S shame on those thiefs
2012-04-10 02:25
2012-04-10 02:25
2012-04-10 02:28
bad luck
2012-04-10 02:30
Leaving esports ! Coz i`m a fucking indian !
2012-04-10 02:30
WTF Eventz. LMAO
2012-04-10 02:32
surprised i read this far until i saw this +1
2012-04-10 14:55
Unbealievable, sad for Moscow Five. "fnatic and Natus Vincere managers told me: "Dima, it's fake! Dont visit ICG 2012. I should have listened to them," he wrote in his blog." That was a bad move by ddd1ms.
2012-04-10 02:33
Jamppi | 
Brazil vittJ 
i'm not surprised
2012-04-10 02:37
Norway kakkopp 
:( damn thus futher east worse it gets :D
2012-04-10 02:39
at least they paid his passages : memehumor.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11..
2012-04-10 02:39
:D Cruel
2012-04-10 11:26
not even funny. this is what's ruining cs 1.6, and generally, competitive gaming.
2012-04-10 02:41
Why didn't Tyloo get any responses from the organizer? Given the fact that what M5 crew's been through, maybe the Indian guys don't have the gut to provoke the Chinese team because they would have no place to hide in that case. Just some speculation. So sad M5 didn't choose to make their debut show in Copenhagen.
2012-04-10 02:42
i think you're right about that.
2012-04-10 13:08
huhu ^ ^
2012-04-10 02:46
Get the russian mafia on Kushagra
2012-04-10 02:48
LOL look at the tables and chairs...
2012-04-10 02:51
india where amazing happenssssssssssss
2012-04-10 02:56
look the place... big event HUE HUE
2012-04-10 02:56
2012-04-10 03:05
Sad for M5 but india is such a joke with this cmon they barely have food there and they expected big sums of money to win ?
2012-04-10 03:02
Do u even know what u r typing , Indian gamers are on the Russian side, dont trash talk about India just for 3 persons, makes it really hard for ppl. Even we got scammed, not just M5. India is a big country ppl came from different corners !
2012-04-10 03:17
ahaha "thug life" in bolywood HAHAHAHAHA
2012-04-10 03:03
2012-04-10 03:05
cArn | 
Sweden cArn@dSn 
Feel sorry for M5. They would have had tons of fun in Copenhagen. GL to them though
2012-04-10 03:05
there should be a meme about this india fail
2012-04-10 03:09
Hong Kong Iky 
its india... what do you expect ? IF you ever are unfortunate enough to go to india, just dont hold any expectations.
2012-04-10 03:10
2012-04-10 03:11
2012-04-10 03:11
Guess I do not want to visit India. Ever.
2012-04-10 03:12
2012-04-10 13:54
Look what the gamers had done to IGC organiser Mukesh Maurya , :s very sad but I thought i should post it here for those ppl who generalise India, facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101509107540..
2012-04-10 03:16
oooh shit this is getting more and more interesting /popcorn
2012-04-10 03:24
for last 2 years Indians didnt get slot in wcg/eswc grand finals, this scamming is been there for a while. I think IGC , M5 probs is making ppl open their eyes -.- . ESWC india gave 5 mousepad for winners beat that. (ofcourse they gave free accomodation in GOA for 4-5 days for national finals for the winners from every state though). Waiting to see more fireworks and ofcourse ppl supporting Indian gamers and not discriminating ppl as a whole </3
2012-04-10 03:31
100 bucks says hes faking it and is gonna blame everything on M5 just to get sympathy votes
2012-04-10 04:35
If u win ill be happy, cuz gamers will get more pissed and literally beat him more.
2012-04-10 04:37
+1 Bet bruises on his back are nothing but grease/oil
2012-04-10 05:09
his bruises are shining in the sun.. can bruises do that?
2012-04-10 08:15
2012-04-15 11:48
all those bruises look fake! Totally clean bandage, bruises look like something put on his back randomly and not even a single cut after this kinda beating? Also most part of the bandage is on his hair, instead of the forehead! Also why the fuck would I wanna publicize my face again after getting beat if its not for gaining sympathy?
2012-04-10 04:52
Norway duffz00r 
2012-04-10 12:57
2012-04-15 11:48
Stop posting rubbish. He wasn't attacked by gamers.
2012-04-10 05:40
ok so who attacked him?
2012-04-10 05:41
He hasn't revealed the name(s) of the people involved yet. He had more enemies on the inside than outside because big money was to exchange hands. Use your head.
2012-04-10 05:46
I really doubt it , the event is flop , even the ppl on his side who is against him would unite with him as the full gaming community was agaisnt them last night :). lets wait and c
2012-04-10 05:48
lol a very civilized way to express your bad emotions at event...so where was the indian guy saying "don't compare virtual gaming with real life" ??
2012-04-10 11:09
he is faking, for sure, lol, look at him...
2012-04-10 11:38
dafuq is this? fake&gay
2012-04-10 12:02
Norway duffz00r 
looks fake lol :/ or did they smoke joints with him?
2012-04-10 13:07
2012-04-10 03:16
unfortunately, yes
2012-04-10 03:49
What a fucking disgrace....damn those assholes im sure many indian gamers are allready hunting them down ! The ones who were at the event.
2012-04-10 03:16
India dNw 
Its 6:47 AM Right now. I got exam at 9 so studying for it :P . Wait for the rest of Indians to wake up. And the war shall soon begin. -__________________________-
2012-04-10 03:18
and more 138971920385471923 threads about that
2012-04-10 03:22
India dNw 
2012-04-10 03:31
No one will wage a war, but its just sad these foreigners dont realise we r gamers as well and we support M5 not IGC for all that dishonour !
2012-04-10 03:23
India dNw 
Yeah, I know. They are being too Ignorant and nothing we can do about it.
2012-04-10 03:32
very sad :/
2012-04-10 03:23
WTF Eventz!!!! I really LOL'd but it's a sad situation and what a shame for India
2012-04-10 03:32
Standard for india:)
2012-04-10 03:37
Indian Standard - NVIDIA GEFORCE LAN Mumbai-2011 - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.27796599.. VIXTURE-2007 (Prize pool = $60,000) - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.37889861.. BYOC 2012 - Biggest LAN PARTY in INDIA. - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.32398366.. I can keep adding more, Out of time :/ IGC - Disgrace to India
2012-04-10 04:07
all links are not available
2012-04-10 05:21
2012-04-10 05:32
Oh i posted the shorturl not the full link lemme post hold India - NVIDIA GEFORCE LAN Mumbai-2011 - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2779659922.. VIXTURE-2007 (Prize pool = $60,000) - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3788986187.. BYOC 2012 - Biggest LAN PARTY in INDIA. - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3239836609..
2012-04-10 05:37
actualy these lan parties look very good :) .... india is poor country but i feel sorry for india gamers 3 ppl scam and all community now hate all indians
2012-04-10 09:50
Yes, i can approve it. These are the Legit India tournaments which happens every year except for the vixture which happened only once. Our team was the runners up in vixture 2007 and they handed us our prize money immediately at the end of the event (which u can see in the pictures). Winner got $40,000 Runners up (we) got $20,000 And individual games winners got $8000 each. Also note that all these 3 events are run by extreme gaming organisation who are really good and encouraging unlike scumbag IGC.
2012-04-10 12:36
dere are more rich ppl here than your entire population
2012-04-10 16:35
yeah thats maybe right but u have much more poor average ppl :)
2012-04-10 20:12
we call him batman aswell;)
2012-04-10 17:48
2012-04-10 03:39
lol!! I just can't stop laughing.
2012-04-10 03:44
oh man so much funny posts got deleted :D
2012-04-10 03:45
Where's Loord when you need him? FUCKING IGC!
2012-04-10 03:48
Well they got what they asked for...
2012-04-10 03:50
organizer WTF events "saq my d1ck!"
2012-04-10 03:51
I Bet There Will Be 500+Comments by the end of the day xD
2012-04-10 03:52
grow up guyz!!! stop commenting on country..
2012-04-10 03:52
M5 eco next tournament xD Joke aside events like this could rly finish cs 1.6 :( And i'm glad Adepto went fine ...
2012-04-10 03:55
bad =/
2012-04-10 03:57
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
People pls, stop being rude with indians... I know this torunament organization was stupid but, we have retards and bad people in every country. Just stop with angry comments about indians and India. Preconcept is so sad. ;/
2012-04-10 03:58
2012-04-10 04:52
mama mia ...
2012-04-10 03:58
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
worst hyped failure EVER!
2012-04-10 04:01
So disappointing that this has happened, especially when Moscow 5 are evidently putting the work in to try and be a top tier team.
2012-04-10 04:04
Brazil xofizz 
sad, bad for m5.
2012-04-10 04:04
Well,i'll hold m5 responsible for this whole harakiri.Everyone pretty much knew that this event would be a flop show.Nevertheless m5 took their chance and got the expected results.Remember shortcuts lead to hell.
2012-04-10 04:05
sad M5
2012-04-10 04:06
sad for Indian people @ hltv.org, blamed for some few people who know nothing about pro-gaming...
2012-04-10 04:30
oh...wow! agree with guy above. this certainly doesnt help contribute the image i have of india and the indian attitude i recceived in this forum by some users :( sad for the few cool indians around, this just made it more suffering for them, but at least should silence the immature ones :(
2012-04-10 04:34
only in india
2012-04-10 04:34
s1mple | 
Denmark konner 
wtf... never thought i'd here such a story, from a gaming event :s
2012-04-10 04:45
lol..when i saw the title i thought someone hacked the site to troll india :))
2012-04-10 04:48
2012-04-10 04:54
M5 please don't finish this dispute just by posting a video, even if it's the one with his face on camera. Do post it(not just here but you should contact some news channels of India, they will surely jump at the news of a scam of this magnitude) but more importantly sue them, get your money, make them pay. And about that hotel break in, if they got in without waking you up, they could have gotten the master key from hotel reception. That's the only plausible explanation!
2012-04-10 05:05
i think indian gamers should take this news to the channel like aaj tak :D
2012-04-10 06:06
nobody takes aajtak seriously lol :D that news channel itself is a big scam hahaha! ^^
2012-04-10 06:44
+1 hahah
2012-04-10 09:30
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Bookmarking this thread right now xD
2012-04-10 05:09
epic event is epic
2012-04-10 05:26
My god igc bastards burn in hell sons of bitches,this was one of my favourite team.
2012-04-10 05:32
Russia B!F 
2012-04-10 07:45
Racist comments.
2012-04-10 05:45
this is really sad for M5 but i cant believe you geeks blame "India" and proudly hate on all indians because of a thief and 3 thugs.. get a life you nerds
2012-04-10 05:45
Finally some good comment.
2012-04-10 05:46
I appreciate mate but seriously as if there were no thieves no thugs in romania/portugal/germany/france/finland etc.. I personally saw gamers from our "eswc" hotel bleeding after getting mugged by thugs in the middle of Paris (eswc 2006).. so how can you blame it on "India" when there is more than 1.3 billion indians? and I cant believe brazilian kids are also giving lessons to indians in terms of robberies and violence LOL what a joke
2012-04-10 06:12
2012-04-10 17:19
2012-04-10 18:01
India dNw 
Well, the robbery is not justified AT ALL. I mean someone robs them when they are asleep at their room? And about thugs, Maybe they did hire few stalkers or maybe those "thugs" were just few random people in group who saw few whites and started staring at them. Maybe it was coincidence for those random people to go the same way where M5 was heading. And they didnt get beaten up either, and then call them thugs? @_@ I personally feel they were just hired stalkers and not thugs lol :P
2012-04-10 18:48
Personally i believe each and every word of M5 except that they got robbed in their own hotel room and they didnt wake up during that Ohh yea and i would ask M5 manager/chief to contact some news channel in india, as this event was put up everywhere, they would be interested in this Last thing, The indian community is sorry for whatever happened
2012-04-10 05:47
exactly.. !!! and why the need of 3-4 goons to follow them, when they already know where they are stayin.. since the photos are everywhere.. and i presume they got the accommodation from the organizers ?
2012-04-10 08:14
Lucky for Tyloo
2012-04-10 06:05
2012-04-10 06:18
what the fuk? sad for moscow five! shit tournaments some shit people! :|
2012-04-10 06:08
India, you make my country look good, seriously... I thought my country had the worst people at handling an event....
2012-04-10 06:13
If it was ESC who visited India instead of M5, they wouldn't dare to send thugs to follow them :D
2012-04-10 06:15
LOL!!! They'd be scared of biceps.
2012-04-10 16:33
They would never dare to confront the Loord himself.
2012-04-11 05:24
M5 are pretty stupid to fall for a bunch of cheap thugs...grow up...when the whole country is corrupt,this isn't even a big deal...
2012-04-10 06:17
2012-04-10 06:17
2012-04-10 06:33
this is a Disgrace !! M5 should have stayed at my home rather than going to any hotel !!
2012-04-10 06:34
2012-04-10 06:38
for a mistake commited by a handful of idiots...the whole community is against more than a billion Indians?
2012-04-10 06:52
MeatFive such miserable...
2012-04-10 06:53
I hope they will come home alive.
2012-04-10 06:56
India dNw 
No. We will make sure they die. Zzzz :/
2012-04-10 18:50
take 5 indian girls for your own use moscow five :D
2012-04-10 07:03
M5 will be back :D when they turn on electricity :D
2012-04-10 07:06
This event was a fucking disgrace to Indian e-sports community. I sincerely apologize , being an Indian, to M5 and Global e-sports community for what happened back in New Delhi and I expect you all to realize that this event was organized by a private firm and we Indian gamers had nothing to do with it. So please stop abusing us as a gaming community and sue the event organizing company WTF Events Pvt. Ltd.
2012-04-10 07:07
I am Indian and I would say don't come here. Especially for something like e-sports and especially to a city like Delhi where rapes happen and people say it is justified because women are wearing skirts at night. Even though India progressed on the economic side of things, we have a long way to go to being civilized. People are just dishonest here and no ethics or manners or anything. M5 was lucky that they got home unscathed.
2012-04-10 07:08
you are an idiot
2012-04-10 07:12
Oh yeah? care to elaborate? get into an argument with someone in Delhi and you will hear, "Tu jaanta mera baap kaun hai?" Stop pretending to have that Indian pride bullsh*t because its exactly that - bullsh*t.
2012-04-10 07:15
dude delhi is capital city wtf u talking??
2012-04-10 07:28
Yeah whatever he said is true. Stop boasting about GDP if you don't know what it means. It don't mean shit. From someone who has had a first hand experience let me tell you that the quality of life in India for an average person is shit when compared to those in the developed countries. They don't call India a 'developing' country for nothing. The government over there struggles to provide basic amenities of majority of it's general population. India has a long way to go before it can join the rest of the civilised and 'developed' world. So girlfriend don't get your panty's in a bunch when someone gives you a dose of reality.
2012-04-10 08:28
You are bang on about this Indian pride thing. Most Indians who post here are so f*in dumb they sound like one of those MTV Roadies participants( Indians will know what I am talking about). And BTW wasn't raid the brand ambassador (LOL) for this event? Surely he needs to answer some questions. And yes we messed up. BTW I see some pakistanis secretly being happy about this. Atleast national cricket teams don't get shot at in India. (Sri Lanka, just in case you repressed those memories)
2012-04-10 07:49
it is justified because women are wearing skirts at night. LOL, some religious retarded muslim said something like this as well...
2012-04-10 11:45
nah .. thats not how the young people here are like. Stupid fucked up corrupted police and some religious fanatics say things like that.
2012-04-10 12:51
2012-04-10 12:48
sadly I think you're the one speaking the truth :(
2012-04-10 13:20
2012-04-10 07:15
not at all amused..... it became obvious on the first day itslf
2012-04-10 07:20
"thats how we roll"
2012-04-10 07:20
India pfx 
this is a disgrace to the face of indian gaming! i hope "WTF" events never come up with another event!
2012-04-10 07:21
Man.. This was a disgrace to Indian Gaming Society . , i knw wat all community people thinking of this ... but u guyz shoud also know ... we were also expectiing big . Heres a fault BAD ORGANISERS. same way m5 gt scammed , we all indians hu attended this Shit carnival also gt scammed.. Besides, Guyz Think Practically .. " A SINGLE PERSON / ORGANISATION MISTAKE LEADS TO SHAME TO ALL INDIANS?" Is it Valid ?
2012-04-10 07:23
" A SINGLE PERSON / ORGANISATION MISTAKE LEADS TO SHAME TO ALL INDIANS? i opened a blog about this, but got deleted : /
2012-04-10 07:43
though m nt talking abt the blog here ... i m talking abt some reality !! :)
2012-04-10 08:01
?? man i was just commenting that i have opened a blog defending your points and got deleted, its obvious that this is reality...
2012-04-10 08:20
OH!! :P thnx...
2012-04-10 12:09
Russia B!F 
Oh come on, if you were expecting this, why didn't tell us anything that could aware big teams from travelling there? Or you just can post stupid topics about cs dying or -trace +delpan? Seriously, many indians here make me sick, I don't speak for the whole country, but it seems that indian cs community is a little bit dumb.
2012-04-10 07:52
Explanation : Its pretty amazed that some1 gt robbed in a 5 start hotel, after that thug stole 8 gb of storage which has vids .. i mean cmon man.. as if he was knwn for the xact location of his vid .. or tht thug was appointed for particular mission like FBI's ? :/ and yeah .... Indians Dun bite .. that u are teling Indians make u sick .. if u feeing sick then visit a doctor ... we All Indian gamers thinks Day by day hw to improve gaming scene ... And yes i totally agrees with Reputation has gone down due to this .. due to bad organisation .. bt think practically . !!!! Peace in Pieces.
2012-04-10 08:09
Russia B!F 
2012-04-10 10:09
u didnnt understand ?
2012-04-10 12:10
My friend, sentences end with just one period, not two. I have to agree, it's really hard to read.
2012-04-10 16:38
sad fucks spoiled the name of india in gaming industry ............real sad ........ma apologies on bhalf of india to all gamers its really is a shame :(..........The event must be thoroughly investigated . Spam this idiot kushgara's email account with bad words he cannot take.... Kushagra@wtfeventz.com +91-8800221957 To all indian gamers begin a revolution.....
2012-04-10 07:35
Welcome to the age of 'teh internets'. To start a revolution all you need to do is send a few emails with rude words. And then see the chaos that ensues when his inbox runs out of space. It will be such an epic win that no one will ever try to pull this kind of a scam ever again. Oh yes!
2012-04-10 09:45
2012-04-10 16:47
good sarcastic reply but i was appealing the 'indian' gamers to do something consulting media,police about the scam and nt via internet :P.....
2012-04-11 12:32
there is a huge lot of u guys who never visited india.... some of u have but only for some days .....and the rest of u search bad india in google ...y dnt u try searching incredible or beautiful india ..........wat kind of losers r u that u r blaming a country because of 1 asshole
2012-04-10 07:39
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
pretty much perfectly manifests every thougth i held in my mind about indians gc out to litgh, it wass 100% accurate, just like imagined. it wass not prejudice, it was common sense
2012-04-10 07:40
I TOLD YOU THEY WILL BE ROBBED! mwahhahaha ive wanted to bet on this.
2012-04-10 07:41
2012-04-10 07:41
Rip Indian e-sports.. I feel sorry for the international teams who attended IGC. . M5 Scammed fucking yes , the IGC organizers must be sued and kicked till they give the prize money. Robbed in a international 5 star hotel???? hmmmmm pretty interesting and debatable,I guess, I should wait for the full story to be revealed, before commenting on this! RIP e-sports in India
2012-04-10 07:44
bad =]
2012-04-10 07:47
India.... There's nothing more to add
2012-04-10 07:53
disgusting , unbelieveable that such people go down to such levels , were done for seriously ..i mean srsly what a bunch of pussies fuck , disgusting , pls reveal the full story asap.
2012-04-10 07:56
This is the facebook page of one of the organizers. He was beaten up last night and is in hospital right now. He can be seen in this video where gamers are asking for a refund. youtu.be/khJIKH-NJYo facebook.com/maxaxe
2012-04-10 07:59
guys just imagine if cph event was not there.. And all teams like Sk, fnatic, navi, Esc is here at IGC... What will be moment happen... I am proud to be an Indian... No. 1 corrupted country of the world... :(
2012-04-10 08:14
dude i can understand ur feelings... :[
2012-04-10 08:16
Lithuania hx1 
Your country is corrupted but you're proud of it? What the heck are you talking about..
2012-04-10 08:51
You don't get sarcasm, do you?
2012-04-10 11:08
Lithuania hx1 
That's definetely not sarcasm but jus a simple English knowledge barrier.
2012-04-10 13:55
Go and learn how to spell 'definitely' first. Then brag about your "English knowledge".
2012-04-10 18:05
Lithuania hx1 
I always misspell this word so I don't give a deal if it's incorrect. Go whine somewhere else.
2012-04-10 20:48
I hate delhi noida area coz all such activities are very common there.. delhi is famous for such activities... they have now proved globally also, there should not b any event in delhi and neighboring area..I know many Indians would agree with me. By looking at the pics of IGC it doesn't even look like it was a international level of event. Even I had planned to visit IGC but since it was in noida area i preferred to stay way & i was right. FY IGC ORGANIZERS .. U GUYS are such a shame to us.
2012-04-10 08:16
well this is disappointing...
2012-04-10 08:16
"Indian esports didn't just die, it never existed in the first place" -My Friend As much as I'll like to blame IGC guys, it's a fault shared by M5 & Indian IGC fanboys. It was a scam always from the start. Many of us saw through it & decided to warn others. When we didn't risk travelling to IGC from a different city, why did they come from different country? Also that Mukesh guy is faking everything, yea he was roughed up a bit but not as much as he is making out to be.Sucks, hope he does get trashed. Regarding India, India has its pros & con, in a country as large as it, there are bound to be places with poor infrastructure & there are places with good infrastructure. Also scams happen in every country, welcome to real life.
2012-04-10 08:17
2012-04-10 08:22
Holy cow, what a shock! hahaha, sad but funny because that indian guy discussed me how i woul see the biggest hit in cs history and that i know nothing because isaid i thougth its bullshit just because its india, im tell him he is to get fucking rickrolled it was so obvious, still he didnt know what hit him when mr.Kushacabra rickrolled all
2012-04-10 08:31
Jeez... U seriously need to work on your english... :P Anyways, let there be peace as shit happens... Stop flooding buddy!!! Peace now... :)
2012-04-10 08:50
i loled at that holy cow part :))
2012-04-10 09:36
hehe. please take no offence, i love you guys, its just a few annoying users, and those IGC bastards, :)
2012-04-11 03:55
no need to insult those indians, it's not because you have 2 bad neighboors that the whole neighborhood is bad, this story isn't clear enough yet, just saying.
2012-04-10 08:24
i opened a blog about your point and got deleted :_
2012-04-10 08:29
RIP India!!!
2012-04-10 08:31
crazy stuff.but you guys shouldnt blame India.shit like this can happen in any country
2012-04-10 08:31
maybe in your country :D no but seriously speaking you are correct, it can happen anywhere and people shouldn't blame the whole country. but where is it most likely to happen though? usa, sweden, japan, india? my bet would go to india
2012-04-10 12:58
yeah maybe but as i said you cannot blame the whole country and the people who live there for that.There are many reasons that shit like this might be more common in india but it would take too long to discuss all of them here.
2012-04-10 13:05
2012-04-10 13:10
btw.. breaking into a five star hotel is Mi5 in india... i dono how a couple of thugs can do that !! unless one of them is ethan hunt ! and no security cameras anywhere ?? are you kiddin me? and how on earth will they know where uve kept ur camera/mmc or money :| and they ransacked the place where 5 russian dudes was sleeping happily along with a MMA wrestler.. cant understand how 6 russians cant fend off 3-4 small dark curry eatin indians? (ive heard this small dark curry blah blah from russian comments only) the got scared and ran away.. come on man.. this aint pakistan or afghanistan where terrorists come and capture tourists for a ransom.. there are police stations and even russian embassies :| does anybody else think something fishy is goin on?
2012-04-10 08:41
I do not want to imagine your "five star hotel" without security/cameras
2012-04-10 10:22
the place looks posh acc to the pictures.. :)
2012-04-10 10:25
are u playing victims now?
2012-04-10 11:18
i am not in india.. i did not see what happened there.. but by reading the news, it sounded fishy.. thats why i asked if anyone else thinks the same ? why dont u understand whats written there before you judge me because of my flag!
2012-04-10 13:17
lol stop the flag idiotism pls???? u are seriously brain damaged because u were born in India or what? U guys are full of complexes and you believe everyone hates you because of your flag! Well SURPRISE its not that! Its cause of the stupid statements and the retarded way of thinking you have!
2012-04-10 14:45
huh what ?? what complex did u find in that ?? and what retarded way of thinking ?? a statement open to debate is a retarded way of thinking ??? are you retarded??
2012-04-10 16:14
"why dont u understand whats written there before you judge me because of my flag!"
2012-04-10 16:35
are u playing victims now? what victims ? i was asking a question to a public.. a comment open for debate.. wher did i show me complex or stupidity ? u think 4 thugs can enter a hotel and rob them off all this stuff while 6 men including a MMA wrestler was there ?? bitch please !
2012-04-10 17:30
2012-04-10 20:28
2012-04-11 01:36
2012-04-11 10:10
hypothetically yes shit like this can happen in any country, but im not surprised this was india, it dont seem like its coincidense, but lets see in future if others can surpass what we just witness, i shure hope not for the good of all cs comuinty, and whole india is not the fault, IGC is! just it happens that the scammers behind it are indians, thers no denying that, people will mention it. IGC is not completly separate from india because it happened in india. its infoetunate considering recent india bashing, but this give food for thougth for many india haters, diffulct to proove them wrong when disgrace like this level is done in view of all critical eyes + add the hordes of ignorant indian users who raged against the smallest negative prejudice and critical mind beforehand.
2012-04-10 08:44
I feel sry for them. i can imagine worst part must've been getting robbed while asleep
2012-04-10 08:52
Lithuania hx1 
And if pasha would have been there, heads would have been rolling.
2012-04-10 08:54
pasha was there when loord said fuck china... din see any chinese head rolling..
2012-04-10 09:35
you do realize that pasha isn't chinese?
2012-04-10 09:42
so which side is pasha in now? i thought he was in the russian side acc to that guy :D teehee i know jaroslaw aint chinese brah :)
2012-04-10 09:45
Why should pasha beat any Chinese guy, when Loord showed his racism? If he should beat anyone there, it would be Loord =D.
2012-04-10 09:45
exactly my point man... why is the whole world dissing indians because of some frauds.. loord atleast had an excuse to vent his anger as it was WMFs strongest map and FX were leading.. but he ended up apologizing half the ppl here dono shit abt india is sayin crap like "I HATED THAT COUNTRY ANYWAYS BUT THIS JUS GAVE ME A REASON" and "EXPECTED" "THIEVES" n crap are they racists ?
2012-04-10 09:54
Hmm I got your point. I'm not surprised that fans of M5 are angry. They were cheering for their team, and they got scammed. But yeah, they shouldn't talking shit about India and you (people from India), I know it's only organisers fault. I don't know is it racism, maybe. btw. Loord apologize only to safe his face, and as I remember organisers would deduct money if they would won something on this event for penalty ;D
2012-04-10 10:07
fuck, i wudnt have :D it was one of the hardest matches with the hardest team to play against de_inferno! loord shdve gone for minet style rather :D and abt cheerin.. dude.. we were cheering more man.. we were happier than the russians that M5 is coming.. it was more like an honor for us.. and abt safety.. i remember fnatic comin here in 2005-06, dono the exact year.. and they went back happy and safe! the only ppl who ran for their lives were the indian players who played against them :D
2012-04-10 10:33
India dNw 
Yeah I remember that. :P
2012-04-10 18:59
2012-04-10 09:01
5eplay.com/uploadfile/2012/0408/20120408.. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2012-04-10 09:05
2012-04-10 09:23
2012-04-10 12:13
Dosia, hahaha :D
2012-04-10 09:06
The begining of 3rd WORLD WAR
2012-04-10 09:13
fuck why my comments are always deleted
2012-04-10 09:17
You are a racist! thats why?
2012-04-10 09:23
obviously not all indians are responsible, but india really seems like a mess, many tourists getting robbed and shit
2012-04-10 09:31
haha, im not racist, but its funny how u se indians in southpark, they are same in real xD fucking retards xD
2012-04-10 09:32
FFS, people warned M5. NaVi and fmatic(?) told them that its not legit. There were only Indians protecting the organization (not blaming them, they were ofc hoping that it would happen). Dont blame the country itself, blame the responsible.
2012-04-10 09:34
You've got some sense there! happy to see such ppl
2012-04-10 09:37
2012-04-10 09:46
2012-04-10 09:40
That was so expected :/
2012-04-10 09:43
One does not simply goes to India. At least M5 were not eaten.
2012-04-10 09:45
lol really sad for indian gaming and indians cs gamers, turn off the internet a few days to protect from all the negatives comment
2012-04-10 09:45
When your country is poor and many people live in such a bad conditions, washing in Gang, the dirtiest river in the world what can you expect? Those who saw "Slumdog Millionaire" will understand what i mean, the film showed us how exactly many indians live. So, when such a country announces huge Event with fantastic prizes for the FIRST TIME - you should think that there's some dirty trick.
2012-04-10 09:50
Yeah...!! TRUE
2012-04-10 10:49
SpawN | 
United Kingdom BanKs 
I feel sorry for M5's experience but can't say I am surprised by any of this.
2012-04-10 09:54
OMG , What a shame ...
2012-04-10 09:55
didn't this guy put fake pictures of him being beaten up or was that someone else lol? feel sorry for m5 lot! regardless of warning noone should have went through that
2012-04-10 09:57
the most funny is that there were a few Indians telling "It will be the best event this year! Why there's no big teams?"
2012-04-10 09:59
Haha...who da hell was that moron..!! Best Event BIGGEST JOKE EVER..!!
2012-04-10 10:51
Europe midi 
its time for m5 to make an international tourney and invite some Indians, also some Tambovs thugs
2012-04-10 09:59
It would have been great to have M5 in CHG. THAT was a great tournament with civilized people! Anyway, expected. Na'Vi and Fnatic:"Yep, I told you so"!
2012-04-10 10:01
The real question that everyone forget is about the Fox's cat ! it knows that this IGC is going to be a trick. So it urinated on the Fox passport. But how ? Need an interview about this cat !
2012-04-10 10:05
lol xD
2012-04-10 10:07
Meow.. Mrr..Meow-Meow-mya, Brriayu, au-au, meow. Fox meow mrrya India, meow mrr passport. Cat mrr auuu iyauu Meow meow meow
2012-04-10 10:11
2012-04-11 13:09
haha i guess he had a good karma :D
2012-04-10 14:00
epic post is epic :d
2012-04-10 20:47
Welcome to India
2012-04-10 10:06
Welcome to Hell
2012-04-10 10:11
Maybe I'll sound very rude and sorry if I offend someone but its really impossible for a country without any experience in professional gaming to host a big international event.. srsly.. This is not like writing in the forum and reading news..what a fail..
2012-04-10 10:12
Indian elephants must eat organisers (
2012-04-10 10:13
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-04-10 12:29
2012-04-10 10:20
+ i can't believe it that any pro gamers trusted Organisers. They thought that india wil pay $28.000 for first place? hahahahah. joke.
2012-04-10 10:23
IGC tournament was a total failure. We know that. Some already knew it was a scam, others kept their fingers crossed the whole time hoping for a successful tournament. That never happened. To be honest i didn't have high hopes for this one. Even the 300.000E prize purse couldn't attract more viewers. There was something seriously fishy about this tournament plus hundreds of Indians comments suggesting not to attend. On the other hand who would knew ? Apart from our Indian users, is there anyone else who could warn us about this event ? No. Some days before the tournament, Game Ministry reported that IGC won't happen. Well, actually it did but it would have been better if it didn't. Moscow5 had a rough time there. I have no idea how their days passed by but they spend at least 5.000E on a scam tournament and you know what ? They did it for you. Kind of. Apart from the 1st place prize, you guys had an opportunity to watch one of Europes best team live. An Indian tournament featuring some of the best players - could easily attract hundreds of spectators. Meet the guys and have fun. That's what it's all about. Counterstrike, Community, Gaming, Having Fun. Other than that i will never blame INDIA as a nation for this one. I mean how can i ? India is a great nation with lots of history. You guys should do the same. Wikipedia has a great ammount of info about India. Check it out. They say, "don't judge a book by it's cover", and i think they're right. Scammers are everywhere.
2012-04-10 10:34
2012-04-10 10:43
Actually Na'Vi and fnatic's managers warned him, as he said.
2012-04-10 11:53
They say "don't judge a book by its cover" I say "it could be worse"
2012-04-10 12:23
'Could' be? It's inappropriate to say so without even reading a few pages.
2012-04-10 16:48
+1, but "They did it for you" is too damn naive imo :D it was 100% about the money.
2012-04-10 16:45
Big Events in India...HAHA wat a JOKE.. Trust INDIANS but not INDIA..!! Specially when it's in DELHI.... BIG SHAME..!! xD xD xD
2012-04-10 10:38
Never Expect Big Event in INDIA.!!
2012-04-10 10:42
until and unless its WCG or ESWG..!! BYOC screwed Last Time.. Now IGC..
2012-04-10 10:43
they should make a bollywood movie about this with salmak khan in the main role.
2012-04-10 10:49
2012-04-10 10:54
It´s difficult to comment on such a mess. I mean just take a look at the venue..it looks like a pig barn. Did m5 actually thought they have the money to pay out the prizes? Not gonna blaim India/Indians for that but really..what are the odds this kind of shit going down somewhere else? :/
2012-04-10 10:50
When you are already there, you will play in any conditions, because in other case you definitely waste your money and time on that trip. But being M5 orgs, i would think about legitimace of the event BEFORE going there.
2012-04-10 11:16
True that, on a side note i would never step my foot there though
2012-04-10 12:23
$300,000 in India, suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
2012-04-10 10:53
ok ... CS 1.6 in India is dead.
2012-04-10 11:00
Denmark dpy 
it's india
2012-04-10 11:02
Like KODE5 :) is M5 going to report the event?
2012-04-10 11:03
NEW DELHI : LAND OF THIEVES/MAFIA/THUGS and Many More...m5 y did u come here..!! SAD
2012-04-10 11:06
Dude, You should die! Seriously, you're a pity on our nation, stop calling yourself indian
2012-04-10 15:36
LOL if your stupid enough and dont know anything about a place your gonna get ripped off anywhere :D And technically the event was in Noida which is in UP and not New Delhi soo get that right. Another fun fact- Most of the people form Delhi have migrated from other states.
2012-04-16 19:08
Meanwhile in India,the country of stupid threads and fake events
2012-04-10 11:15
2012-04-10 11:15
Stealing part is a lie ofc.
2012-04-10 11:17
india is dirty man
2012-04-10 11:22
expected, its india.... the gipsys comes from there. So no surprise!
2012-04-10 11:25
India couldn't organise Commonwealth Games without scamming, then why did people expect Indian Gaming Carnival to be without one? lol.
2012-04-10 11:25
I would never trust an indian. I would never ever trust a private organization in india . Dreaming that nothing will go wrong in a LAN event that is in the middle of a chaotin slum Delhi filled with greed and poverty; wishful thinking.
2012-04-10 11:26
Prepare your anus India.
2012-04-10 11:27
hahahahah +1
2012-04-10 12:33
:))))))))))) Y U MEAN? :)))))
2012-04-10 20:49
2012-04-10 11:27
Ukraine minemax 
Sad but true.
2012-04-10 11:29
2012-04-10 11:32
2012-04-10 13:23
find the job in India and go to Moscow gl dudes
2012-04-10 11:42
I would love to see Lurppis's reaction, since i know he wanted to travel to India as well.
2012-04-10 11:43
Peope go to send M5 1 dollars,all users hltv !
2012-04-10 11:43
I just want to hug all of Moscow5 aw
2012-04-10 11:43
Where do you guys practise in melbourne?
2012-04-10 12:13
2012-04-11 10:35
Sorry :s Sorry What?
2012-04-11 10:40
I didnt understand what you said?
2012-04-14 06:51
I Said, Do you guys Play On Lan?
2012-04-15 05:12
u cant hug dosia fosho
2012-04-11 16:17
I will try haha
2012-04-14 06:52
2012-04-10 11:44
Poland wmR 
no law in this country :D but i think its m5 fault coz they goes there ... they really belived that will be any cash in this tournament ... this country have no money for their own peoples and they gonna sponsor 6 russians ? joke ... i will visit India only with bodyguard ... LAW do no EXIST there ... :)
2012-04-10 11:44
please dont. I am scared for an ignorant person like u. prob something worst would happen to u.
2012-04-10 12:27
Learn more about the world before stating such an ignorant opinions please.
2012-04-10 14:10
surprise, surprise ?
2012-04-10 11:47
2012-04-10 11:53
poor bastard
2012-04-10 11:54
the question i have is did they actually profit from running this comp to scam everyone
2012-04-10 12:00
i like your train of thought. very entrepreneurial.
2012-04-10 12:13
MERDA! sry about M5, big xek and dosia should crushed some indian skullz :D no offence indians, 1 little 2 little 3 little indians, 3 little 4 little 5 little indians. SHAME
2012-04-10 12:02
Little Indians...Have you even seen one?
2012-04-10 12:06
2012-04-10 13:40
Agree With You Bro^
2012-04-10 14:06
Well, India is done with their international events..
2012-04-10 12:03
India Gaming Carnival did that not give it away?
2012-04-10 12:10
2012-04-10 12:14
WTFEventz, the name tells everything :D
2012-04-10 12:14
2012-04-10 12:24
I am someone stole Xai in this tournament here I came home just now haha: D
2012-04-10 12:20
Holy cow what a mess.It would be interesting scenario if ESC players were there.I would feel sorry for those thiefs.I wouldn't like to meet angry Pasha or Taz in the early morning seeing that someone is robbing them.
2012-04-10 12:21
"holy cow"
2012-04-10 12:26
I heared that phrase somewhere.It crossed my mind.By the way i'm not some english expert.
2012-04-10 12:28
cows are considered sacred in india
2012-04-10 12:42
So?I know that but my phrase has nothing to do with sacred cows of India.
2012-04-10 12:48
thats the joke
2012-04-10 12:52
Ok that's cool. :)
2012-04-10 12:53
Duke Nukem used it properly :D
2012-04-10 20:57
shame for india gaming... now is 0... omg... shame... indians change ur flag here
2012-04-10 12:22
2012-04-10 12:53
2012-04-10 13:30
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
maybe he is angry indian with fake flag XD
2012-04-10 13:46
Nah, she actually didn't make any sense at all.
2012-04-10 14:53
i make sense. is a shame for indian gaming.. u see the tables and cheairs?? epic fail
2012-04-10 18:18
2012-04-10 12:22
I can't see any fun in this..
2012-04-10 12:23
Putin will make with Mr.Kushagra what he did with Mr.Kaczynski
2012-04-10 12:31
JaCkz | 
France reakq  
The responsable of this trap is the ambassador of the United States in Russia. He paid these indians to treatened the russian team as a revenge. Indeed, he's annoyed by how russian spies track him in Moscow. You will see, an other cold war is coming soon, IGC was just the way to do it !.
2012-04-10 12:32
2012-04-16 19:18
but india "the best couuntry to life" :DD
2012-04-10 12:32
Local lan >>>>>>>> IGC India - NVIDIA GEFORCE LAN Mumbai-2011 - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.27796599.. VIXTURE-2007 (Prize pool = $60,000) - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.37889861.. BYOC 2012 - Biggest LAN PARTY in INDIA. - facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.32398366.. Post edited 2012-04-10 05:37:54
2012-04-10 12:33
no one cares, this is not what happened. sucky country.
2012-04-10 15:57
no one cares, this is not what happened. sucky country.
2012-04-10 20:12
every one cares, this is not what happened. sucky organisers.
2012-04-16 19:19
None from EU will attend those events
2013-03-21 10:37
indians are sneaky...
2012-04-10 12:45
Yes, i can approve it. These are the Legit India tournaments which happens every year except for the vixture which happened only once. Our team was the runners up in vixture 2007 and they handed us our prize money immediately at the end of the event (which u can see in the pictures). Winner got $40,000 Runners up (we) got $20,000 And individual games winners got $8000 each. Also note that all these 3 events are run by extreme gaming organisation who are really good and encouraging unlike scumbag IGC. we can understand the amount of frustration you guys are going through, but believe me we are having double frustration compared to you guys. Reason 1 being spoiling the name of the country. Reason 2 being discouraging Indian & International gamers with such scams and setting a bad name for e-sports india. We Indian gamers feel very sorry for what happened to M5 & other international teams. Just make it a big fuss so that in future nobody else would even think to start a scam tournament (which is still going on in ESWC and WCG)
2012-04-10 12:46
2012-04-10 12:52
fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-.. This Is The DickHead Who Orgainised And Guess What Gifts He Got Plz Open And See xD xD
2012-04-10 12:54
ugly bastard
2012-04-10 12:59
First Estonia fails with Digifest Now India fails with WTF EVENTZ =DDD sick stuff m8's. How about involving the POLICE for once not just posting stuff on the internet...
2012-04-10 13:02
calling the police? and saying what? "oh they cut the power to the event, oh they owe us over $20000, oh there are some weird looking thugs in that car behind us" sounds to me like the police (not just in india, in any country) wouldn't do shit lawl
2012-04-10 15:38
In India, police would screw the complainant first if he said someone duped him over a video game.
2012-04-10 16:52
omg, their karma would be so bad now, they will respawn as a worm in another life
2012-04-10 13:04
good one
2012-04-10 13:05
India Godz. 
Pity for m5. :s
2012-04-10 13:05
Norway duffz00r 
And the indian gamers as well
2012-04-10 13:08
m5 wil now send Specnaz to India >D
2012-04-10 13:16
What a shame................
2012-04-10 13:16
bad luck for m5 and other teams however its wrong to blame india, the only problem are stupid organizers
2012-04-10 13:17
Brazil gu1d0 
this kind of things happens all the time... not only in India...we cant blame a whole coutry becauz of some loosers.... India is a beautifull country and that mother fuckers wont change that... RESPECT FROM BRAZIL
2012-04-10 13:19
Lord of India, I do not want to say that gamers in India are bad people. Explain me, why on the league where everyone is on the single system one team plays four times? Is this normal for you? Lose and register again? I think, Indian teams have no respect to other teams in this situation. Maybe you have an explanation for this??
2012-04-10 13:20
Did not get u. But prob Bad organizers who dont know anything abt gaming? Prob y most of this fiasco took place in regards to the monitor, table and the overall set up in general.
2012-04-10 13:31
At 9:00 pm there were 6 teams. Then we went to eat, and when we returned, there already were 12 teams. It's also cool I think.
2012-04-10 13:32
its really sad. Theyve created a huge mess. Hope it gets cleaned up soon and we can see a well organized one which will clean up the name of indian gaming. Not coz of the immature ignorant ppl here. They can go die for all I care. But for gaming everywhere!
2012-04-10 13:38
karma dude.. they can reborn team aswell
2012-04-10 13:27
It's India, 3rd world country or even worst, what you guys were expecting?
2012-04-10 13:37
nah its 4th world
2012-04-10 15:37
portugal is a big nation :) as big as one of india's thousand ditricts . :DDD
2012-04-10 17:42
indeed, but you are way better than you are, sorry about that gipsy
2012-04-10 22:05
English men :| You probably mean- We* are way better than you are :S
2012-04-16 20:49
i wasn't pay attention bitch
2012-04-17 17:32
Paying* xD
2012-04-17 17:38
2012-04-17 17:41
What a shame. I feel sorry for m5 and all the "cool" indians. They must really hate those scammers now for what they have done to the indian gaming scene and the image of their country.
2012-04-10 13:53
i think all gamers r "cool". Especially u.
2012-04-10 13:44
2012-04-10 17:06
MY APOLOGIES on behalf of the country to M5 . @ Lord <3 adele ...India poor country it seems..can you get your facts right please?... Search google for richest countries in the world , India is No.4 in the list . Check for richest people in the world , 2 Indians namely mukesh ambani and lakshmi mittal in the top 10 richest list in the world . Both of their personal savings r more than the annual national income of some european nations lol . @42bsk.... i am sure that you are uneducated and dont even know the basics of economics . Percapita income = TOTAL INCOME OF nation divided by population..which means its directly in correlation with population ( that includes even unemployed people in the country) . So a country having lesser income and lesser population may have more percapita income than a country with higher income and higher population . You are seriously a dumbo . And see the top 4 richest country in the world by GDP also india is no . 4th . Now 1 professional question...why put all the lame on organisers and the country?..M5 is a professional organization..it should have made a proper study if the tournament was real and then only attended , they dint check the history and credibility of sponsors and simply came and got scammed . Why put the responsibility on others?..it was a result of your own decision. If you were unsure , you should have cancelled the trip , go to copenhagen . its like saying if some1 says a tourney in sweden worth 300000 $ by some unknown organiser , i go there and get scammed for my poor decision and i cry that i got scammed . No offense meant to any 1 else..just couldnt stand those two posts . Indeed a stupid idiotic hospitality and lack of credibility from the side of the organisers , cant help it ...i was brave enough not to attend it knowing it was just another scam event . A temple called sree padmanabhaswamy temple(google it) in Kerala, India has assets worth Rs 900000 Crore ,ie a small temple's assets alone enough to serve more than 4-5 european nations fully (Google it to believe it )
2012-04-10 13:46
i blame myself for getting scammed in vegas once. Still luv US. Live and learn
2012-04-10 13:56
I don't even know where to begin with this, except maybe to point out the 'reply' button. That way the user - in this case, me - will know you replied to him/her ((c) Jonathan E.). "Percapita income = TOTAL INCOME OF nation divided by population..which means its directly in correlation with population ( that includes even unemployed people in the country) . So a country having lesser income and lesser population may have more percapita income than a country with higher income and higher population ." The (positive) correlation is actually between total GDP and population size, for the completely obvious reason that more people can produce more goods. Total GDP does not take into account worker productivity or individual income levels. And since we were talking about the social effects of poverty, the relevant statistic is average income per person. I get that you're just trying to defend India, but I'm not attacking it. Your aim seems a little off.
2012-04-10 14:59
If you try to convince us that India is rich country..GET OFF! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_.. You can check there how India is rated. It's like any 3rd world country that there are few really rich people and loads of the most poor people in the world.
2012-04-10 15:22
India dNw 
I wish I could kill all the poor people in India and end their miseries. Just because few people were poor from their earlier generation, their children tend to be just like their parents or even if they dream about getting educated, they just can't afford or their parents force them to work with them or make their children beg for money in streets so that they can just have food with the wages they earn. And hence its VERY HARD to eradicate poverty when the population is uhm needless to mention. Just a badluck since birth which cannot be helped and gets worse when the politicians are corrupted too.
2012-04-10 17:11
btw tomb ur link is a waste , nothing dere live proof of dumbness of ppl like u
2012-04-10 17:36
Yeah another genius was trying to convince me earlier that India is far richer than Finland. It was mind numbing.
2012-04-10 17:55
Actual India is far richer than Finland but the income here is not necessarily spread around. It's just in the hands of 5% or so.
2012-04-11 08:40
I don't think you know what a rich country is.
2012-04-11 15:38
Actually I do. In India basically we have more collective wealth than all European nations. It has not gone into the public because it hasn't been distributed. Poor people here remain poor because the Govt. in the past 64 years has just announced subsidies for them but most of it is taken by the political class only. You would start to say it does not have enough revenue, well that's because 50% of income is agricultural and it is not taxed in India to help the poor come up. It's basically a circle and won't stop till we get some efficient people up there for atleast 2 decades. Hope this clears things up for you :)
2012-04-11 16:37
But... do you... not see the inherent fallacy of that argument? India would still be a poor country, even if income were distributed evenly. The more people you have, the less everyone gets.
2012-04-11 20:32
You are not getting it. Money being withheld from the majority of population doesn't mean it is in circulation by the rich. Most of the money and I mean in trillions is unaccounted for in India and in the hands of the few. Basically they have illegal money which can not be recognised in the GDP. In short, there is money for everyone and enough to improve the general standard of living here but nobody cares and people have low quality of education, so they don't even get the plot why we're 'poor'.
2012-04-12 05:12
And that is exactly the definition of a poor, developing country.
2012-04-12 14:33
India is deliberately poor. So yes in current terms it is poor and developing but it has more wealth or you may call it potential wealth than all the European nations.
2012-04-13 08:29
Yeah you're right, you guys are loaded!
2012-04-14 01:54
Google how much "Black money" India has :D
2012-04-16 20:51
India's scam money is around -> 9106032343000000 Rs. U can express it in powers of 10 if u want but... :-D
2012-04-12 07:55
lol hahahahahhaha these dumb europeans wont get it though :)
2012-04-10 17:39
I dont even feel sorry for them. What the hell did they expect lul
2012-04-10 13:54
I would believe 1) a good tourny. 2) easy money.
2012-04-10 13:56
They could have done a little bit of research first. Personally I never really heard about the event until recently, plus it is in India (no disrespect). Whereas going to CPH (because it was around the same time as IGC) they would be sure to get their prize, and also the flight would be cheaper to CPH anyway. People (even indians) were stating that it would probably be a scam.
2012-04-10 14:05
I agree. I would never go to any tourny if it was in india or anywhere else if there was no reputed sponsor behind it. More so India coz there r a lot of scams tht go on here. It just sucks being a gamer and coming here often to read shit abt india and indians. Shit happens around the world doesnt mean I should talk smack abt other nations and its people.
2012-04-10 14:14
I agree. Blame the event organizators not the gamers.
2012-04-10 14:19
+ fnatic and navi management warned them.
2012-04-10 16:57
Why did they beat them up ? We would have killed them in my country.
2012-04-10 14:13
well that doesn't sound good ..this is it, we have thieves in all countries
2012-04-10 14:14
Austria osorexyz 
2012-04-10 14:15
I feel so ashamed T_T sorry M5 i'll now be a M5 follower forever...
2012-04-10 14:24
Not flaming the smart people in india but srsly i would be scared walking on the fucking streets on india or country like that.
2012-04-10 14:21
India dNw 
Hmm what do you think the people would do to you when you're walking on the fucking streets of India?
2012-04-10 16:59
ya tiny meteors do fall on walking ppl here, esp. if dey are morons like you
2012-04-10 17:34
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
i agree 100% and especially if your a girl, they dont see on girls like companions like we do, but like lesser creatures / animals. with no talent or potential like the men, its really fucked up down there
2012-04-10 20:17
disgrace for India! &#1045;&#1073;&#1072;&#1085;&#1099;&#1077; &#1091;&#1088;&#1086;&#1076;&#1099;..
2012-04-10 14:25
omg, I would ground India for making international events for lifetime of CS 1.6 ... Or maybe not, no teams will come there just because of this, this is worst case scenario scene for all of the int. teams going to some no-name tournament. Such a looser way to get money.
2012-04-10 14:27
name IGC was used that meant to be something like that Indian Gaming competition... India name was used 2 international Team visited and police didn't bothered to check the event to save the reputation of their country.. So it means that India Sucks.... :p
2012-04-10 14:32
India dNw 
Ironic for a Pakistani to say it.
2012-04-10 16:56
english lol!!! Fuk u IGC organisers , even terrorists are barking now :P.
2012-04-10 17:11
2012-04-10 17:27
whatever IGC(India) organized WTF Event :p
2012-04-10 17:50
you want to compare our english,get you shit together to talk with me in english.
2012-04-11 08:29
sue the organisers + share all the videos/info with news channels in india.. they can do a lot!!
2012-04-10 14:33
2012-04-10 15:59
M5 got some money to cover their expences??
2012-04-10 14:35
2nd thing as it can be seen from pictures the Monitor , wall of building,seating arrangement and lack of organizational that was not a place matching the standards of M5./// Why they played after all this any simple persion could recognize that it was a scam,,, but after all that they wanted to play just because may be compensate their travel expenses after winning.. they shouldn't tried to play that event .. it was their wrong decision too which involved a high risk :p
2012-04-10 14:39
To all those people who are blaming India and INDIANS..i pity them....M5 is supposed to be a professional organization , why not put their manager responsible for not making a proper study or research about the event and the credibility of the sponosrs before spending in somuch funds and making such a travel to a foreign country ?..and blaming the home country's people . They indeed are liable for the fraud they have played I DO agree...but like some1else posted...even indians were stating that this event is gonna be a scam...they should have taken that criticism seriously and taken precautions..lol..
2012-04-10 14:44
rofl that's a joke right? it's true that indian people as a whole cannot be blamed for the failure of the event. but to blame m5's manager....that's fucking retarded. really no ones fault but the wtf/igc staff
2012-04-10 15:37
India ptc 
Lol ! Obvious scam is obvious ! I feel bad for M5 but they walked right into it. But agreeing with a small part of what you said. Too many people just blatantly generalizing, any monkey with a keyboard can type "India this India that". Please think for a second and learn to realize the fact that it was a couple of individuals responsible for this and not the country as a whole. And this is not the first scam you've heard about in e-sports. Kids......STOP !
2012-04-10 20:09
no worries! Russian mob will take care of this !
2012-04-10 14:48
Its unfortunate tht the whole country gets generalized for wat 3 ppl did in IGC.. India is not all about scam like its being told n perceived by all aftr IGC.. India does host good n well organized sporting events.. we have hosted ICC cricket world cup.. On going IPL where the best in the world are playing is just a proof tht india is not a scam! If you would ask any indian gamer about wat thy felt about IGC before n wat thy feel about it now , there will not be much of a change.. not many indian teams were confident this event would be a hit n legit.. Even my team did not want to participate in this event for the same reason.. we have not had a big legit national tournament for a long time so we did not expect this to be true.. its just too good to be true so fast.. but we still did hope it was a big hit so tht a country like us would get more international teams traveling n playing in an indian event! I would just like to say it was wrong in the way event organizers treated Moscow 5 n other international teams in the event , and feeel sorry for all the indian teams there who expected more from the event.. It makes us all angry n sad to see India being called a scam because of a few greedy and irresponsible companies who were into it for the wrong reason.. I hope in future we get more good international events atleast coming to india like ESWC etc. It would help the indian esport community to learn more and be able to organize a much more satisfying event.. for now i would just hope esports does not die in india.. n hope all teams get wat they deserve from IGC in terms of cash prize!
2012-04-10 14:54
Even The commonwealth Games In new Delhi, So Nice
2012-04-11 01:32
guess u forgot the indian grand prix 2011.. which sebastian vettel won.. so nice? google about it u douche .. the best in the business had good things to say about it..
2012-04-11 15:43
First Of All I Was Talking Mentioning All the good events held, and here you are being as asshole? Indian Grand Prix Was Good but Nothing in compared to Australian Grand Prix.
2012-04-12 01:40
I think, this is not the mistake of the whole country. It's a mistake only from some idiots. I don't really like India, but calling it "shit country"? Pff, points to a very low iq...
2012-04-10 14:55
Countries i don't want to visit: Russia India North Korea South Korea Iraq Iran Afghanistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan United Arab Emirates Pakistan Armenia Azerbaijan Saudi Arabia Romania Any country in Africa...
2012-04-10 14:56
you won't believe the magnitude of fuck we do not give..
2012-04-10 15:19
good 1
2012-04-10 15:22
+1 The fuck i was trying to give has magically dissapeared
2012-04-10 15:51
IGC organizers teach you the disappearing trick?
2012-04-10 22:22
+1000000 hahahahhahahahahahahha :P
2012-04-10 17:11
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-04-10 18:22
+10000000000000000000 This sweedish hasnt seen the world yet!
2012-04-10 20:17
najs one mate :))
2012-04-10 20:52
2012-04-16 20:52
Why South Korea? o_O
2012-04-10 16:22
It scares me.
2012-04-10 16:24
And what about Japan?
2012-04-10 16:25
Tokyo is cool.
2012-04-10 16:26
Then you should visit Seoul. You'll change your opinion of South Korea. North & South Korea are pretty different countries.
2012-04-10 16:30
Yea I know! Maybe!
2012-04-10 17:01
India dNw 
South Korea is one of the best countries ! Trust me , move your ass out of Sweden and visit South Korea. Youd not want to go back home -.-
2012-04-10 16:51
dis guy is a little stupid girl
2012-04-10 17:13
"i write it bold because i'm special on this forum" Stupid.
2012-04-10 17:14
scared of bold fonts too ? freakish girl :S
2012-04-10 17:30
lol ... you decide ist that either he is Guy or girl :p
2012-04-10 17:52
south korea is cool Japan is awesome
2012-04-10 17:26
wuuut? What's wrong with Kazakhstan?
2012-04-10 16:32
Borat STRONG, AdreN #1 <3 Kazakhstan but yeah, it's shitty country to live in :(
2012-04-10 17:01
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
adreN retired :( with great power, comes great responsibility ;D
2012-04-10 23:32
Moscow, St.Petersburg in Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, UAE, Armenia, Morocco in Africa are have to be visited. You really know nothing what happens worldwide. Get a life, dude
2012-04-10 16:53
Russia is scary wherever you are
2012-04-10 17:02
Ever been there?
2012-04-10 17:03
Obviously not. Why you even bother asking that question...
2012-04-10 20:31
Nice list you got there. Now just get on a train and never get out of Europe, would you?
2012-04-10 16:55
I love US <3
2012-04-10 17:02
hahaha this explains everything
2012-04-11 15:46
Good choise to not visit Rromania!
2012-04-10 18:36
South Korea is cool :/
2012-04-10 23:22
Europe midi 
capitalistic pig :>
2012-04-10 23:48
you will get asspounded
2012-04-12 23:26
just to add about the point some were making about moscow 5 manager rsponsible for not making proper study n research n ignoring criticism about this event being a fail.. its probably a valid point as other international teams did their homework and not travel for IGC.. unknown events like such should be looked into with caution but now the chance of international teams even thinking of playing in an indian event is all gone.. and the organizers of IGC are the only to be blamed.. Lets all hope there is some1 in india to host a big international event which meets all the expectations n gets the trust back in Indian esport community..
2012-04-10 15:00
2012-04-10 15:01
2012-04-10 16:33
WTF is representing India?
2012-04-10 15:04
2012-04-10 15:05
sucky country
2012-04-10 20:14
Why would anyone believe a person whose name is Pakash?
2012-04-10 15:09
m5 deserved this.
2012-04-10 15:09
2012-04-10 15:28
u are braindead monkey :D
2012-04-10 16:59
how did you know that?
2012-04-10 17:25
lucky guess here u go, take my banana
2012-04-10 19:33
before this ,every indian ppl on HLTV.org was supporting and defending IGC and now they are saying that they know that was a scam .it's really sad.
2012-04-10 15:15
2012-04-10 15:32
Actually Half the people believed that it was a scam and the other half had blind faith :P Soo before IGC the people who had afith talked and after it, the people who didnt are talking :P...same country though just different people :P
2012-04-10 17:16
i dont want to call myself a gamer in india nemore . we got a groin kick and a slap in the face. sorry m5 sorry gaming community one positive outcome of this event:- Indian CS scene is shit [ hail m5 ] thanks to show the reality to arrogant indians.
2012-04-10 15:32
chill, it's not your fault.
2012-04-10 15:43
Ukraine Nzr0 
fuck,when will be the film? ) looked so good the story... with many actions and shit like that ))
2012-04-10 15:55
2012-04-10 16:09
My only thoughts about this whole mess is that M5 seriously needs to get a new manager.
2012-04-10 16:16
My friend team nxL Indonesia is very disappointed too with IGC and they decide go back Indonesia.
2012-04-10 16:35
Oh my god... I don't have even one word about that.
2012-04-10 16:26
another one great news!!! :D hahahahaaha can't stop laughing :D
2012-04-10 16:27
In China and India : Dirty dogs are much more than human ! They all like dogs !
2012-04-10 16:45
vietnamese lol..... even tribals barking now xD. do u ppl even wear clothes ?
2012-04-10 17:26
they beat the shit out of the usa. so stfo and gtfo and scam some more, bitch.
2012-04-10 19:01
Those days ,USA didnt move much forces to vietnam due to time money and technology probs.
2012-04-11 05:50
2012-04-10 20:43
Boy oh boy do i have some good news for u guys, here is one of the doorknob's(Igc organiser) home address for all you people dieing to know where he lives, conveniently enough publicly posted in one of his albums on facebook lol. Would love to see people having a stake out in his area and completely fuck him up for screwing our gaming scene in India. facebook.com/maxaxe/map enjoy xD
2012-04-10 17:07
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
he was actually assaulted during IGC if that picture is for real. I still don't know what to make of this, wondering if there will be an official reply within a few days. if not, I guess WTF has buried themselves in the gaming scene :/
2012-04-10 23:36
m5 buttfucked. Thats just sad
2012-04-10 17:16
ASHAMED! we seriously cannot organize an international e-sports event.now a days i feel too ashamed to comment whenever i visit hltv. sorry M5 on behalf of indian gamers..
2012-04-10 17:19
fuck shit UP!
2012-04-10 17:39
Australia Kitten.M 
wtf?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-04-10 17:45
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
guess I should be glad the visum did not come through :/
2012-04-10 17:55
Were you supposed to go? O_O
2012-04-10 18:58
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Yeah I was asked as official caster, they'd book my flight and hotel. but afterwards I'm starting to think that upon arrival I would probably find out a hotel wasn't booked and was asked to sleep there or book myselve a hotel, and get the costs reimbursed later xD still would have gotten the free ticket though. Wondering what really was the big idea of WTF with IGC :/
2012-04-10 20:50
There are so many questions that haven't been answered and probably won't be answered. You wer really lucky you didn't go there because you'll never know what would happened.
2012-04-11 09:22
so shame...
2012-04-10 17:56
Besides the gaming population has anybody noticed this ?
2012-04-10 17:58
Poland BiNd! 
Poverty in India is between 61-80% ...that's result only...
2012-04-10 18:08
IMO M5 deserved to lose the $2900 for delaying their flights. It should have been obvious from the first time they saw the empty building that they weren't going to get the prize money. This happened a few days later, and they still didn't realize it. It was just stubborn to think getting past that one deception would make everything work out.
2012-04-10 18:38
I can't even imagine how Moscow 5 players have felt after visiting India, i don't even want to defend my countries image after this sad event.
2012-04-10 18:56
one thing i wanted to let u know, in hindi/urdu aik kahawat hy, 100 naikyan kar lo magar aik burai sab naikyon ko barbaad kar deti hy! IGC organisers done alot shit but it had affected india as a whole!
2012-04-10 20:09
Why the f*ck would you blame India as a country for something as horrible as this? You stereotypical retards, bad people are everywhere, so now you should blame Norway for what Anders Breikvik did? So f*cking clueless and stupid..
2012-04-10 18:59
+1 We cant generalize country's reputation based on single shity event (IGC). We (Indian Gamers) are extremely sorry for what happened to M5 and NXL at IGC. Due to some dumbfuck ppl, indian gamers will have to suffer. :|
2012-04-10 19:11
+1 valid point
2012-04-10 22:31
Well it's the kind of impression everyone is getting about us...Don't you see there are many users who are posting shitty posts about Indians on hltv,cadred etc. and making fun of us like we people don't get hurt.
2012-04-10 19:05
man, i don't like the idea better than you do, it's just that situation suck. Can you imagine what is like to go to a foreign land and get robed our something else? Thats sucks man.
2012-04-10 23:18
@42bsk..im not offending anyone..i was just writing what it is in reality mate. just check this therichest.org/world/worlds-largest-econ.. What i said is assessing a country by its percapita income would be a very vague thing.. percapita income takes into consideration even the unemployed people and idle rich ...which constitutes more than 20-30 % of most of the economies . For example , if 10,00,000 $ is National income and 20,000 is population ( out of which 5000 r unemployed ) ...it still takes into account those 20,000 people as total.... In countries like India and China because of its large population HR Supply (Availability of Human Resources ) is more than HR Demand ( need for human resources to be utilized)..hence unemployment is at very high rate, and a lot of people including idle, even idle rich people are not utilized properly . In countries with lesser population usually HR demand is on par with HR supply hence lesser unemployment . Smaller nations have more percapita income than larger nations that doesnt mean they have more purchasing power or are in more strong financial position. India was one of the few nations that was not affected by recession , and when barrack obama came India , he even made it out in the press conference that US salutes India's stringent and efficient monetary policy and the finance ministers India have , and lack of such finance ministers and monetary policy guidance was the reason for recession to hit nations like US ..To all those people who are criticizing Indian economy..
2012-04-10 19:07
2012-04-10 19:56
Finance minister of india is biggest fkkin mofo, The whole gov rite nw is nthin but corrupt party of monkeys
2012-04-10 20:15
I'm not sure as to what you're getting at here... You do understand that India is an extremely poor country, right? And it doesn't matter how much you want to skew statistics to show the contrary.
2012-04-10 20:45
Putting aside the economic gibberish, nothing you said has anything to do with measuring poverty. And please use the goddamn reply button.
2012-04-10 23:05
U would think and call it gibberish wouldnt u. Sorry "economic gibberish"
2012-04-11 00:33
2012-04-10 19:42
Some of the most absolutely retarded kids ever posting here. Grow some brains you inbred tards. You make some of the rednecks down here seem wise by comparison. On topic, fuck IGC. But to blame the country for this debacle is beyond ridiculous. As far as I've seen on hltv quite a few indians had their doubts over the event as well. and by the looks of it, they're pissed off as well against the organizers.
2012-04-10 20:26
The amount of surprised people: 0
2012-04-10 20:29
i wonder what would happen if ESC visited IGC and thugs were trying to rob them...
2012-04-10 20:30
ahjahaha omg
2012-04-10 20:35
2012-04-10 20:48
Haha oh wow. tough luck:) "fnatic and Natus Vincere managers told me: "Dima, it's fake! Dont visit ICG 2012. I should have listened to them," ORLY? I guess you can only blame yourself if you attend an event like that, even after you have been warned by others.
2012-04-10 20:52
Money is a powerful thing my friend.
2012-04-10 21:51
aaaaaaaaaaa :-o
2012-04-10 21:32
it was 1 of ma greatest dream to ever met m5, but we cancel to join da tournamnt, is der any1 to tel me how its like to play wit pro?how can dis be hapening,i dnt trust any of dem,as lng as im not der,anythng can hapen,everone india is great,everygamers in india lov al da gamers in da world nd we always honor to met all of you....the only friend i hav in my home(mixoram)ar gamers,some day in mixoram der will no gamers,gamers ar decreasing,and i really2 dnt like dis,(by mixoram n1 cs player <3 get right)
2012-04-10 21:52
dat english
2013-03-21 10:33
I think you were in the middle of inventing time machine.
2013-03-21 10:36
2013-03-21 10:42
I am surely disgusted by this, as (hopefully) is the whole E-Sports community. Although one thing boggles me after reading this and the blog in M5 website. There is no mention how the players were sleeping, 3 hotel rooms I would imagine. So the Manager was sleeping with someone, so how does he not wake up, or his roommate to someone actually coming to their room, searching for the stick I would imagine, since its material hadn't been uploaded the computer. And then stealing that money too. Unlucky for M5, and such a disgrace for India and E-Sports.
2012-04-10 21:55
digifest mcz would definitely have some great business ideas with Mr. Kushagra.
2012-04-10 22:02
maybe its time for the MMA guy in M5 to take a trip to india and search for some fake tournament organizers :p
2012-04-10 22:33
i'm glad m5 is safe. jesus.
2012-04-10 23:09
Every country has his own history about fake events and big frauds.. Two different people in Argentina have stolen a lot of money contributed by gamers to develop an event very seriously... After that the seriousness and trust are lost. Sorry for the engli$h
2012-04-10 23:16
Sweden YKM 
I will hunt that guy doWN
2012-04-10 23:23
Pus really needs to work on his english. it was hard to make sense of a lot of this news post.
2012-04-10 23:54
It would be much more useful if you detailed your statement a bit more. What is it you have a hard time making sense of exactly?
2012-04-11 00:05
To be honest, he's got a point. I suggest you have a look here for some tips: plainenglish.co.uk/free-guides.html
2012-04-11 01:37
Details, please.
2012-04-12 22:21
Like this for example: "It was a clearly upset and shocked Smelyi HLTV.org spoke" Smelly Also on the first paragraph you wrote the quote mark on the wrong place (player's) which is not necessary in this case.. But the main point is, the text makes no-sense in some parts. By some of your blogs/coments, I would say that you just haven't read this text enough times before post it or, haven't asked someone to double check for you. Anyways, it's not a lack of knowledge in English language, just be careful before public informations like that one.
2012-04-11 05:11
I don't know if you're trying to be funny or anything, but "Smelly" is not his name... The way I wrote players', with the apostrophe, is correct. What exactly do you not understand? Three people have replied to me, yet no one is able to dish up a proper answer. Well, I can argue with the fact that processing all the information and writing the post took me nearly four hours. I was beat by the time we posted it. But sure, proof-reading once or twice is usually wise.
2012-04-11 16:12
Every Indian now, accepts that IGC sucks, no one is defending that. But you are too aggressive and unprofessional with your news out there, Think robbery in 5 stat hotel ?? it makes ppl troll so much in general about India, I think you should really make some research about the EVENT being a professional and not post "M5 manager's words" There is a difference, Hope u realised indians are victims as well. Its IGC scam not IDNIAN SCAM..
2012-04-11 05:58
I disagree. The news is clearly Moscow Five/ddd1ms' story, it was meant to be, too. I wrote it in a completely objective manner. Is this sort of stuff new to you, is that why you're calling unprofessional on me? You don't think I've done any research on India Gaming Carnival? I've spent countless hours discussing, researching etc. together with Nix0n and on my own. Of course it's IGC who did the scamming. It has nothing to do with the organizers being Indian. Before this news, I started on a longer piece, in which I even sympathize with India, but now I'm starting to consider this to be my last work published on HLTV.org.
2012-04-11 16:19
Hopefully next time IGC contracts with CS Event organisers to keep a kickass tournament :) // Don't think im being Indian by defending IGC, m not, just that Headlines talk more than the story itself, so you have to be little careful, neither were M5 scammed (event happened but failed and the money was distributed, DOTA COD FIFA etc went smooth) nor were they robbed (ofcourse lies lol robbery in 5star hotel?). So hoping for u to not hit the ppls sensitivity again :) U Just have to accept that most EU ppl here they think they r superior and they just need a reason to start trolling.
2012-04-12 04:25
Wrong. You interpret the headline as the story. Only fools will judge India as a country after reading the headline and the story. I'm not being insensitive.
2012-04-12 16:36
Nvm , ur latest post post was so Neutral , good work, good research and published with proof etc :) cheers
2012-04-13 07:11
tyloo is lucky &#65281;&#12288; . . .
2012-04-10 23:54
Guuuys! i know somebody that knows somebody that can kIIILLLLLLL! For sure your money should be reclaimed by court. If not, pay me 5k$ and ill get your money back :D
2012-04-10 23:59
Norway duffz00r 
CrZy rogue strike again. : - D
2012-04-11 00:28
you should start with the DKH guys :D and i am pretty sure m5 spent enough on the trip(14k) to cant afford this for the next weeks anymore :D
2012-04-11 00:34
start what with the dkh guys :D? Haha for sure they have :(!
2012-04-11 12:09
Almost 200 comments have been deleted in this news piece. That's fucking astounding. And people wonder why the 1.6 community is looked down upon.
2012-04-10 23:59
Sad reflection of the underaged mentality prevalant here.
2012-04-12 05:54
More details here from a person who knew what was gonna happen erodov.com/forums/india-gaming-carnival-..
2012-04-11 02:09
Oh wow... they expected 300,000 attendees ??? Gaming in India is horrible as it is not encouraged and not tht many gamers as they r focused on the other aspects of life.
2012-04-11 03:14
I guess M5 killed its chances of getting paid. They put up the bank guarantee in the public domain, which qualifies as breach of contract as per the non-disclosure agreement.
2012-04-11 05:45
I find it amusing that director's last name is Kushagra. This word is as though it is composed of two russian words molded together: Kushat = 'to eat' Igra ukrainian GRA = 'to play' So to "Eat the game" would be smth like Kushagra in russian. It's symbolical. Am i making any sense ?
2012-04-11 05:56
Just happy to know that they're safe and that they have learnt from this experience.
2012-04-11 07:41
2012-04-11 20:00
facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=348909061823.. ............... Latest news :)
2012-04-11 09:46
Just shut up trying to defend your country. The event was a disaster and a scam. They are pathetic and will never pay back any of the money they owe. Please don't try making it better, because it wont. People believed in their shit and got burned for it.
2012-04-11 11:49
He aint defending the country in that statement...he is just sharing the news that has been posted on the IGC fan page :|
2012-04-16 21:00
No, he's trying to sugar coat the truth: M5 got scammed by a shitty organisation in curry India
2012-04-16 21:50
No hes simply trying to share information. That your too (for lack of a better word) lets say retarted/biased/stupid to understand :D (Take your pick) He just posted a link without saying anything form his own side(apart from latest news)...max isnt saying anything here :P...if you wanna go hate, do it on the the pic the link shows
2012-04-17 04:16
He is trying to make the situation look better when it's not, by posting a positive link which we both know won't happen.
2012-04-17 16:59
Didn't even surprised. M5 need to stop whining. What did they expect when they've decided to travel India. They also knew that IGC is a shitty tournament.
2012-04-11 10:30
2012-04-11 11:27
Pus you're my mate.
2012-04-11 12:58
Maaa ki ChoooOt bhaii INDIA kii :@ FUCKING ASSHOLES!
2012-04-11 13:19
y blaming country? MKC IGC organizers ki :D
2012-04-11 14:21
IGC Frustrated of defending the honesty of the country as well as Organizations.... Good try but all in vein.....
2012-04-11 13:56
Seems legit.
2012-04-12 05:57
m not defending IGC.....confused what to belive ?
2012-04-11 14:06
i dunno why Indian People still defend IGC , i think u people should burn everything what IGC left on avenue cuz they destroyed the Gaming on India and i can bet everything that None of European Teams will visit India anymore! sad but true.
2012-04-11 14:19
Wish i could do that......but that arena was on rent :( And organizers are not reachable. If so all INDIAN GAMERS had kikd der ass very badly :@
2012-04-11 14:23
I am not defending......plzzz It was SCAM.....all have to accept it :)
2012-04-11 14:24
cant be that difficult to set those tables and chairs on fire :D
2012-04-11 18:48
what ......... somehow i expected this event to be a failure
2012-04-11 16:17
To good to be true..
2012-04-11 18:14
Everyone knows it was a scam but the whole story of getting robbed in a 5star hotel is so lame. Wtf couldnt even pay for decent PCs and now people are accusing them of hiring secret agents to break into M5s room to steal their pendrive and some petty cash. After all this M5 didnt event contact their embassy which is hard for me to beleive! Shame on M5 for faking story to get PR and money in form of insurance and HLTV for posting this article without even verifying the story. I wouldnt be suprised if HLTV too did this for PR
2012-04-11 19:36
+1 true
2012-04-11 20:34
Yeah, we'll take your word over theirs!
2012-04-11 21:37
Listen to ur brain, u know wht is true, Btw have u ever been to a 5star hotel, then u would know how grand it is.
2012-04-12 04:32
This story is obviously Moscow Five's side of everything, and we agreed to write it. And what do you mean by "PR?" Do you mean hits?
2012-04-12 22:38
You could have verified the story first. Its hard to beleive that M5 have all other videos/pictures from IGC but only those important videos are missing. Its obvious that m5 had picture/videos of only poor equipement and facilities. These videos couldnt prove the fraud committed in any way so they decided to take the easy way out and make some hollywood spy thriller type of story. Do you know break in to 5 stars hotel in India can result into terrorism charge after the terrorist attacks. I knew if they would have contacted their embassy then police could be involved and their story be proven farce. Hltv has posted this news in a such a manner that everyone is going to believe what m5 saying is 100% true. Those cadred people are right Hltv community is pretty retarted. Thanks to biased admins and childish trolls. Maybe you people could have atleast verified the news before hurting whole countrys image.
2012-04-13 18:20
I could yes, but I let Moscow Five speak their story. I would, of course, do the same for IGC organizers. Don't think they had much time to contact police or embassy while in India. Remains to be seen what they've been planning now that they're back to Russia. That's obviously just how you see it.
2012-04-13 18:27
"Do you know break in to 5 stars hotel in India can result into terrorism charge after the terrorist attacks. I knew if they would have contacted their embassy then police could be involved and their story be proven farce." Interesting part. I think there is something from M5 where they are massively lying.
2013-03-21 10:30
im never going to india
2012-04-11 20:37
cause u will never fit in a plane nor ship :P
2012-04-11 21:57
true because plane and the ship are made out of the same stuff as the table at wtf lan :D
2012-04-12 10:50
no man because u gotta "mightybutt" lolss ~win~
2012-04-12 18:28
sry what?
2012-04-12 19:24
Your name? XD
2012-04-16 21:02
lol he suck at comeback imo :D
2012-04-18 01:47
Feel bad for M5 :-( And bad for the Indian CS scene. What a joke.
2012-04-11 21:43
IGC and the Kushagra are a big disgrace in the name of the E-sports and they have not only let their nation down but the ppl as well.... when i heard the NEWS i was shocked...Poor M5 but hurry makes curry.... Despite all the warning and blog from other professional team, they still went into IGC hoping to win 300K n making some fast cash but all their dream are in vein....Such a shame to India all because of those bastard kushagra and IGC :(
2012-04-11 22:41
wait povar :D
2012-04-11 23:30
With all these comments pouring in against IGC and e-sports in India , hltv.org has become very interesting and entertaining !... Let the e-battle begin! haha ! :P :D *popcorn* .
2012-04-12 02:58
It indeed is a disgrace to the entire nation , not just the gaming community. These 3 clueless tards from IGC ....khushagra( that word itself means cunning ) Saurabh n all...should be put in jail for spoiling the reputation and name of the country as a whole . And it was not just M5 that got scammed by these retards....many Indian teams and some enthusiastic kids who even bunked their classes and attended expecting , this was supposed to be the biggest gaming event in India ..lol!...
2012-04-12 06:55
lawl, bad :DD
2012-04-12 11:00
Sweden X-rAy 
the part of being robbed on a 5star hotel... = BULLSHIT, Really what u made up ahahahahaha, full of crap m5 manager, u were all sleeping and got robbed HahhaHAAHA. its like pro's were hired to steal ur gaming hardware uhuhuhhuh and ur uber "jewlery"? like ur mothers bracelet ahahhaa im lmao sry... the rest is true.
2012-04-12 23:37
Sweden X-rAy 
pre payment in russia youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedde.. fear!
2012-04-13 00:17
sad for M5, IGC sux
2012-04-13 18:26
cant believe omg
2012-04-13 20:02
2012-04-16 21:03
2012-04-16 21:06
come on gogog
2012-04-15 11:35
dosia is so feat omG
2012-04-20 21:18
Life of M5
2013-03-21 09:49
what the fuck?
2013-03-21 10:13
Thats what the tourists said when 8 disgusting indians came to rape them
2013-03-21 10:26
#1131 it's a joke... life of pi.. buh nvmmm /throws keyboard #fuckthisshit
2013-03-21 11:03
Everything sounds so strange, specially the final part of the thug and the hotel. Why should they go to their hotel room to steal a 8GB memory card, lol. I would like to hear NaVi version of this.
2013-03-21 10:28
and NaVi? stolen something or what
2013-03-21 10:27
navi dont attend to this crap tournament
2013-03-21 11:41
But they had some thoughts about this
2013-03-21 12:01
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