Team ranking: October 2011

April 19th, 2012 20:00

We continue the speedy return of our Team ranking feature with the month of October. After an eventless September came probably the busiest month of the year, as four LAN events took place which caused some reshuffling among the top 10 teams.

As we announced a couple of days ago, our Team ranking feature is making a comeback which will include all the updates from the missed months. If you have missed the previous updates, check out August and September, where you can also find the information about how this ranking is made.

Events in October

Considering the amount of international events, October was actually the busiest month of 2011. Four tightly packed tournaments took place in the tenth month, and the biggest of them was Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, France.

SK Gaming came out victorius ahead of previous year's champions Natus Vincere, while mousesports were the surprise of the tournament finishing in 3rd place.

ESWC 2011
1st Sweden SK Gaming
2nd Ukraine Natus Vincere
3rd Germany mousesports
4th Poland AGAiN
   5-8th Germany Alternate
5-8th Russia Moscow Five
5-8th Finland WinFakt
5-8th Sweden Lions

In the second biggest event of the month, Samsung Euro Championship in Warsaw, Poland, the home team AGAiN showed impressive play to win over the Ukrainians Natus Vincere.

SEC 2011
1st Poland AGAiN
2nd Ukraine Natus Vincere
3rd Finland WinFakt
4th Poland Fear Factory
5-8th Sweden SK Gaming
5-8th Czech Republic eSuba
5-8th France eSahara
5-8th Russia Moscow Five

The two less competitive events were the Global Challenges in Guangzhou and New York. The one in China was won by the refreshed lineup of fnatic, while SK Gaming took 1st place in New York.

IEM6 GC Guangzhou IEM6 GC New York
1st Sweden fnatic 1st Sweden SK Gaming
2nd Germany mousesports 2nd Finland WinFakt
3rd Finland WinFakt 3rd Denmark mTw
4th China eFuture 4th United States

How did these events affect the overall ranking? Did SK increase the lead on the Poles? Which team managed to attend all four events? Which major team called it quits during this month?

The Top 10
of the month

Before we get to the overall ranking, let's inspect the top 10 teams of October.

. Germany Alternate

In their first major LAN event of the year, German team Alternate showed surprisingly good play at ESWC, where they managed to defeat fnatic in the group stage, which effectively knocked the Swedes out of the tournament. Alternate was later paired up with AGAiN in the quarter-final, where they also showed a good performance, but in the end lost 2-1. Still, a top 8 placing at the biggest event of the month, plus an upset win over fnatic, gave them the 10th place in the monthly ranking.

Top matches: Germany Alternate 16-8 Sweden fnatic
Results: 5-8th at ESWC 2011

9. Denmark Anexis 

Danish side Anexis didn't have a particularly successful month, but they attended two of the four events and recorded an upset win at each. Firstly, they traveled to China for IEM6 GC Guangzhou, where they defeated eventual winners fnatic in the group stage, but succumbed to home team eFuture which prevented them from reaching playoffs.

A similar fate expected them at ESWC, where they overcame the reigning champions Natus Vincere in the group stage, but a loss to Portuguese Defining Stars put an end to their campaign too early once again.

Top matches: Denmark Anexis 16-14 Sweden fnatic
  Denmark Anexis 16-4 Ukraine natus Vincere
Results: 5-6th at IEM6 GC Guangzhou


8. Poland Fear Factory  

Thanks to a good performance in the quarter-final of SEC against Electronic Sahara, the Polish team Fear Factory almost reached the podium in their home country's biggest tournament. Although they later lost to AGAiN and WinFakt and finished 4th, that earned them the 8th place in the monthly ranking.

Top matches: Poland Fear Factory 2-0 France eSahara
Results: 4th at SEC 2011

. Russia Moscow Five

Moscow Five, the Team of the month in September, had a somewhat unfortunate following month. They attended the two big tournaments SEC and ESWC, but at both lost in the quarter-final. In the Polish event, they were beaten by eventual winners AGAiN, and in Paris the finalists Natus Vincere took them out after a tight battle.

Top matches: Russia Moscow Five 16-9 Ukraine DTS
Results: 5-8th at ESWC 2011
  5-8th at SEC 2011

. Sweden fnatic

In their first event after the retirement of Harley "dsn" Örwall and the addition of Michael "Friis" Jørgensen, fnatic made an excellent start by winning IEM6 GC Guangzhou. However, they didn't build on that success right away, as their ESWC performance was quite the opposite, as two German teams mousesports, and especially Alternate, made sure the Swedes wouldn't pass the group stage.


Top matches: Sweden fnatic 2-1 Germany mousesports
  Sweden fnatic 2-0 Finland WinFakt
Results: 1st at IEM6 GC Guangzhou

5. Germany mousesports 

The best German team, mousesports, had quite a good month overall. They started with a 2nd place finish at IEM6 GC Guangzhou, and later produced another podium finish at ESWC. After overcoming Lions in the quarter-final of the French event, mousesports gave SK Gaming a run for their money in a close semi-final loss. In the end, the Poles AGAiN fell victim to the Germans in the 3rd place decider, which paved way for mousesports to reach the podium and become 5th best team in October.

Top matches: Germany mousesports 16-6 Finland WinFakt
  Germany mousesports 16-2 China TyLoo
  Germany mousesports 16-8 Germany Alternate 
  Germany mousesports 15-15 Sweden fnatic
  Germany mousesports 2-0 Sweden Lions
  Germany mousesports 2-1 Poland AGAiN
Results: 2nd at IEM6 GC Guangzhou
  3rd at ESWC 2011

. Finland WinFakt 

The only team to attend all four tournaments in October was the fast-rising squad of WinFakt. The Finns had a great month as they reached the podium on three of those four occasions, at the two Global Challenges and at SEC. Their biggest success was the 3rd place at Samsung Euro Championship, where they faced a close loss to Natus Vincere in the semi-final and overcame Fear Factory for the bronze medals.

At the last and the biggest event of the month, ESWC, the Finns ended up only 5-8th due to a loss to SK Gaming, who also beat them in the final of the tournament in New York.

Top matches: Finland WinFakt 16-9 China TyLoo
  Finland WinFakt 21-9 Poland AGAiN
  Finland WinFakt 2-0 Poland Fear Factory
  Finland WinFakt 16-9 Denmark Anexis
Results: 2nd at IEM6 GC New York
  3rd at IEM6 GC Guangzhou
  3rd at SEC 2011
  5-8th at ESWC 2011

. Ukraine Natus Vincere

Although they were very close on two occasions, the Ukrainian giants Natus Vincere failed to win a title during October. They finished 2nd at both ESWC and SEC. In Poland they took out SK Gaming in the quarter-final, but were defeated by AGAiN in the final, while in France they knocked out the Poles in the semi-final and lost to SK Gaming in the last match.

They weren't better than either of those in the end, but the two second places cemented them at the 3rd spot in the monthly ranking.

Top matches: Ukraine Natus Vincere 16-5 Finland WinFakt
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 2-1 Russia Moscow Five
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 2-0 Poland AGAiN
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 2-0 Sweden SK Gaming
  Ukraine Natus Vincere 2-1 Finland WinFakt
Results: 2nd at ESWC 2011
  2nd at SEC 2011

. Poland AGAiN

In a turbulent month for them, the Polish team officially left the Frag eXecutors organization at the start of October, just after an impressive performance at SEC. They won the event on their home soil over Natus Vincere, but a few weeks later they finished in a somewhat disappointing fourth place at ESWC. The Ukrainians took their revenge at this tournament in the semi-final, while AGAiN also lost to mousesports in the 3rd place decider and missed out on the podium finish.

However, despite the sour taste of defeat in their last two matches of the month, the Poles won't be too disappointed, as the title at SEC and the 4th place at ESWC granted them the second place of the monthly ranking.

Top matches: Poland AGAiN 2-0 Ukraine Natus Vincere
  Poland AGAiN 2-0 Russia Moscow Five
  Poland AGAiN 2-0 Poland Fear Factory
  Poland AGAiN 16-7 Sweden ESC Gaming
  Poland AGAiN 16-10 Sweden Lions
  Poland AGAiN 2-1 Germany Alternate
Results: 1st at SEC 2011
  4th at ESWC 2011

. Sweden SK Gaming

The title of Team of the month goes to SK Gaming who won the biggest event in October, ESWC, and added another title from IEM6 GC New York. The impressive month of the Swedes didn't start too well though, as they underperformed at SEC, with losses to eSahara in the group stage and Natus Vincere in the quarter-final.

However, those would turn out the be the only two losses for SK Gaming in the month, as they picked themselves up and won IEM6 GC New York convincingly, and shortly after that ESWC as well.

Top matches: Sweden SK Gaming 16-7 Ukraine DTS
  Sweden SK Gaming 16-13 Russia Moscow Five
  Sweden SK Gaming 2-0 Finland WinFakt
  Sweden SK Gaming 2-1 Germany mousesports
  Sweden SK Gaming 2-0 Ukraine Natus Vincere
  Sweden SK Gaming 16-7 Finland WinFakt
  Sweden SK Gaming 2-1 Denmark mTw
  Sweden SK Gaming 2-0 Finland WinFakt
Results: 1st at ESWC
  1st at IEM6 GC New York
  5-8th at SEC 2011


Let's take a look at the overall table with the top 10 teams of the month.

Place   Points   Teams
  404.35   Sweden SK Gaming 
  321.64   Poland AGAiN
  320.37   Ukraine Natus Vincere
  249.70   Finland WinFakt
  218.01   Germany mousesports
  197.55   Sweden fnatic
  69.12   Russia Moscow Five
  57.55   Poland Fear Factory
  53.75   Denmark Anexis
  47.93   Germany Alternate


The Top 20 Teams

Although the top 3 teams remained at their positions after this busy month, there were some changes in the overall ranking.

First and foremost, it must be mentioned that this would be the last time we see the name mTw in the ranking, who disbanded during the month as the 5th best team in the world. In their last hurrah, they did manage a 3rd place finish with their incomplete lineup at IEM6 GC New York.

Thanks to winning IEM6 GC Guangzhou, fnatic managed to leap over the Danes and take over as the main challenger to the big three.

The biggest climber in the top 10 is WinFakt, who went up 4 places to become 6th best ranked team in the world at this moment, not only thanks to their perfect attendance, but also due to three podium finishes.

mousesports also had a good month, which reflected in them leaping over ESC Gaming and Moscow Five.

The only new entry in the top 20 is Fear Factory, the 4th place finishers from SEC, while Germans Alternate continued climbing after entering the list last month and are now 16th.

Let's take a look at the overall table with the top 20 teams, including total amount of points and position change compared to the previous month.

Evo Place   Points   Teams
- 1.
  1368.34   Sweden SK Gaming
- 2.
  1128.55   Poland AGAiN
- 3.
  1024.39   Ukraine Natus Vincere
+1 4.
  584.05   Sweden fnatic
-1 5.
  475.26   Denmark mTw
+4 6.
  420.73   Finland WinFakt
+1 7.
  402.38   Germany mousesports
-2 8.
  344.89   Sweden ESC Gaming
-2 9.
  343.20   Russia Moscow Five
-1 10.
  232.78   Denmark Anexis
- 11.
  197.90   Sweden Lions
- 12.
  120.28   Ukraine DTS
- 13.
  115.42   France eSahara
+2 14.
  79.89   United States Evil Geniuses
-1 15.
  76.38   Ukraine KerchNET
+4 16.
  75.22   Germany Alternate
-2 17.
  73.05   Spain x6tence
+41 18.
  65.28   Poland Fear Factory
-2 19.
  63.31   Russia
-1 20.
  59.07   China TyLoo

Evolution of the Top 10 Teams (points per months)




If you are wondering which events were included in the making of this ranking, here is a list in 3 levels (although there are in fact 9, but we merged them for displaying purposes).

High: IEM5 European Finals, IEM5 World, Xperia PLAY, DreamHack Summer, GameGune, e-Stars, ESWC, SEC 2011, GC Guangzhou
Medium: IEM5 American Finals, ICSC 7, ASUS Winter, OSPL Spring, ASUS Spring, ICSC 8, GC Guangzhou EU qual, ASUS Summer, GC New York EU qual, GC New York
Low: WGF, Digifest 2011 Solaris, ESEA Invite Season 8, Adepto BH, Balkan Challenge Summer, GC Guangzhou US qual, GC New York US qual, DreamHack south Europe

If you have any questions about the ranking, feel free to ask in the comments below and of course stay tuned to for the November update which is coming soon.

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2012-04-19 22:49
Team RANKING is 140% about statistics. you can make your own thread saying NaVi is better because they're friends, but this is about numbers
2012-04-19 23:06
76% of statistics on the internet are made up on the spot
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2012-04-19 21:37
(atleast SK) learn 2 read ^^. And yes SK is not training as they are supposed to do.
2012-04-19 21:41
Youre so wrong. They are training as much as fnatic
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NAVI = bad in 2011
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obviously worse then in 2010 but top3 isn't bad
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even skipping a lot of events andnot training good, 3rd place ^_^
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haha they lost in quals ...
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fnatic climbing to the top! :D
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High - GC Guangzhou I disagree
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2012-04-19 20:20
because there was no one top team
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2012-04-20 10:45
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Navi was so close to ESC :D GJ FF, it would be great if they could attend more big events ...
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SK is the best team :D 4ever
2012-04-19 20:31
SK LOOSERS, DONT DESERVE IT AT ALL!!!!! they are like "steal all sweden star players" and then they dont even conquer!!!! ESC 4 kill me fucking fanboys...
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why is Guangzhou high? Other than that, this is great.
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SK n1, gg
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because qualifiers were involved. ESC failed several times.
2012-04-19 21:24
because SK was the best team till that point.
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I want to admit that Again got 1128 point and ESC got 344 point but this is same team so 1128+344=1472>sk
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hahahahahahaha not
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AGAiN the best <3
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Dear Etienne ; I was reading this paper fulfilled with stats when I told to myself after a minute : is this THE magnum style ? I scrolled upwards & noted you were the author. I only red 10 words you wrote, but I'm pretty convince the rest is amazing. MAGNUM FOREVER!
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Na'Vi most stable team,always in the top Na'Vi best
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swe fanboy list ! Muhaha
2012-04-20 00:05
Looking forward to the december ranking so we can all see which team was the best of 2011 based on statistics bro tip: it's SK
2012-04-20 00:45
Just to clear it up, the December ranking will show which team was the best at the end of December, not who was the best in entire 2011.
2012-04-20 00:48
But the overall rankings will include December and at the moment SK have 404.35 compared to the closest (AGAIN) on 321.64
2012-04-20 05:44
Yeah but then we'll see the combined points for the whole year
2012-04-20 09:08
gj for winfakt !
2012-04-20 04:18
nice stacks
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swedes gonna swede... ESC,NAVI > SK, admit it weakers, SK can only win NAVI on nuke hahah, ahh mad swedes no-lifers
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SK Gaming
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SK :D <3
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AGaiN 2? :LOL:
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Na`Vi the best ;) :D :D :D :D
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really nice to see 2 polish flags in every int/eu cs ranking
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why not ? Again-NaVi 2-0
2012-04-20 18:00
Finland FRGVN 
no one commented about the +4 rising of winfakt, thats awesome and they've done great job this year too!
2012-04-20 16:09
Nice with some professional insight. So i dont have to argue with retards :)
2012-04-20 17:22
Yea but AGAiN was second without Organization ;)
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muhahahahahaaaa GOGO SK!!!! SK DA' BEST TEAM :x:x:x
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Russia SHELY 
2012-04-20 19:30
Why IEM Eu are high and Finals medium? Due in Eu was more level teams than Finals?
2012-04-21 07:10
Na`Vi + ESC = victory.
2012-04-21 19:35
Just to point something out. G5 skipped GG and DH Summer so no points for them at all.
2012-04-23 16:22
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