Pentagram grabbed the gold

The Grand Final at ESWC 2007 ended just a while ago. A final with overtime, teamkills, PC shut down, and lots of drama.

The final started on de_train. Already before the match begun the Polish team were alive and kicking. They never really let NoA into the game. Neo really showed his worth during train, and made it hard for NoA to enter the bombspots. Worth mentioning were the gunround. MJE from NoA left alone vs two Pentagram players. He were able to take one out, he dropped his grenade and killed his teammate. Pentagram locked it down, and won the match 16-5.

Next map in line were de_nuke. NoA started CT, but a well playing Pentagram made it hard for them. Pentagram were able to pull a halftime score of 9-6. Second half were a really nightmare. Sunde’s PC all of a sudden started shutting down, though it were in the buytime, so NoA were able to pause the match. Pentagram won a round, then NoA, and so on. It all came down to the very last round, if NoA were to win. Entering the bombspot, hpx killed his teammate zonic with a headshot, and hpx were unable to win the round, and it ended with a draw. Overtime was a really killer, and the crowd didn’t make it any less exciting. First overtime ended 3-3. Second overtime were well underway, and NoA dominated it. NoA locked it down 4-0, and a third map was needed to find the winner.

The final map were the final fight should take place were de_inferno. NoA didn’t really seem to find their momentum, even though the crowd were screaming “NOA NOA NOA”. NoA had their few moments, and their latest addition Sunde, pulled a few rounds home. But it didn’t go the way NoA wanted. Pentagram were just stronger. Pentagram won the third map 16-9, and 2-1 in total. Pentagram are the ESWC 2007 champions, and will collect the 40,000$, and the gold medals. NoA will be going home with 24,000$ and the silver medals.

Final standings are as follows:

1. Pentagram 40,000$
2. NoA 24,000$
3. fnatic 12,000$
4. mibr
5-8. NiP
5-8. 69N-28E

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=) GG!
2007-07-08 20:43
It was really good fun, GG all teams :)... Pentagram good job :)...
2007-07-08 20:47
Hungary katsa 
2007-07-08 20:48
I think it's time for CS:S. this starts to be boring even though it was the greatest match of all time
2007-07-08 20:48
source it's the worst thing that could happen to counter-strike ... if it wasn't for the money no top cs 1.6 team would play source ... source only got the looks and that's all , i rather play DoD or something else instead of source ... hope promod will come soon :D
2007-07-08 21:01
Yea, promode will help to survive cs1.6 and avoid cource, guys hurry up with promode!!!...
2007-07-09 19:56
Fuck source (no offense)
2007-07-10 02:36
i don't like source either. but i would like to see something else
2007-07-10 11:07
Lol do you see that 21000 spectators in first map? No it´s not boring!
2007-07-08 20:54
btw who won the signed qpad? :D:D
2007-07-08 21:00
wtf??? :D Dunno omg :D
2007-07-08 21:04
no one? =D
2007-07-09 17:59
2007-07-08 20:59
2007-07-08 21:05
Haha nice XD...
2007-07-08 21:10
2007-07-08 21:12
NoA deserved first prize for the best come back and the less cockyest!
2007-07-08 22:30
GG PGS , GG NoA , GG Fnatic ;] Ale i tak wszyscy do pieca ;D
2007-07-09 02:14
GJ PGS. Im realy happy about NoA =), the predictions b4 the ESWC were that Noa wouldn`t even get a chance to be in the top 5. tho they ended in 2nd ;D. Fnatic could have done better but i think they played fine. Archi & f0rest were HARDCORE ! Mibr- Ok they didn´t deserve to win this..
2007-07-09 13:26
Nice picture of Les Seules :P <3 AurorA :D ;)
2007-07-10 00:15
if NoA won this would have been so much different. Like i would be very much more proud to be danish. But... ):
2007-07-10 02:38
NoA forever <3 you gonna be number 1 next year
2007-07-10 18:24
Nice pictures :D
2007-07-10 18:47
Special Thanks To SK :)
2007-07-10 19:15
Well done, NoA, I think 2nd place is great! :-)
2007-07-11 04:00
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