K1 League releases more information

K1 League has announced five more teams for its inaugural season as well as the prize distribution and schedule for the event that is spread out to over a month in Shanghai.

We already reported Natus Vincere and TyLoo being the first two invited teams in the past weeks but the organizers have now finalized the invitations of four additional Chinese squads. The last two teams will be announced in the coming days.

Ukraine Natus Vincere (ceh9, Edward, markeloff, starix, Zeus)
China TyLoo (KingZ, Mo, Savage, tb, xf)
China ETeng (forget, HZ, PiPi, Rita, songxiao9)
China TFE (hjxz, machael, meteor, muziwei, zero)
China MRD (lovezhu, qhz, qz, Richie, Vincent)
China H5 (bbg, chouchou, cy1, senlinge, z8z)

The event will be played over the course of six weekends with the group stage taking place over the first four weekends while an all-stars match and the playoffs will finish on the last two weekends.

May 26-27 Rounds 1, 2, 3 in group A
June 2-3 Rounds 4, 5, 6 in group A
June 9-10 Rounds 1, 2, 3 in group B
June 16-17 Rounds 4, 5, 6 in group B
June 22 All-stars
June 23-23 Semi-finals
June 30-July 1 3rd place decider and Grand final

According to the organizers Natus Vincere is likely going to be placed in group B which means they would have to arrive in Shanghai by June 9. However, this would mean their matches would collide with DreamHack Summer which they just got invited to, making it impossible for them to attend.

Savage's TyLoo seems like Na`Vi's toughest competition so far 

Eight teams will be divided into two groups of four where each team will play one another twice in a best-of-one format, resulting in a total of six matches for each team. Winner of each group and the second placers will advance to playoffs which will be played out in a single elimination, best-of-three format.

Prize distribution:

1. 100,000 RMB (~$15,800)
2. 50,000 RMB (~$7,900)
3. 20,000 RMB (~$3,100)
4. 10,000 RMB (~$1,550)

On top of the prizes, the organizers of K1 League will provide flights and accommodation for all eight invited teams. K1 League plans to give out a total of 600,000 RMB ($95,000) during 2012 which will also feature a grand final event with a prize purse of 240,000 RMB ($38,000), of which 150,000 RMB (over $23,000) will go to the champions.

Easy money for NaVi
2012-05-10 23:50
5 replies
Don't say that. on intel extreme masters TyLoo made it really hard to Na`Vi. Winning as 16x04 on dust2. NOT THAT EASY.
2012-05-11 00:12
3 replies
IS EASY... tyloo dont have the level of navi.
2012-05-11 02:22
2 replies
I don't think so,don't forget tyloo raped navi at IEM6WC,and this time it's in China,so tyloo will get this .we will see
2012-05-11 04:13
1 reply
i hope so... is more interesting to see :D
2012-05-11 08:52
its cs online. its sth different from 1.6
2012-05-11 16:03
are those the only teams that will attend? :O
2012-05-10 23:50
7 replies
The last two teams will be announced in the coming days.
2012-05-10 23:56
6 replies
i know but i thought it will be teams like SK, fnatic, ESC, winfakt, M5 .
2012-05-11 00:05
5 replies
Na'Vi will spend over a month in China. i don't think a lot of foreign teams would do that
2012-05-11 00:11
4 replies
why not ,the organization provides everything,it's like a free trip and you can win money
2012-05-11 04:31
3 replies
i don't think a lot of organizations would provide everything, that's my point.
2012-05-11 04:46
2 replies
K1 pays for their stay in China
2012-05-11 05:45
1 reply
oh i read that time, i guess i misread some thread before that, ty
2012-05-11 05:48
They should put navi in group a tough
2012-05-10 23:51
na`vi f*ck this, go to tha dreamhack
2012-05-10 23:53
tyloo can do some damage
2012-05-10 23:53
kinda sad that NaVi will practice so hard for a 15k prize, actually
2012-05-10 23:55
2 replies
why is that sad ? DH summer only got 7k ?
2012-05-10 23:59
1 reply
kinda that 15k was a regular prize, some time ago
2012-05-11 00:04
"According to the organizers Natus Vincere is likely going to be placed in group B which means they would have to arrive in Shanghai by June 9. However, this would mean their matches would collide with DreamHack Summer which they just got invited to, making it impossible for them to attend." This has double the pricemoney and half the competition. I know there are other factors, but shouldn't the possibilty of them going to this over dreamhack possible?
2012-05-10 23:56
10 replies
they take money over prestige.
2012-05-10 23:59
9 replies
This has double the pricemoney for first place.
2012-05-11 00:00
8 replies
thats why i said that...money before prestige..^^
2012-05-11 00:07
7 replies
uh-huh, so you're agreeing with me. sorry, I just didn't think your comment sounded like that. my bad.
2012-05-11 00:11
6 replies
its to bad they are that greedy, true champions wanna play among the very best. It would be like Rafael Nadal dont wanna go to French Open defending his Roland Garros title and win for a seventh time, becuase he is invited to a tournament in Dubai with twice as much prizemoney...
2012-05-11 00:24
5 replies
Why is it that the top majors have the most prize money... its obvious, where the money is, is where the best teams will be. You can count on the top 2 qualifying spots to be ESC/SK/fnatic/Lemondogs easily. The bigger tournament is the K1 tourny, since they never have big tournies. Let up on them in China. Besides, DH has 2 events a year...
2012-05-11 01:41
2 replies
Lets pretend the best teams will be playing K1.
2012-05-11 01:59
1 reply
They are, you do know Navi and Tyloo are top 5 teams in the world, right? And the other 2 qualifying spots will be either sk/esc/ i told you already.
2012-05-12 03:45
You cant compare a proffessional tennisman and a proffessional cs team. Nadal won more money in a year than navi will win in their life.
2012-05-11 08:03
1 reply
If you are quite smart you can read the deeper point.
2012-05-11 13:35
I hope they dont skip DH
2012-05-10 23:58
2012-05-10 23:59
go tyloo
2012-05-11 00:01
chinese players always have s2pid names lol
2012-05-11 00:02
7 replies
saying s2pid is stupid.
2012-05-11 01:29
nick isn't too important
2012-05-11 04:13
they have their style,I think it's interisting
2012-05-11 04:35
whats s2pid? chinese name last name is first. For example,michael jackson , jackson is last name, if michael jackson is chinese name, michael is last name, and first name,like ABB AB,AABB(less)
2012-05-11 16:26
2 replies
i meant nicknames It's like they are not watching the keyboard when tipying so they get nicknames like: xb, xf, tf, wsw, tew, jhx, wjj, qvm ,uxy. And there are others who try european names like: Vincent, Michael, RIchie etc
2012-05-11 22:56
1 reply
xf and tb, is chinese first initials, xf is hes name. Lai Xuefeng.xiaofeng=xf,xiao =small.:)
2012-05-12 14:23
you say s2pid but you dont know even a little aboult chinese cultrue, that's really s2pid!their nicks do mean sth in chinese! 2B!
2012-05-13 08:02
btw loved how tyloo played vs SK at e-stars, even if they eventually lost. supercrazy aim, really crazy inferno with strange unorthodox play. Sk really had to struggle to win over 3 maps.
2012-05-11 00:05
1 reply
tyloo outaimed teams like mouz, its just incredible
2012-05-11 00:22
if navi lose this one it will be end of their cs squad 4sure
2012-05-11 00:12
6 replies
why is that?
2012-05-11 00:22
5 replies
because of realy poor results in the latest tourtaments
2012-05-11 01:20
4 replies
2012-05-11 01:42
LMAO, kill yourself
2012-05-11 05:46
2nd CPH Games 1st TECHLABS* 2nd IEM 6 1st IEM Kiev poor :D
2012-05-11 05:59
2012-05-12 09:16
Ukraine gungrave
navi need in group A
2012-05-11 00:13
TyLoo will take it. mark my words
2012-05-11 00:20
PiPi ahahaha
2012-05-11 00:37
2 replies
hahahahhahahaa pipi in Indonesia means cheek
2012-05-11 04:26
1 reply
pipi in chinese means candy ass
2012-05-11 09:34
hahaha Natus Vincere easy
2012-05-11 01:10
why is there always the SAME picture of savage for every post that involves tyloo
2012-05-11 01:22
where 95k$?
2012-05-11 01:29
omg wtf of the situation omg 950k rmb in total wow millionair starts to play pc games now
2012-05-11 02:00
navi never play csol but tyloo already won k1 league in last season ! so , i think this is advantage for tyloo
2012-05-11 03:40
I think that tyloo win k1.This guys is so brutal,i love their style,but don't forget E/Teng great team too..NAVI have a chance but it be so hard.It would be nice if other two teams be WF,fnatic,M5,SK.... P.S. I would like to watch TFE demos,does anyone in China knows where i can find this guys?:)
2012-05-11 06:08
4 replies
down.5eplay.com/demo/pov/201204/5eplay_t.. pov from TFE|Zero. CT side F/D 33:5
2012-05-11 07:24
3 replies
protocol version 47, not 48 it's not working on my cs but thx:)
2012-05-11 07:48
2 replies
you just have to watch with "playdemo"
2012-05-11 09:45
1 reply
i know but is not working:) error:) i try everything:)
2012-05-11 11:47
2012-05-11 07:36
When NaVi beats Tyloo, they will win. So I am going for NaVi. Markeloff will show dat Asians how to handle a AWP.
2012-05-11 08:14
GO Na`Vi!
2012-05-11 09:22
bo3 no chance for chine teams :)
2012-05-11 10:13
Poland dalaylama
TyLoo taki this ;)
2012-05-11 10:14
Invite M5 PLZ!
2012-05-11 10:45
1 reply
haha, i hope so
2012-05-12 21:17
n1 ggglhf Na`Vi<3
2012-05-11 11:02
Invite ESC plz.! <3
2012-05-11 12:03
easy for NAVI
2012-05-11 12:50
Gl TyLoo !
2012-05-11 14:43
easy money for Natus Vincere for sure
2012-05-11 14:46
Anus Sincere - easy money searchers, moscow five style. I hope someone will nuke china when they will arrive there
2012-05-11 15:45
go TyLoo!!
2012-05-11 15:49
gl tyloo
2012-05-11 19:22
TyLoo can beat Na`Vi and do some damages :-)
2012-05-12 03:55
tyloo is the winner
2012-05-12 08:48
CS online sux Na`Vi lost 1 month to training in this shit against med teams...only Tyloo is good sad
2012-05-12 09:18
2012-05-12 13:44
Hzzzzz from ETeng Zero from TFE Mo from tyloo lovezhu from MRD you can seeeeeee GL&HF
2012-05-12 13:52
3 replies
man I would like to watch TFE demos,do you know where i can find this guys? thx
2012-05-13 11:18
2 replies
5eplay.com/demo/2.html it's 47,not 48
2012-05-16 16:26
1 reply
2012-05-16 17:01
nv easy..
2012-05-12 20:44
"According to the organizers Natus Vincere is likely going to be placed in group B which means they would have to arrive in Shanghai by June 9. However, this would mean their matches would collide with DreamHack Summer which they just got invited to, making it impossible for them to attend." what's that mean? impossible to attend dreamhack or k1?
2012-05-13 07:48
xf will crush them!
2012-05-13 15:43
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