SK beat fnatic to win Intel IO

SK Gaming have been crowned winners of 3rd Generation Intel Core Challenge by Inferno Online, beating fnatic 2-0 to win the $10,000.

The final started on de_dust2, which was SK's map of choice. fnatic won the pistol round from the CT side, only allowing SK one kill. Two rounds later fnatic had a 3-0 lead, SK equalized the score by replying with three rounds won in a row. The teams took turn on winning a round, fnatic were close to tying the score at 6-6, but SK's Johan "face" Klasson managed to win a 1-versus-3 situation to make the score 7-5 in favor of SK. As the first half came to a close, SK had a 8-7 lead.

In the second half Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund put down four fnatic members to win the pistol round and SK then went on to win another four, giving them a 13-7 lead. Rounds then exchanged back and forth, both took two, meaning SK had map point at 15-9. The first of six map points went SK's way, winning first map 16-9.

SK going up 1-0 after win on de_dust2

Second map de_nuke, fnatic won pistol round, playing on the CT side. SK went for the buy in the second round and won it, which led to a 3-1 lead. SK were then leading fnatic for quite some time, but momentum shifted as the half came to a close, fnatic had claimed a 9-6 lead.

SK, now on the CT side, won the pistol round as fnatic failed to make their entry on the A bombsite, then trying ramp where they got denied. Fourth round, SK leading 3-0 and fnatic had bought and went through ramp to the inner catwalk on the A bombsite, but SK won the round and tied the match 9-9. SK continued to take rounds, leading up to 6-0, fnatic then won their first round, score 12-10.

fnatic could only pick up one more round before SK bounced back into the game with an aggressive push into lobby taking the match to 13-11. SK then played very stable throughout the rest of the game, fnatic made a last attempt to make it a draw, but SK were too strong for that to happen and the map ended 16-11 in the favor of SK.

Celebrating the victory

 SK Gaming K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0

$10,000 richer

Final standings

1. Sweden SK Gaming - $10,000
2. Sweden fnatic
3-4. Poland ESC Gaming
3-4. Denmark eSrael
5-8. Finland WinFakt
5-8. Sweden ICSU
5-8. Sweden Hellslayers
5-8. Finland eestralis

Stay tuned for more content from this event, we have photos and interview with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund coming up.

2012-05-12 23:43
why is this bad to you?
2012-05-12 23:47
cuz i'm a fnatic fan. So, 2bad4fnatic.
2012-05-13 00:01
cry me a river
2012-05-13 00:07
very mature
2012-05-13 00:16
drown in a river ooo
2012-05-13 03:21
cry me a sea
2012-05-14 16:45
Mow become SK fan! ...doesn't matter which swe team you like.
2012-05-13 08:37
Hmm, no no no no.
2012-05-13 14:29
sad ... come on fnatic!~
2012-05-13 03:00
Your name is really funny, hahahaha, I mean in chinese...
2012-05-13 09:07
2012-05-13 15:30
winner takes all...... meh
2012-05-12 23:44
Poland gutra 
only losers think that losers should win anything
2012-05-12 23:45
2012-05-12 23:50
2012-05-13 00:07
nice pole
2012-05-13 00:30
Romania OAI3 
I bet`cha ESC think they should have won some cash :D
2012-05-13 00:51
India dNw 
haha i know! :D
2012-05-13 13:04
hmm....... no as a spectator, this kind of policy related to prizes will extinguish any mid-skill teams and, over a long period of time, extinguish the e-sport itself (in this case 1.6). therefore don't expect me to agree with it, regardless of me being a winner or a loser...
2012-05-13 01:20 but anyway, what's the point of chopping up 10k? might as well just give everything to the winners.
2012-05-13 13:39
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Its great!
2012-05-12 23:44
2012-05-12 23:44
Brazil duz. 
gj SK :]
2012-05-12 23:45
Czech Republic _GAsZ_ 
fnatic :(
2012-05-12 23:45
Gj SK, you deserved it :D
2012-05-12 23:45
sick action by Delpan in this tournament so far
2012-05-12 23:46
meanwhile, sick action by colon on
2012-05-13 08:39
yea -7 vs fnatic, sick action lol, and hes the only douchebag that doesnt wear an sk shirt....fcking hate that kid
2012-05-13 08:57
+13 vs ESC, the actuall competition for SK.
2012-05-13 13:35
+13 vs 1 team still doesnt call for "sick action" comment
2012-05-13 23:43
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
Delpan has been instrumental to SK, since he joined they started winning... And obviously u didn't watch the match cause despite -7 in 2 maps he was amazing
2012-05-14 22:11
u cant be -7 and amazing lol, ur post makes no sense...
2012-05-14 22:38
Get right is the star ........he always got less compliment but he is the one that wins rounds for SK
2012-05-13 11:18
Sweden ZOD! 
#StillSK #believe
2012-05-12 23:46
bad prizes, but sk second final won against fnatic in 2012.
2012-05-12 23:46
Great Job. :)
2012-05-12 23:46
sk dominating :- )
2012-05-12 23:46
you reached finals? congratz, fnatic... here, take a lollipop
2012-05-12 23:47
or a biscuit if you like :).
2012-05-12 23:57
NO! that's to much!
2012-05-13 00:51
i bet you feel pretty stupid 7 months later :)
2012-12-28 13:10
You just put this old article onto top of Active Threads. I just mindfucked for a second that SK is still playing 1.6 and won some random shit in Inferno Online :D
2012-12-28 13:16
Ahahah, sorry but i really had to say it xD
2012-12-28 13:19
haha owned :-)
2012-12-28 13:21
SK is back bitches!
2012-05-12 23:48
Sweden cnzTT 
SK \O/ *-* S2
2012-05-12 23:49
RobbaN Delpan f0rest GeT_RiGhT face best SK|Delpan >>> SK|trace
2012-05-12 23:49
We saw it in the final
2012-05-13 00:06
Delpan will never be better than trace, it's just a matter of language barrier. trace is even better than gtr
2012-05-14 20:06
LOOOL Are u okay buddy?
2012-05-14 20:16
gl SK, the best :D
2012-05-12 23:49
Awesome. Great tourney, great coverage, great streaming, great, great, great. I love you all! Until next time. Great.
2012-05-12 23:50
and SK the winner. even greater :D
2012-05-12 23:55
Sweden ZOD! 
2012-05-13 00:04
Venezuela Riikards 
great streaming +1
2012-05-13 00:20
GRATZZ SK :D GJ :D get_right MVP
2012-05-12 23:51
hehe wrong prediction again, lurppis ;)
2012-05-12 23:55
f0rest | 
Romania 69sRs 
gg sk !
2012-05-12 23:56
lurppis wrong sk strong
2012-05-12 23:59
Fuck sk. I like f0rest but sk Is pathetic
2012-05-13 00:02
f0rest was the reason of ESC's lose.
2012-05-13 08:44
I think delpan was :) He got the most important frags
2012-05-13 11:54
I didn't watch the match, and was replying solely based on stats. :)
2012-05-13 21:39
Delpan was always the most important player in SK and he was in this match as well : )
2012-05-13 22:31
2012-05-13 00:03
delpan wins
2012-05-13 00:04
2012-05-13 00:05
its okay bro!
2012-05-13 15:31
I mean I want to c eSrael win :( or even if no eSrael so ESC,even if no ESC may be fnatic,but not sk :(
2012-05-13 15:49
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
gg bad... fnatic players are skilled but they dont know what to do..
2012-05-13 00:11
2012-05-13 00:13
Tunisia edgg 
delpan still cant get a sk shirt :))
2012-05-13 00:15
shit prize distribution
2012-05-13 00:17
It was a "Winner takes all" tournament.
2012-05-13 00:20
Lol good prize distribution, winner takes all is how it should always be
2012-05-13 00:32
Maybe you should start to use your brain, if it would be always like that no teams would attend anymore because no team or org could afford it with all the traveling and accommodation costs.
2012-05-13 00:37
Lol prize money is not how orgs make most of their money However i was joking, BUT i do think having a couple of tournaments with this sort of prize distribution is great to encourage more competition.
2012-05-13 00:41
It's not how they make their money but it's a way of limiting their costs.. remember not all the orgs are that well sponsored like SK or fnatic.
2012-05-13 00:47
India dNw 
Completely agree with you.
2012-05-13 13:07
Italy </3 
more or less? In this kind of tournament, only teams that could come to actual go for the prize money it's fnatic, SK, ESC and Na'Vi.
2012-05-13 13:55
where is Na`Vi !!? Na`Vi is the only team can beat SK
2012-05-13 00:18
Not true, ESC usually beats them on maps like d2 and in most WCG's :P. Na`Vi I think dropped out of the event for KerchNet if I'm right..
2012-05-13 00:54
No, this was the case in the still running fnatic counter-strike league (kerchNet replaces NaVi). NaVi did not attend because of the Skopje CS Masters (which they dropped as well now).
2012-05-13 04:06
hey can ne1 tell wot happened btw GeT_RiGhT & kaRRiGaN bOB in de_nuke map ? i heard abt sum c0ld fight ? ... .
2012-05-13 00:28
download POV
2012-05-13 00:33
POV n0t available got info fr0m FB gtr should hav told more now i can't sleep tonight widout knowing dat thng :/ ... .
2012-05-13 00:51
Say what? Fight? In-game fight or? :S
2012-05-13 01:07
this wot GeT_RiGhT wRote @ his FB profile : "Won over fnatic in the grand final! So nice to do! Want to as well say sorry to Karrigan, like that guy whatever I said! Just little mad afterwards.. Anyway! GG!" dats y i asked ?? ... .
2012-05-13 15:18
2012-05-13 00:39
2012-05-13 00:42
I'm very happy to see that SK is on ther way again with Delpan in lineup. All best to trace, but he could't replace Delpan .. GL SK in this year, I think that they'll gonna win some more major tournaments ..
2012-05-13 00:43
Brazil th3W 
delpan makes the difference :) and I want f0rest hat!
2012-05-13 00:43
Sk gaming \o/
2012-05-13 00:44
Norway kakkopp 
I told u kalle would be better Choice :D
2012-05-13 00:50
really liked esrael performance although they aren t still playing as a team they had a very impressive performance and i have great expectatives about this team
2012-05-13 01:00
Netherlands Erty 
Nicely written Nix0n :D
2012-05-13 01:09
so lucky for sk fnatic is still the strongest f0restbambi > f0rest
2012-05-13 01:21
Argentina tinc 
2012-05-13 01:49
stop dreaming fnatic never won against SK since f0rest and gtre left them
2012-05-13 04:49
+1 since f0rest&GTR SK has won fnatic 9 times and played one draw.
2012-05-13 10:10
SK work it...
2012-05-13 01:26
SK luv ya <3
2012-05-13 01:41
2012-05-13 01:41
delpan best player in the tournament
2012-05-13 02:05
Pakistan Tzk* 
2012-05-13 02:11
f0rest king
2012-05-13 02:58
GG good move delpan
2012-05-13 03:58
2012-05-13 07:09
fnatic wasnt in good shape.
2012-05-13 08:10
hehe, SK were simply much better than anyone else this weekend. 2-0 vs everyone.
2012-05-13 13:43
Deserved ! :)
2012-05-13 08:21
never doubt Delpan again.
2012-05-13 08:41
you play wow?
2012-05-13 08:47
Dont like the sk organization....go fnatic
2012-05-13 08:46
2012-05-13 08:47
swedish english ;o
2012-05-13 11:40
India dNw 
2012-05-13 13:09
have you ever watched live at the apollo? you'd probably end up being suffocated by your own laughter.
2012-05-13 13:47
not really
2012-05-13 13:43
swedish Title Reserved!
2012-05-13 21:35
^^ SK.Delpan > KARRiGAN + Friis
2012-05-13 09:33
2012-05-13 10:05
markeloff > Friis > FalleN > aslak/delpan
2012-05-13 22:13
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
dream on :O Delpan best sniper
2012-05-14 22:15
dream on (c)
2012-05-16 00:14
fallen.. always make me laugh............
2012-05-18 00:53
fallen is the fastest sniper.
2012-05-19 22:52
DELpunished fnatic!! :DDDDDDDD
2012-05-13 09:36
2012-05-13 09:42
GG Guys ^^
2012-05-13 10:23
lol f0rest
2012-05-13 11:03
India dNw 
Feel bad for fnatic.. They shouldve got some money out of this. :( Anyways I hope they win upcoming tourneys ^^
2012-05-13 13:11
sad for fnatic and sad that pnly one teeam getting money
2012-05-13 13:32
Karrigan played shit. friis misses easily shots.
2012-05-13 13:43
Finland coswell 
Actually nice to see SK winning versus a big opponent even if Delpan didnt play amazing. Their problem before with the lineup was that when Delpan sucked, the whole team sucked. Unlucky fnatic, seems you are the 2nd best team on dust2 :) You'll get them next time!
2012-05-13 13:52
I think f0rest needs a vacation.. He needs motivation
2012-05-13 14:08
? He was SK's best player.
2012-05-13 14:47
its not that, in my opinion he's not the same old player (its normal after so many years)
2012-05-13 14:55
It's hard when every other player in the team is catching up with you. f0rest isn't being worse than he was before, it's just that he has better teammates now than seen before. e.g. when f0rest played in fnatic, he was then the "main" star of the team, because he overall was a much better player than the rest, not saying that his teammates sucked, but they were just not in the same level you would say. And he then needed to carry the team a lot sometimes and that's why he seemed like a much better player. Now when they've got players like GeT_RiGhT, delpan and face (you would even in some situations say robban), it's not that necessary for him to step up his game to keep the team going, and even if he played like he used to, his teammates just frags a lot more when facing an opponent.
2012-05-13 16:48
yeap! u r right i think sk has a lot of teamplay (also have amazing individual skills) the team result depend in all the names. and all r playing in the correct level.
2012-05-13 18:15
good point dude, i didn't looked this situation from this point of view.
2012-05-13 18:55
such random prize places
2012-05-13 14:11
2012-05-13 14:32
2012-05-13 15:26
Pretty funny how karrigan blames get_right during the match when you look at the statistics after. Obviously statistics don't say everything but I guess it's pretty clear who wins this particular battle. Also I'm pretty surprised to see that Delpan ended up with such bad stats. I guess he excelled more in the other games.
2012-05-13 22:09
Only reason delpan didn't play as well as the ESC match was 'cause he had to change his game drastically as fnatic was watching SK vs ESC. They saw him play really aggressive, and I'm sure fnatic was ready for him. So he played a more passive role, and not aggressive (which he is more comfortable with). SK'S BACK THO!
2012-05-13 22:23
Why would you pick de_nuke if you play against f0rest? o.O
2012-05-14 03:20
Hahahahahaaha, very good question :D
2012-05-14 09:49
De_nuke is made by their own question of nuke question, Neo is good but f0rest strong on nuke so its very hard to say best team on nuke but i think fnatic play good on nuke but SK have f0rest like you say yeah so very smart question there, On de_dust2 fnaticRC is best as ct but they didnt play very well imo, they could play better, On d2 then delpaN is very strong so you should ask that question too.
2012-05-14 09:53
They should pick de_tuscan, because they already beat SK at de_tuscan at "Swedish Championship 2012 Stockholm qualifier" with 19-17 I think.
2012-05-14 15:46
I'm quite sure SK would remove tuscan seeing it is one of the best maps for fnatic and for sure one of the worst for SK.
2012-05-15 10:56
I think there wasn't map banning, I think they could choose any map?!
2012-05-15 14:54
Ah maybe that was the case, I don't know. If that was the case then I agree with you, fnatic should have picked tuscan
2012-05-15 21:04
Good Game SK
2012-05-14 21:21
SK can beat any team in any map .and that is a fact .
2012-05-15 14:42
I am glad that you support a team that you like, but I don't think you are right. I think ESC is probably the best at de_dust2 but that's just my opinion ;)
2012-05-15 14:57
how can be ESC the best on dust2 if they lose against SK on dust2 this tourney ? axaxxa
2012-05-15 23:07
that's true but maybe that just wasn't their day. I don't doubt what what post 165 says but i really think that ESC has best overall skills at de_dust2. maybe i am wrong, that's why i wrote it's just my opinion ;)
2012-05-16 21:56
Philippines gCN 
Delpan was motivated.. That's why they managed to win. lol
2012-05-16 13:30
China holy]FTW 
SK !!
2012-05-19 16:29
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