ESWC acquired by Oxent

The Electronic Sports World Cup brand has been acquired by Oxent, a French company with ESWC founder Matthieu Dallon as the Managing Director.

Following the bankruptcy of Games-Services in 2009, which meant closure of the ESWC, the brand was three months later bought by Games Solution.

ESWC returned in 2010 with the Disneyland event and last year hosted the finals at Paris Games Week. Last year the ESWC was organized by Oxent, a company with Matthieu Dallon, who was ESWC president before the bankruptcy in 2009, as the Managing Director of the company.

Oxent today sent out a press release stating they have acquired the ESWC brand from Games Solution, putting
Dallon back in charge of the brand he ran until the bankruptcy in 2009.

ESWC logo placed inside the CS tournament area.

Matthieu Dallon back in charge of the ESWC brand

In the press release the ESWC founder stated:

"In 10 years, the ESWC has set most of the standards for modern electronic sport: generating player stardom, on-stage matches in front of a live audience, live commentary, live multi-platform broadcasts, uniting organisations from around the world, licencing rights with the major game publishers. The integration of the ESWC in Oxent's strategy marks a new departure for the competition."

While everyone is waiting for news about the 2012 event, the press release indicated that the wait will be over soon. The upcoming announcement should include game titles, qualifiers and information about the 2012 finals.

2012-05-25 17:08
14 replies
This is probably good.
2012-05-25 17:10
13 replies
Spain ferk
Hmm, I wouldn't say that the return of the guy who previously made ESWC bankrupt is a good new...
2012-05-25 17:26
12 replies
They hosted it last year. Also, if they have the money to buy it back they seem to be doing alright. Also, I doubt the last owner was able to host them, so this is better than no ESWC at all.
2012-05-25 17:36
1 reply
Spain ferk
You don't need a big amount of money to buy ESWC rights from someone that has no money to keep running it. Anyway, if they pay the prize pot, this is better than no ESWC event. We won't know if this is a good or a bad new until some weeks/months after the event.
2012-05-25 17:52
Israel selukvey
Maybe he learned his mistakes?
2012-05-25 17:43
1 reply
Spain ferk
Or maybe not.
2012-05-25 17:52
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
A lot of things can cause bankruptcy other than a president's or CEO's decisions. The economic and legal world is a strange place. Sponsors cannot pay out because of legal loopholes, venues can double book you, etc. I say in any shape or form, it's a good thing that ESWC has returned. Better to have a tournament than no tournament at all.
2012-05-25 18:04
1 reply
Spain ferk
Well, I still think that we won't know if its a good new or not, until we know if ESWC pays the 100% of the prizepot.
2012-05-25 22:37
"the guy who previously made ESWC bankrupt is a good new..." First learn the facts before saying that he lead eswc to bankruptcy. And case you're not aware, in 2009, it happened to so many people, thank's to economic crisis. Being president of eswc doesn't make you the reason of its bankrupt. Get a clue.
2012-05-25 18:36
5 replies
Spain ferk
His company was broken. Him, as CEO, had the duty to run his company in a succesfull way. Of course there are more people involved.
2012-05-25 22:33
4 replies
eSports events run thanks to sponsors. When sponsors don't support you anymore, you have no money and you go bankrupt. Their events were always amazingly well organized, they created a real show and it was really awesome. But when you don't receive money to pay prizes and debts anymore there's nothing you can do.
2012-05-26 13:12
3 replies
i study economics, so i think i have a little bit knowledge of that. and my opinion is that you cannot move your problem (no money) to others! you have to prove that your sponsors will pay after the event or they should pay before the event started! thats only my opinion in a short way.
2012-05-26 14:10
2 replies
Yeah it the best of worlds it would be nice, but events organizers often rely on next events sponsors' money to pay the debts of previous events.. :)
2012-05-26 21:06
You might have studied economics, but never worked with partners for an event, that's the key ;)
2012-05-29 11:26
2012-05-25 17:09
Mattheiu Dallon the one who didn't pay the prizes back in the days?
2012-05-25 17:10
good news, btw its "Matthieu" not "Mattheiu"
2012-05-25 17:11
2 replies
you read tags too XD
2012-05-25 19:47
1 reply
me too? oO
2012-05-25 22:06
Nice :)
2012-05-25 17:13
Hope they'll finally pay out prices
2012-05-25 17:23
10 replies
2012-05-25 18:20
6 replies
i was not sure which is the correct one and now i see that i chose the wrong one .. ;[
2012-05-25 18:22
5 replies
50/50 chances :D every got what u meant, dont worry :) in portuguese, its easy to remember cause prices = PREÇOS, whilst prizes = PRÉMIOS :)
2012-05-25 18:24
4 replies
in slovak it is 1:1 price = cena prize = cena so that's the reason maybe LQL
2012-05-25 18:31
3 replies
seriously? :) thats odd
2012-05-25 18:37
1 reply
shit happens -.- :D
2012-05-26 17:44
slovak FTW :DDDD
2012-05-26 17:21
so he didnt pay nothing or some money? and when that happend(year) and which team won tournament? :$ I'm not the best informed :S sry if my eng is bad :P
2012-05-25 23:48
2 replies
there has been lot of talk about it.. but only thing i am 100% sure that they didn't pay out prize money last year cuz lurppis posted that on his fanpage on facebook Following events never paid out prize money: Here's the original post by lurppis Gambit 2005 (1,000€), WSVG UK ($7,500), CPL Winter 2006 ($3,000), Rendezvous 27 (10,000 SEK), Digifest Solaris 2011 (2,500€), Digifest Fall 2011 (3,000€) and SEC 2011 never paid travel support (500€). Events still expected to pay out are the past IEM season ($12,900 from IEM Guangzhou, New York, Kiev & WC combined) and ESWC 2011 ($2,000) - and I'm one of the lucky players in eSports who didn't miss out on much. Makes you think doesn't it?
2012-05-26 00:21
1 reply
damn even iem and sec didnt play... thx for info dude :)
2012-05-26 14:53
some good news
2012-05-25 17:23
ESWC was and i hope it will be one of the best tournament ever.
2012-05-25 17:34
I guess the financial crisis in 2008 hit ESWC like "everyone" else, but it doesn't seem very calming that the leader of the event before the bankruptcy is yet again in charge - founder or not. They still owe people money, don't they? Maybe not juridically, but at least morally.
2012-05-25 17:37
PGS(ESC) still unpaid ?
2012-05-25 17:48
2 replies
2012-05-25 17:51
1 reply
expected ^^
2012-05-25 17:55
If the guy who ran the company before drove it into the ground, why would they give him the same position?? haha This is disaster waiting to happen
2012-05-25 17:59
2 replies
ridiculous statement. it's like blame astronauts for challendger shuttle disaster.
2012-05-25 18:21
if a company goes bankrupt, its isnt always fault of the president/CEO, whatever u wanna call him.
2012-05-25 18:22
whenever i look at the logo i always think its pepsi
2012-05-25 18:01
2 replies
+1 :D
2012-05-25 18:32
LOL same xD
2012-05-25 19:37
2012-05-25 19:07
cs 2012 the best year.
2012-05-25 19:09
3 replies
2012-05-25 19:30
1337 (i know cs was'nt invented but im sure it was a good year)
2012-05-25 20:16
1 reply
Its good thing, its like pawn shop, he placed ESWC in good hands until he fix his issues and now back again with the creator, offcourse its nice thing.
2012-05-25 19:11
Great.. hope to see...... k?
2012-05-25 19:49
2012-05-25 19:52
nice!! :D
2012-05-25 20:15
this is awesome! gonna be an awesome year too
2012-05-25 20:16
you wanna talk about a ship built to go down... wish them all the best i suppose.
2012-05-25 20:21
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
Till Now for the begiing the year is going awesome sure for cs 1.6, Expecting More.
2012-05-25 20:59
2012-05-25 21:45
2012-05-25 21:46
France EMYOR
the second wind of counter strike 1.6?
2012-05-25 22:00
1 reply
If they decide to put it as one of the main games and don't even think about putting CS:GOTOTHETOILETS
2012-05-25 22:47
not sure if it's a good news but GL!
2012-05-25 22:48
why does the news of their competitions even matter if no one ever gets paid when they win in them?
2012-05-26 02:33
I will laugh if ESC end up playing in another ESWC, winning it and not getting paid again. This all sounds dodgy to me.. same guy running it as before but declared bankruptcy and just gets new owners/investors so doesnt have to pay any of the prizemoney. Yet im sure this guy made certain he got all his money. So its basically the same as before but because it has new 'owners' the debt gets wiped clean.
2012-05-26 04:25
2012-05-26 05:09
While I understand the laws around bankruptcy (and therefore not paying your debts) I was fairly sure once you claim bankruptcy you cant run a business or be a in a financial position of power of a business for a period of 5 years. So I'm interested to know how he got back in
2012-05-26 05:37
1 reply
yea, that's what i know too. i mean, in us, if u declare bankruptcy your debts are "cleared", meaning that no one comes after you to pay them. but after a while, if you make money, you can't use them if you dont' pay your past debts. it is a good law. people wont suicide when they fail with something, but they have to pay back when they have the money again.
2012-05-26 09:38
I want see another ESWC
2012-05-26 08:09
Well. Lets see what happens now with Matthieu back on top. Hopefully he'll remember some of the loyal partners from ESWC 2009 *points himself*. Best of luck.
2012-05-27 00:53
Good luck Matthieu
2012-05-27 11:22
2012-05-27 18:55
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