ESEA Invite 11 moves to finals

Twelve teams competed in ESEA Invite Season 11 with the field being cut down to just the top six who have qualified for LAN finals taking place at the end of June.

Overwhelming favorites former Back2Back topped the regular season with an impressive 15-1 record with their only loss coming in without starter Kory "semphis" Friesen in their last game. Paul "pauLy" Guerboyan's Ultimax Gaming achieved the second seed.

Check Six removed Spencer "hiko" Martin from their roster after last season and Matt "Warden" Dickens returned to activity. Derrick "impulsivE" Truong also came back for season 11 and reunited with former Gravitas Gaming teammates Joe "perez" Perez and Shaun "hostile" Catron in HRG.

1. United States Need Sponsor (ele1Nt, n0thing, semphis, sgares, swag)
2. United States Ultimax Gaming (flowsicK, kiko, pauLy, sobo steno)
3. United States High Rollers Gaming (happa, hostile, impulsivE, khayes, perez)
4. United States mouseSpaz (arya, blade, BOS, FNS, n0swal)
5. United States Check Six (dizzaman, fRoD, Storm, Warden, Xp3)
6. Canada sapphirekelownadotcom (btk, els, knc1, OceaN, ScorpioN)

The event will feature a double elimination best-of-three bracket where the top two seeds receive forfeit wins in the opening round. As opposed to the previous seasons where the maps were pre-determined and announced weeks before the finals took place, this season will feature the standard veto system for map selection.

Prize distribution:

1. $10,000
2. $4,000
3. $2,000
4. $1,400
5-6. $1,100
5-6. $1,100 

ESEA Invite Season 11 Finals will take place in Dallas, TX on June 29-July 1. Although ESEA does not allow to host our own HLTVs, we will still cover the event with hot matches to give fans a chance to follow the action.

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2012-06-05 15:24
lol nice prizes . gogo umx
2012-06-05 15:24
NEED SPONSORS GREAT TEAM WITH CLEVER NAME!!!!! :) GOGOGO Check six vs Need Sponsors = final GL!!
2012-06-05 15:25
United States lurppis
i doubt check six will make top three based on their regular season play unless frod plays completely out of this world well at the finals. hrg and umx seem to be more likely candidates for top3.
2012-06-05 15:38
Ty for your opinion once again :)
2012-06-05 15:42
lan is smnth much more as u know it
2012-06-05 16:15
United States lurppis
they placed 3rd last season and warden has played really bad this season, hiko seemed much better as their fifth. also, hrg is back this season with good players like perez, impulsive and hostile. my guesses (if lineups don't change for lan): 1. need sponsor 2. hrg 3. umx 4. check six 5-6. mousespaz 5-6. sk
2012-06-05 16:20
no one should be arguing what he is saying, x6 is lucky to even make it to the lan. If all the teams in invite didn't just die then x6 would be grunting online but instead they're going to go to lan and show everyone who still thinks it's 2005 that they're really not that great.
2012-06-05 17:24
need sponsor check six umx
2012-06-05 21:00
Saphire is way too under-rated in my opinion, canadians always do better on lan cause of usually playing with such high ping :D
2012-06-08 21:24
United States lurppis
not sure if they are underrated because i don't know where you would really rate them, but it wouldn't be realistic (based on their results or the players' results in the past who are on that team) to assume they can beat any of the top four teams
2012-06-08 21:25
I just know they will cause an upset somewhere because of the randomness you get from being canadian on lan :D. just one of those things like esc winning big tournys and not small ones
2012-06-08 21:29
United States lurppis
that's not at all the same... :d
2012-06-08 22:06
They're playing bad lately (x6). I watched the match of them yesterday against HRG and they lose the map 16-12. I think that the top3 will be: NS UMX and sapphirekelownadotcom, shapphire looks more strong than HRG imo
2012-06-05 21:38
2012-06-05 16:15
1. Need Sponsor lol EG and coL doesn't support cs?
2012-06-05 15:25
They left EG, because they have not enough money from this organisation. There were some news about it at greatfrag.
2012-06-05 15:26
They didn't leave EG, they left B2B Gaming.
2012-06-05 15:36
Oh yeah, sorry ;-D
2012-06-05 15:39
HAHAHAHA xD Need Sponsor,really nice name :D gl everyone
2012-06-05 15:25
what means "BYE"?
2012-06-05 15:26
They don't play the first round and advance to the semi-finals in the upper bracket.
2012-06-05 15:36
2012-06-05 15:40
Need Sponsor GOGOOGOGO!
2012-06-05 15:26
Need Sponsor with Canadian flag? Shouldn't it be USA's ?
2012-06-05 15:29
They use a Canadian flag for their ESEA team, and two of their starters are from Canada methinks (Semphis and ele1nt)
2012-06-05 15:47
Where is FODDER? ahahh
2012-06-05 15:32
he is trollin
2012-06-05 21:00
They should back to FULLGAMING
2012-06-05 15:33
Sweden raveN4s[A]
Need Sponsor :D
2012-06-05 15:33
Taiwan iloviz
too easy for Need Sponsor
2012-06-05 15:36
Lov need sponsors xD
2012-06-05 15:39
gl n0thing :)
2012-06-05 15:47
waiting stream... :)
2012-06-05 15:56
HRD impulsivE :O!!
2012-06-05 15:58
nice prizes
2012-06-05 16:04
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
NEED SPONSORS gl, Good Prizes :))
2012-06-05 16:09
Check Six and NS 2 teams u need to watch
2012-06-05 16:13
gogoogogo Check Six!
2012-06-05 16:14
nice prizes, gl n0thing!
2012-06-05 16:17
I love the name! haha
2012-06-05 16:20
Warden is ranked dead last in Invite for fpr with .475 and again dead last for adr with 55 ...washed up?
2012-06-05 16:30
warden's stats: esea invite season 2: 0.627 fpr esea invite season 3: 0.680 fpr esea invite season 4: 0.629 fpr esea invite season 10: 0.444 fpr esea invite season 11: 0.475 fpr slightly worse than before
2012-06-05 17:15
washed up, and then sun dried!
2012-06-05 17:47
n0thing the big boss :P JAJA gl for the six equipments
2012-06-05 16:35
go n0thing and company.
2012-06-05 16:42
Finals without tromhaT and FODDER won't be interesting ;(. Good luck to all though.
2012-06-05 16:43
ahahah +1
2012-06-05 16:53
Ultimax Gaming (flowsicK, kiko, pauLy, sobo steno) sobo,steno mouseSpaz (arya, blade, BOS, FNS, n0swal) and isnt his nickname BOG?
2012-06-05 16:45
i thought ele1nt said eLement first.
2012-06-05 16:58
BOG not BOS lol =p
2012-06-05 17:05
2012-06-05 17:25
retard eyes can't spell
2012-06-05 17:25
wow prizes are better than in germany :D
2012-06-05 17:39
NEED SPONSORS were messing around the match they lost on by using auto's n stuff
2012-06-05 17:46
10k is a decent sponsor
2012-06-05 17:54
Yeah you can call me a noob..but just 1 question..fRoD swtiched to CS:S right? Then how is he playing in checksix 1.6 squad? (sorry for mysad knowledge about this..but i just <3 fRoD..cudn resist to ask.. ;)
2012-06-05 18:00
United States lurppis
fRoD played CS:S in CGS for compLexity LA from 2006-2007, he joined EG in early 2008 and has played CS 1.6 since then
2012-06-05 18:34
And with made my day.. thanks mate.. ;)
2012-06-06 04:55
fRoD won the world title with EG in MSI BEAT-IT 2010 Beijing, and It was in CS 1.6
2012-06-06 19:21
Oh....Thanks for the info.. ;)
2012-06-07 04:40
Need Sponsor vs Hig roller Gaming in final for sure!
2012-06-05 18:17
check six<3
2012-06-05 18:19
go X6! fRoD, Storm, Warden ftw
2012-06-05 18:25
Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!
2012-06-05 18:36
gl n0thing & co :D
2012-06-05 18:58
date ?
2012-06-05 19:00
read the article
2012-06-05 19:35
Mexico tim7
n0thing > neo
2012-06-05 19:35
why nothing a co cant find any sponsor,? they are top 1 USA lol
2012-06-05 19:35
dead game lol
2012-06-05 19:53
yep, no one is going to pour money into this game unless their main revenue is from this game, hence the $10k prize from esea. i cant see the 1.6 prizes for finals staying this high for long, though.
2012-06-05 20:54
Need sponsor the best
2012-06-05 20:27
Who would like to see lurppis shoutcast on stream this matches in ESEA with some random american guy that streams it already? reply to me "+1" if you like to see lurppis shoutcast thoes games along side with some american guy. +1 for lurppis shoutcasting thoes matches!!
2012-06-05 20:44
imo from past events, players dont usually make the best shoutcasters. only good one i can remember was bsl from cg. leave the shoutcasting to the professional shoutcasters.
2012-06-05 20:56
BS man, IGL can give great input on whatever happens in the game, especially the guys that is concidered as one of the best IGL, tell me 1 shoutcaster that can tell you by heart of what kind of money number the player have and such, sure they might be able to guess if they have eco or not but thats it. cs pro's like cArn and lurppis know the money system good and they do it so elegantly with fluently english, in europe we have rahim whitch is a guy that isnt serious at all, just all about fun, but people like him because of that, how fun is a guy to listen to just tell just facts that may or may not be accurate, especially if its a tournament with full day of cs, the only bareable is the funny guys or Joe Miller, then again I dont know anybody else than wisenhunt that is from america, most people hate him anyways, so adding lurppis to the mixture as a co-caster makes it funner to watch as the tournament progresses.
2012-06-05 21:09
agree with you mostly. i like one professional igl with a "professional" shoutcaster - i mean, someone who's exciting to hear, who feels the game and show those feelings. the ideal for me is ReDeYe + lurppis
2012-06-05 21:40
United States lurppis
while i don't agree with it myself, i think the best combos for viewers are usually one play-by-play guy and a strat caller who speaks good english. i liked casting with joe miller a lot, he's a fun guy. unfortunately i can't cast this event at all due to schedules conflicting (as they did last time since my team was at firecore 3 in london) but generally i like casting as long as it's not all day :)
2012-06-06 01:52
well personally i don't like Joe very much, imo looks like he tries to be the "strat caller" and actually i don't think he has enough knowledge
2012-06-06 04:54
After he retired, I thought Xeqtr was a great shoutcaster for the few events he did. Absolutely brilliant player at the time.
2012-06-07 00:06
Too much money for such teams...
2012-06-05 20:57
I think most of the money comes from entrance fees for the leagues
2012-06-05 22:24
20k every year and they all complain about "cs dead in usa"
2012-06-05 21:29
It's actually 2-3 times a year :p plus the whole pot goes up each time
2012-06-06 00:10
1. need sponsor 2. HRG 3. UMX
2012-06-05 21:34
i wouldnt be surprised if x6 placed top 3 still tho, considering their players lan exp and comfort with playing on lan
2012-06-05 23:21
perez and hostile seem to be playing since the dawn of time :P frod storm too, impulsive I missed out on wardens comeback btw, did he do anything noteworthy?
2012-06-05 23:48
he came in dead last for fpr and adr this season. that's pretty noteworthy, as only one person can claim to be last
2012-06-06 00:11
LOL :p
2012-06-06 08:12
gogo n0thing
2012-06-05 23:52
appreciate the support tomi LOL, keepin the dream alive
2012-06-06 00:16
any international lan plans in the works dman?
2012-06-06 00:30
Good luck dizza, I'm cheering for you guys!
2012-06-06 04:15
ty kuggan and no nothing on our agenda right now as far as international lans ^
2012-06-06 04:31
gl, praying4u
2012-06-06 05:32
kyles gay
2012-06-06 22:42
go rape faces dizza ;D
2012-06-06 06:37
american cs is dead, they dont leave the country and only play esea, i remember when the names 3D and coL scared everyone if they were in your bracket at international events, now you'd laugh at american teams as they are free wins
2012-06-06 01:45
fRoD[A] Storm[A] Warden[A] FK YESSSSSS <3
2012-06-06 06:33
go n0thing
2012-06-06 13:33
That's still more prize money than most (or all?) European national leagues offer. German EPS: 1. 4.300 Euro 2. 2.600 Euro 3. 1.900 Euro 4. 1.500 Euro
2012-06-06 16:08
go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD go fRoD :DD
2012-06-07 00:34
GL.. Need Sponsor :)
2012-06-10 20:01
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