Carmac: "No CS:GO as main title"

Following last week's announcement from Electronic Sports League about dropping Counter-Strike 1.6 as a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters, we talked with Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, Director of Pro Gaming at the German-based company.

After six seasons as one of the main titles in ESL's premiere event series, the Intel Extreme Masters, it was last week announced Counter-Strike 1.6 will not be included as a main title in the seventh season.

Michal "Carmac" Blicharz agreed to feature in an interview here on, touching on why the the game was dropped, how the process of selecting games is done and much more regarding IEM and CS.

The speculations of IEM featuring CS 1.6 for new seasons, is by no means new. For how many seasons have you been reviewing whether it should be in or not and has there at any time been an alternative?

We review all games at the end of the season, not just Counter-Strike 1.6, so technically we reviewed every season. As far as alternatives go, we always look at games separately. If we remove a certain game, it does not mean that we will be looking to replace it at all.

Last season we removed QUAKE LIVE and it was completely unrelated to adding League of Legends. QL had its own set of reasons why we stopped it and LoL had its own set of reasons why we should pick it up.

The same way the decision not to host CS 1.6 at every event this season has its own set of reasons and was not prompted by any external context. If we find good reasons to run a CS 1.6 tournament at one of the future Intel Extreme Masters stops, we will do it.

We just couldn't commit to CS 1.6 for a tournament series where 50% of the season takes place outside of Europe. We're working on a purely European league for CS 1.6, but it is difficult to finance anything for CS 1.6 these days. So no promises.

CS 1.6's old graphics are often cited as a reason for the game's decline in the eyes of tournament organizers. Do the graphics actually play any part in your game selection process and do you get pressured by sponsors to pick games with better graphics or is it all about viewership and the size of the community?

I have NEVER heard a single word from any of our sponsors about graphics. In fact, for our event in Shanghai two seasons ago it was Intel that asked us to run a local Chinese DotA tournament. We all know DotA is a game made on a 2002 engine.

Carmac on stage at the IEM 6 World Championship 

In the announcement about removing CS 1.6 as a main title in the coming IEM season it is mentioned that the game has declined in other parts of the world. Is this a result of the Asian and North American teams being unable to fund travel to the IEM 6 WC or did the viewership suffer in those regions as well due to time zones being odd for the European fans?

The main reason was that CS does not have professional teams outside of Europe. CS is doing well on an amateur level in North America but it is not really supported as a professional game

If you want to host a great global event somewhere in China or North America, you need to bring at least six European teams because the local teams just aren't at a level good enough to compete. Which leads us to a conclusion that it's much better to focus on Europe and European events instead.

Viewership for our non-European events was not mindblowing due to a mixture of time zones and the teams playing in those events. Six, seven years ago everyone would have been dying to see the 4 best North American teams compete against the best European, Asian and South American teams.

If you remember the great North American teams and the rivalries they had across the Atlantic Ocean with European teams... Those were THE years of CS. Today the biggest rivalries are across 1200km. CS is a European game these days. In Europe there aren't that many teams with good sponsorships either, but at least the level of play is very high and the cost of attending an event within Europe is relatively low.

In 2008 the Intel Extreme Masters champions were German and the runners up were Korean. Imagine seeing that today.

Based on your quote "This means that if CS 1.6 will be featured at an event, it will only be for certain events where it is a perfect fit for the Intel Extreme Masters locally", how likely is it that CS 1.6 will be featured at say a European Global Challenge in season seven?

We will look at each event individually and see what the best approach is. It will depend on the floor space we have available and on the service / streaming coverage we can guarantee for CS 1.6 there. And on how many teams will pledge their support to CS 1.6 as well.

70,000 viewers is what many will remember from the season six finals. What do you make of the viewership numbers the game produced during CeBIT?

In case it wasn't clear: CS 1.6 is still a fantastic esports game in Europe. It has got a lot of high skilled players and still many teams competing for #1 and a lot of viewership. The 70,000 number is not a number to complain about, but it happened once last season.

If the Intel Extreme Masters were a tour of events in Stockholm, Warsaw, Berlin, Kiev, Paris and Moscow, there would be no question which game fits best.

Carmac handing pasha the MVP award at IEM 6 World Championship 

Has Valve announcing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had any impact on the decision to remove CS 1.6 as a main title?

None. As I said, we look at games independently. Other than pure budget reasons, I see nothing that would theoretically stop us from running both games at the same time if we determine that they fit the bill for our project.

Based on your involvement with Valve so far and the release date of CS:GO, can we expect the game to be a part of the main games for the upcoming season?

A game can be a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters if it's a healthy esport: it has an active player base, spectators and fans. No game will have that from Day 1 after the release. That needs to grow with time and with a community behind the game.

So the answer is: no, we will not have CS:GO as a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters in the upcoming season. The game will be released in the same month as the first event of the new season.

If CS:GO (or any other game) is featured in the Intel Extreme Masters at any point in time, it will not be to replace one or any other game in it. It will be so because it has a community of its own which can prove that the game deserves it.

We are not fixed on a specific number of games in our leagues. If I had completely unlimited budgets, we'd probably be running 9 different games in Intel Extreme Masters.

No CS 1.6 and no CS:GO, does that mean there will be no FPS title as a main title for season seven?

That's the way it looks right now, though we will still run tournaments for games which fit locally.

If CS:GO becomes successful in its own right, I can see it featured in Intel Extreme Masters events. I can also imagine an event with both games in it. Until there is a clear signal that the 75% CS 1.6 community has transitioned into CS:GO, we have to treat these two games as two completely different titles.

As a whole, what do you think of FPS games' future in general?

I think that we are starving for new, good games that will "get it right". The potential out there is huge because people still play FPS games. The key issue is: how do we convince all the casual players that it's better to play an FPS game on a PC than on a console? To us it is an extremely obvious choice because nothing beats mouse control. But to them it isn't.

We need new people to come into the esports FPS scene and those people to be turned from casual players to die-hard players, and those to competitive and pro players. The new game that will save esports as an FPS needs to be done well as a social experience and as a competitive platform.

I just think it's a shame there's no good hardcore 1on1 FPS out there (yet). That would be great to have!

Season five features the best IEM CS memory for Carmac

With CS 1.6 removed as a main title in IEM, if you had to name one memory that sticks out from the years you’ve been involved, what would it be?

I will never forget the FX vs. SK Gaming semi final. I have always been a good friend to the Polish CS team and I saw them struggle for a very long time. I saw how badly they wanted to be in the final the event before in Kiev and how devastated they were after mTw beat them.

They came to CeBIT and lost to the same mTw team in group play and had to rebuild themselves as a group and as a team all the way to the final. I think at that event SK Gaming was the much better team but they lost to FX because of their insanely strong heads, their composure and the little extra that has made them legends.

That game cost them so much that they broke down crying after the victory. I felt privileged that I was there in that moment and I will never forget it.

The community is obviously not pleased with the move and as an end to this interview, is there anything you’d like to say to the community?

I think that they have every right to be displeased. I would be if I were them. I would only like to thank those that have supported us over the years and it was a pleasure delivering Intel Extreme Masters events for them.

As Blicharz disclosed, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will not be a main title for the upcoming season seven of the Intel Extreme Masters, just like Counter-Strike 1.6 won't. This means that the only chance to see either of the games in the coming season, will be if a side tournament is hosted.

Good Carmac!
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fast read ?
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He's first. Deal with it.
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you must just read: Carmac: "No CS:GO as main title" to know that....
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btw, who is carmac ?
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Serbia Lzrk
"we talked with Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, Director of Pro Gaming at the German-based company."
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if you dont know carmac --->gtfo
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stfu pls... i'm talking to nibb not u
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u r the most sickest reader ever
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Did you think that he read that? kkkkk
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irony? ffs
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I understood ...
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+2 ! Good Carmac !
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reminds me of rape game
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Lol. When I saw the title I thought that you were interviewed. Camar is similar to carmac :D
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nix0n PM me, i'm waiting :c
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This is correct. L2p noob.
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omg you are right, carmac is smarter than me, sorry carmac :D
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if no cs go why they kick cs 1-6?
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Iceland alex!
This is a good interview, you should read it.
2012-06-21 21:12
Thats in the actual article, not sure if you actually read it.
2012-06-21 21:22
Venezuela Riikards
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I bet he would've not seen #14 if you did not post "#14"..
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LETS PLAY PRO MOD! Tell me guys, why not?!
2012-06-21 21:07
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cuz promod sucks to
2012-06-21 21:09
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no way!
2012-06-21 21:10
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shity models in promod and textures.... promod like source...
2012-06-22 07:42
Compared to 1.6 yes, but it's 10x better than CS:GO.
2012-06-21 21:12
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cyx | 
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It gets better with every release. =)
2012-06-21 22:35
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Unlike the other game. Wait, which one are you talking about?
2012-06-22 21:23
agreed, but if cs 1.6 better than promod, why ESL should pick promod instead of 1.6? As i understood in interview, when ESL pick a gamelist, they didn't see on graphics and years old of game, there is all about the viewers.
2012-06-21 22:49
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yeah. but you don't get new players with a game with as old graphics as 1.6, that's why it matters. and CSP is like a 95% clone of 1.6.
2012-06-21 23:16
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the graphics of cspromod might still be outdated for the new players though as it is from 2004
2012-06-21 23:25
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+1. That is what i'm talking about
2012-06-22 07:22
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cyx | 
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While this is true, CSP is designed in such a way that the game can be dropped ontop of new engines as they come out -- so no need to reprogram the whole game when you want to adopt a new engine and improve the same graphics. And you're left with classic 1.6 gameplay!
2012-06-22 18:39
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Will be great to see CSP onto CSGO Engine, but i don't think that Valve will agreed this move.
2012-06-22 19:35
promod it's very VERY like cs1.6 and with better graphics, try it -.-
2012-06-22 17:23
Let's just stay on 1.6. Stop trying to replace it. Yeah, Promod is way better than CS:GO but who cares ? What does it bring more than 1.6 ? Graphisms ? This interview clearly shows that graphisms aren't important at all. Let's not divide the community again and let's support our game as long as we can.
2012-06-21 21:27
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This interview shows that the graphics are not important to the people who make tournaments, the interview also tells us that they want a proper community, with lots of teams spread around the world. And since people at >15 only want games with graphics, graphics do matter, just not in the competitive aspect, which only will appear if there's a big community. Am I right or am I wrong? :)
2012-06-21 21:39
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i'm 13 and i play cs 1.6 , quake live , cspromod and LoL , and as you can see they aren't that big on graphics , gameplay > graphics
2012-06-21 21:56
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You have pretty good english for a 13 year old! Keep on playing 1.6!
2012-06-22 03:03
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thnx :D i will , i'm supporting cspromod right now , but i have a team with my bestfriends on 1.6 , and we're attending some lans here in portugal :))
2012-06-22 03:28
100000% right.
2012-06-22 11:17
cspromod isn't just bringing better graphics, it's suppose to also fix what's broken in 1.6 and make 1.6 better since vavle doesn't want to. netcodes are better so people can play on 400 ping with almost no lag, hltv viewing is more advance and spectator friendly, new animations (instead of 1 flying up head shots, there will be side head shots animations, back head shot animations, and last i heard they're trying to implement a match making system similar to LoL and dota where players can join a 5v5 pub) thats basically the point of cspromod. to use the more advance source engine to make cs1.6 even better. 1.6 is awesome, but i hope cspromod really delivers to make cs even more awesome.
2012-06-21 21:53
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netcodes in order to making it possible for 400 ping users to play ? that would be huge.
2012-06-22 06:24
pro mod is so great, most likely i will switch from cs to csp, I already played today with delpan and potti =D (delpan is newb and potti is fine :p)
2012-06-21 21:28
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ahhahh srsly ? xD
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Yes lol, potti was good with ak and delpan was missing shots like hell :D
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ahahaah xD
2012-06-21 22:23
ooh yeah, i believe you
2012-11-05 15:19
Because transitioning part/most of the community to an approximation is not going to increase its size but decrease it
2012-06-21 22:19
:DD u make my day
2012-06-22 04:40
+1 CS love !!!
2012-06-21 21:09
carmac <3 he's the only one that realy supports cs 1.6 and i hope the next time IEM will be in europe :P so we can once again watch CS 1.6 as a main title.. :}
2012-06-21 21:11
The title of this article is incredibly misleading.
2012-06-21 21:11
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Titles here are getting worse and worse. They've said in previous threads about this complaint that it's to sensationalize the article to get more viewers, but at this point they might as well put an entirely made up and irrelevant title to draw people in because they're basically at that point already.
2012-06-21 22:20
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United States lurppis
how is this title misleading? title: "No CS:GO as main title" actual text: "So the answer is: no, we will not have CS:GO as a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters in the upcoming season."
2012-06-21 22:27
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cyx | 
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Unfortunately, you can't please everyone. =/
2012-06-21 22:37
title: "No CS:GO as main title" Were as "No CS:GO as main title in upcoming season" makes a lot more sense. The current title makes it sound like it will never be picked up, but HLTV WCYD
2012-06-22 08:56
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United States lurppis
as you might have noticed our site has a limitation to how long the titles can be, and the current one is already pushing it. once again i disagree because it would be unrealistic for carmac to have decided cs:go will never become the main title as it is far too early to say - use your head people!
2012-06-22 10:35
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Honestly, it wasn't that clear. Sure, it made me open the interview to clarify what it actually meant but it's just lowering the standards really. Carmac: "No CS:GO this IEM" would have made more sense!
2012-06-23 08:43
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United States lurppis
but he didn't say there would be no cs:go this iem, he just said it won't be a main title. according to this interview, it's possible they could host a cs:go tournament at a global challenge. this one implies it will not become a main title (and we assume the reader can figure out it means this season and not the future because iem realistically could not have made that decision yet) - unfortunately we have a limited character space for headlines. however, saying "no cs:go this iem" could actually be wrong, so this is a much, much better option
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Ah, yeah. Good point. As for the character limit -- the woes of web design! But I guess no one could have anticipated the character limit being an issue.
2012-06-23 22:15
United States lurppis
you're free to comment below as well, i have no idea how you could possibly interpret this title as something else
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Venezuela Riikards
all he wanted is you to reply him so...
2012-06-22 16:07
Yeah right.. there's no misleading title "pandabear"
2012-06-22 00:01
So, if mibr, coL, EG, 3D, Lunatic-hai and wNv were still arround and strong, CS 1.6 would be main title forever.
2012-06-21 21:12
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definitely =D
2012-06-21 21:58
probably and CS scene would get much bigger and it would be even more fun to watch
2012-06-21 23:06
Greece her-1g
thats what he said
2012-06-22 03:00
Nice interview by Carmac, I hope they host 1.6 tournament soon, if their budgets fit.
2012-06-21 21:12
Ukraine twil
As I understand, there could be a Global Challenge?in Kiev for example.
2012-06-21 21:12
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Yes, as I understand is something like that.
2012-06-21 21:18
good read
2012-06-21 21:13
<3 Carmac I would like to see CS:Promod at IEM instead of CS:Online... imo CSP is like compromise between css and 1.6 and still not bad graphic
2012-06-21 21:14
1 reply
Well CS:O is not at IEM but at WCG as a promotional title :D. IMO, CS:P is the SAME like 1.6, just has the graphics of CS:S. CS:P definitely has a good potential and I hope that it will replace 1.6 when 1.6 definitely dies as a eSports game.
2012-06-21 21:39
Nice interview, it's not neccesary to blame him for it. He's right in general sadly the CS scene isn't that big anymore on other continents, at least they will feature CS in Europe.
2012-06-21 21:17
so what do americans play in? I mean, all that halo, CoD, BF crap is totally random, why do they like it?
2012-06-21 21:20
5 replies
I suppose you just don't understand the games naturally. :)
2012-06-21 21:26
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I played every game out there and I can tell you that none of them could be an esport. You can fun with them, but esport? No way. Can you give me one fps game which is worthy to be in esports nowadays except counter strike and quake..?
2012-06-22 02:35
1 reply
Call Of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3 all competitively viable as an eSport. The problem you are talking about is you have never played a competitive match and therefore do not understand how a game can be viable for eSports. I don't understand StarCraft2 because I'm not into those games but I know why it is competitively played as an eSport.
2012-06-22 08:24
ahahaha agree!I cant undestand why more and more ppl playing in these random easy games,for disabled brainless ppl.that reason i love cs 1.6 ^_^ sry4crazzzzy eng i just want to sleep -_-
2012-06-22 01:27
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Just because they are different doesn't make them "easy"
2012-06-22 08:25
2012-06-21 21:21
2012-06-21 21:25
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2012-06-22 01:21
Btw. Dat Carmac is such a big troll, i loled so many times on his interviews Check this out:
2012-06-21 21:28
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couldn't stop laughing. YOR TIM AR HEV TOMORROW BIG?
2012-06-21 22:23
Uszat is troll:D Carmac is great manager! But sad he isnt Uszat anymore cuz everyone know him and he cant act like a troll xD
2012-06-21 23:08
2012-06-21 23:41
dust2 best map ever!
2012-06-22 11:26
2012-06-22 14:55
Hahaha hilarious
2012-06-22 18:59
It's better than I thought if they still believe in the game for Europe.
2012-06-21 21:29
the graphics are for nerds ... the game is fine the way it is
2012-06-21 21:31
Nice, good Carmac :D
2012-06-21 21:33
Sweden raveN4s[A]
CS 1.6 forever <3... GG Carmac
2012-06-21 21:33
just give us back 1.6
2012-06-21 21:33
carmac is awesome. he understands us.
2012-06-21 21:37
Carmac, you have my respect.
2012-06-21 21:39
"I have NEVER heard a single word from any of our sponsors about graphics." This pretty much means CS:GO is useless. Right now the grahpics and the look of the game is the only reason to change from 1.6...
2012-06-21 21:41
32 replies
Yes exactly. Which is CS:P. The same physics with the look of CS:S will (hopefully) get the attention of FPS gamers. + it's free.
2012-06-21 21:45
27 replies
+ it will be released in 1000 years.
2012-06-21 21:46
26 replies
1.09 will be (HOPEFULLY again) released in a few weeks and according to Pus and the guys he knows, they are willing to do a showmatch which would be great.
2012-06-21 21:50
1 reply
2012-06-21 21:53
Aren't you the guy who talks about CS2? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, CS2 is a game that will be released in 1000 years, CSP will be released in 2 years at MOST, most likely during 2013.
2012-06-21 23:18
23 replies
lol. "CS2 will be out before HL3. At least we know that. Tell me when last tweet came from csp dev team i checked for you and it was 24.03
2012-06-21 23:47
22 replies
Pus said it should be out in next few weeks.
2012-06-22 00:05
18 replies
9 months passed
2012-06-22 00:07
17 replies
1. This 1.09-beta includes way more than the 1.09-beta they announced before. 2. Stop complaining.
2012-06-22 00:11
14 replies
CSP started 5 years ago and you can't see where they are.
2012-06-22 00:14
13 replies
So what? Did you ever create a fully custom coded game in you spare time? I don't think so... It's a lot of work. Some developer-studios got 90+ people working on 1 game and they still need 2-3 years. But it doesn't matter anyway since we need CSPromod now and not in 2007.
2012-06-22 00:18
12 replies
They're using source engine. 2-3 years? at least 5 years. 1.08 camed 9 months ago and we're still waiting for BETA 1.09. It's nonsense to wait a game from a few guys to replace a legend game. CSP has better graphics but that will only affect casual gamers.
2012-06-22 00:44
11 replies
Yes, they're using the source engine. So what? The game itself is custom coded and can be ported to newer versions of the source engine. Start to read properly. I said even big game-studios with hundreds of full-time working developers need at least 2-3 years to create a game. Look at how long they were working on Diablo 3. But why are we talking about that? It doesn't matter anyway.. We need better graphic to attract more people. No young American kid will try 1.6 anymore when he sees its outdated graphics. Especially if he has to pay for it (CSP is for free). But as you can see we need a strong American CS community for being a part of the IEM.
2012-06-22 01:01
10 replies
Casual gamers aren't important. Do you think they're using gaming equipments? Do you think they're following pro CS scene? Or will they? Thousands of kids are playing new fps games so there should be millions dollar events for BF3,CoD MW3, according to your logic. fail logic :)
2012-06-22 02:07
9 replies
Are you serious? Everyone who starts playing CS is a "casual" at the beginning. To get into the competitive scene you first have to start playing CS.
2012-06-22 02:06
8 replies
so where are the bf and cod's competitive scene right now? According to the your logic, if you're playing a game for fun then you will get into the competive scene soon
2012-06-22 02:13
7 replies
Seriously, start reading properly. Your questions is absolutely irrelevant to my previous respond. Of course a game needs this "something special" to evolve a competitive scene. But noone starts playing a game because of its competitive qualities. When you played CS for your first time, you actually were "just a casual".
2012-06-22 02:17
6 replies
i wanted to be better and better. i didn't play it for graphics. Everybody knows what CS is in these days and it sold over than 25millions. We don't need a game to represent CS.
2012-06-22 02:20
5 replies
First of all you have to TRY CS. Noone thinks: "Oh CS. I never played it. But I want to get better in it". That's pure nonsense. Now the problem is: In western Europe and North-America young people don't try CS, just because it looks ridiculous outdated for them. A lot of them didn't even heard of CS because of its long absence in public media. But now with the name "Counter-Strike" in the media (because of CS:GO) we got the perfect chance to start an new era with CSP as a free version of CS. We need to bring a lot of new people into the competitive CS-scene and our only chance to do so is by supporting CSP.
2012-06-22 02:33
4 replies
They never heard of CS. But start to interest with CSP because of the "Counter-Strike:" part
2012-06-22 02:45
2 replies
I'm not sure if you're not able to read properly or just very dumb... Ofc they will start to interest for CSP AFTER they heard about "CS" in the media.
2012-06-22 02:49
1 reply
He's just dumb, just let him be. :)
2012-06-22 20:06
people just dont want to pay 8 euros with credit card for a 99' game, at least here. i just think that cs 1.6 has to become free to play like they did with tf2 i had this kind of conversation like 1000 times: guy: let me try that old game u play.. counter-strike? where i can find it? me: you have to pay 8€ for it guy: nevermind oh anyway, people never heard about cs here in italy
2012-06-22 03:39
What? Pus said that just few days ago,here in some topic on was about some show matches in CSP.
2012-06-22 00:12
1 reply
i mean 1.08 released 9 months ago.
2012-06-22 00:13
Check the devlog for news, not twitter. btw: Chet F. said they wouldn't even have an idea how CS 2.0 would look like. So they didn't start working on it for sure.
2012-06-22 00:09
2 replies
He didn't say it exactly like that.
2012-06-22 00:10
Actually they've been talking about CS2 since 2008. Until now I think they could've made some ideas.
2012-06-22 00:16
TBH CS:GO is not that good on graphics either, its just the same Source engine that has been used in past games, like CS:Source but this time it has lots of generic effects to make it look better.
2012-06-21 21:46
Graphics arent the only advantage of CSGO. It is the only counter-strike version (outside of CS:Online 2 in the asian scene) capable of bringing in new players to the community, as well as potentially bringing back old players and combining the 1.6 & css communities
2012-06-21 23:13
2 replies
CS:GO isn't a "version" of Counter-Strike. It's a completely different game, who had the luck to be named after the greatest FPS-game ever created. It's not even near being worthy of carrying that name btw.
2012-06-22 03:33
1 reply
Lol and who are you to decide that? Did you happen to create Counter Strike?
2012-06-22 08:29
Carmac good guy!
2012-06-21 21:42
Great interview! Now we know what to expect in the future as far as IEM goes
2012-06-21 21:44
ok make 1 more season on 1.6 and if CSGO or another game is better to replace it OK...
2012-06-21 21:46
Yeah was said long time ago that CS 1.6 only playable for European players and imo it's not stupid decision they made. Just hope that CS:GO goes huge!
2012-06-21 21:56
3 replies
i hope cspromod goes huge
2012-06-21 22:22
2 replies
I hope 1.6 stays huge.
2012-06-22 03:33
1 reply
it will never dieeee :D
2012-06-22 03:34
nice interview, nice answers.
2012-06-21 21:57
if you push the tournament of latin america with same prices of the USA iem. You have four times more people. And more level. but USA is USA. In my opinion the usa teams don't have the level of brasil.amd, or dattatec with a lot of practice.
2012-06-21 21:59
Idont know if say "good!" or "sad!"
2012-06-21 22:01
Latvia GekonsCS
2012-06-21 22:05
1 reply
2012-06-21 22:26
"If we find good reasons to run a CS 1.6 tournament at one of the future Intel Extreme Masters stops, we will do it."
2012-06-21 22:11
Good interview, hope for more European tournaments in this case.
2012-06-21 22:14
So, Carmac said he never had a complain about graphics from the sponsors... I lost count of how many times idiots like Richard Lewis and Richeh said "we need better graphics, sponsors have no interest in and 10 year old graphic". Well, I guess this is evidence of how little Ricard Lewis and Richeh know about e-sports / Counter-Strike. Well said Carmac! You are the man!
2012-06-21 22:15
2 replies
2012-06-21 22:23
Wow, difficult to comprehend.
2012-06-22 20:08
Bulgaria J4R
So it's North America and Asia's fault! Kill 'em all !
2012-06-21 22:23
2 replies
2012-06-21 22:28
Slovakia kubiaxk
2012-06-22 10:49
won't read it but all in all no cs at all out there, carmac is baad!
2012-06-21 22:23
4 replies
you should read it to get a point
2012-06-21 23:04
the bad one here is actually you.. if you were Carmac you would do the same thing regardin the money sitation and possible profits/expenditures
2012-06-21 23:46
2 replies
would do it with every single game beside cs
2012-06-21 23:48
1 reply
because you play cs dude that's the one and only reason.. you have never been in position of carmac and you have never been running such a thing like IEM..
2012-06-21 23:56
"The main reason was that CS does not have professional teams outside of Europe. CS is doing well on an amateur level in North America but it is not really supported as a professional game" That's a chicken-or-the-egg situation. N.A. 1.6 is not big because there aren't enough big lans like IEM, yet IEM won't hold lans in N.A. because it's not big.
2012-06-21 22:28
i totally understand his point, now dota 2 please, great game (the best atm) and is played around the world, eu, usa and asia has very strong teams and its the biggest game in asia so GO FOR IT IEM <3
2012-06-21 22:29
Estonia syccc
fuck cs:go
2012-06-21 22:41
2012-06-21 22:52
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
You see guys :) dont say anymore cs 1.6 dieing say fps games dieing :))) countinue to support cs:go now. E-SPORT IS FPS PLAYERS!!!!!!!
2012-06-21 22:57
India h8or
After reading this interview, i hope all the cadred noobs(Retard Blewhis, dickeh, dumpster etc) who cry about graphics being the reason why a game should be replaced should STFU forever.
2012-06-21 23:02
1 reply
I think you need to clue up.
2012-06-22 08:33
Nice to read. Thanks Carmac for every think what you do for the best FPS game ever !
2012-06-21 23:02
Good read.
2012-06-21 23:03
NA killed IEM 1.6 with headshot sorry for us NA teams blowing at cs =(
2012-06-21 23:03
3 replies
Yes... CGS killed NA 1.6, then a few years later, the global 1.6
2012-06-21 23:09
CGS killed CS =(
2012-06-22 01:32
1 reply
Slovakia kubiaxk
die in hell CGS !
2012-06-22 10:50
"We all know DotA is a game made on a 2002 engine." oh really? about cs 1998 engine! fuck dota
2012-06-21 23:06
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
pasha told them that he wants to be the last MVP at IEM or he'll beat the shit out of them, and they were like :okay:, no more 1.6.
2012-06-21 23:19
I rarely read whole interviews but when I read them, they are good (grate!)
2012-06-21 23:26
You're destroying the spirit of CS. Why? No 1.6, no css, no csp and then no csgo? What we could do? Go on other games. Cu on shootmania ;)
2012-06-21 23:29
1 reply
ahaah , i like shootmania :D but i LOVE CSPROMOD & 1.6
2012-06-22 16:20
this is all sad ... 1-2 years and cs 1.6 will die in europe too ( still thank you carmac for great answers ))
2012-06-21 23:31
what a great interview Nix0n, this solve all my question about this matter, and many more...
2012-06-21 23:33
good interview
2012-06-21 23:40
<3 CSPromod
2012-06-21 23:45
Nice read
2012-06-21 23:47
"Until there is a clear signal that the 75% CS 1.6 community has transitioned into CS:GO, we have to treat these two games as two completely different titles." Hmmm yea thats not gonna happen =)
2012-06-21 23:55
that was such a good read well done lads
2012-06-21 23:58
big view ? read that later ... just scrolling comments ... no cs 1.6/ no go .... what then ?
2012-06-22 00:14
1 reply
Short answer? The interview, read it.
2012-06-22 00:22
too much text
2012-06-22 00:19
Ukraine gungrave
rumors say pros wanna(or already) play in promod
2012-06-22 00:44
''I just think it's a shame there's no good hardcore 1on1 FPS out there (yet). That would be great to have!''
2012-06-22 00:46
GO cs 1.6 !
2012-06-22 00:49
- CS 1.6 + Crossfire
2012-06-22 01:08
Hope that one day there will be EPS Baltic with CS1.6 in it :)
2012-06-22 01:38
Basicly its clear: CS 1.6 just die if the community of 1.6 die. So... if we stay alive, our cs 1.6 will stay too. I feel bad about north american and asian cs communitys, they died so badly. We need them to become a strong game worldwide as in the past.
2012-06-22 02:30
In CSPromod americans can practice with europeans without lag, which'll make them better, which will make the game bigger over there.
2012-06-22 02:46
Greece her-1g
it makes absolutely perfect sense!! wise move by Intel Extreme Masters. If you organize a cs 1.6 event at china you will see 8 european teams 1 korean and maybe 2 chinese teams. and in the end europeans will fight each other. Its like organizing a baseball tournament in europe where noone watches baseball :P fully agreed with they need to make at least 1 european stop apart from european finals.
2012-06-22 03:03
Weel yeah i think same like her-1g, he has got 100% right. Check it in past we had many teams from around the world, for example check team from CPL 2005 or 2006 we got many teams from North America, South America, Asia and EU now ? ? ? Where is this all teams like 3D, pandemic, Complexity, Mibr, Lunatic Hai and others, or from the other site check a quake scene now we got maybe 10players hwo can compete on big tournaments it could be boring watching same faces all the time ? We need something new some new team play game and some duel game like quake, ut etc, maybe new Doom will show us something incredible, it sad but its true, PC games are in proces of extermination and we need something which will stop it
2012-06-22 03:16
2 replies
2012-06-22 03:22
1 reply
yeah I forgot about this teams :D it was late when i wrote my post :D but yeah this teams was awesome to :P well in Poland community talks about end of CS 1.6 since 2007 but now it is really happening, Im only wonderning when big organizations will start discard his proplayers :p
2012-06-22 13:00
1.6 for ever :)
2012-06-22 03:26
shootmania can become one good title
2012-06-22 03:57
3 replies
joking, right?
2012-06-22 10:30
2 replies
no, it's a quake style game and I believe that it can become good.
2012-06-22 11:37
1 reply
+1. the trailer was awesome.
2012-06-22 14:18
please please please please some game-studio out there, make an FPS game that is INSANELY good and can take over the scene. i would honestly much rather have that than keeping 1.6 around for 5 more years, even if 1.6 probably is the best game in history, it's time to move on. and no, CS:GO is NOT nor will it ever be the answer. we need a completely new FPS game. i guess we can hope for shootmania but to be honest that doesnt seem that appealing, at least not right now.
2012-06-22 04:05
Damn, how I wish it was CSPromod instead of CS:GO, it's a shame they "stopped" developing it. :(
2012-06-22 05:21
2012-06-22 06:15
Doesn't help 1.6 fans
2012-06-22 07:03
2012-06-22 07:25
2012-06-22 08:11
cs 1.6 is back
2012-06-22 08:32
I havent read the interview yet, and I just want to make a comment on the headline. I honestly dont understand this. Any PR student could tell valve that asking all the main organisers to get cs:go as a main title and valve sponsoring it would be money worth their while. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE SO DAMN STUPID. it should be quite obvious.
2012-06-22 08:50
1 reply
exactly at least for the first year you could get big numbers and same money wise
2012-06-22 11:37
same thing is with sc2 , european players cannot compete with Koreans players , even if they participate the tournaments they cannot get in to the semis. Sponsors from rest of the world have no balls to invest some money for getting better in cs , in sport Poland should focus only on Volleyball because our football isnt that good like in other countries ? fu.k that log1c!
2012-06-22 08:52
1 reply
i think you didnt saw last turnaments where Koreans guys didnt even pass group stage...
2012-06-22 12:28
i'd rather watch pro 1.6 teams fight it out in europe than watch the top teams take on garbage teams from everywhere else. I just hope the price money is substainable for teams to stick around.
2012-06-22 08:53
1 reply
and that's how it's going to be dude. they are not stupid, and they know exactly how popular 1.6 is in Europe. we just won't see iem.usa, iem.china etc anymore. i bet they'll won't stop supporting 1.6 in Europe.
2012-06-22 10:21
75%? fuck that. we still love 1.6
2012-06-22 09:07
Keep to playing with CS1.6, that's enough.
2012-06-22 09:16
2012-06-22 09:47
let me get this straight,you are saying that cs is because European teams are overly good at it?? On second thoughts, seems fair enough Americans dont play sports they aren't good at, they invent their own sport instead. and Asian teams are just downright low. (xcept for some ofc) Kinda sad IEM was sort of last hope for 1.6, thaks for killing it sire !!! :'(
2012-06-22 09:59
want cs 1-6 with new teams and big prizes
2012-06-22 10:16
I play ONLY 1.6 since 2003, however Carmac is 100% right on this decision, and i really believe and hope he is telling us the truth. 1.6 just lost his professional worldwide structure. I invite everybody to discuss about that a little! WFT HAPPENED WITH 1.6? In my point of view, some facts must be understood: 1) Europe teams just destroyed every other worldwide team that tryed to remain as a topteam. We had some in the begining like 3D, mibr, wemadfox. But during the time they could not get any top1 against european teams. That 4 sure makes the other continents to loose interess in 1.6. Fans dont want to cheer for a 8-12 position. 2) Other games was producted, and people just enjoyed them more then 1.6. 3) 1.6 community (including myself) never done anything to make the game more popular, becouse in the begining everybody played it all over the world, and we just did not made ANYTHING to get that HUGE amount of people loving to play 1.6. I just think 1.6 players are a REALLY CLOSED comunity, that just dont welcome new players, they just cant fit, and give up. Maybe is too late now, but i just think if we started to bring new people to the game, we could make it get stronger worldwide again. Please tell me what u guys think about this and lets start doing something to make the game we love stronger again, and stop compleining about other people actions about it.
2012-06-22 10:56
2 replies
2012-06-22 11:04
It's said on the topic, but I'll tell you again. All we have to do is convince casual gamers to become "die hard" gamers or something like that. Btw there are countless teams and players in brasil, you know why they suck? Because they chose only the "strong" side of the maps to begin the match (like CT on Train) and kick from the server any1 who is beating them by 6-0 until they find someone that sucks more than them. And in my opinion, playing with better teams makes u better even if you get beaten by 16-0, but what will u learn playing with bad teams? Probably will learn how to play reckless. So, the point is ppl don't care about learning and improving themselves, they only care about winning no matter how.
2012-06-22 18:23
This is what i tell my freinds if they drop 1.6 this year it doesnt mean that they will drop it forever they ll pick it next year i am sure...the future is bright stop fighting among urself and help the community grow .. once they release promod i am sure much more ppl will play it.You can take the example of when source was released it was a new game but nobody liked it and all the pros again moved to 1.6.. The same will happen with cs:go if ppl dont like it they will switch to promod which is far more better and has epic gameplay as 1.6......Peace
2012-06-22 11:00
csp -> csgo
2012-06-22 11:13
...and we are done with that story about graphics;)
2012-06-22 11:22
2012-06-22 11:35
you guys are faggots
2012-06-22 11:36
tetris better than CS:GO -_-
2012-06-22 11:50
2012-06-22 11:57
CS GOO LOL isso é merda
2012-06-22 12:08
1 reply
aahahah +1
2012-06-22 16:10
stop whine and go play LoL guys :P
2012-06-22 12:14
Guys can any1 gimme the link of the demo of the semifinal between ESC and SK gaming (The 1 carmac talks about above) ?
2012-06-22 12:27
1 reply
The best man in esports.
2012-06-22 13:04
good talking! polac mu ;d
2012-06-22 13:14
2012-06-22 13:19
Thanx nix :D
2012-06-22 13:23
why are so many saying: "nice carmac, good,carmac is awesome, he understands us, 1.6 forever" Did u even read it ??? O.o
2012-06-22 13:40
Carmac only read comments on this news, you will back CS 1.6. sry4bad eng. :(
2012-06-22 14:28
the thing is just CS 1.6 cant make them money, and thats all, thats business.
2012-06-22 14:36
I am insterested in their 1.6 European project but I feel sad for other continents.
2012-06-22 14:47
The problem isn't the numbers of viewers or graphics. The problem is the teams We all thought the opposite :(
2012-06-22 14:59
sooo its all because of the americans sucking at cs
2012-06-22 15:04
1 reply
2012-06-22 19:41
2012-06-22 16:57
hope CS returns as main title.
2012-06-22 19:39
I think valve should make cs free so all the nonsteamers outthere can convert to steam, also put some features like riot does to lOL to make people know that there is a professional scene outthere. but that's impossible coz valve won't gain any economical advantage.
2012-06-22 19:46
2 replies
also, they don't give a shit about the 1.6-community. never have, never will.
2012-06-22 23:48
csp will be like LoL , the matchmaking , tv's etc , and it will be free , support it !
2012-06-23 07:50
go to hell cs:go
2012-06-23 07:13
Let's burn CSGO. Or play free torrent version...)
2012-06-23 09:32
lets go for cs 1.6 for next season. Carmac, don't be stupid like ESL france team. CS 1.6 is still the most played game on ESL Versus and the most supported game by fans... Why remove it? Because it's old? Of course it's an old game, but still the best for most of CS players. Keep it!
2012-06-23 11:40
3 replies
2012-06-23 12:06
+1 dont do this Carmac!
2012-06-23 14:15
+1 !
2012-06-24 10:48
Carmac>Some part of Hltv community that think he's a bad person
2012-06-24 02:29
DELETE CS:GO ?!?! WTF I love CS 1.6 -keep !
2012-06-24 10:47
hope cs1.6 come back
2012-06-25 03:16
2012-06-25 15:04
75% of 1.6 going to CS:GO, that just won't happen EVER..
2012-06-26 05:19
finally -- squashed the whole "sponsors want games w/ cutting edge graphics" fuckery.
2012-06-26 10:34
The main reason was that CS does not have professional teams outside of Europe. CS is doing well on an amateur level in North America but it is not really supported as a professional game If you want to host a great global event somewhere in China or North America, you need to bring at least six European teams because the local teams just aren't at a level good enough to compete. Which leads us to a conclusion that it's much better to focus on Europe and European events instead. Viewership for our non-European events was not mindblowing due to a mixture of time zones and the teams playing in those events. Six, seven years ago everyone would have been dying to see the 4 best North American teams compete against the best European, Asian and South American teams. If you remember the great North American teams and the rivalries they had across the Atlantic Ocean with European teams... Those were THE years of CS. Today the biggest rivalries are across 1200km. CS is a European game these days. In Europe there aren't that many teams with good sponsorships either, but at least the level of play is very high and the cost of attending an event within Europe is relatively low. truee
2012-06-26 11:51
n1ce carmac NO cs:go ! no no N0 !!!
2012-06-26 16:26
Esto es genial. [[ NO AL CS:GO ]].. CS 1.6 FOR EVER. <3
2012-06-27 00:29
counter-strike 1.6 4ever
2012-06-28 19:03
it will be good incha2alah :)
2012-06-30 23:20
why do you care, it's not 1.6 anyway
2012-07-01 00:04
Carmac is director of pro gaming? How can I challenge him for the title?
2012-07-05 17:47
Counter Strike 1.6 is BEST !..
2012-07-08 09:53
1 reply
2012-07-08 13:32
Counter - Strike 1.6 be never DiE ! but when CS:GO its on IEM league lits (be not have very much player's and nobody looking and interesant) for me CS:GO its not CS game its something like a Call Of duty parody .. =D you can look some map's and its SHIT'ss !! come back cs 1.6 and everything its be alright !! Counter - Strike 1.6 NEVER DIE!! Play it guys , play and dont STOP ! its world #1 best game in ever and its BE FOREVER ! [CS 1.6 4ever =] *und dan Carmac hab keine geld xD* return CS1.6
2012-07-10 00:13
cs 1.6 for ever !
2012-07-14 02:18
Respect for the guy!
2012-10-01 23:18
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