ESL Go4CS:GO cups announced

Electronic Sports League has announced Go4CS:GO powered by CM Storm cup series which includes a weekly tournament in CS:GO as well as monthly finals, totaling at 1,000€ in prize money.

Each week teams have a chance to win 100€ in the weekly cups which are open to everyone. Teams will score points based on their final placings. In the monthly cups, eight qualified teams will compete for a 500€ first place prize. Note that ESL will not be handing out CS:GO beta keys to participants, so you have to already have the game in order to participate.

ESL is hosting weekly CS:GO Cups 

The first cup takes place on Sunday, July 8, starting at 14:00 . The sign up is already open here, but note that you have to confirm your participation 30 minutes before the cup starts in order to reserve a spot. In case you didn't make it in time, ESL will open up more spots 10 minutes before the cup starts, if teams failed to confirm their participation.

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Why pump money cs:go? Most people will never play it.. I do not understand
2012-07-05 09:28
11 replies
quite the opposite. most people will play it at least ones. it's 15$ for god's sake!
2012-07-05 09:36
actually alot of people play it already. Don't forget valve didn't want only 1.6 players to attract. Alot of cod and source players are joining the game. Same for a couple of 1.6 players, and at the end you get a bigger community than those 3 games mentioned above!
2012-07-05 09:47
8 replies
The only drawback is that the majority of the game is based on source.... The source community is way smaller then the 1.6 community and still the make CS:GO "sourcelike". It really makes no sense at all in my opinion. Back in the days alot of 1.6 players tried source and got back to 1.6, when valve doesn't improve the overall gameplay of GO, it won't be a succes
2012-07-05 12:10
7 replies
Actually the source community is not as small as you think.
2012-07-05 15:51
2 replies
I said it was smaller. ;)
2012-07-05 16:09
smaller then 1.6 :)
2012-07-05 19:01
It doesn't matter how big a community is. Lets say if you can get 20% of the player base from each cod4, source and 1.6 you already have some quiet nice activity. After all since its a new game alot of new people will try it out, and don't forgot all the other fps shooters I did not mentioned above! In my opinion the game is not as bad as the most people say. I enjoy 1.6 alot, there won't be any game that is as good as 1.6. But we need changes to get a fps-game to shine again. People expect a new cs 1.6, but people need to understand this is a whole new game. I want to see new talented players, new teams.
2012-07-05 21:14
2 replies
if it's a whole new game, it should not be called "Counter Strike" but as well it's still called "cs", we, the players, expect more . Simple as that
2012-07-06 06:00
1 reply
How can you expect more from a game in closed beta stage? cs wasn't that good back in the days aswell. They made it like a perfect fps after quiet some updates. What im trying to say is; the game is not that bad as most people say, and I bet most of the people here didn't even try it by thereselfs!
2012-07-06 11:20
The first cup of these had 1,500 clans sign up, and 700 actually sign in. It won't be a success?
2012-07-05 22:46
In my opinion CSGO is a good game, I like it.
2012-07-11 04:13
Belgium v1ncNtt
2012-07-05 09:34
any good teams attending? rockstar for example? :)
2012-07-05 09:34
2 replies
GEKAS might sign-up with pronax lajm lagerquist, players with talent in my opinion. (And yeah I failed so hard down there typing a replay the wrong person..)
2012-07-05 09:55
1 reply
:D np. sounds good :)
2012-07-05 09:56
I love lurppis but posting this thing I think he should get fired from
2012-07-05 09:49
10 replies
Money ;))
2012-07-05 09:52
I think I will be the boss of that, thank you very much..
2012-07-05 09:54
7 replies
i think this site needs more coverage on the CSGO beta maybe we can atleast show a few people the game changed since 2011 ...even though most of these stupid readers will ignore any news about csgo..
2012-07-05 10:09
6 replies
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
fuck them. they are the people that you don't want in a community.
2012-07-05 13:34
5 replies
Constructive! :)
2012-07-05 20:02
2012-07-05 21:01
nice talking by an authorized member of
2012-07-08 01:11
2 replies
Authorized member of User is a VIP not a member of .
2012-07-09 01:41
1 reply
ok my mistake
2012-07-10 12:18
U love him but want him fired. HUMMMMMM OK! Just respect him as a professional.
2012-07-05 11:17
valve will fail really badly
2012-07-05 09:55
2 replies
a few events with good prizes and ppl will start playing this. although cs:go is really shitty if you ask me...
2012-07-05 10:05
1 reply
i dont think so, but i respect your opinion
2012-07-05 16:53
im really ashamed of the 1.6 community on this site .. its fucking pathetic ...this game is not even launched yet and everyone hates it ....not giving it even a chance hey retards, lurppis also said csgo was shit back in 2011, now guess what? hes giving his own feedvack to valve in order to make it a better game , along with other 1.6 pros , in order to make it more like 1.6 ....
2012-07-05 10:08
4 replies
yeah an what happened? nothing. the game turned from ultra-mega-bullshit into mega-bullshit. GTFO with your feedback-shit. As if Valve/HPE would care. 1.5 months before release, the game is still in a terrible state and 99% of all good feedback giving got ignored. Can't play that shitty game any longer. It makes me sick. It's okay if you're enjoying it, but don't call other people retards just because they don't like CS:GO. btw: that "pro-feedback" was nothing than a marketing-gag.
2012-07-05 12:27
2 replies
you are the problem.. did you know? do u even have a cs:go key? ..or u just mad at it cause u dont?
2012-07-05 13:01
1 reply
I'm in the beta since February. Be quiet.
2012-07-05 13:31
A chance is given when someone is ready to improve and accept criticism. With this move, Valve showed for yet one more time that they do not care.
2012-07-06 17:21
1,000$ for this shit? EPIC
2012-07-05 10:20
All of you that enjoy 1.6 do not join this cup, this will show and the community still preffers 1.6 not GO.
2012-07-05 10:24
So much hate. 1.6 gonna die as main e-sport title. Sorry, it died this year. Only community will reamin. Deal with it guys. Year from now, CS:GO community gonna ba larger than 1.6 is now. Even when game gonna suxx. It's natural order for so.
2012-07-05 10:27
6 replies
it wont necessarily be bigger then the CS community is atm. sorry but why would you even think that? being on this forum for a long time i know that maybe 0.1 % of this community will change to CSGO i dont know maybe 40% or something will change from source to GO. how would that make it bigger? kids wont buy counter strike. thats the word on the street... that CS is not and CoD is hot.
2012-07-05 20:53
3 replies
Not so sure.. Maybe 35% of 1.6 community will change to GO in order of Money :)
2012-07-06 16:49
1 reply
no. most people on HLTV are amateurs and dont play for money so no.
2012-07-06 19:32
Why I think that? It's VALVE, and they leave nothing to accident. Launch of CS:GO will bring something that 1.6 and source don't have right now. A support of developer. And players are gonna have to choose. Do they play CoD 4fun or CS competitevly. I know that many of you are sure that tings gonna be like with Source release. Early baby boom for game, and back to 1.6. But we saw many proofs that times have changed, and They could be much more diffrent than for source. OFC there will always be players that gonna play 1.6 4fun, but we are here, and CS 1.6 is an e-sport here. And it's time as e-sport is coming to an end (Sadly). That's why all we can hope for now is to CS:GO become better than it is right now. So we could play and have same or even more fun with it being so competitive.
2012-07-07 23:01
How can I accept this when I spend all my childhood with this game.If I accept cs is dead my childhood is meaningless..I can't do that.I so pissed of with Valve,they said the dont want to involve cs.1.6 player,but they do and now cs 1.6 community is getting smaller and smaller because of the improved CoD game called CS:GO...
2012-07-08 01:16
1 reply
It's suck I know.But it's time for grow up. Life sucks anyway.
2012-07-13 22:17
We do not want to die cs 1.6, but this is already happening and we can not stop. :(
2012-07-05 10:46
1 reply
keep supporting CSP then
2012-07-05 16:34
I don't care what you think about what I will say. CS:GO compeletely SUCKS!! I played this game and it's suck!!! you talk about public and fun modes. as for cybersport it's nothing... JUST SUCK! VALVE is just crazy. they work? where? it's a big piece of shit! You talk that its great game cause cybersport is your life and your job! so shut the hell up and play your fucking "fun mode"!
2012-07-05 10:51
13 replies
its a beta you fucking moron can tell us if it sucks on august 21 dont forget the beta testers are some of the best 1.6 players in the world lurppis and nothing..
2012-07-05 11:00
11 replies
lol. Last gameplay update came 3.5 months ago. And you forgot that Hidden Path (the ones who broke CS:Source and caused the death of CS:S) is developing CS:GO.
2012-07-05 11:48
United States lurppis
none of the professional/competitive cs 1.6 players are posting on the csgo pro forums, only a couple of source players and there is probably around 10 forum posts per month.
2012-07-05 11:55
7 replies
maybe you should get posting then bruh?
2012-07-05 12:52
6 replies
United States lurppis
i've posted the most out of all cs 1.6 players there but since it makes no difference i don't have any motivation to waste my time giving feedback that won't be implemented. i won't play the game myself so how it turns out won't have affect on me. if valve/hpe WANTED my help, i would give it to them, but they were only interested when i was giving them bad PR.
2012-07-05 13:07
5 replies
Honestly, i dont see a need for 1.6ers to have a say in CS:GO anyways.. its not like CSProMod is receiving anymore attention from 1.6ers as CSGO is.. and that seems to be pleasing ppl enough. Its a shame u have a defeatist attitude, but if you arent going to play the game regardless, i guess its not really down to you to beat your head against a brick wall(valve/hpe)
2012-07-05 13:18
4 replies
United States lurppis
sure, but cs:promod is made to replicate cs 1.6, unlike cs:go. i don't see why you would call my attitude defeatist, in reality i just don't care enough. it's like carn once said, they want our help, they will come to us. they clearly don't, so let them so what they wish. it's not my job to fix their game.
2012-07-05 13:22
3 replies
It absolutely isnt your job to fix their game.. its OUR job to fix OUR game... i saw the suggestions u put up on the forums, they were sound. and many of those suggestions ARE in fact in the game.. albeit in their own incarnation that valve/hpe saw to better fit their own idea for what CSGO will be... cs:go will either be an instant hit out of the gates and bring in 10,000's of new players to the competitive scene, which will FORCE 1.6er's over... or it will fail.. and then CS in general falls of the face of the e-sports scene. Then what are we left with? CSPromod? lets face it, this community (hltv) has a poor record of embracing the death of its preferred title and moving on to the next best thing.
2012-07-05 13:34
2 replies
United States lurppis
like i said on twitter, i don't have the need (that apparently tons of other people have) to have a "CS" or an FPS game in general as a title in esports. if/when CS 1.6 dies and if CS:Promod doesn't become a hit, i will just focus my energy on one of the many real sports i already follow. my interest in esports lies directly in cs 1.6 and as long as i don't work for any company in esports (and i don't plan on doing so). i don't like where esports is going in general.
2012-07-05 13:47
1 reply
2012-07-05 20:32
Brazil joaowns
Wow you're so blind. Even Lurrpis got your ass owned. It's so easy to call people stupid, but so hard to prove the facts you are sustaining. There's no fucking 1.6 player giving feedback. And the feedback given is just ignored, because it's not of their interest.
2012-07-05 13:48
Why are they making tournaments with prize money on a BETA than? Can you justify that?
2012-07-06 17:22
2012-07-05 16:25
all you guys that hate it so much, if you havent tried it = shut up If you have, since you hate it so much you probaly still have the gift-key following every new participant. Im ready to give CS:GO a chance - please hand me the key then, and continue hate on this game on the forums. Sincerely: A CS player with sanity and sense in order.
2012-07-05 11:01
9 replies
The game has nothing to do with CS, it's some totally other fps game.
2012-07-05 11:12
8 replies
sound logic ...have you seen the ESL opening cup final with gtr,f0rest and xizt? the game looked beautiful imo
2012-07-05 11:28
7 replies
CODs,BF3,Medal of Honor looks beatiful too. It'snot about graphics. It's the same CS but worse.
2012-07-05 11:48
6 replies
YA HEAR THAT GUYS? ITS THE SAME.. ..BUT WORSE! wow, such creative and critcal minds at work in this community..
2012-07-05 13:00
1 reply
i had to say it typical CS. look CSS, look 1.6, look CS:GO. Same game with new graphics but worse gameplay.
2012-07-05 14:50
how could it be worse if f0rest played pretty much how he plays in 1.6? he has never played a source tournament ....cus source doesnt not have proper movement ...thats why csgo is better than source..cus valve is working hard to make the movement and recoil match 1.6
2012-07-05 13:17
3 replies
It was just a showmatch. How could they know the game without playing it? You can be sure that f0rest tried CS:S. But nobody was used to care 1.000$ tournament in 2004.
2012-07-05 14:56
Also you should read what Valve was saying about CS:GO "That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2."
2012-07-05 15:21
Valve don't care about cs 1.6 event they want to make CS:GO completelly different from cs 1.6
2012-07-08 01:25
Why you guys advertising CS:GO? :)
2012-07-05 11:10
2 replies
cause its.. i dunno, possibly the future of CS?
2012-07-05 12:53
1 reply
its the future of the little kids :) instead of cs 1.6 theyll play cs go but thats not CS thats just another Call of Duty
2012-07-08 01:27
Nice, however its a small start. Please bring more news about CS:GO, i played it just 5 minutes still dont have the key and want to start getting in to CS:GO. For the haters, i just can say i have 7700 hours in 1.6, i really hate the idea that 1.6 is dead. But lets face the reality and move on!
2012-07-05 11:19
More CS:GO news! I have to forget 1.6 game I've killed 5 years for! And now I'm ready to kill my next years in CS:GO !!!
2012-07-05 11:19
2 replies
2012-07-05 11:20
2012-07-06 16:56
CS GO SUCKS,Just see their COCKtail grenade
2012-07-05 11:25
7 replies
1.6 SUCKS,Just see their Tactical Shield . ..?
2012-07-05 12:55
5 replies
2012-07-05 13:40
no its cool..
2012-07-05 14:19
Portugal poiuytNf
its cool
2012-07-05 15:45
and the molotov cocktail from CSGO?...
2012-07-05 20:44
thats why its forbidden in the competitive gaming,obviously you dont know much of CS 1.6 so shut up ;)
2012-07-08 01:29
2012-07-05 16:25
In my opinion CS:P is way muuuuuuuuuch better than CS:GO since its pretty similar to 1.6 in movements. But I will attend these ESL events anyway :)
2012-07-05 11:29
i think alot of people that hate csgo are pissed cus they will have to adjust to the new maps and grenades ...but the recoil and movement will be very similar to 1.6 and not like source ...that much we can be sure of ...
2012-07-05 11:30
3 replies
and who are you to speak ? posting 24/7 on all forums ; have you adjusted to any game without cheats? gtfo and find a bed to sleep on it, not on forums.
2012-07-05 12:15
"but the recoil and movement will be very similar to 1.6 and not like source" You clearly never played that game, I have a beta key, and even if it's a beta, unless they change the whole gameplay, it won't be like 1.6 recoil and movement, that game is meant to be that way, and they won't fix anything for us.
2012-07-05 16:29
You surely haven't played the game...
2012-07-06 17:24
Do write more how you hate CS:GO!!! So we discuss about this game often and often! Do it, haters!!! I LOVE YOU
2012-07-05 11:31
fuck cs:go, go promod!!!
2012-07-05 11:37
It's normal to see Cups like that. Some sponsors provide new games generally.
2012-07-05 11:43
Naah, Rather live on the street then making a liviing out of CS:GO :)
2012-07-05 11:46
the ones who plays source they never understand our feeling! 1.6 <3
2012-07-05 11:48
we do not play cs:go ! stop with this shit and let cs 1.6 dominate as previosly !! no other game can reach 1.6 .... cs 1.6 until the end ;)
2012-07-05 11:55
Vanga meant death of 1.6 game in 2012 !!!
2012-07-05 12:00
Our national page who will support CS:GO with prizemoneys
2012-07-05 12:04
fuck cs go
2012-07-05 12:02
Looking for a team for this, message me!
2012-07-05 12:07
2012-07-05 12:07
CS:GO suck, there will be players who dont know to play CS1.6 and they will try with CS:GO
2012-07-05 12:12
2 replies
And that's a bad thing?
2012-07-05 19:06
and why do you think new players is something bad?
2012-07-05 20:38
GO CS1.6 cup every month 1k eur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-07-05 12:13
Finland natu
Question is why do these CS:GO related newsthreads always turn into a "religious CS1.6 battlefield" instead of talking about the subject?
2012-07-05 12:14
8 replies
cus people are retarded ....all of this is gonna look so stupid in 2013 when csgo will be in all the big tournaments and cs1.6 will be limited to online cups -.-
2012-07-05 12:15
6 replies
2012-07-05 12:23
Who cares ? All the 1.6 players will retire because real life is more important overall. Only stupid casual 1.6 pub players will play CS:GO.
2012-07-05 12:46
4 replies
the professional 1.6 players under 22 years age will most likely switch , same goes for the source players, the point of csgo is to unite the cs 1.6 and source community
2012-07-05 13:19
3 replies
Good luck with this kind of game.
2012-07-05 13:42
Brazil joaowns
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I've been reading your shit since the beggining of the topic. Each time it gets worse, seems like you get stupider by the seconds. How can you unite such different things? By creating a shit game which pleases only one side?
2012-07-05 13:56
No it's not. Lurk more.
2012-07-06 17:24
Because people are blinded with rage when their beloved 1.6 ship starts to sink. Most people who complain about GO haven't even tried the game, they're just mad about 1.6 dying.
2012-07-05 19:11
Slovakia kubiaxk
1st place GTR Forest and comp.
2012-07-05 12:36
sorry, but i prefer retired instead of play CS:GO, this game is really bad
2012-07-05 12:39
"Go4CS:GO"-cup! dear esl, no thx i will decide myself which game i will play and which i wont!
2012-07-05 12:44
1 reply
I'm pretty sure ESL isn't trying to force you to participate.
2012-07-05 19:12
CSPromod or CS:GO? u spastics should all pick one pretty soon, or get left behind playing a game that in a year NO ONE organizes competitions for..
2012-07-05 12:48
reasons why i hate cs-go: source engine, buying system, failed maps like train,inferno(css)(yes i know you can make maps in csgo), recoil. Thats all i know at the moment. need to play first the game to know all the shitness when it comes out.
2012-07-05 12:57
1 reply
The buy menu isn't very different from 1.6 as long as you use hotkeys.
2012-07-05 19:09
please guys support cs promod , whn cs go come , when must change all for cs promod , to guarantee that we r gonna be more than cs:go players.. , unite all eforts to game that game ,, fail
2012-07-05 13:01
Seriously, isn't this just Source with a little bit of tweaks here and there? The maps look almost identical? What a letdown. :/
2012-07-05 13:02
1 reply
2012-07-05 13:03
Money talks.
2012-07-05 13:08
i guess everyone on this site wants CS to die ...since 1.6 is almost dead , they arent giving any chance to a new game that has the potential to unite the 1.6 and source communities people dont deserve the hard work valve puts to make all of this possible..
2012-07-05 13:20
7 replies
2012-07-05 13:41
We have CS:Promod which will be more competitive game than CS:GO.
2012-07-05 13:48
5 replies
it wont looks to similar to cs 1.6 ...and sponsors wont support something that looks to old now at days..
2012-07-05 14:06
4 replies
Sponsors don't care about graphics. Read Carmac's interview. btw: CS:GO looks very similar to CSS. The maps are just revamped CSS and L4D maps. edit: Only aztec seems to be made from scratch.
2012-07-05 14:10
2 replies
So why would players switch to CSP if it'snot about graphics? CS1.6 came 9 years ago. CSP's development started 7 years ago. Big difference
2012-07-05 14:59
1 reply
Start to read properly. I was talking about sponsors, not players. Plus: CSP is running on the 2009 version of the source engine. The GoldSrc is from 1998.
2012-07-05 15:11
Denmark Danny D3
And CS:GO looks similar to Source? Source is old too...
2012-07-05 14:59
delete this news
2012-07-05 13:51
believe it or not , this same shit happened when starcraft 2 beta was out ,and all the starcraft 1 players said it would be shit (cus the early sc2 beta was kinda bad) ....and look how well that turned out ...
2012-07-05 14:08
4 replies
CS:GO isn't CS2. Even Valve's saying that it'snot competive game. Also many pros were helping to develop SC2.
2012-07-05 15:01
2 replies
how is it not a competitive game? it has a specific mode designed for 5v5 mr15 ....and judging by the last match in the CMstorm cup this game will be very competitive fact it actually takes more skill to aim in csgo atm cus of the peeker atvantage and model ratio
2012-07-05 20:07
1 reply
CS:GO can't be competive like 1.6. Just because there's a specific. It'snot on this level. It still has many problems. And it's clear that you can't trust HPE. Why do you think BFs and CODs couldn't reach 1.6 level?
2012-07-05 21:32
Comparing an RTS game to an FPS game is not serious.
2012-07-06 17:25
What the fuck is going with ESL !!??? We don't give a fuck about CS:GO ...
2012-07-05 14:13
Don't you care about CS:GO? - Valve doesn't care about you.
2012-07-05 14:39
Brazil rthzenhow
trash .... :D:D
2012-07-05 14:41
total drama
2012-07-05 14:55
i think that they should do something like they did with modern warfare 2(i think). just give it free download for a weekend so all the haters would know what the game is like and im curious too
2012-07-05 15:00
Greece her-1g
you're reacting like it is the SATAN retarded is JUST A FCKING GAME GET OVER WITH IT
2012-07-05 15:17
A game needs a community to be an esport game.There's nobody to advertise CS:P. Valve's using fairs like PAX 2011, E3 2012 and 1.6 events to advertise CS:GO. They made 1.6 million dolar tournament for advertise DotA2. What could CSP developers can do? Also they need so much time to make it really like 1.6. "That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2."Valve
2012-07-05 15:21
2 replies
2012-07-05 16:27
1 reply
lol. Do you know that HPE is developing CS:GO? And do you know that HPE broke CS:S and caused the death of this game? CS:S pros started to shout in steam forums because of them. And do you know that last gameplay update came 3.5 months ago? No 1.6 pros are giving feedback on steam forums.
2012-07-05 17:06
a forum without sidewaysfcs would be nice, that little c**t doesn't know how to join a server on cs1.6 and he flames the game. what a pathethic kid.
2012-07-05 15:24 comments of kids, what a children community
2012-07-05 15:25
2 replies
welcome, grandpa!
2012-07-05 15:56
1 reply
And you admit it ... FAIL!
2012-07-05 18:18
CS:P > CS:GO !!!
2012-07-05 15:28
esl dead announced
2012-07-05 15:55
Sounds cool!
2012-07-05 16:06
2 replies
2012-07-05 16:30
1 reply
2012-07-05 18:25
Now with this thread, I see that 95% of hltv community are stupid 13 years old kids.
2012-07-05 16:08
2012-07-05 17:03
id say around 80% of the people posting on this forum have mental health problems, and thats not helped by the journalistic skills of HLTV, not accepting CS:GO and only writing bad things about it and making everyone on the forum think exactly the same. facts are 1.6 is dead, its never going to be big again, thats life. what all you people can do is support CS:GO and your love for CS will make it possible for CS to be the leading esports once again. if you sit here and say "1.6 4ever" and "csgo is shit" then CS will die out, i mean was 1.2, 1.3 etc good? if they were so good they why are you playing 1.6 now? because it needed fixed? just like csgo? at the end of the day, even without the 1.6 community, CS:GO will get the playerbase it needs to be included in big competitions and LANs, either be apart of it or go back to playing 1.6 but accept its not the biggest esports game anymore. (behind LoL,DOTA2,SC2, and even FIFA)
2012-07-05 17:32
19 replies
And these ppl are killing the legend of FPS games and destroying our community
2012-07-05 17:56
i am willing to bet $100.000 that CSGO will never get "playerbase it needs to be included in big competitions and LANs" lets say half of the CS1.6 community changing to CSGO + half of the CSS community. that would give 20.000 more players then the CS community is made of. how many will follow the competitive scene? remember its a brand new game with good graphics. little kids is gonna be 50% of the community (half of the source community) lets say CSGO would be at IEM probably 2014. it will be a massive FAIL with 10 - 30.000 spectators. that is a lot of spectators but CS 1.6 was removed with 74.000 specs... CSGO will then be removed from IEM and die...
2012-07-05 18:07
7 replies
im not from 1.6 or CS:S, and many other genres of gamers are looking to move to CS:GO including : CS:S, 1.6, TF2, CoD4, Battlefield and if you think CS:S sold 30,000,000 copies when the game was "crap" im sure you can work out how much a half decent game will sell, hell i bet half the people on the forum buy it anyway because its pretty cheap.
2012-07-06 01:34
6 replies
im pretty sure NOBODY will change from CoD or BF to CS... thats like from tetris to chess? LOL
2012-07-06 01:46
4 replies
the entire CoD scene play CS:GO Gathers, They will change.
2012-07-06 13:24
Almost all my CoD and BF mates have started playing CS:GO Beta; and they say that it's amazing...
2012-07-07 20:03
2 replies
are you fucking kidding me! its because the game is no diffrent from cod! im not shitting you: Call of Duty: Global Offensive is about to be released and because its name "Counter-Strike" is killing 1.6 TY FOR VALVE. WHY DIDNT THEY JUST LET INFINITYWARD OR WHO EVER DOES COD MAKE IT.
2012-07-07 20:56
1 reply
Dude, I play CS and CoD and I know for a fact that CS:GO is different from ANY CoD there has been... It's a good game, but these brain washed bitches don't want to give it a go cuz they fucked up.
2012-07-07 22:30
"The Counter-Strike franchise has sold more than 25 million units in a little over 12 years" So much for that... :)
2012-07-08 03:54
+1 Finally, some sense.
2012-07-05 18:20
First of all, how can CS:GO will get playerbase? COD sees 40 million active players monthly so why it'snot in e-sports? It will only attract casual gamers like CS:S. COD,BF3 etc. have amazing graphics. Why would people chose to play CS:GO instead of those games. 1.6 is the only FPS game in esports. It'snot in good level like old days but it'snot death in Europe. It'snot completely death in World too.[ESEA had 20k $ tournament. There will be more K1 Leagues.(The first one had 31.500 dollars) GameGune 2011 is coming up] Many teams are still here. Pro players aren't giving any feedback on steam forums. 10 topic for month. Last gameplay update came 3.5 months ago.
2012-07-05 18:48
6 replies
CS:GO is an esports game, CoD is not. Simple as that. 1.6 is on its way out of e-sports and nobody can deny that. Also, K1 league is CS:Online.
2012-07-05 18:57
5 replies
What makes CS:GO an esport game and what makes COD not an esport game?
2012-07-05 18:59
3 replies
CS:GO is designed for competetive 5v5 play, with a clear objective, and well adapted maps. Whereas CoD games' main focus is on public games with many players.
2012-07-05 19:05
2 replies
1. A competitive team-shooter isn't restricted on a 5on5 setup. That's just what fits best to CS's gameplay. 2. CS:GO's maps are in the same way "clear objective" and "adapted" as a lot of COD maps. Are you aware of the fact that COD also got a "2 bombspots and 1 bomb"-mode? Have you ever played COD promod? 3. Even though Valve brought up the 5on5 setup as the "new standard", CS was originally made for public gaming (like COD). Also a huge part of the CS community still play on public server and they asked Valve/HPE to get their 8on8 or even 10on10 setup back which they also got now. 4. BF3 is already played in the EPS and the new "Close quarters" is heading in the same direction as CS:GO and COD. The things which made CS a perfect game for competition got lost more and more and CS:GO isn't much more of a competitive shooter than many other new shooters are.
2012-07-05 19:22
That is just your opinion. There are thousands of CoD players that will counter your statement. Does CoD have LAN prize money tournaments? It does. Does CS:GO have casual mode? It does. And no I'm not a CoD player.
2012-07-06 17:28
Do you know CS:Online? It's 1.6 but modified. That's what Counter-Strike is: a game of skill. And this is what CS:GO is: an effort to put anyone who has or should play Counter-Strike into the same game. That's a big enough goal but not a grand enough one to merit the name Counter-Strike 2. even Valve's saying that they'renot making an esport game. And you read what i post. You shouldn't expect more from CS:GO.
2012-07-05 19:39
in 2005 1.6 was replaced @wcg, css failed and 1.6 became big again.. bigger than before
2012-07-05 18:52
2012-07-05 18:53
lurppis wasting his time with writing such articles for the ignorant CS community
2012-07-05 17:45
1 reply
Ignorance is bliss if learned to be ignored we learn :)
2012-07-05 23:53
bvuahahah esl XDDDDD
2012-07-05 18:26
Freee money for pros :D
2012-07-05 18:31
2012-07-05 18:33
If it ait broken dont fix it, why does this therm not figurate some more? Really, you dont change the rules in soccer for instence just because yout want some change?
2012-07-05 19:47
HLtV isnt a 1.6 site ? If you post notices about cs:go, post also about LOL, SC2, CSS. This is about cs 1.6, we dont care about go !
2012-07-05 19:59
4 replies
hltv is a 1.6 site cus 1.6 was the biggest esport at that time ...when csgo will take over esports (and it will) , will either switch to covering csgo, or face getting crushed by other esport media sites.
2012-07-05 20:12
3 replies
If HLTV.ORG wanted to cover other games, it would've happened years ago. Your point is yet again invalid.
2012-07-06 17:29
2 replies
when 1.6 will die (and it will) will have nothing to cover its either the end of this site or switch to another fps title.
2012-07-08 14:07
1 reply
>csgo will take over esports >1.6 will die Maybe and maybe not. These are only speculations. I say that the world wont end in 2012. Catch my drift?
2012-07-09 03:09
The Quakelive drill is repeating itself. "Oh the game is still in beta. They'll fix it."
2012-07-05 20:09
3 replies
it deserves a fair chance atleast can you deny it before it's even out ...heck even i will flame valve if they FAIL at csgo...but judging by their latest actions they wont ...we will just have to wait.
2012-07-05 20:12
2 replies
HPE is developing. Even that's a enough reason to deny it.
2012-07-05 21:34
Just in case you forgot, 21st August is the release date. Which means, QA/Testing efforts will cease atleast 45 days before the release. Ever heard of "won't fix/shippable" bugs?
2012-07-06 09:41
CS:GO has no had gameplay changes for like 3-4 months and it is incredibly boring to play. I can only think that ESL is making this cuz of its graphics and he potential a new CS could have but TBH the game is just terrible. almost as bad as CS:Source and its 20 man community.
2012-07-05 20:57
I'm laughing here of people trying to predict the future and stating their predictions as an undeniable truth
2012-07-05 21:02
I rly starting to hate this community... people are so ignorant.
2012-07-05 22:00
Dude i just tested CS:GO in a ESL VERSUS and is the biggest shit that i ever played , i mean in competitive mode ,praccs and shits like that , I'd say that this game is to play 4fun . LETS SUPPORT CSP GUYS!!!! IS OUR LAST CHANCE.
2012-07-05 22:29
csgo will fail....
2012-07-06 06:01
Better Streams on CS:S not on CS:GO this game no body like it im pretty shure all players will not play this game for alot reasons :) Counter-Strike 1.6 will be the best game ever have huge fans and many more ...
2012-07-06 13:57
2 replies
CS 1.6 was, not will be the best game ever have huge fans and many more ..
2012-07-06 14:26
2012-07-06 16:39
1 reply
xaxa +1
2012-07-07 04:35
Wow some flame grilled burgers going down on here....heres the options; Run 1.6 / CS:S / CS: GO all together as I think it wlil be anyway Turn off 1.6 / CS:S and just force CS:GO Just remember a few things also for as long as I can remember from 6.5 beta to the final move to 1.6 every release there was uproar from everyone about the modifications/changes made to the game this will only ever continue that is just the nature of the beast as they say. You create a popular and huge concept like Counter Strike this is what happens. Does anyone remember when the WON Servers finally got switched off? haha everyone still gaming hard until that day Anyway I just play for fun now no longer in a clan/team my friends have real lives so do I infact. But I will most likely play all 3
2012-07-06 17:00
1 reply
force cs:go lal
2012-07-10 16:25
The CS:GO is big shit :D is a unplayable, no gameplay in this game :/ Sorry for my bad engls :$
2012-07-07 11:04
holly hell there are so many kids writing so much bullshit i pitty the forum mods having to read so much shit i would go crazy.
2012-07-07 23:23
why the community dont move to CSP?
2012-07-08 12:31
Hi, I'm from the 1.6 community and I support it by stabbing it to death more by showing how much of a cunt I am for not understanding how companies work and how unwilling I am for change.
2012-07-08 14:02
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ
any vod's from the tournament?
2012-07-08 20:10
2012-07-09 04:39
first cs:go cup, failed hard!
2012-07-10 01:49
2012-07-10 15:51
3 replies
It's "CSPromod" and not "CSS Promod".
2012-07-10 15:53
2 replies
made with source engine
2012-07-10 16:00
1 reply
Yes, but it's custom coded from scratch and their goal is to get rid of all CSS content (CSS content is only used for testing). So basically it won't have anything to do with CSS expect the engine. But so does CS:GO, Portal, TF2, L4D, ...
2012-07-10 16:09
too many idiots in valve organization...
2012-07-10 20:22
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