Hybrid top AEC 2012 Malaysia

July 19th, 2012 07:08

The Malaysian Asia E-Sports Cup qualification took place last weeked at Invasion Cyber Zone where Hybrid overcame their competition to qualify for the AEC finals in September.

Three notable teams competed in the qualifier as Karnal had a stand-in in the form of Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen and Lucky5 was a mixteam including former TitaNs captain Prasad "StrykerX" Paramajothi.

Hybrid made their way to the upper bracket final easily while Karnal had to take down Lucky5 in a close match to make it there. The Malaysian powerhouse easily defeated Kovanen's Karnal on de_dust2 in the upper bracket final with a score of 16-8.

Hybrid at AEC 2012 Malaysia

After the lower bracket finished, Lucky5 fell short again versus Karnal on de_train, but Maxim "mitz0r" Maximov's team were still unable to overcome Hybrid and went on to lose 5-16 in the grand final. Remaining results can be viewed in the bracket.

AEC 2012 Malaysia final standings:

1. Malaysia Hybrid - paid trip to AEC 2012 finals in Tokyo
2. Malaysia Karnal
3. Malaysia Lucky5
4. Malaysia Astronix

Hybrid has therefore qualified for Asia E-Sports Cup 2012 which will be held on September 20-23 in Tokyo, Japan. The Singaporean, Japanese and Indian qualifiers are yet to finish. 

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Canada xb0y 
2012-07-19 07:09
United States Ph33R 
uhoh lurpy
2012-07-19 07:16
line-up of winners?
2012-07-19 07:17
2012-07-19 07:17
that just means lurppis and co. lost..... LURPPIS WRONG HYBRID STRONG :D
2012-07-19 07:24
Not enough info? Didn't you take part in the tournament????
2012-07-19 07:27
#7 sorry i thought i replied u in #7 :S my bad
2012-07-19 07:30
Well, he listed the scores for his games?
2012-07-19 07:30
dude he was in karnal.. hltv.org/?pageid=82&eventid=938 karnal lost 2wice against hybrid... big fail lurppis :D
2012-07-19 07:29
was there any recordings of the matches?
2012-07-19 08:45
i'm hoping for lurppis' povs since he told there was no hltv at all
2012-07-19 10:01
Nice one guys! Is AEC an international event? Btw, does anyone still remember hybrid from 2006 eswc and wcg?
2012-07-19 10:19
thanks! what about your pov against l5 @d2?
2012-07-19 10:55
i didn't record povs, but hltv demos will be here soon i think
2012-07-19 10:58
edited my fault xD
2012-07-19 19:06
m0n$t@R wtf this nick?
2012-07-19 10:50
2012-07-19 11:13
United Arab Emirates H Z  
lx > lurppis
2012-07-19 12:29
i think so :D
2012-07-22 13:22
Good job Hybrid! GL in Tokyo
2012-07-19 12:34
Is that zonic ? :DDDD
2012-07-19 12:37
hahaha.. Hybrid's Zonic > Lurppis trololol xD
2012-07-19 19:04
2012-07-20 02:39
Malaysia boleh ;-) Hybrid boleh ;-)
2012-07-22 08:27
2012-07-22 14:14
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