SHG Open #2 - only on

January 30th, 2006 23:11
Once again SHG is opening their doors, and this time with a serious price pot, a total of 46.000 euro, where of 13.400 will go to the first place finisher, the biggest price in a Scandinavian lan. This of course calls for the elite of CS, and many have already announced their intention to attend, the list includes some of the top teams of Counter-Strike:
Serious Gaming
Alternate aTTaX
St. Petersburg Islanders
And as always, no big event without, so reserve the 17th of February till the 19th for some serious Counter-Strike broadcasted by Since the LAN is in Denmark we will be attending with 5 admins to make sure everything will be running smooth.

Stay tuned on for more coverage of SHG Open #2 in the following weeks.

Denmark Naz 
I'm certain that this event will be a lot of fun, and I hope that I'll get to speak to as many as possibly of you at the event itself!
2006-01-30 21:03
Sounds good.. ..Serious Gaming ftw! :D Oh and try to get some interviews from some of the players, they're always fun to read :)
2006-01-31 13:13
that will be perfect :D
2006-01-31 22:55
4kings have this!! CMON!!
2006-01-31 22:55
Pffft, not likely!
2006-01-31 22:59
just wait and seeeeee nomad!! UK gaming is improving as are 4K!
2006-01-31 23:01
nonono :D
2006-02-01 19:52
I don´t think I will be watching HLTV from SHG guys - I WILL BE WATCHING IRL :D Looking forward to meeting you there - though you will probably be hanging in your nails to provide hltv for the world :)
2006-02-02 15:38
Denmark Nix0n 
Nomad running the shit Naz playing, and so on. Just like BIT :)
2006-02-03 19:08
United Kingdom Ecto 
^ think i might be there aswell.... could do some live reports. :o
2006-02-04 05:29
Go 4 Kings!!!! :D ....
2006-02-07 09:47
nice teams :)
2006-02-17 20:13
nice teams seven 16 > 0 Amicitia nice seven 4tw!
2006-02-17 21:01
go mibr xD
2006-07-01 09:07
serious going all the way. if not then 4k. <3 natu
2006-07-01 09:27
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