fnatic win GameGune 2012

fnatic has won their fourth title in 2012 by defeating Natus Vincere in the grand finals for the third time in a row, this time with scores of 16-7 on de_dust2, 14-16 on de_mirage and 16-8 on de_train. They win 12,000€ for first place while Na`Vi have to settle for 6,000€.

fnatic opened up the grand final by winning the all important pistol round and Na`Vi's two save rounds to go up 3-0. Fourth round went to the Ukrainian side who then cut fnatic's lead to one with Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's three AWP frags in round five. Three kills by Andreas "moddii" Fridh brought fnatic back, and they went on to win five rounds while Fridh reached 20 frags.

Na`Vi rallied back by winning the next two rounds despite of some sick AK shots by Martin "trace" Heldt in the counter-terrorist spawn area, but were forced to attempt saving their weapons in round thirteen. As Markelov was chased down, Na`Vi was on a full save round on the second to last round and were not able to win the final round of the half, trailing 4-11 after fifteen rounds.

The in-game leader of Na`Vi took matters in his own hands on the terrorist pistol round as Danilo "Zeus" Teslenko's two USP entry frags allowed his team to win the round. fnatic would go down 0-3 to start the half, but wasted no time in winning round four. Na`Vi looked to have cracked fnatic's defense on round five with two entry kills, but Finn "karrigan" Andersen scored four quick AWP frags from A ramp to give fnatic the boost they required to to win the remaining four rounds to clinch de_dust2 16-7.

Two best teams in Bilbao battling it out on the stage 

Teslenko and Ischuk converted a two-on-three situation into a win on their terrorist pistol round and Na`Vi went up three nil. Andersen once again turned the tables in the first gun round by hitting three AWP shots, but Sukhariev won a on-on-two situation in the following round to make it 4-1. fnatic won the next two rounds, but Na`Vi took home the eighth round to make it 5-3 in their favor.

The Ukrainians won a two-on-three on round nine and after trading rounds to make it 7-4, Markelov and Ischuk won a two-on-five situation to force fnatic on a save round and effectively make the score 9-4 in their favor. Top fragger Sukhariev defeated Andersen in a one-on-one shootout on the next round as he upped his frag total to 19. Last round of the half went to fnatic with Fridh scoring three FAMAS headshots.

fnatic entered the bomb site easily with a well placed smoke on their pistol round, but Teslenko's heroics stopped them from planting the bomb as he charged in and scored three USP frags. After turning the round into a two-on-one, a misread on Sukhariev-s position allowed him to win the round with a well placed headshot on Andersen with his silenced Colt M4A1.

Na`Vi attempting to make a comeback in the grand final 

Michael "Friis" Jørgensen and Andersen combined for two frags each to win fnatic's first round as terrorists but Na`Vi quickly striked back to make it 14-6. Led by Andersen, fnatic won the next four rounds fairly easily and Jørgensen's one-on-two made it 11-14. Na`Vi's force buys did not work out, and fnatic tied the game to 14-14 with eight straight rounds. As so often in the past, it would be Trynozhenko who stepped up in the final rounds to help Na`Vi win 16-14 and force a third map.

After Heldt's knife round clutch fnatic started as counter-terrorists and won the pistol round as Na`Vi's outside rush proved ineffective. Two save rounds put Na`Vi down 0-3, but a successful inner attack brought the score to 1-3. fnatic won three more rounds to up their lead to 6-1, but Natus Vincere fought back and won the next two rounds with successful attack to the outer and inner bombsites.

The tenth round saw tables turn once again, with Landström picking up three kills as fnatic stopped Na`Vi's rush in a matter of seconds, and Na`Vi's slower attack suffered the same fate right after as fnatic widened the gap to 8-3. Last four rounds of the half would go to fnatic as well, as the only time Na`Vi were even close to winning a round was the last round's two-on-two situation which they were unable to convert.

trace celebrates GameGune championship and his first win over Na`Vi 

Sukhariev's risky terrorist middle push and the two USP frags that followed allowed Na`Vi to win their defensive pistol round despite of Fridh scoring three kills in a one-on-four. Two rounds later fnatic attacked the outer site but despite of the third teamkill on the map, Na`Vi prevailed and made it 7-12. Next round started with two kills from the Ukrainians as well, but Andersen and Heldt combined for five kills to give fnatic their thirteenth round.

Big plays by Teslenko and Trynozhenko's one-on-one victory gave Na`Vi some life on round six, but fnatic forced them on a cheap Desert Eagle buy by winning the next round. Na`Vi's inner push put them in a favorable four-on-two position, but Landström's four kills including a one-on-three clutch gave fnatic tournament point at 15-8.

Next round proved fatal for Natus Vincere as Heldt secured his career's first victory over the Ukrainian side after countless devastating losses he suffered in mTw. fnatic attacked the inner bomb site and Andersen's opening frags allowed the team to secure a 16-8 win and become the champions of GameGune 2012.

GameGune 2012Best of 0
28th July 2012
 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
 Natus Vincere K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0

GameGune 2012 final standings:

1. Denmark fnatic - 12,000€
2. Ukraine Natus Vincere - 6,000€ 
3. Poland ESC Gaming - 3,000€
4. Poland DELTA - 1,500€
5-6. Russia Virtus.pro
5-6. Ukraine KerchNET
7-8. Russia zNation
7-8. Europe Karont3
9-12. Kazakhstan k23
9-12. Russia tp.uSports
9-12. France Bz
9-12. Macedonia ENTiTY

Regardless of what people might say about Counter-Strike 1.6's popularity as a tournament title, we are proud to see that the grand final gathered over 26,000 viewers despite of being held at an odd hour.

Although action at GameGune 2012 is now over as fnatic was crowned champions, stay tuned to HLTV.org for more content from the event as will still release a couple of video interviews as well as more highlights from the tournament.

Goodjob fnatic surprise of the tournament is DELTA top 4 very nice!:)
2012-07-29 01:47
Exactly, Delta was awesome :).
2012-07-29 01:50
So glad that trace has finally won over NaVi. Good job fnatic. Still bow my head to NaVi! You guys did what not many teams can do. Playing so many maps within one days and yet to show good skill proves that you are great fellows. Xizt - MVP. Despite the fact that he was the least scoring in the final it is his crazy kills that granted fnatic with so needed rounds. Pretty sure if he hadn't clutched that 1x3 NaVi would have gone wild and probably get dangerously close to comeback. I'm proud of the captain and proud of the team!
2012-07-29 01:51
trace > xizt mvp 4 sure
2012-07-29 08:16
Richard 'Xizt' Landström 50-51 -1
2012-07-29 08:39
People like you make me sick.. I think you didn't even finish reading his comment.
2012-07-29 09:10
2012-07-29 09:42
50-51 -1 0.96!!!
2012-07-29 11:32
2012-07-29 14:49
+19 againts esc +15 againts VP
2012-07-29 22:38
2012-07-29 09:09
Why suprise ? you see any top team outside the podium ?
2012-07-29 15:46
Good Job fnatic
2012-07-29 01:43
2012-07-29 02:25
gg fnatic I did not see all the games fnatic, more by the end I think the mvp karrigan
2012-07-29 01:43
Brazil akak1 
2012-07-29 02:00
trace >>> al wigga
2012-07-29 02:10
Sweden JACKW 
2012-07-29 01:44
Incredible play from fnatic. At the beginning I was sceptical because of trace's adition and the fact that they might struggle with comunication, but it seems I was wrong. Xizt played a great torunament (as usualy) and this is the key of fnatics succes. The fact that he is the IGL of fnatic, and btw their tactics are amazing, do not stop him from being a madfragger. NaVi played a good tournament to, and they proved once again that they are the comeback kings, after loseing 0-15 (4-16 in the end) vs ESC on de_train they managed to win that match, and this is a proof of their strong morale. Even after loseing the first map here vs fnatic and being equaled on the second one after leading 14-5 they still fought till the end. Wp for Navi, and of course VWP for fnatic. Almost forgot about DELTA. They proved that there are 2 top teams in Poland. Hope they will keep up this shape in future tournaments (Dreamhack or others - hope there will be) P.s no #1 #2 #3 now? wtf.. I guess kids are sleeping at this hour.
2012-07-29 01:52
They were able to turn it around mostly bcuz of de_randomflankfest
2012-07-29 02:33
Why struggle with communication? they already had 2 danish players before, why would it be a problem all of a sudden?
2012-07-30 15:18
Because of trace's swedish understanding.
2012-07-31 12:01
trace wasn't the problem in SK, it was the swedish part that had problems understanding danish :)
2012-07-31 13:32
Sweden ed0k 
WP! :)
2012-07-29 01:44
2012-07-29 01:44
deserved, gg
2012-07-29 01:44
2012-07-29 01:44
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
2012-07-29 01:44
Sweden SteAmeX 
Well played! Deserved this so much! All the individual skills in the new Danish Fnatic are really amazing! GG Fnatic!
2012-07-29 01:44
YEEES! Sick game on train by xizt!
2012-07-29 01:45
thanks to markeloff for his playing against karont3 for USSR team xD
2012-07-29 01:45
Xizt mvp,what a great round by him
2012-07-29 01:45
2012-07-29 01:49
+1 impressive overall and decisive on crucial rounds
2012-07-29 02:26
France -huhu- 
expected and deserved :D
2012-07-29 01:45
So long, CS 1.6...
2012-07-29 01:45
+1 =( probably one of the last event of cs 1.6
2012-07-29 02:47
fnatic <3 GJ Xizttt <3
2012-07-29 01:45
best igl there is
2012-07-29 01:51
trace probably jizzed in his pants. >2 years since winning an event, eternity since winning Navi.
2012-07-29 01:45
nice debut trace!
2012-07-29 01:45
trace <3 fnatic > SK
2012-07-29 01:45
aaaaa, mmkay did you see the same tournament?
2012-07-29 01:54
its abt 2012 and trace nd yes @Swedish Championship!!
2012-07-29 02:00
Aleksib | 
Denmark megz 
ehm they raped SK 2 or 3 times at DH :)
2012-07-31 15:21
first win versus ukranian , kindly weird
2012-07-29 01:45
fnatic <3
2012-07-29 01:45
Europe omga 
Na'Vi are such an amazing team, always reach the grand finals playing 4vs5. So impressive!
2012-07-29 01:46
lol 4vs5 ^^D u sad or smtng(?) .. cheer up,, have a good sleep navikiddie. fnatic top1 - team of the year 2012. TO!STRONG! for ukr suhkers ps: lol 0-15 and lost a BO3 vs ESC, didnt deserve 2second spot in a normal tournament schedule,, tbh.
2012-07-29 01:56
2012-07-29 09:12
Yeah fnatic is top 1 now cuz most of professionals players retired and they left the road opened for fnatic to win the tournaments, get back 1 year ago and tell me about fnatic fanboy
2012-07-29 11:14
0-15 vs ESC in first map and in the end 2:1 haha, troll go away.
2012-07-29 12:17
hahaha I saw what you did there and I agree with that.Im a big fan of teamplay and till now I always was against comments like -ceh9 , but after this tournament i got to say that navi should really consider doing something in this direction.fnatic had a great teamplay with Gux but either that they switched Gux for trace things are really good their teamplay looks even better.Ofc that friendship its + in every team but nowdays cs is just business , so change is very needed now in navi team !
2012-07-29 02:02
Man, they wont change anything at this stage, look how 1.6 scene looks like, this is soon month #8 of 2012. Like one or perhaps two "bigger" tournies left of the year, of c they wont kick cehe9 or anybody else. Imo Edward didnt play that good until this tournament, otherwise i think cehe9 actually delivered what he should. This fnatic is just a very very very tough nut to crack, for any team.
2012-07-29 02:30
Also ceh9 said they are not friends.
2012-07-29 02:32
Change for who? Pretty much everyone in KNet has looked very disappointing over the past few weeks.
2012-07-29 14:16
Ukraine gungrave 
NaVi to tired for final today imo so much no brain rounds
2012-07-29 01:46
Na'Vi would have lost the same game tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. fnatic > Na'Vi Goodbye
2012-07-29 01:49
Ukraine gungrave 
cool story
2012-07-29 01:50
cool and true story :)
2012-07-29 02:00
gg fnatic, dpiwi blya
2012-07-29 07:54
fnatic is danish flag
2012-07-29 08:13
so what?
2012-07-29 12:26
still fnatic = fnatic
2012-07-31 20:56
He didn't say that they'd have won - he said that they were too tired to play which was reflected in their game. You actually need to chill out.
2012-07-29 14:18
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
It's funny that Na`Vi fans always found good excuse for losing. This is the xxx time this year already
2012-07-29 01:52
Ukraine gungrave 
again cool story ty
2012-07-29 01:53
cool or not its true so face it
2012-07-29 02:04
Ukraine gungrave 
source? facts?
2012-07-29 02:08
facts about what? About fnatic beating navi 4 times in a row or how always navi fanboys find stupid execus when their team losses if you want to see them just go to forum. oh wait your just one of them so just look at your self
2012-07-29 02:27
Ukraine gungrave 
so u say i am wrong that navi much more tired than fnatic?
2012-07-29 17:22
hey little navi fanboy , u cannot say something else but "cool story" huh ? ur family teach u that when navi lost ? cry fanboy cry ...
2012-07-29 04:49
2012-07-29 02:00
i had the same feeling
2012-07-29 02:00
frozen | 
Brazil fgw1z 
fnatic <3
2012-07-29 01:46
gg fnatic, and thanks HLTV.org for the amazing coverage of the tournament.
2012-07-29 01:46
Congratz and GJ fnatic , fu navi !
2012-07-29 01:46
gratz trace
2012-07-29 01:46
gj delta and fnatic!
2012-07-29 01:47
Moviemakers, the movie about GameGune 2012 should be long with all the great frags and situations, do your best :D Xizt MVP
2012-07-29 01:47
XIZT for MVP ..
2012-07-29 01:48
Finland nsis 
markeloff was really out of shape the whole tournament :/ good games though, deserved victory.
2012-07-29 01:48
mrkloof not out of shape, he was just outclassed by friis and also karrigan in those awp-duels.
2012-07-29 02:21
He did miss a hell of a lot shots though.
2012-07-29 02:35
fnatic players also got dynamic movement you know making them hard to catch, this is called s!CK 1.6-skill. Markeloff played like he usually does, great awp skills, but you got an opponent on the other side who can master you.
2012-07-29 02:46
Yeah, doesn't seem to be even near his form in 2010.
2012-07-29 14:18
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
Deserved victory but I find fnatic playstyle so boring. And btw why fnatic flag is sweden? Isnt it danish now? Cuz I thought its a bit strange to have no single sweden team now in tournament.
2012-07-29 01:52
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Doesn't matter 2 swedish won Gamegune. Not a single Ukrainian is the winner today!
2012-07-29 01:55
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
Did you understand what I wrote? You should learn to read. Why are you replying me with such stupid comment full of hate?
2012-07-29 01:59
OK, OK. I misunderstood you
2012-07-29 02:02
"boring" ? lol naviplaystyle is like boring hightechbotsynced . pretty much same story over and over again. fnatic plays with joy and not so stricly shaped. Boring u think fnatic is cuz lose 3-4 finals in a row now. End of discussion. fnatic top 1 - team of the year 2012 !
2012-07-29 02:11
>so boring fuckin a they are
2012-07-29 09:59
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
2012-07-29 10:03
im just agree with you, brah
2012-07-29 10:24
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
misunderstood you
2012-07-29 10:35
Navi best ever team!
2012-07-29 01:49
"Best team ever" only if fankid i'd say.
2012-07-29 02:05
Navi first wins on scene 2010 year, rly fanboy rly best team ever...
2012-07-29 03:19
navi best team of 2010! but now they 3rd best team! fnatic #1!!
2012-07-29 09:51
3rd? didnt they reach 2nd place?
2012-07-29 11:30
this tournament...
2012-07-29 20:27
gj fnatic. Expected
2012-07-29 01:50
Good Job Na`Vi again 2nd place !! :D
2012-07-29 01:50
Nice fnatic! Well played & deserved. Without a loss again.
2012-07-29 01:50
GG both teams! Very WP from fnatic, Xizt made the right calls on the right rounds
2012-07-29 01:50
yeaaaaaaaaaah FNATIC <3
2012-07-29 01:50
after cArn retired, fnatic 100% entered grand-final and won 5/7 events they have attended. lol !
2012-07-29 01:50
It sounds rude =D I'd say,since karrigan arrived fnatic are strong like hell
2012-07-29 01:54
lol cArn is a great player I like him, I just focus the great achievement they won. :P
2012-07-29 02:02
carn was an awesome igl but with no aiming skills... xizt is an okay igl but very skilled player and with the addition of karrigan, who has being mvp or almost mvp in every championship since he got in the fnatic, the team become unbeatable.
2012-07-29 01:55
we should not forget that cArn is still supporting fnatic with tactics !
2012-07-29 02:04
From what I've seen on those tournaments and Xizt taking over the lead, I think Xizt is a great IGL and a great fragger. Probably like ave on his peak.
2012-07-29 10:07
Gz fnatic!!
2012-07-29 01:51
2012-07-29 01:51
Latvia GekonsCS 
update dreamteam, so I can go to sleep :D
2012-07-29 01:51
Montenegro ZaeL 
simply outplayed everyone on the tournament, good job guys, keep it up, respect ! Xizt MVP
2012-07-29 01:51
fnatic suxx, gamegune even more no equal conditions-Na'Vi playing all day long and fntaci haveing like 4 hours rest u have had to make grand final on Sunday
2012-07-29 01:51
Cry baby
2012-07-29 01:54
baby? have u seen urself in da mirror? i highly doubt
2012-07-29 02:00
The played in lower-bracket, so they had to play more matches, simple. And do not write this shit, fnatic was better, that's all...
2012-07-29 02:10
kosya^_^ you must be very intelligent person lol...
2012-07-29 14:53
you are so stupid. if they were better they would have won the winner bracket and got the 3hr rest. they were lucky to play the final
2012-07-30 04:15
Mate, you'd better take that picture out of your profile if you want your troll attempts to be successful :D
2012-07-29 04:27
mad fanboy?
2012-07-29 01:54
mad? nope
2012-07-29 02:01
k cry now
2012-07-29 01:54
do it 4 me
2012-07-29 02:01
yes, thats why fnatic won. oh wait
2012-07-29 01:55
yep, thats why noobs won
2012-07-29 02:01
skill of fnatic too much for navi :D
2012-07-29 02:02
attention fanboy maded and saded cos NAVI DEADED fnatic stronk navi wrong
2012-07-29 02:22
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
=)) Get a life dude
2012-07-29 01:56
i have one, girlie
2012-07-29 02:01
Navi lost a BO3 to ESC, so in normal circumstances they would be out in quarterfinal, so "Pls" learn to think. sore ukr losers, l2face the fact fnatic is simply the better team than navi and everybody else.
2012-07-29 02:18
stfu,navi fanboy
2012-07-29 03:29
And why did Navi have to fight all the way from the lower brackets? Because they lost initially, while fnatic went straight to the finals on their own merit. As much as I like Na'Vi, stone headed fanboys like you leaves a bitter taste. GG to both teams.
2012-07-29 07:26
Aleksib | 
Denmark megz 
and why was it they had to play all they? Ehm because they were sent in lower bracket. :)) THEY LOST. BE glad there even was a lower bracket.
2012-07-31 15:26
mvp Xizt
2012-07-29 01:52
gratz fnatic! please cry navi fanboy hahah
2012-07-29 01:52
well done guys , Xizt is the best - combaining igl and skillz as a player. Shapoo! :)
2012-07-29 01:52
2012-07-29 01:52
2k12 is fnatic's year gratz boys trACE deserves this shit :) he finally beat Navi!
2012-07-29 01:53
Expected, WP fnatic!!
2012-07-29 01:53
worth watching :)
2012-07-29 01:53
good job fnatic, anyways starix will be the mvp of tournament, delta the revelation and the worst tournament for markeloff he didnt play as he knows..
2012-07-29 01:54
i am sad that ESC Gaming don't won, but GG Fnatic! :)
2012-07-29 01:54
me too..
2012-07-29 01:55
They played very well IMO.
2012-07-29 01:57
over 26000 thx everybody
2012-07-29 01:54
Macedonia balich 
gh robots :) hahahahaha GJ fnatic :)
2012-07-29 01:58
haahahhahaahha u saw that also vs k2rt3 idk what was the name ;DDD
2012-07-29 02:09
3 of 3 last finals between fnatic & navy, black'n'orange won
2012-07-29 01:58
fnatic looks too strong for all teams in the world they kinda now that they gonna win,specialy when they lose 1st maps...
2012-07-29 01:58
GG fnatic expected Nice try Na`Vi but too many failes:( and not best game for ceh9 i guess
2012-07-29 01:59
trace mvp for sure!
2012-07-29 01:59
2012-07-29 02:01
Hopefully there will be POVs of at least: Dosia, liTTle, MODDII, Edward, markeloff, Neo, Loord, Friis, karrigan, Xizt...to start with :)
2012-07-29 01:59
as much as I've heard, many players did not record at all because the hardware was bad. So don't be too disappointed if there won't be any POVs at all.
2012-07-29 10:11
fnatic sweden flag?
2012-07-29 01:59
2012-07-29 02:01
Richard 'Xizt' Landström 50-51-1 watafak
2012-07-29 02:01
he was bad @ mirage
2012-07-29 02:06
cheers for fnatic and HLTV.org to this amazing coverage !
2012-07-29 02:01
I hate fnatic.
2012-07-29 02:01
2012-07-29 02:05
bcuz he is a navifankid who cannot sleep.
2012-07-29 02:13
they win too much
2012-07-29 02:14
Yes, thats simple logic bcuz they are Best!
2012-07-29 02:23
Man this is sport... i remember when Golden 5 win all! now all team are without motivation... CS is over :/ but anyway Fnatic make a great performance!
2012-07-29 02:26
mvp trace or xizt mayby
2012-07-29 02:01
they're simply the bests atm, well deserved!
2012-07-29 02:01
India transformer 
gg fnatic
2012-07-29 02:03
Fnatic too strong... DELTA very good job guys!
2012-07-29 02:04
++ _o_ Delta & Karont3 hands down _o_
2012-07-31 21:03
fnatic maybe play the best counter-strike we've seen. It's just unreal play from all players.
2012-07-29 02:05
Would be cool to see Dosia's all headshot M16 ace gun round on nuke. Just can't remember who they palyed against, but it was sick adn there was a whole lot of other brilliant moments/highlights by other players that jsut have to be frapped ;))
2012-07-29 02:05
intense match, especially on mirage. gg fnatic. gg navi too, nice comeback after losing to esc.
2012-07-29 02:06
Top 3 as lurppis predicted
2012-07-29 02:07
MODDII MVP here for sure!
2012-07-29 02:07
gj karont3
2012-07-29 02:10
Congratulations to trace for beating NaVi. I am so happy that DELTA shut all mouths about their skills. I am really looking forward to see GameGune 2012 fragmovie (dont forget about restart in the middle of ENTiTY x Giants game).
2012-07-29 02:12
"Congratulations to trace" trace he did not win fnatic win :)
2012-07-29 02:15
Yes but remember mTw I think this means a lot for him.
2012-07-29 02:22
It's so weird to look at fnatic's flag and see a Danish one, ahah! Well done, and deserved! Even though there are not many teams to compete for the tittle nowadays (which is really sad), it's still an achievement for any of these teams to end up in the final.
2012-07-29 02:13
Xizt mvp of GG12 no doubt.
2012-07-29 02:17
2012-07-29 02:19
2012-07-29 02:17
trace finally won an international comp lol
2012-07-29 02:17
DH Summer'10 rang a bell?
2012-07-29 11:08
2012-07-29 02:19
Every team has own time. Na`Vi-2010, fnatic-2012... <3 Natus Vincere
2012-07-29 02:20
ESC/SK-2011 Top 1/-2
2012-07-29 02:38
Though fnatic has a couple of "times" ^_^
2012-07-29 03:16
Sick chairs :D
2012-07-29 02:21
Norway duffz00r 
GREAT event :) GG @matches
2012-07-29 02:21
2012-07-29 02:22
Great tournament DELTA. Fnatic without surprise top 1 ;P but respect ;).
2012-07-29 02:22
No worries navi, i'm sure you'll get your revenge on NEXT BIG CS TOURNAMENT
2012-07-29 02:23
I am big fan of ESC... but in this tournament Delta surprise me! they play really... different ? than other team, i mean no pro players, just teamplay and tactic. I am really happy for Delta and they 1.500 euros for 4th place on GG. GJ DELTA!
2012-07-29 02:24
2012-07-29 02:24
xizt 1on3 xD btw I like so much this new fnatic lineup.
2012-07-29 02:30
2012-07-29 02:34
Friis is the 3rd best stat wise in fnatic. 1.Trace 2.Moddii 3.Friis 4.Karrigan 5.Xizt
2012-07-31 21:06
I said it*s ok, i have nothing against him,he is great with the big green,but with the rifles,not so much...
2012-08-01 11:09
fnatic <3
2012-07-29 02:34
GJ fnatic and DELTA played very good matches, nice ;)
2012-07-29 02:35
2012-07-29 02:41
this fnatic is really sick~
2012-07-29 02:43
GREATJOB fnatic :0
2012-07-29 02:47
Xitz MVP for sure! GJ fnatic.
2012-07-29 02:49
Good job fnatic. What an amazing team. Too sad CS is DEADING :(
2012-07-29 02:51
Fnatic unstoppable!!! MODDII just insane note: guess who is Na`Vi's worst rating player. yeah
2012-07-29 02:52
gj Fnatic!
2012-07-29 03:01
2012-07-29 03:05
Friis played realy good whole tour ;)
2012-07-29 03:14
gj Fnatic...Cs 1.6 not die
2012-07-29 03:26
Ukraine velm 
final masters of CS
2012-07-29 03:37
This whole tournament was awesome and full of surprises..we got alot of people to watch it and plus had alot of fun..great job Hltv and nixon we love you all.. hope there will be more events and IEM wcg picks up 1.6 again..GGGG
2012-07-29 03:38
GJ !
2012-07-29 03:42
Go Danish flag! *dances*
2012-07-29 03:46
2012-07-29 09:06
2012-07-29 10:13
gratz fnatic <3 and finally trace get to defeat navi :D
2012-07-29 03:57
Expected ;]+
2012-07-29 04:03
Looks like the Fnatic year is taking it's shape.
2012-07-29 04:11
GZ fnatic
2012-07-29 04:34
2012-07-29 04:41
delta in 4 '-'n1
2012-07-29 04:48
iF SK was here i bet they would be somewhere near 4th-8th.. xD
2012-07-29 04:49
For me the best player of that GG was Starix ^^ But really well played by the two team, fnatic is really strong now. Markeloff have a pretty bad day tbh, Na'Vi dont play has good has usual, and Fnatic take this, they have a really solid play. Pretty happy for Trace who can defeat Na'Vi when it's like one of the last time he can really do it. Pretty sad that the Ukrainian are hated by a big party of the comunity. Well played Fnatic, and nice motivation Na'Vi.
2012-07-29 04:54
nice :D
2012-07-29 05:02
ceh9 titanic
2012-07-29 05:24
gj fnatic , guess next big tournament wont bill till 2013 Gamegune , but im sure even b4 that they will announce to drop the game - i know there be a few online cups but its the lan tourneys that make this game fun for us to watch and bring the best out of teams :/
2012-07-29 06:08
GG guys.
2012-07-29 06:10
Even if this might be one of the last major 1.6 tournament, the skills displayed by all the teams were incredible. Congrats fnatic! and also to Na'Vi and ESC who played with incredible determination..And DELTA for surprising everyone! GG!
2012-07-29 07:31
k23 nice!
2012-07-29 07:35
wow surprised!, Happy for fnatic, getting consecutive titles.. gold lineup :)
2012-07-29 07:49
fnatic was good
2012-07-29 07:50
Absolutely deserved 1st place for fnatic, but I cheering for NaVi in Grand Final :( Great tournament, but probably one of the last...
2012-07-29 07:58
2012-07-29 08:10
fnatic 6 maps and 5 hours for rest navi 10 maps and 1 hour for rest It's unfair for grand final.
2012-07-29 08:23
fnatic 6 maps and 5 hours for rest coz fnatic win all matches Navi lose to esc soooooo......... fnatic > ESC NAVI SK ETC ETC ETC.........
2012-07-29 08:50
"coz fnatic win all matches" Thx cap.
2012-07-29 08:58
if navi had 500 hours rest, fnatic would still rape their asses
2012-07-29 08:53
This is only your childish opinion.
2012-07-29 09:08
this is what hapenning since karrigan joined fnatic
2012-07-29 09:42
No, it's not. Face that fnatic is stronger than Na'Vi with that lineup.
2012-07-29 10:15
"fnatic is stronger than Na'Vi" All top team are on same level. Question only in preparing. Maybe today fnatic stronger, but as I said fnatic had advantage. And ofcourse fnatic not "rape their asses".
2012-07-29 11:02
fnatic raped their asses 3 tournaments in a row navi not the same as in 2010, wake up dude
2012-07-29 11:20
"fnatic raped their asses" You know what means "rape ass"? I think no. "navi not the same as in 2010" Again you captain?
2012-07-29 19:43
2012-07-29 12:31
2012-07-29 19:44
Nice seeing you're agreeing.
2012-07-29 20:25
Nice seeing you're agreeing.
2012-07-29 21:03
That's because NaVi was on low bracket, because they lost with ESC, fnatic didnt lost any match, so they were on high bracket right to final. Dont search excuse for NaVi, fnatic was just better, that's all
2012-07-29 14:50
"so they were on high bracket right to final" And they have deserved 1 point in a final match. "That's because NaVi was on low bracket" They WON in lower bracket and they DESERVE equal conditions in a final. "Dont search excuse for NaVi" fnatic had advantage - it is fact.
2012-07-29 19:59
Na'Vi lost before. It's a fact. And thus it's a well deserved advantage. Now gtfo.
2012-07-29 21:13
fnatic lost before. It's a fact. And thus it's a well deserved advantage. Now gtfo.
2012-07-29 21:21
yes, NaVi lost 4 times in row with fnatic, so stfu ;)
2012-07-30 15:08
yes, fnatic lost 3 times in row with navi, so stfu ;)
2012-07-30 19:25
in 2011 or 2010, they were on top at that time, now they are not... so please, wake up mr. fanboy :)
2012-07-31 20:52
Wake up mr.icantreadcorrectly, and try to reply to my #304 post (Which you just ignored and started writing shit). "in 2011 or 2010, they were on top at that time" In 2010 they never lost? May be they lost all maps against fnatic in 2012? You seen WCG final in 2010? You think MTW didnt deserve that win? And like now, NaVi didnt deserve this win? Game was not close? You have so limited thinking.
2012-07-31 21:42
Stop trolling, NaVi didnt deserved to win GG 2012, maybe DELTA or ESC deserved it a bit, but not NaVi, no way! +I have no time and reason to talk with such a silly fan of NaVi, I have got better things to worry about..
2012-08-02 16:28
"Stop trolling" First time in my life someone call me a troll. "but not NaVi, no way!" If NaVi played in final then they deserve it a priori. "a silly fan of NaVi" ahah You cant object to me, silly hater.
2012-08-02 18:06
Cool story, bro.
2012-08-03 18:56
need highlights :) athid?
2012-07-29 08:57
why wasn't M5 at this event?
2012-07-29 09:04
tp.Usports was 4 M5's players, ed1k, dosia, romjke and Fox + overdrive. Overdrive because he paid trip for them...
2012-07-29 09:22
Brazil sicariuswtf 
xizt is so good, he is the KEY to fnatic sucess despite the great fraggers that this team have
2012-07-29 09:21
w00h00 i knew it :] Congratulations fnatic :]
2012-07-29 09:22
nice <3
2012-07-29 09:28
nice <3
2012-07-29 09:39
Mad props to the semi teams who took a shot and attended!
2012-07-29 09:44
Fnatic :o
2012-07-29 09:48
Xizt definitely the MVP. Crazy frags in the previous few matches and that is what made fnatic get into the finals. Agreed he wasn't at his best in the finals, but he's the IGL as well and in any case he wasn't "BAD". Well played fnatic!
2012-07-29 10:01
ceh9 4ever alone :(
2012-07-29 10:04
Fnatic unstoppable <3
2012-07-29 10:04
GJ fnatic
2012-07-29 10:16
last gold in the right hand best team in cs history FNATIC
2012-07-29 10:31
2012-07-29 10:39
most skilled team ever. graz fnatic
2012-07-29 10:40
I like people like you, because 90% of ukrainans are searching excuces for NaVi. +1 charisma m4ds1ck ;)
2012-07-29 14:48
GJ Delta :)
2012-07-29 10:45
and cs now is over. gl to ur life
2012-07-29 11:02
trace or Xizt MVP
2012-07-29 11:04
GJ Delta, For Sure Loord MVP in this tourament
2012-07-29 11:06
2012-07-29 11:08
delta gj suprised wp fnatic i like see fnatic winning like with Gux :)
2012-07-29 11:29
G _ G
2012-07-29 11:43
i wanna watch stream again :(
2012-07-29 11:47
same shit )
2012-07-29 12:27
delta better results then every1 expected ;)
2012-07-29 12:11
poland strong ;D
2012-07-29 12:40
omg fnatic is shit..
2012-07-29 12:59
Yeah, most dominating CS-organization ever is shit? Great logic
2012-07-29 13:52
ceh9 mvp fosho
2012-07-29 13:46
Good job, fnatic. Xizt for MVP... I really like those ESC fans saying "nice fnatic" or "fnatic unstoppable", you ESC fans I really like your reaction. Not like those NaVi idiot fans searching excuses and things like "fnatic noobs"... but dont reply them, it's wasting of time, ignore it. They will grow up :)
2012-07-29 14:46
Great tournament. GG Fnatic
2012-07-29 14:55
I feel happy for trace
2012-07-29 15:21
gg Navi <3 you are the best
2012-07-29 15:27
gj fnatic
2012-07-29 15:29
2012-07-29 15:42
Good tournament, lets hope its not the last GG fnatic! Most skilled team ever? I think I would agree to that :) What a crazy mix of danish and swedish skill Thanks to HLTV.org for great coverage!
2012-07-29 15:44
GJ, deserved.
2012-07-29 15:52
gj fnatic :D
2012-07-29 16:57
Norway duffz00r 
gj, gg match :)
2012-07-29 17:06
Gratz fnatic and a great job by Xizt throughout the event. He will definitely be my choice for MVP of GG12.
2012-07-29 17:06
They were watching Rahim's stream :D
2012-07-29 18:01
Na`Vi was totally awesome 7 tourtanments, 7 grand finals!
2012-07-29 18:08
karrigan best awp in world?.. youtube.com/watch?v=ryrgOoqwrpw&hd=1 see urself.
2012-07-29 19:52
did u see those 4 shots on train in 1 on 5 situation?
2012-07-31 16:13
Congratz fnatic!
2012-07-29 22:10
Friis baby!!!!!
2012-07-30 00:59
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
Fnatic is danish team, fix the flag please!
2012-07-30 01:22
Sweden X-rAy 
friss won 98% duels with markeloff. dont say its because ppl left game. if they were this team before they would do good aswell. friss #1 awp
2012-07-30 01:36
fn playes easily, they feel no pressure under sneeky attack and defence they are confident and they know their opponent afraid of their skills so they could perform 100% or more but navi could only 80% the most also navi = no brain team as you see the match the only team theroyotically has chance to beat fn is esc bcuz they play with brains to beat fn, thats not enough, they also need luck for navi one day they find brain in the game, one day they could win zeus sux strats edward noob performance markelon pub rookie sense of pos. can win over esc is almost a miracle 0:15 tells everything aslo edward as t campfire delta on inferno nearly lmao
2012-07-30 02:57
i agree with you but imo fnatic is on not legal doping bcs they have amazing reflexs, players esc/navi with them are weak ... ))
2012-07-30 17:17
yes ! all bot
2012-07-30 20:22
gg wp :)
2012-07-30 11:21
gg fnatic, definetly their year
2012-07-30 15:12
Azerbaijan Talley 
CS 1.6 tournaments get boring. Fnatic owns all :/
2012-07-31 12:04
next tourney?
2012-07-31 12:30
2012-07-31 13:41
Go! Fnatic <3
2012-08-02 19:51
awesome fnatic, but x6tence -> EveRyOnNeEe
2012-08-02 19:56
2015-07-07 17:45
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