SK confirm CS division release

SK Gaming have confirmed the report from last week that suggested the CS division was going to be released.

Thursday last week news surfaced that long time SK coach Anton Budak had left the organization and that Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg and Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund would do the same.

Not sent to GameGune, the future for CS in the German-based organization seemed to be coming to a close, which was confirmed today on the SK Gaming website.

With today's announcement SK Gaming's Alexander "TheSlaSH" Müller released the following statement about releasing the team:

"There is not much to say at this point, really, but to thank each and every player that wore the SK jersey in the past to play CS 1.6 for us. As an organization we are one of the most successful teams of all times and all those names contributed to this. With that being said, the community can rest asured that we are looking deeply into CS:GO right now and will have players for that game in the future if it makes it into eSport just as 1.6 did. Let's wait and see what the future holds."

Müller states that they have an eye on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a game which several of the now former SK players have been playing actively recently. Should CS:GO go big, then it seems very likely that SK will pick it up and mount a team.

Last tournament win for SK, on home soil in Stockholm 

With the release of the team, following five players are now free agents:

 Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
 Johan "face" Klasson
 Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
 Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
 Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström 

Word on the street is that Dahlström is going to retire, while we have already seen Alesund, Klasson and Lindberg play CS:GO tournaments, while Larsson hasn't. We will do our very best to stay on top of what the future for the players will look like, as well as SK's possible engagement into CS:GO.

NEO | 
Brazil beelzebub! 
sad. RIP SK... And thanks for the fun. Good memories...
2012-07-30 14:22
bad menories in my memory
2012-07-30 14:34
c|_| - It's empty.
2012-07-30 14:38
NEO | 
Brazil beelzebub! 
I said about the old team... About old tornaments... You dont feel happy when you remember; heaton, spawn, potti, ahl? That organization gave us some fun :/ OFC we know about dirty things u-u
2012-07-30 14:47
dirty things hahahahhahaa
2012-07-30 15:15
Other si 
spawn potti fisker heaton ahl element this SK was awesome , maybe the best for me.
2012-07-30 19:51
Probably the greatest of all time. At least top 3 for me. imho : 1. HeatoN Potti fisker SpawN ahl elemeNt 2. NEo kuben Loord TaZ pasha 3. dsn cArn Gux f0rest GeT_RiGhT RIP 1.6
2012-07-31 08:58
Sweden ribb 
zonic, sunde, mje, ave, whimp were pretty good as well =)
2012-07-31 09:49
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
dsn carn forest getright archi was better
2012-07-31 11:29
Archi was with get_right for 1 week before he retired and I dont think they even played 1 match together. Not sure if serious or not -_^
2012-07-31 12:23
Russia rsvt 
LeX, Starix, Zeus, Edward, Delpan - best of the best :)
2012-07-31 14:32
If u would know old times. pasha < loord b
2012-07-31 17:20
What are you mumbling about?
2012-08-01 07:20
ur memory are shit then
2012-08-01 16:25
miss eoLithic & mTw.aTn
2012-07-30 14:37
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
mTw.ati ? Damn smartphones ;)
2012-07-30 17:02
actually they were called mTw.aTn even before mTw.ATI. aTn was standing for Alternate which is the same company that sponsored Alternate Attax and later became only ALTERNATE.
2012-07-31 02:14
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Ah thanks!
2012-07-31 12:37
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
yeah fisker,spwan,ahl,scream filur <3 they were my favorite team,then eoL also vp,old mouse with jonny r,damn that was good cs :)
2012-07-30 21:48
Norway duffz00r 
me 2
2012-07-31 02:16
sad news for CS 1.6 :(.
2012-07-30 14:21
Romania KwSv 
2012-07-30 14:21
+1 And I can see why!
2012-07-30 18:29
historical day
2012-07-30 14:22
2012-07-30 15:41
+1 sad..
2012-07-31 12:45
Spain garci 
expected and rly sad :(
2012-07-30 14:22
Sweden cnzTT 
NOOO :((! Cs is dead for me... SK 4EVER! f0rest s2
2012-07-30 14:28
2012-07-30 15:53
Switched my game filter to read the comments i am dissapoint.
2012-07-30 14:22
no this is filtered as CS 1.6
2012-07-30 16:07
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
freek has his filter set to Blobbey Volley only usually
2012-07-30 17:01
2012-07-30 17:15
2012-07-31 03:20
2012-07-30 14:23
sad. rip sk ;(
2012-07-30 14:23
Canada xb0y 
Upcoming CS:GO squad?
2012-07-30 14:23
about time...
2012-07-30 14:23
"we are looking deeply into CS:GO right now and will have players for that game in the future if it makes it into eSport just as 1.6 did." : (.
2012-07-30 14:25
2012-07-30 14:24
Sad, R.I.P SK.
2012-07-30 14:25
"Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Aleseund" ;) No-one is perfect Marc! :) Edit: It's the end of an era :( GG SK, and I guess there will be no re :/
2012-07-30 14:27
+1 end of an era, sad day for gaming.
2012-07-30 18:26
CS 1.6 Death :(
2012-07-30 14:26
wtf :(
2012-07-30 14:26
2012-07-30 14:27
NS )))
2012-07-30 14:27
Hope SK members will find new teams and not just retire..
2012-07-30 14:27
2012-07-30 14:31
Lol? CS 1.6 competitive is dead and you write this?
2012-07-30 15:20
WinFakt: get_right, f0rest, khrystal, niko, fyrrte Would be so awesome, but it wont be.
2012-07-30 16:17
you people just love making lines of five nicknames dont you?
2012-07-30 16:44
"Hope SK members will find new teams" so I wrote my type.
2012-07-30 16:51
Yeah, I think f0rest and GTR wanted to stop earning money from SK and forced their way out by playing CS:GO instead of 1.6 with their only goal to join another 1.6 team.
2012-07-31 01:41
2012-07-30 14:27
nice? nice.
2012-07-30 14:34
yeh nice
2012-07-30 19:15
2012-07-30 14:27
What the f...? I guess it's a big hit to 1.6
2012-07-30 14:28
R.I.P :(
2012-07-30 14:28
sad that SK will not play :( i hope those players stick together and make a new team, that would be nicee :)
2012-07-30 14:28
if they wanted to play, they would've been together! It's not the orga that shut down the division forcefully, but simply the players didn't want to play anymore
2012-07-30 16:44
Netherlands JUNG13 
One of the symbols of cs1.6 deaded, thanks to Valve!
2012-07-30 14:29
Ofc they'll kill 1.6, it is sad though.. But they want to make money from CS:GO..
2012-07-30 21:12
Thanks to Valve? Seriously are you actually insane. What have Valve got to do with anything the SK Organisation (lets just double take on this, SK being a GERMAN organisation), do with their squads. I swear half the people on this site seem to have this deluded view that Valve pay every organisation from ESWC, and ESL, to SK, and others to drop 1.6, which lets be honest is incredibly retarded.
2012-07-31 02:23
This ^^ counter-strike, in general, has been losing popularity for quite a while now and it has nothing to do with Valve or csgo.
2012-07-31 12:41
Netherlands JUNG13 
No, I don't think so, but the building was shaky - and they pushed it... No matter what you say.
2012-07-31 15:29
we won't forget this day
2012-07-30 14:29
It's abaout time.. :DDDDD GG!
2012-07-30 14:30
The chapter is over folks, time to leave
2012-07-30 14:30
"SK Gaming today are officially announcing the release of the current Counter Strike 1.6 team, one of the world's most well known and successful group of players in eSports history." Delpan and face still in the team , maybe +Gux and Threat and pita or some1 from duttdutt :-? I don't think is the last of the SK CS 1.6 team
2012-07-30 14:30
lol? They CLOSE the 1.6 division, its over...
2012-07-30 14:31
Keep hoping...
2012-07-30 14:42
Yeah, for sure GuX left fnatic (1st sm, 1st cph, 1st gg, 1st dhs, 1st fnatic play league) to join sk gaming.
2012-07-30 16:19
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
.... It's not like gux did not make the same move before? He left the fnatic of 2009 (where he won eerything with forp and gtr) for a struggling SK squad, I agree he will not come back (certainly not for SK) but your argument is very flawed
2012-07-30 17:06
As far as I remember, he had reason to leave fnatic in 2009 (wasnt it 2010 already?). Now he quit CS to his study etc. And didn't he join H2k before joining SK? :P
2012-07-30 17:28
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
yeah he did, but I meant your argument to leave a team that just won everything, he did exactly the same back then. wether that be for study or another team, does not really matter. and the reason he stated this time was the same as he did back then, even though I think this time it will be final ;(
2012-07-30 20:48
With the release of the team, following five players are now free agents: Marcus "Delpan" Larsson Johan "face" Klasson Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström Understand now?
2012-07-30 18:29
I know i know but i still think is not the last of SK Cs 1.6 team
2012-07-30 19:41
Oh, then keep hoping...
2012-07-30 20:12
2012-07-30 14:30
2012-07-30 14:30
2012-07-30 14:30
legendary SK has just fall.. end of the world coming i guess?
2012-07-30 14:31
2012 I guess.
2012-07-31 12:57
2012-07-30 14:31
Back in CS GO
2012-07-30 14:31
best team :(
2012-07-30 14:32
Bulgaria dreamwalkeR_R 
Its not gonna be the same.. ;-(
2012-07-30 14:33
Macedonia xz1t 
sad for counter strike hope that players will form new squad :)
2012-07-30 14:33
FNATIC prevails :)
2012-07-30 14:33
Cmon guys, we all knew it will happen ^_^
2012-07-30 14:34
Carried by f0rest
2012-07-30 14:34
Seriously slash coulnt wait for 2 more months and see what will happen ? There are tons of players out there , im not some fan of sk but it's sad to hear such a great team with amazing history fall apart just becous of CS : GO ? Valve doenst give shit about fans they only want $ $ $
2012-07-30 14:35
and pay them salaries for 2 months for what? there are NO tournaments ....why the fuck would someone pay players to practice all day for 0 tournaments? are you serious?
2012-07-30 15:04
Dream hack winter fire core ? you're not up to date :)
2012-07-30 15:10
no, ARE YOU SERIOUS, by saying that there are 0 tournaments? Please lurk more.
2012-07-30 15:20
there are left 2-3 tournament worth for sk to play its not worth paying all those salaries
2012-07-30 15:58
I didn't say anything about them being worth it for SK.
2012-07-30 18:14
They didn't even practice xD.
2012-07-31 01:43
Contracts probably expired now.
2012-07-30 15:20
Romania JeeFo 
2012-07-30 14:35
fuck SK, never liked this team but feel sorry for 1.6
2012-07-30 14:36
knew it, SK will missed though
2012-07-30 14:36
gl sk
2012-07-30 14:38
Denmark kazzb 
Who should have thought that a danish cs team would be number 1 in the world when it all came to an end. GG sweden. You tried.
2012-07-30 14:36
Tried and succeeded.
2012-07-30 14:40
In promoting CS:GO? Yes.
2012-07-30 15:21
in 1.6 dumbass
2012-07-30 17:29
hahaha xD' +1
2012-07-30 20:45
stay mad fag
2012-07-31 18:31
why should i be mad u prick?
2012-07-31 20:56
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
:D love you
2012-07-30 17:14
Actually Xizt and Moddii doing great job in fnatic, also without trace in team (as it was Swedish) they were already number 1, so yeah...
2012-07-30 20:51
Sweden has won 66 events. Denmark has won 10 or 11. gg
2012-07-31 16:54
2012-08-01 16:17
Poland ntns 
Thanks for 2011, gg
2012-07-30 14:37
BB SK, was nice knowing you.
2012-07-30 14:37
You mad CS 1.6? CS:GO for the future, good game I love Valve for giving me the beta key.
2012-07-30 14:39
are you fucking kidding me?
2012-07-30 20:58
Wohoooooooooo!!!!, now i hope MC leaves SK and this organisation closes it's gates for ever.
2012-07-30 14:42
Belgium v1ncNtt 
Waiting on the thread asking, What CS team will be released next ?
2012-07-30 14:42
2012-07-30 14:44
Sad but expected some time ago: "...if it makes it into eSport just as 1.6 did." It will not, until they do it better than CS 1.6.
2012-07-30 14:44
sad for Delpan ^^ failed access to team
2012-07-30 14:43
Damn, i will miss all cs 1.6 players when it comes to an end :( I still hope this community stays here even if we have to change to CS:GO, i dont really like it but lets try giving it a chance.
2012-07-30 14:44
Aerial | 
Denmark Esgar 
So... Sweden has now lost their 2 best teams :D only Lemondogs left now ^^,
2012-07-30 14:46
so.. what's the point in having a good team in a dead game?
2012-07-30 17:17
Maybe its the upcoming events? maybe? could be? They could still have had attended some events, even GameGune which just ended. But would they have won anything? I guess thats the more important question. :-)
2012-07-30 20:46
Denmark kazzb 
mad cuz Norway never had the best team.
2012-07-30 22:29
I'm half Swedish, and NoA was ranked #1 at one point, by GotFrag.
2012-07-31 16:59
I always said to myself, if SK goes down, they will take the rest of the 1.6 scene with them. They are the greatest 1.6 team EVER, as well as old school SK, and new school SK. R.I.P Pro 1.6, i will certainly miss you <3 it was a good, and EPIC run !
2012-07-30 14:46
I do not like anything, cs 1.6 goes from bad to worse.
2012-07-30 14:47
ahahah skgaming saw fnatic strong and rather go to csgo
2012-07-30 14:47
Sweden nibb 
gg cs :)
2012-07-30 14:47
HeatoN Potti fisker VicoN Atterman Blu3 NIRee Xenon SpawN elemeNt XeqtR DarK Hyb brunk ahl walle vilden Snajdan SpawN Hyper RobbaN GeT_RiGhT Gux face f0rest Delpan allen trace Bengan Kush Medion GoodFella zet Tentpole kHRYSTAL + dennis Red striker moddii quite a good list... RIP!
2012-07-30 14:47
walle | 
Austria mexii 
I got goosebumps while reading this list :(
2012-07-30 15:01
they also had german and danish cs squads zonic, spx, calc, pan, tixo, mason, hyde, steve, approx and some more :D
2012-07-30 15:11
amazing organisation with a great history...cs:gO hueta !
2012-07-30 15:51
+cyx !you have to remember
2012-07-30 20:16
amazing players !
2012-07-30 16:39
of course my friends it was amazing time...
2012-07-30 20:58
LUq imo big +
2012-07-30 20:14
What are you trying to say? o_O
2012-07-30 20:51
so cool
2012-07-31 01:47
Norway duffz00r 
Rip great masters
2012-07-31 02:19
2 SpawN's? :P
2012-07-31 10:16
YOU FORGOT immo" the german
2012-07-31 12:19
:( SK <3
2012-07-30 14:49
Only guys with balls know when is the moment to end career. Don't go for CS:GO if you want be a serious legend of Counter-Strike. Remember this dudes. Thanks for great years, SK!
2012-07-30 14:50
najs dumb SK
2012-07-30 14:50
Sweden ZOD! 
fffffu :)
2012-07-30 14:51
2012-07-30 14:52
the end of an era
2012-07-30 14:54
Greece her-1g 
either way cs is dead...SK just confirmed it. my prediction face,gtr,f0rest along with 2 css pros to form a cs:go team IF csgo goes mainstream
2012-07-30 14:55
Poland jMS 
R.I.P. competetive CS 1.6 I know there are still plenty of teams left, but month after month we gonna surely see more of them going away. With more and more events dropping 1.6 it became less affordable for organisations to feature CS teams as well as it's not that benefitial for the very players too.
2012-07-30 14:56
They were amazing! I loved SK's new line-up robban face gtr f0rest delpan, but every thing has a beginning, has a an end RIP sk love for all.
2012-07-30 14:56
2012-07-30 14:57
sad ((((
2012-07-30 14:59
Spain kei. 
SK Gaming 1997 - 2012 RIP
2012-07-30 14:59
2012-07-30 15:00
I think most of us knew this for few days already...
2012-07-30 15:00
:D:D:D::D:D:D:D gl
2012-07-30 15:00
2012-07-30 15:00
2012-07-30 15:02
i never liked them, but this is sad..
2012-07-30 15:05
everyone is whining like a little bitch but you all forget there are almost no more tournaments left how can you expect SK to pay their players with almost no competition left? cs 1.6 just cant go on at a pro level for now ....
2012-07-30 15:06
what is with sad smiles and hearts thats weird
2012-07-30 15:07
N1 cs 1.6 dies :[
2012-07-30 15:07
now they can start working on their education and get real jobs :)
2012-07-30 15:10
xa xa :D good choice all nabs go to play dota.
2012-07-30 15:10
The reason is money. CS:GO is big money prizes from valve side and big events which drop 1.6 now. If it will be first event with amazing prizes like on the Dota2 International 1, everyone will switch on Global Offensive. I think Valve CAN fix CS:GO to be very interesting to play on competetive scene, like they did it with Dota2. But it's very very sad for legendary game CS 1.6.
2012-07-30 15:11
yes money = evrything I seriously think if only CS:GO wasnt announced,1.6 would have been the same epic game and no one would have retired atleast not players like mSx,zonic
2012-07-30 15:15
2012-07-30 18:39
Ukraine R/T 
daaamn more than 10 years existence...
2012-07-30 15:11
15 years
2012-07-30 15:14
2012-07-30 15:12
Cs isnt the same anymore..bunch of new players,too boring to watch
2012-07-30 15:12
2012-07-30 15:13
GG! ):
2012-07-30 15:13
For me it's sad but, finally... Waiting for ESC, Na'Vi, Fnatic to retire and then we can just remember about good old times.
2012-07-30 15:14
Ukraine minemax 
CS is almost dead. Sad but true.
2012-07-30 15:14
dont really wonder since they totally failed with their monthly lineup changes
2012-07-30 15:15
[*] o.O
2012-07-30 15:18
In my opinion only professional Counter-Strike die ;).
2012-07-30 15:18
20% will quit gaming entirely 20% will continue to play other games 30% will jump to cs:go(half of those will quit quite soon after) 29,9% stubborn, insane people will be hanging around on 1.6 channels on IRC the rest of their lives 0,1% will commit suicide
2012-07-30 17:39
"0,1% will commit suicide" haha
2012-07-30 21:02
i ma the 0,1 ! hhhh
2012-07-31 12:20
And the return of NIP ? i_i
2012-07-30 15:18
With this step CS is almost dead. I feel very very nostalgic because of this, goodbye glory & legendary SK.swe :(
2012-07-30 15:19
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
finally, thank god. sk represent evrything i hate about cs.
2012-07-30 15:19
Down, is the new up
2012-07-30 15:20
Radiohead - In Rainbows reference? One hell of an album btw. :D
2012-07-30 15:23
Blink 182-i miss you??
2012-07-30 15:24
JustinBieber - baby baby ohh yeahh
2012-07-30 16:14
AHAHAHAHA, guys, we found a winner
2012-07-30 18:28
2012-07-31 03:16
2012-07-31 12:08
this is the moment when anyone can say: 1.6 is dying :x
2012-07-30 15:20
cs go .. lOl
2012-07-30 15:22
what ???? So damn saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !! :'(
2012-07-30 15:23
good memories we love sk-gaming this is my room :))
2012-07-30 15:24
cl_bigtable 1
2012-07-30 16:15
2012-07-30 16:37
2012-07-30 20:07
what a stupid
2012-07-31 02:56
2012-07-31 20:30
Cs 1.6 = Dead CS Source = Dead CS GO; CS 1.6 + Source = Alive and Epic Win
2012-07-30 15:26
SK died...this is the END OF AN ERA
2012-07-30 15:25
By the way, the people saying "hurr CS:GO is going to replace 1.6", you are fucking dumb. It's not replacing anything - It's just a new FPS promoted by Valve. The only similarity is that it has "CS" in it's name. They are not deleting 1.6 from Steam and you can still play the game. Oh wait, I forgot that everyone here dreams of becoming a pro gamer and ditches away his favorite game because of that. Protip: you will never get paid for playing a game so at least enjoy the good games you shits.
2012-07-30 15:29
+1 and i dont know why nobody understand that iam not goign to stop playing the game i love because theres no more tournament for pro players LOL
2012-07-30 17:46
2012-07-31 12:09
2012-07-30 15:29
MOM enters my room MOM:son,why are you looking so sad Me: nothing i am fine :$ MOM: Then why were you punching that poster ME to myself:how can i tell u that this poster is the CS:GO poster,i shoot it with my toy gun evry day
2012-07-30 15:29
dude try taking proffesional help!
2012-07-30 15:59
2012-07-30 23:11
DAD: who fucking cares idiot
2012-07-31 02:57
you need salvation
2012-07-31 05:11
sad ;o
2012-07-30 15:30
the end era sk
2012-07-30 15:30
2012-07-30 15:32
rip .
2012-07-30 15:33
Crap organization! Good riddance! What's up now Delpan? How did the SK switch work out for you? 5 months of glory and story over! I would have been happier if players just moved to a new organization, so it's still sad that we're remaining with one less pro team in the circuit but definitely glad that a filthy organization is keeping it's paws off our sacred game.
2012-07-30 15:34
Unbelievable post. Please read up your history.
2012-07-31 02:29
I know enough to make that statement. Also, apart from Delpan, i did not say anything about any of the players who represented the organization. The glory/fame is all for/of the players. The organization itself has never been any good by itself.
2012-07-31 11:59
2012-07-31 21:01
Excellent argument.
2012-07-31 23:19
I cant be arsed to make an argument out of you... I just am too nice to show you up in front of your buddies here.
2012-08-01 00:38
sad but face the music
2012-07-30 15:35
yeah, as the manager said we see things from two sides its an end so its another start gg gl
2012-07-30 15:35
Forest a free agent O.o
2012-07-30 15:39
2012-07-30 15:40
cs:go team with f0rest and gtr please. then im going to buy that game :D
2012-07-30 15:40
forgot metion to allen, but ok
2012-07-30 15:41
expected, fnatic and esc are next - it will be announced around late october I think.
2012-07-30 15:41
2012-07-30 15:42
Sad for RobbaN, rest of them are lowbob wannabe's.
2012-07-30 15:43
Historical day, the end of the era of 1.6 for me.. SK is like Real Madrid for me.. its sad but it seems that 1.6 is dead.. maybe CS:GO will revive the cs scene but.. 1.6 will never be forgotten!
2012-07-30 15:44
sad :(
2012-07-30 15:44
SK RIP....players new tag ;)
2012-07-30 15:46
bye bye CS1.6
2012-07-30 15:48
If 1 more big team ( NaVi, fnatic, ESC ) retire i think we must all forget about 1.6 :xx
2012-07-30 15:48
hard time for SK fans.
2012-07-30 15:49
welcome CS:GO
2012-07-30 15:50
It's the truth whether people like it or not. The now ex SK guys have been playing CS:GO for a while now with this roster: face f0rest GeT_RiGhT friberg fiflaren They played in the 4PL grand finals yesterday as well -
2012-07-30 15:57
I hope CS:GO will succeed so I can watch a competition on big events with some cs1.6 names
2012-07-30 15:54
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
#78 where`s LUq ?
2012-07-30 16:04
1. Use reply button next time. 2. WTF?
2012-07-30 16:28
I can't believe ... :/
2012-07-30 16:05
sad sad sad very bed news ;(
2012-07-30 16:15
no money to gain for organisation - no cs division. I hate SK : )
2012-07-30 16:20
2012-07-30 16:20
bad news.fuking sad
2012-07-30 16:21
I play cs 1.6 for fun, and i am giving a shit for this new... i am going play cs 1.6
2012-07-30 16:22
2012-07-30 16:23
Portugal brokenwings 
oh so sad :x rip SK <3
2012-07-30 16:25
so sad :( sk is a symbol of cs
2012-07-30 16:28
2012-07-30 16:30
GL ex-SK
2012-07-30 16:32
Many good teams are released and people again play. This is OK, SK is team with big history and now is time to say Bye bye. Same situation with mTw! :) gl SK players in real life or in CS:GO!
2012-07-30 16:36
I hope CS:GO will be a BIG FAIL and all this organizations ESL,ESWC,DH,GG,eSports will put again CS 1.6 as main title. :)
2012-07-30 16:37
Slovakia oKoOOooOO 
I hope so :)
2012-07-30 17:10
Even if CS:GO fails, CS1.6 won't be supported again. So, you're desiring for the end of the Counter-Strike saga. CS1.6 its a dead game, not because of CS:GO or any other game title. Its just too old. Had a good run and so on, but nothing last for ever.
2012-07-31 01:51
1.6 is gone
2012-07-30 16:38
SK|SpawN those were the days ! - but i dont expect them to find new teams theres just a few tournaments left this year , and even fewer that will host CS . 2012 eSports closes its doors on CS 1.6 .
2012-07-30 16:40
nice news:)
2012-07-30 16:42
2012-07-30 16:44
CS deaded
2012-07-30 16:46
RiP SK. It was a long and fun run to watch (:
2012-07-30 16:47
2012-07-30 16:47
2012-07-30 16:48
bad choice imho. now if csgo/csp gets big the players will get picked up by another orga.
2012-07-30 16:49
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
CSGO? What a shame... you don't need to go lower at this point SK. =/
2012-07-30 16:53
legendary team is dead... so sad :(
2012-07-30 16:53
GG 1.6 Cya in GO SK
2012-07-30 17:00
Really sick of reading all those "CS 1.6 is dead" comments. I mean, it probably is, and we all know it, but reading it over and over again don't make things any better. Just be glad that 3 supreme players at least chose to stick to CS, not 1.6 but at least a version of the game instead of retiring. I mean, come on, CS without f0rest and get_right, that would be the worst loss alongside probably neo retiring.
2012-07-30 17:01
GTR / Delpan / Xizt play for rockstar on GO now, And people keep saying 1.6 is dead Because we have some illiterate people on here who refuse to understand.
2012-07-30 17:03
Is it already confirmed that delpan will proceed in CS:Go? I mean, I knew about Gtr, forest and xizt and face joined the lineup as well recently.
2012-07-30 17:07
ah i didnt know about forest last event i saw them playing was with Xizt , GTR , Delpan or Robban and 2 source players
2012-07-30 17:08
Recent ROCKSTAR lineup: GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, eRalos, magikerN, face.
2012-07-30 17:14
I'm just make fun of it. lol even if CS is dead I'd still be playing it
2012-07-30 17:18
Cool! Your a nobody anyway.
2012-07-30 17:19
Yeah. we're all nobody but just a community bitching about CS 1.6 professional scene deaded. it's your own right to play GO and it's my own right to not play GO :D
2012-07-30 17:23
And if there will be any matches in the future I will enjoy watching them like a young child playing with his new toy cars. Personally I did not play it for years but when some friends and me decided to organize a smaller LAN this year, I started playing a little and I loved it! If I will ever attend a LAN again (27 years old now and thus a little too old probably), I will play it again.
2012-07-30 17:24
Currently assisting in organizing a Monthly lan, The guy already does Monthly Console lans i introduced him to PC games and he fell in love with GO and sc2 Soooo yeah first 2 events will be BYOC 2.5k$ 1st place 2nd event 1.5k$ 1st event Then expect a 25k$ Lan Towards Spring =D
2012-07-30 18:53
great news .. lets play CF!!
2012-07-30 17:08
Please no.
2012-07-31 09:19
I'm gonna miss those players, especially Mr.Lindberg. Looking forward for some GO actions.
2012-07-30 17:09
Australia JNUPS 
2012-07-30 17:13
fuck them, go play cs:go, then, 2 years later, or maybe less, they'll come again, don't worry :PP
2012-07-30 17:13
Where they will be back? There won't be any place to return.
2012-07-31 01:55
It's normal when you can't win anymore! Gl in Cs:GO
2012-07-30 17:14
CS 1.6 is dead? No, it's just time for new faces... Just look at Gamegune. The finals was watching about 26 thousand people!! so CS:GO to hell ;)
2012-07-30 17:18
LOL mostly because theirs nothing else to watch wait till GO comes out, the REMAINING DH events for 1.6 will barely rack in 15k viewers.
2012-07-30 17:20
1.6 no events > teams nothing to practice for > big organisations refuse to pay salary because its not worth it if there is 1 event in 3 months > Pro players need real life job to earn money > retire. Nope no new faces sorry ):
2012-07-30 17:29
NO NO NO it's so sad :'( i don't think that CS:GO can replace cs 1.6 ..
2012-07-30 17:20
it cant replace for sure.. but CSPromod will replace cs1.6 in next couple of months, its really in a good condition right now so I cant wait when is it going to be released
2012-07-30 17:25
So you won't compare in cs go ?
2012-07-30 17:39
u mean if i will play cs go? if yes, i wont play this bullshit :)
2012-07-30 17:44
glad to see it from pro player's hands ;)
2012-07-30 19:56
YES GUARDIN CS 1.6 LEGENd 1.6 4ever!!
2012-07-30 22:55
CS:GO not great as cs 1.6
2012-07-30 18:10
Players!!! The valve is trying hard to make the players to migrate to CS: GO ... The cs was taken from various world championships, but the valve can not remove them from our steams and not forcing us to play the damn CS: GO. In this last weekend I installed version 1.08 of Promod and I was very happy with the performance / playability of it! FOR ME IS THE TRUE AND ONLY IN THE LEVEL OF SUBSTITUTE CS 1.6! VALVE WILL TAKE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR ASS!
2012-07-30 17:25
same here
2012-07-30 17:26
Yes I forgot, Valve is evil, and they pay all of these organisations they hardly know to drop their teams just to support another CS game. Oh how they didn't try that when Source was released, why would they try it now? You absolute tool.
2012-07-31 02:32
You got it wrong. Fat Newbie! =)
2012-08-01 00:07
I got it wrong? Wow... evidence to back up your claims... OH WAIT THERE IS NONE. You moron.
2012-08-01 00:36
and I hope that CS:GO fails miserably then with the upcoming release of CSPromod 1.09, it'll take over and a lot of people will start to play it
2012-07-30 17:28
oh no. that´s it.. :(
2012-07-30 17:28
Fisker-Potti-HeatoN-Ahl-elemeNt <3
2012-07-30 17:30
2012-07-30 18:26
narigon hijo de puta
2012-07-31 03:01
he is Sebaxinho1, im sebax
2012-07-31 19:43
ah flashie
2012-08-02 17:14
2012-07-30 17:33
this is the final years of cs... Best team of all time is gone ...
2012-07-30 17:35
haha, best team of all time is GoldenFive
2012-07-30 17:39
SK best 1.6 division of all times for sure
2012-07-31 00:16
Norway billson 
Sad day for Counter-Strike community. :|
2012-07-30 17:38
Expected. C 1.6 is dying ... what were you hoping for?
2012-07-30 17:43
Sad day for CS. I really didn't like SK, but it's bad for the CS 1.6 Why did valve do this?? H8 CS:GO!!!
2012-07-30 17:46
Sad for CS ,but they treated some of their players very bad.
2012-07-30 17:48
am gonna miss de_dust2
2012-07-30 17:49
There's 2 Versions of Dust on GO, De_Dust2 Which has Chickens and Some fog at far distances, And then you got De_Dust2_Se which doesnt have fog or chickens.
2012-07-30 18:54
i prefer the version where there are camels :o
2012-08-01 00:16
Take them back and find a good captain, with the hope of Delpan following his teammates' paths (f0rest, GTR and face) and rejoin SK :P
2012-07-30 17:55
Posted in a historical thread. SK always my love ~~
2012-07-30 18:11
Thanks for everything all of SK Gaming players Thanks for everything Swedish Organization I am too sad now because SK is only a legend team now... " SK Gaming is the best team ever... "
2012-07-30 18:18
Mixed feelings for SK; while their players and teams will remain stuff of CS Legend,don't have much respect for the organization as such. Nonetheless, an inevitable but sad day for the game. Thanks for the memories SK...GG
2012-07-30 18:25
f0rest.. :((
2012-07-30 18:26
2012-07-30 18:56
2012-07-30 18:29
SK @CSGO = face, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, friberg, fiflaren =]
2012-07-30 18:30
2012-07-30 19:01
sad :(
2012-07-30 18:35
I hope CS:GO will have a big success, I won't play it, but I want to watch some matches with CS 1.6 names.
2012-07-30 18:37
2012-07-30 18:41
Not interested in following SK anymore.. I guess part of my memories will stop at this line. GL guys in future!
2012-07-30 18:40
what a joke organization
2012-07-30 18:42
great news :D
2012-07-30 18:42
2012-07-30 19:00
GL to all guys in future, SK was my favourite 1.6 team ..
2012-07-30 18:45
saad news :'(
2012-07-30 18:51
Very sad ;(.
2012-07-30 18:57
gg CS 1.6 :(
2012-07-30 19:00
legend team.
2012-07-30 19:00
chrisJ | 
Brazil kblo 
farewell :!
2012-07-30 19:03
2012-07-30 19:03
Rooting for CSPM!! Thanks for the entertainment:-)
2012-07-30 19:25
sad :/ one of the greatest organisation of all time
2012-07-30 19:29
it's just about f*cking money !
2012-07-30 19:42
SK|walle 4ever
2012-07-30 19:47
Sad day, end of an era. One the world's most well known and successful teams ever along with mousesports..
2012-07-30 19:52
best cs clan in history deaded = cs deaded
2012-07-30 19:59
i dont like sk org atitude , but they did the name of cs , i dont give a shit about gtr f0rest and robban , but i really think that will made a lot of people swithing for cs:GO , cuz SK has a lot of fans , so to people continue watching cs show they must change for cs: go , i will be faithfull t 1.6 , came here and play in gathers and etc , but we all know that when a game lose competition its condemned to the end cuz it wont develop anymore, cheers
2012-07-30 20:20
I want SK and NiP... This day has to be written in the history !
2012-07-30 20:24
I can't believe that.............
2012-07-30 20:33
The memory of Schroet Kommando :(
2012-07-30 20:38
sad:( my fav. team ...
2012-07-30 20:39
Sad that was my fav team spec player f0rest RIP SK
2012-07-30 20:49
no no please not now... I mean if SK quited there is no reason why other teams shouldnt.. i mean an wicked sick organisation is DEAD now.. sad really sad :'( still cant believe it ... RIP SK never 4get all the good moments while I was watching you...
2012-07-30 20:50
sadd :(
2012-07-30 20:57
nice !
2012-07-30 21:01
Norway duffz00r 
rip & sad
2012-07-30 21:04
2012-07-30 21:11
rip SK, really a sad day for all community of CS, VERY SAD DAY ! cs is death :S, sad. . .
2012-07-30 21:14
Bye SK, thanks for all, best CS division evah, RIP :(
2012-07-30 21:18
omg :(
2012-07-30 21:39
thnks for the mmrs :/
2012-07-30 21:43
sad..bye cs will not be good without SK never....! f*ck this shit game..
2012-07-30 21:51
World MJS 
It is officialy now... CS 1.6 is dead !
2012-07-30 21:52
This is like when dissolved nip, Now I would like to see who will play with these amazing 5 players.. is a big change for the future of cs 1.6
2012-07-30 21:58
CS 1.6 dead because SK confirm CS division release ? how many stupid things i'm reading. the counter strike 1.6 is a cycle, what goes around comes around otherwise. what is the problem?
2012-07-30 22:39
murio hace tiempo el juego para tu informacion. anyways, such a big asshole
2012-07-31 03:03
saddddddddddd :(
2012-07-30 22:38
bad =(
2012-07-30 22:43
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
new team arrives :D : HeatoN SpawN f0rest GeT_RiGhT delpan
2012-07-30 22:45
yeah keep dreaming LMAO estupido
2012-07-31 03:05
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
lo digo en joda pedazo de pelotudo chupa pija
2012-07-31 17:48
uy... tus insultos me hirieron.. me voy a suicidar ROLF, gtfo dumbass si lo decis en joda, ponelo en un sentido ironico. pedazo de estupido. otra cosa, aprende a escribir, van a pensar que somos gorilas e infradotados. para la proxima agarra un libro y deja un poco el jueguito, te esta comiendo la cabeza pancho, (encima seguro sos horrible). estupido
2012-07-31 19:03
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
primero mira como hablas vos haciendote el yankee pedazo de enfermo, con comentarios como los tuyos piensan que somos gorilas .. y seguro te cago a tiros asi que cerra el ojete y segui haciendo esos comentarios de nerd enfermito como : lol, rolf ,etc que en eso nomas te va bien .. fracasado de la vida
2012-08-02 10:27
o.o me hago el "yankee" ? ja, para colmo no tenes idea, pobre pibe. A mi cagarme a tiros? no juego hace 6 meses y seguro te mato con los ojos cerrados, como mate a todos los fracasados de argentina que flashiaban tener mas lvl que yo, via inet/lan. Anyways, ni idea quien carajo sos, un injar mas del monton.. asi que segui en este jueguito muerto, te vas a hacer conocido no mas en clanco, mas que seguro. Suerte mostro such a big asshole, for sure. noob :p gorila
2012-08-02 17:17
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
vez te seguis haciendo el bueno por hablar en ingles, tranqui que a vos te funan amigo , nunca habras pisado un lan , debes ser un pendejito ineterito de mierda que lo unico que sabe hacer es bardiar atras de una pantalla, segui asi que te va bien BOLUDITO y FRACASADITO ..
2012-08-02 21:45
se ve que no me junas, eso te hace ser MALO. Por que? simplemente por que todos los old y demas newcommers injunables, me conocen. cualquier cosita, pone beepp en youtube. Ahi te vas a dar cuenta, sea por moviemaking o cagando a tiros por doquier... se ve que no te lo dije, me vas a seguir respondiendo? mas aun, no tenes con que defenderte. no te da verguenza? y pise bastantes mas lan que vos, vos quizas pisaste y jamas ganaste ni un mini, pobre pibe. Lastima, ya murio el cs... te vas a tener que quedar con las ganas. cualquier cosita, me tiras un mensaje y te cuento como fue robar plata en el cabo y en san miguel (cyberland, pero ni lo debes conocer. sos un pubero mas del monton) suerte injar. no me gasto mas en un fracasado sin level
2012-08-03 09:04
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
jajaj q tipo mas estupido , te crees el gran tipo en la vida por jugar "bien" (vos lo decis , no yo)..y "todos" esos old y news q te conocen como decis deben opinar lo mismo q yo, q sos un tremendo boludito .. anda busca mas un poquito mas de vida social y solta un ratito la pc pibe, q te esta haciendo bastante mal.. saludos, go vida amiwo
2012-08-06 01:59
mas vida que vos debo tener... y no hablamos solo de jodas o giras, si no en sentido familiar y relacion social, no te iba a responder por que cada respuesta tuya, mas me da a entender que sos un fraca que no entiende nada. no me creo el gran tipo, me gusta boludiar a pibes como vos, realmente pensas que te hablo enserio? mientras te bardeo me estoy tomando un cafecito y riendome de tu lexico y tus estupideces continuas, bueno.. me aburriste, cuando me pueda conectar a esta mierda te la sigo. pero tene una base para bardiarme primero, "amiwo" ja ja ja me haces reir las pelotas
2012-08-14 22:23
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
uuuu apareciste de nuevo .. putito resentidoo.. si miles de giras tenes .. seguro en boliches gays .. ahora te venis a hacer el "profesor de castellano" tambien JAJAJAJAJA, la verdad me da mucha risa viniendo de un pibe q se la da de sabio del cs y te tira todos los vocablos habidos y por haber y de paso te tira frases en ingles JJAJAJA.. por diosss, y dudo que tengas mas vida social que yo por como hablas.. y bueno asi esta el pais , ni la comunidad gamer zafa de gente tan pelotuda como vos.. "gl" en la vida como dirias vos JAAJJA
2012-08-19 12:07
si.. apareci de nuevo, se ve que me extrañas no? y despues me decis que soy putito.. fah asi esta el pais... y no me la doy de sabio, fui el mejor y si llego a volver a esta mierda de juego, los vuelvo a cagar a corchasos a todos jajajaja, ademas te tiro frases en ingles xq justamente estamos en un phoro de ingles... sos bastante idiota vieja... bueno "comunidad gamer". "gl en tu vida" o.o, estas muy consumido por la compu. Anyways un gustaso haber hablado y bolaciado contigo. inja
2012-08-22 07:15
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
jajaja .. Ok , con eso resumis todo .. "fui el mejor" ..asi esta la Argentina.
2012-08-24 13:50
expected, see ya motherfuckers :R
2012-07-30 22:48
When NEo playing cs not died)))
2012-07-30 22:50
he is slowly stepping down from the scene and I'm not suprised
2012-07-31 00:41
In my opinion to him it is difficult to accept that the CS is dying.
2012-07-31 09:26
The cs 1.6 ends here
2012-07-30 22:51
No Way... So saaaaaaad!!! Very sad day... :(((((((
2012-07-30 22:51
money money ..
2012-07-30 23:03
favorite team in my heart forever...
2012-07-30 23:15
once cs 1.6 vs cs:s now cs:go vs csp who will win? I think this battle will be more crowded than the previous...
2012-07-30 23:17
CS:GO says for CS 1.6: "you say good-bye and I say hello(8)"
2012-07-30 23:26
fuck sake, I won't hear no more KOM IGEN NU :(
2012-07-30 23:35
1.6 now = navi esc fnatic
2012-07-31 00:07
Jamppi | 
Brazil vittJ 
2012-07-31 00:14
RIP best team of all times :(
2012-07-31 00:17
2012-07-31 00:26
...this is the end, my only firend the end.... (the doors :P) Enyone else noticed that they never invite CS:Source or any other version players to promote the new versions like CS:GO just 1.6 players ? What they doing now is they are ruining the scene that got them most followers by making xxx new versions that are just based on pumped up graphics so you have to buy new eq from the sponzors -_- If they wanted they could update the old engine anytime(that was way better for competitive play that these new ones) but i guess they milked all money from this cow so it's time to move to another... just sad
2012-07-31 00:26
it is just not right... hopefully this hurricane called CS:GO will be over soon and 1.6 will be reborn...
2012-07-31 00:50
That won't happen.
2012-07-31 01:59
hell yeah. best newsss evaa. Shit org.
2012-07-31 01:08
se extrañara a SK GAMING hay muchos fans y cada uno de ellos los tendra en el corazon y los recordara al jugar CS
2012-07-31 01:12
Argentina fex18 
God, why ruin such a good game like cs 1.6 i mean, yeah no realistic graphics but who fucking cares? I mean seriously there will never be a game that requires strategy, skill, precision, just as cs 1.6 did. Sad day.
2012-07-31 01:43
You said everything. I think exactly the same
2012-07-31 04:20
2012 is the end of the world for 1.6
2012-07-31 01:49
is the end for ur mom, for sure
2012-07-31 03:10
2012-07-31 04:36
tell me more ur answer is like a kid, oh sry. u are the retard kid here. lmao
2012-07-31 05:43
Japan mameloff 
Thanks to SK Gaming!!
2012-07-31 01:59
thanks for all SK Gaming
2012-07-31 02:09
So fucking SAD!!! was my first team i be a fan :'(
2012-07-31 02:46
and so it comes to the professional counter strike 1.6
2012-07-31 03:22
Could we have two new strong teams? Idk, one including gtr forest face And another one with delpan and robban? Would be nice if mtw try gtr face and forest
2012-07-31 04:10
and ofc sk managment is all business abandoning game that pretty much put them on the map,respect for fnatic.
2012-07-31 04:15
=(((((((((( thanks SK cs 1.6 squad for all those amazing frags, team play and happyness. :')
2012-07-31 04:26
rest in peace
2012-07-31 04:36
Delpan will go winfakt with khrystal kkkkk
2012-07-31 04:49
TT. Always in my memory.
2012-07-31 05:14
Wishing that you could turn back time.
2012-07-31 06:14
Indeedit is :/!
2012-07-31 07:15
2012-07-31 08:10
Cs 1.6 only.
2012-07-31 08:32
yes ;p
2012-07-31 21:38
cArn | 
Sweden cArn@dSn 
2012-07-31 08:22
just 0 o
2012-07-31 09:00
why SK??? are you guyzz afraid of competition????
2012-07-31 09:20
no competition left for 1.6 esports
2012-07-31 09:55
2012-07-31 10:15
ex-sk go to mtw, 100%!
2012-07-31 10:23
R.I.P. CS 1.6; killed by StarCraft II
2012-07-31 10:35
and league of legends :P
2012-07-31 13:26
Play dota 2 shit is good
2012-07-31 10:38
GeT_RiGhT f0rest manne keiz dennis/Delpan ? will be nice
2012-07-31 11:12
Czech Republic dreamARTz 
no -.-
2012-07-31 11:25
Macedonia pzycloN3 
GG WP guys :( !
2012-07-31 11:20
It is almost exactly 10 years since the first CPL tournament SK-gaming won. It's too bad that this anniversary marks the end of the CS squad, but then again, it was a good run.
2012-07-31 11:22
gj 1.6;(
2012-07-31 11:32
2012-07-31 11:40
sk, fnatic, ex-pgs, col, eolithic,, mibr, roccat, mousesports, mtw, nip, noa, 3D, wmf, H2K and other good teams will always be in our memories (
2012-07-31 12:02
Montenegro cIx 
2012-07-31 12:09
"everything that has a beggining has an end", RIP CS1.6 THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD, SAD ! CS1.6 death !
2012-07-31 12:24
2012-07-31 13:12
Europe midi 
would be fun if some of pro players will enter crossfire :D
2012-07-31 13:37
GG CS 1.6 :( :( Will always miss f0rest's gaming ! :( :( R.I.P SK Gaming [The Best In The World] :(
2012-07-31 13:43
cs 1.6 IS DEAD
2012-07-31 14:39
SK make me sick since 2008
2012-07-31 14:41
2012-07-31 14:42
"With that being said, the community can rest asured that we are looking deeply into CS:GO right now and will have players for that game in the future if it makes it into eSport just as 1.6 did. Let's wait and see what the future holds." money money money money money money
2012-07-31 15:04
Thank you SK gaming for giving us all those legendary moments. Thou shall be remembered till the end of the world.
2012-07-31 15:14
No , no ,no , please don't! I'm crying! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just please don't leave CS .16 please please please please please!!!!!! You bastards why are you killing this beautiful game????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-07-31 15:26
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! CS:GO SUCKS!!!!!!! CS1.6 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.6 DA BEST 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-07-31 16:15
These five guys actually made me play 1.6 in the first place. The fact that they are falling apart makes me even more melancholic because of that. But i guess everything good has to come to an end right?:)
2012-07-31 16:43
The worst news I've seen in like 10 years. :\
2012-07-31 19:32
I think you missed cyx's news 2 years ago..
2012-07-31 23:51
Well, yea, I forgot about that too. Still, this is like the same.
2012-08-01 00:24
Persons death and quiting cs is the same? Ok youre cool...
2012-08-01 13:43
sk :S
2012-07-31 19:34
and here ends an era :/
2012-07-31 20:06
RIP Counter-Strike 1999-2012
2012-07-31 20:45
Rip cs
2012-07-31 21:48
navi next
2012-08-01 11:27
no. Na`Vi will support CS 1.6. Zeus said that in his interview, cuz nobody in na`vi team don't want and won't play CS:GO
2012-08-01 12:23
adios muchachos!
2012-08-01 11:29
well... I think that SK Gaming themselves to blame.
2012-08-01 14:05
2012-08-01 16:07
Estonia Loz 
gg bb
2012-08-01 21:56
Its sad that SK likes CS:GO more then 1.6
2012-08-01 22:42
bye SK
2012-08-02 04:44
The end......So there's no any game can hold on for more than 10 years?I guess that decade is a terrible thing.Let's see if WarcraftIII can do that......
2012-08-02 18:24
2012-08-02 18:45
I am not happy with that, but they really should do it. GG!!!
2012-08-03 00:31
RIP CS 1.6
2012-08-03 00:34
Only 488 comments... What happens?
2012-08-03 10:10
very bad :`(
2012-08-04 16:13
really really sad. gg guys!
2012-08-06 03:52
Edn of one era :( ;( 1997-2012 !
2012-08-07 20:40
WHY?!?! :(
2013-06-05 19:09
2013-06-05 19:12
I was like YES!!!11, then I saw the date..
2013-06-05 19:20
"the community can rest asured that we are looking deeply into CS:GO right now and will have players for that game in the future if it makes it into eSport just as 1.6 did." RIP SK's cs division
2013-06-05 19:35
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