EPS Germany switches to CS:GO

The Electronic Sports League has announced that the German EPS will replace Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the next season.

While the summer season has now reached the semi-finals, ESL has made the announcement that the winter season will only consist of on CS title, the soon to be released CS:GO.

The announcement was made today on the German ESL website, with Product Manager Bastian Veiser stating that "it was a difficult but necessary step for the EPS and the German CS scene."

This means that the current EPS season will be the last to feature 1.6, a game included into the German league over 10 years ago. In the 10 years a total of 20 seasons have been played, 14 of them won by mousesports, 3 by Alternate, 2 by Ocrana and 1 by a-Losers.

The team to win this last 1.6 EPS season will be receiving a direct invite to the upcoming season in CS:GO, as will the winners of the current CS:S EPS season.

Thx for deleting my thread. And woohoo gogo CS:GO. :o)
2012-08-08 21:53
gogo csgo hhahahah :D And of course they deleted it. Its not YOUR job to make the news
2012-08-08 22:17
I've just done my job since I was faster than HLTV.org.
2012-08-08 22:48
Hold on, let me craft you a medal.
2012-08-08 23:06
funny switch on cs:go hhhhh hope it will rock wtf ?!!
2012-08-08 23:14
Feel free to filter it away.
2012-08-08 23:16
Just kidding anyways. Though I don't get why you guys deleted it. Normaly admins doesn't delete threads if someone post about something what isn't in the news here so far.
2012-08-08 23:36
I don't know who deleted it, so...
2012-08-08 23:44
So lets love each other already. :-D
2012-08-08 23:46
U R SUCH A LIER nix0n!! :D
2012-08-09 05:14
Bulgaria goatse
2012-08-09 12:24
Yeah but you probably just copied the link when Nix0n had to wrote news about it.
2012-08-09 14:52
die die cs:go
2012-08-08 22:48
2012-08-08 21:53
nooooo :(
2012-08-08 21:54
again esl doing it wrong.
2012-08-08 21:54
2012-08-08 21:54
Maybe some actual prizemoney will start to appear in the season again. lovely :)
2012-08-08 21:54
are you looking to swiTch to GO?:D
2012-08-08 21:57
i think most teams will switch :) we have no choice. But if i want to is another thing ;)
2012-08-08 21:59
Venezuela Riikards
So this means you don't get a vote?
2012-08-08 22:30
we dont get a vote no
2012-08-08 22:44
you will anyway win no prizemoney shitnap
2012-08-09 01:01
2012-08-09 01:30
sorry who are you again? and as last season, were allready secured 1450€ =) so stfu
2012-08-09 08:56
BIG dislike for those douchebags... can't believe that they see future in CS:GO ? :OOO
2012-08-08 21:55
it is
2012-08-08 21:59
i dont get you, im sorry, what is ?
2012-08-08 21:59
it is the future i mean.
2012-08-08 22:00
it will fail.
2012-08-08 22:07
man the future for sure is not 1.6 anymore, for promod we will wait a lot... ''2 weeks for 1.09'' it passed one month and who knows how much we will wait for the final product. when will come out no one will stop us to switch to it...but i don't want to spend my time waiting, playing bad betas or playing other games, so i think that was a good move for esl..i hope there will be eps in my country too. cheers
2012-08-08 22:07
nice speech, i agree.cheers :)
2012-08-08 22:54
2012-08-08 21:55
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the ESL.
2012-08-08 21:56
I find it rather offensive towards both 1.6 and CS:S players. I can understand deleting the 1.6 scene, but the CS:S scene in Germany is still quite alive, isn't it? Now they delete both games and feature only CS:GO. + the winners will get an invite. hahaha. marketing. it's all about money.
2012-08-09 11:06
yep, ESL doesnt really care about the players opinions. Its just about money...
2012-08-09 11:34
Why the f... CS:GO is so pointless s*it
2012-08-08 21:56
nooooooooooooooooooooo WTF all cs:GO TOTAL FAIL!!! 1.6 best game in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-08-08 21:56
2012-08-08 21:57
shit!... ;f
2012-08-08 21:58
2012-08-08 21:58
ESL u are morons.... why do u doing this u want new chempiones????
2012-08-08 21:58
CS1.6 StroNk, ESL wroNk
2012-08-08 21:59
2012-08-08 21:59
bullshit ain't watch it no more _.-
2012-08-08 21:59
Sweet, looking forward to this.
2012-08-08 22:01
Valve trololo :DD
2012-08-08 22:01
same in Poland, SHAME ON ESL!
2012-08-08 22:02
2 sad:(
2012-08-08 22:03
I don't understand their decision...I don't even like CS:S, but still a better game than CS:GO...never mind, but players mustn't let 1.6 die. :)
2012-08-08 22:03
CS was released June 19, 1999 you think you can carry on playing this game competitively with no sponsors for the big tournaments... sponsors want new games with decent graphics so you buy there hardware! not some game you can run on your iphone.
2012-08-08 22:04
About the graphics, its not the case. Just take a look at what Carmac told us in a recent interview: "I have NEVER heard a single word from any of our sponsors about graphics. In fact, for our event in Shanghai two seasons ago it was Intel that asked us to run a local Chinese DotA tournament. We all know DotA is a game made on a 2002 engine."
2012-08-08 22:12
well to be honest I have to agree with PassioN. Myself I own an esports organization and we organize tournaments in Asia. Ofc I have tried to convice my sponsors to support CS1.6 and they told CS:GO yes but not cs 1.6 and those companies bigger then Steelseries. Graphics are an important part of the esports and gaming industry. Back then Intel was sponsoring CS because it was the only game with the biggest amount of viewers on an international level. If cs still had over 100.000 viewers at 1 match, ESL would keep it
2012-08-08 23:31
I don't think you get the point when people point to graphics as the excuse as to why 1.6 is being dropped. The game is just not being bought by anyone these days therefore bringing in no talent, no new sponsors who can spearhead the games survival will be brought in, and existing sponsors may not directly go with graphics but they know there is a life span for certain games.
2012-08-09 00:46
Sure, graphics has some say, but surely in the big picture its not the main reason. Surely the latest shooter will look more appealing to this kid who just got his first PC, compared to 1.6. Fact is 1.6 has been doomed to die for many years, but has stayed on. By the logic of "old graphics equals dropped by organizers", StarCraft: Brood War should have been dropped by South Korean organizers years ago. We all know its not wasnt the case.
2012-08-09 00:54
I get your point but graphics do factor in it, if you want to attract new potential sponsors and tournaments then the latest games will help that cause. Intel were a loyal brand to 1.6 something I would imagine would be picked up by players and therefore they would purchase Intel products (or so the theory would have it that way) brand loyalty is a big thing in this modern world. The point I was making was that the sponsors were slowly dropping 1.6 and dipping out of the scene to other games. Gameplay and the community size also factors as well.
2012-08-09 01:12
lol fail, btw I believe you could run Sauce on some modern phones.
2012-08-08 22:17
finally ESL started the switching. good move.
2012-08-08 22:04
So fcking bad decison!
2012-08-08 22:06
this is crazy :D, reminds me of 1.5 to 1.6 abit :P
2012-08-08 22:06
I just thought the same thing these days :D I even found some of my own old comments and how mad I was that they were taking away my precious 1.5 servers and changing them to 1.6 :DD We do need a change once in a while, although I'm still cheering for ProMod at the moment :)
2012-08-08 22:52
logical decision atm. But 3 monthes after the release : CSGO fails , drops out and is replaced by promod , u mad ?
2012-08-08 22:06
I doubt that will happen.. if GO fails, i doubt we'll see an FPS title for a while :)
2012-08-08 22:16
better no fps title than a terrible one dont you agree ^?
2012-08-08 22:18
2012-08-08 23:13
csp is a terrible game, i'll never play that shit. if you want a game equal 1.6, why not stay on the fucking 1.6? csp have ps2 graphics, it's not evolution, it's the same thing.
2012-08-09 01:29
if youre looking for graphics I dont really know what you are doing on this website , EA.com seems more appropriate.
2012-08-09 02:00
you don't understand my point japan boy. csp must be a game for this generation, but the game looks like an old game for me. I'm not looking for graphics, for me 1.6 is the best cs obviously, but one fact is: 75% of "gamers" of this generation prefer games with good graphics, csp don't attract new gamers, the game have a good gameplay, yes, but is the SAME gameplay of 1.6. So, it isn't a new game for me, it's more of the same.
2012-08-09 02:19
CSP can use sdk 2009 and share same graphics as csgo... btw CSGO graphics are not good aswell , compared to todays fps like BF3 or COD you can call CSGO graphics bad. That means CSGO wont attract new players as you say , this game can only attract source/1.6/TF2/L4D2 players and promod graphics are good enough , rest of fps players will continue to play the new COD only for the graphics. I imagine only a few NEW people will play CSGO , that why we have such low stats right now (2000 players?) even with 100k beta keys given out. But yes promod and 1.6 are similar , which means if promod wants to succed , 1.6 has die , both games cant compete eachother otherwise CSGO will take the pot. And you dont need to sound arrogant like that , it doesnt help to make your point , quite the opposite actually.
2012-08-09 02:34
I don't said that csgo will attract many players, but look, csgo is being developed by Valve, and csp is a game that is made by fans. Valve will do everything to the game be a success (marketing, championships etc). Yes, csgo can be a failure, but csp can be a failure also. And the graphics, csgo don't have bad graphics as you say, if you put the max settings the game can be easily comparable to the most recent CODs. Yes, csp can use the sdk 2009, but one of the idea of the game is have graphics with less details, I think that it don't have sense.
2012-08-09 05:28
keep dreaming haha
2012-08-08 22:32
huahuahsuahsuahsua. ofc eps in germany no future. sad
2012-08-08 22:06
so sad ...
2012-08-08 22:06
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
2012-08-08 22:09
2012-08-08 22:09
good, cs:go isnt really that bad guys.
2012-08-08 22:09
Azerbaijan Talley
20 seasons of EPS Germany and all people are mad
2012-08-08 22:14
its called EPS :>
2012-08-08 22:13
Azerbaijan Talley
Fixed You again)))
2012-08-08 22:15
excuse me , thanks for mentioning fix~
2012-08-08 22:16
Azerbaijan Talley
I know, print screen button was waiting for your push. LOL)
2012-08-08 22:19
np was ready for it again , but since you kept the "fixed" in the 2nd post nothings gonna happen :D
2012-08-08 22:49
Saucer country top 3 placements: 1. United Kingdom 2. Germany 3. France
2012-08-08 22:10
1. Germany 2. missing 3. missing True story
2012-08-08 22:17
1. Denmark 2. Germany 3. France 4. United Kingdom 5. United States 6. Canada 7. Portugal 8. Finland 9. Sweden 10. Norway 11. Netherlands 12. Australia If you want to get technical. Denmark has the largest scene within Source.
2012-08-09 00:52
If that's about Source Portugal has to be in front of Canada, the US and quite possibly the UK.
2012-08-09 16:37
2012-08-08 22:11
India h8or
Getting used to this now. :D
2012-08-08 22:12
bad news
2012-08-08 22:13
Now CSS is intirely dead! german EPS was the biggest tournement in CSS. You know what this news means? it means +50.000 CSS players to CSGO
2012-08-08 22:16
:D:D:D nice to hear that
2012-08-08 22:17
That CSS is dead or that CSGO servers will be over crowded?
2012-08-08 22:23
i'm not a hater of saucers but i want a game full of sponsors,competitions,players. for me that game can be GO or PROMOD too. the only important thing is to have a big community like ours for 1.6 ;)
2012-08-08 22:28
So what you want is just a game full of sponsors, competetions, players? but not a game you actually like? uhm ok
2012-08-08 22:30
if i wanted a game that i like at this hour i was on battlefield. 1.6 was nice because was played at competitive level, and had a great teamplay.
2012-08-08 22:34
It will lose a community, that will never reach the numbers of 1.6, in some months LOL
2012-08-08 22:36
yea i was speaking about my country too. here the 1.6 died after monza2006. so i hope that go or promod will attract more players to form a community.
2012-08-08 22:38
Well.. True - Most of the CSS players i know from Denmark have moved go CSGO, along with a lot of 1.6 players. Game is pretty awesome, in fact its amazing!
2012-08-09 02:05
Are you changing to?
2012-08-09 10:31
Of course I am. The game is fantastic - I even started my own gather channel with some of my mates - #Danmark.go
2012-08-09 20:23
i know i seen you in there. edit: are you source player?
2012-08-09 21:10
No, Im not - Im a 1.6 player
2012-08-09 21:33
2012-08-08 22:18
Finland joona
you guys need to start dealing with it that CSGO is the next thing even if you wont like it :)
2012-08-08 22:18
2012-08-08 22:20
"it was a difficult but necessary step for the EPS and the German CS scene." what CS scene? GO isn't fucking CS. it's just another random "good-looking" fps
2012-08-08 22:18
2012-08-08 22:23
same thing could say jay-z about biebers music ''that his is not fucking music'' it's all about tastes:p go GO /go PROMOD
2012-08-08 22:24
good decision, keep the shooters alive !
2012-08-08 22:20
"keep the shooters alive no matter if its good game or shit game"
2012-08-08 22:24
its not a shit game, just not as good as 1.6 was. but 1.6 is dead and i rather have cs:go than no shooter in competitive esport anymore :)
2012-08-08 22:31
cs 1.6 or no shooter, my opinion.
2012-08-08 22:30
that's like your opinion man
2012-08-08 22:45
Valve well paid ECL, it explains everything = (
2012-08-08 22:20
no they didn't
2012-08-08 22:35
Valve paid you to come here and said "no they didn't" =D
2012-08-08 23:17
can i get paid too if i say that?
2012-08-09 01:57
2012-08-09 04:41
Are you sourcer? only sourcer got the gut to do things like this
2012-08-09 07:43
nope, but money is money
2012-08-09 15:48
then go and ask Valve for money, tell them you helped them promote CS:GO
2012-08-09 16:33
2012-08-08 22:26
2012-08-08 22:29
It is a bit weird that they make this decision before it's even possible to see if CS:GO will be a good game. Right now it kinda looks like a big no, but maybe Valve is just messing with us by creating a crap game and then change everything...
2012-08-08 22:33
2012-08-08 23:18
what the fuck man wtf
2012-08-08 22:35
CS:GO is dying ?
2012-08-08 22:35
It will be faster than Sauce's death...
2012-08-08 22:38
source only got stronger?
2012-08-09 00:38
Can see why. Logical choice really. As much as it pains me to say it, times are changing - we need to move on.
2012-08-08 22:36
so it beggins
2012-08-08 22:42
just deleted my cs, see you
2012-08-08 22:42
Venezuela Riikards
What a waste
2012-08-08 22:44
Let all the tournaments try this game... so when it fail miserably, they will regret so much
2012-08-08 22:48
Good news !
2012-08-08 22:48
Ukraine kalitajke
2012-08-08 22:50
who will be the next? ESEA, EPS germany and more will follow
2012-08-08 22:54
2012-08-08 22:54
They should call it - Call of duty:global offensive, even pacman is more interesting to play.
2012-08-08 23:00
yeah they don't care about gameplay, they only know how to please others with their top notch graphics
2012-08-08 23:21
End of an era... :( farewell all, unless CSGO makes it big and I can commentate those events. For now I pledged my casting services to FIFA and PES tournaments, so if you are into those add me to facebook or keep an eye on the offtopic/linkdump forum any idea where the biggest international fifa/pes communities can be found? :P just hopped into that scene a few weeks ago and only know the dutch scene inside out ^^
2012-08-08 23:01
OK ^_^
2012-08-08 23:22
Bye bye ESL
2012-08-08 23:02
Portugal luxen
this will bring life to so many people
2012-08-08 23:18
sad :/
2012-08-08 23:19
time to play cs go i guess
2012-08-08 23:21
time to lower your skill and play the fucking crappy FPS with those in-game model moving like disabilities =D
2012-08-08 23:25
haha :D
2012-08-08 23:33
dsn | 
India sRik
haha yeah models suck totally
2012-08-08 23:47
Actually, Csgo Is harder then 1.6, therefore u would have to increase your skill, but why am I talking to person who never even played that game just talking shit cuz he can, and he can't deal with a fact that nothing lasts forever... Poor kid, don't worry I wll give u tissue
2012-08-09 02:16
The most stupid thing is that one predict others haven't do something yet but actually that people have done it before You fail like a boss. Don't worry, you will get paid from Valve
2012-08-09 07:39
Pretty strange considering what a disaster CS:GO has been for ESL viewerwise, the last GO4CS:GO-cup final had 400 viewers and the other have usually had 1k viewers (the first one had 3k which is the record for a CS:GO-match at the moment). What happened to Carmac's statement "it needs viewers and players to be picked up". 1k players on steamstats and 400-3k viewers is enough? :)
2012-08-08 23:48
2012-08-08 23:54
yeah I also think ESL's decision is a facepalm, glad you are agreeing with me.
2012-08-08 23:56
2012-08-08 23:57
2012-08-09 00:02
isn't all ESL tho, which means it's kinda the same?
2012-08-09 00:05
Carmac is the product manager of IEM, what he said was about IEM and not ESL in general. ESL is still ESL, they host tournaments for competitive games.
2012-08-09 00:12
Ah okey, I see.
2012-08-09 00:16
game-pool IEM choose ESL
2012-08-09 00:33
2012-08-09 01:25
we all know that valve paid them
2012-08-09 14:34
CS 1.6 vs. CS:GO 1.6 win in Portugal 1.6 win in Russia 1.6 win in Ukaraine 1.6 win in Belarus CS:GO loose in Asia CS:GO win in USA CS:GO win in Germany CS:GO win in Poland CS:GO win in France CS:GO win in Sweden
2012-08-08 23:59
its better to win in rich countries than on poor countries
2012-08-09 00:30
1.6 was popular in Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Portugal. Other countries in the majority play in CSS
2012-08-09 00:36
you didnt get my point what i mean is on the countries that csgo wins have way more money then belarus ukraina russia or portugal
2012-08-09 00:38
But Ukraine is cybersport country, not for life, but they have a lot of rich places to make an event... 2 cyberarenas, ARENA KIEV is the best World's place for the big cybersport events by the way.
2012-08-09 00:45
Sweden and Corea- this cybersport country
2012-08-09 04:08
I think u can add 1.6 win in romania, thx to pgl.
2012-08-09 14:35
wait 3 months, i deal all countrys, but in middle country all maybe exchange
2012-08-09 20:06
rly sad :/
2012-08-09 00:04
CS 1.6 nearly saw it coming but i wonder if CS:S did too. As far as I remember there was/is quite a big community of CS:S in Germany. Recalling though that CS:GO favours CS:S players in order to get used to the game I presume the change isn't that hard to bear with for the latter as it is for the CS 1.6 ones.
2012-08-09 00:06
Oh we saw it coming hence why mTw, Mousesports, VeryGames and the majority of the top end scene in Source are now solidly playing CS:GO. There are several more LAN tournaments in Source to see out the year but after that Source will be completely dead.
2012-08-09 00:56
ofc top source teams play only cs go,they only care about money but most of players play for fun and it won't make them switch to cs go. css is dead for competitive lan but we can still play on pubs,irc,4pl,esea...
2012-08-09 15:18
Imo, or for me it looks like that nearly every source player is going to switch to CS:GO. So they don't really care probably.
2012-08-09 14:38
2012-08-09 00:10
2012-08-09 00:19
go go cs go!
2012-08-09 00:20
2012-08-09 00:28
f*ckin' b1tchez
2012-08-09 00:43
fuck esl, fuck csgo
2012-08-09 00:56
The team to win this last 1.6 EPS season will be receiving a direct invite to the upcoming season in CS:GO, as will the winners of the current CS:S EPS season. every german team will force their selfes to loose.
2012-08-09 00:57
Gotta say it but sensible decision from ESL, a much better decision than ESEA's "you can still play whichever CS you want" which could split the community in three, this decision now forces the hand and could be a building block of uniting two communities together.
2012-08-09 00:59
Thats why ESEA Europe just might work this time!!! ESL is dropping cs 1.6.
2012-08-09 01:01
2012-08-09 01:06
cs:GO rocks~!
2012-08-09 01:30
i liked EPS Germany when mouz, alternate, tbh played for title. Without mouz, tbh i dont like anymore.
2012-08-09 01:49
hltv.org/news/8723-carmac-no-csgo-as-mai.. So we will see... Carmac: "CS:GO as main title" P.S Sorry
2012-08-09 02:05
yeah of course he will do it and that is very soon ESL dropped alot of things now and they will make the switch for sure in a few months/ a year. But they will loose alot of gamers on esl i bet
2012-08-09 14:32
Why would they loose players if it's the most successful league ever?
2012-08-09 14:38
because they are deleting 1.6 and css league ? you will see alot of oldschool player stop because they dont see the point to relearn a game
2012-08-09 15:19
Sorry but Cs 1.6 is dead except ex IEM and some cups maybe. The ladders are so empty compared to like 2 years ago. So who cares if players stop? CS:GO is a new game and new players will join the community. I'm glad that the old players who still think they're good stop finally. Cuz they suck quite often but don't get it.
2012-08-09 19:59
dude there are still alot of players on esl to play 5on5 europe, EPS, Versus. and of course there are less players then before but alot are still there.
2012-08-09 20:25
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
The Future is CS:GO !
2012-08-09 03:50
2012-08-09 04:19
hahah im waiting that CS:GO destiny will be like Source,will be played and byed for 1 year and then a big fall.Then CS 1.6 will be again the top game
2012-08-09 08:16
and I think so, its a shit like source
2012-08-09 09:00
The problem is 1.6 won't return. This isn't anything like what happened when Source came out. 1.6 has just simply run out of juice in the engine to keep it going. If CS:GO does fail then you better hope that another big FPS comes in to save the day, as 1.6 won't come back.
2012-08-10 00:54
awesome ;D
2012-08-09 08:23
2012-08-09 16:13
nice ;)
2012-08-09 08:58
I'm curious if ESL will keep their current 1.6 ladders & leagues for example: 1on1 AIM ladder, 2on2 MR15, 5on5 MR15 etc etc. Atleast i hope so..
2012-08-09 09:17
good question vgot to say they still left the esl benelux 1on1 etc... even there arent players anymore on it since 2010 -2011?
2012-08-09 14:30
They're more than dead in my opinion so I wouldn't care if they close them. You can play versus instead and it's way faster.
2012-08-09 14:39
Maybe for beginners like you versus is the ideal way out. Players like me are die hard ladder players and versus sucks imo
2012-08-09 16:24
Of course versus sucks. A bunch of noobs and cheaters are on there. Today ESL has released a teaser for a new system in the german scene at least. Not sure if they do it in other countries/international as well. And no, I'm not a noob since I've played top rankings in every ladder (if you call that a good player).
2012-08-09 19:57
2012-08-09 09:53
cs go sucks 1-6 keep alive!!
2012-08-09 10:00
atleast source is going down with 1.6
2012-08-09 10:48
fuck cs go
2012-08-09 12:16
2012-08-09 12:30
i have to say that eps germany now is going to end bye
2012-08-09 13:38
1.6 was already dead in Germany.. so the right step
2012-08-09 13:57
So it's reborn again?
2012-08-09 14:40
At least the scene can develop new themself
2012-08-09 16:30
whining little bitches whining little bitches everywhere
2012-08-09 14:24
stop saying bullshit the high scene was still there ffs. what a bunch of.... i wanted to eps ger in a year or so :x eps spain will folow i bet. wondering when eps pl will folow ? ESL is gonna loose alot of players on there site.
2012-08-09 14:29
stupid people. Germans dont carries because of EPS, now they will have ESEA.
2012-08-09 14:48
2012-08-09 15:30
His statement kind of clarifies what needs to be done all over. Everybody switching to CS:GO will be difficult, but is a necessary step for the international scene. I dare to say the germans are ahead by being the first to do this. Hopefully more will follow...
2012-08-09 17:28
It's not "the Germans", it's "some retards from the German ESL section".
2012-08-09 17:37
hahaha it will fail :DDDDD then they come crie back to 1.6 again WAHAHAHAHAH
2012-08-09 17:55
They told that they keep 1.6 where its mainly played. So I expected Germany was in safe zone...
2012-08-09 18:12
Poland BiNd!
Counter-Strike Premiere: first beta 19.06.1999 The End: after 13 years is time to die. All need to evolve it's normal thing. Don't cry, maybe it's perfect time for Your real life ;)
2012-08-09 18:31
Germany KerraN
its so sad..
2012-08-09 19:52
what a bastard game CS:Go they promoting :S atleast CSpromod :|
2012-08-09 20:13
csgo time boys
2012-08-09 22:25
cS go is a very bad games.
2012-08-10 01:25
promod is better
2012-08-10 01:26
why carry on, when Germany will have ESEA?
2012-08-10 01:29
i bet valve pays gooood :D and ofc its sad... havent tried out GO yet but i saw how they raped de_nuke....a shame! what does this yellow thing do inide the upper bombspot instead of the boxes....
2012-08-10 14:11
One was won by planB I think.
2012-08-10 17:28
2012-08-11 13:41
aff shita
2012-08-12 17:17
CS 1.6 will remain the game with the best gameplay. CS:GO is so child-made game. No other game will ever be like 1.6.
2012-08-29 02:52
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