CS:GO gets separate VAC ban list

Following a discussion in the Steam forums about Counter-Strike: Source VAC bans transferring to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it was decided to make a separate VAC ban list for CS:GO.

A forum post from last week saw a concerned user stating that he had a CS:S VAC ban over a year ago and recently updated his ban, meaning he was also banned in the CS:GO beta.

In the VAC support article it stated that a ban in one of the following games, would result in a ban for all games.

Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch,
Day of Defeat: Source,
Team Fortress 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The most recent reply in the thread is by ChadW, a person clearly associated with Steam, stating the following:

"After further review we have decided to remove the link between Source VAC bans and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The FAQ linked by heffebaycay has been updated to reflect this change.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now a unique ban and bans in other games will not affect your ability to join VAC secure games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

So any users with VAC bans in top four game titles on the list will not have a ban in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, neither the beta nor the full game.

Nice news for cheaters I guess
2012-08-14 00:31
8 replies
2012-08-14 01:13
great news for lolpan
2012-08-14 04:50
3 replies
Delpan "cheated" online like 4-5 years ago vs some shitty randomnoobs just like you in some shitty online tournament, nothing to rly put some weight on today if you know CS, but only if you are a hater. Look at some demos when he is playing LAN and you see best and most entertainment agressive awper ever, or cheat there to mb you say, loltempusSY.
2012-08-14 14:29
2 replies
You seem deeply offended.
2012-08-14 14:42
it was a joke dr.lolface, and I'm glad that u knew that I also cheated 4 or 5 years ago vs shitty randomnoobs in a shitty online tournament. I agree with wtfchicken comment. xD
2012-08-14 22:44
coloN likes this!
2012-08-14 05:10
2 replies
2012-08-14 09:28
Why? he doenst play HL2?
2012-08-14 12:24
is the beta comin out in 14th august 00:00? :D
2012-08-14 00:31
2 replies
Valve always updates the steam store at 19:00 CET, the beta should be unlocked for people who pre-ordered the game around that time.
2012-08-14 00:32
that actually helped a lot. thanks mate :)
2012-08-14 00:36
so VAC actually banned anyone? damn...
2012-08-14 00:31
3 replies
Azerbaijan Talley
ahahah n1
2012-08-14 00:34
wut? can you read: "So any users with VAC bans in top four game titles on the list will not have a ban in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"
2012-08-14 10:22
+1 for so many years I saw many many cheaters playing happy on VAC servers. useless anticheat system
2012-08-14 10:34
that's bad
2012-08-14 00:31
meh who cares all games on that list suck
2012-08-14 00:34
3 replies
TF2 is a really good game tbh !
2012-08-14 02:13
Tf2 isn't bad to be honest I have fun playing it
2012-08-14 05:20
Except 1.6 EAC shiiiiiiiiiiiit...
2012-08-14 09:32
If anybody gets banned he/she don't care anyways. Jeez 15�, I can buy like 20 games a month then of my pocketmoney, to cheat is dumb anyways :>
2012-08-14 00:36
4 replies
Not every1 has as much money as u..
2012-08-14 14:15
3 replies
dont cheat and buy it once, I think everyone can afford 15 euro at least?!
2012-08-14 14:38
2 replies
"I can buy like 20 games a month" I was replying to that
2012-08-15 06:46
1 reply
yeah I know that but why would I buy it 20 times? I mean, you just need it once. If you cheat then its just dumb but probably cheater dont care because its not expensive
2012-08-15 10:32
In other words: Valve feared to lose money so they made cheating in other games legit. Seriously. People who cheat in CS:S will also try to cheat in CS:GO. It's a question of character. Scum will stay scum.
2012-08-14 00:44
17 replies
they lose money, obviously.
2012-08-14 00:58
13 replies
Who would buy a game if he's banned from the beginning?
2012-08-14 01:00
12 replies
Poland qater-
And what's the problem to create a new account?
2012-08-14 01:05
9 replies
On the long run it is pretty odd to change from one account to the other honestly.
2012-08-14 01:12
4 replies
Poland qater-
Well, I'd rather create a new account than staying with the old one and never play the game I want to.
2012-08-14 01:16
1 reply
And I don't mean to say that you would be wrong but that on the long run it would be odd to change from one account to the other one. And if it is just to play one game, well,.... Of course, you could 'mirror' this new account the closest to the first one as long as it does not cost you additional money (I wouldn't spend more if besides the vac ban affected games there are other paid games in the 1st account that one could still play with vac). The thing is that you can not play a game that is not released yet due to past abuse just because they share the engine so to speak. Which actually leads, and I do not know if Valve is aware of this depending on how long the Source engine will last, that any future affected game will have to feature a separate ban list too to respect this 'CS:GO pact'.
2012-08-14 01:32
really? when i bought css i made a new account to do it since it came in a package with 1.6. seemed like a waste otherwise
2012-08-14 03:38
1 reply
If you planned to have an alternative CS 1.6 there is nothing wrong about that. But in this case we are talking about creating a new account for just one specific game. You can read a more detailed explanation in #38.
2012-08-14 22:57
he would have to buy it on that account?
2012-08-14 01:13
2 replies
Poland qater-
As well as he would have to buy the game on the banned one..?
2012-08-14 01:17
If the ban would have affected CS:GO as it did in the beginning (that is before this change), yes.
2012-08-14 01:36
you'll get some 29mils ID, nerds are obsessed with steamid lenght so it will be a pain in their ass.. also you have to switch acc to play diff games, which would be very annoying
2012-08-14 02:07
he wouldnt, he would make a new steam account meaning he would need to re-buy all the other VAC games if he wishes to play them meaning they make more money. so technically they make less money by allowing banned VAC users to play CS:GO (i would prefer all games on your account to be banned if you were caught cheating)
2012-08-14 01:54
1 reply
lol. I don't think anyone would re-buy all his game on his second account which he only created to play CS:GO...
2012-08-14 02:02
Well, not to be that guy since I fully understand your post and cheaters should burn in hell for all eternity. But evev if the cheaters are banned in the other games a new steam account is free. Every cheater that you think now will be playing CS:GO and destroying the fun for everyone else would have been playing even if this did not happen. All it means is that they can have the game on the same account as all their other games.
2012-08-14 01:21
1 reply
Yeah, but why helping such people? There's no plausible reason for doing that. It just makes the move to CS:GO more comfortable for scumbags.
2012-08-14 01:26
2012-08-14 08:08
WOHOOOOOO my Comebackkk is near
2012-08-14 00:48
2 replies
2012-08-14 01:52
2012-08-14 05:20
ffs ......
2012-08-14 00:47
Netherlands sundertw
cant play the goddamn game! they told me 14-8 when i pre order fuckers!
2012-08-14 00:48
Only to earn more money...
2012-08-14 00:58
this is a joke! ban them all I think that if you get VAC banned in ANY game then your VAC banned on all the games that will make people fear VAC more even if it dont ban all the things out there. actions have consequences so fuck them cheaters. If he is n00b enough to use it in source he is n00b enough to use it in CSGO. *edit* To be honest I think people who cheat should get there Steam Account closed or like they did in Max Payne 3 "cheaters Hell" if your caught cheating then your domed to only play with other cheaters. Then they can cheat as much as the want.
2012-08-14 01:02
3 replies
To be honest you need to think outside the box. What difference does it make if a cheater plays CS:GO from his regular account or a new free steam account. Cheater or not, everyone will have to buy this game to play it. All this does is enabling them to play on their regular account. People are raging at something that is completely pointless. The people who are VAC banned would have been playing this game even without this decision. Wow, grow a brain :)
2012-08-14 01:27
2 replies
How about the other games on your main account, the steam-friends, ...?
2012-08-14 01:28
dude thats the point! make it harder from them if they want to cheat then they have to have all the games on different accounts instead of just one. I Have over 100 games on my steam account not that I want to cheat but even if I wanted the fear of losing all them would stop me.
2012-08-14 12:24
Finland ZoqFotPik
dumb. i just tried csgo again and for some reason i had around 40fps, before i had around 100 (less in heavy action of course). quite irritating. either valve made some bad changes or my pc started suddenly suck more
2012-08-14 01:06
1 reply
Can be both!
2012-08-14 01:22
beacuse it's really hard to do a new account on steam....
2012-08-14 01:09
3 replies
Venezuela Riikards
Not everybody has only 1 game on their account...
2012-08-14 01:12
2 replies
Your point beeing?
2012-08-14 01:28
1 reply
Brazil hono
It's annoying to login in other account just to play a specific game.
2012-08-14 02:48
jaja nice !
2012-08-14 01:34
This is good news for me !! and possibly others My original 5dig was banned when we played a cs event at an internet cafe. This was in maybe 2007. Back then the cafe needed to have a "Cafe License" or at max 5 connections to steam. Obviously 40 of us logged in and we all got instantly banned. Steam did offer to remove the bans if you had the correct ID. I was one of the unlucky ones to not have my original CD Case, and the email was a sponsored team name on some crappy webmail service which went bust within a few weeks and domain lost. So lots of us lost accounts that day.
2012-08-14 02:17
1 reply
Nice made up story, cheater. :-P
2012-08-14 03:35
2012-08-14 02:20
Uhuh, how about updating the VAC instead? ..
2012-08-14 02:42
Let's hope they aren't stupid enough to get banned twice.
2012-08-14 02:50
That sucks
2012-08-14 02:57
it really doesn't matter. anyone who would be banned would make a new steam account and buy it on that
2012-08-14 03:36
so they're really going to use VAC as security in CS:GO? what a joke. another CS game ruined by cheaters then. ggwp valve :D
2012-08-14 04:21
dsn | 
India sRik
hackers got a life
2012-08-14 05:01
once a cheater, always a cheater..
2012-08-14 05:13
2012-08-14 05:20
GMT -3 (Buenos Aires) here and CS:GO is not available yet :( , i have the Beta but i want the full real game unlockedddddd
2012-08-14 05:26
1 reply
The game will only be unlocked next Tuesday, today they will release the beta for people who pre-ordered the game, since you already have the beta there isn't much to wait for.
2012-08-14 09:58
Poland kingWZRD
Does anyone know when i could download game ? I preordered csgo and still isnt avaliable
2012-08-14 07:25
2012-08-14 08:25
does not matter
2012-08-14 08:35
all the people that post on that forum (valve:csgo) are super trolls, i lose faith in cs every time i accidently go read that forum. none of them like 1.6, etc etc they all come from source, don't care at all about esports, think their opinion weighs in as heavy as everyone's though they have zero competitive experience in any esport. sigh american trolls. :(.
2012-08-14 08:44
2 replies
Why are American companies always so stupid and listen to their own people? Everyone knows the American populace is stupid as fuck.
2012-08-14 12:01
1 reply
yes, I very much agree.. lol. alot of people are dumb here, and you know why.
2012-08-14 18:34
They're really shouting like " LETS GET MORE MONEY"
2012-08-14 09:38
Cheat on Cs:Go! Return to 1.6
2012-08-14 09:43
Without this no one would have played/bought it :D Let the cheating begin from the beginning facepalm
2012-08-14 11:05
noooby nobo noob nooob nobobn obobob noboob noobob bobnoos
2012-08-14 11:24
there is already a few cheaters on cs:go...
2012-08-14 11:47
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Bad news. Fuck the cheaters, they don't deserve a second chance.
2012-08-14 11:50
3 replies
ye sure ban for life. once a cheater always a cheater. many pros cheated in the past and now theyre top5-10 world. ban 4 life? retard use ur brain if u have one simple-minded island monkey.
2012-08-14 13:50
2 replies
I get your point, but tell me WHY should anyone cheat even if it's only once?
2012-08-14 14:04
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
So because delpan has cheated and then became good, that means cheating is okay? Infact, because one person has cheated, and ended up being a good player, maybe we all should cheat too and get dead good ourselves? Fucking moron... Most of these cheaters didn't play competitively, they just spent their days on deathmatch aimbotting and speedhacking. We do not want these people back in the community. Explain how i was not using my brain when coming up with the conclusion that we don't want people that cheat in our community? Fucking stupid children.
2012-08-14 14:10
Ohh seems like my hopes have been heard, finally I have the chance to get a step back in business. Gj Valve!
2012-08-14 11:59
Nice news for the majority of the UK scene, mainly the "top players" just below my standard.
2012-08-14 12:48
this shows that even Valve think CS:GO is CS:source 2.. and that mainly sauce noobs like it.
2012-08-14 13:49
cArn | 
Ukraine Nzr0
think about 1.6... ah yeah to someone get vac banned in 1.6 ,it is almost impossible. i love valve... would be nice if they would update their anti cheat for hl1 at least... if they see that the game is still alive and it is top3 and was top1 for many years in steam ... why dont focus on a game with a community? i dont understand the team that is working on cs:go...
2012-08-14 14:04
2012-08-14 14:43
1 reply
2012-08-14 17:07
2012-08-14 15:24
1 reply
Priceless classic :D
2012-08-19 10:24
2012-08-14 23:54
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