NiP triumph at SteelSeries GO

August 26th, 2012 19:45

NiP have triumphed at SteelSeries GO by overcoming a solid resistance from BuggIT in the final with overall score 2-0 (16-12 on de_dust2_se and 16-10 on de_train_se), which brought them 30,000 SEK (around 3,600€).

Both NiP and BuggIT came into the final of the first ever CS:GO LAN tournament after dominating in all of their previous matches and clearly showing that they are the two best teams at the event. The only question that remained was will the less known squad of BuggIT be able to play evenly with the superstars of NiP.

The match kicked off on de_dust2_se with some rather serious streaming issues, but we managed to see that BugIT opened up by winning their T pistol. However, NiP responded with a deagle buy win which propelled them to a total of 5 round wins in a row, making BuggIT face a 1-5 deficit.

The lesser known team managed to even the score at 6-6, but NiP went into the second half with a solid 9-6 lead, considering they started as CTs. Former fnatic in-game leader Richard "Xizt" Landström led the scoreboard with an impressive 19 kills.

That lead quickly doubled thanks to winning the pistol round as NiP was up 12-6 after the eco rounds by BuggIT.

The match wasn't over yet though, as BuggIT replied with three of their own rounds, partly thanks to solid AWPing by their star player Simon "twist" Eliasson.

A few rounds later BuggIT were almost completely back into things as NiP's lead now stood at 13-11, but the resistance was then broken as the Ninjas went up 15-11.

Johan "nahoy" Gustafsson's individual heroics, including a 1vs1 clutch, kept BuggIT in the game through the next round, but NiP closed it off right after that with a 16-12 score.

Xizt impressed in his first CS:GO final

The second map was de_train_se where NiP started as CTs, but BuggIT once again won the first pistol round. They almost faced a repeat from the first map when facing NiP's deagles, but Eliasson starred in the second round by winning a 1-on-3 situation to keep his team in the lead.

With the score standing at 3-0 for BuggIT, NiP were now able to arm themselves with rifles and that resulted in an impressive streak of 7 rounds in a row.

BuggIT finally found a way to win a full buy round, firstly with an outside rush and then with a good after-plant at the inner bombsite, making the score 7-5 in favor of NiP.

That was all BuggIT could put up in the first half, as the next three rounds went to NiP for a 10-5 lead at the half, with Landström topping the scoreboard same as in first map, this time with 17 kills and 5 assists.

As the sides changed so did BuggIT's score, as they quickly brought themselves back in the game following a great pistol round by Eliasson (2 kills and 2 assits), which propelled them to bring the deficit down to only 9-10.

However, it seems that NiP then figured out what they need to do, as they made all the right moves and shortly found themselves at match point with a 15-9 lead. Even though BuggIT hung in there for one more round, the match was over right after that with a 16-10 scoreline, bringing NiP the first title of their CS:GO careers.

26th August 2012

Aside from their first title, Ninjas in Pyjamas also won a nifty cheque for 3,500€, while BuggIT will have to be happy with just putting their name out there as a force to be reckoned with in the future.

In the 3rd place match, Lemondogs defeated myRevenge after a long fight that spanned over three maps - 16-11 on de_dust2_se, 15-19 on de_inferno_se and 16-9 on de_nuke_se.

SteelSeries GO 2012 final standings

1. Sweden NiP - 30,000 SEK (~3,600€)
2. Sweden BuggIT
3. Sweden Lemondogs
4. Sweden myRevenge

We now put the first CS:GO LAN tournament behind us and turn to the future, even though the next announced tournaments are a few months away, ESWC 2012 (November 1-4) and DreamHack Winter 2012 (November 21-25). However, it's quite possible that something new will pop up in the mean time, so stay tuned to as we will keep you updated with all the latest news.

f0rest | 
Romania 69sRs 
2012-08-26 19:46
Poland joeb 
2012-08-26 19:46
2012-08-26 19:46
expected :D
2012-08-26 19:46
dem missed the whole tournament
2012-08-26 19:46
fortunely missed the whole tournament ^^
2012-08-27 14:48
dsn | 
India sRik 
Get_Right got it right
2012-08-26 19:46
that mugg guy was a beast for buttit, if it wasn't for him they prb woulda been rolled hard
2012-08-26 19:46
he made a good highlight!
2012-08-26 19:48
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL 
gg wp
2012-08-26 19:46
Expected. GG and GL in the future
2012-08-26 19:47
Germany Dok1 
Didn't expect BuggIT to get that much rounds, well played and gg NiP!
2012-08-26 19:47
Georgia kaky 
2012-08-26 19:47
free money
2012-08-26 19:47
NiP too good
2012-08-26 19:48
will see against old source teams. such as FM mouz etc
2012-08-26 22:11
and your point is?
2012-08-26 23:55
my point is that, you cant take any hasty conclusions it's still very premature
2012-08-27 00:03
true mate, but even source players have to adapt to this game :)
2012-08-27 00:08
Yes i didnt tell that NiP aren't good but it's kinda hard to predict who will dominate... source players have a little advantage.
2012-08-27 00:19
Agree... but Bloomberg write "NiP too good" .. which is for this tournament i guess ... he did't wrore something like ...Nip is the best team in the world :)
2012-08-27 10:29
i went to see the stream now, and it was off air, and i said wtf is going on, the game is in the hot matches but the stream is off air? and when i went back to the main page this new appears and i said, 'oh now i got it'.
2012-08-26 19:49
cool story bro... :D
2012-08-26 19:54
troll powa
2012-08-26 20:54
no prize for 2nd?
2012-08-26 19:49
BuggIT - 5 SteelSeries Siberia V2, 5 SteelSeries Sensei, 5 SteelSeries QcK CS:GO Edition
2012-08-26 20:56
2012-08-27 06:39
easy :)
2012-08-26 19:49
what a stream failure
2012-08-26 19:49
2012-08-26 19:51
France Jiga 
2012-08-26 19:57
+1 :/
2012-08-26 20:13
dsn | 
India sRik 
2012-08-26 20:18
2012-08-26 22:16
2012-08-27 05:38
2012-08-30 23:47
Canada xb0y 
Easy Money.
2012-08-26 19:51
gg wp
2012-08-26 19:51
very good game
2012-08-26 19:51
still find that game boring to watch
2012-08-26 19:55
Estonia TehkarN 
2012-08-26 19:56
2012-08-26 19:57
2012-08-26 19:58
2012-08-26 20:00
2012-08-26 20:20
yup this game sucks to watch :) and 1v1 is called individual heroics in this game... THIS GAME SUCKS. Atleast at this point. Hopefully updates will improve but man... 1.6 ftw at this moment:)
2012-08-26 20:27
2012-08-26 20:30
chris, u always find right words. :D
2012-08-27 09:40
2012-08-27 19:30
2012-08-26 21:01
2012-08-27 03:18
+1 this game causes me craving of vomit
2012-08-27 05:43
2012-08-27 07:50
2012-08-27 11:41
Georgia otoghost 
NiP Amazing cs:go team....
2012-08-26 19:56
what a fucking surprise... :D they dont have a real enemy yet, so dont celebrate them that hard..
2012-08-26 19:58
They have, But they didn't attend this lan.
2012-08-26 20:00
yep...verygames :)
2012-08-27 01:15
Sweden Ivar 
I want to like the game so bad but I find myself glancing away from the stream. Would never happen in 1.6.
2012-08-26 20:01
Same with me..
2012-08-27 19:31
well done NIP, im starting to like CS:GO alot...
2012-08-26 20:05
2012-08-27 00:11
whats wrong?
2012-08-27 01:06
How can u like a game like that?
2012-08-27 01:38
Because it is actually good?
2012-08-27 02:50
its probably the worst game ever
2012-08-27 05:44
Haters gonna hate
2012-08-27 10:28
Yeah how dare people like other games that aren't a decade old ! Curse them!
2012-08-27 11:57
Iceland bist 
didint expect that victory, really shiity play
2012-08-26 20:09
WoWww such a hard tournament :-)
2012-08-26 20:11
GG. Really enjoyed the stream even without casters. CS:GO is pretty watchable game.
2012-08-26 20:11
oh you mean the stream that went on and off every 5 seconds along with all those echoes???
2012-08-26 20:13
Well to be fair.. I think that the final was just very baddly streamed.. Rest of the games were ok. Still not that impressive to watch as 1.6... All the best actions are usually very boring to watch.
2012-08-26 20:54
yeah but there arent also any spectating options, no GOTV, no stream UI... hope valve is working on this.
2012-08-26 21:28
boooooooooring anyway gg NiP
2012-08-26 20:12
Watched 5 seconds of the stream. Game felt like a single player game. Graphics 9/10, Multiplayer gameplay 1/10.
2012-08-26 20:12
1 cuz of the guns :D
2012-08-26 20:23
didnt watch cuz i dont care.
2012-08-26 20:13
2012-08-26 20:13
2012-08-26 20:13
NiP's gonna NiP
2012-08-26 20:15
That stream was fkn GREAT !
2012-08-26 20:16
2012-08-26 20:16
I <3 hating on CS:GO here :D
2012-08-26 20:16
gj Nip's
2012-08-26 20:16
dsn | 
India sRik 
for the real test Nip vs Team Dynamic/Area 51 maybe?
2012-08-26 20:17
nip vs vg should be awesome to watch cant wait for dh
2012-08-26 20:30
dsn | 
India sRik 
yeah DH will decide the best team
2012-08-27 17:14
Iceland bist 
that Xizt impression
2012-08-26 20:19
stream peak viewers ?
2012-08-26 20:19
7k yesturday , today the stream didnt work properly only bout 5 k
2012-08-26 20:32
that's not a good number i guess. 1.6 still the best game to watch.
2012-08-26 20:50
actually that can be compared to 1.6 tournaments with no good teams
2012-08-26 23:47
+ considering wcg pan am only got like 2.5k viewers not so bad fur a newb tournament
2012-08-26 23:56
expected, gl NiP
2012-08-26 20:21
i wunt 2 see nIp vs varygames .
2012-08-26 20:23
what the hell
2012-08-26 23:07
3000 viewers. CSGO IS teh_alive
2012-08-26 20:27
3 000 is nothing...
2012-08-26 20:32
im pretty sure he was being sarcastic :)
2012-08-26 20:52
lol yea I thought I made it obvious :/
2012-08-27 00:48
His nickname is "*Tpo-_-JI.b*" ...on english The Troll :)
2012-08-27 10:32
3000 viewers (?) tr0ll_much
2012-08-26 21:27
Well, 3000 is kind of tr0lling-statement , it was certainly more watching the final. It peaked at like 5000 viewers at same time with different unique ip's. Even if commentators/-hosts fucked stream up and couldnt get the going smooth so like half visitors left, then it would have been "quite alot" more who'd stay. So you are telling dat "trues" with modifications of ze d00m. 1.6 is dead, mb not entirly for random semi-elites like you, who play it even if there will be no money left like after DH Bucharest.
2012-08-27 09:41
Talking to me? My point is that csgo doesnt seem anymore alive than 1.6 at this moment ;)
2012-08-27 15:57
Red eyes . aha
2012-08-26 20:30
2012-08-26 20:30
twist > NIP
2012-08-26 20:35
its funnier to watch if you smoke weed
2012-08-26 20:38
sure -_-
2012-08-26 20:54
Sweden PPH 
gg wp
2012-08-26 20:42
around 3,600€ not bad at all for a tournament of this caliber
2012-08-26 20:46
Was molotovs allowed in this tournament?
2012-08-26 20:52
Nope, And they used a command so you can have 2x flashbang.
2012-08-26 20:54
Lol, is that real about molotovs? I knew the 2x flashbang thing but not that the actual competitions are disabling molotovs. Nice to know atleast, molotovs are pretty lame ingame to be honest.
2012-08-26 21:01
Statistics please...
2012-08-26 20:53
btw people now is the final of a real cs matches PlayArt vs
2012-08-26 20:54
16-12 and 16-10 for NiP if you dont want to read the whole thing. Nice read tho, gg NiP and congratz!
2012-08-26 20:59
yeah NiP :D
2012-08-26 21:29
Need a tournament with stronger teams because this was easy money for nip
2012-08-26 21:38
dreamhack soon
2012-08-26 21:49
lame, too easy for nip, needs some real action ;_;
2012-08-26 22:00
expected !! gj ninjas !
2012-08-26 22:20
I'm sorry i tried i really did try to watch this game. But maps are horrible so dark and with alot of details that make competitave game play just not possible. Not gonna mention how stupid the actual characters move. Don't even start me on the smoke granades you can't do anything until they are off apart from move from 1 location to another and well lets face it if you are to move the enemy team already knows you are there because those have no other use. It looks random people jump back and forth headshotting randomly just so bad. Stream was horrible at the last 2 games and not having a proper streaming method is just bad for a game that is supposed to replace one of the best FPS shooters of all time. Either make a game and release it with full potential to actually replace the previous version or don't release a game at all. This is just a cheap ripoff from Source and we all know how source ended up. I haven't commented on anything since CGS and back then every one was laugthing at me saying source is here to stay. Well the way the game is now it is not gonna be here to stay for long. Major changes are needed both in terms of gfx design on maps and actual gameplay recoils and for god sake even movement of the characters because it looks really redicules. And getting hit by bullets and moving left/right/left/right .... this is not battlefield or CoD this is CS it should not matter. End of my rant it is not a game that i would watch unless as mentioned above things do not change. Smokes = horrible GFX models both map and Char/weapons - horrible Maps - way 2 dark way to overcomplicated with uneeded stuff for actual tournament. Recoils - just none of the recoils makes sense. Pushback effect when getting shot - this should instantly be removed from the game it is supposed to be a CS not a battlefield or CoD game.
2012-08-26 22:31
most of them +1
2012-08-27 00:08
When will you all understand that this is how they want the game. Even if you are true in every single word wrote there, they won't do anything to change it. They created a mix between CS:S and CoD on purpose and they will leave it as it is. There were about 100k reviews of this game telling valve what you did above and they are not even trying to change anything. They did something with their updates, but kept it at their desired level. The only thing you could do (if you don't like the game) is to not play or watch it. Edit: damn reply button :d
2012-08-27 01:39
2012-08-27 09:24
Algeria rahimou111 
true 100% bro but lets give the game a chance maybe they will fix those mistakes
2012-08-27 00:57
2012-08-27 01:35
Read #137 please.
2012-08-27 01:38
Try not to be entirely subjective when you are trying to argue. Edit : because "it makes no sense"
2012-08-27 10:32
i support CS to keep it around in esports , but man i can't stand watching this game .... anyway how many Viewers / Streams did this event gather?
2012-08-26 22:39
when i was on stream i see 4000 : )
2012-08-26 22:43
saw* xD
2012-08-27 01:16
in new game molotovs,smoe more guns and off from this tournament and i think off from evry tournament. So I have a question...why they create new geame with new weapons or just for example molotov and off from the game :D? hahahaha is stupid :> i watch 5 minutes of game and i see only weapon from 1.6 even FB 2x...this is not CS :> i hope i will watch some molotvs and more but no no no they try to do tournament close to 1.6 i think but sad news :< ITS NOT CS :) .... dont buuuu on my opinion bla bla bla
2012-08-26 22:40
I'm having trouble understanding you :)
2012-08-26 22:54
thank you xD i just wants to write that i hope see molotv etc but the try to do 1.6 match for me :] 2x fb etc etc ... just like in 1.6 . for me that game is CS only in name : ]
2012-08-26 23:00
Argentina fex18 
You are so wrong, Go shouldn't have a cs title and neither should source, the only cs is 1.6.
2012-08-27 17:34
i'am not wrong . they try to do a 1.6 match in GO just to have what? more vivers? thats my point...for me 1.6 is only cs to bro :D :]
2012-08-27 19:31
what r you saying?
2012-08-27 00:09
open eyes ? and read the 2 ...
2012-08-27 02:10
this game is awful... nothing else to say
2012-08-26 22:44
2012-08-26 22:46
money changes everything, cindy lauper
2012-08-26 22:48
nice games! Nice tournament, good to see some Source players too
2012-08-26 22:53
the shout caster was boring and he sucks
2012-08-26 23:26
The game is a masterpiece, you should try play it without prejudices.
2012-08-26 23:49
COD is a masterpiece man...
2012-08-27 00:10
cod sucks
2012-08-27 11:56
yes COD sucks like hell but compare to CS:GO it's a masterpiece
2012-08-27 15:38
Its not very fun to watch this game, its playable, but for fans 1.6 best fo sho imo
2012-08-26 23:55
demos available?
2012-08-27 00:14
Unfortunately the game is incredibly boring to watch.
2012-08-27 01:05
I miss HLTV Already.
2012-08-27 01:28
2012-08-27 02:29
i bet that without getright forest and xist, this tournament didn't reach 1k viewers. was the curiosity to see this players that made me take a look to this boring stuff. not impressed
2012-08-27 02:32
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
Imagine you're get_right! You're in the pro scene for 4-5 years, still can't speak proper english, you probably don't have an education why not try this CS:GO crap if you can make a living.. They don't care which game it is $$$ talks
2012-08-27 04:03
man i really doubt about this part " still can't speak proper english" especially gtr.. his english is pretty good actually ;]
2012-08-27 04:41
any vod's?
2012-08-27 05:43
better to play dota 2 than cs-go i hope
2012-08-27 06:33
Valve add the fucking HLTV at this game!
2012-08-27 06:47
Johan "nahoy" Gustafsson's ohuenniy nick
2012-08-27 10:19
NiP played really well and were skill above the rest except maybe BugIT it'll be interesting at DreamHack when some of the other top teams attend like Mouz for example, GG NiP!
2012-08-27 11:59
what about verygames? they are too strong
2012-08-27 12:00
guys can you link a page for me, where i can download the streams?
2012-08-27 12:12
I belive this game will be bigger than any other fps that we have at the moment... it's great amount of fresh air to the scene and a great time to get more sponsors investments. I don't wish any other fps death, but the fact is that CS:GO will empty other fps's communities... is the expected and natural development, unfortunately for some and gratefully for the rest.
2012-08-27 13:47
cyx | 
Bangladesh Stoffi 
I also think the game is boring to see. It goes too fast to be watched.
2012-08-27 14:56
Serbia WyX 
2012-08-27 16:18
2012-08-27 17:32
2012-08-27 18:05
lol look at Xizt eyes :) 24/7
2012-08-27 18:47
Johan "nahoy" Gustafsson :D
2012-08-28 08:19
2012-08-29 07:55
Norway duffz00r 
2012-08-30 16:48
NiP will dominate CS:GO only until Fnatic switch from 1.6
2012-08-31 00:30
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