playArt top UMX to win WCG Pan-Am

playArt has managed to win WCG Pan-American games for the third consecutive time, defeating Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert's American squad 2-1 (16-2 de_nuke, 16-19 de_train, 16-14 de_dust2).

Brazilian playArt and Ultimax Gaming USA faced each other first in group A where their match ended in a draw. The Brazilian's better round difference secured them the first place in the group, while Peruvian ArtyK defeated the Canadian squad to top group B.

Semi-finals were absolutely dominated by the two big dogs as well, as playArt only allowed Kory "semphis" Friesen's Canadian squad a mere six rounds over two maps in a best-of-three series on de_inferno and de_train. Ultimax Gaming also quickly demolished ArtyK with a 16-6 win on de_inferno and a 16-2 massacre on de_train, setting up the awaited grand final between Brazil and USA once again.

UMX's swag and n0thing in action in Chile (photo: ESEA News) 

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team started off on their strongest map de_nuke with a convincing 16-2 win. Second map was de_train where playArt had gamepoint at 15-11, but UMX fought back led by Braxton "swag" Pierce's close to 20 frags counter-terrorist half on the way to an overtime win.

It all came down to de_dust2 where UMX won the opening pistol round. However, a critical mistake in letting go off a defuse by Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky allowed playArt to jump up to an early lead. The two sides continued trading rounds, with playArt leading 9-6 at half.

Pierce scored three kills on the second half's pistol round as well, helping even up the score at nine a piece. Toledo's squad picked up the game however, showing strong defensive play to go up 15-11. Although UMX once again started a comeback, this time it wasn't enough as playArt went on to win 16-14.

WCG Pan-American Games 2012 final standings:

1. Brazil playArt (bit, bruno, FalleN, fnx, shemp) - $5,000
2. United States UMX (kiko, n0thing, sobo, steno, swag) - $2,500
Peru ArtyK (BOLA1, durst, Hadrok, Mokoton, Pock) - $1,500
Canada Canada (ele1Nt, Grt, lars, semphis, Tee)

This marks the third consecutive win at WCG Pan-Am for the Brazilian squad with Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert being at the other end of that streak each year, unable to win a title for USA.

cyx | 
Russia Juse 
Don't care, they are low tbh
2012-08-26 22:56
Brazil top 1 gg america] or anyone still doubts
2012-08-26 22:56
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
I mean it's 1.6
2012-08-26 22:57
Top 1 America when they beat Maximum Effort (n0thing,ele1Nt,semphis,swag,sgares)
2012-08-26 22:58
they are top 1 america until anyone beat them, imo.
2012-08-27 07:06
Brazil Atok 
2012-08-27 17:37
dont say bullshit fanboy
2012-08-26 22:59
Brazil Atok 
pA > american teams =]]
2012-08-27 17:37
Is there anyaway I could filter cs1.6 news i dont wana read bout a dead game, i came here for csgo.
2012-08-26 23:40
I saw you came here for trolling LOL
2012-08-26 23:54
-100000000000000000000000001. obviously you never have played CS in your life. so tell me, how you know this page. Oh right you are joking, fag -.-
2012-08-27 00:03
Don't call him names because his opinion differs from yours.
2012-08-27 09:33
but you care enough to post
2012-08-27 00:08
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
and want? I just to say i dont care about cs 1.6 its my opinion. why should i keep silence? facepalm
2012-08-27 00:38
and we don't care about u
2012-08-27 04:15
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
Retard? Stop off topping
2012-08-27 09:11
dafuq i can't remember posting that i should stop drinking...
2012-08-27 04:34
or smoking haha
2012-08-27 06:38
lol but i mean it, i really don't remember posting #47. and it seems like i posted some shit on facebook too dafuq brain
2012-08-27 07:03
if u don't care about 1.6 news don't post on 1.6 news
2012-08-27 09:30
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
Its cs cyber portal and i will post what i want about any game so shut up
2012-08-27 09:53
i won't shut up, u came only to insult a game instead of properly discuss about it, go talk nonsense on cs:go forums if u want (since that's the game u state u like)
2012-08-27 19:19
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
only the top 2 teams of se, dk and maybe top 1 ,ru can challenge PlayArt, they destroy all other lows oh and navi + esc offcourse
2012-08-27 01:09
gj playArt. hope more of this tournaments
2012-08-26 22:56
Israel t1ao 
such a poor event... laptops for final =/
2012-08-26 22:56
u suck
2012-08-26 22:58
Gamegune finals was played in a corner with plastic chairs and CRT monitors...
2012-08-26 23:03
how the chairs look do not matter and crt monitors ARE the best for counter-strike, or any fps video game for that matter.
2012-08-26 23:04
opa IGC style!
2012-08-26 23:08
Argentina btkger 
2012-08-27 00:53
Chairs does matter, if u cant turn to see others monitors its terrible. Best monitores are BENQ XL2410T, not CRT.
2012-08-27 11:51
you turn your chair to look at your teammmates' monitors? i have never, not once in my career, done that. i turn my head. i have had a benq xl2410t at home for almost a year (and by your logic the 2420t would be better), and a crt IS way better than it is.
2012-08-27 12:02
Yes, i turn my chair. If u turn just your had on a 2 days tourney that will fuck your back. So why u used it for 1 year if CRT is better?
2012-08-27 12:09
that's an interesting conclusion seeing as no player i've ever seen at a tournament (and i've been to over a 100) has turned their chairs, but their heads. my back is fine btw. i've used the benq because tournaments use lcd, i plugged in my crt for some esl online qualifiers though, because it's so much better.
2012-08-27 13:05
First of all u need to understand that u are not talking to a kid, or a begginer. U always talk to people here like u are better then everybody. U can be SURE u are not. Respect my opinion, doesnt matter if u are famous or admin, or been to a milion of tourneys. That just dont make u owner of reason. If i want to move my chair to see other monitors and prefer my monitor then any CRT u just need to respect that.
2012-08-27 15:22
Brazil gu1d0 
full of rage
2012-08-27 16:01
I'm trying to find a single sentence where he's disrespecting you. Calm down mate.
2012-08-27 16:29
Brazil Atok 
2012-08-27 17:39
You just want to make some noise here mate.
2012-08-27 19:11
Guys my reply is not just about this situation, i am sick of lurppis been the owner of reason here. He should respect everyone.
2012-08-27 20:04
2012-08-27 20:31
120hz laptops... yeah so poor
2012-08-26 23:07
Why do the laptops matter? They ran cs at 100fps, the screens are 120hz, everyone brought their own peripherals(keyboards etc.) The coverage was awful, but the event looked fine.
2012-08-26 23:18
poor? the laptops were awesome, great video card 100fps always and 120HZ monitor... the players only connected your kit (keyboard,mouse,headphones) as always... lcd 120hz > crt pd: yes, the coverage was very poor
2012-08-26 23:41
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
only coverage was bad, the PCs actually was really strong, i mean REALLY good! you would be amazed if you tried it, so good you almost believe they improve the recoil. coverage bad bad bad,
2012-08-27 01:11
If Samsung is the principal sponsor of the tournament. It's kind of obvious that the players will use samsung stuff. And that notebooks were better than computers in gamegune.
2012-08-27 02:38
2012-08-27 17:25
12:02 nuke
2012-08-26 22:56
if you don't care why did you bother posting
2012-08-26 22:57
2012-08-26 22:58
2012-08-26 22:59
2012-08-26 23:00
nuke was 16-2
2012-08-26 23:00
nuke 16x2 playArt , SUCK USA !
2012-08-26 23:02
FalleN | 
Russia bRAZILR 
2012-08-26 23:02
Last time of this event for sure, at least with 1.6
2012-08-26 23:04
nice brazil! This reminds me of ESC on WCG vs swedes, swedes always losing against us.
2012-08-26 23:06
lol haha
2012-08-26 23:51
"us" sure...
2012-08-27 05:49
I'm Brazilian, but i have relatives Poles, and I go there when I can, so I consider myself half Polish.
2012-08-27 19:28
vamo/poland yeah, for sure you are polish xD
2012-08-27 16:33
Brazil Atok 
hahahhahaha =)
2012-08-27 17:40
2012-08-27 19:28
lol xDDD
2012-08-27 20:32
what a matches! good effort on train team usa. swag is the most talented young player ever in 1.6 maybe , but biggest dog is PlayArt champions gg wp!!!!!!!
2012-08-26 23:06
Haha what, laptops?
2012-08-26 23:16
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
laptops that were able to run the game with perfection and with a 120Hz monitor. What is the problem?
2012-08-26 23:27
his brain is the problem
2012-08-26 23:52
its still stretched isnt it the image i mean
2012-08-27 10:50
Yes, from the image we can see that everybody was playing in widescreen mode, probably they were not able to change it(unfortunately) putting the black bars on the sides
2012-08-27 16:21
still uncomfortable
2012-08-27 11:56
Why is it uncomfortable?
2012-08-27 16:24
#122 plus the fact that you cant really change the position of where you want your screen to be
2012-08-27 16:48
Yeah, true
2012-08-27 16:52
You can not adjust the screen manually how you want it.
2012-08-27 16:54
Chile Cristoff 
Samsung 7 series gaming 120Hz Laptops STRONG Coverage WRONG !
2012-08-27 00:07
2012-08-27 02:26
2012-08-27 05:54
n1ce laptop
2012-08-27 16:15
nice brasil !
2012-08-26 23:19
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
so much for the swag and n0thing hype, they lost to the brazillian squad once again, the one that lost (after a week of boot-camping) to random swedish mix .
2012-08-26 23:24
+1 :P
2012-08-27 00:00
Other ohai 
they pugged through this, too, though. according to seangares, they didn't practice for the lan because they're more interested in GO. pA, on the other hand, is a team of players who've played together a lot. still, it took til the 30th round of the third map to finally win. that's pretty decent.
2012-08-27 00:12
but pA ins't training so =/
2012-08-27 00:21
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Man, you guys are insistently losing for us year after year, and every year you guys have an excuse... next year in csgo or 1.6, what will be the new excuse? =/
2012-08-27 01:24
Other ohai 
"you guys"? im not in n.a.
2012-08-27 02:13
Brazil hugoooo 
Never heard of 'fluke'? You might think that Vatos Locos were better than 08 right?
2012-08-27 01:07
This brazilian line are playing 20 years together, they can win all sulamericans teams, but when they go to europe, cant pass the playoffs. Time to change the brazilian counter striker, more chance for another players...
2012-08-26 23:27
anothers players? who? GH? that lose against pain twice in a week??
2012-08-27 01:05
Brazil hugoooo 
You can't judge teams by online matches, it's just immature.
2012-08-27 01:07
You can be sure that if pA play against pain online will be something like 2-0 to pA.
2012-08-27 01:10
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
Let's say that we like emotions before the victory :D
2012-08-26 23:28
yeah USA, nice try :)
2012-08-26 23:44
brazil, brazil ...
2012-08-26 23:48
wp playart
2012-08-26 23:48
in competitiveness i think that this tournament was much better that the GO steelseries, also gathering the best level of competition in AMERICA, obviously, 1.6 still has much to offer, GG. pulling away the coverage and the organization
2012-08-26 23:55
imo they were about the same in both there were two dominant teams that raped every other team and played each other in the finals
2012-08-27 15:39
ha news about 1.6 is such nostalgia, and i am proud to see anything happening within 1.6, as this game is like Mercedes in terms of cars (gameplay, and is such great fun to play after CS:Go and all those new games, they just didn't have what it feels, and we feel as gamer, such a free feeling of bird, 1.6 <33333 ps random post :D
2012-08-27 00:01
Well played playArt
2012-08-27 00:04
2012-08-27 00:24
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
wtf they r played on Laptops ! FAIL
2012-08-27 00:25
2012-08-27 00:35
im a little confused :s the first paragraph says that the first match between pA and UMX on the group stage finished on a draw , but in the website of the tournament it says that pA won :s ... i didnt watch the match so i have no idea which is true :s
2012-08-27 00:59
it was a draw... i was there
2012-08-27 01:03
thanks :) btw the organization counted it as win for pA
2012-08-27 01:25
oohh that coverage site... what a crap. it was a draw ffs.
2012-08-27 01:28
yeah ... a lot of things of this event were shit :<
2012-08-27 04:02
I cringe every time I hear foreigners try to speak English.
2012-08-27 01:01
Brazil hugoooo 
And they would cry hearing you trying to speak spanish.
2012-08-27 01:12
that's why I don't bother.
2012-08-27 01:22
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
That's why the ones who try to speak english have more world knowledge.
2012-08-27 01:28
my english speaking is good ... i think so >.<
2012-08-27 01:28
Brazil gu1d0 
at least we try
2012-08-27 04:34
Canada xb0y 
Can you speak Russian,German,Hindi,Urdu,Finnish and other languages? Atleast we try.
2012-08-27 07:19
Brazil gu1d0 
google can
2012-08-27 16:04
Even google fail at proper translation.
2012-08-27 16:07
Brazil Dote 
BR pwnz
2012-08-27 01:02
2012-08-27 01:04
i also want to see that
2012-08-27 02:28
no demos, no stats :( only pov could save us but i doubt anyone recorded
2012-08-27 17:03
United States mah9 
too bad every single player on the US team is focusing on CS:GO
2012-08-27 01:23
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Ofc, usa boys love COD, BF3 and this kind of fps. :D
2012-08-27 01:29
fat ones
2012-08-27 02:28
i dont get your point on mentioning about body mass... :s Anyway ... Fat or thin they can rape our players in-game
2012-08-27 04:05
2012-08-27 03:39
i think you are asking tooooo much... feel lucky that we have Lurppis writing this article :D
2012-08-27 04:06
2012-08-27 16:17
o.O wtf :D
2012-08-27 17:58
can we have demos of this match ? pls
2012-08-27 05:17
Nice :D
2012-08-27 06:54
demo ?
2012-08-27 07:51
please hltv drop
2012-08-27 08:51
demos plz ?
2012-08-27 09:17
g_G Brazil
2012-08-27 09:47
I've been coming to hate WCG restricting it by nation, nowadays the top teams in NA are a mix of Canadian and American.. Not an excuse comment like the previous thread, just think for NA this model is becoming outdated. Mix nation teams are the future, or already are IMO...
2012-08-27 13:13
Brazil gu1d0 
2012-08-27 16:04
i have to disagree because WCG Pan American it is a tournament in wich a team represents a country, so mixed countries teams are and will be the future for the event. but WCG PA basically is trash, so for the real big important events mix nations teams are definitely the future
2012-08-27 18:06
2012-08-27 13:05
2012-08-27 13:36
Anyone knows from where i can download the demos?
2012-08-27 15:43
i do: nowhere
2012-08-27 17:06
what do you mean? no povs either?
2012-08-29 13:33
i'm afraid so :/
2012-08-29 17:07
2012-08-27 16:42
I think this was a pretty good performance by the UMX team. The only players with any international experience are n0thing and steno. They put up a good fight against the talented, experienced veterans on the Brazilian side. It was fun to watch n0thing and fallen playing again on a stage.
2012-08-27 20:21
Brazil still has many good players, after this victory, many others will arise, even if the change team
2012-08-28 03:37
fallens awp Mucho bueno. great experience and im looking forward to playing tough matches against them again
2012-08-28 22:29
i love you sobo !!! *---* you are the best player!! thaks for 2 kiss in your mouth &#9829;
2012-08-29 15:18
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