Area51 qualify for ESWC Grand Final

Area51 has topped the North American ESWC qualifier with a 2-0 win over Dynamic (16-12 on de_train_se, 16-10 on de_dust2_se) to qualify for the Grand Finals event in Paris on November 1-4.

Action started with Dynamic winning the counter-terrorist pistol round on de_train_se to go up 2-0. Area51 wasted no time as they bought third round and went on a run of six straight rounds with strong offensive play.

The former CS:S topdogs wouldn't fall easily, as strong AWPing by Keven "AZK" Larivière helped propel Dynamic to a four round winning streak, tying the game at six after Spencer "hiko" Martin's lost one-on-one attempt.

The two early giants in North American CS:GO traded the next two rounds, but the final round was an easy outside rush for Area51 as they ended the opening half on a good note with Kory "semphis" Friesen closinadg an 8-7 half for his team.

Second half started with the guys wearing a TD.GameCom tag win the pistol round with a quick outside rush, allowing them to win the first three rounds to make it 10-8 in their favor.

Dynamic in action at PAX (Photo: ESEANews)

Area51 lost two more straight rounds making it a 8-12 deficit as Dynamic hit the inner site successfully two rounds in a row. The primarily former CS 1.6 side won the four next rounds, with Martin scoring four frags in a huge three-on-five on round 24 to even the game up at 12 a piece.

It looked like TD was going to take the next round with an inner hit, but Sean "sgares" Gares clutched a one-on-two to make it 13-12. Determined to win, Gares would do the same next round, enlarging his team's lead to 14-12.

Even an entry frag in inner wouldn't be enough next round with Gares going down, as the rest of Area51 picked up the slack to force gamepoint. First map would be decided on round 28, with Friesen picking up the final two kills as Area51 won their eighth straight round to win 16-12.

Following a short break action commenced on Dynamic's map of choice, de_dust2_se. They ran over Area51 in the pistol round and the following two rounds, but winners of de_train_se came back with three straight thanks to strong AWPing by Gares again.

Dynamic saved on round seven but won the next round. Area51's A split won them round eight, forcing TD on a save to make it 6-4. Dynamic's Eric "adreN" Hoag scored two big AWP kills to win the next round, but Martin's smart flank forced TD on a save.

Area51 (PineKone, sgares, semphis, DaZeD, hiko) at PAX (Photo: ESEANews)

After another save round, Area51 were up 8-5. Dynamic stepped up their game though, as they won round fourteen and Martin ran out of time in a one-on-one situation in the final round, closing the gap to 7-8.

TD had an early lead in the terrorist pistol round, but two P2000 headshots from Friesen won them the round. It looked as if TD was going to win a save two rounds later, but Gares showed up as the hero with another clutch, this time a one-on-three.

Perhaps feeling the pressure by now, Dynamic lost a three-on-two afterplant next on A as Area51 went up 12-7. Next round saw Gares pick up two early AWP picks as his team won yet another round and forced TD to save.

At 7-14 with the pressure increasing, Area51's Sam "DaZeD" Marine's quick headshot and Friesen's one-on-one clutch gave them gamepoint. Dynamic won the next round though, forcing A51 on a double save to narrow their lead to five at 10-15.

Only one more round would be necessary though, as Area51's Josh "PineKone" Springer's strong bombsite A defense and Gares' final AWP frag in Seattle this time won them the final and a spot in ESWC grand finals.

2nd September 2012


United States Sam "DaZeD" Marine
United States Spencer "hiko" Martin
United States Josh "PineKone" Springer
Canada Kory "semphis" Friesen
United States Sean "sgares" Gares 

Area51 will be one of the eight teams that will be participating in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at ESWC 2012 set to take place in Paris, France on November 1-4. A French qualifier has also been announced, but everything else is currently unknown.

ESWC North America 2012 final standings:

1. United States Area51 - paid trip to ESWC 2012
2. United States Dynamic
3-4. United States Hold Mouse One
3-4. United States Murder Inc. will of course be on-site in Paris to provide you with full coverage of the event, which has recently also added a female CS:GO event to its tournament list.

I was a bit surprised how easy it was for A51. I was also surprised at how mediocre the awpers coming in from css were. Seangares and also skadoodle from hold mouse1 seemed the most consistent and had the biggest influence on their matches.
2012-09-03 00:45
6 replies
adreN made really nice shots as well.
2012-09-03 00:46
2 replies
He did, and so did azk, but they weren't as consistent in doing so it seemed. On the other hand, I don't know how many rounds were won by sgares or skadoodle when they had an awp.
2012-09-03 00:49
1 reply
TD choked hard. area 51 experience showed bigtime....i wouldnt count TD out at all in the future though, i think they will bounce back bigtime from this
2012-09-03 00:51
agreed.... and it was fun watching hmo play!... you could clearly see they diden play cs... but they played really solid!
2012-09-03 00:47
1 reply
HM1 had had sick aim lol, but lacking any gamesense. was a good tourny anyway
2012-09-03 00:50
At this point I havnt seen any awping such spectacular (and "impossible") CSGO-shots like adreN.
2012-09-03 01:38
Poor source players. :/
2012-09-03 00:48
HAHAHA they raped 2-0 the Saucers. This shows how bad the Sauce teams are and will be in CS:GO. They should retire already, they don't stand a chance against mid/low level 1.6 teams or should I say mixes?.
2012-09-03 00:52
45 replies
what are you talking about??? quit trying to make shitty story lines up. both teams played good
2012-09-03 00:52
i definitely wouldnt say a51 was a "mid level" 1.6 team. they didnt get a chance to play against the euros since their sponsors couldnt send them but they would def be a top 10 world team in 1.6
2012-09-03 00:53
28 replies
hahaha not even EG was a top 20 team and EG dominated every NA team just to be raped by the brazilians in every continental tournament. Area51 is new team with mid/low level players, only sgares and semphis were top 10 players NA.
2012-09-03 01:05
27 replies
top 1.6/source players are definitely not guaranteed to be as good in cs go, and that really showed with how dynamic played missing their shots but then again ur probably 12 and hard for you to comprehend something so simple
2012-09-03 01:21
17 replies
1.6 teams >>>> Sauce teams 1.6 competition >>>>> Sauce competition Saucers are mainly 1.6 nobodies who made the switch because they couldn't stand a chance against the 1.6 teams, simple as that.
2012-09-03 01:27
16 replies
not even good at trolling gl vs verygames and the other top source teams 1.6ers
2012-09-03 01:40
12 replies
other top source teams? mouz got raped in CPH by SK. Dynamic the best NA team got raped vs a mid/low level 1.6 group. fnatic >> reason back in csp Alternate 1.6 girls >>> Alternate CSS males VG is prolly going to be destroyed by a mid level 1.6 team, I hope they get to attend ESWC so they can be demolished.
2012-09-03 01:45
11 replies
dbie = scrubber kid w a pentium 3. gl wit yr csp career lololololol
2012-09-03 01:46
3 replies
I can play Sauce in my laptop :) But I don't play it because its CS casualized made for 1.6 bads.
2012-09-03 01:50
2 replies
Algeria rahimou111
haters gonna hate
2012-09-03 09:08
1 reply
Truth gonna be true.
2012-09-03 15:39
I hate to bring this to you but VG shat all over NiP (face instead of xizt) you're just making yourself look stupid with your css n csgo hate you're gonna have to wait a few months for actual lans with top teams from both games to backup your shit talk
2012-09-03 01:50
5 replies
online? against ROCKSTAR which was a mix? haha. I don't hate CSS neither CS:GO, I pity CSS and I hope CS:GO gets better and stop being a casualized CS game.
2012-09-03 01:51
4 replies
cs:go is already better than css and gettin better with every update. 1.6 is still a 'tighter' game but csgo brings a lot of fresh changed/additions to the table that make things interesting again.
2012-09-03 01:54
right, mouz lost vs SK @ CPH in an unfinished game that neither team played dynamic the best NA team got beat by top usa 1.6ers, not mid/low + DaZeD that is a css player reason/fnatic game CSP, I remember that one, wasn't it bugged as fuck and a complete disaster? VG still shat over the best sweden has to offer, now known as NiP cu hater
2012-09-03 01:56
2 replies
Funny how can u even make conclusions from one bo1 match online hahahh and if sk beat mouz i can imagine whats gonna be if nip play against mouz
2012-09-03 05:29
1 reply
2012-09-03 08:35
Fnatic and Reason showmatch was not even finished due to DDOS, shut up kid.
2012-09-03 23:19
I like to frontrun after a new team wins their first LAN at a new game too.
2012-09-03 02:05
2 replies
it should be called CS:Source 2, dude. It is as casualized as CSS is.
2012-09-03 02:12
1 reply
one would think that with such an insight into the professional counter strike realm, you would have picked a better team than virtus pro to pay tribute to.. but maybe thats just due to where you live i for one thing the skill in 1.6 was better, and that'll eventually show in GO, but im not gonna sit here and act like its all said and done after 2 LANs, kind of like what you're doing.
2012-09-03 05:20
EG was a lot worse than back2back was. as shown by frod storm and warden getting 16-3d by b2b on lan last season. without n0thing EG wouldn't have kept winning ESEA, and even with n0thing they couldn't do anything international. b2b was different, sgares is in his prime right now as an awper, not washed up like frod. semphis is in his prime as a fragger as well. and of course n0thing is a beast. they would've definitely beaten some of the euros. i would bet money that they'd breach top 10
2012-09-03 01:50
1 reply
I liked B2B/100%'s lineup more as well but the fact that they could only train against NA teams makes me think they could've had a bad time against top 15 teams like Anexis, KNET, DTS, eSahara, etc. I believe they had the potential to be a top 10 team tough. I mentioned EG because it was the last Na team that won an international event with lurppis leading them.
2012-09-03 02:02
United States lurppis
B2B would have been a top10 team in the world if they got to attend events at the end with their lineup - they wouldn't win events, but they would've been very competitive with teams like KerchNET, Anexis, Wikipediots etc
2012-09-03 01:54
5 replies
POV/coL, EG, and the UMX team that lived together all showed promise in that regard as well.
2012-09-03 02:08
3 replies
United States lurppis
POV/coL, EG (after me) and UMX all struggled vs Euros. B2B is the only american team after my EG who played smart enough and in a way that could convert to beating Euros as well.
2012-09-03 08:33
2 replies
PoV beated EU teams on US soil @ the IEM event in Los Angeles lurp. If POV would have continued and not replacing one and other (by that keeping savi0r and the rest of the team, they would have done some serious dmg)
2012-09-03 10:00
1 reply
United States lurppis
yes, PoV beat mTw 21-9. they also lost vs GamePlay 0-16, mibr 9-16 and 11-16 vs wicked. later on they lost 10-16 vs mibr at iem america and went 0-5 at iem world champs. now i'm not sure which universe you operate in, but i personally support the reality over what could or you might think should have happened. reality: they never did become a top10 team. they never did do serious damage. they never did stop changing players. your logic is extremely retarded because you can say that about anything at all without any logical reasoning and pretend it's just as true. ps. gravitas was 1000x better than pov, regardless of a loss or two head-to-head; they actually DID do well against euros
2012-09-03 15:30
I think they would've struggled a lot with those teams because they only got to train with NA teams... mostly online. I believe in their potential though.
2012-09-03 02:10
EG was a top10 team ...they made it to the IEM global finals ...
2012-09-03 10:22
but the source guy in area51 was their top fragger rofl, kid u dont know what youre talking about
2012-09-03 00:54
1 reply
just so you know, CS is a team game.
2012-09-03 01:00
51 is a completely new team, they dont play 1.6 together seangares and semphis are the only ones that played together, dazed is a saucer, hiko is the x factor and pinekone was a random pickup and really experienced and old tbh guy LOL
2012-09-03 00:58
8 replies
pinekone had an insain dgl!!!
2012-09-03 00:58
I know they haven't played 1.6 together but the players are not the best from USA, only sgares is a top 10 player the others were from mid level teams NA, which is like top 70 euro level.
2012-09-03 01:03
6 replies
whoo knows? this is a new game....anyone could be the best right now. right now it seems that area 51 is.
2012-09-03 01:03
new game, new top 10. This would be mine for shits and giggles for CSGO NA 1. swag 2. steel 3. jmitchell 4. azk 5. dazed 6. n0thing 7. kiko 8. adren 9. sgares 10. hiko
2012-09-03 01:15
1 reply
lol, the 1.6 players will have a feast with those sauce players in a couple of mohths.
2012-09-03 01:21
semphis was the best player in ESEA s10. in s11 he was the 2nd best, with swag being 1st.
2012-09-03 01:51
2 replies
Yes, he's definitely a top 10 NA player. I forgot to mention him.
2012-09-03 01:53
ya ur right, I'd replace semphis with kiko then. Shame minikerr doesn't seem to be showing any CSGO interest, he'd prolly be top 5 easily
2012-09-03 04:47
India h8or
lol :) well said
2012-09-03 03:33
DaZeD, the lone CS: Source player of Area 51, is the real brain behind the whole operation so to speak. Therefore it's a CSS player that allows the CS 1.6 players of A51 to play the way they do in CS: GO and allow sgares to make the correct calls.
2012-09-03 13:49
2 replies
Saucer logic: A lone CSS player > 5 of the best CSS players. Not as it really is 4 1.6 players > 5 of the best CSS players.
2012-09-03 19:51
1 reply
Not my logic, but words from sgares pre-game interview...kiddo
2012-09-03 20:35
Was interesting to head sgares say just how much having DaZeD helped the team.
2012-09-03 00:51
11 replies
whos dazed
2012-09-03 00:54
5 replies
dazed was a former awper/caller in source. AZK, adren, steel and dazed are on another level in NA source and he was one of those guys.
2012-09-03 00:59
4 replies
dazed was aimazing~~
2012-09-03 01:43
do you know what team (or recent teams) dazed was on in source?
2012-09-03 02:57
2 replies
He was on Torqued, CyberRev, and Area51 (according to ESEA)
2012-09-03 03:43
1 reply
2012-09-03 04:02
Agreed, never having played css myself, it was interesting to hear css strats translate over better.
2012-09-03 00:54
4 replies
i thought that would be pretty obvious, nade physics and maps are much more similar to source than 1.6
2012-09-03 00:57
2 replies
I played source for about 15 minutes when it came out and then never again, so I have no idea how it plays competitively or how close GO is to it. So, no, not obvious to me :)
2012-09-03 02:48
1 reply
fair enough m8 :D
2012-09-03 03:00
i think its more becus of the map layout is closere to css then 1.6 etc
2012-09-03 00:57
Anyway first big LAN is gona be pretty good hopefuly they fix a couple of other things by then
2012-09-03 00:54
I really liked the new spectator features, with a little more handling experience watching go matches will be much more enjoyable. gg a51, looking foward to seeing some 1.6 faces on eswc!
2012-09-03 01:03
11 replies
exactly which new spec features?
2012-09-03 01:07
10 replies
xray vision and the hp/weapon/death indicators on either side
2012-09-03 01:08
9 replies
xray vision = wallhack, it has been arond since CS beta. hp/weapon/death indicators = hltv layouts, they are around since 2006.
2012-09-03 01:11
8 replies
its new to csgo, and 'wallhack' as a spectator feature has never been used till now in a live tournament cast. gtfo hater
2012-09-03 01:12
7 replies
it has been used many times... only not in main streams, lol. csgo adds nothing new to 1.6, only a crappy casual mode for noobs and crappy new features like fog and tracers.
2012-09-03 01:20
5 replies
dude, this isnt the thread for your shitty opinion on csgo.....keep it to yourself
2012-09-03 01:27
4 replies
2012-09-03 01:29
3 replies
ive actually never played source. ive been playing cs since it was beta 3 in 1999. gtfo already you fuckin annoying hater scrub
2012-09-03 01:31
2 replies
u post too much lol, chill please. its just an opinion, and cursing at dbie isn't going to help the situation. plus i doubt u have played that early, just "my opinion".
2012-09-03 03:06
1 reply
why would you doubt? because you havnt?
2012-09-03 03:08
+1 I was talking about cs go, in 1.6 I don't need health bars or xrays, because I have a lot more experience in watching 1.6 matches and can judge the current situation anytime and don't get lost in the middle of the round like in cs go. imo the xray vision and the possibility to switch to a player directly is a very powerful combination to make the matches more enjoyable.
2012-09-03 01:22
I must say that these casters were much better than their european counterparts.
2012-09-03 01:05
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
Have to say, I thought Dynamic would win it, before game start, but Area51 made the surprise, Dynamic is a really talented team, in Source at least. Great play by Area51 throughout the tourney. seangares was onfire in the grand final! Looking forward to seeing them at ESWC against the european teams, such as VeryGames, fnatic and NiP, if they all qualify!
2012-09-03 01:26
gg just like i said freakazoid is a fucking awful addition to dynamic, he only plays well vs noobs and chokes vs better people. he needs to get cut asap. a51 played well though, eswc should be fun to watch
2012-09-03 01:38
1 reply
volcano jumped onto their roster recently (August 28), so I wonder if he's planning to un-retire and take back his spot
2012-09-03 02:53
i hooked my laptop up to the big TV just to watch this final, and it was honestly worth it. CS:GO could use a few tweaks, especially in sound, but it's already what source should have been. I noticed a lot more tactical play from the NA teams as opposed to the euros that played last week or so (NiP). I definitely see the energized, dedicated 1.6 players from across the globe all making an attempt at GO, and I see it being very exciting for the next 2 years. I've also been playing it, and it's pretty fun.
2012-09-03 02:12
Nice to see 1.6 people doing well in NiP and area51 but they are nowhere near verygames level
2012-09-03 02:33
6 replies
just gonna have to wait and see ;)
2012-09-03 02:38
5 replies
lol dont get your hopes up NA still has awhile yet before they catchup to Europe. They are going to lose alot until they play more international events and bootcamp there.
2012-09-03 04:50
4 replies
the lack of international practice was due to lack of sponsorships to get them into that environment on a regular basis. that's all going to change now though ;)
2012-09-03 05:23
3 replies
United States lurppis
did i miss something or did area51 just picked up by a large organization or did cs:go become big enough to be worth bootcamping for overseas?
2012-09-03 08:34
2 replies
i don't understand the first part of your post, but it's not so much that CS:GO has become "big" enough to be worth bootcamping yet. when it does become that big (which it will, perhaps not with the longevity of 1.6, maybe 2 years at least) the sponsors that found no monetary benefit to supporting the teams will be involved once again, at least for a year or two, and that's how Americans get more exposure to European cs. all in all i'm saying that even if just gets hyped up a lot like source did, only to lose popularity after a few years, it'll be lots of fun for the time being, and it's already better than source at least.
2012-09-03 15:34
1 reply
United States lurppis
i dont see why any big sponsors in north america would back cs:go teams when they didn't back cs 1.6 (which was bigger) teams. if craig&co keep hosting qualifiers then they will attend more international events, but that's americans' almost sole hope.
2012-09-03 15:38
was fun to watch hope money system is fixed asap
2012-09-03 02:52
4 replies
i hope so too, $50 for an awp kill is retarded. im pretty sure there are cvar commands that can fix it?
2012-09-03 03:01
3 replies
Once a standard match config is created im sure it'll have a proper money system that works for competitive play. It is probably the only thing that pisses me off at the moment. Constant mixes with dicks and P90s :S
2012-09-03 18:19
2 replies
it just shows that the game creators don't understand competitive CS. The awp only getting $50 per kill suggests that its somehow easier to get kills with the awp than with a rifle. In pub games / mixes that might be true, but versus a real team you're going to get smoked flashed nade stacked double peeked everything, making that awp shot 100x harder.
2012-09-03 21:52
1 reply
They do, but they need to cater to both markets and thats where the fault lies. I'm sure they will update the money system for competitive game play because they understand a lot more than you think. Put it this way, I'm sure they understand how their game works competitively more than you or I :P Opinions will always be different, but they will get the basics right and everyone will just have to adapt to the slight changes the game has compared to what they previously played.
2012-09-04 09:41
Canada xb0y
So many American users :')
2012-09-03 07:08
2012-09-03 07:36
yay pinekone! Green Berets 4life
2012-09-03 09:17
Can't wait for the first international event now! Nice to see american teams putting up a good show. Also nice to see both CSS and 1.6 players adapting at a pace which looks similar to European teams!
2012-09-03 09:42
There was a side tourney in eswc for csgo ????
2012-09-03 09:55
100% is dead?
2012-09-03 13:55
That Guy at photo looks like Arnold Schwarznegger
2012-09-03 14:21
most people cannot handle change in their life w/out frustration. e-sports is about business and nothing else (for those that fund it). If this game delivers on the business end, the top players will play regardless. It's the minions (you and I) that can continue to have a childish debate on a forum/website. I am an old school Quake player and remember enjoying the Call of Duty series (especially cod4). I casually play CS 1.6 but the recoil and lame graphics don't suit me well. I am simply going to enjoy watching teams/players that I have followed for years try a new game that is graphically pleasing. btw : consoles and LoL / Starcraft is the future
2012-09-03 16:49
1 reply
games should be fun,competitions should be fun to watch all those wall of text analyzes ,threads about the future of a game or e-sports,predictions is complete BS. Most ppl come to hltv to follow 1.6 or csgo (nowadays) and to find some interesting info but they just stumble on idiotic threads/comments with no-names writing their opinions (like anyone cares for it) ,predictions, judgments...
2012-09-03 17:17
haha wow thats awsome for the 1.6 community, really the only 1.6 team (4 1.6 players, 1 source) competing for this. especially awesome for pinekone, guy has been around forever, always been good but hasn't had the chance to win anything in a while. must be good at cs:go too...
2012-09-03 17:52
cs go is the worst game ever! If you like it, you are either under14, getting paid a lot of money to play, or you are really bad @ cs1.6
2012-09-03 17:56
2 replies
nah its actually pretty good
2012-09-03 17:57
Your IQ must be under 14 with that commment..
2012-09-04 22:59
Stop looking at it from a 1.6 vs source angle.. It's a new game and anyone could come through and shine, the best teams are likely to consist of players from top teams in both games as they can mix tactics together. This whole 1.6 vs source debate is completely non-topical. Unless someone fancies digging up some mythical piece of scientific information where players from 1.6 somehow have better reactions and are mentally smarter I can't see how anyone can put forward this logic!
2012-09-03 17:57
GJ guys :D rep that NA proud in paris :)!
2012-09-03 18:00
it seems ridiculous that swag and nothing were absent in a tournament to find the best american CSGO team, just because swag is a bit too young. at least allow their team to find a step in or something :/ but good to see guys like sgares/terminat0rrr besting their CSS rivals gl in Paris lads :P perhaps cu there! also; pinekone from GB? had no clue he still played, welcome back lol (or does he come from a CSS team or something?)
2012-09-03 20:56
hey russian guy I agree I play the games I play because I enjoy them, period but you cannot moan and whine w/out thinking about the business side of things when it comes to pro's and the games they play.
2012-09-03 21:05
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