TI3 with $1,600,000 for CS:GO?

September 8th, 2012 16:49

According to PCGames.cn Valve will include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at The International 3 next year with a possible prize purse of $1,600,000.

Valve has previously hosted two The International events where the prize pool has been $1,600,000 each year for DotA2 with the winners taking home a total of one million US dollars.

In the news post it is said that PCgames.com.cn's reporter had met with a Valve employee in Seattle who had disclosed information about including their newest FPS title at the next years event.

markeloff & co now have $1,600,000 possible more reasons to switch to CS:GO 

While nothing is confirmed yet, it's an intriguing possibility that a Counter-Strike tournament might offer $1,000,000 for a single team next year, likely motivating even more people to switch over.

HLTV.org will naturally let you know as soon as more information becomes available on The International 3 and the possible inclusion of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Source: PCGames.cn

Now we talkin
2012-09-08 16:50
Took | 
Romania Took 
Yeah! CS 1.6 milions =D
2012-09-08 16:58
Vietnam milandini 
2012-09-08 20:21
2012-09-08 21:34
2012-09-09 03:32
2012-09-09 23:30
now we fight :D
2012-09-08 18:29
HOT NEWS: Chuck Norris switches to CS GO !!!
2012-09-09 11:16
hahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha x'D Best comment (y)
2012-09-10 11:15
Summer | 
Korea dafNaY 
Are you fucking kidding me ? They should invest that money to make the game better , cause righ now it's in alpha ...
2012-09-08 16:52
alpha? rofl
2012-09-08 17:16
I think He is drunk. :$
2012-09-08 17:35
I think it makes sense, the game is poor developed towards competitive play, it feels like in alpha stage tbh.
2012-09-08 17:50
true go need alot of updates :)
2012-09-08 17:53
You have no idea what "alpha" and "beta" means in terms of game development. Just because you don't like the game doesn't mean the game is in alpha. Just don't play it, simple.
2012-09-08 20:41
2012-09-08 20:43
Well, typically speaking when a game is in its 'alpha' stage it is not feature-complete and in early stages of testing. CSGO is nowhere near feature-complete at the moment (doesnt have any spectate HLTV system, no matchmaking) so its not that far stretched to call it as such.
2012-09-08 21:46
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Actually, feature complete only relates to release goals. So GO was released with all the features they planned on releasing it with, and all the other features are just updates (similar to Diablo). Maybe you could get away with calling it a late beta, purely because they still aren't 100% sure on the games primary concepts (like movement), but calling it Alpha is miles off :P
2012-09-08 22:20
I highly, highly doubt they actually intended to release without HLTV, or the matchmaking system they'd been talking so long about pre-release. They had been testing matchmaking and obviously realised they wouldnt be able to get it ready for launch, and launching a title thats even supposed to be remotely 'competitive' without a spectating system is completely nonsensical. CSGO is currently not feature complete, no doubt about it.
2012-09-08 22:42
If that's your stringent definition of "alpha" and "beta" then most games out there are still in alpha and beta.
2012-09-08 23:58
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
No - They chose the release date not that long prior to release. They intended at that point to release it without HLTV. I get your point, but yeah, it was at a release worthy stage. If they kept it until every single planned feature was implemented then they would still be here in 5 years like CS:GO.
2012-09-09 01:49
He is right.
2012-09-08 17:58
He is not. It was in beta stage, alpha is before beta. :)
2012-09-08 20:43
So it's still beta :)
2012-09-08 21:45
early build
2012-09-10 07:29
totaly right
2012-09-08 19:27
alpha ...hahahaha made my night xD
2012-09-08 20:45
not alpha and not beta. it was released on 21/8/2012 :-) but the additional changelog is so sick, too long too read. 1.6 mil thats a step to advertise the gameshow not gameplay at the moment :)) gameplay has lots of bugs. btw counter strike changes itself version by version as you can see. 1.0 n 1.1 still many bugs in that :D And 3 years to take a good look into 1.5 & 1.6
2012-09-09 03:21
holy mother of god....
2012-09-08 16:51
2012-09-08 16:51
Portugal nsz 
Still CS as more users playing that CS:GO
2012-09-08 16:51
.. and CSS. There is no denying the game has been a flop, but doesn't mean it will always be.
2012-09-08 17:42
don't forget non-steam players, i think that if we count every player of steam/non-steam, counter-strike would be top 1, above dota2, and tf2
2012-09-10 01:31
CS IS BACK BABY Legends will return to the game. If you add all cs versions players on steam its bigger then dota2 (just not right now because the steam stats is bugged right now its said all the games have had the same number of people playing since yesterday afternoon)
2012-09-08 16:54
This isn't for CS though.
2012-09-08 17:27
It's still CS but just a shitty version of it.
2012-09-08 17:34
legends will come back and play this shit?thats funny.
2012-09-08 19:26
2012-09-08 22:52
well if theres a 1.6 million dollar prize purse tournament yearly fucking yes everyones going to come back and play~
2012-09-09 11:33
valve is taking notice that cs go is down in the pits right now and nothing in the near future to spark any interest into the game. let's inject 1,600,000 million dollars, this game will succeed lol game is REALLY FAR from perfect atm,and not enjoyable to watch.
2012-09-08 16:55
You all say its not enjoyable to watch. What would make it more enjoyable? I can't grasp the concept that one version of counterstrike is less enjoyable than others, I find them all good... I've watched matches in most FPS games, I can't see how you can strictly be a fan of one and not another :S
2012-09-08 17:55
Sounds like you were only born with one brain cell, what do you think all the war between the games in the community is?
2012-09-08 18:02
Answer his question, what would make it more enjoyable?
2012-09-08 20:43
I would if it was just that, but I tend to read the WHOLE message :-D.
2012-09-08 20:53
Continue to dodge the question. What would you like to see?
2012-09-08 20:56
A good game, it obviously isn't a good game as it is now.
2012-09-08 20:57
Why isn't it a 'good game'?
2012-09-08 20:58
Because it receives so much criticism, you do know that it has less players than it's predecessors?
2012-09-08 21:02
Okay but what about the criticism would you change, specifically. Again no one ever goes into specifics they just say "oh it needs updates". But what exactly?
2012-09-08 21:20
About the criticism I would change, that there wouldn't be any, or if there would be (like there always is) it would be minor. It's a big problem when most people criticize the game. To me personally, the game should look much more simplified, it's just a mess now as it is.
2012-09-08 21:27
Less clutter and debris, I agree. See that's specific, that's good. Just saying "oh the game is trash" but never expanding on it is hurting the future of the community. Everyone has to face it, 1.6 is on it's last legs, we should be supporting Valve in trying to carry on the CS torch.
2012-09-08 21:34
Yeah, but what if they made a game that actually is more like the most succesful CS game in the franchise? What now?
2012-09-08 21:36
As someone who has dumped a decade into 1.6 and hours upon hours into CS:GO it's quite close. It's never going to be the carbon copy of 1.6 but it's getting there. Much improved from the early stages of the beta. But if you really feel this strongly, don't play it. Or continue not to play it, I guess.
2012-09-08 21:40
Thanks for backing me up themcv... You understand my point :D The fact people say "its boring to watch" but never back it up with any actual facts as to why they dont enjoy watching it... It is a 5v5 bomb defusal game. I struggle to see how its not enjoyable to watch!
2012-09-09 11:51
personally, although I leave my opinion open until I've watched more <competitive> games its because its much harder to notice the <skill> involved to kill/win rounds. Because 1.6 is so bare so to speak, you see all movements, all wallbangs, all nades etc, in GO I can't see shit. Haven't played because no money to buy, I'm sure it'll be fun to play though.
2012-09-08 19:36
Yeah that is a fair point. I think competitive play needs clearer skins for opposing teams. The maps themselves I dont think are cluttered, the stuff on the floor makes no difference to game play, just adds a bit more for spectators who like to immerse themselves in a game. But I think for tournaments if they went classic 1.6 and had 2 bright coloured jackets :D It would make the game much easier to follow.
2012-09-09 11:53
yeah for sure! instant replay with optional slow motion would also be great for spectating, infact I think its pretty much mandatory for a success here! After watching forest play whenever I can, I see he started to maximise movement and mouse1 control, so will be sweet to see him develop it more so the problems people have with the spray and pray might go away some.
2012-09-09 16:25
Yeah, I think people need to realise that the skill set will change. The game itself is no less skill based than 1.6. It will have its own quirks that set the pros apart from the amatuers. Just need to give it time. So many things they could do with the spectator system, and I dont see why they can't do it. It's already developed in Dota2 so I have faith they will produce something similar for CSGO.
2012-09-09 17:38
ye, i was and still am shocked as hell they didnt have one for release O_O
2012-09-09 19:51
2012-09-08 18:45
Hopefully this is true, if true it would mean valve are ready to update the game even more. In this thread gonna be alot of fan boys crying.
2012-09-08 16:52
If they would update the game enough to be even good, that's great news now isn't it? Sadly that isn't going to happen.
2012-09-08 17:42
What would you like to see specifically in future updates that would improve the game? I see a lot of people saying "update the game update the game" but never any specifics. Sad to see people judging before they even play.
2012-09-08 20:50
I'm speaking on behalf of the revolutionaries, I have no real experience of CS:GO.
2012-09-08 20:53
Like most of the detractors. Just don't play GO if you feel that strongly without even trying it, no loss to either community.
2012-09-08 20:57
Yeah let's just keep dividing the communities... pfft.
2012-09-08 21:00
Keep knocking the game without playing it, that'll unite the communities.
2012-09-08 21:22
Can't you see? I'm criticizing the game in effort to make the game better, to fix the, that make the game criticizable. That way we could have one strong community, and one game.
2012-09-08 21:29
Do you understand what constructive criticism is?
2012-09-08 21:36
They went on and released CSS2, and negated most of the constructive criticism, hell, they originally only invited pro CSS players to improve the game, LOL. Now that they saw the game has failed in drastical measures, they're in urge to host million dollar tournaments... Yeah good luck with that Valve, I think I'll just wait for another game, they failed with CSS, and now they failed with CS:GO.
2012-09-08 21:39
Alright, good luck with your future endeavors.
2012-09-08 21:41
played it +40 hours, cs go needs so much updates.
2012-09-08 21:13
1,6 million, holy crap lol
2012-09-08 16:52
2012-09-08 16:53
i wonder how many oldschool players will return for this if it turns out to be true. guess mouz, mtw etc will give it a shot? =D
2012-09-08 16:53
Romania 511 
are u joking? if the prize would be 1 mil dollars I would be starting to practice 24/24
2012-09-09 02:51
"markeloff & co now have $1,600,000 possible more reasons to switch to CS:GO" what about you lurppis?
2012-09-08 16:53
lurppis is good, but I mean, Na´Vi? That would be awesome!
2012-09-08 17:22
you didn't get his point ;)
2012-09-08 19:00
a trick to bring more ppl to cs:go.
2012-09-08 16:53
+1 so true
2012-09-08 17:17
Latvia CINDER 
You don't say..
2012-09-08 17:29
2012-09-08 17:45
markeloff <3333333
2012-09-08 16:53
Play both cs:go and cs1.6 togther
2012-09-08 16:56
VeryGames are going to be rich
2012-09-08 16:55
keep dreaming
2012-09-08 19:04
I wish they would do this. Play 2 maps cs:go and then switch to 2 maps of Cs 1.6. If there is a tie, make the final map 1.6 :D
2012-09-08 16:56
that is just... retarded
2012-09-08 19:37
1.6 is dead. Get that into your tiny mind, it's dead and it's not coming back. It's a fucking computer game, stop tearing over it and grow up.
2012-09-10 10:58
Slovenia kokotko1g 
Sweet mother of jesus !
2012-09-08 16:55
Money talks instead of enjoying the game.
2012-09-08 16:56
that's esports....
2012-09-08 19:04
Depends now will the organization get the money or the players ?
2012-09-08 16:56
have you ever heard of a contract? seriously...............
2012-09-08 17:11
Yes i have and it depends which team wins but im talking about VeryGames,NiP such teams do they get the whole prizemoney or just a percentage thats why im asking
2012-09-08 17:14
normal salary + 40% of the money seprated between the players + some bitches to hang out with.
2012-09-08 17:37
That contract sounds terrible
2012-09-08 19:19
It's between 20-40% for the org. And the rest is split in 5 for each player. Let's say the winner wins 1M, each player would win 120K-160K$. Pretty good if you ask me :D
2012-09-08 19:17
Last year the Na'vi players from dota2 were allowed to keep the 200k each but they gave 20k each to the management EDIT: That didn't answer your question. Depends on org I guess.
2012-09-08 19:59
Italy uNd 
normal should be 5-10%
2012-09-09 18:44
2012-09-08 16:57
Brazil sicariuswtf 
holy cow omygod
2012-09-08 16:58
no no no no no no! please no!
2012-09-08 16:58
Took | 
Romania Took 
They're going OFFENSIVE!
2012-09-08 16:58
1 million b4 the taxes =] nice one
2012-09-08 16:58
Absolutely insane... I guess they realised that all versions of their FPS games were decreasing in size and felt like a boost was required.
2012-09-08 17:00
2012-09-08 17:00
Sweden BIRK 
I think Lurppis still wont change, i hate that this seems like a desperate try to get CS:GO popular.
2012-09-08 17:01
i was thnking didnt the same thing happen to LoL when it first released? or was it already popular before that.
2012-09-08 17:06
think it was already popular, although the advertising, tournaments and prize money has definitely upped it, atleast to more casual gamers
2012-09-08 19:38
imo he will change
2012-09-08 17:09
You must not realize he is already way too old to adapt to a new game, so he won't be able to win any of that prize money, so it would be kind of pointless now wouldn't it?
2012-09-08 18:00
Even 8th places will win a lot of money. Plus the fact that many orgs will throw a lot of $$$ into this event, paying good wages etc because they'll all want to win such a big competition.
2012-09-08 19:20
Who wants a grandpa in their team?
2012-09-08 21:41
lol@"too old." Isn't lurppis only in his early-mid 20's? He has more than enogh time to be good at anything he wants. Michael3D is 29.
2012-09-09 01:10
He's like 27, but okay.
2012-09-09 02:27
I knew it.
2012-09-08 17:02
omg that would be sick
2012-09-08 17:02
Who are the sponsors?
2012-09-08 17:03
1.6 to cs:go, hmm
2012-09-08 17:03
Great news! :)
2012-09-08 17:04
Great !
2012-09-08 17:05
Zeus:If they add helicopters and tanks the game will be even more interesting Starix:The game is S*** its Fk*** bs**** Edward:Its like quake 4 heeehawwww :S Lets see if they make a switch Money>all
2012-09-08 17:05
they said that?
2012-09-08 17:07
yes in some video...let me search it for u
2012-09-08 17:09
did you find it?
2012-09-08 17:14
yes i posted it in ur profile
2012-09-08 17:17
Thanks, very emotional... <3
2012-09-08 17:44
2012-09-08 17:18
ofc they'll play it if the rumor is true
2012-09-08 17:09
It was a while ago, the game changed much. And it's ok if they switch because of money, this is their 'job', they can't waste time on cs if they don't get money. It's very stupid saying that they are pussies because they switch only for money. Noone from the pro-scene wouldn't play so much if there wasn't money.
2012-09-08 17:21
sayin shit bout a game and then switching to it is like doin shit and then eating it
2012-09-08 17:24
Did you even read my comment? Just for you: The game changed. They said it a half year ago, when it was beta. Now the game is released.
2012-09-08 17:31
They shat on the game and now they are going to eat it, 3 words: whores for money.
2012-09-08 17:39
Don't you work? Whore for money.
2012-09-08 19:29
Yea, it is if you get 1.6 million for eating your shit.
2012-09-08 17:33
omg look at this kid try and run damage control so his countrymen don't look like hypocrites, lmao
2012-09-08 17:44
2012-09-08 17:49
damn good counterargument
2012-09-08 21:49
2012-09-08 21:55
lol, you definitely have a job in politics.
2012-09-09 01:14
was thinking about this tournament he he
2012-09-08 17:06
fuck yes
2012-09-08 17:06
2012-09-08 17:06
Valve that desperate?
2012-09-08 17:06
The only chance to keep this game alive...
2012-09-08 17:07
MOTHER OF GOD! Compare to this SK Gaming 1.6 divison's total prize money won (all time): $685701 (with this SK is the most successful 1.6 team so far)
2012-09-08 17:08
sk as an orga, not particular team, which is a huge difference. get a life...
2012-09-08 17:14
Which proves his point even more..
2012-09-08 17:17
all it proves is that if this tournament does happen. CSGO will be just as big as 1.6 (thus you screwed yourself)... Can't compare 1 tournament in the first year of a game to how ever many years of competitive 1.6 gaming.
2012-09-08 17:23
"all it proves is that if this tournament does happen. CSGO will be just as big as 1.6..." yeah, like the CGS did with CSS.....oh wait..
2012-09-11 13:46
2012-09-08 17:28
lolwut? read his post again dood...team and orga are two DIFFERENT things. also, it's about sponsors, stability etc...
2012-09-08 20:25
He's just trying to show how much money it actually is compared to the standard by stating SK's 1.6 team overall winnings total price money. Taking SK as the obvious team to compare to because they've won the most amount of money.
2012-09-09 02:24
orga ISN'T a team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you obviously have reading comprehension problems dude. sk orga was sending their 1.6 teams (cause they had alot of teams/lineups), basicly everywhere (lans) but as a team (their last lineup gte,forest etc for example) they didn't win much comparing to teams, TEAMS!!!! like current esc, navi or fnatic2009. once again, we are talking about TEAMS, not orgas.
2012-09-09 12:31
Yes, it is an orga, I'm well aware of that? It seems you're not aware of the point he's trying to make. The whole point of this is that SK, an orga that has been sending teams to 1.6 tournaments for over 10 years, has LESS total winnings than this one tournament will provide. I think you have reading comprehension problems if I'm honest. Or your brain is slightly twisted.
2012-09-09 14:28
how many orgas were sending their 1.6 TEAMS basicly everywhere over the last ~10years? 0? that's the reason. so how can you even complare sk's orga to others?
2012-09-09 18:16
Still missing the point, read what I wrote and actually try to understand what you're reading..
2012-09-09 18:26
Are you retarded?
2012-09-11 13:44
gtfo estonia
2012-09-11 16:56
No, that's only the winnings of the 1.6 team. sk-gaming.com/team/1-SK_Gaming
2012-09-09 00:19
only rumour so far :P
2012-09-08 17:09
Estonia bz0r 
No other way to get ppl play that shit, now they are fkn paying to play that shit .
2012-09-08 17:10
valve~cs:go~money~no more 1.6
2012-09-08 17:12
CS 1.6 is Dead understand that. If CS:GO fails you guys will not have any FPS in the eSports and the eSports world will be dominated by those LoL, Dota and SC players. If you really love fps games just support GO, give it a chance. Like cogu said, you can't play it like it's a NEW 1.6 or smth like that. Imagine you are playing CS for the first time, like when you started with 1.6 and you will see the game is really GOOD and the most important of all COMPETITIVE. The game is suffering updates every week and it's in a good way. Some users complaint about the PC Specs that are needed to PERFORM WELL CS:GO. Well of course they will do a more advanced game in terms of graphics. The KIDS nowadays want graphics too, and the brands like nVidia, Intel and so on will invest more in this game because they know that we need more powerful computers to run the game properly. Why should we continue playing 1.6? For fun with friends? Yea I still do it and I play CS:GO, what is the problem? But stop complaining about CS:GO. CS 1.6 is dead accept it, and if you want to grow and be a good player, this is your chance. When I played 1.6 for the first time I hated it and I didn't wanted to play anymore. But I insisted a bit to see if the game was really good like some people said and it WAS. Now with CS:GO happened to me the same. I didn't liked the game when I played it in the closed beta, but with the updates and so on, the game was evolving I saw some good points in it. It's not the perfect game, but it's the FUTURE and we should make the change imo. Sorry for my crappy english guys :)-
2012-09-08 17:12
Your english is fine. Be more concerned about the 80% of users who can't read it. But you make a good point which is what most of the half intelligent people have been saying all a long. They seem to think that you can't watch or play both games so they stay loyal to a game which has very little competition left in it.
2012-09-08 17:18
India Co17 
Thou i am a 1.6 player..Dota2 betta than GO any day :]
2012-09-08 17:27
2012-09-08 17:32
best post of the week -award is handed to you, sir
2012-09-08 23:52
ty :)
2012-09-08 23:59
Keep posting, too many summer kids here
2012-09-10 07:35
crazy amount of money xD
2012-09-08 17:14
Easy money for VeryGames. I cant even wait to see 1.6 faces when they will start dominate those nab 1.6 teams.
2012-09-08 17:16
Holy balls thats alot of money :O
2012-09-08 17:16
On your face cs;go haters, move on and accept wats knew and the only hope to keep fps genre alive in e-sports(with all these moba,rts,ART-RTS scene taking over). Like some1 said, You can never please the audience, so those who are willing to give a try to something new, no matter how bad it is(remember this is valve, who listens to the community; so you guys better put up all your suggestions and ideas to make this game better). As this game is on new engine you guys will never be pleased as much u were in 1.6, but nothing lives forever. On topic :- good job valve, nice to see old players returning.
2012-09-08 17:23
... You're clearly missing the point when valve said "We are not making cs:go AN ESPORT TITLE"
2012-09-08 17:31
They wont but other organizations such as dreamhack esl etc. will and thats wat made valve to think again on it and have a huge tournament wid 1.6 million prizepool( which is probably true).
2012-09-08 17:34
No, it's certainly most likely not true. There are other factors if valve decides if cs:go is a worthy esport contender game, which currently it is not. HLTV is still missing which is a big factor, they tend to fix minor issues instead of working on the bigger ones. I'm currently not seeing CS:GO as the next 'big' thing, i'd rather have my hopes up for cspromod for personal reasons. I will never accept source gameplay which is currently CS:GO, it's the feeling you get when you're playing the game.. I remember when cs beta got launched, I loved it from the first moment I played it, sure it had some major issues which was dealt with. But the feeling when you're actually having 'fun' while playing a game actually was there. Going from cs 1.5 to 1.6 wasn't hard, some maps have been altered, valve introduced steam, some minor hitbox issues etc but in the end we started to love this game and play it through the ages. Then came CZ which wasn't all that great, then came source which was a big dissapointment.. now we have cs:go which still is 'source' gameplay to me. Hell even CZ was/IS better than source & cs:go :) In the end, my hopes are still with cspromod and beyond. If cspromod fails, then most likely those whos playing cs 1.6 today will play another game or continue to play some mixes in 1.6.
2012-09-08 18:29
Is league of legends competitive? NO, its nowhere near to competitive, but still it has big prize pools, the same will be wid cs:go, if the company wants to throw money at it, They will do it! no matter hw much u hate the game or not, there will always be other people playing it.
2012-09-08 20:14
Denmark AtomAlf 
I think its very possible that valve will include CS:GO in the invitational next year. The last two years they have done the very same thing with DOTA2 - 1.6 million in prize money and paid trip/hotels for all teams. It might sounds expensive, but its a very clever way of doing PR for your new games. DOTA2 is still in the closed BETA even tho the game have had two huge tournaments like this, and last time 575.000 viewers tuned in at the same time, for the finals. not bad at all.
2012-09-08 17:19
Venezuela Riikards 
What the fucking fuck valve O.O doesn't it seems like a "little" too damn much? i mean 100 or even 150k would be more than enough.. just saying...
2012-09-08 17:20
nothing is enough for valve
2012-09-08 17:22
Venezuela Riikards 
seems like it. So much money for 1 week game even
2012-09-08 17:25
When dota2 came to the audience for the very first time in 2011 gamescom(or The international 2011), the prizepool was same(1.6 million dollah) for a stage show of the game. Spend your thoughts it bro.
2012-09-08 17:32
Venezuela Riikards 
I know they did it this year with dota2 but didn't know about the last one
2012-09-08 17:49
last one was almost the same except the game being purly new to the people
2012-09-08 17:56
If you are going to do it, do it right :D thats what ma dad always taught me!
2012-09-08 17:24
this is Valve , not greedy blizzard ...
2012-09-08 19:07
2012-09-08 17:22
2012-09-08 17:23
2012-09-08 17:25
2012-09-08 17:25
loooooooooooooooooooool GO CSGO
2012-09-08 17:26
roflcopter :$
2012-09-08 17:26
CSGO the best cs ever <3 cs is alive!
2012-09-08 17:28
let's not exagerate :D:D:D it still needs a lot of updates, but its nice to have a fps title into the competitive scene.
2012-09-08 17:38
yep true but i like the updates in the spectator mode etc. you can clearly see that csgo is a competitive version of counter strike and the only thing that needs to be reworked imo is silencers and the map design :) then its perfect
2012-09-08 17:43
i don't like some weapons like p90 or negev... just wasd and mouse1 :)
2012-09-08 17:46
but only on short range imo
2012-09-08 17:56
I don't think it's true, but it would be really awesome!
2012-09-08 17:29
thats nice
2012-09-08 17:31
Holy fuuuuuuuuck. Too much numbers for my mind. I want.
2012-09-08 17:31
Because dota 2 has 70k people and itsnot even open Beta.
2012-09-08 17:31
Na'Vi won't change their thoughts about switching to cs:go. I remember these words what zonic said about cs:s " Every noob can become a pro in cs:s so I won't never switch to play cs:s" and now it's the same about cs:go until the game won't change. As we see switched only teams who coudn't do anything in cs that's all....The best team still are in cs and playing until the end that's a big respect. Gonna be about 30k viewers no more!
2012-09-08 17:33
Are you some sort of moron?
2012-09-08 17:35
2012-09-08 17:35
Are you asking me? It's dumbass of course I would answer no I'm not .
2012-09-08 17:35
In that case they are already dumb.
2012-09-08 17:48
OK, that's actually nice!
2012-09-08 17:37
1.6 millions, I think they're trolling with that number :p
2012-09-08 17:43
2012-09-08 17:56
they made it for dota twice. this year and last year both 1,6mio dollar tournaments. so why not for cs aswell? both are valve games
2012-09-08 17:57
Well, for STARTERS, Dota is actually popular, and according to popular belief, quite good...
2012-09-08 18:08
ye probably the best game out there besides sc2 for esport
2012-09-08 18:16
league of legends aswell :P
2012-09-09 00:44
nah too easy :( its not esport for me but its fun to play with friends ^_^
2012-09-09 01:16
I honestly don't think it will happen but let's wait and see. PS: they should improve the game greatly if they want to make a tournament of that magnitude, the game feels really bad.
2012-09-08 17:51
Switzerland CHEDEL 
Why money is a reason to continue (switch to csgo) if they don't like CS:GO ?
2012-09-08 17:54
I wonder why they didn't switch over to CS:S when it came out, oh right, must be the MONEY...
2012-09-08 17:59
Try to switch from CS 1.6 to LoL :DD its pretty good right now 1 year passed
2012-09-08 17:54
Sunde | 
World sfu 
NO WAY, better add more money to dota2
2012-09-08 17:55
they are desperate ! N1 valve
2012-09-08 17:56
Holy shit..
2012-09-08 17:59
lol, this is awefull.. Compared to the 1.6 pro scene skill level, a low skilled/experienced team will walk away with at least 10 times as much money as the winner of the biggest 1.6 tournament in history..
2012-09-08 18:00
Can you tell me the lotto numbers? it must be useful having a time machine..
2012-09-08 18:02
You must've not understood what the guy you replied to wrote. I'd be amazed if you even know what I'm trying to say...
2012-09-08 18:05
a 1.6 team like ESC will most likely win so how are they low skilled/experienced?
2012-09-08 18:07
As I thought, you should maybe try to read what people write before you reply... hahahaha....
2012-09-08 18:08
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Speakeh deh engrish bic boi? No low skilled teams will win this tournament. /enddiscussion
2012-09-08 22:23
Then I'm afraid you can't understand written language. /enddiscussion
2012-09-08 23:08
I don't think a 1.6 team will win.. and if that happens, my comment actually makes more sense. CS:GO is a completely new game, especially compared to 1.6. The maps in 1.6 are as basic as they can be. Because of the basic character of the maps, the tactics have to be advanced and need adaptation every game. IMO the skill level is way higher than every other shooter. 1.6 is like a puzzlegame sometimes, that makes it interesting to spectate. CS:GO has a lot more textures/boxes/corners and other objects. This makes it a whole new game, even when the maps are allmost the same. I think its awfull that a better balanced and tuned game, will be replaced by just a random other shooter. If the scene needed this, the players would have changed in a natural way to other games like COD for example.
2012-09-09 19:28
you are wrong, with a prize purse of 1.6 million usd I can reassure you that the best teams from both the 1.6 and source scenes will practice insanely hard to get their share of the prize money. I can remember painkiller a few years ago that also had a massive prize purse and despite the game not being all that great, the matches were so awesome to spectate because the best players in the world from quake2/quake3 etc were attending. money talks..
2012-09-09 20:51
Have fun spectating CS:GO!
2012-09-10 12:41
This is an international site, please write your comment in English. Comments in another language will be deleted.pizdos
2012-09-08 18:03
lol valve can throw money around trying to buy the community, but still doesnt fix that is just more source engine garbage.
2012-09-08 18:03
but cs promod is also source engine rofl? yet everyone on here talking bout how great it is lol, hypocrits.
2012-09-08 18:36
promod just showed that a couple guys could use the source engine better than valve themselves.
2012-09-08 18:47
And what it has to do with if game will be succesfull ? CSP can feel like a best game ever but none gives a shit when it took em 6 years. They didnt even promote CSP in any way. They did absolutly nothing tu push CSP somewhere. They only visible thing what was done with CSP was that showmatch which organised CADRED, and u hltv guys ddosed it. Cryied like a little kids how bad game it is. And now everybody here saying how CSP is good how it should replace GO. ROFL
2012-09-09 09:33
I dont think they have even worked on CSP for 2 years. so no way it could replace GO. I just think its funny how people try to say GO is like 1.6 that is just bs. it feels just like source.
2012-09-10 03:42
2 years ? then u shoud remember cos it was wayyyyyyyyy longer. its over 5 years for sure. Nobody says that GO is like 1.6. It isnt suposed to be like 1.6 why it should be ? Nobody wants that except stupid 1.6 guys.
2012-09-10 05:47
now we're talking hahahah
2012-09-08 18:04
Doesnt change the FACT that the game is shitty.
2012-09-08 18:07
markeloff & co now have $1,600,000 possible more reasons to switch to CS:GO money = more players ofc
2012-09-08 18:08
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Agreed. A good move for Valve to make
2012-09-08 22:24
even 500k would be enough)
2012-09-08 18:15
how to watch this fucking game?so much rubbish on map
2012-09-08 18:17
sure they would update the game if they think to host such big tournament, probably something similar to dota2 spectate system.
2012-09-08 18:19
Competitive maps are being made by volcano right now so dont worry!
2012-09-08 18:25
now I love CS:GO
2012-09-08 18:18
Valve rules > fuck haters.
2012-09-08 18:23
2012-09-08 18:24
Hurray for cs's gay brother. It will be fun to watch. I think the game will receive few improvements and will be great.
2012-09-08 18:25
would be awesommmeeeee
2012-09-08 18:29
no surprise
2012-09-08 18:29
Not gonna happen. I guess this is just marketing move to release this rumor.
2012-09-08 18:40
too bad there never was a 1.6 tounament in TI 12 years of good moments and excitement and valve can't even make a good-bye tournament. instead, they make advertisement to a game that is already failing unfortunately, money rules the world
2012-09-08 18:44
9 Years*
2012-09-08 18:51
1.6 yes, but the competitive side of CS began in earlier versions, so we need to give them credit too i think but as in my comment i only referred to 1.6, 9 years would be the right "answer"
2012-09-08 18:55
2012-09-08 18:45
So. This is a tournament made to kill 1.6. And they make the prize money 1.6. Yeah that is some fucking irony.
2012-09-08 18:50
both previous events had $1.6 million prizepool for dota2
2012-09-08 19:01
yeah cus 1.6 is still alive and played in every tournament .... 1.6 is dead as an esport. deal with it.
2012-09-08 19:08
Well, thats alot more than we are used too see in terms of prize money :P
2012-09-08 18:53
2012-09-08 19:03
2014-04-24 02:31
nice for CS :D
2012-09-08 19:05
1.6 mil...NIP must be jumping crazy...just thinking about it...
2012-09-08 19:07
NiP have a full year to practice , BUT so do teams like ESC, Navi, fnatic, and the source teams god, imagine the SHAME if a full ex-source team wins it :(
2012-09-08 19:15
Lurppis = markeloff fan
2012-09-08 19:13
Has been for a long time.
2012-09-08 19:46
SO THIS MEANS? i.qkme.me/35ze3t.jpg
2012-09-08 19:14
1.6 million, what a slap in the face!
2012-09-08 19:20
omg its will be nice but beeter if will tourney with 1 million for 1-6 xD
2012-09-08 19:44
CS:GO should not have been released this early. They should have added the spectator system and match making beforehand. Great news though Valve is awesome. If this happens at the same time as TI3 for dota2 next year that will be sick as fuck.
2012-09-08 20:13
Valve desperate move
2012-09-08 21:01
CS is one big nothing for valve, cause dota 2
2012-09-09 12:44
if the cs 1.6 was nothing to valve... we still playing cs 1.6
2012-09-10 01:17
wow.. gl
2012-09-08 21:07
i doubt that it is true, because how would Valve get their money back? there is no in-game shop like in DotA 2 where you can buy models etc. for real money ... and btw for everybody who is saying "the game isnt ready" "it is alpha version" you need to realise that next The International will be in twelve months, that is a lot of time ...
2012-09-08 21:31
That's a nice rumour to spread to hopefully keep people interested till next year. 1.6 million for a CS tournament is just not happening. Though I very much hope that I am wrong. A prize money like that can bring FPS back into contention. Games like LoL, DoTA etc have been becoming too dominant.
2012-09-08 21:31
They did it with Dota2, it was just business, they do it with CS:GO, they're desperate. Fuck logic.
2012-09-08 21:35
wow you guys are such suckers haha you really think they are going to do this? this is specifically meant to bring more pro's into the scene you notice they say a rumor for NEXT year... its a fkn joke what these guys are doing to promote this game but it will inevitably fail, they just haven't put any effort to make the game more 1.6 friendly and thats where the real players/fanbase is.
2012-09-08 22:09
How about cs 1.6 with 1,6 million and everybody would be happy. Cs:go is unplayable shit and the only reason some pros are switching is money. There is no way any cs 1.6 pro could enjoy playing cs:go.
2012-09-08 22:10
this would be incredible for csgo and competitive FPS in general. fuck i wish this would happen. would just make the game bigger. or least something close to the prize pot. like 1mill in total or something :D
2012-09-08 22:30
wow so i see it's time to buy new computer and cs:go
2012-09-08 22:36
Lol. What a fucking joke, Valve is making this because they know cs:go is already dying. i50.tinypic.com/2uhnxpk.jpg The enough was said. CS:GO = trash
2012-09-08 22:42
2012-09-08 22:50
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-09-09 12:01
2012-09-10 02:35
Korea dyg 
they're desperate if this is true. dota2 needed them to compete with LoL. csgo has pretty much no competition left in fps gaming and it still needs these million dollar events to get people to switch over.
2012-09-08 22:47
I don't know what you mean by desperate. Riot was also desperate because the only way to get people to play competitive LoL is for the money. Take it away and its nothing so I don't see how it is any different from valve pumping money in to spread the word about cs:go.
2012-09-09 01:49
Sweden PPH 
2012-09-08 23:23
2012-09-08 23:29
Steam stats has been broken for last couple of days. CS:GO normally peaks around 29.000, CS:S around 38.000 and 1.6 around 52.000 Imagine all of them on the same place. :) steamgraph.net/index.php?action=graph&ap..
2012-09-08 23:47
I don't know about this. I thought The International was conceived specifically for the development of Dota 2's competitive scene. Having this for CS:GO seems a little forced.
2012-09-09 00:21
I think because it worked so well for dota2, they see the potential to market all their competitive games in the same fashion... I just hope more people are backing the game by the time it comes around, and valve have fixed some of the larger obvious bugs in the game. I've seen quite a few people posting obvious things like money system, spectator modes (TV etc.), another good point is the match making system and rankings. They seriously need to implement it to make the game more competitive without needing a team. It will bring in SO many people and might introduce lot of new people to the competitive side of FPS gaming.
2012-09-09 10:34
OMG, awesome news for counter-strike =D
2012-09-09 00:32
I remember when I first heard about CS:GO and saw it played, back in October when they had that USA vs. Europe showmatch at IEM GC New York. I had always thought, "Oh, it'll just be another FPS game thrown into the e-sports mix. It'll be played side-by-side with CS 1.6 and CS:S." Never would I have foreseen the events to come: major leagues and tournaments dropping 1.6 in favor of GO; top teams disbanding and/or switching to GO; the 1.6 competitive scene dying in general. If I had foreseen all of that, I likely wouldn't have been as interested in GO as I was when I first heard about it. It is my sincere hope that eventually, once some of the hype surrounding CS:GO dies down, CS 1.6 makes a triumphant return. Judging from some of these comments, it seems that I may be in the minority, but that's okay. I've always loved 1.6 and I always will.
2012-09-09 01:41
Romania mL7 
amazing news !
2012-09-09 01:45
such a desesperate move ...
2012-09-09 02:49
News of hltv.org Niko: CS:GO > All Karrigan: Im a big fan !! hahaha lol n1 VALVE finaly finaly !
2012-09-09 03:33
we play 1.6 just because we love it, now with VALVe we just play GO for money, it's all about the money. no passion, no love anymore F***
2012-09-09 04:14
2012-09-09 11:29
1.6 MILLION ?!? wattttttttttttttttttt - News : USA switches to CS GO , Denmark Switches to CS : GO , Russia Switches to CS : GO , China Switches to CS GO , ,Korea Switches to CS : GO LOL
2012-09-09 04:16
2012-09-09 09:40
YES!!!!! Also loved the comment under the photo of markeloff!
2012-09-09 10:10
~$3 000 000 for Dota II & CS GO ?! VALVE CRAZY!
2012-09-09 12:27
This would be awesome for the CS scene! I guess Heaton was right all along.
2012-09-09 15:51
Oh Valve, you so desperate
2012-09-09 16:37
vary n1 tournments .
2012-09-09 18:28
I think this is great but even tho the game needs alot of changes. But dont we want a CS game to be the best. Than a fucking cod or BF. Cs 1.6 is oooooolllld but gold the series needed a boost. This is mby gonna be it IF VALVE AND HIDDEN PATCH ENTERTAINMENT is gonna listen to us...
2012-09-10 09:36
Valve is a company which has $$ over 5kkk $ lol, it's not a problem at all. Ok, now keep on crying guise.
2012-09-10 11:16
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