AMD Heaven GamExperience in Paris

September 12th, 2012 19:00

AMD Heaven GamExperience will take place in Paris on September 23, so if you find yourself in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by as 50,000€ in prizes will be given away to visitors!

After successful events in London and Cologne, AMD Heaven GamExperience will visit Paris next and will take place at Espace Charenton on September 23. The address of the venue is Rue de Charenton 327 and the door will be open from 12:00 to 18:00.

AMD Heaven GamExperience events showcase some of the most exciting products from the company as well as from some special partners, but in addition to that the visitors get to try out gaming activities and witness some cool demonstrations, such as the one in the Overclocking Area.

On top of that, the entrance is free for everyone and you get your first drink at the bar free as well. If you are one of the lucky 600 to come in through the door first, you will also get a copy of the game Sleeping Dogs. And on your way out you are almost guaranteed to have some prizes in your hands as 50,000€ worth of hardware, games and other stuff will be given away.

Here is what the event that took place in London earlier this year looked like:

Some of the activities planned for the event include Shoot-the-PRO Challenge, DIRT3 Racing Challenge, as well as free play areas where you will, among other games, be able to try out Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

If you wish to attend the event you can sign up for free at AMD Remember to only sign up if you plan to attend the event in person. There is no age limit, but if you are under the age of 16 you will have to be accompanied by an adult.

again, last year was almost great event!
2012-09-12 19:03
Kazakhstan Juandro 
good job !
2012-09-12 19:09
2012-09-12 19:10
Spain Jon10 
2012-09-12 19:12
great !! :D
2012-09-12 19:17
Hmm, for some reason this reminded me of something. Who won?
2012-09-12 19:23
it's aproximately half an hour from my home
2012-09-12 19:30
by plane ? by train ? by car ? by motorbike ? by bicycle ? by tricycle ? on foot ?
2012-09-12 19:33
no its by boat
2012-09-12 19:39
2012-09-12 19:41
i thought about that too , but since it's in Paris he can't reach there by boat since there isn't any sea in the middle of france... ... ...but wait... ... only if...HE GET'S AN ITALIAN GONDOLA AND USES THE SEINE TO REACH PARIS!
2012-09-12 21:17
walking upside down. with hands on the ground
2012-09-12 21:12
nice joke :BITCHPLEASE:
2012-09-12 21:14
why damn it why do i have to live in a shitty country like mine :-(
2012-09-12 22:51
See you the 23 ! =)
2012-09-12 23:42
September 23, my birthday! Give me something
2012-09-13 00:45
counter strike 1.6?
2012-09-13 12:25
It's funny you didn't read.
2012-09-13 12:29
1.6? huh
2012-09-13 13:10
nice guys
2012-09-13 16:19
2012-09-13 16:25
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