DH Valencia switches to CS:GO

DreamHack has announced that the Valencia stop will feature Counter-Strike: Global Offensive instead of the planned CS 1.6 tournament.

Taking place next week at Feria Valencia, DreamHack Valencia was supposed to feature a 1.6 tournament with a €5,000 prize purse.

The organizers today announced that they have made the decision to switch to CS:GO, stating it is based on the low amount of signups. The tournament will still feature €5,000 in prizes, with the winning team taking home €2,500.

So far only three teams have signed up for the tournament. Spanish teams x6tence, DAMNATORUM and k1ck from Portugal, but all three will have to confirm themselves for the CS:GO tournament. The tournament is open to a total of eight teams.

In order to sign up for the tournament, every player must have purchased a BYOC pass. You must then send an email to esport@dreamhack.es with the following info:

Name of the captain
Email of the captain
Email confirming the purchase of the BYOC passes
Name of the team
Nicks of the players

The tournament will be starting with a group stage, two groups of four teams playing best-of-one map, before moving on to the playoffs played best-of-three maps in a single elimination bracket.

2012-09-12 20:03
2012-09-12 20:03
France jaimez
2012-09-12 20:04
2012-09-12 22:17
What the fucking fuck?
2012-09-13 01:02
2012-09-12 20:04
Niceeeee Anyone got a list of the GO teams invited~?
2012-09-12 20:04
Looks like they made a great move , apparently the csgo tournament alredy filled up lol, after like half a day.
2012-09-13 05:15
2012-09-12 20:04
2012-09-12 20:07
like u if u attend to a big lan
2012-09-12 20:39
dafuq? cant they do a last tournament for cs 1.6
2012-09-12 20:06
2012-09-12 20:18
They will change it too xD
2012-09-12 21:03
i dont think so :)
2012-09-13 00:31
Yeah i know , i was just joking hehe
2012-09-13 02:02
2012-09-12 20:06
2012-09-12 20:06
FUCK YEAH! GREAT NEWS! seriously there has been like thousands of 1.6 tournaments, who cares anymore. been dieing to see something fresh at a dreamhack as far as cs is concerned.
2012-09-12 20:07
Let's see who bites the trollbait
2012-09-12 20:22
ahahahahahah nice
2012-09-12 20:25
This is not trolling. Trolling is a use of logical fallacies to piss people off and make them go into an idiot mode. This is just his statement, not an attempt to troll.
2012-09-12 21:31
ty mr attorney!
2012-09-12 22:16
Do you expect a spanish guy to know what the fuck trolling is?
2012-09-13 04:55
without GOTV, its not even fun 2 watch!
2012-09-12 22:18
dieing? Is that really how they write it in America?
2012-09-13 00:21
don't know if trolling or just stupid...
2012-09-13 07:18
+1 Something new to watch
2012-09-13 11:50
Awesome news. ^^
2012-09-12 20:08
:) gL
2012-09-12 20:09
2012-09-12 20:09
Go ProGaming.TD
2012-09-12 20:10
It's the only lie they could come up with. 3 teams only, yeah right
2012-09-12 20:10
2012-09-12 20:10
DH Bucharest ftw! :|
2012-09-12 20:11
2012-09-12 20:11
goodbye 1.6
2012-09-12 20:12
lol 1.6: 12 years as the main FPS eSport CS:GO: can't have more than 30k playing at the same time. now cry.
2012-09-12 20:14
ok cool goodbye 1.6 still
2012-09-12 20:15
u mad
2012-09-12 20:15
12years? sorry dude, cs didnt even take off as an esport until like 2001 and hasnt even been a 'global' esport for like 5 years now.
2012-09-12 20:17
India h8or
Still better than Source though.
2012-09-12 20:19
LMAO, you don't know what you're talking about.
2012-09-12 20:19
United States lurppis
a brazilian and a chinese team attended a tourney in germany this march. a brazilian team attended a tourney in sweden in june. american and canadian teams attended a tourney in chile last month. europeans have been everywhere. anything else to add? so we only had 11 years?
2012-09-12 20:59
he is trolling, or just a retard
2012-09-12 21:23
cant tell if serious.....but uh, you managed to rattle off like 4 teams outside europe that attended a tourny in 2012, and you didnt even mention the team names OR players....so global
2012-09-12 21:42
i think u can search for the team names and tournaments in hltv.org archives. its not that hard u knw!
2012-09-12 22:20
Nothing like it used to be.
2012-09-12 21:52
United States lurppis
i never implied it was, but foreign teams still attended events on different continents
2012-09-12 23:00
Why do you still live? You're the most annoying person i ever seen expressing his opinion on the internet.
2012-09-13 04:57
United States lurppis
sad life when you get annoyed over other people's opinions over the internet. what i said was a fact btw, not an opinion, as so often is the case.
2012-09-13 07:06
i think ur the one crying... but whatever..
2012-09-12 22:03
Haha, nice :)
2012-09-12 20:13
2012-09-12 20:15
thanks for this, a nice slap in the face.
2012-09-12 20:17
omg no please
2012-09-12 20:17
2012-09-12 20:18
come on NiP :)
2012-09-12 20:19
Brazil hugoooo
Dreamhack did a great job with 1.6 over the past years, and they tried to keep it, but the european teams failed to signup. Anyway, now I just hope their GO touraments fail miserably. Counter-Strike has such a strong history and name to be represented by this new weak and terrible game.
2012-09-12 20:20
2012-09-12 20:20
2012-09-12 20:20
"based on the low amount of signups" b-b-but 1.6 will never die
2012-09-12 20:21
2x the amount of players playing CS:GO at any time, I bet no one will watch CS:GO matches, at best the 2k used to watch Sauce tournaments and some 1.6 players curious about the game.
2012-09-12 20:29
1.6 doesn't get very many spectators either, compare any cs viewers to LoL, Dota 2 or SC2 and CS gets blown out of the water.
2012-09-12 21:47
IEM 6 WC: 1.6 70k SC2 100K LoL 200K CS 1.6 CPH games final: 35K CS:Source CPH games final: 1.8K
2012-09-12 21:49
lol iem 1.6 had that many viewers because starcraft 2 people were tuning in for the finals and being like "wtf?" but they stuck around because it was a good match.
2012-09-12 22:06
blahblahblah, 70K is three times the amount of people playing csgo right now and is probably more than the specs of CS:Source in its entire life (2 years).
2012-09-12 22:08
are you seriously gonna cling to steam stats for the rest of your life? 1.6 is so far passed its prime, but it was a great game, so of course tons will play it. when csgo is out for 12 years you can make a comparison.
2012-09-12 22:11
csgo won't be around for 12 years, lol.
2012-09-12 22:12
1.6 was technically only around 9 if you wanna be a smartass. probably less than 5 of which you actually even knew about it.
2012-09-12 22:18
no son, technically it was 1 year \facepalm
2012-09-13 01:17
Switching to GO will bring in more teams? What logic is this?
2012-09-12 20:24
Pretty good logic, teams have moved on from 1.6, as confirmed by the low amount of signups.
2012-09-12 20:26
2012-09-12 20:42
What about it? A random team wanted to play, and they said no? Not surprising at the lack of quality of th teams, they probably decided ages ago.
2012-09-12 21:50
random team? sure clearly new comer/saucer. don't post bullshit if you don't know the players.
2012-09-12 22:14
If it has chrisJ, presume it's the Dutch guy, then yeah they are a random team. Hardly the pinnacle of 1.6 talent. As I told you before I've been playing CS since 1999. How old were you then? I know way more about the CS scene than you will ever hope to, next time please try and make some sense or at least have some substance to your post.
2012-09-12 22:18
argument invalid , chris's team was a valuable competitor to partecipate in the event then they ditch them and say they don't have enough teams , GG had retards playing with mp5s , thats random teams. stop saying bullshit.
2012-09-12 22:30
Keep talking, it entertains me.
2012-09-12 22:32
2012-09-12 22:38
NiP are prob going based on Heatons twitter)
2012-09-12 20:25
And this is how Counter-Strike returned to amateurism, so random that you can almost feel the Saucer influence in it. At best a couple of decent mixes will attend this mess but hey, its still a bad game even if all pros are playing it for the money.
2012-09-12 20:27
haha mad
2012-09-12 20:59
2012-09-12 21:58
2012-09-12 22:16
2012-09-13 00:52
You are such an fucking idiot dude - you are crying all over CS:GO threads. Please get yourself a life mate and stop thinking that you are better than other ppl because you play another version of the game. You should really move on in ur life instead of starting arguments about that 1.6 had 70k viewers at IEM. YOU are turning counter-strike to amateurist, because you are representing the community and you must be one of the most MAD persons on HLTV.org.
2012-09-13 07:42
2012-09-13 11:57
So wazzap. 50k on stat but not even 8 team to a big event. fail
2012-09-12 20:27
50k playing pub rofl
2012-09-12 20:31
lol iceworld and kz_(the art of the bhop) roflroflrfol
2012-09-12 20:59
Aren´t you a sourcefag? I remember like 50% of all CSS players only playing Zombie Mod.
2012-09-13 01:32
1: nope, never played source beyond the first day hl2 was released. 2: calling people 'sourcefag' makes you look like a compelte fucking moron. disable your internet until you learn to act your age.
2012-09-13 17:15
I bet you´re a sourcefag. I can smell it.
2012-09-13 17:18
30 k players. What a big community. Im curius how much vievers CS GO will get.
2012-09-12 20:33
< 10k :):):)
2012-09-12 20:37
the sauce community couldn't get more than 2K watching their tournaments finals, so...
2012-09-12 21:33
Wait a minute there's 300k playing 1.6 and they can't get more than 3 teams to one of the final tournaments of the game? This is disappointing!
2012-09-12 20:41
bro what u talking about there is at least 2 million non steam players...
2012-09-12 20:48
2012-09-12 21:00
United States lurppis
there's not many events left so people aren't putting in much effort anymore and sponsors aren't investing much money to send them abroad. it is still the most popular cs though.
2012-09-12 21:02
I would usually try and troll that but I am guessing you didn't realise I was being sarcastic, it's still disappointing to only see 3 teams sign up for one of the final events considering the final source tournament mustered 44 teams.
2012-09-12 21:08
United States lurppis
yea but you're comparing a good event for source versus a completely random event that in the best years of cs would have had MAYBE one team attending that's not from the next country over... this is a miniscule event, what did they expect?
2012-09-12 22:57
Fail indeed.
2012-09-12 20:53
awesome news !!!
2012-09-12 20:28
n1 :)
2012-09-12 20:32
The comments on this haven't failed me.
2012-09-12 20:32
+1 bro
2012-09-13 08:59
thats just stupid, fucking organizers, just let professional 1.6 die in peace..
2012-09-12 20:39
They are...by helping it rest. :))))
2012-09-12 20:41
nah man, could of let this one pass :) there will be many more GO tournaments, but only how many ? 2 or 3 1.6 tournaments, so.. :D
2012-09-12 20:43
nice one admins , deleting chrisJ's comment. his team wanted to partecipate to the event , and could have done it , and DH organizers said they don't accept his team , and then they give news that they have "low amount of teams" as a reason of their switch. kk dh/hltv kk
2012-09-12 20:40
2012-09-12 22:41
2012-09-12 22:44
2012-09-13 07:23
Finland sonicz
WinFakt participating?
2012-09-12 20:42
2012-09-12 20:48
2012-09-12 20:54
2012-09-12 21:06
2012-09-12 21:26
E-Sports is a business and pro's that can make some money will play the games that can give them the best ROI (return on investment) hopefully enjoying the game stays in there
2012-09-12 21:27
2012-09-12 21:31
2012-09-12 21:44
2012-09-12 21:46
I kinda support GO, but this was terrible for the whole community.
2012-09-12 21:49
yeah, let's see how many viewers will this shitty game attract.
2012-09-12 21:54
great news . cs go is the future !
2012-09-12 22:00
2012-09-12 22:00
1 word : Traitor
2012-09-12 22:12
I don't know about the low number of sign-ups but it would have been more coherent to state that if the main event features CS:GO the teams should qualify/get a spot in the same game too. A sad end to a story that DH organizers should have foreseen as they weren't apparently telling their stops what type of event they would organize.
2012-09-12 22:33
This is such bullshit... How those retards can really think that GO is a better alternative.. The fact that some pro's are switching on GO doesn't mean that nobody cares about 1.6 anymore.. Now all they're gonna get is a failure considering that the teams who signed up for the 1.6 won't even consider GO as alternative for this event considering the way the organizers have planned their event.
2012-09-12 23:12
That's a shame =/. Wouldve been one of the last good 1.6 tournaments. Why can't they have both? :{
2012-09-12 23:25
Are you going to pay the prize money?also wat kinda of 1.6 tournament would there have been with likek 4 teams lol
2012-09-12 23:26
1 week before the event? some teams (who focussed pracc on 1.6) will be furious, and rightfully so. they really could not anticipate earlier? this is a big shaft up the #rse of quite a few teams.
2012-09-12 23:27
No comments..
2012-09-12 23:27
guyz why are u crying? if u like as much 1.6, why dont u go there? if everybody does as you are doing that's what the event switched to csgo good for csgo, hope some teams will go there
2012-09-12 23:30
nice ! Go ProGaming.TD :)
2012-09-12 23:48
2012-09-13 00:00
This is really unprofessional imo...changing the game and announcing that just a week before the tournament is bullshit!
2012-09-13 00:13
they are coercing fnatic and navi to play GO, by hook or by crook.
2012-09-13 00:19
it wont take long since the organizers realize that cs:go wont interest spectators and fans. cs:go playercounts have been already declining huge amounts.
2012-09-13 00:26
nobody will sign up for GO either shitty tournament..
2012-09-13 01:25
waiting4 techlabs, pgs and dh bucareste
2012-09-13 01:35
That means more time to do something different than watching streams.
2012-09-13 01:40
very dissapointing.....
2012-09-13 02:36
2012-09-13 05:15
2012-09-13 05:13
India Ad1_KaM
There is nothing left of 1.6 if even the pro players who haven't switched to GO aren't playing. I guess for the people who still want to watch 1.6, Areena is the only thing left to watch (if it continues further) after all the tournaments in 1.6 will be over.
2012-09-13 08:26
and officially the cs is dead... cs go is a joke as game
2012-09-13 08:54
So much rageee :D great move to support csgo
2012-09-13 09:01
CS:GO never goes back to cs 1.6, It's just another game on the existing platform and serves to collect money for the valve !!! CS:GO Suck !
2012-09-13 09:17
Sad,but nice that cs "end" in Bucharest! Cs dead only for pro who switch to cs:go,i preffer to play cs 1.6 gathers instead a professional career on cs:go.
2012-09-13 10:52
2012-09-13 12:06
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was going to play on the cs1.6 tournament.... now after the switch to CS:GO i won't even put my feet on dreamhack.
2012-09-13 12:24
one could easily predict this but to announce it 10 days before the event is just plain unprofessional. look at k1ck's example, I've no idea if they've touched go or not but they already have their tickets and everything arranged in spain so they are somewhat 'forced' to take part. if teams weren't told that this might happen it might give them some legal advantage over dreamhack's organisation
2012-09-13 14:16
haha this is what happens to areena2 also
2012-09-13 14:47
2012-09-13 15:04
I dont get it it still says 1.6? has it been changed or wat?
2012-09-13 17:20
Ukraine generalUA
stupid valve...
2012-09-13 16:32
can't wait for all these 1.6 kids to move on
2012-09-13 17:24
Same lol , hope they leave the site , so anoying trying to fin a good post anymore without seing the same 30 people flaming anything that isnt 1.6
2012-09-13 17:52
wow...what a fucking joke. csgo is so fucking bad. def not watching this anymore...any other 1.6 players pls do the same. boycott go
2012-09-13 17:41
2012-09-13 19:27
lmao to these 1.6 die hard kiddies whining on all threads regarding cs:go
2012-09-13 22:19
big bullshit -.-
2012-09-14 15:30
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