Valve dismiss $1,6M tourney report

September 14th, 2012 01:27

In an e-mail to, Valve has dismissed the report about a $1,6 million CS: Global Offensive tournament.

Last week, reported that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be included in next year's The International 3 with a possible prize purse of $1,600,000.

Valve has previously held two successful The International tournaments for their upcoming game title DotA 2, both events having featured a staggering prize purse of $1,6 million dollars.

The report about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being included into next year's The International 3 sparked a lot of excitement and immediately made the headlines.

Contacted by, Valve has now brushed off the report about a grand tournament for their newly released sequel, saying, "We haven't thought that far ahead."

The dismissal correlates with earlier statements by Valve. In May, Chet Faliszek said promoting the game within already existing leagues is the most important thing they can do for the community.

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2012-09-14 01:28
they haven't thought that far ahead. Doesn't mean the possibility isn't there. replied to #1 so people would see.
2012-09-14 02:32
Agreed. A statement to the tune of "We haven't thought that far ahead" by Valve themselves should not be inferred as an absolute denial of this rumor that sparked whether or not CS: GO will be included at The International 3, the "$1,6M tourney" as referenced in the headline. The statement merely is what it is.
2012-09-14 02:48
i think it depends on how you interpret the title. Our title is valve has slammed our previous article which was called "1.6 million tourny report". So while valve could still possibly run an event, we are just clearing up the fact that the chinese were wrong and just guessed/speculated. Which i guess could turn out to be correct. But in saying that, if the title is subject to interpretation it probably isnt a good title. I personally didnt think it would be included. Since i always thought the revenue from the micro-transactions was what paid for the comp. And since CS has none of these, i didnt think it would happen.
2012-09-14 03:18
Some guy from Valve, a couple of months ago has already said that they will not planning to launching big CSGO tournaments like TI.
2012-09-14 14:02
haters gonna love
2012-09-14 01:29
yep, beware, the're coming!
2012-09-14 01:30
Portugal mintt 
2012-09-14 01:36
hi, i'm an hater!
2012-09-14 01:42
hahaha and NiP gonna cry
2012-09-14 01:44
get_right especially :D
2012-09-14 02:04
World fns1 
2012-09-14 02:44
hahahahahahahhaha so true. Get right is a mommas boy :P
2012-09-14 07:46
2012-09-14 10:18
2012-09-14 02:13
2012-09-14 03:26
dsn | 
India sRik 
and lovers gonna hate :D
2012-09-14 04:09
2012-09-14 22:05
2012-09-14 01:36
2012-09-14 17:04
we'll see
2012-09-14 01:40
no surprise here, there is no way Valve could get their 1.6 million back in reasonable time ...
2012-09-14 01:38
Why not, that would mean they need to sell around 100,000 copies of the game because of that tournament, and considering they sold probably around 200-300k so far, maybe it's feasible? Lots of people would surely start playing CS:GO for that tournament. Just speculating though. There are other expenses involved as well ofc.
2012-09-14 01:44
Dont they have to pay wages to developers and marketing people? Dont they have to pay rent?
2012-09-14 07:11
Don't you think they were able to pay the wages from the already sold copies? And paying rent is certainly not dependent on just one of their games. Valve is a multi-billion dollar company, so 1.6mil isn't that much for them, but it is a business so of course they must look at it from the side of profitability. All I'm saying is it COULD pay off in the long run, but it's not guaranteed.
2012-09-14 13:13
I don't think 100k ppl will start playing only because of this tournament, as they would not be able to participate in it...
2012-09-14 08:23
Not directly, but having one such tournament in the horizon would give motivation to many people and would give the game the needed spark. Other tournaments would then join the party, whether international or local, and those 100k would have somewhere to play in the end.
2012-09-14 13:17
By saying that it'd give the game "the needed spark I think you're only saying that people should only play the game cause it only has good cash prizes but the game is still shit.
2012-09-14 13:37
That is referring to the fact that the game is stagnating lately. So it needs something to get it moving, preferably ingame improvements, but hey, announcing The International would also help. Anyway, I was talking from Valve's perspective, and I doubt that they think the game is shit.
2012-09-14 13:53
Actually Valve knows the game is shit but they are trying to improve it with each update
2012-09-14 14:14
It doesn't marrow if they would or would not get that money from sold copies. Dota2 will be free f2p and still there's tournament.
2012-09-14 12:41
That's not how Valve Works. Their finances aren't public but recent articles (by Forbes for example) estimate that they are probably more valuable than Apple or Google (it's estimated to be worth around 4billion but it only has around 250 employees). Don't forget that Valve has several successful titles (Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, Left4Dead, Counter-Strike, etc) and they publish all the games themselves so no money for 3rd party, all the income goes straight to Valve. Also they sell other publishers games on Steam which generates lots of income. That means that they have much more than 1.6million to spend on a tournament, they don't need to sell 160000 copies of CS:GO to pay for it. Also, like as been said on several interviews before, Valve doesn't work for profit. their mission is to make good quality games, profit is secondary. So if they want to make another 1.6million dollar tournament they will.
2012-09-14 13:52
If that is their mission then why the fuck did they bring in HPE..
2012-09-14 17:47
What's HPE?
2012-09-14 18:59
Ho, right Hidden Path. Still I don't understand what's the problem with that? Valve always worked like that, if they see potential in a game studio they hire them, they want to have the more talented and creative people working with them. For example the original two developers of CS where all hired by Valve, Gooseman eventually left Valve but Cliffe is still there. Same thing with Portal, It was based on Narbacular Drop a game developed by senior students at Digipen Institute which where all hired by Valve to create Portal. From that team we got the very talented Kim Swift which worked on all major Valve Games and now has her own studio which developed Quantum Conundrum (great game). And also the same thing happened with L4D, it as developed initially by Turtle Rock (which made CS:CZ and helped with CS:S) who where later hired by Valve to continue work on L4D 1 and 2. HDE fits the same formula, they created Defense Grid, a great tower defense game, and since their offices are near Valves offices they all know each other and Valve used their help on several projects. For what I know HPE started working voluntarily on CS:GO and once the project starting getting some attention Valve came in and added what we call some "Valve Love" which they also added to L4D, Portal and CS.
2012-09-14 20:35
HPE royally fucked up CS:S and now managed to screw up CS:GO aswell. Nice they have a history in towerdefense, but they got no clue about CS and it shows :) It's like they are reinventing the fucking wheel. They get no love from me, Bring back Gooseman ;)
2012-09-14 20:40
Gooseman? He had no idea what he was doing when he created CS, much of what you've on CS1.6 now, in fact all key elements that made it a competitive game like the DE game mode for example where added after Valve got into action (around BETA 4). Do you know what Gooseman did after he left Valve? A game called Tactical Intervention, look it up on Google to see how bad it is. And I don't know how HPE managed to screw CS:GO since the game is getting better with every update.
2012-09-14 21:02
I know about tactical intervention. I was just joking, hence the ";)". You think DE game mode made this game? You are crazy :) Its movement, individualskill and teamplay that has made CS. Anyway HPE released a game that is still BETA. I mean even CS:Source was released WITH a HLTV/SourceTV option, cause Turtle Rock was retarded, but not very retarded. When Turtle Rock eventually quit working on Source it was actually pretty good, but then HPE came in and made the game a lot worse. Now they are just starting from scratch again, not looking at pasts mistakes from 1.6 or CSS. SO yes, I do have hope the game will improve, I just think it will go way too slow.
2012-09-14 21:16
Do you expect old Sierra team to come to make it playable?
2012-09-14 21:18
*UFC VOICE* IT IS ALLLL OVERR!!! but on a serious note whoever believed this crap musta had some kind of downsyndrome. this game is 2 crap 2 be a million dollar game
2012-09-14 01:39
Mike Goldberg
2012-09-14 04:12
"We haven't thought that far ahead." That does not mean anything lol,everybody knows its comming.
2012-09-14 01:40
there is a possibility but that's not 100% sure
2012-09-14 01:40
2012-09-14 02:11
Don't hold your breath.
2012-09-14 04:36
Might happen, might not, but whoever plays the game in this state, good luck to you :D!!!
2012-09-14 01:45
Well, the way i look at this is; if they cared enough to reply to denying that they have not thought of it far ahead means its probably a strong hint that its NOT happening.
2012-09-14 07:43
Or that they want to announce it themselves if it is.. I think it is exactly what it is, Valve have not decided yet, and thus the rumour was untrue. We can all wish it was true, but I think players and fans alike deserve to know the truth here, and that is that Valve has not made any concrete plans, else they'd most likely simply refuse to comment on it..
2012-09-14 07:47
:D Na'Vi will stick to 1.6 then :D ... or Dota2 :/
2012-09-14 01:45
sad, navi = titans of cs 1.6, ill miss to see they playing =\=\=\=\
2012-09-14 01:54
we will have the chance to see them in action in some LANs for the rest of 2012 :D i dont think it will be the same next year :/
2012-09-14 02:58
but i want to see navi playing like 2010, when they have trained a lot and destroyed everyone !
2012-09-14 04:19
ahahaha I KNEW IT People called me hater but cmon: They are even struggling to make 1.6 millions by selling CS:GO (minus the money invested in the development ofc) and the profit wouldnt increase that much by holding such a tournament (I mean they would have to generate more than 1.6 millions...people overrate the economic importance of esports). + the rumor came from a chinese website...
2012-09-14 01:57
I think Valve don't give a shit (or maybe just a little) how much they will earn by selling CSGO. CSGO (same as Dota2) was made for promoting Steam. This game is marketing thing. You are not well-known, you made a game and you want sell it. Valve can sell it on Steam, but they will take 40%, 50% or maybe 60%. PROFIT! TI3 for CSGO could bring a lot of new Steam users ,potential customers of others games on which they will make even bigger profit.
2012-09-14 02:18
Steam is already the biggest gaming platform on PC by far. Every developer and gamer knows about Steam.... I don`t see how a CS tournament would increase the Steam user number that much.
2012-09-14 02:22
Yes, Steam is very big but they what to make it much more bigger for sure.
2012-09-14 02:26
Very true. They could have released CSGO for free.
2012-09-14 02:37
I was thinking about that today. Imo it would be way better for Valve. Look and TF2, 60-80k every day.
2012-09-14 02:40
They don't want poor people flooding their service which don't buy games.
2012-09-14 02:43
Nah, they want more users. Some could just play free games (u can find a lot free stuff on Steam) some could buy new games. I won't be surprise if in future CSGO will be f2p.
2012-09-14 02:47
Nah f2p wouldn't work on CS, that's why it was cheap at release.
2012-09-14 02:51
Like i said before. Imo CSGO was made just for marketing, promoting Steam so it could be free to play. Ehh, we will see what the future brings :)
2012-09-14 03:00
Yup, imo it will go often on sale for $2.5
2012-09-14 03:03
Steam has more and more free games.
2012-09-14 04:37
Aren't they all F2P model with microtransaction? There are probably some exceptions
2012-09-14 05:13
Yes, and they make Valve a lot of money.
2012-09-14 08:41
More users means more money because some people are willing to spend.
2012-09-14 08:42
I'm really sad guys.. this is bad news :(
2012-09-14 01:53
its depending of people... im very happy =DDD cs:go will never replace 1.6 !
2012-09-14 02:02
seriously, u guys couldnt be more imature!
2012-09-14 02:16
and "fashion" players of today cant be worst and choose worst games to play ! as i said : play the game by the graphics is like watch porn for the story !"
2012-09-14 02:18
whatever, the millions wouldnt made the game any better anyway. but sad for the obssesed csgo fans out there.
2012-09-14 01:53
CS:GO dead!
2012-09-14 01:55
believers gonna hate
2012-09-14 01:56
I don't get it, the article is kind of biased. As you said Faliszek said "no" everytime he was asked about that before. Now Valve said "We haven't thought that far ahead" and they said the same to Slasher. Isn't it better ? i mean do you really think they were going to say "oh lol wp random chinese website, yes we are going to do that awesome tournament next year". Isn't possible for you to stand back ?
2012-09-14 01:59
Exactly lol , they obviosly would want to announce things like this themselfs.
2012-09-14 02:13
Seriously is full of bs articles lately.
2012-09-14 02:12
There`s nothing wrong with this article. The autor never claimed to know the future. He simply wrote what Falizek said. If that shouldn`t be the truth, it`s not the autor`s fault.
2012-09-14 02:18
where did he said that there would be a 1.6 million tourny? He actually said there wont be such a tournament as in dota 2. they quoted the cn rumour
2012-09-14 06:17
And so did the author of this article...
2012-09-14 12:31
you read the article a week ago where they quote the rumour about a 1.6million tournament?
2012-09-14 23:24
2012-09-15 01:47
They clearly HOPE it's not true. I mean "We haven't thought that far ahead" after a few systematics "no", conclusion : "it means no".. it's not journalism, it's 1.6 fanboyism.
2012-09-14 02:20
What he fuck... I understand you`re dissappointed but right now you`re talking bullshit. HLTV contacted Valve, they denyed the rumor. That`s it.
2012-09-14 02:26
Denied what lol ? They said "we haven't thought that far ahead", do you understand english ? They could have said "no" like Chet Faliszek said before, instead they said "we haven't thought that far ahead", i repeat : do you understand english ?
2012-09-14 02:29
Also Chet is a writer for games(portal, half life), I don't know what power does he have over TI...
2012-09-14 02:30
I'm pretty sure it wasn't even considered when he said "no", the situation could have changed : the succes of ti2, black ops2 and his spec mod, fps competitive game wannabe, who knows ?
2012-09-14 02:33
Sensationalist article is what it is. It's going to garner a lot of views.
2012-09-14 02:36
Journalists also have the qualifications to act as public relations, that was his job, do the interviews, communicate with the community etc.
2012-09-14 03:36
Writer as in screen-play writer, not journalist. Tho I agree Chet is a big part of Valve, still what he wrote doesn't seem like a official statement as the quote is too short.
2012-09-14 04:22
Chet isn't the guy who said, "We haven't thought that far ahead..."
2012-09-14 04:36
Who did then? Why not post the whole conversation? You guys are only feeding trolls
2012-09-14 06:18
He did other stuff before writing scripts for games.
2012-09-14 04:47
Of course I do: The chinese website wrote Valve would be arranging (or at least looking forward to arrange) an 1.6 million tournament. And that's exactly what Faliszek just denied by saying "we haven't thought that far ahead". Problem where?
2012-09-14 02:36
Please, find someone to explain to you in your language the exact meaning of "we haven't thought that far ahead", i'm serious, i'm not bashing here :D
2012-09-14 02:45
I understand it perfectly, my french friend.
2012-09-14 02:49
no you don't.
2012-09-14 11:54
Of course I do. The problem isn't my english, it's your logic. We're not talking about if there will ever be an 1.6 million tournament, we're talking about the rumor such a tournament would already be in the making or at least decided/planned. That's what Valve just denied (and NOT the possibility of such an event).
2012-09-14 12:31
Faliszek is not the person we spoke to, just fyi. Other than that, you're spot on. This is about the article - although FREIHH seems to believe something else.
2012-09-14 04:29
You don't see "We haven't thought that far ahead" as a dismissal of the report?
2012-09-14 03:57
Doesn't change the fact that you are deliberately ignoring, or missing by lack of skills, an information regarding the difference between the kind of answers we used to get from Chet and the answer you and Slasher had from Valve. Edit : example "The dismissal correlates with earlier statements by Valve." Clearly, it's not true. I'm not saying there will be ti3 with CSGO, but the kind of thing you are "doing" here is pretty lame, don't cover a game you can't stand, that would be better for everyone.
2012-09-14 04:16
Seriously... make up your mind HLTV
2012-09-14 04:23
a) Valve has said they aren't planning on a The International-esque event for CS:GO (in May, I believe) b) Dismissing the report about Valve including/holding an event for CS:GO. These do, in fact, correlate. There's no denying this. How is it that "I don't stand CS:GO?" Please, tell me my own feelings about the game and how I obviously despise it.
2012-09-14 04:27
And... you are still ignoring my first point.
2012-09-14 04:29
Not sure if I'm following what you're trying to convey in your first "point." Chet said they weren't planning on doing a The International-like event for CS:GO, but Chet isn't the guy we spoke with for this story. (If that's what you think.) I don't know what Slasher has been told by Valve, and I've made no mention of it in this story. All this post is trying to do is shed some light on the report... Looking forward to your reply to #105.
2012-09-14 04:34
a. is earlier statements, ie "no" from Faliszek b. is "we haven't tought that far ahead" from Valve a & b must correlate "you are deliberately ignoring, or missing by lack of skills, an information regarding the difference between the kind of answers we used to get from Chet and the answer you and Slasher had from Valve." Is why it doesn't exactly correlate, they didn't say "no", they said "we didn't really think about it yet". For the last part: i'm pretty sure you don't like CSGO and don't think it's a good game. After reading #126, i can't see you said so publicly tough
2012-09-14 11:19
Jesus fucking Christ... You still don't get it. The author of this article never claimed Valve would have said "No" to an 1.6 million CS:GO tournament. But Valve just said "No" to the rumor such a tournament would be already in the making (according to their statement it's not even decided yet).
2012-09-14 13:08
100% agree. The largest site in CS, but also the most backwards...
2012-09-14 02:29
So Why do you waste your time here all day all night then? Move back to your cadred and enjoy.
2012-09-14 10:36
I already replied to your #60 comment (#93), but here's another one. You fail to understand that this story is all about the report, not any future plans of a The International-esque tournament. "We haven't thought that far ahead" is clearly dismissing said report, and just adds that they haven't made any plans yet.
2012-09-14 04:13
2012-09-14 04:17
you still give the kids hopes :D
2012-09-14 06:15
Uh what? Have you looked at lately? While some of our users haven't realised that CS 1.6 will not be coming back, we sure as hell have. I doubt anyone wanted a big tournament by Valve more than us, but lying or withholding what Valve said is not going to get us such a tournament.
2012-09-14 07:17
doing everything possible to bring out the cs: go
2012-09-14 02:04
1.6 is back :D
2012-09-14 02:13
Only, it is not, CS 1.6 will never be back.
2012-09-14 07:18
dont cry plz
2012-09-14 22:07
Dated graphics,lot of money for tournaments and plenty of teams for competitive play. This game must be great.
2012-09-14 02:14
Bulgaria dreamwalkeR_R 
srsly who wuldda make tourny with 1.6m prize only for a video game?
2012-09-14 02:28
Valve. They made The International 1 (1.6m $) and The International 2 (1.6m $). EDIT: And Riot, even more for LoL Season 2.
2012-09-14 02:41
quite expected
2012-09-14 02:31
cs:go needs 1.6 million updates and fixes first :S
2012-09-14 02:37
I like it <3 no matter what, I cannot support the game which put the best game of all the time away
2012-09-14 02:42
The people posting on this site are a disgrace, I've said it before in a thread but stop your circle jerking and stop acting like adult children, it's not clever and people will stop listening to you if you keep this up any longer.
2012-09-14 03:39
people listen to them?
2012-09-14 04:08
thats why you shouldnt quote any crap other media's say
2012-09-14 06:14
Some of you are just retarded. You are happy because you don't mean shit to VALVE? With all the posible potential for growth, all the haters of csgo, all the nonsteamers, VALVE still don't give a crap about you, to try to convince you to switch. You are glad about this? Fuckin' retards!
2012-09-14 06:35
"We haven't thought that far ahead." is different from "No we won't" which they previously stated. I'm hopeful!
2012-09-14 08:08
pls stop rage about cs:go because they do not understand that there are people who have grown tired of playing so long to cs 1.6 ...
2012-09-14 08:36
So why did you stop playing 1.6 only when CS:GO came out and not earlier? Or is it just a massive coincidence that you getting bored of 1.6 in 12 years and CS:GO coming out happened on the same day? Or are you too addicted to gaming that you can only give up a game when a different game comes out?
2012-09-14 09:07
dont feed crybabies :| not worth the time :X
2012-09-14 10:25
Does this imply Valve have not thought about CS:GO being 'ready' for a tournament as big as that, well atleast in terms of prize purse?
2012-09-14 08:59
More likely it implies that Valve has not begun planning the next event yet..
2012-09-14 09:32
Somehow I expected these news :o
2012-09-14 10:35
Inshort- Valve don't give a shit about this game anymore.
2012-09-14 10:38
That isn't really a dismissal though is it?
2012-09-14 11:44
It's dismissal of the article.
2012-09-14 16:41
LOL. I see happy GO haters here :D 1.6 is dead, get over it. Even this 1.6 million tournament is never gonna happen, there will be other tournaments with high prizes. And also, you can play your 1.6 and CSP any time without trashtalking about Global Offensive
2012-09-14 11:55
I will play but i still can hatin GO. My favorite page these days
2012-09-14 17:45
you mean you see the majority happy ?
2012-09-14 18:02
Majority sounds big, I think some people are
2012-09-14 18:15
Now, all old school players will stop playing CS:GO! #fail #valve #cs:go #tournament Next news: "HeatoN has contacted Zowie for his come back!"
2012-09-14 12:04
Actually evryone started playing csgo way before the 1.6 rumours were even anounced rofl.
2012-09-14 12:32
2012-09-14 23:01
Singapore Nephalith 
the number '1.6' doesn't gel so well with CS:GO. Try 2 million instead. 1.6m prize pool for CS 1.6! One can dream... not.
2012-09-14 12:04
Finland coswell 
They should announce even a 20,000$ tournament or something. Its just so obvious that even they dont trust in CSGO.
2012-09-14 12:09
DH announced 45k tournament
2012-09-14 18:16
Finland coswell 
Yea, but i was talking about Valve.
2012-09-14 18:44
In one way good in one way bad.
2012-09-14 13:00
I bet Valve was surprised by the rumor aswell,1.6mill for cs:go? wut? It didnt take 1.6mill to create the game...
2012-09-14 14:42
hahahhahahahha.all i can do is hahahhahahahhahahaha.
2012-09-14 14:45
2012-09-14 16:03
HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Like i said CS:Go Sux and even valve know that :D
2012-09-14 17:42
Its going to be funny when they actualy dfo announce this tourny lol, its inevetable.
2012-09-14 18:04
2012-09-14 20:30
Poland Marcines 
expected, valve dont waste money on cs:go, hmm..stupid
2012-09-14 21:03
Was very much expecting this. Good the unnecessary hype has ended.
2012-09-14 21:31
Valve is not focusing on the game as on dota2, because they saw that there is no impact and people are not rushing to play cs;go .Valve thinks that the game will rise in the same way as cs 1.6 people that organisers will pay money from their own pocket so after 2-3 months cs;go will die 4sure guys just support cs 1.6 ! :)))))
2012-09-14 21:42
CS:DEAD well that was quick, i thought the game would have lived a little longer. Now it seems like source players are back to source and 1.6 back to 1.6. And it's quite reasonable, considering how bad cs:go was.
2012-09-15 13:11
Estonia TehkarN 
idiots. many people switched to GO thanks to that tournament. QUIT CS:FAIL
2012-09-16 00:06
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