k1ck presents CS:GO lineup

Portuguese organization k1ck today presented its plans to switch from CS 1.6 to CS:GO. Only two players remain from the previous lineup, the country's star player Ricardo "fox" Pacheco and Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes, while two of the three new faces come from a CS:Source background.

Following the announcement by DreamHack Valencia organizers that their 5,000€ tournament would switch from CS 1.6 to CS:GO, Portuguese organization k1ck revealed today that they decided to do the same with their team.

k1ck were previously registered for DH Valencia's CS 1.6 tournament, but they remained on the list after the main title changed, which hinted that they will be another in the long line of organizations making the switch lately.

As they make the switch, they also part ways with three players. Longtime captain and in-game leader Hélder "coachi" Sancho will no longer be in the team, as well as Joaquim "axoN" Pinto and the most recent addition Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira.

On the bright side, k1ck held onto the country's star player Ricardo "fox" Pacheco and Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes. As many others that made the switch, they looked towards the CS:Source scene and brought in two players from Fragmasters Sapphire, Fábio "n3w" Teixeira and Mário "Fyx" Rodrigues. Completing the team is Frederico "iNsideR" Costa, who played CS 1.6 in madjick during recent times.

mUttt and fox stay in k1ck for CS:GO

Pacheco gave the following statement to the team's website regarding the switch:

"Today we have officially announced the change into CS:GO. As a part of this organization, I am grateful for the commitment and effort that the former players had towards the team, namely  coachi,  axon and  rmn, but we think that this CS / CSS mix is the best solution. Thank you all for supporting us for so long and I hope that you will keep rooting for the team."

k1ck's CS:GO lineup:

Portugal Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
Portugal Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes
Portugal Fábio "n3w" Teixeira
Portugal Mário "Fyx" Rodrigues
Portugal Frederico "iNsideR" Costa

These five players have already started playing together a few weeks ago, when they created a CS:GO mix named hAhA on ESL, but they didn't make it further than the 1/8 finals in the two Go4CS:GO cups they took part in since then.

Now with their full focus on the new game and DreamHack Valencia in sight, they will only have a few days to prepare, as the Spanish tournament will take place from September 21-23.

2012-09-15 19:32
Nice fox and fyx are both beasts
2012-09-15 19:34
i think emotion should be in this line up, but GL with fyx and fox to ruinate!!
2012-09-15 19:35
me too hihi
2012-09-15 20:02
1.6 teams that sucked in 1.6 will continue sucking in cs go... True story
2012-09-15 19:37
2012-09-15 22:43
2012-09-15 23:52
and who are u ? sucking top players dicks (; ?
2012-09-16 01:51
Top players?... OKAY
2012-09-16 09:21
top players in portugal!
2012-09-16 13:08
there are no top players in portugal *lol*
2012-09-16 13:47
2012-09-16 16:25
there are , Fox , as been considered by many of the TOP players , one of the best awp on the world. so , he must be a top player, if fox was swedish, he was on NiP or something like that
2012-09-17 12:33
biggest disappointment ever
2012-09-15 19:39
Gotta give it to the portuguese fanbois to keep them alive :) Guess the domestic scene is enought to keep an orga alive after not winning anything or even having a chance to do so across borders. But if the fans enjoy they have done enough, which seems to be the case. Great commitment
2012-09-15 19:40
2012-09-15 20:10
isn't that what sports/esports are all about?
2012-09-16 16:08
So what if they don't win anything abroad? They've still won way over €10.000 in Portugal.
2012-09-17 04:19
sad... cs shouldn't die in portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-09-15 19:43
Prediction: This will turn out to be a 500 reply thread.
2012-09-15 19:46
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2012-09-15 22:25
lurppis is busy
2012-09-15 23:14
LOL. I see what you did there. :D
2012-09-16 02:10
2012-09-16 12:22
2012-09-16 20:39
You failed.
2012-09-16 14:01
Fox is overrated.
2012-09-16 16:29
2012-09-18 00:17
2012-09-15 19:47
gl you need
2012-09-15 19:50
no ! FUCK!
2012-09-15 19:50
Gl k1ck
2012-09-15 19:51
don't know them but good luck :)
2012-09-15 19:52
Portugal MDK- 
2012-09-15 19:53
Well , I just hope they attend PGS in october... GL in the future with a game that has 24k current players and its brand new.... GL for the GlobalFail
2012-09-15 19:54
coachi <33'' gLK1CK
2012-09-15 20:00
they are going to fail anyway, gl
2012-09-15 20:01
Portugal picc 
i hope coachi puts together a decent team and gives a good performance at PGS
2012-09-15 20:02
Foxj back on top h4h4
2012-09-15 20:06
gl :D
2012-09-15 20:37
2012-09-15 20:39
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
portugal's best players together nice lets see if they can get far :) GL k1ck
2012-09-15 21:01
never win anything in 1.6, they think they will do it in GO?
2012-09-15 21:05
fox , mUt and iNsideR from 1.6 but fyx and n3w are from cs:s
2012-09-15 23:50
Portugal nsz 
skillwise this team will never be as good as fox , mutt , coachi , axon , rmn together and the game doesnt matter
2012-09-15 21:06
2012-09-15 21:07
Portugal hwz1 
This means that k1ck will not attend PGS?
2012-09-15 21:07
They will attend PGS
2012-09-15 21:17
Portugal hwz1 
With the same lineup? fox mutt axon rmn coachi?
2012-09-15 22:55
Don't know k1ck.com/09/news/982 Spirit's comment
2012-09-15 22:58
No, maybe coachi will make a 1.6 team.
2012-09-15 21:18
i doubt
2012-09-15 23:12
k1ck will rape them all on cs:go tbh,
2012-09-15 21:22
just for lulz
2012-09-15 21:28
Slovakia 851 
brace yourselves the fox post are comming
2012-09-15 21:31
foxj < all now L0L :C
2012-09-16 01:48
Now? It was always like that :D
2012-09-16 15:37
Nope :|
2012-09-16 15:46
Nice, GL!
2012-09-15 21:33
Portugal AMP 
what is k1ck cs 1.6 roster now?
2012-09-15 21:55
from 1.6 only mUtttt ??
2012-09-15 21:57
mut fox and insider
2012-09-15 23:11
(ALA HO) !!!
2012-09-15 22:01
coachi noooooooooooo
2012-09-15 22:15
good news :D
2012-09-15 22:31
From my country, just to tell you truth, at least 1000 of gamers (almost all) would retire rather than playing CS:GO. it matters or not but your loss, sry valve not your fault but still your fault CS:GO not the real deal, yet blizzard stills listens the community unlike you guys.
2012-09-15 22:53
Other ohai 
you polled 1000 gamers, almost all in your country, to see what they thought of csgo? p.s. what country is so small that 1000 games is a majority?
2012-09-15 23:17
Other ohai 
Interesting to see so many source/1.6 hybrid teams It's kind of sad to see so much hate directed towards GO when it's done what so many wanted for so long, a game to unite source and 1.6 players
2012-09-15 23:16
I think the main reason why people are upset, is because the game is so much more source like then 1.6. Since there were alot more 1.6 players then source, they shouldve brought the 1.6 gameplay with new graphics. IMOOOO
2012-09-16 11:35
gl fyx
2012-09-16 00:00
2012-09-16 00:24
gl k1ck!!
2012-09-16 01:11
They'll play in the Pro Gamer Series?
2012-09-16 01:33
probably with the old line-up
2012-09-16 02:03
Greece her-1g 
iNsideR?!?! hahahahaha and he writes it exactly like our player (the greek one)
2012-09-16 01:55
Poland bouw 
didn't know greece had 1.6 and his pretty oldschool never saw them anywhere
2012-09-16 02:54
Greece her-1g 
yes we had CS actually and we participate at tours since CPL oslo 2002 :)
2012-09-17 02:10
I'm know only 1 insider, and he is polish guy :\
2012-09-16 07:18
I know 1 iNsideR and Its gone !!
2012-09-17 12:42
Portugal vwa 
Overrated; way overrated in fact. foxj is probably the most overrated player I've seen. And he was very good in 1.5 but terrible in 1.6 just like HeatoN. Too bad my country never had a semi decent team. I don't think k1ck or former exotic even got more than 5 rounds on a top team and they would get owned so hard by so many unknown teams on international tournaments.
2012-09-16 02:26
"I don't think k1ck or former exotic even got more than 5 rounds on a top team" Well you are wrong, sorry. But yes, k1ck are overrated some times but they are not professional players so i can´t ask for much... gl k1ck with this new project ;)
2012-09-16 02:38
By terrible in 1.6, you mean the best player in Portugal right?
2012-09-16 14:22
terrible in 1.6? lol u are so wrong, k1ck are def not top10, but still they dont have the same conditions as top teams have, they cant go to every tournament outdoors, they cant play with a decent ping against top teams online. I doubt if Navi, fnatic, kerchnet, etc etc had the same conditions k1ck have, they wouldnt be better then k1ck
2012-09-16 16:49
The stupidity of some people here never fails to amaze me.
2012-09-17 04:21
Navi and so on. are payed to play, k1ck have to work, they have got they \real life\, they have bills to pay , while navi are playin like 8\9 h per day. k1ck are playing like 2\3, when there are some tournments , they might play a bit more . they cant go to every tournment outside of PT, k1ck cant pay all tournments. They go to train with top teams , and the diference of ping is to damn high. so start thinking before , you write . btw . you are PT , it was suposed to backup for k1ck , not to take them down , LOL
2012-09-17 12:49
Portugal cdsj 
Nice!! Gl k1ck!!
2012-09-16 03:00
Thats gonna be... awful.
2012-09-16 03:05
Portugal vwa 
"Well you are wrong, sorry." Link? I remember watching a few international tournaments via gotfrag ip's and they blew hard against teams that weren't even in the top 30.
2012-09-16 03:08
"I don't think k1ck or former exotic even got more than 5 rounds on a top team" You're on HLTV.org. With 3 clicks you can check how dumb founded your quote is.
2012-09-16 16:10
foxj is the best ! ahhahah , GL TUGAS !
2012-09-16 04:13
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
cogu too :)
2012-09-16 12:11
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL 
Nicee GL Guys
2012-09-16 04:17
Another game they are just going to suck in.
2012-09-16 09:43
another game that your country suck in too :/
2012-09-16 11:05
Gl guys .
2012-09-16 11:46
Fyx such a good player
2012-09-16 12:14
2012-09-16 12:41
cs 1.6 in portugal died
2012-09-16 13:11
Let's see what they're made of. The CS:S team was top1 in Portugal too, and I have no idea if those 2 players from CS:S play well. Don't like the fact that they brought iNsider, he may be an old school but he's not at the level the others are I think
2012-09-16 14:32
They were better in CSS than the others in 1.6, at least internationally.
2012-09-17 04:23
always dissing portugal and portuguese cs 1.6.
2012-09-16 14:57
just for fun lol badjerbadjer '.'
2012-09-16 21:55
fdp you are!
2012-09-17 03:12
2012-09-17 14:41
i think fox and mut were too greedy,i doubt that coachi wouldnt have made the switch to cs:go with axoN oh well..insier wasnt even the best in his team in 1.6
2012-09-20 16:10
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