ALTERNATE shut down CS team

Team ALTERNATE have announced that they have dispensed with the services of their Counter-Strike: 1.6 team.

The future of the German squad had been in doubt since the end of the last EPS season as ALTERNATE had made no mention that the players would switch to CS: Global Offensive.

The decision signals the end of a highly-successful team who were crowned German EPS champions on four occasions.

In 2006, the team made history by winning the World Series of Video Games title in New York in a dramatic final against Team 3D under the organisation's former name of ALTERNATE aTTaX.

"It is a shame that CS is over and I am going to miss this time," Navid "Kapio" Javadi told ALTERNATE's website.

"The competition, the people you meet and the support of the fans and the organisation gave me a magical time.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALTERNATE, who always treated us fantastically."

ALTERNATE have yet to formally announce their plans concerning CS:GO, but their former CS:Source team have already qualified for the new EPS season.

It was believed that they were in the process of building a new CS:GO team featuring Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert, but the German organisation has not yet commented on this matter.

ALTERNATE had the following 1.6 team:

Germany Navid "Kapio" Javadi
Germany Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert
Germany Manuel "approx" Zeitz
Germany Manuel "Tixo" Makohl
Germany Roman "Roman R." Reinhardt

2012-09-17 01:03
Estonia TehkarN 
2012-09-17 19:12
2012-09-17 01:03
2012-09-17 01:03
natsu?? sad but expected ..
2012-09-17 02:34
Slovakia uno1 
:(( i believe that 1.6 will come back! Best game ever and steam stats dont lie, best fps game for peaple and fans!
2012-09-17 01:04
Are you really crying over 1.6? Man the fuck up...
2012-09-17 01:38
Based on all those kids crying over a GAME and submitting irrelevant gamestats I'd love to be supplied with stats over heart wrecked delusional suicidal little kids about 1.6. coming to an end. Seriously, get over it, it's not like the end of the world and if it is for you I feel very sorry for you.
2012-09-17 08:26
I'm not against GO Agreed that statistics lie So you mean to say money doesn't lie? "Woo! So many tourneys! The game must be popular!" Face it, investors are forcefully trying to make this game popular Let the game grow naturally. Let it get some stability in terms of game mechanics and then let the tournaments begin
2012-09-17 15:18
Estonia TehkarN 
2012-09-17 19:13
Europe chespiZ 
1.6 <3
2012-09-17 01:03
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
Verry Sad...
2012-09-17 01:06
wow, that's it, sad :'(
2012-09-17 01:07
Poland marco555 
-Roman -Tixo -Troubley -Gob b -Kapio ? :D
2012-09-17 01:10
ahn ?
2012-09-17 01:19
as long as CS:GO have tournies with decent prize purses... 1.6 will take a back seat
2012-09-17 01:20
1.6 will take a back!
2012-09-17 01:27
2012-09-17 01:27
"It is a shame that CS is over and I am going to miss this time." Kapio probably won't play CS:GO. Anyway, I will miss Kapio as 1.6 player.
2012-09-17 01:37
fisker | 
Finland murash 
2012-09-17 02:31
+1 i miss old mousesports lineup, and ofc 1.6cs :(
2012-09-17 02:44
sad :/
2012-09-17 02:40
too bad... this guys were great :<
2012-09-17 02:42
2012-09-17 03:09
respect for this guys,they don't wanna play some nonsense game...they finish carrier like a pro...we will never forget your matches
2012-09-17 03:21
2012-09-17 09:27
2012-09-17 06:39
another legendary tag is in the past now
2012-09-17 07:20
CIS sankee6 
I'm crying like a little Grt.
2012-09-17 08:21
CS is dead in Germany. Some CSS guys and a handful of desperate 1.6ers (who were simply too late for 1.6's time) playing GO won't change anything. Deal with it. I will continue playing 1.6. Just for the fun and the good memories.
2012-09-17 09:43
2012-09-17 09:56
Poland kRAMERO 
i remember when i was watching german EPS on GIGATV. It was amazing. Every Friday IFNG in other city. Im only dissapointed that attax always was one step behind mouz ;))
2012-09-17 11:03
Singapore hohi 
tixo ):
2012-09-17 11:51
legendary team deserves 1000 comments, not 30. Rip alternate, you was so good these years. Big thanks
2012-09-17 12:15
good move
2012-09-17 12:27
Roman R. is probably the player who played the longest time on a top level (he was already in the first mouz team more than 10 years ago). I think only mooN (who already played 2000/1 in the first legendary german team TAMM) played for such a long time.. + Kapio is also very oldschool. Thanks for the great time aTTax! Roman R, Kapio, approx, Tixo, CHEF-KOCH, chucky, mooN, silver, paN, roman, etc ...
2012-09-17 12:45
u r right son, he was on top level for such a long time, one of those players who u could have seen in 2000 and "still" playin.
2012-09-18 00:20
what will happen with the spot in "ASUS Final Battle Of The Year" that ex-ALTERNATE team have won ?
2012-09-17 13:53
good question
2012-09-18 12:25
tomorrow news: ALTERNATE reveal CS:GO team
2012-09-17 15:28
Very sad :(
2012-09-17 15:35
Great group of players, sad to see it come to an end. Loved watching kapio in the mouz days and Troubley had some crazy aim.
2012-09-17 18:54
what will happen with the spot in "ASUS Final Battle Of The Year" that ex-ALTERNATE team have won ? btw only 50 comments for legendary team? no way.. gl further tixo romanR Kapio approx
2012-09-18 12:49
sad, but expected...
2012-09-19 15:50
Is it possible ?! no... omg.. RIP my team, i gonna miss you
2012-10-15 13:04
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