PGS announces €5,000 CS:GO tourney

The ProGamerSeries (PGS) organisers have announced that they will also be running a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament with €5,000 up for grabs.

The Portuguese event has caught the eye of the 1.6 community as it may be one of the last opportunities to see the top teams lock horns in this game before they switch to CS:GO.

Natus Vincere, fnatic and Anexis are some of the teams who will be in attendance in the 1.6 tournament, which will hand out a whopping €15,000.

Following the announcement that the prize purse for the Starcraft II competition had been decreased due to the fact that it fell on the same days as other events, the PGS organisation has now put together €5,000 for a CS:GO tournament.

The competition, called PGS MSI CS:GO, will be limited to eight teams, with the prize distribution as follows:

1. €3,000
2. €1,350
3. €650

Teams who wish to attend this event can contact the organisers here. Stay tuned to for all the information about PGS, which will take place from October 11-14 at Exponor, in the city of Oporto.

Canada xb0y
2012-09-17 16:38
thats nice
2012-09-17 16:40
so many Go tournys lol some team is gona cleap up
2012-09-17 16:42
can a team join both the 1.6 and csgo competition ?
2012-09-17 16:43
b1t | 
Ukraine Nzr0
would be nice if fnatic could attend both tournaments(i think it is impossible,becuase probably the matches will be in same time) anyway good luck to the teams that will atend
2012-09-17 16:46
2012-09-17 16:48
2012-09-17 16:51
thumbs up for portugal..again!
2012-09-17 16:58
dates of this event? and is it a byoc or non byoc? / location, the website has hardly information on there and isn't finished being made ;e
2012-09-17 17:03
3 replies
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
11-4 October / NON BYOC / Porto, Portugal
2012-09-17 17:07
2 replies
thanks - will look into it, any idea on the entry fee?
2012-09-17 17:09
1 reply
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
2012-09-17 17:10
nice.. enjoy porto's night, its freaking amazing..
2012-09-17 17:10
I like how Portugal is making all this tourneys now, they should do it more times, i twould be better for the competition and the PT teams itself.
2012-09-17 17:15
Fnatic, what you gonna do now?!
2012-09-17 17:40
1 reply
attend the 1.6 tourney obviously
2012-09-17 17:43
Argentina ivanpb
Pentagram G-Shock
2012-09-17 17:43
lol they should have raised the cs 1.6 prizes
2012-09-17 17:43
Great news :) CS:GO getting picked up everywhere atm.
2012-09-17 17:51
Good News!! GL
2012-09-17 17:57
damn niceee ! PGS <3
2012-09-17 18:54
2012-09-17 19:24
1-6 have more prize pool than cs go
2012-09-17 19:24
1 reply
u're stupid or what?
2012-09-17 19:33
where does the money come from? sounds shady.
2012-09-17 20:01
10 replies
thats what i think of your mom's money.
2012-09-17 20:38
1 reply
was that the best you could come up with? i hope you didnt think too long on that one.
2012-09-17 22:02
PGS "MSI" CS:GO Oh wait...
2012-09-17 21:14
1 reply
you play cs go on pubs ... topzao
2012-09-17 23:24
They have sponsors listed on their site, I dont see why it would be shady.
2012-09-17 22:06
5 replies
hltv logic bro, dont argue with it...
2012-09-17 23:14
1 reply
True that.
2012-09-17 23:24
i havent bothered to locate their site or anything like that. not really sure why im flamed. i asked a simple question and i motivated my question with my last sentence. that was all. im happy to be proven wrong. its just that there is (or was, more like) events out there offering $$$ and then never paying it out, even big ones that on the outside have presented big sponsors etc. i think it's just healthy to be sceptical when it comes to a new event (this might be an old portuguese event but they've never hosted a big european tournament like this as far as i know)
2012-09-18 00:33
so did that india gaming festival
2012-09-18 01:18
1 reply
But PGS has held events before, not on a european level, but in local level. So they deserve a bit more of trust. Also, IGF offered way more money lol.
2012-09-18 14:27
ye .. AMAZING:: the comunity on portugal of csgo is BIGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH
2012-09-17 23:24
9 replies
n1 kid, you already know how to use the caps lock, semxorah or u get k1cked from website
2012-09-18 01:59
8 replies
+1 ahahah
2012-09-18 11:23
2012-09-18 11:48
no... delta is better... lose two maps and K1CKED from GG ..
2012-09-18 17:47
5 replies
Delta is not from Brazil, so the logic in your answer. Your nick demonstrates your maturity, childish. Grow up
2012-09-18 18:29
4 replies
*so... no logic in your answer*
2012-09-18 18:31
brazil only have one team? you forget the old mibr? the champions! k1ck win something? one dreamhack with noob teams! and my nick is for people like you!
2012-09-18 21:30
2 replies
and what? I fkin hate kids like you always spaming with no sense ps: Portuguese people discovered your fkin country and I don't remember anyone so stupid and childish like you, kid!
2012-09-19 10:32
1 reply
yes.. and now need money.. losers
2012-09-19 13:39
cs go -is not cs
2012-09-18 11:33
ez money for NiP if they attend
2012-09-18 21:35
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