Wikipediots, exotic move on

September 17th, 2012 21:23

Group A of the first qualifier for DreamHack Bucharest has come to an end with Wikipediots and exotic qualifying for the playoffs.

Our first qualifier for the €10,000 DreamHack Bucharest tournament kicked off tonight with the first group, featuring Wikipediots, exotic, swecon and HWA.

The Inuria Championship Summer winners from Wikipediots went into this one as favorites, though had to do without Morten "coloN" Johansen in the first match against swecon. With a 16-6 win the Danes moved on to face exotic from Portugal, who had beat HWA 16-5 in the opening round.

With a 16-6 score line on de_inferno, Wikipediots secured their second win of the evening, granting them top spot in the group. With the loss exotic had to battle swecon, after they had beaten HWA, for the second place in the group.

ArcadioN's troops qualified for the playoffs

The task was no problem for the Portuguese team, winning 16-3 to claim the second place in the group and advance to the playoffs together with Wikipediots.

Wikipediots and exotic will play again on Saturday when the quarter-finals will take place. The qualifier continues tomorrow with group B, once again starting at 18:00.

cool read, gj arcadion also, I win, thales, ;)
2012-09-17 21:27
as expected. but i wanted to see zoddi, tho.
2012-09-17 21:25
LOOL just because he owned brazil at dreamhack it doesnt mean that he performs brilliantly all the time
2012-09-17 21:36
did i say that?
2012-09-17 22:02
zoddi till dreamhack was a completly unknown player, you are brazilian, who want to see him playing, take your own conclusions
2012-09-17 22:17
i wanted to see exotic as well, that doesn't mean they "perform brilliantly all the time". instead, they're just average. easy on stupid conclusions
2012-09-17 22:27
2012-09-18 00:15
Belarus momtw 
2012-09-17 21:26
Looks like Arcadion didnt sleep alot of time..
2012-09-17 21:27
busy creating tacs !
2012-09-17 21:49
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
Go wiki!
2012-09-17 21:34
gj exotic
2012-09-17 21:53
France KQMII 
arcadion <3 weed ! <3
2012-09-17 21:54
good job exotic
2012-09-17 21:54
exotic have realy good team play the only problem is ping...
2012-09-17 21:55
Portugal picc 
it would be nice to have all the results on the article. gj exotic.
2012-09-17 22:29
Nix are we going to have hltv/stream for AEC Japan?
2012-09-18 07:19
I am not Nix.
2012-09-18 08:09
ohh sorry :<
2012-09-18 09:51
Looking for a new coloN fragmovie! :3
2012-09-17 22:32
gogo Wikipediotsss
2012-09-18 07:42
Nix are we going to have hltv/stream for AEC Japan?
2012-09-18 09:51
wiki <3
2012-09-18 11:34
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