Millenium pick up ex-Epsilon

September 20th, 2012 21:06

Millenium have announced that they have secured the services of the former Epsilon Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

The move comes just hours after the French team were given their marching orders by Epsilon as a result of what the organisation described as "internal" problems, which allegedly led to Dan "apEX" Madesclaire's departure earlier in the week.

Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni was called in to replace Madesclaire, and the 33-year-old will now return to Millenium, whom he represented in 1.6 for several years.

"After reading Ozstrik3r's interview at Vakarm, I contacted him right away to see what his ambitions and those of his team were," Millenium director Jean-Marc "Bjoran" Gaudin said.

"I found him just as excited as during the start of his career with Get2Gev, and he spoke of his team-mates as skilled monsters.

"Since we were searching for a male CS:GO team, I naturally offered him the chance to join Millenium."

Millenium are through to the French ESWC qualifier from October 31 to November 1 at Paris Games Week after reaching the semi-finals of the first online pre-qualifier.

The French team look as follows:

France Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini
France Richard "Shox" Papillon
Belgium Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom
France Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel
France Arthur "h0rks" Moulet

France Thomas "akeR" Radovic (backup)

GL guys.
2012-09-20 21:09
oz is the oldest cs player:P
2012-09-20 21:09
shox <3
2012-09-20 21:11
Shox and screaM will take csgo by storm , monster aimers. Shox being the best cssource rifler in the last 2 years
2012-09-20 21:12
errr... RpK?
2012-09-21 00:24
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
Steal rpk anger pete ???
2012-09-21 10:18
pete? anger? steel? lol
2012-09-21 15:22
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
Better check yourself child
2012-09-21 16:04
no one of those players can not be even compared to shoxie
2012-09-21 16:06
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
Oh yea I forgot shoxie is the ONLY skilled riffle player in source my My bad I forgot what site I'm posting on.....
2012-09-22 12:29
actually i am source player and i follow source back from 2005
2012-09-22 18:00
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
You need a fucking crayon mate Its clear your clueless about source or you wouldn't make such retarded comments but yea let's jump on the bandwagon "shoxie is the *ONLY* good rifler on source" we get it...
2012-09-23 15:34
you are so retarded dude, but that's not surprise for me as i read cadred, where most of uk people act as people with damaged brain
2012-09-23 18:55
United Kingdom KracKeN[A] 
Jesus ok let's pretend I don't think ur a troll, So, your telling so that not even one single source player is on the same level as shoxie in terms of using a rifle?
2012-09-24 08:08
no, i didnt say that, imo RE1EASE or rPK/NBK/ApeX are somewhere near i even think that RE1EASE has the best aim and control of rifle than shox
2012-09-25 09:00
Watching British & Russian arguing. Priceless.
2012-09-25 16:13
2012-09-25 20:43
Since when aren't you allowed to say your fucking own opinion anymore? Wow admins you are so butthurt these days. The team sucks, just saying.
2012-09-20 21:14
go beat them if they sucks (:
2012-09-20 21:20
So you call every team what is better than you "good"? Seems legit. Wake up kiddo.
2012-09-20 21:25
this team can beat atleast 90% of the csgo teams so dunno why are u complain.
2012-09-20 21:37
Portugal odr@ 
that's a bold statement at this point...
2012-09-21 00:12
If your 'opinion' is discrediting what a given organization decides to do I would suggest you to keep it to yourself.
2012-09-20 21:33
Kuwait Friza 
anyone enlighten me to who h0rks is?
2012-09-20 21:16
former redLine player in css.
2012-09-20 21:20
how good were redLine?
2012-09-20 21:24
top 3 FR
2012-09-20 21:26
thx, and worldwide?
2012-09-20 21:35
Not sure really they didnt attend many int lans
2012-09-20 22:27
ok ty again
2012-09-20 22:27
never heard of him in redline ;e
2012-09-20 22:02
Last line up ! But not in the great one back in the day. He was playing for years but he breakthrough as a great sniper in the beginning of 2012
2012-09-20 22:23
Play for a long long time in mid tier France (since 2k5 I would say), never had the chance to be revealed, managed to get a spot with last redline squad then get recruited in shox's team for his awp skill. Formely playing with Sourcetalent (top7 last lan79)
2012-09-20 22:24
he was the best player of this line up the pas few months btw. Even when shox and smithz were there
2012-09-21 08:28
2012-09-20 21:17
2012-09-20 21:20
Ukraine R/T 
ozstriker 10 years in CS16 and now in GO... :///
2012-09-20 21:22
only know Oz & shox but gl
2012-09-20 21:25
This Oz needs a life seriously... :S
2012-09-20 21:26
you cant play and have a life ? rofl
2012-09-20 21:54
And you need a life too.
2012-09-21 13:18
shoxie wins
2012-09-20 21:30
4 years from now, Oz will declare : " I sadly announce my retirement from gaming.. I'm now 35 years old, my kids are about to enter in college, I have to focus on this now so they can drop school soon enough to join Millenium.cs:go " .. til he gets back in a team 1 month later.
2012-09-20 21:41
2012-09-20 21:59
33+4=35, yeah...
2012-09-20 22:26
35, 37 , who fucking cares actually, it's already ridiculous.
2012-09-20 22:31
who "fucking cares" about his age anyway
2012-09-20 23:10
Well everybody since it's written in the news.
2012-09-20 23:22
as a fun fact, not as a main piece of info
2012-09-20 23:23
so, he is 33 years old now and in 4 years he will be 35?
2012-09-20 22:27
I don't know the exact age. I knew it was around that. I just gave a take for the example.
2012-09-20 22:30
its in the text bro
2012-09-20 22:32
Skipped that part
2012-09-20 22:49
- "who "fucking cares" about his age anyway" - "Well everybody since it's written in the news." But at first you skipped that part? Justifying one thing after another just to get out of the shit you put yourself in :)
2012-09-21 09:02
Who are you ? Do you want some bread ? The shit I put myself in ? OH no really !? I think I'm in a big trouble then :o ! I skipped that part. Then when that dude told me it was written in the news, I went at the top of the page so that I can see for myself. What's the problem in that ? "Well everybody since it's written in the news." I guess everybody must care about it since the author of the news found it useful to write it.
2012-09-21 14:02
You're telling someone that you skipped that part, then after you come to another guy telling him that precise part is important since it is in the news, I just found it ironic that a part that you skipped at first becomes important when you need it to prove you're right to someone else. The guys was right, it's more a fun fact than a real information.
2012-09-21 16:09
Ozstriker? GEEZ
2012-09-20 21:41
How old Ozstrik3r is?
2012-09-20 21:57
almoust 35
2012-09-20 22:04
Sweden ZOD! 
2012-09-20 22:08
Germany kim~ 
ozstriker still playing ...
2012-09-20 22:32
and still getting headshots
2012-09-20 23:09
ex-Epsilon where actually a pretty good css team, they beat lots of other top teams and have been in the 1/4 finals plenty of times. It was a good pick up
2012-09-20 22:56
lol oz da fking legend :D
2012-09-20 23:06
2012-09-20 23:17
Sweden PPH 
ozstriker ...
2012-09-20 23:23
-M- vs. VG will be very interesting!
2012-09-21 00:00
even Ozstrik3r > CS:GO
2012-09-21 00:09
they've won ESWC 2012 France Pre-Qual and deserved it
2012-09-21 01:51
sick team ,wll do well ! glgl
2012-09-21 09:39
with oZ , Millenium must win
2012-09-21 10:59
Suckin from 1.6 to cs:GO :DD so funny LOVE YOU w1
2012-09-21 11:52
verrrrrrrrry nice <3
2012-09-22 08:44
2012-09-22 08:45
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