ESC switching to CS:GO

September 23rd, 2012 20:35

Polish team ESC Gaming will be making the switch from CS 1.6 to CS:GO after TECHLABS Cup next week in Kiev, Ukraine.

While the announcement about TECHLABS Cup's $10,000 event was made last month, ESC Gaming today announced that the event will be the last show for the team in Counter-Strike 1.6.

The Polish team, which has been labeled as Golden Five for quite some time, will according to ESC Gaming's website make the switch from 1.6 to CS:GO after TECHLABS Cup.

kuben & co. quest into CS:GO 

It has long been a question asked frequently by the community, whether the veterans from Poland will continue their endeavors in CS:GO. Finally the question got answered.

So post TECHLABS Cup, CS:GO will see the addition of the following five:

 Filip "Neo" Kubski
 Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński
 Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski
 Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas
 Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski

TECHLABS Cup will feature four teams, currently seeing Natus Vincere and take part, while the fourth and final team will come from either Ukraine, Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan.

Norway haXx7 
:( expected
2012-09-23 20:37
Switching twice? Or what?
2012-09-23 21:07
them switching to GO was not official yet
2012-09-23 21:13
why dont they play dh bucharest? :S?
2012-09-23 21:19
I don't know I'm not their manager
2012-09-23 21:23
i thought you were
2012-09-23 21:30
hahahaah :D epic. but gtfo.
2012-09-24 01:04
what's wrong with you?
2012-09-24 02:07
I don't know why this is happening . At least if they don't want to play cs 1.6 is better to quit from proffesional games .
2012-09-23 21:54
2012-09-23 23:46
Actually neo said on his stream that this news is bullshit :D
2012-09-24 00:27
this news ? or the previous news about them leaving ESC and being g5 again ? This news is on his facebook page.
2012-09-24 07:29
+1 expected
2012-09-24 10:24
Didn't they already say this a long time ago?
2012-09-23 20:36
Other ohai 
it was definitely on the forum long ago that they were playing, but at that point i don't think they confirmed a full shift with leaving 1.6 entirely behind
2012-09-23 20:37
Not following, sorry.
2012-09-23 21:00
r u wronk ? he wrote an equation ....... zomg
2012-09-24 00:36
I see the 'equation' but I don't understand it. An article where ESC talks about preparing for GO + An article in which ESC deny having changed organisations = 0 ? How is that at all relevant to my original question?
2012-09-24 00:42
one piece of news canceling the other one...
2012-09-24 08:24
How does it cancel? In no part does it say "they're not playing go". It says they're practicing go. + Then it says they didn't change organizations, and that TechLabs Kiev is probably their "last 1.6" tourney.
2012-09-24 10:03
Actually you are right i didnt read the articles given.
2012-09-24 12:25
2012-09-23 20:36
CS:GO getting stronger and stronger!
2012-09-23 20:36
yea, from 7th, to 12th. To much strong! Even its not in top10 haha
2012-09-23 20:38
keep telling yourself steam stats matter
2012-09-23 20:44
Canada xb0y 
For long run, yes they do matter alot.
2012-09-23 20:46
Then why u dont bring it after this long run ? Its like a month or so since release what the fuck does everybody expect ?
2012-09-23 20:48
Canada xb0y 
Well, don't know about others but i was expecting something like this
2012-09-23 20:51
Numbers in Borderlands 2 will drop soon aswel.
2012-09-23 21:03
For a counter strike game, really?
2012-09-23 21:04
Ofcourse, why not? CS:GO is supposed to compete with COD and BF3 in graphics + motive was to combine 1.6 and CS:S community which had 150k+ active players once. When a game like borderland can achieve this then why not CS?
2012-09-23 21:08
With a source engine, i don't think so. And things you said won't happen during one night, or months
2012-09-23 21:10
Lol, Borderland2 crossed 120k+ in just 1 day to be precise and it's/was not even a competitive game. On the other hand CS:GO community which has CS1.6,CS:S and CS:Z support fail to achieve it. Maybe it'll happen in future if Valve listen to what community needs and make changes accordingly. Otherwise, numbers will only go downhill.
2012-09-23 21:17
So what? Go had 50k players in the first day and thats bad? And stop referring with the stats thing as of an excuse because its starting to be boring. You being like any other desperate 1.6 player, all I can say to you is that bitching won't help
2012-09-23 21:26
50k is terrible for a game launch which has Counter Strike in its name. CS had 150k+ active players but still cs:go struggled to get 50k on its launch and now it's not even on top10. Have you ever thought regarding the reason of this downfall? Why 50k went to only 20k? I'm not a blind follower like you. If stating real facts is bitching then yes, i'm doing it and most probably will do it in every discussion like this.
2012-09-23 21:40
Its not counter strike 2. Its not even was made to be something like 1.6. You are blind and ignorant. And keep bitching and saying that its a disappointment, when more and more teams will switch. Its not like you can do anything else, right?
2012-09-23 21:46
The only ignorant here in this thread is you. You're not even reading my post and blabbering same ass crap again n again. Read what i'd wrote in my last posts, i'm sure you'll get half your answers. When did i said its CS2? I said this game was made to unite 1.6 and source players and it failed hard in doing so. Teams are switching because they are not casual gamers, they are professional who play for money unlike you and me and majority of this sIte who play games only to have fun and watch tournaments to follow there fav player/team. My god, you're acting like a kid. How old are you?
2012-09-23 21:56
I'm reading your posts, and thats probably a waste of time. And about what answers you are talking about? And in witch point did it failed to unite something if such things don't don't happen during days months or even years you moron?
2012-09-23 22:04
Ooo unleash your fury and abuse me more and make Much less sense in your next(hope not) post. As you're completely going off-topic, i'm leaving it to the people of to decide who's right here and who's wrong. Cheers Gottie
2012-09-23 22:08
Flip out dude, besides bitching, the second thing your good at
2012-09-23 22:36
yea b/c a 1.6 site isn't going to be biased at all...
2012-09-23 22:38
3 yo oh wait...
2012-09-23 22:10
CMON, why you feed a TROLL? Hes some kind CS:GO WANNABE FREAK, realy he dont deserve a single REPLY, just dont reply to him, dont you see he is spamming a BS @ every topic like 30posts?! He is sick kid with mental problems, we cant help him :/
2012-09-24 17:00
you call what most 1.6ers have done for the game, support?
2012-09-24 00:58
FYI, Yesterday's VG vs NIP final match crossed 15k spectators at one point and i can guarantee 75% of them were 1.6ers. Yes, even after criticizing the game they do support it.
2012-09-24 08:31
show where you get that stat then
2012-09-24 19:48
Its pretty much understandable if you followed CS scene lately. Big CS:S tournaments only get maximum 3k spectators whereas big 1.6 tournaments always cross 40k mark.
2012-09-24 22:01
so? show me where you got your stats from, and not the stats you seem to be pulling out of your arse
2012-09-25 00:52
If you had a brain you would've known from my last post. What a dumb clown you are. Gtfo
2012-09-25 07:01
but you're pulling random stats that you have no idea about, just making assumptions like the mess you are
2012-09-25 22:12
Romania tr$ 
I wonder why there aren't major TF2 tournaments.
2012-09-23 20:51
Because the community is mostly 7-15 year-olds? (Also the numbers lie because it's a f2p game)
2012-09-23 20:54
Canada xb0y 
There are TF2 tournaments in America. > There's No proper community > Free to play > Players don't even care about professional scene
2012-09-23 20:54
Romania tr$ 
But with so many players playing it consistently, there should be all of that, no? No??!?!?!??
2012-09-23 20:55
Canada xb0y 
No. Why organizers would waste there money on a game which has no competition, no spectators and no community to support?
2012-09-23 20:58
Romania tr$ 
Why should sponsors sponsor a game which won't give them back anything?
2012-09-23 21:00
France has pretty active tf2 scene .
2012-09-24 19:31
Keep denying the fact that they do
2012-09-23 20:47
Why do they matter right now? I'd love to hear your opinion. It'll obviously be backed up with expert analysis and facts, right?
2012-09-23 21:32
Its really simple: No solid player base = no future players
2012-09-23 22:28
It's barely been a month since release, 1.6 has had over a decade to build it's base. I think it's pretty unfair to call it a failure already.
2012-09-24 03:56
1.6 is built from scratch.. cs:go has too much upside and momentum , and it really just failed. never lived up to the hype or expectations and we will have to live with that till they decide to make a real competitive game.
2012-09-25 03:48
me to man, i can't play 5minutes of CS:GO it makes me hate FPS games. GG, we had a good run :)
2012-09-23 23:06
2012-09-23 20:36
kurwa- FUCK
2012-09-23 20:36
Belgium Monu 
2012-09-23 20:36
I think they deserve to win this last event
2012-09-23 20:36
2012-09-23 20:37
2012-09-23 20:37
2012-09-23 20:37
Join the dark side
2012-09-23 20:37
ahahhaha Na'Vi - last hope :DDD
2012-09-23 21:33
GL guys. <3 ESC. Oh, nix0n is back! :D
2012-09-23 20:39
Really nice. ESC <3
2012-09-23 20:38
every day i'm getting more sad :'(
2012-09-23 20:39
Nice GoGo ESC! :)
2012-09-23 20:39
nicee...Neooooo *-*
2012-09-23 20:39
Macau ruklas! 
finally!!!!!!!! YES
2012-09-23 20:39
well, they've said that they dont like the game, so it's not really a good news.
2012-09-23 20:40
Germany yuki 
I think the chapter of counter-strike is over. atleast for me ;(
2012-09-23 20:41
Bye! Now welcome best time for CS. :)
2012-09-23 20:47
oh kid what you know about best cs?
2012-09-23 21:23
Best was 8~ years ago, it'll never reach that point again but it's better than 1.6 dying out and not having a game to move on to.
2012-09-23 21:34
brothers sold hardcore lol
2012-09-23 20:41
Finally! also inb4 500 comment rant about how ESC are traitors
2012-09-23 20:41
haha :D
2012-09-23 20:45
2012-09-23 23:48
money makes the world spin
2012-09-24 13:47
nice gogo
2012-09-23 20:42
nice, gl! now waiting for fnatic change-over..
2012-09-23 20:44
i think its bucharest, the winner of that lan win a slot in the CSGO DH winter i think, so should hopefully see either fnatic or navi playing which would be sick
2012-09-23 20:47
ye, so it is.. i hope fnatic will take that event and the wildcard for dh winter.. i'm not sure navi will switching, i heard they don't like GO..
2012-09-23 20:50
fnatic, Navi they will surely switch.
2012-09-23 21:07
fnatic members (friis etc) already started cs:go, thats what Neo said yesterday while streaming LoL game (he played lol with his girlfriend for fun). He also said they would like to play 1.6 but there is no one to train with, only Navi and some Russians were up for some practice pcws...
2012-09-24 22:10
Dosia | 
Poland marco555 
2012-09-23 20:43
expected, gl guys!
2012-09-23 20:43
hope they failed..
2012-09-23 20:44
valve killed 1.6
2012-09-23 20:44
China Specster 
all of you who think that it's because of the realease of cg:go are wrong. Time before we even knew about cs:go, many organizers said it was the end for cs. there were no support by sponsors, that killed 1.6.
2012-09-23 20:48
no, valve killed it.
2012-09-23 20:49
China Specster 
yeh, sure. 1.6 was perfect, we didn't want updates, it was just what we wanted to be. Valve killed it because didn't organize tournaments? didn't put money on it? Oh wait... when valve cared about 1.6? Those who organize, pay and give support for the tournaments are sponsors. Since many years ago. Last year it changed, why? sponsors.
2012-09-23 20:54
2012-09-23 21:28
2012-09-23 21:35
2012-09-23 23:23
if valve wanted would keep 1.6 alive. they killed 1.6 to born ;go. valve told sponsors(intel,samsung etc etc ) to remove 1.6 .
2012-09-23 20:51
China Specster 
oh I didn't know you have a spy in samsung, intel, etc, etc. cool bory stro
2012-09-23 20:55
how the fuck they can say to sponsors which game they should support? r u from kindergarten? seriously, grow up
2012-09-23 21:24
2012-09-23 21:35
One of the most retarded posts I've read on hltv for a long time.
2012-09-23 22:02
after urs. good luck and hf
2012-09-24 08:06
Great news =) expected
2012-09-23 20:44
CS dead : ))))))))))))
2012-09-23 20:44
This team is amazing! GL ESC STRONG FIVE
2012-09-23 20:48
guess cadred were wrong to report this before
2012-09-23 20:44
China Specster 
Loord thinks it's time to stop Get Right again :)
2012-09-23 20:45
Switzerland CHEDEL 
haha, remember that co jest get_right kur**!?
2012-09-23 21:19
'Lyso Ci kurwa frajerze jebany' :D
2012-09-23 23:02
hahahaha, the best :DD
2012-09-24 12:11
2012-09-23 20:45
2012-09-23 20:45
World Moya 
nice, gogo neo <3
2012-09-23 20:46
Argentina ffdd 
2012-09-23 20:46
Ehh, but gl.
2012-09-23 20:47
no buch :(
2012-09-23 20:47
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
kuben looks pretty strong in that picture :D
2012-09-23 20:48
GG, its the end of the world..
2012-09-23 20:48
So now we can say that they were the best in 1.6
2012-09-23 20:54
ye best ever
2012-09-23 23:59
Nice, another team who can match up to NiP.
2012-09-23 20:49
4th team which participated in TECHLABS is
2012-09-23 20:50
source teams will get stomped at cs:go i cant even imagine how the hell css players are going to win against the Golden Five, NiP, fnatic, NaVi(if they switch) even the americans!
2012-09-23 20:51
i dont know, verygames look pretty strong..
2012-09-23 21:25
Yeah, finally I'll be watching csgo :D
2012-09-23 20:51
No Poles wanted.
2012-09-23 20:52
Japan mameloff 
2012-09-23 20:53
Finally. Na'Vi , fnatic ... I'm waiting.
2012-09-23 20:53
India PooN 
and i love u ...Amen :)
2012-09-23 20:56
NiP vs ESC soon ! AMEN
2012-09-24 18:39
great news I`m 1.6 player, but CS:GO is GOOD! very fun to play good luck Poles :)
2012-09-23 20:54
yea, like most of you i am saying: "expected" - it is better that they are going to play cs:go than being retried... cs is theirs life - so much important element of theirs life that they couldn't live without... i'm sure that they are not happy about it but no-one likes changes... by the way - i was watching final dh valencia today and i m going to say that graphic is terrible but i see some hope in emotions in this game.. peace pple ;***** love ya :PPP
2012-09-23 20:56
Kinda agree. Don't understand people that hates them for switching, they actually needs to change if they want to make a living out of playing counter-strike. And you might not be able to get the best jobs in Poland if you don't have an education, so for me it's fully understandable that they are changing to CS:GO.
2012-09-23 21:24
bad news
2012-09-23 20:58
waiting for Na`Vi and fnatic finally switching to GO
2012-09-23 20:59
o kurwa
2012-09-23 21:00
Finally!! Nice!!<3
2012-09-23 21:00
Portugal hwz1 
No PGS :(
2012-09-23 21:00
2012-09-23 21:00
Slovenia mejo 
GL to polaks! will expect much from them! :D
2012-09-23 21:01
Brazil vicTHOR 
Where are the money comments?
2012-09-23 21:03
i dont play cs go anyway.. who cares! cs go keep a fail!
2012-09-23 21:04
NaVi left. :D
2012-09-23 21:04
fnatic also
2012-09-23 21:05
fnatic already said that their CS 1.6 team will play cs:go.. i guess i read it somewhere..
2012-09-23 21:22
yes, they are gonna switch to CS:GO after few events in 1.6
2012-09-23 22:27
true kings never die.
2012-09-23 21:05
it seems that we will hear "co jest get right kurwa?" again:D
2012-09-23 21:06
2012-09-23 21:16
esc vs nip neo 16:0 nip
2012-09-23 21:06
omg, they didnt play a single tournament of cs:go you stupid fanboy
2012-09-23 21:53
2012-09-23 21:06
well... gl!
2012-09-23 21:07
expected btw : bitches
2012-09-23 21:08
xe xe ... we wait for NaVi ))
2012-09-23 21:14
I don't think that Na`Vi will do it
2012-09-23 22:18
loled at "bitches". So they must retire or play one event per year right?
2012-09-24 13:44
they doesnt "must" anything I just wrote what i think about this
2012-09-24 15:38
Then you're dumb
2012-09-24 15:59
Dreamhack is gonna be HUGE.
2012-09-23 21:08
1.6 international tournaments is over :/
2012-09-23 21:12
god this site is getting more and more filled with retards each day i though the ultimate form of stupidity stopped at the "neo vs f0rest" threads ....apparently this community never ceases to amaze at how low it can get. i hope Valve implement the new recoil changes suggested by the developer of zblock, that way people will stop bitching about the recoil, although i bet people here will still find a reason to moan and bitch about something else.
2012-09-23 21:13
They will find. For some 1.6 "players" even casters are "bad" at commentating cs:go related matches
2012-09-23 21:19
There are way more problems with the game than just recoil, so yeh you're right people will find other things to bitch about (and for good reason)
2012-09-24 02:26
It's a shame that one of the last remaining legendary 1.6 teams is closing this chapter in their history. It's great, though, that they'll continue their eSports endeavors in CS:GO, and with the line-up that has won them so many major 1.6 titles in the past (at least I hope so; a drastic change in Team Poland's line-up could spell the end for them). I can't wait until the first match between NiP and ESC rolls around!
2012-09-23 21:16
I'm big fan of neo, but I don't think ESC can reach same level in GO.
2012-09-23 21:23
I do think so too but wish them gl
2012-09-23 22:26
Switzerland CHEDEL 
sadest news ever. haha =)
2012-09-23 21:18
10 000 euro stil lbetter than dh valencia cs go 2500 euro ... they why stop cs1.6 -.-
2012-09-23 21:18
CS 1.6 has no future, thats why.
2012-09-23 21:22
well dh valencia is basiacally only a qualifier for DH winter so thats probably why only 2.5k
2012-09-23 22:01
Poland Marcines 
NEO gramy w lola a nie w jakies cs;go ;D
2012-09-23 21:20
good luck ESC
2012-09-23 21:20
"we are no.1 in europe" they said. GL NIP :)
2012-09-23 21:21
Probably no.1 in europe, the "probably", changes a lot.
2012-09-23 21:34
Soon or later everybody who want make cash will switch to GO :x But with ESC, will nothing change in this year and next. They so low in GO. There are many sick team like 4Kings, mTw, VG...
2012-09-23 21:21
2012-09-23 21:22
Too bad now vg will only aim for 3rd place.
2012-09-23 21:23
VERYGAMES have only 70 to 100 hours of CS:GO, and they wont aim for 3rd place.. They will always aim to 1st place .. And when that happens you will see why they won every event for the past 4 years in CS:S
2012-09-23 21:28
Its OK. We have teams like Navi, fnatic, ESC, Winfakt and now Brazilian team with cogu. Do you think these professional teams will aim for 2nd place? VG gonna get so much competition they never even imagined in CSS.
2012-09-23 22:24
Let them learn the game. Will see after that :) Btw NIP didn't play against some teams like winfakt, mtw, mousesports, IYH etc ... so they can't seriously believe they are no1 in Europe.
2012-09-23 21:40
mTw are switching players all the time for the last month so i dont think they gonna make some dmg right now and about mouz what can i say haha SK line up beat them before few months, so right now NIP is no.1
2012-09-25 17:38
Fine ...
2012-09-25 18:00
2012-09-23 21:24
Loord +4 in cs go
2012-09-23 21:31
:/ gl in go ESC!
2012-09-23 21:32
Loord is good at this game
2012-09-23 21:36
cant wait to see neo in csgo :D
2012-09-23 21:42
2012-09-23 21:44
Where can i get info of TECHLABS cup ?
2012-09-23 21:47
TECHLABS Cup starts 29th of September, so 6 days left for last ESC's cs 1.6 meeting
2012-09-23 22:05
gj and gl
2012-09-23 21:49
navi goes csgo 100 infa
2012-09-23 21:50
Fuck this shit
2012-09-23 21:50
chop chop
2012-09-23 21:52
2012-09-23 21:55
gl in csgo esc :)
2012-09-23 21:59
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA haters, now Neo & co. only care about money too?
2012-09-23 22:02
2012-09-25 01:55
when get_right and f0rest changed, many many many claimed they only cared about the cash, one or 2 months later golden4+pasha changes and its perfectly normal, just that
2012-09-25 02:32
2012-09-25 04:20
:/ GL
2012-09-23 22:02
gl guys I won't be suprised if Na`Vi will switch as well the game isn't bad at all, for sure it is not CS 1.6, I think anything will replace that legendary game but it a new game and new experiences!
2012-09-23 22:08
2012-09-23 22:10
Expected, I want too see a match with them playing in go
2012-09-23 22:09
hmmm i will only spectate cs:go match because of neo.....
2012-09-23 22:10
Estonia lact0ze 
if neo goes then i go for cs:go also but whatugonna do, got's to go with TAJMZ
2012-09-23 22:19
Estonia lact0ze 
OMG NO!!!! :5
2012-09-23 22:11
hope that they can be as good in go as they were in 1.6 :) GL !!!
2012-09-23 22:12
Sad. Those guys kept me motivated to play through many years. Now i cant watch them playin game i truly hate.
2012-09-23 22:12
esc bb =(
2012-09-23 22:14
I quit.> i jus luv this team from the beginning n now they switched to go :(.> i hate cs:go makers.>
2012-09-23 22:15
Nice! Never really been a fan of the Poles, but wouldn't be the same without them :')
2012-09-23 22:15
awesome! <3 ESC
2012-09-23 22:17
2012-09-23 22:19
song name??
2012-09-23 22:22
2012-09-23 22:25
Aaron Wayne - Wishes Were Made feat. jACQ [EDM]
2012-09-23 22:42
2012-09-23 22:46
Good luck for them
2012-09-23 22:22
good move
2012-09-23 22:25
CIS w3 
2012-09-23 22:25
2012-09-23 22:39
2012-09-23 22:37
2012-09-23 22:50
Awesome news! Soon everyone changed to GO! Thats good. CS:GO is the better CS right now! So much more fun to watch!
2012-09-23 22:54
expected, but sad anyway... <3 NEO
2012-09-23 22:55
gl polish boys
2012-09-23 23:07
they've already announced that
2012-09-23 23:07
GOOO ESC. Nice. Honestly, after Valencia, only thing im questioning is whether most mixed teams should get rid of their source players. f0rest, GTR, and Xizt are clearly the strongest players on NiP. No reason Xizt couldn't lead again, and pick up 2 better players individually. Delpan anyone?
2012-09-23 23:11
2012-09-23 23:14
manya :D
2012-09-24 18:22
gl guys in ur new journey.
2012-09-23 23:28
predictable story... Next Na'Vi fnatic. well.... after all, 1.6 teams absorbed to GO
2012-09-23 23:32
i will not watch csgo...i dont care who switches over. i dont like csgo so i will not support it. only 1.6
2012-09-23 23:37
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
I dont like playing it but I will be watching. I like following the scene and the 1.6 players that switched over especially
2012-09-24 00:02
2012-09-24 10:16
Valve payed neo
2012-09-23 23:39
no! neo payed valve!
2012-09-24 00:00
15$ :D
2012-09-24 00:21
no blizzard :D
2012-09-24 00:05
nice and expected gl !!
2012-09-23 23:55
2012-09-24 00:18
i tried to play csgo for about a month now and wow i just cant play it, prob a lot easier for these guys as they are paid to play and can win money but from a competitive stand point its not that great, in some parts of the game source is even better :/ hopefully they will fix the huge amount of failures in the game and i will have not wasted my time
2012-09-24 00:23
thank god
2012-09-24 00:32
im waiting for esc
2012-09-24 00:37
NiP wont be best team in Europe anymore. :)
2012-09-24 00:39
excited to see PGS play cs:go!
2012-09-24 00:53
Slovakia kokotko1g 
gl NiP, you will need it, gods are coming now ^_^
2012-09-24 01:46
2012-09-24 02:06
2012-09-24 02:13
Finally. I expect the next big team is fnatic. Not so sure about Na'Vi but i hope they will.
2012-09-24 02:35
I hope Na'Vi will join.
2012-09-24 02:59
i don't give a fuck whether all professional teams join cs:go...ll still play 1.6 and if i want graphics ll play bf3 or cod
2012-09-24 04:30
navi cant switch!
2012-09-24 05:38
nice :D
2012-09-24 05:42
this is madness
2012-09-24 07:28
Awesome, cannot wait to see NiP vs ESC.. :)
2012-09-24 09:29
easy for NiP will be, ESC is very decent at this game but Loord is very good here I heard :)
2012-09-24 09:36
I'll never consider a match where Neo is the opponent easy for anyone..
2012-09-24 09:37
well, remember 2008? when mTw in any occasion beat MYM easily (most of the times) with scores like 16:3/5 :)
2012-09-24 09:39
Well, mTw were pretty much on fire in 2008, their CT play simply shutdown every team out there, but even then players like Neo kept performing, so I am confident that ESC will give us a good show in CS:GO also.. :)
2012-09-24 09:50
we will see :)
2012-09-24 09:52
Oh so now its news when a few weeks ago it was lies from cadred. if your going to make a statement id check up first. A decent person would apologise as you made a personal attack as well calling Gonzo a liar, and your community slates Gonzo when your just as unprofessional.
2012-09-24 14:15
Uh what? Cadred posted saying the team was leaving ESC and playing as AGAiN, we posted that this was not true. Has something changed in this regard? It has been known for ages that the G5 would play CS:GO after, now it is simply official. Hell, we even posted about this ourselves earlier: So what exactly is your problem again?
2012-09-24 14:32
Taiwan SCVready 
GL ESC boys! welcome to the dark side :D:D
2012-09-24 09:47
End of CS 1.6 era ...
2012-09-24 10:18
look like
2012-09-24 11:57
Finland DessuHopo 
2012-09-24 10:21
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Fuck steam stats. You just have to get an IRC game on GO to see how incredibly active it is atm.
2012-09-24 10:52
The steam stats don't mean anything. Its clear that csgo has the biggest competitive community by far now, and that's all that matters.
2012-09-24 11:00
Unfortunately it's lacking the casual scene but that will come with time... The fact that basically every player at the moment is a competitive gamer is fantastic.
2012-09-24 14:18
time for found some praccs 1.6 5-6 min css 10 min csgo 2 secondes so FUCK STEAM STATS!!! Wake up people ok csgo atm is not perfect, but this is the future. Everyone must be switch and repport to feedback and with time csgo will be perfect like 1.6. there is no reason to stay on 1.6.
2012-09-24 12:03
2012-09-24 12:15
Too late neo, f0rest too strong.
2012-09-24 12:47
+1 ESC is weak and neo too, it will be the same in csgo, rape by swedes
2012-09-24 13:31
f0rest is actually bad in CS:GO :)
2012-09-24 13:46
f0rest is never bad, he just holds back and gives others opportunity to shine.
2012-09-24 14:08
He doesn't even hold back.... He made some fantastic clutches over the tournament and his aim is crisper than most of NIP.
2012-09-24 14:17
2012-09-24 18:50
Stats say otherwise, best rated in Valencia.
2012-09-24 14:35
I must admit I watched not so many games and from what I've seen Xizt and GTR are great in CS:GO
2012-09-24 15:28
that's the annoying thing having to watch streams instead of having an hltv available. you can't get a feel for a player by watching their perspective but instead are subjected to the quick flickering POV changes of streamers.
2012-09-24 16:53
Go Go Go ESC !!!
2012-09-24 14:21
ESC will beat the crap out of everyone in this game. Maybe they will make it watchable...
2012-09-24 15:15
Slovakia 851 
2012-09-24 15:20
dsn | 
India sRik 
i hope they can be as sick they were :)
2012-09-24 15:24
I played on deathmatch with Neo, you mad bros?
2012-09-24 16:52
who is neo? f0rest is above ALL
2012-09-24 17:14
marcin chlasnij sie w czolo
2012-09-24 17:17
nie neokidzie
2012-09-24 17:18
maybe in your dreams
2012-09-24 18:07
The legend is back!
2012-09-24 16:53
Lmfao people upset about a single team moving to another game
2012-09-24 17:01
Good Luck g5!
2012-09-24 17:30
hunter of swedes now in cs:go! GO ESC!
2012-09-24 18:12
Good Luck ^^
2012-09-24 19:08
yesterday neo said on his stream that maybe they will be attending another event post techlabs but it's not 100% sure.
2012-09-24 19:41
I am a huge fan of 1.6 but CSGO isn't bad at all. I will probably play it more soon.
2012-09-24 19:52
expected , we cant blame them really
2012-09-24 20:29
Let's not be too harsh to them. We must understand they love cs 1.6 (and probably hate cs:go), but its either quitting or playing cs:go. They don't wanna quit, obviously :) This game will ofc rot in 1 year (maximum), they just wanna take money (and u must admit cs:go has some serious prizes compared to 1.6) and end their carrier (as cs players). I totally understand them. Also, i strongly believe they think cs:go is shit, cause every player that has +1 skill in cs 1.6 thinks the same way. Cheers
2012-09-24 22:36
for me they have huge prizes just for the BEGINNIG : ) just to make pro players switch to GO and then more people will switch to go bycouse they favorite's players switch to go... i think that in the future it will by normal prizes not that BIG like now : ] I'm glad that I am already old and dont have to wasting my time on this game(cs:GO) PIS! : D
2012-09-24 22:55
Hopefuly will be as you say.
2012-09-25 14:05
yEah MoNeY MoNey MOnEYyyyy
2012-09-25 03:33
lets do this tigers~!!!
2012-09-25 13:53
&#1086;ld news..
2012-09-25 15:27
ah shit, first top 5 world squad to just hop over the line, w/o losing a member. finally.
2012-09-25 19:41
ya neo want all dat GO $$$$$ :P
2012-09-25 22:13
2012-09-27 15:35
want NiP vs ESC :D
2012-09-27 16:28
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