ESWC qualifier registration ends 29th

September 24th, 2012 19:22

ESEA is hosting the ESWC 2012 online qualifier for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the UK, Germany and Nordic region with the registration closing on Saturday, September 29.

With this year's E-Sports World Cup only hosting an eight team tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the online qualification plays an even more important role compared to last year when teams could also receive direct invitations.

Currently only recent DreamHack Valencia and IOS SteelSeries GO champions Ninjas in Pyjamas, Niko "naSu" Kovanen's CARAMBA, GIVE IT ALL and Blight Gaming have confirmed their participation in the Nordic qualifier.

The German qualifier has logiX, n!faculty, ALTERNATE and UNNORMAL with completed registrations, while Team gamed!de is still missing their fifth member to guarantee themselves a spot.

NiP are looking to qualify for ESWC 2012

Finally, the United Kingdom qualifier has fm.TOXiC, Copenhagen Games CS:S winners mousesports, Sympho Nympho and Team CRG registered with 4Kings being close to completing their participation.

Registration closes on Saturday September 29 and is open to everyone until then. You only need to have ESEA Premium accounts for every member of the team in order to be able to participate in the qualifier.

The entire qualifier is played on ESEA's servers located within their regions and using their industry leading anti-cheat client to ensure fair games. Matches are set to start on October 1 and will naturally provide you coverage of them.

Nice, gl to all of them
2012-09-24 19:23
So what qualifier will mtw play in lol
2012-09-24 19:28
German one should be fair, since mTw is a german organization, and the ESWC rules say that any team that has less than 3 players from a qualifying region, will qualifty from the region of the eSport club, if and only if the organization is legal. so mix country teams can't sign up unless they are supported by a legal company. it's still unclear to me what happens to teams that aren't from germany, nordic or england ....will they not have any chance to play in eswc?
2012-09-24 20:07
2012-09-24 19:45
nip#1 between 4 teams . gj
2012-09-24 19:40
so bascily the ESWC is only allowing teams from England, Germany and the Nordic region to qualify for ESWC is this fair? atleast make a european qualifier for countries wich don't have a national one ....what if Navi and ESC want to sign up for ESWC? pretty unfair imo
2012-09-24 20:04
There are still 2 spots open after those countries qualify
2012-09-24 20:10
and iberian teams? like k1ck and ases?
2012-09-24 21:14
and lets not forget VeryGames.. looks to be pretty unfair.
2012-09-24 21:18
There is a French qualifier.
2012-09-25 01:08
oh nice, VG just said themselves that they're not entirely sure if there will be one..
2012-09-25 01:24
Yeah there is, check the ESWC website there is like 2 stages for their one I believe though!
2012-09-25 12:38
it French Tournament -_- so your really think there will be no french teams?
2012-09-25 01:17
2012-09-24 22:49
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
You only need to have ESEA Premium accounts for every member of the team in order to be able to participate in the qualifier. They say that as if it has always cost loads previously.
2012-09-25 13:37
>buying premium = a few bucks >going to the finals = a few hundred bucks
2012-09-25 14:09
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
wuut? I'm saying that you never had to pay last time for qualification. ESEA have moved over to EU and the first thing they do is force us to pay for a qualifier that was previously free (atleast afaik in the uk).
2012-09-25 14:13
despite they fact that you had to provide an server at the time. I guess there main reason is to use it because of the anti cheat client and a save server
2012-09-25 14:29
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