ESWC to allow Molotov cocktails

ESWC organizers have announced that Molotov cocktails (or Incendiary grenades for CTs) will be allowed to use in their tournaments. In addition to that, they revealed the map pool which contains no surprises and includes the community made de_mirage_csgo and the modified de_nuke_ve.

Earlier today Electronic Sports World Cup's twitter account revealed an update regarding their upcoming CS:GO tournaments. Although complete rules are not available yet, the French organizers gave us a snippet in which we could see that the map pool contains no surprises, and more interestingly, that Molotov cocktails and Incendiary grenades will be allowed.

Molotov cocktails and their counterparts on the Counter Terrorist side, Incendiary grenades, have so far been treated differently from one tournament to another. For example, on one hand, ESL has been allowing the use of these grenades in their cups and ladders, while on the other hand DreamHack forbade it in their Valencia event, same as SteelSeries GO at IOS.

Molotovs to make their major LAN tournament debut at ESWC

In their most recent update, Valve altered the way these two grenades work, making them explode mid-air if they fly too long. This prevents a previously criticized possibility of throwing them over the entire map and blocking off parts of it at the very beginning of a round, which thus makes them more suitable for competitive play.

Regarding the map pool, it is the same as it was at DreamHack Valencia and the recent ESL Go4CS:GO cups, meaning that the community made de_mirage_csgo and Sal "Volcano" Garozzo's de_nuke_ve will continue being a part of the pro circuit.

Map pool for ESWC 2012:

  • de_dust2_se
  • de_inferno_se
  • de_train_se
  • de_nuke_ve
  • de_mirage_csgo

ESWC's CS:GO female and male tournaments will contain 8 teams each, while the prize purses for them still haven't been announced. ESWC will take place from November 1-4 in Paris, France, at the same venue as last year as part of the Paris Games Week event.

bad move from ESWC
2012-09-25 00:49
26 replies
this is going to make rush impossible, its not fair. just like shield in 1.6.....
2012-09-25 00:50
15 replies
2012-09-25 00:54
both sides(CT and T) have the same grenade/molotov, i don't see what fair or not. the shield in 1.6 could be bought only by CT, that's a big difference.
2012-09-25 01:21
7 replies
How not? T have to rush and plant C4, CTs dont.
2012-09-25 04:07
6 replies
CTs have to overtake. But yeah, it will make CT sided maps even more CT sided.
2012-09-25 07:27
1 reply
good point
2012-09-25 10:58
" T have to rush and plant C4 " and this is why noobs shouldn't commnent about molotovs .... have you even seen a proper CS match? T's actually camp 50% of the rounds most of the time ....rushing early on is just a waste
2012-09-25 10:21
1 reply
wath you say is correct but at some time, the terrorist will have to make a move, and it can be stoped with a molotov that can gain precious seconds so that CT's can call back up. CT's will always have advantage no metter wath......
2012-09-25 13:54
get bomb down, use Molotov to cut off one way they can attack
2012-09-26 16:48
1 reply
and im sure theres plenty of ways to throw them from t side to ct positions
2012-09-26 16:48
True. But after plant T can throw fire on bomb side or window and doors on dust2 etc...
2012-09-25 08:34
no offence, but the shield was a heap of shit. If you can't beat a team or player with a shield you are absolutely awful at the game.
2012-09-25 10:55
4 replies
the shield can cover more than one person, just saying
2012-09-25 11:47
3 replies
yeah if your pushing into retaking b on dust 2 or something, it may have its uses, but I still feel you'd rather have an m4- and if not, it adds new gameplay (which is nice to see)
2012-09-25 12:32
2 replies
my point was: it makes defusing impossible if u pull it off.
2012-09-25 12:34
1 reply
ah yeah forgot that, think both points still stand tho :P
2012-09-25 20:19
I think It's going to serve as a trial run to see if they belong in competitive CS, can't really imagine it going well though and I'm sure this will be the first and last major tournament with the inclusion of the molotov cocktail.
2012-09-25 00:57
2 replies
i hope so. +1
2012-09-25 01:04
then why are you telling me? make ur own comment
2012-09-25 01:07
this new tactical element. this is not bad
2012-09-25 01:50
5 replies
I didn't ask for ur opinion
2012-09-25 02:04
3 replies
I not answer you. I say what this not bad
2012-09-25 02:09
You post your opinion on an open forum, and then get mad when someone disagrees? Grow up.
2012-09-25 02:31
1 reply
2012-09-25 15:04
agree fully. it's too expensive to use without a strategy in mind. it only adds to the game
2012-09-25 02:20
Australia snyper
while I agree, I do feel it'll be a case of the players take a stand just as they did with TFT monitors and shields and decide for themselves that these grenades aren't going to be used. We can't always rely on competitions to get it right. Sometimes we need to take hold of the future with our own hands.
2012-09-25 04:57
nice fail
2012-09-25 00:49
i dont believe many people will waste money with it tbh..
2012-09-25 00:51
Brazil sicariuswtf
how much damage molotov cocktail does?
2012-09-25 00:52
5 replies
like 5dmg every second or smth like that
2012-09-25 00:56
3 replies
How long does it last?
2012-09-25 00:58
1 reply
6/7 seconds.
2012-09-25 01:06
it's a lot more, standing in it for full duration can kill you even with 100 hp and armor
2012-09-25 01:15
Idk about that, they're a great rush stopper and deterrent for late round attacks on ct side. You might not see them early rounds, but 2nd and 3rd guns if the ct's have been putting up a fight, you'll prob see them.
2012-09-25 01:06
lol , what a fail hahaah!
2012-09-25 00:52
ESWC retarded?
2012-09-25 00:52
3 replies
if you where here in 2011 i think you will now that answer
2012-09-25 00:58
2 replies
2010 wasn't that good either.
2012-09-25 01:01
1 reply
yeah it seems that they always have problems (in last years) and bs ceo's
2012-09-25 01:06
Should remove it for sure.
2012-09-25 00:53
how long this fire is on floor and how many dmg ?
2012-09-25 00:54
6 replies
7 seconds i think? I think it can do like 90 damage if you just stand there the whole time.
2012-09-25 01:00
Just tested, it lasts 7 seconds and kills you with 100hp and armour if you just stand in it.
2012-09-25 01:05
4 replies
I'm more interested in how much damage it does when you jump through it as soon as possible. No one wants to stand in a fire. I wonder if it is better to way or just to run through.
2012-09-25 05:12
3 replies
dont know if you can stack, maybe can jump on a friends head and jump over it? :D
2012-09-25 11:24
1 reply
what is this, Circus-Strike:Global Offensive?
2012-09-25 11:51
they stack, running thru 2 of them will leave you with 1 hp source, tested it myself
2012-09-25 23:31
Plant the bomb, put molotof and win the round :)
2012-09-25 00:57
3 replies
ESWC organizers have announced that Molotov cocktails (or Incendiary grenades for CTs)
2012-09-25 00:59
2 replies
You'r right, my bad xD
2012-09-25 01:04
Finland FRGVN
dude what the fuck are you talkin' about? Molotov(T) or Incendiary grenades(CT) are allowed. that's what it means!
2012-09-25 01:44
2012-09-25 00:57
just strike and don't use it ...
2012-09-25 00:59
DAT FAIL LOL also de_train_se is the worst map, they should remove it
2012-09-25 01:01
1 reply
Finland FRGVN
well I like it but its just an opinion.
2012-09-25 01:43
2012-09-25 01:03
LOL fail, the molotovs are OP. Imagine the CTs trying to defuse a bomb that is covered with fire for as long as it takes for the c4 to explode? That grenade should be banned even from pub servers.
2012-09-25 01:10
16 replies
ESWC organizers have announced that Molotov cocktails (or Incendiary grenades for CTs)
2012-09-25 01:20
2 replies
only for cts, uh? But, why HLTV hasn't reported about the limitation?
2012-09-25 01:34
Molotov cocktails for T and Incendiary grenades for CTs.
2012-09-25 02:05
its only allowed for ct's... still sucks though
2012-09-25 01:22
2 replies
? It's allowed for everyone
2012-09-25 01:32
Finland FRGVN
dude what the fuck are you talkin' about? Molotov(T) or Incendiary grenades(CT) are allowed. that's what it means!
2012-09-25 01:44
It lasts for 7 seconds. The bomb takes 35 seconds to explode. You really haven't played this game LOL. You still bash on it, however.
2012-09-25 04:15
9 replies
7 seconds per grenade 5 players per team can buy the grenade Now do the math: 7x5 PS: I have been testing GO since March.
2012-09-25 04:51
6 replies
Yes because that's a completely viable tactic. Tell me, what are your priorities as a Terrorist post-plant? When you have CTs running in from all sides, would you focus on putting molotovs on the bomb? Also, how often do you think all five players on a team can buy a molotov?
2012-09-25 05:38
2 replies
Let's say the bomb is ticking and has 7 seconds left to explode, u got a molotov, what should you do, what should the CT do when u throw it on top of the c4? anyone who tries to defuse it will die :(
2012-09-25 11:51
1 reply
That is extremely situational, and I have not come across anything like it, or seen anything like it in GO thus far.
2012-09-25 23:49
You mean a team will spend 4250 on molotovs just for the bomb to detonate? -.- Cool story.
2012-09-25 06:47
2 replies
It's good for me to spend 4k to win the round and get another 3k+ each.
2012-09-25 10:54
1 reply
there is too many factors to even suggest this- the only way is to let them play it out and if its good, great, if not, its fine.
2012-09-25 11:50
2012-09-25 05:23
1 reply
The beta is deleted from your library once the game is released :) proof I've been in the beta:
2012-09-25 05:30
fail rules
2012-09-25 01:10
molotovs are fair like p90
2012-09-25 01:12
way to go WOW
2012-09-25 01:22
not like csgo is gonna get half of the viewers of sc2 anyway
2012-09-25 01:22
yea, go ahead, fuck this game up more than it is
2012-09-25 01:23
ESWC order players to play CS GO with pads on PS3.
2012-09-25 01:26
Brazil hono
Buy dual, p90 and molotovs and you can star at mercenaries 3.
2012-09-25 01:28
...And two flashbangs available for each player :D Nice move from ESWC and DH Winter, wasn't expecting much love from HLTVer since they just can't stand anything new or innovative.
2012-09-25 01:31
The way I see it, it just adds a new element to the game. It's not cheap for a grenade and it needs to be used at the right place at the right time in order to have any effect. The currently brought up arguments against it are that it prevents rushing (don't flashes and smokes also in a way? It's just 7 seconds and if your rush is blown, you need to adjust), and that it can be used to prevent defusing in the last seconds. It can prevent planting as well, but what's so wrong about that? We actually get a new aspect that players need to think about, and that the clever ones will use to their advantage. It's not like every player will be running around with a Molotov every round and save it for the very last seconds... And plus you have to sacrifice one flashbang for it. But still, I'm open to other arguments so someone please explain to me why this is so bad as most of the comments make it out to be :)
2012-09-25 01:37
17 replies
arguments ? They didn't try the game more than 1-2 hours... Molotov worked very well during the ESWC.NA and FR qualifiers.
2012-09-25 01:38
2 replies
americans are all using it aswell and apparently nobody is really bothered about it
2012-09-25 02:40
I played it for like 300hours csgo, i played maybe 40 official game at high level and molotov f*ck this game. ESWC should allow 1 or 2 molotov per team but no more. We played ESWC qualifier this week and we played against a team who had 5 molotov, on train for example, bombsite b you cant win the round when youre T, molotov block the map. You cant realize it if you dont play against a team who use at 100% and people who allow molotov cant understand it. (btw i was agree for the molotov before this game..). Juste restrict it !
2012-09-25 05:04
Well the modified money system kinda balances out the expensiveness of it all, a couple of kills on an eco with a p90 will result in an unbalanced gun rounds, with a team racking up lots of money. (Up to 12000 on a 4th round). Sacrificing the flashbang is not that big of a deal since every dead body drops their nades. Though it is somewhat interesting considering the ecos right now are so dangerous, having molotovs kinda helps.
2012-09-25 02:28
3 replies
I would rather see changes to the money system (even though that is also a new aspect to the game) as it now brings out other issues of one team having too much of an advantage, not just with molotovs. About flashbangs, sure you can pick them up, but at the beginning of the round when you are making the decision flashbang or molotov, you won't be counting on "oh i'll pick up a fb later on in the round after i get rid of this molotov". It will depend on your game plan, tactic for that round, or moment of inspiration, so there's still a choice to be made. Anyway, we can all keep making theories of what could happen, but until we see it in action and until someone actually does manage to abuse it like so many people claim would happen, we won't know where molotovs stand, so ESWC could be a good chance to see that.
2012-09-25 03:00
2 replies
Totally agree with you.
2012-09-25 03:58
True about the money system, though i kinda like it, though readjusting the reward amount is necessary. (that damn expensive kit as well) Well the flashbang issue kinda balances itself out, if you really need two to run a strat you can always not buy a he or a smoke. im actually all for it, just playing devil's advocate. Getting mauled by a molotov in front of you and one behind while having team-mates beside you is not a fun position, but it will be a matter of adjusting to a new gameplay, it still takes skill and timing to throw an effective molotov.
2012-09-25 07:58
The "it stops rushes" aspect is such a cop out in my opinion. The thing costs $850, its not something one CT on each side of the map is purchasing every round to "stop rushes." Even if they did, the CT's really have to think about whether its wise to use it because its totally not worth dropping haphazardly. I mean, lets just say in this hypothetical scenario that the CT's on every choke point of a map are in fact buying molotovs every round and putting a complete stop to a rush. Any decent Terrorist sided strat caller should be smart enough to catch on to it fast enough to start throwing fakes and putting the CT's into a position where they are just blowing $850 for every round that they try it. Personally, I'm all for the molotov. Because of how short it lasts, the thing takes skill and thinking to use properly and I would say its the same case with the decoy nade. Its easy to be a CS veteran of 10 years, play CS:GO for a few minutes and say that the decoy and molotov are stupid additions but if people actually play the game then I think people would see that they really aren't bad and in a way, they add an interesting, much needed, fresh dynamic to the game.
2012-09-25 04:16
2 replies
2012-09-25 08:37
I don't think a decoy is in any way better than a flash or HE, it's very obvious in the first 2 seconds if it's a player or just a decoy. I didn't see any good teams on tournaments or scrim use it, pretty sure there won't be very many decoy strats or much use for it for that matter. Though maybe I'm wrong, time will tell.
2012-09-25 12:13
Add to the newspost that there will be 2 flashbangs also (ESWC confirmed it when someone asked @ Twitter).
2012-09-25 10:32
Because it promotes slow and passive play in a game that should be fast and punishing.
2012-09-25 11:08
1 reply
Well, I can't disagree with this point, it does slow down the game.
2012-09-25 14:16
Of course it can prevent planting, but a) one molotov can't cover the whole site on most maps and b) You don't have a CT sitting around waiting for you to start planting, most of the times you just plant when the site is clear. On the other hand, the Ts are waiting for you to start defusing, which makes defending extremely easier if you have a molotov in hand.
2012-09-25 11:13
2 replies
I wasn't really trying to point out that it's equal for both sides, just added another thing that could be interesting for people to use it for. But ok, let's say Ts have that advantage on the bombsite, that would still be something players need to consider - where to plant the c4, to time the molotov throw, to avoid the CT killing them while they're waiting to throw a molotov, etc.. On the other hand, CTs have the advantage during the attack to a bombsite. Ts won't have much use of a molotov when attacking, but CTs can prevent entry with it. I'm sure people would be pissed off at first when someone does it to them, but that doesn't mean it's overpowered.. Back when crouch-hop was used for the first time people complained that it gives an unfair advantage to those who peek, that it messed up the hitboxes and it was even banned at big tournaments, but look at it today, everyone adjusted and it's completely normal. That might be kinda similar to the molotov situation, people who had it happen to them are annoyed cause they didn't know what to do, how to adjust, but in time they could figure it out.
2012-09-25 13:45
1 reply
Well, crouch-hop is kinda different thing, it gives you 1v1 advantage, it's not exactly round-winning advantage as the molotov/inc grenade can be. Just consider a guy in 1vX (even 1v5) situation on a hidden spot, 10 seconds into boom and he wins the round only and only by throwing 1 grenade. Isn't that a thing we don't want? Valve (or ESWC organisers) should consider rethinking the molotov, which is like a fun thing for public play, but completely different during competitive matches.
2012-09-25 15:38
Yes, flashes also prevents rushing. The big difference, however, is that if you're a superior you can avoid these flashes. How does one avoid the molotov?
2012-09-26 18:38
the problem is the second you throw a flash at a site you can get a molotov dropped on you and your whole execution is blown. if 3 CTs at the site you're attacking have them and know how to use them, you're fucked also it doesnt say theyre CT only, i dont know who thought thats what it says or how.
2012-09-25 01:44
1 reply
right i never thought about that. IF the CT really times his molotov well he could not only destroy a timed rushed but also the build. example on dd2 catwalk stairs: If his mate died there and makes a call like 4 or 5 guys are taking catwalk on and he knows when they peak out he could stop the front for taking on A spot.Especially since 2 guys cover it. And another ct could stop the back of catwalk with throwing another molotov. now a few flashes/grenades in there and they are really fucked.
2012-09-25 14:58
For T's will be really easy, one tactic bound to be like save all your molotovs in the team and put all 5 (if they didnt die) on the bomb afterplant, of course do it later when the bomb tics abit faster than the beginning so ct cant defuse :P FAIL BY ESWC!!!!!!!!!
2012-09-25 01:51
5 replies
Yea man it really happens so often that the T's can just plant the bomb, the CT's dont shoot at you at all and you just all throw your molotov 1 by 1 at the bomb. The CT's just try to defuse, they don't shoot you ofc cause they are there to keep the peace. Oh wait that doesn't happen at all.
2012-09-25 04:11
4 replies
You got it all wrong man, there are rounds like you rush B-site and do a succeed take there by killing 2 players that stands there, and you plant the bomb, and some times it might be that all T's survive and can do the idea I posted up Î
2012-09-25 04:16
2 replies
So the 3 remaining CT's rush to the bombsite, ignore the remaining Terrors, and try to defuse the bomb while being molotoved by the Terrors, camping in the back of the site or some shit? Really this doesn't happen.
2012-09-25 04:21
1 reply
No, I didnt mean like that, as CT turns around to help they will be fire fights and such but as the time progresses, the T's can just decide to drop the molotovs on the bomb then continue to firefight until they win. and I dont really mean 1 mins later or anything, its matter of seconds, since ct's retakes might be really quickly either way.
2012-09-25 04:28
What he's saying in general is pretty stupid but they are still awesome in holding sites, even with 3 people staying alive you can just keep CTs out, for example on B if you take it, lose two people you can just molotov dark, double doors etc, slowing down retake time or forcing them to take a different route, its just cheap unskilled tactics and play really. just wait and see there will be many rounds where a molotov will decide the round but it will be in a fashion that would make a live crowd go Boooo.
2012-09-25 11:16
thats really bad , molotovs get the game less skilled ..
2012-09-25 01:54
Italy cele87
molotov 'cause are competitive!!!! really so sad, is this real in 2012 the worst game ever? BAH
2012-09-25 01:58
He who controls the spice, controls the universe
2012-09-25 01:58
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
I've been playing with and without it. Doesn't cause too many problems, It's just as good at keeping Ts out of the site, as it is keeping CTs out on the retake, so I don't think it is too CT biased. All in all though, I'd prefer it without Molotov, as on some maps, if coordinated well, they can remove the fast play element completely, which makes games boring to watch.
2012-09-25 02:08
1 reply
Yeap. I don't feel molotovs are imba or annoying that much, they just make the game a lot slower if both teams know how to use them properly.
2012-09-25 04:12
seems like a pretty bad decision.
2012-09-25 02:11
I'd prefer to play without them, but with them isnt so bad anymore. it was a lot worse in previous patches... They are overpowered, sure, but they are expensive and in a close match you rarely have enough cash to constantly buy them
2012-09-25 02:27
1 reply
this and you can dodge it kinda easily
2012-09-25 09:14
Brazil hugoooo
Omg they're not even trying to help their broken game: - They won't use the 'good' maps ( ). - Thwy will allow molotovs... wow!
2012-09-25 02:50
4 replies
love those map !
2012-09-25 06:36
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Them maps are in beta, not even been properly released or used by most teams yet. If the community backs them, and starts using them all the time, the tournaments will use them too.
2012-09-25 10:42
2 replies
Brazil hugoooo
The game is brand new, don't you think the best way to make the teams play on these maps is using them on a big tournament like ESWC? After this, most likely all the other tournaments would use it too. The game didn't even had one major tournament, this is the right time to replace the crap original GO maps, just before the teams gets used to them.
2012-09-25 20:32
1 reply
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Yeah I agree, and hopefully one will make a stand and do this. But it's unlikely they will do this unless a big company releases a map, or the community all back one of the upcoming versions. Didn't sk release an inferno version? Or perhaps should realise the power they actually have, and do a vote on which inferno should be used.
2012-09-25 21:04
the ce maps are just 99% 1.6 maps, so that doesn't mean they are better, just more like 1.6 and molotovs add a huge impact to the game, I believe they'll make the game much more entertaining.
2012-09-25 03:01
Even though i'm a CS:GO hater, i'm not an hater cause of molotoves.... I don't really understand why you hate them... maybe because you don't know use them properly? It just adds more strategy to the game. I would complain more about shotguns... if they are not forbiden then, by 2nd and 3rd rounds everyone should be using nova as it's very powerfull for low budget rounds not to talk about the killing reward.
2012-09-25 03:07
3 replies
CS:GO hater, I think they'll nerf shotguns and p90 cash rewards because several players have complained about this.. Now a lot of professional teams changed to cs:go, from cs:s and cs 1.6. Players from these communities have given their approval to the commands that improve recoil and also stated that they work perfectly. There are maps that are pretty much the same as 1.6. For what I see, Valve has to make a few changes in the game (hope it comes in the next update) to make the game a lot better.
2012-09-25 04:54
2 replies
I'm going to love this game!
2012-09-25 05:55
As it's now, i prefer CSPromod over CS:GO. I won't raise my hopes because Valve has disappointed me on CS from the beggining.
2012-09-25 17:22
I think it was a good move buy ESWC. I think we will see alot of new plays and new tactics by this! Which means alot of interesting counter strike! This will be fun!
2012-09-25 03:21
Good move in my opinion, teams haven't had the chance to fully utilize IG's to the point where we can say that they should not be allowed in competitive GO. Hopefully after this event we'll get a better look at how they can be used properly and go from there. Looking forward to watching the event.
2012-09-25 03:56
1 reply
completly agree.
2012-09-25 09:14
Anyone who thinks the molotov is a problem really hasn't played much of CS:GO. The thing is incredibly expensive so its unrealistic to say that it will stop rushes because nobody is going to drop $850 for the possibility of stopping a rush when the T's may not even rush in the first place. Even if it were the case, it lasts for a very short amount of time so your timing with the enemy rush would have to be very good. Even get_right himself has said in interviews that molotovs aren't that big of a problem if you just run straight through it. I totally expect teams to use it, I think its a fine addition much like the decoy nade, but its not nearly as overpowered as many would have you believe. It can really dent a teams money situation and it takes some skill to use properly so I don't see how its a problem at all.
2012-09-25 04:06
3 replies
Logic is a rare commodity here.
2012-09-25 09:30
thanks for the information, didn't know that :)
2012-09-25 10:41
ESWC will just give it a try thats all. Like you said its not going to be a problem and no one will buy them if they are low on money. People just flame for no reason
2012-09-25 13:28
this is counter-strike?
2012-09-25 05:06
Molotov! gg
2012-09-25 07:15
they are to expensive am i right?
2012-09-25 08:09
Russia Lk-
2012-09-25 08:31
atleast we can see "Sick" ACEs /w molotov
2012-09-25 08:41
3 replies
Much like most of the 1.6 community, it sounds like you need to play more of the game before you propagate more BS. You're more likely to ace with a glock than even getting more than 2 kills with the molotov in a round and since the glock is free and not $850, its probably a lot more advantageous too.
2012-09-25 09:09
2 replies
That is false actually.
2012-09-25 10:25
1 reply
Thanks for telling us why.
2012-09-25 11:32
It's not that big of a deal tbh. They're super expensive so no team is gonna buy like 5 every round.
2012-09-25 09:21
So many noobs here.. this just makes the game waaaaay more tactical and fun..... can you kids just stfu.. rly hate that this comunity cant handle changes.. Great move by ESWC
2012-09-25 09:26
bad move imo
2012-09-25 09:47
People are talking like the molotov will make any difference for any of the team, both can use equal if they have money. Especially no one will use them in tight games if the money situation is low especially when they cost 850$ each i believe
2012-09-25 09:56
Ok, why they didn't allowed the shield on 1.6 then ? eswc turned into a big ass sh!t.
2012-09-25 10:10
3 replies
You can't compare with the CS shield which was only for CTs. The molotov here can be bought by both side.
2012-09-25 10:55
Because shield is only 1 sided?
2012-09-25 13:23
1 reply
#179 ps : avoid the last santence, this's not for you =)
2012-09-25 13:25
Pimp | 
Denmark Pimp
.............Some big lans, go togehter and make a rule set plz. Its fucking waste of time, play whit molotovs at ESWC but not to slap live. MOLO are like shield in 1.6, a freaking fucking bad idea, so go remove it, and make the game a little bit more fun playing :=)
2012-09-25 10:31
The game is at its beginning. Let see what will happen and I'm personally curious to watch pro using new stuff like that. At least both CSS and CS players will be at the same level.
2012-09-25 10:52
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Good point. It should be interesting
2012-09-25 13:24
realy bad move eswc
2012-09-25 10:59
Molotovs -,-' i thought it was only for naabs, RIP strats ...
2012-09-25 11:10
dont worry they will delete it if here soo many peoples saying thats fail :)
2012-09-25 12:05
walle | 
United States nixt
I think it's gonna be the worst tournament in whole ESWC history.
2012-09-25 12:14
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you said the true.
2012-09-25 13:25
I knew that even before the molotow news guess why
2012-09-25 17:33
So many off topic comments on ESWC. Why so much hate and rage ? Also, glad to see that nothing changed, people still love change :DDD
2012-09-25 12:26
tHm | 
Denmark tHm
Haha that's absolutely ridiculous.
2012-09-25 12:55
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true gamer there !
2012-09-25 13:04
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tHm | 
Denmark tHm
:D. But seriously the molotov gotz to go!
2012-09-25 13:41
thank god
2012-09-25 13:14
This argument is so stupid that the cost of the grenade counters people using them? You win pistol, buy overpowered p90, get 2-3 kills and you have like 11-12k by round 4. It's a stupid idea to allow them, or at least we should be able to purchase water grenades and fire resistant armour or something.. ;)
2012-09-25 13:39
Nothing wrong with the Molotov, it adds a long needed fresh and new dynamic to Counter-Strike. Furthermore, both sides can use it and you will do a side change anyways after 15 rounds. So no team has a real advantange over the other team. The problem lies mainly at the 1.6 dinosaurs who constantly keep complaining about how Counter-Strike: Globel Offensive doesn't resemble their precious Counter-Strike 1.6. In other words, there is no real will to learn new things and adapt to the constantly changing gameplay. But hey, just keep on complaining guys, it adds some additional entertainment value to this website.
2012-09-25 14:08
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''So no team has a real advantange over the other team'' I invite you to play inferno T side first vs a good opponent and after taking maximum 2 3 rounds to post this again.
2012-09-25 14:16
99,99% on here are only gonna watch ESWC games, not actually play it so why acting like big cry babies?
2012-09-25 14:11
i see a lot of noobs here speaking about '' molotovs are not like 1.6 shields'' , ''rushing early is just a waste''... i have a question, have you played this game more than 200 hours[including gathers, cups,pcws] and have an idea on how it works or you're speaking only because you exist?! with molotovs you can't only stop the rushes but you can assume advanced positions from where you can pick up easily 1 or 2 enemies and than fall back in the bs.... just immagine what a CT team can do with 5 molotovs well placed, with the good timing. On the other part the T molotovs are not so flexible... there are few positions like inferno banana if you have spawn or dust2 long but you need a lot of practice and good timing to hit the incoming cts ''in head''. The T molotovs are useless from my point of wiew, the CT sided maps will be more unbalanced, when you will not find a break point into an enemy defence you will not rush..guess what?! because you can't do that either. I love CS.GO but i would prefer to play with 2fb1he1smk than with molotovs. Btw the smokes in this game are like molototvs with the difference that they don't do dmg... so BAN THE MOLOTOVS PLEASE!
2012-09-25 14:12
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2012-09-25 15:48
2012-09-25 15:22
shit tov's
2012-09-25 15:33
Since I don't really care about CS:GO meta-game I'm going ahead and say it: This could lead to some seriously hilarious shit. GJ ESWC.
2012-09-25 16:13
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2012-09-25 17:32
This is so bad. fucking noobs using this molotov shit
2012-09-25 16:16
2012-09-25 16:31
dsn | 
India sRik
Molotov + cocktails = Mocktail CHEERs bro :D tralala
2012-09-25 17:20
Again this disparity in the rules set...
2012-09-25 17:22
Most people's complaints aren't actually based on anything other than they don't like the fact they are going to have to change the way their team plays. Molatovs allow different tactics, they add an extra dynamic, team's will learn to use them well. Then people will learn to counter team. That's how the game evolves. As 1.6 got more and more competitive team's worked out better strategies. Maps that were once considered biased towards T or CT became less so with more unpredictable scores. I find molatovs interesting, I want to see what the top team's can come up with tactically when using them or how other teams will counter it. Molatovs benefit teams that put work into new tactics and are willing to embrace new ideas which I think is a good thing. They will harm teams who were perhaps good at 1.6 or CSS and complacently think they'll be able to dominate CS:GO. The thought of removing them because of whining that players are faced with a new challenge seems entirely counter-productive to me.
2012-09-25 18:29
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You see the difference between the other nades and molotovs are that a molotov can stop an execute in it's tracks without any skill, you will be hard pressed to convince me that throwing a molotov at the entrance of b on inferno is hard or takes any amount of skill because it does not. Nobody should be winning rounds from something you can do so safely and easily and gaining so much from. Not to mention if a molotov happens to land on you in a corner or certain parts of a map you will die from 100 hp to 0 with having no chance in the round, how is change good when the consequences are bad. Molotovs break the game but let me ask you this would you feel "out played" if you had the bomb down at A on inferno in a 1v1 and a CT that rotated from B came and picked one up from one of your team mates and threw it randomly into the back of site and it killed you from 100 hp to 0? Doubt it. Smokes don't ensure a loss of a round neither do flashes and neither do nades but molotovs can and it's retarded.
2012-09-26 12:41
Stupid molotovs...
2012-09-25 22:53
we will lose the good rounds situacions. 1 (10hp) x 3 trwoh molo Ct's win, wowowow
2012-09-26 01:22
de_miragecsgo is a finding, very good map I like the boxes in dust2 should be so
2012-09-26 02:54
There is alot of problems with the molotov. The biggest reason for me to think that molotovs should be banned is becouse: If CT's wins the pistol round they will be able to buy 5 moltovos the first weapon round. Even if the terrorist's do 2 full ecos they wont be able to buy full and 5 molotovs. The molotovos favours the team with the momentum to much. And you cant make them cheaper either, becouse they are to powerful to make them cheaper. HPE/VALVE has not been thinking about the balance issue with the molotov. They could
2012-09-26 15:50
Only one thing is needed.... make a complitely new competitive mappool for 1.6, and play with it for another 5 years :) Way much better than this 21th century graphics fetish. For sure i'll try CS:GO at some point, but i saw it, and its ugly. The pistols are just like they've been eaten a lot of fast food in the last few years etc.
2012-09-27 12:53
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