Neo: "Afraid we won't reach 1.6 level"

We sat down with ESC Gaming star Filip "Neo" Kubski for a quick chat about his one-event stint with at PGS and his own team's transition to CS:GO.

The Polish hot-shot was on Thursday confirmed as a stand-in for at the Portuguese event, which will run from October 11-14 in Oporto, stepping into the shoes of Sergey "hally" Shavaev.

This could well be the last chance to see Kubski in action in 1.6, following ESC Gaming's decision to switch to CS:GO after the TECHLABS event in Ukraine, where the 'Golden Five' finished in third place.

In this exclusive interview, Kubski shares his expectations about the upcoming experience with the Russian team and gives his opinion about CS:GO as a competitive title and his team's transition to Valve's new game.

You were yesterday announced as a stand-in for at PGS. How did this offer come along and what made you accept it?

Since I have known OverDrive for a few years already, after a small talk at TECHLABS he told me their fifth player (hally) has some passport issues and asked me if I were interested in going to Portugal as their stand-in. Around 2-3 years ago there was a similar situation but I had to refuse the offer back then since my team had something else planned with the G5. This time I am very happy that I can accept the invitation.

With four Russian players and one Polish, there are a lot of questions about how the communication during matches will be handled. How will you handle this issue?

That is a good question! I do not speak Russian, some of them cannot speak English, so that might be a problem of course. On the other hand, during these days, when teams cannot practice as much as they used to, teamplay is not as big of a deal as it used to be. I hope we will find the solution for that, though, maybe I will be just running around doing whatever I want. We still need to figure that out!

How will the team practice for the tournament? Do you have any goals set?

Not really. We have not even spoken of anything yet, since we decided about that just yesterday.

Earlier in the week, your team officially switched to CS:GO. How has it been going for you guys? Is there a big difference between your level and that of NiP or VeryGames?
We have not played against those teams for a while now, but it feels there is a big difference. Of course we were always bad online and especially in practice games, but I am afraid we will not be able to reach the level we had had in 1.6. The game is much different and there is a lot to learn, but of course as always we are trying our best.

There were still two big 1.6 events on the calendar - PGS and DreamHack Bucharest. What made you skip them and move to CS:GO at this time? Did you feel that if you did not switch right now, you would lose further ground to the teams who are already at the top in GO?

It was not exactly our own decision to skip those events. It is pretty hard to keep practicing CS:GO and then go to a 1.6 event. Just as you saw at TECHLABS - that was totally random for us. We practiced as a team in 1.6 for like 2-3 days, since the only teams who were practicing at that time were the ones who were going to the event. But even they did not want to practice against us, saying that we were going to face each other on LAN.

Were you surprised that your team did not make it to the final at TECHLABS?

No, not really - we knew it was going to be random.

Earlier in the year, even before CS:GO was officially released, TaZ said that the game was unplayable and not ready to be used at a competitive level. Has his opinion changed?

I guess you will have to ask him that question again, but as far as I know, his opinion has not changed.

What do you think about the game? Are there any changes that you would like to see introduced?

Personally I would like to see lots of changes. Right now, you just do not get that satisfaction while playing, the feeling of owning anyone like you had in 1.6.

Which events does your team plan on attending?

As far as I know we will go to DreamHack Winter, and we are trying to get the invite for ESWC since we applied for that yesterday.

United Kingdom DipiN 
Sad :/
2012-10-05 13:27
...but I am afraid we will not be able to reach the level we had had in 1.6. Of course. The game limit you. The game is much different and there is a lot to learn, but of course as always we are trying our best. You're just being nice, Neo.
2012-10-05 15:58
what's he being nice about? He's genuinely answering the question... different game, his 1.6 playing experience means nothing. He'll have to learn new things, but he'll done fine because he is a hard worker and so is his team.
2012-10-05 16:21
his 1.6 playing experience means a lot imo. if it didnt mean anything it would mean that when he installs the game hes on the same lvl as a random teenager, which is obviously not true. the only problem are the maps, recoil and whatever there is new for him
2012-10-05 20:42
A quality FPS game won't differ for even a centimeter to another quality FPS game, in term of 'feel'. Speed, accuracy, and non-randomness, are the requirements for an FPS game to be top notch. For an FPS game to differ to another of its kind in that aspect, by no other definition is being 'less' or 'more'. There is nothing such as 'different'. Assuming that both GO and 1.6 have the similar level of 'feel', then the only possible differences that need to be overcome and adapted would be GO's new features, maps, and the recoil of the weapons. They are not something that a player with the caliber of Neo would whine about. Therefore, the only possibility is that Neo was whining about how each of GO and 1.6 having a 'different feel'. That means, one of the two games would have inferior level of 'speed', 'accuracy', and 'non-randomness'. For the people who have a working common sense, definitely 'it' wouldn't be 1.6.
2012-10-05 21:15
you don't have a slightest idea what the hell you are talking about
2012-10-06 15:59
2012-10-06 17:41
Venezuela cubek 
Suck his dick :)
2012-10-05 17:52
I'm not sure why after out of nothing, you're telling me to suck someone of the same gender's genital.. Weird imagination..
2012-10-05 21:26
why is it sad?
2012-10-05 13:29
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
They are being forced out of 1.6 cause it's clearly dead, and no1 would practise against them for before the TECHLABS lan. And they clearly don't enjoy cs:go.
2012-10-05 13:33
guess its time for them to get real jobs
2012-10-05 13:35
CS:GO is like a real job: you don't like it, but you still need its money.
2012-10-05 14:12
2012-10-05 14:37
2012-10-05 15:38
if you don't enjoy your job, you've got the wrong job. I enjoy my job.
2012-10-05 16:22
And your job is ..? :)
2012-10-05 17:20
thought your mom knew
2012-10-06 20:27
2012-10-05 17:52
neo is rich bustard he's dad have some IT company and vidya games are just hobby for him :)
2012-10-05 15:57
That makes him a bastard?
2012-10-05 16:14
thats metaphor...
2012-10-05 16:23
you are so wrong dude:D his father is a teacher in highshool:D
2012-10-05 17:54
hm i read somewhere that he have a it company but if its wrong thx for corection :)
2012-10-05 18:12
nopeee, he was one of Cybersport owners but he was still teaching kids same time- he left cybersport last year.
2012-10-05 18:15
India Godz. 
problems produced by Valve to sell CS:GO copies and nothing else lol.. everything was fine 6 months back when the game wasn't announced.
2012-10-05 14:12
Serbia Lzrk 
You really love yourself, huh?
2012-10-05 15:14
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2012-10-05 16:19
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Doesnt everybody? Themselves i mean, not dv ;p
2012-10-05 22:19
Slovakia sanjuro 
it is sad, they are forced to play CS:GO or quit CS scene. They will not be pleasured by playing that game, but obviously they want to earn money so they have to keep up. For casual play CS:GO is funny, but at competitive level it is real shit.
2012-10-05 13:51
Right now, you just do not get that satisfaction while playing, the feeling of owning anyone like you had in 1.6. - feel exactly the same!
2012-10-05 13:33
This is temporary. At first i also felt it.
2012-10-05 13:51
im pretty sure that you don't play cs:go more time than neo
2012-10-05 14:10
Bullshit. I'm played CS GO since first months of beta. Neo plays LoL much more than GO.
2012-10-05 14:19
Finland pulu 
i have 105hours behind at csgo but i cant get the feeling what i had in 1.6. sure i can get kills but sometimes it feels how did i miss that shot where did the bullets go and im thinking what did i do wrong and i cant find answer and sometimes i immediately kill in same kind of situation i just cant figure out what is making it so weird. its like sometimes you can kill enemy fast but sometimes you cant even kill player who is carrying clock he runs and shoots like 3-5bullets all hitting me head or chest and im also moving and stopping for like few seconds to fire burst ok i hit but only 1bullet then im dead. and at next round enemy has bigger gun and also i have and he dies without hitting me. movement is so weird and i think thats the reason the recoil feels so shit.
2012-10-05 14:48
Simply it's random game ^.^
2012-10-05 14:54
2012-10-05 15:06
That's called irregularity.
2012-10-05 16:00
nah, that's called randomness, thats exactly what I've felt when I was playing cs:go, this game won't be an esport game
2012-10-05 16:16
+1 for randomness.....
2012-10-05 17:13
Its funny cause 1.6 is quite random sometimes :P
2012-10-05 18:44
yeah random for 1.6 sometimes. cs:go is random all the time.
2012-10-05 18:57
already is
2012-10-06 12:59
They're pretty much the same thing. I wasn't against you..
2012-10-06 19:06
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
All of you saying its random, isnt that how cs felt the first months you played it? especially online. Maybe you will lose this feeling after a couple hundred hours more.
2012-10-05 22:22
it is the idea of difference between 1.6 and GO
2012-10-05 14:20
I know what he means,sometimes you dont even know you killed the guy, he just lays down like he is tired,I want the flyback headshots animation.
2012-10-05 16:43
"I want the flyback headshots animation." That's one of the most exciting parts of cs :D +1
2012-10-06 16:37
I vote for this one! Flyback headshot animation and a movement where I don't feel "fat" would be nice. Maybe I would reinstall this shaiiiiiiiT_Then
2012-10-06 23:28
I hope they can :D
2012-10-05 13:33
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Hope he gets as good in GO as he is in 1.6 :P
2012-10-05 13:33
i think it's almost impossible because its cearly they don't enjoy the game, and enjoy the game it's very important to keep you motivated to practice and be the best!
2012-10-05 13:35
Portugal picc 
So, he's going to be the best CS:GO player that ever existed? Doubt it.
2012-10-05 14:29
there wont be any cs:go "best player",they will all go to the same level and randomness+luck will decide the winner every time
2012-10-05 20:18
Although i don't like CS:GO, I disagree.
2012-10-05 20:53
>all told in here< "Personally I would like to see lots of changes. Right now, you just do not get that satisfaction while playing, the feeling of owning anyone like you had in 1.6. "
2012-10-05 13:34
Or course you can't be as good at run&spray as you were actually aiming&shooting
2012-10-05 13:36
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
F0rest can, maybe neo too ;)
2012-10-05 22:24
Poland camarpl 
somebody explain to me why so many tournaments switch to cs:go with 18k peak on steam, I mean, is it really possible that Valve pays EVERYONE to do that?
2012-10-05 13:36
tournaments switch to GO because its a new game. if the peak still on 18k, get ready to see the tournaments take off cs:go of the events. and that donsn't mean the return of 1.6 (sad)
2012-10-05 13:40
Poland camarpl 
this make no sense at all, then why there are no big CoD and BF tournaments? the only reasonable explanation i can come up with is that Valve pays all of them do to that, but are they really that rich?
2012-10-05 13:41
it's a new game of the counter strike collection, with very high expectations, it's normal that tournaments pick CS:GO in the begining.
2012-10-05 13:51
They didn't replace 1.6 with CSGO. They dropped 1.6 and picked up CSGO as it is a new game. The 2 just happened to coincide. As Carmac said with IEM, they aren't going to pick up CSGO to replace 1.6. They would pick it up if its popular or have no FPS at all.
2012-10-05 13:52
Poland camarpl 
well what you are saying makes it even more unbelievable that just like that they decided to invest money in new game with numbers 2x lower than css
2012-10-05 14:01
it obviously makes sense. Together. Valve released their product exactly the moment when every1( fans n organisations) had preasure n hope for sth new... to refresh everything cuz what they had(1.6) wasnt anymore sth they wished to invest money in.( cuz it was obviously going down)
2012-10-05 14:14
Poland camarpl 
so you are saying the reason they switched to cs:go is because 1.6 is going down, yet still i'm sure ESWC/Dreamhack finals in cs 1.6 would get 2x more viewers than cs:go, so still makes no sense to me
2012-10-05 14:19
India spiderCAKE I hope this article might clear your doubts on how CS:GO didn't replace CS1.6. CS1.6 was dropped by IEM neither CS:GO was picked up as main FPS title. As said by ashed they just happened to coincide leading to worldwide misconception of CS:GO replace 1.6. :)
2012-10-05 19:16
IEM is the only exception . eswc/dreamhack and many other "big events" replaced 1.6 with go,only iem (as carmac said) happened to drop 1.6 because of main interest in europe,and he said they might do 1.6 events when theyr main events will run in europe.
2012-10-05 20:25
Poland camarpl 
exactly, I get over9000 replies to my comment and I still don't see any logic in this switch, if tournament wants game with most viewers then 1.6 will always beat cs:go, obviously they would pick cs:go if valve payed them but you say they didn't so.......... I'm still confused ^^
2012-10-05 20:51
do you really believe 1.6 would be in this situation if there was no CS:GO?
2012-10-05 14:14
Take off your nostalgia glasses. 1.6 has been on its way out for a while now. Players have been quitting, sponsors have been disappearing, events have dropped the game and the community has been shrinking even before CS:GO was announced. As a North American, Counter-Strike has been almost dead here since around 2007/2008 and maybe in your neck of the woods nothing has changed, but it was always just a matter of time before more players left the scene. I mean look at the Korean and Chinese scene that shrunk at around the same time as North America. Look at the top tier players in Sweden other parts of Europe that left the scene even before CS:GO was announced. Maybe it never got as bad as it did here in North America but it was always approaching that point.
2012-10-05 14:31
exactly as Dare says, you are looking too small. The game has been removed on a global scale from competition, not from a local competition level. The fact was that it was being too narrowed in that only a few teams were competing and the prize money was being shifted into larger games which ad a more global spread.
2012-10-05 14:47
just look at the last big tourney played.. their were a lot of teams we hadn't seen at lan and it was exciting, now all we get in cs:go is 2-3 top teams and a bunch of randoms from cs:s that cant even compete
2012-10-05 16:07
You are seriously putting forward the idea that after 1 tournament with a minimal amount of european teams, 3 teams are dominating and there are "random" css teams? :P That is such an unrealistic attitude toward a game with so many possible top teams. Its almost impossible to know who will be in the top 3 spots of any LAN (although NIP have proved they'll be up there so far).
2012-10-05 16:14
this is the way it will be, cs 1.6 players that go to cs:go will simply dominate.. what more can i tell you, more experience, more skill, more knowledge. this game is gunna be dead by the end of the year, there rly isn't any rush and you cant lie to me and say it brings half of what 1.6 brought
2012-10-06 01:30
you're only saying that cuz ure from america where the scene is already dead... soo you have nothing more to look forward too except this new cod. all these top swedish players quit cuz they are getting old and its time to find a real career or they went to cs:go hoping for a brighter future. but we all know from watching how shit and boring the game is there is no future. we should have let cs 1.6 die then make something off of it that people can be excited about. its just another cs:s meant for casual gaming, the competitive scene will be boring as fuck so lets stop with the dream of cs:go becoming the next big thing cuz its a fkn embarrassment
2012-10-05 16:04
Clearly you dislike the game, but you seem to be putting forward your opinion as if its fact... Only a handful of 1.6 professionals have openly said they dislike the game. I assume you think the rest just secretly dislike it and are too ashamed to say it? Shocking news, apparently people can have their own opinions of games and at the moment tournaments seem to like it.
2012-10-05 16:17
just shut it you're lying to yourself and we both know it. you're fkn brainwashed now snap out of it
2012-10-06 01:35
India spiderCAKE 
I, too, agree with ashed. The problem with CS1.6 community was/is that they pay more attention to opinions that the top players have instead of forming their own opinion about the game. You really are right about CS:GO not becoming the next big thing BUT that only applies to the current CS1.6 community. Eventually, there will be players coming up who like CS:GO. Don't forget the new generation who might like this game. There might be people who never tried 1.6 but may like GO. So, anyway, GO will have its own fans and community.
2012-10-05 17:46
the problem is these guys are forced to play this game in order to continue playing cs competitive.. you think they enjoy this game anywhere near as much as 1.6 or would change if they had the choice. no shit they wont say the game they play sucks, that's just nature of the human mind. stop lying to yourself already i have nothing against cs:go i have something against valve for failing us all... they had plenty of time to work off both cs 1.6 and cs:s and they fkn failed us so yaa better believe im blasting this game
2012-10-06 01:34
They aren't forced, they enjoy competitive FPS so they switch. An actual job on minimum wage in the UK will probably pay just as well as most of these guys contracts...
2012-10-06 10:42
valve pays? CSGO is one big nothing for valve :D
2012-10-05 13:58
Valve isn't paying anyone anything.
2012-10-05 14:10
+1, wise words!
2012-10-05 13:56
2012-10-05 14:17
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
Bro, it's called HYPE
2012-10-05 13:42
Valve does not pay anyone, they only care about competitive Dota 2. I guess sponsors like Steelseries and what-have-you are pushing GO because 1.6 is an ancient game. Yes GAME, not "sport herp derp" bullshit.
2012-10-05 13:51
2012-10-05 13:57
you can't run and spray in CSGO... only in the anti eco rounds with p90 and mp7 but even then spraying is very hard in go...
2012-10-05 16:23
thats true. cs 1.6 = top !
2012-10-05 13:40
Quit the game if you don't like it...
2012-10-05 13:42
i would love to see a lot of changes he says. didnt even mention 1
2012-10-05 13:50
he doesn't know what he could change. it just feels bad.
2012-10-05 14:17
well its true , they wont.
2012-10-05 13:59
so if no practice before PGS, so it's time to take few days to up level your own skills and be like beast or aimbot ! :))
2012-10-05 14:09
If he and taz dont like cs:go now, they wont magically like it later. Im sure this is the end of an era for some of these big star players. Im guessing you will see players give it a try then eventually just disappear.
2012-10-05 14:16
Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov Filip "Neo" Kubski
2012-10-05 14:18
2012-10-05 17:43
da only reason they switch 2 Go coz lack of 1.6 events!! they hav no any option!!like esc switch if navi n fnatic also make a switch 2 Go! they r da teams who can realize all da players abt 1.6 history how much dey like da game N y 2 change into another fps game..if so den really 1.6 will b back n it stands in top it should b always..
2012-10-05 14:19
was that english?
2012-10-05 14:33
Im 100% sure he is Indian!
2012-10-05 15:26
"Afraid we won't reach 1.6 level" It's a bad choice for the title imo, because it could have 2 different meaning: 1) g5 will not reach the level they had in 1.6 in csgo (what neo said) 2) it could be: csgo will not reach 1.6 level
2012-10-05 14:23
"WE"? pretty clear for me
2012-10-05 14:28
We = It could be referred to the 1.6 community.
2012-10-05 20:33
You should always focus on the content inside the post rather than the title.
2012-10-05 14:33
I read all the interview my friend, I'm just saying that the title could deceive a bit.
2012-10-05 20:32
lol sounded clear to me..
2012-10-05 14:33
2012-10-05 14:50
+1, before reading the topic, i thought it means the second option.
2012-10-05 19:53
Time to retire ESC
2012-10-05 14:23
Yeah because you are playing LoL all the time dude!
2012-10-05 14:26
true that...
2012-10-05 14:34
ESC practise csgo 5 day in week 5h per day he said it on stream many times
2012-10-05 14:40
I don't watch stream. I jumped in twice but he was playing LoL both times so
2012-10-05 18:12
ye because after practice he playing LoL for relax, they are players, they didn't must doing it like in normal job full 5 days - per 1 day 5h cs:go play, it's more easy job so sometime u can see neo relaxing on LoL, to ur know they have practice in polish its ~6-11~ pm
2012-10-05 19:50
Portugal picc 
" maybe I will be just running around doing whatever I want. i hope we'll see the aggressive neo again.
2012-10-05 14:27
This makes me like iam cry i think i vrying littl to this ps: sry for littl eng
2012-10-05 14:32
Dude no apoligies needed, your english is great
2012-10-05 14:37
dont say that cuz he will not learn this more cuz he will think that his english is great xD
2012-10-05 15:05
do not afraid :D
2012-10-05 14:45
Switzerland CHEDEL 
Neo you're the man.
2012-10-05 14:50
Azerbaijan Talley 
maybe I will be just running around doing whatever I want. That would be awesome!
2012-10-05 14:52
+1. If you want anyone in your team just running around and doing whatever they want, its NEO :D
2012-10-05 16:23
i think that neo must keeps going just like most of the people don't like thier jobs that much but they have to make some money we cannot always do the things we like
2012-10-05 14:54
yea but also u want to have fun from what u doing ...
2012-10-05 15:15
So true! I got my lawyer degree last year but decided to become a garbage man instead.
2012-10-05 18:18
if we want to be THE BEST, we have to.
2012-10-05 19:55
its a new situation, a new game and i like neo & ESC i just dont want them to give up that fast maybe they'll find the way to have fun from it
2012-10-05 23:04
I can agree with this, you just said something else previously :)
2012-10-07 14:25
Slovakia EvErisT 
its true
2012-10-05 15:19
Sweden X-rAy 
time to quit. boyz, get a job cause we're too old for this shit. let the new generation decide what they wanna play. cs generation was between 2000-2008/9 PS: let blizzard make a new Counter strike, i bet everyone would switch. all blizzard games are amazing( they dont think only about graphics) they work it all, specially gameplay which is the reason why 1.6 was so successful.
2012-10-05 15:37
Blizzard is specialized on RPGs, I believe that FPS game made for competitive level from Blizzard would be a huge letdown.
2012-10-05 19:44
I don't really think that FPS games are Blizzard's specialty ;)
2012-10-05 20:02
diablo 3 was bad
2012-10-05 21:16
true story
2012-10-05 15:47
nice interview, gl esc in the future <3
2012-10-05 15:49
and someone said that all russians understands english :)
2012-10-05 16:06
Taiwan SCVready 
hope they can!
2012-10-05 16:18
ton | 
Brazil FavelaJz 
I agree with Neo in all aspects!
2012-10-05 16:20
Neo: "afraid" Thats all I need to know...lololol
2012-10-05 16:34
adapt or lose, nobody is forcing them to play GO.
2012-10-05 16:38
hell and heaven difference between cs:go and cs1.6 respectably :( still go promoters not dyng yet :|
2012-10-05 16:54
I bet they want to test it for the first tournaments and then they will decide if they keep playing it.
2012-10-05 17:37
Mr. Anderson afraid of not being good at cs:go?? HUAHEUEAHUEHEAUHEUA
2012-10-05 17:46
Completely makes sense what NEO said. What made a level ahead of others was his incredible movement in 1.6 which doesnt exist in CSGO.
2012-10-05 18:46
Brazil hugoooo 
Personally I would like to see lots of changes. Right now, you just do not get that satisfaction while playing, the feeling of owning anyone like you had in 1.6. This is exactly what most of us think. That 'feeling', that satisfaction, isn't there.
2012-10-05 20:01
Very good interview. PPL think if they own in 1.6 when switch to GO will be on same level and still kick ass. They won't reach it and someday quit. The game limit them. Even Neo have bad feeling what about rest team if they don't like new cs the motivation for train and play will go down. VALVE make a crap random game it can't be playable in torunaments. All is horrible. Need tons of updates and changes it will never happen -.- RANDOM GAME it mean the skills, tp and rest don't make a big difference like in 1.6
2012-10-05 20:31
f0rest is an exception. Your imaginary limits won't stop him.
2012-10-05 20:54
He is exception? Why you think that because he played good at one DH tournament where competition was so low with exception Very Games. More teams will come, more teams will show up. So far GO scene is one big unknown teritory. f0rest for me is good solid player but he never was and be better or above than Neo or GTR in 1.6 Sad but true ;) He shine in DH but we will see what will be when more strong teams and players come later.
2012-10-05 21:21
Did you know that article left out neo's sentence saying "I'm afraid... of f0rest." f0rest on rampage is unstoppable man, his rampage then continues in real life where he turns into big green monster smashes all the pcs, players, specs, destroys the building and escapes from the police. Later he passes out and wakes up normal in the forest... And then he shags some hot chick. That's how f0rest roll.
2012-10-05 22:03
f0rest exception? NiP Is the team that had burn cs go . They played like no teams on cs go . They pracc for so much . When it was the start they took 16 6 by vg . VG couldnt pracc(2 big last event on css) as much as NIP and just lost DH on several rounds. Its about practice not really raw skill
2012-10-08 10:22
no problem. u are/were the only king of 1.6
2012-10-05 21:01
lol k dude...
2012-10-06 00:10
replied to say k dude? stfu bastard
2012-10-06 12:44
Quite a shame, really... the feeling I'm getting is that ESC just isn't excited about CS:GO and isn't looking forward to competing.
2012-10-05 21:02
2012-10-06 07:06
who the hell can be exited to be forced to play this crappy game
2012-10-06 10:38
forsaken | 
Slovenia dn1 
maybe I will be just running around doing whatever I want. (quoting neo) if this happens, athid and co. will have alot of work with the highlights :D
2012-10-05 21:29
And here i was hoping pro 1.6ers would dominate the scene but if they dont accept this (shitty) game they'll never be able to bring their A game. Gj valve , as if givin the death blow to the 1.6 competitive scene wasnt enough, you cant even make this game good for competitive play.
2012-10-05 23:15
Selfish move from Valve, indeed.
2012-10-06 07:07
In first CounterStrike, Valve didn't intended to create a game so that people can compete in tournaments. Pro scene was made because CS was so popular and the game was so fun to play. So what's with so many speculation; CS:GO will succeed if people enjoy playing for hours on like they did on 1.6, but fail when people stop playing the games and move on to different game. The big prize money is good getting attention at start, but when people start to lose interest, sponsors are gonna drop out one by one.
2012-10-06 07:27
2012-10-06 10:16
good read, gl guys!
2012-10-06 10:42
heatoN/NEO = 2 legends.
2012-10-06 12:17
Neo without TaZ Loord pasha kuben </3 broke my heart haha gl , you deserved and work out comunication ;9
2012-10-06 12:29
2012-10-06 18:54
Do you see the posts in this thread. Do you see them? This is why everybody laughs at the 1.6 community, this is why everybody thinks you're all delusional 15 year olds. This is why HLTV gets made fun of, because the posting userbase here, have asbolutely nothing positive to add to anything, it's just absolute drivel from hundreds of morons regarding a game they know nothing about.
2012-10-06 22:16
CS:GO is basically dead already.. Twice as many 1.6 players every day since GO was released without increasing numbers two months after it was released.. If they dont convince the 1.6 community, its dead.
2012-10-07 02:24
im not gonna lie.. when i first saw the polish team neo, taz , loord , kuben ; luq ( pasha ) in 2003.. i was really happy and played and watched cs 1.6 all days..but today 07/10/2012 when i saw this post.. i wanna cry that they quit with cs 1.6... Really bad :/ Good luck witch cs:go ---POLSKA NA ZAWSZE TOP 1!!--------- NAWET W CS:GOwno..! pozdro JoKa
2012-10-07 21:56
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA something is truly but truly true the point is that we have 2 different games But what about spectators? None game except DotA 2 may reach the 500k spectators in a simple game not a final If we talk about finals....
2012-10-08 13:49
Its a shame Valve is secretly bribing ESC to play GO instead of 1.6. Valve hate all 1.6 player, down with Valve!1!
2012-10-08 22:33
Time to get a real job :P
2012-10-24 11:20
Poland kiero 
In one year CS will be dead because of CS:GO
2012-10-24 13:07
Everything has changed since CSGO released !
2012-10-24 13:29
wow, looking back at this old thread.... looks like they're nearly there.
2013-02-01 15:19
you're afraid of NiP, be honest with us oO
2013-02-01 15:22
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