New Ninjas in NiP

There has been lots of changes within NiP the last year. Yet again it is time for changes, will it make the team stronger and deliver the success they have been seeking?

Last time we saw NiP with changes, was in the start of 2007. But the changes didn't make the team perform as they wanted, and out went KF3 and Bullen. The two new ninjas were face and Tentpole who recently parted ways with Begrip. The team played with the lineup for a very long time, and even took the first place at spiXelania along with a qualifier spot for the Swedish WCG Finals. They joined ESWC this summer on a wildcard. They came all the way to the quarterfinals , where a strong playing PGS put an end to their winning streak. They was suppose to attend GameGune a few weeks after ESWC, but they didn't due to unknown reasons.

Since ESWC, the only action we have seen from NiP was the qualifier for the fourth season of NGL-One. But now it is time for changes within NiP. The rumors has had it for a long time, that NiP would undergo changes within short time, and here they are. Out will be going Jonathan "miniw" Wallenberg, he will be taking a break from the serious part of gaming and focus on other things in the real life. Along with miniw leaving the team, the front figure of NiP will be stepping back and be the team coach. Who else can it be than, the one and only, Emil "HeatoN" Christensen. He will be focusing on the development of NiP-Gaming and work close with the team.

The first new ninja joining NiP is
Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund. His last team was Begrip, where he amazed many with this insane aim, and playing IQ. The last new ninja is yet to be announced, but NiP will be playing with a stand-in, for the upcoming Swedish WCG Finals. Helping them will be Max "azl" Höög. His previous team was also Begrip, where he went inactive after a few months back. He will also be helping the team on Thursday, versus NoA in the ClanBase EuroCup match.

The current lineup for NiP looks as follows:

Dennis "walle" Wallenberg
Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund
Johan "face" Klasson
Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund
Max "azl" Höög (Stand-in)

Emil "HeatoN" Christensen (Coach)
Belgium brxke 
2007-08-14 16:24
Belgium brxke 
2007-08-14 16:25
We will see what that gives.. But I think NoA is still gonna win :D
2007-08-14 16:47
Estonia rake 
thyy..gogo nip..both teams are good gonna watch this match for sure
2007-08-14 16:57
well, heaton as teamcoach.. we'll see if that works. get_right in.. good! dunno azl.. as a standin maybe okay, lets see if he can handle NoA. im interested who the other player will be, who join NiP <3
2007-08-14 17:02
2007-08-14 17:02
Belgium RythM 
gl NiP
2007-08-14 17:10
azl is so great :D but NoA will win :) next match
2007-08-14 17:11
Its like the succesful begrip team innit?
2007-08-14 17:23
azl is a monster! ;)
2007-08-14 17:23
Where the hell is zet???Why he isn't in the team?I am confused!!!
2007-08-14 17:24
He changed to CS Source long ago. Playing with complexity now in the CGS.
2007-08-14 17:26
thats RIGHT :D<3
2007-08-14 17:26
omg lol you didn't now that zet was playing for coL :d
2007-08-14 18:26
Germany Wii 
gl new NiP! :D But I think HeatoN will return, when ProMod comes out and he has his 1.5 recoil again!
2007-08-14 17:47
If they could only brink back the 1.5 colt :(
2007-08-14 17:57
And the 5th Ninja is..... let us see :D
2007-08-14 18:34
Germany Wii 
Jaegarn or get!
2007-08-14 18:46
I'll guess Snajdan:D
2007-08-14 18:48
I'll guess Archi :) !!
2007-08-14 23:57
i hope !
2007-08-15 01:24
Germany Wii 
<3 Snajdan one of my favourite players!
2007-08-14 18:49
gl NiP
2007-08-14 19:15
gl NiP
2007-08-14 19:25
NiP will die
2007-08-14 19:30
best lineup evaaaaaAAh
2007-08-14 20:07
HeatoN :// Has HeatoN played hes last Pro gaming match ? or what you think ?
2007-08-14 20:12
I knew it! The new lineup is crazy. And NO, NIP will not die. And good idea to keep HeatoN in the team to keep the teamspirit on top...
2007-08-14 20:14
Lithuania Deci 
lol aim and playing iq ... Nixon you are playing way too much cs-manager ^^
2007-08-14 20:15
Well, sorry bother, but in what other way whould u describe this particular player? I totally agree that "GeT RiGhT" got some serious psychological advantages in game. Just wait and see. ;)
2007-08-14 20:47
we will see how the new NiP will present :]
2007-08-14 20:46
miniw :(( but get_right is fine :p
2007-08-14 23:43
Slovenia GoRc 
heaton should stay in the team:(
2007-08-15 00:32
its better for HeatoN and NiP !!
2007-08-15 01:25
No way !!!!!! I hate this without HeratoN NiP will not be the same team it was :(((((
2007-08-15 02:49
HeratoN never played in NiP before so how do u know that so sure...?
2007-08-15 17:50
Slovakia BoN 
hm gl :)
2007-08-15 15:20
i prefer ketchup
2007-08-15 18:11
I'll hope that HeatoN came Back to play cs for Life :)) HeatoN for ever
2007-08-15 23:02
I'll hope that HeatoN came Back to play cs for Life :)) HeatoN for ever
2007-08-15 23:02
NiP strong team now
2007-08-16 00:56
I hope Potti will do a come back <3
2007-08-16 08:33
I think SnajdaN should come back and should play in NiP SnajdaN is one of the best player in the world in my point of view
2007-08-16 17:49
Coach H@H@H
2007-08-16 23:27
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