Rwa returns in Divine

October 11th, 2012 18:31

Former EYEBallers and SPEEDLINK star Anders "Rwa" Svensson has revived the Divine team in time for this weekend's THOR Open CS:GO qualifier.

The Swedish player was last seen replacing Emil "striker" Westerberg in Blank in late 2008, with Divine being the team in which he burst onto the scene almost a decade ago.

His return to the scene will just be for this qualifier, though, as the entire team is of the opinion that it will be impossible to play on an active basis once again.

"A permanent comeback will probably never happen," "BANDIT" told

"We live slightly different lives now, with regular jobs, children, houses and all that. There is simply not enough time!."

Thor Open, which is organised by Fragbite in association with CDON, will be played in Stockholm between December 8-9, with more than €15,000 up for grabs.

Divine will attend this weekend's qualifier with:

Sweden Anders "Rwa" Svensson
Sweden "BANDIT"
Sweden "chea"
Sweden "squee"
Sweden "koffe"

Below you can find a highlight taken from a 2003 online match in which Svensson shows why he was widely regarded as one of the best players in the Swedish scene during his prime.

unknown + csgo
2012-10-11 18:32
2012-10-11 18:32
for me, at least.
2012-10-11 18:33
Poland smiii 
for everybody.
2012-10-11 18:35
Finland nsis 
2012-10-11 18:36
walle | 
Austria mexii 
i think much of the oldschoolers will know him because of his famous movie RWA 3
2012-10-11 18:37
something like spikeone ....
2012-10-11 19:14
except rwa did LAN. quite alot
2012-10-12 01:26
Russia AN7Q 
LAL! go to school boy
2012-10-11 18:43
2012-10-11 18:47
nowhere near unknown
2012-10-11 18:56
Venezuela Riikards 
cute clueless guy
2012-10-11 19:54
United States jswan 
Not for people that actually remember EYEBALLERS or in other words, true CS history. :)
2012-10-11 22:16
man, he played nine years ago. At the time you were a kid
2012-10-11 18:43
2012-10-11 18:48
are you trying to say, that you know how old is every random guy @ inet? c00l :x
2012-10-11 18:55
said by random polish kid... well, all seems perfect
2012-10-11 19:44
he had one of the Best awp's in the world, for many years...great player
2012-10-12 10:11
get good ur nothing
2012-10-11 19:07
go out stupid schoolboy
2012-10-11 19:43
Singapore Nephalith 
You're probably still young when he was still active, or you're just new to the CS scene. There were only two players who could match his insane reflexes with the awp back in the days. cogu and KK.
2012-10-11 21:44
Vietnam milandini 
You must be new to CS then! He got sick awp shots back in the day
2012-10-12 00:37
You're disgusting
2012-10-12 01:32
2012-10-11 18:33
No time to prac wont do much damage ;/ anyway any news if thor has acquired an anti cheat to use yet?
2012-10-11 18:34
WOAH! Sweet!
2012-10-11 18:34
not really worth a news tbh
2012-10-11 18:36
Well Rwa was an online star back in the days (even element called him out) but later he was more LAN proven and played with some known teams. Also is that chea from Come As You Are (caYa)? If so, some oldschool comeback right here.
2012-10-12 00:05
one of the sickest player in the past
2012-10-11 18:37
w0w i'm speechless. living fkn legend
2012-10-11 18:37
Rwa was good back in days.
2012-10-11 18:38
Pubmasters song : D
2012-10-11 18:38
same thought
2012-10-11 22:13
Rwa not worth news... Idk why people even consider this a 1.6 community they know nothing out of neo navi and sweden
2012-10-11 18:39
I do agree with what you said but "sweden?" like rwa is togolese..
2012-10-11 18:55
Never heard.
2012-10-11 18:40
Rwa is very famous sniper in sweden
2012-10-11 18:44
of course you haven't, you were 6 years old when he was playing
2012-10-11 18:54
2012-10-11 18:59
Sweden BIRK 
I guess that you are too young.
2012-10-11 20:28
Rwa <3!!!! love his AWP
2012-10-11 18:41
2012-10-11 18:47
Taiwan SCVready 
He is an old school legend. look that vedio you can simply see the old days style of playing cs
2012-10-11 18:47
legend rotflmaocopter
2012-10-11 18:56
well, he is among those who followed the scene from the start.
2012-10-11 19:15
2012-10-11 18:47
Poland ScR1337 
Rwa <3 amazing. Rwa, vilden and snajdan 3 most favorite players of all time
2012-10-11 18:52
welcome back Rwa. what a player back in the day :D
2012-10-11 18:52
hilarious. 'never heard' guy was an absolute demon in his day. all these '1.6 forever!!!' fanboys don't even know where 1.6 started. gl RWA
2012-10-11 18:54
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
So you can only be a 1.6 fan, if you played the game since the BETA's?
2012-10-11 19:03
no, but this guys blame RWA just because he back in cs:go
2012-10-11 19:04
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
That has nothing to do with anything I've said.
2012-10-11 20:29
i never said they can't be a 1.6 fan, i just find it hilarious that they want something to last 'forever' when they weren't even there for the start of it, don't know the oldschool players who made 1.6 huge and banter people like HeatoN for moving on.
2012-10-11 19:16
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
You weren't there for the invention of oxygen, but I'm sure you would like it to last forever too.
2012-10-11 20:28
>invention >oxygen lol
2012-10-11 20:54
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2012-10-11 23:03
to be fair, Rwa placed in the top3 in ESWC 2004, in 1.6... it wasn't really BETA :P
2012-10-11 19:55
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I was talking about him saying "where 1.6 started"
2012-10-11 20:28
yes and 1.6 started in 2003, no way near beta
2012-10-12 01:28
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Well the cs 1.6 as a game started as cs 1.5 and 1.4 and 1.3 etc, so yes, the release of the update was 2003, but the actual start was like 1999-2000, and either way, that has nothing to do with the point i was making.
2012-10-12 10:48
Brazil hono 
I don't think he did, he was not in that spiXel line up.
2012-10-12 03:48
2012-10-11 19:09
2012-10-11 18:56
i remember him in spixel with like miniw, bullen etc.
2012-10-11 19:04
this touched my heart
2012-10-11 19:53
old school is back
2012-10-11 19:06
Aww that's so nice of you CS:GO. Bringing back the legends of the past for one last battle.
2012-10-11 19:13
RWA is a legend, my god you people are so new...
2012-10-11 19:17
Not everybody :)
2012-10-11 19:55
wow RWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 1 legend is back <3 !!!!!!
2012-10-11 19:28
2012-10-11 19:30
rza returns in wu tang, although he never left but it makes sense
2012-10-11 19:42
i wait comeback for r4id
2012-10-11 19:46
Netherlands p0nc 
cool :) i like it that lots of oldschool players give cs:go a chance.
2012-10-11 20:06
damn csgo is getting the oldest back. M19 mind as well come out of the blue with KALbi4 and Nook; same goes for team9.swe with Goodfella, quick. The new gens don't even know this names.
2012-10-11 20:17
Wait what? They both are back? I gotta check more often. Have there been news?
2012-10-12 06:50
A swedish legend is back, good luck Anders!
2012-10-11 20:17
GL dude
2012-10-11 20:24
United States LckE 
MY FAVORITE PLAYER, rwa 3 has the best reflex shot of all time on de_train...
2012-10-11 20:42
ONE good thing with CS:GO some of the oldschool players is coming back for a while at least<3 I LOVE IT..
2012-10-11 20:47
good to see this legendary player back in the game, altough I doubt if he can get back to his old form.
2012-10-11 21:42
nice move
2012-10-11 22:11
"rwa who????" - the average 1.6 "fan" LOL
2012-10-11 22:24
Oldschool players coming back... CS:GO such a great game!
2012-10-11 22:29
I wonder if he still has the fastest awp in the world...
2012-10-11 23:04
How old is he?
2012-10-11 23:45
2012-10-12 02:18
for sure its nice to see this old star like RWA,and sad that all youngs dont know nothing about the strongest CS years,when teams realy played hard and strong tactics makes the game realy impressive! nowadays we have a gathering @ all... vivala oldschoolaaa 8)
2012-10-12 00:02
RWA was an absolute beast in his time and it dates back even before "Divine". He used to play in AWP since CS 1.3 times.
2012-10-12 02:20
What the fk? am i dreaming? Rwa is back?
2012-10-12 02:38
F*** YEAH !! Rwa !! So stunned when i read this. I doubt he can be as good in go as he was in his prime but nice to see these people still want to play
2012-10-12 06:49
2012-10-12 08:45
come as You are (caYa) ' chea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oldschool swedish BEAST!
2012-10-12 08:53
+1 :D oldschool beastmode
2012-10-12 09:04
gl Rwanda!
2012-10-12 15:51
mTw | Rwa <3
2012-10-12 22:11
Poland ScR1337 
mTw.ATI | Rwa :D
2012-10-13 14:24
yeah :D
2012-10-13 15:24
I remember Divine and RWA =) Power ! Good luck @ THOR Open, RWA !
2012-10-13 13:37
2013-01-10 14:20
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