Virtus.Pro Is Back On Track

August 14th, 2007 17:28

After facing the loss of F_1N and  HEL1 back in June, Virtus.Pro were down to three players.

Today the organization behind the team could announce two new signings:

Ioan "Edward" Sukhariev
Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko.

Both players have a history in pro100. Edward played with Virtus during the ESWC finals and apparently did a well enough job to extend his stay.

Virtus.Pro states:

We have wanted to play with Sukhariev for a long time, but we always had our CS team completed, which made it impossible. I do not know any Russian Counter-Strike player that is as good as he is.

I think this team is one of the best in CIS and will secure a place in the top 10 european teams in the near future. ”

Virtus.Pros roster is now:

Viktor "Sally" Filimonchenko
Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko
Ioan "Edward" Sukhariev
Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov
Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov
2007-08-14 17:31
mixwell | 
Spain m4t4 
edward really skilled :) what about zeus?
2007-08-14 17:38
Germany Wii 
I've never heard of Zeus, but Edward plays very well! gl in future!
2007-08-14 17:42
2007-08-14 20:03
Ukraine honet 
Zeus very abruptly plays.... Very rigidly)
2007-08-14 20:15
Woah, now this looks more like a CIS dream-team :) Hope that VP'll show some impressive results in the near future! GL guys!
2007-08-14 23:18
Ukraine minemax 
Zeus is also a mad fragger.
2007-08-14 23:23
zeus from pro100 GL VP!
2007-08-15 11:37
Edzie eBaIIIeT
2007-08-15 19:18
Zeus & Edzie frag machines. Both players rifle masters
2007-08-16 10:03
Russland is back^^ Virtus.Pro gl vp!
2007-08-16 14:05
well thats good to hear .. goodluck :)
2007-08-16 14:18
2007-08-17 14:12
I love Vp and "LeX"eboshet v m9Ico!:D GL & HF!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-18 12:36
2007-08-18 12:37
GL VP! time to show your true color
2007-08-19 19:34
GL VP!!! n1 players
2007-08-24 10:18
Russian+Ukraine? it is fun!
2007-08-24 12:51
lex best player in russia :) n1
2007-08-24 13:34
GL VP!!!
2007-08-31 22:56
hooch | 
Israel m@$k@ 
Uda4i VP ! ! !
2007-08-31 23:35
Yugoslavia heh 
What is Counter Strike 1.6? First time heard of this game...
2007-09-04 08:55
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